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The Master Calendar

Heidi Carpenter Ken Micheff



  • December 31, 2012
    10:45 AM
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to this message and see what I see two thousand twelve hundred Seattle Washington and other resources and sent us online at www. I see when I know we've been sharing those of you are new here Heidi Brian is the literature ministries directory director and Southern Cal and I am the youth director in Michigan conference and were just so glad our testimony is just as important as yours no were glad about that fact that all of our testimonies about the Lord Jesus Christ can make an impact in somebody's life and before we began we just ask the Holy Spirit to continue to bless us with his presence father in heaven again we thank you for the opportunity to your name asking you to just be with us also we want to thank you for the presence of angels watch over us that enjoy being in your presence and when you are talked about love to smile and saying and tell other angels hey Sandy your guy 's injured girl over to this person because their faithful they allow Jesus into their lives they're not living for themselves a all the way over hundred hundred thousand miles away we got orchestrated meeting between your diet my thank you Angels for being here and your ministry we want to ask you Holy Spirit to just open our minds open her words you see speak to us on this absorbed everything you have given us within your heart now Jesus and this is what I pray sweet name of Jesus amen and I sort and social California and are want to stay and experience about etc. in the center of the following anywhere like a bacon master calendar and they are your word for a day I I I remember okay to hours for it he had been held I noticed leaving encased in a three to five hours on a knife is one of my assistants to go and take a minute and think about meeting and a case of hours to go through this a month or two ago to sit and talk about all the different things are happening in making sure that everything scheduled just right and it's interesting to see how one conference can have so much going on on an conference calendar and I was thinking why what is the topic the fifteen most busy people in the world on the busiest people and he put all of their calendar CNA how could he not how truly everyone different icon calendar in China had ten other people 's kids that any any any and all that hard to deal with and how God hit John there is so much bigger than ours have your parents and knowledge and it had it has all of us involved in the exciting thing I remember we did message of how to use them as a him and we had a neocon friends that I'm going out as well as there is an awful lot Internet all-in-one guide by some half the communication and can act in the calendar meeting ads now that now there's an issue and how many times we had issues with connecting with the town and I got half an hour in town are really listening and connecting with my calendar but a friend of franchisor 's money is not only one out of doing any that is also what refinements they is that God working through you and that's not one of the most exciting parts of testimony is knowing that God actually works through you and again I think that it's a reset on the fact that God is calling us to humility honestly the more and more likely works in stealing a humbling experience and when he is working in your life when you recognize who you are in the context of the cross I wasn't created it's humbling for all of us to realize that were not being without him and it's the same way when he works through our heat is really not is just gotten some help putting together pieces for his glory and I then there's lots of times when we can be used by God and we can be sanitized money and get all their prideful I like I did for us on opening on their experience that but but I be sure their frame in our hearts will remember again that it's not if not were just in Avenue words channel I nodded using to minister to others but as a calendar as it has me thinking I was just happen a couple days ago here at the grand and it was with God him hi for the area so I was thinking about this master calendar concepts and all the different divine link I got high freedom but there happened an outsider alive he will become why why what you are praying about you can I thought before about angel is saying hey I want your guide in the mind I mean I emphasize I married you know you have a guardian angel is your testimony and no in your life is in the Armenians amount over here for Danielle and Danielle in how your angel knows everything and been going on in your life as well and somehow now we're together you know and we minimally make a connection and encourage and inspire each other bring hope and pray the Lord for that it's exciting to see and yet God has no needles around those who have been given their lives to the Lord and is and how long those angels have been working on the hearts of people in our first for dozens of years just in a warming message for humans there a place to go to make the right decision and I know that though the appointment the Angels are all about God master calendar and visually the testimony happened on Saturday night draws for you to decide where to go to eat we're super hungry after the meeting where thinking about it we had several young people that were there other cruises can and I've been a couple other of their friends and we honestly couldn't make a decision and everyone was kind trying to decide while there we want to wait an hour here are doing right away and our here weekend went by the now however many thousand minutes of sending upon Seattle social him for him and I went behind Waynesville on and fell away as her mind how a glorified wearying even to get back to you longer anyone ordering take out and he and someone how much will I have to say I want to be living this year and now Mike Conley and then the lane and belief and how are you and him finally well it happened that we were heading down to is no God but well we remained all to a place that was far away at one attendant hunger would like playing well and when we started and will wait anyway and when I go down whenever going on right now so be it we were even times I find the players it was hard to find I didn't know anything about it in your tired I cannot get into it I know I always am going to the other restaurant in of offended the staircase but as soon as the ball and allowing the only one out there and we talked to the receptionist training and arming China Sea to its highest North Hollywood our hour and fifteen announces take a seat in and were starving at least I am always hungry and so hungry and I was thinking how willing annually at the event and she thought out and I'm on my face and received the undermining of the kids including food in about twenty minutes what can we do for me people in our so and there was a little café area out there outside of the restaurant for people can go and sit in the Pacific what you claim that table in order to go him there really am following and more oily or drinking out to RFID is wanting in and when I first lost because the lines are awesome idea and other threatening and I'm not impressed public denominator track even as you glow before I see it's fine that will parallel away at honey work went well and the conference two thousand three starting a charity as well and I believe they got intended an agreement with or without well then I think it's an awesome tool I began thinking transfers on conversation with people by the public and guerrilla panic and the thinking here for her awesome yeah you have to repayment for the finishing vitamin of verification I said what he will go to his wolves hacking it's encouraging tonight I really need an answer tonight I've been having nightmares every night as you think their horrible I can't sleep that night I have nightmares they won't go away since I haven't you got it I don't know what to do this as I said thank you so much that I really need this right away I had given her stuff the health and thinking man in the Raleigh area the layout is so easily and we ended up walking away sitting down and only his African cottages used to know and as I asked how they do well and we all everyone only capably had one this glow will figure out we have promised to infuse a high returns for rest and I think we have word on when I'm hurting so I'm getting a little more appropriate and when she came out with its ago for any help we direct her shoes I think you so much and we we promise to pay for her before before we eat our food so we all pay for gathering together and it was a powerful experience him him him him out one hundred other OSes like laughing when I do now as you might know and I are really pressed to go get them and send them going some other restaurant I want to say that he did not know that this is the little things I want to say that he did only say that he had a heart for Gabby wanted the power hate I care about you your having nightmares but answering your prayers I got is listening to what they're saying and she was so impressed by that is such a blessing to have that diet is working all around us and he does want us to talk about work they use doing anyone's red experiencing God by Henry Bartleby but it's a powerful blog that hasn't amazing realities when the first reality that the guys at work all around you only when I have to come to grips with that is always working he's always doing something to bring about a testimony in someone's life and the second thing is not asking us to join him in hot work he wants us to be a part of it because it's a blessing I to be a part of the master calendar of any and the verse I think of Jesus exemplified this in his life when he was here he was definitely one heel was listening to his father 's will and what his father wanted him to do and he was just a no following the plan that his father gave him every day of it a few verses I thought that I wanted to read and then will do separate from participation that John chapter five is interesting the way Jesus when Jesus talks about this I found chapter five and other parts of John actually he is very straight up about the fact that he is not doing his own well-being doing the will of his father and on even in the our plan how we willing to let go my plans for the sake of God 's plans in our lives he is looking for a willing and available people who he can use and he is he is a wax they willingly are lost annually indefinitely I Don's chapter five verse nineteen Jesus is talking he says my father has been working and so now and I have been working pickup that the red letters in verse nineteen most assuredly I say to you the son can do nothing of himself but when he sees the father do for whatever he does the sign also doesn't like me are for the father loves the son and shows him all the things that he himself does and he was on greater works than these that you may marvel there is another verse in John chapter nine just for that he's hated over John talking I numbers for where Jesus is talking about the work that he's doing and it says in John chapter nine verse four I must work the works of him who sent me I have something that he could like it's a new listings I mean I think as I see coming I don't think they'll he wants to work roomy on the night is coming when no one can work and it's interesting to see Jesus at the end of his life John chapter seventeen Torres as I finish the work that is common video e-mail it is like you are born for a purpose he won wanted to do what he wanted him you weren't you are want to do it I wanted him ultimately of course you want to go willingly of course if that's for sure but probably not Holy Spirit are here guiding our every move where we know what we do what we say we don't say no more will experience the same thing Jesus said Susan lampooning all around us other than other brands that is a friend or two as a family I thought everyone ran out today I want to hear test on a small glass as long in the room I it was it was after meeting we were figuring out where ruling elite and is is is is you may realize there is no love at five we are we're excited right now and we landed on the spaghetti factory after a lot of different questions and a lot of different ideas about where I'm going back and the guy who in our waiter I awakened Holly let alone that down you know he didn't really have instruments and jelly on his face and that we were super excited when defined in with a lower rally handling the first floor I am friends finally are all finances legal and we generally tough-minded and they were excited and here we are worked out in the world again he knows connecting with people and our railing nothing I remember for the actions that when a guy that went just pull out pulled out a little track to the units the waiter to see what doors might open up to now any vacationers mentoring on nothing so much for me awesome later you have helped us out sometimes today and is complemented him right away he started crying in the middle I mean it was a busy night ceiling and thinking my extraordinary things that I have for him your layout is okay five by wars on the sidewall exists it's a year it's like the anniversary of my friend my best friend being killed in a drive-by shooting pains like this I haven't been having the greatest agony was remembering everything I knew exactly how it was I'm hurting Saint Saxena will not invite you I will counter in heaven you only has now I think that he had a freshness to get a starting at spaghetti after that will rally any heat and and and warm always the intent with him in all of the circumstances that we place ourselves in the more likely you and is not in some working through us is it his testimony only he's bringing and dragging other people into the testimony of your life powerful fantasy on a single of the time to share with each other our hand and into groups of four five and takes loosely think about at least three instances at least in instances where you believe that you are involved in it and share with each other at least three instances where is an entrance into the sheriffs are going to fill comfortable with sharing within the group half in time to share with that but the whole group I felt kind of timeshare I know I've gotten another story might actually turn a blessing to share some of the stories that were highlighted now you been able to practice as well even Sarah realized my hobby is seen I figure he is a amazing testimony as well by wandering around that how these can God use you in a divine appointment time connection is anyone share toys David forgot to bring my contact lens case to you like the ensuing him one from Walgreens on Saturday night I went down there I still have my iBook and the checker signs that hate is not a viable as it is increasing yes what kind is that this is it what you see going to the blog I'm not from here I'm coming to the convention appears I want to go to your church was like that will add and he's infringers and issues immigrated here from overseas to a bunch of different experiences been divorced for two years now and keep no friends or family support she really wants answered so she found the coming to USC on Tuesday I will always and that is really tired now and I thought I was really tired I know that in some a long day and you really answered my at the grocery store and however you stopping by or not and I want to use you are in Cheyenne and I was in Washington about twelve years ago trying to find healing for my son with eczema the last thing that you leave early as they do some friends who live an hour from here and I tried to share the truth with and then and they were described however no we have our faith and were happy in southern praying for them for twelve years so when we came here I wanted to go see them so yesterday instead of going on the evangelism trip I went back on and go to my own evangelizing and so I went to visit my friends and prayed on the way they thought would open the door truths to come up and so where well I'm failing in the forest in the backyard and so beautiful we are watching the forest and him and I were talking and she and she said you know my friend and I were talking about how and she said my friend Tony there's no way God would burn people in hell forever to set I realized I didn't know anything about that so I don't want to start again I found this guy called Don and I think that is also outlined thank you guy I know and so we certainly do not do the things and then before that she can command queuing within what you think about Christmas and I like wow I may say so I know as she wants her interest in coming to the good seminars but often in the area while I was there and that was really a divine appointment and I thought there's a prayer and praise God we had the later deadline appointment at the VA may go anyone outside both the reader RSS sandblasting agon after our friends from South Africa who I most associate with the new facilities will suit you guys as I find that numbers and licensees to sneeze often because on both acids and other black people to get music on the something Google like all of this new and crazy because I'm just this one is in my motel I'm not that common like to stop me from giving system again I'll be missing much by the people system menus that sometimes I think we just need a shot this Monday so that would move people can know that going when people as well it doesn't take some one who looks like crates what is going to look at the him this philosophy is an author you know goes looking with me and I was even wanted to be one I was disabled lost teeth and the hungry saw Joseph vigil something to eat I understand and view him to do it to be instead is the backbone court in the big city is always chosen him speaking on the streets for money and that accomplishes left out and give money but the Nazis on an option like this some millions in that black him sometimes other stuff costs more clone albeit on but that specific thousands of talking and one could come up to minnows like getting it from the sidelines on a good money anonymity through this medium soda on getting off of the Bosstones officials listened when applied and was sentenced and I was phoning it in all the nineties then I drove for us in the filter thread want to know today is like getting a view from the enough like not anything is chamomile in London Oslo but I have flex engine upon and under each of criminal wasn't thinking enough off to false then none of the conditions bridges video mama couldn't study of another New Testament e-mail not allowing someone these most trying out Google 's piece in the two people today I want make a sense that costs under review but that they can be deleted South Africa throughout the district on and down muscle a lot of and then the thought of him as a front if Levine and consent and I'm on the done policy and though this may stop metabolically like make one person who likes all for it is just as big as it could be done pick up a check of some kind capable foot on the gas number must need and then him as I dislike sentencing I thought you cannot bend them to his guys advise the status loss statements for a groceries speaking of Venice it would one go to groceries voices not his own opossum that these in some form something more tomorrow my little baby at home the network on the HealthSouth case identifies that the half-asleep and then I'm just also want to know so that the tenets called on the eventual move and someone hope you said Linda's enchanting night he did that for him but lacked some of the something talk to Scott Blair for lack of the elves often opt up his gun and he was begotten that be some form this one is not and augment itself more leases to meet and what this was no coincidence lozenge itself over all nuts my phase itself you not be Susie sits me that this business before someone off her on the set on the scanner beautifully in the community go because he's and Sabbath comes and out of the church and then there's a man from Zimbabwe who was somehow and you can get help in getting help from anyone I'll send like something who can other people and so like but this was in darkness and they focus and he says that the owner of the outset and uploaded to accept the prize so then people think of the hip-hop that this is the Smith as Los Angeles and get them what you did what you did and that you need Sloan Mima brother and friend of policy spoke to most witnesses 's awesome cultural and should not become sonic about Zimbabwe and Selectric else have fun K and nothing is working off and then again like up close out into money but the enough is not an option so then I'm response him I think I can come back to optimize I develop off the SIDS us like he doesn't even nine rackmount ballscrews are often the guys and I comes money event Susie is like you can come to my place can avoid thinking of something to eat and then the mission at the bus station helping stifle his lackluster humans lost with Mrs. Gracie Zaslow not something you don't like a slacker six of knowledge on the device and heal as needed to me since I've been in engines is one of the best live in lupus so world-famous beach and about a few things in the spirit of prophecy and he said I'm new much in the manner says the states across and I might have it's a massive wall negative envelope us also unite Manzano read this and no one can not know for what he situated in Zimbabwe at a loss solution it felt like she wants your something banks in note it's been humbling experience most people and so use both human you will be emotional but it seems I couldn't believe that people all in the sort and I'm doing some and I'll not optimal but one of the buying bus to getting anything when I'll start always also supposed I hated that other girls esteemed about what to set and dumb this relies that most people of God Saints was nonsense so sometimes depression things in critical of him to also get vigilance unit back as it was a witness not just to them but I trailer is awesome so it out and I thought affiliate of my favorite I might hear a yellow couch at other people in Salem a generic in our extra and not I was responding to him him him and adventure we can to the increasing morning on increasing disabilities and one of my custom is when I hear a low and not be uplifting music and grocery stores Inc. to start honing my own phone and down to fight off that music and accounting I was humming without opening my mouth and the caching fun of me up and around me and say it is a sound coming from the time I was having a select all you can open your mouth I didn't think it was you is that all items she could sing for me and you guys been teaching me that you know singing is a way of opening people 's heart and by this time I had spent comes back from the bathroom and told me David Souter and you know hindsight is so psyched that all there is a spending street I have decided the knowledge of favorite Christmas signs silent night and you know there are people lying Anatolian housing for you but Cisco heading to breaking the person behind me saying out tonight this into so she stopped taking silent night and maybe I wasn't imagining that it is that the music was caught red everything was Corsair and the beggar coming e'en so unit is everybody was listening habits bring the whole time and she was losing within a month hundred and when I was seeing that heavenly peace she's the son crying and down as she said thank you so much you really need we are busy with they have to and I just saw how much we could open people 's hide I think he's a liar and director and chief only so and sixty as and I got pregnant and dotted and I was in high school and so as a person is high school and exaggerated by my senior year in the last months as going through my head that there is not a sound that was at the school Sanchez fifteen percent rushing it and saw a lot of people didn't know but you can kind of see it so alive people were talking about her and I felt like strongly impressed to talk to her because I felt like you know I can have something to say to her early helper and silent night of Atlanta started to seek today and I was encouraging her and dislikes taking on hand seeing how she was doing and she was kind of quiet session was a whole lot to me but we did have some meaningful conversations and I was there for her and he went to her baby shower and her mom at her baby shower approached me into saying thank you so much for being there for my daughter made during this time because of the fact that late she physically told me and I showed her that it was possible to Lake do this to do school in how child seen time and that it's possible for and I think that God Lake was able to use me in that situation specifically to be able to encourage somebody else and that anyone often at the same effect on some of him I was put in that position for purpose one fresher wind of our planet are you the ability to relate with people I knew had a similar experience any use areas are the people who have had similar experiences thanks for sharing I just alleged to reduce the love theme we went to the hospital on Lulu for business municipal friends and will allow them and we replayed the Woodlands Hospital admitting they're like oh no you have to have some special permission privacy rights and human agency root cause is Rensselaer walking the hall were looking for somewhere in this lady to agreement for the artist you can go there and play initially in the room and she was walking toward us juvenile some allowing just room suggestions later Wednesday please dear Billy is a job interview so she took energy in a minute we would love to go in the room because of the policy are mischievous unanimously would like dying from cancer or she had cancer she was a down and out sleep I think songs circular pencil paper with her regarding her paragraph and I get Chris Southey justly will freshly as I like to get the villages but I remember let out of a room and the less you are not used to the human of the everybody launch right evading arrest in a double went to the line in the refinance will him what I swung okay some of you people of automotive available non- delay and even though we see how the three choices to go right one is likely to only the second world second knock at the door and out of the blue one but I cannot endorse I I I undo that regular election visit the zoo when is the book of the holiest so I went to what I was one of the my family was one of the first moment that he had been a while when one frugal we were now we went to the BIOS for bus was almost full and she invites the one my son will save more than what you see and act on account of us and we go to second win in the second pass I see the lady in charge yields a loan that you might be the total what not to do what to do a case in the UK while the leave you wanting in you and then environment in the bus and of giving any money to the people so that we do that you can do it the first that we do we went to the illicit of Mitchell the fully man right there enticing we know what you heavily get the bag I'd like to see what's in the bag out of anybody it went to be the only one in the bag is looking about it's always in a little bottled water and outlet of more use only handle it the depth of the sky is those guiding and that I don't put the next next Thursday J case while it may be may be copied to the to see the face of the people that always talking me is in the end and an relational doing that the him but she's not the only good until he got reasonably given that they went to the differently length on the manly day Wendell but waited to see the seams talk to you window before we go to the regulating cylinder chamber testimony rebuke her I said I was in his dream of oneness in his own and also then knowing that he is old was given industry or was made by his father and he forced forty seven years was using drugs one day somebody do what she was what we was doing yesterday in the changes like dinner is a dangerous of all sheet somebody made to church she submitted right now and they she was one of the grocery running that program already and that the downtown and in beside she's really sick right you need to go through the dialysis I feel four times a week you know but I want my slippers before the present I got for her like she got elect not her and I want to get back to my mind eight how nominal of Sydney on physical and energy doing this much love as it was good like I do want to go but all I know and it's nothing but immediately and then we went back to the room that make children enormous this really because my my attention because people one of while was mixing board single amazing and women within one lady said please save these inches along the order she was singing and I see that his faith was so happy so they know there's a little nicked a little bit you made nearly in a given away by the dongle 's people against it was that all was good estimate for us there or him as a per se SSI I think how diverse our think of how God works through us in first Corinthians three five five two seven and in just a reminding of God 's power working through us first Corinthians three five two seven says her then and Paul Angelina Paulus but ministers through whom you believe as the Lord gave each one I planted Apollo slaughtered but God gave the increase so then you are single plants if anything nor he who waters by God who gives the increase in the Lord thy God cannot only work in our lives but he can work through our lives I can do so much and the constant and testimony of powerful to think that God wants tips for other people in our testimony into our experience and realize that when you're sharing with other people what kind of in your life it can also be what God has done through your life those things are going bring hope and joy to so many people in January with their friends then one full-length this is Lindsay so blessed to be with you and then you will use fund be around admittedly the church of you guys really shouldn't be Caligula go to church together and get together like Vincent Emison have building problems is too small how can we got clicked while well this afternoon is our last session together if you feel impressed to be here were to talk about heaven is in office all this estimation so were going to be a little meet together for our last seminar and that starts at three o'clock the seminars go from three to three fifty seven through fifty minutes in this afternoon police power etc. father in heaven give France interpreter and being with us for encouraging us and giving us hope we can leave here I am having so much courage Lord because I'm what you been doing in each one of our lives thank you for those that were willing to share their testimony and small group time and log your word that feeds and guides us as we like to launch as we as we interact with whoever a knee to look for good I want to me exactly where you want us to be me just give you permission to use our lives Jesus had a was an interesting supporting Seventh-day Adventist and don't be a buyer and Christ centered Christian downloader to other resources visit us online he Wednesday with a a a a I


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