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Culture, Sex, and the Fight for Purity

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • November 3, 2006
    7:00 PM
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him everyone see so many of you out tonight last-minute things a little bit unfathomable through Tonawanda talk sentiment said Steve well do tomorrow afternoon I do these talks only country on music and specifically the music that I'd try to address Islam hip-hop is actually reggae music as well only mainly because of those for whom music am most familiar with from my past him but you have extracted a lot of these messages into many forms of modern music are accounted to give you a few loan out of statements of qualifying things for start one of them is on the hunt I do not consider myself to be a fanatic when it comes to music or no music I have learned that God doesn't really function of an fanaticism and so prophecy really think backs you up on that but I do believe that anything we use a special recall and worship we must be very careful that it is used actually to worship because the devil is really really really slick in the area of transforming worship into self worship and that's when the big problem such that I see so often tablets up to be mostly only have a drum in a church in the Marts out of the church in a single amount is concerned about the Jerome as I am the spirit in which they do their services because you could be very quiet and only on the piano and violin but if you're arrogant and prideful and Sheldon is a lot of showmanship initial showing off your talents and skills I don't really see any difference being that in a big interplay in James Brown's funky drummer on the drums of the was not as important battle passing the job would have an ironic is a nice use doing the right things a lot of times uses doing them for the wrong reasons and is able to draw attention to himself and change the worship of God we began to believe people worshiping him will will do more that will deliver wrong I says I qualified myself with that because I don't want you I don't tell people I'm not mortals touch the people when it comes to these issues to tell you what to do I believe that once you read the evidence the Scriptures and especially the Scriptures combined with the spirit of prophecy very clear so I can tell you that no longer listen to hip-hop music and a lot listen to reggae music and a very careful what Christians music I listen to because I learned it easy to double as a massive music some actually this talk actually includes some stuff on television because an older version but I want to use his older version because you are probably primarily health all medical dental students residents so some of his stuff might actually be of interest to you on a common on the level on the talk alluded to Marmite is a lot more energy to afternoon that you have a lot more images of modern stars and actually studies of the lyrics and I realize that you guys probably don't listen to Jackie Olin Jay-Z in those people but I think you come across patients who do you live you live in a world where many and most people do and so hopefully it'll give you abrasive able to reach people and women that they listen to the music without coming across to judgment solo to anger and given lots of him to shut down to where it fails you have to say for the monitor will do that more energy racing talk obviously really vegan Raytheon at the active the block party some songs the lyrics are so incredibly provocative it's oh so righteous soldiers justice Ruth was so oh at law is a little demo on the problem of the Wolseley bomb will actually like you thought you found the problem was whether the one that bomb on the news reported allowed some of the responsibility of old churches some of whom are suburban affluent churches many of them are scheduled in the heart of the city and the roughest parts of the country is under the talk of one of these I like the setup is that we truly are still in the midst of a technological revolution of three tomorrow Bluetooth a Nevada now positively to become such a cell phone by Bluetooth Hilton view car system is that when you look in your rearview mirrors and was calling the person 's name and phone number will appear in your rearview mirror by Bluetooth now just twenty years ago ten years ago that would be Star Trek science fiction definitely twenty five years ago on an eighties and I was grown up on a cell phone like VCRs in the giant white season long black attendance Dragon oh seven and zero when I have also slaughtered in hiding his sleeve the technology is advancing ugly one the tech of developing over the attacks on this wasn't fun revolution chapter twelve at the end of the chapter of John arrive later said something very powerful he said that the Dragon opened his mouth out of the mouth of the dragon cable line and their lower labor that that that's probably interpreted out one of things I see the thing is the Dragon will be in the last days of the Dragon speaks he will speak with great volume you'll be able to pass a lot of information through at one time any of the decedent and the devil at the the ability to send messages and information now what you never had before I tell parents all the time I hear the book the double and the engine house and went to open the door the day the WMD house through high-speed telephone wireless Internet gives cell phone pager two ways I can't do so many intangible ways ever get to your child without you having any IDs getting there by Eusebius Dateline NBC monthly specials on the Internet predators anyway after these guys and while more men of the cloth rabbis preachers priests teachers youth workers caught because now these predators can go into your house and try get your child without even on yourself in the upstairs being a being approached and and and and and encouraged by a predator what it does this prepare dinner ideas that wasn't possible we live in a different agent this is biblical models of the lasted knowledge will increase Daniel tells us that knowledge is sold rapidly increased the demand doing things that stop that would just your imagination just twenty years ago you could even imagine what would doing today so the children are being amplified a new evolving sources things like video games made about morality the president it was off at a bar on the slab on the dot bounced around and we thought it was is like the coolest thing ever invented but today I can't even value use the joystick for the new videogames are blended just all about quickly things change and often the biggest thing especially inside the church and in fact with the parents and even use workers often are unprepared for what someone on the eighth in I see a lot of parents and their kids get online for the pajamas loaded computer of your line send e-mails without it incidentally for your minimum time outburst of amount due the first of a matter you how the modern use of Excel gave them using Excel and that apparently do it the disadvantage that the devil will work within the management of the way of getting to the children were apparently able to defend or protect the job a lot I am parents about an individual becoming computer savvy being important and all of the things we see Wednesday was a recent scandal with all the senator all of these things show you the power of being able to communicate with someone when you never have to see them or hear them are here's a quote we are living in the midst of an epidemic of crime in which thoughtful God-fearing men everywhere stand the guys the corruption that prevailed it is beyond the pen to describe every day brings fresh revelations of political strife bribery and fraud every day brings its heart sickening record of violence and lawlessness of indifference to human suffering a brutal fiendish destruction of human life every day testifies the increase of insanity murder and suicide who can doubt that satanic agencies artwork among men with increasing activity to distract and corrupt the mind and the file and destroy the body and that is reasonable councils on health page twenty five in Libya was that this is the white was right right rewrite wrote this after she read USA Today the debate isn't it applies that wealth of modern times every single day that makes this testimony I give you an example when I logged onto AOL this morning to check my e-mails the front page covered out removing the more human news mainly do it well honestly the front page of wrestler Perseid was that the head of the national Association of Evangelicals was caught in a gay scan bowel movements give guilty innocent Monterey Ben Johnson and I will be saying the scandal hit he resigned the day every single day you turn on the television some like all we only will you read the newspapers like man what is going on allies of the two things that the devil is trying to do an underlying driver distracted for the mind first and foremost he wants the mess of the mind why the mind is the seat of intelligence is where we interactive interface with God in the interrupt the modern Bible says that the drunkard will not inherit the kingdom of God if you are not silver you cannot reason with God 's will talk about later on the mine is set into this little file distorted body why because one is against God destroyed by the Bible says God will destroy those in disorder body but to without a healthy body you can have a healthy mind so what I want to mind a little bit David said I'll pray before I'm fearfully and wonderfully made the frontal lobe of the minor to see them intelligently all product trouble with viruses mind you your your your frontal bone area for headphone that is the seat of intelligence in the humanist thirty three percent of the brain and a dog at seven percent in the porpoise or chimpanzee which often consider the smartest of animals it's only thirteen percent humans are different that didn't involve different they are different we were designed different by putting up or not I wonder if we never send it more vibrating wooden beam or function as frontal lobe that is the part of rain it really gives the ability to reason and be intelligent enough homeless and hypothalamus Odyssey of emotion we talk about music music bypasses the frontal mold and interest of the foulness it doesn't work the way that other information comes in a nice important because that's really what we list it isn't simply the lyrics of what we listen to even the melody and the beats don't matter because of the way thank you Adam for the role level little frontal allows us to reason it allows us to worship Isaiah one eighteen voices come let us reason together of all your sins be like scarlet they will be as white as snow it speaks to the fact that salvation is an intellectual process brought me to meet you have to choose God God is about choices one reason why I love being a Christian because God gives you exactly what the powerful social it answers the big one one of the questions of the great controversy the ability to reason and make choices as to the question why would God allow this to happen between its own or 9/11 it wasn't why would God allow to happen well he kindly gave us the power to don't really have the power to choose god doesn't allow some of your choices to happen and what of the beings that he gave the apology was a Satan Satan accused God is all about the vindication of God 's character so the devil certain things are allowed to happen because God 's character has been vindicated as evil and sin the place itself all the way out and got stopped terrible tragedies from happening and but for the effect of sin he would do the universe a distance and that we do that everything was a little upset with all about rebellion was all about look nobody ever died nobody got hurt but every time one of the fallen Angels O'Sullivan one on one world sees something like 9/11 or care the catastrophe like Katrina and its aftermath they say and we'll see why was he wrong and if they see him continue to do it it gets worse as time goes will close and Donna Juliet is the one earth it will not be one on one part one on fallen Angel is a more giving your daily to harshly with the wicked did not choose you think it would do harshly with Satan the power of choice is the big question monkeywrench on the whole entire universe is a functional block because you cannot love someone who can actually can be loved by someone who does not freely choose the love you it is it is not love that right view humanity if I wanted a new tire up and drove his shoulder and drive her back department learned judge in said on the phone astronomer on size I love you you have to love the mimeo right doesn't know where I woman's of the jubilant villas each issue chose to give you a good meal of it inevitably choose to be a good husband and I is any other way the Lord very well and is not in our society and our time love is something you have to choose so that it was a full ability to choose because he wanted to have the full ability to love without that we would not be able to do so something in the short ability to reason he can affect a person 's salvation and the indigent and not be able to make wise decisions and begin the engagement and to your brains in a foggy from with marijuana and alcohol if you get to write about function properly because unhealthy he can affect your ability or less of the ability they can affect your chances at salvation because you got on the Claremont Bible said that over and over and over again Paul says that take the helmet of salvation why is salvation represented the helmet the Roman helmet and a piece that sat right here Paul understood that you mind to be protected you couldn't just let anything in in other words garden my son was on the other related here so okay generation gap for my biggest influences this is visible in backing in two thousand they compared a study that looked at the five biggest and with in the nineteen fifties they found it was apparent school church community and impaired visitors happy days I Love Lucy maybe maybe ten years behind there but in the two thousand eight in the same parasite upon another one it was on youth the friends that forget that Jamaica and the famously if you lay with dogs you rise of fleas when you choose your friends we laid down what is often determined what you rise up with music television school of our parents went barefoot from number one to number five it was is not all the kids fault I love the parents working long hours both parents working back in the fifties many more women stayed home and raise their children proportionally but then we had women's liberation movement and the sixty fifteenth sixteenth and women actually were ostracized Sandalwood to children and to the fact that ever the parents felt noticed that church and community come off of the top five was altogether the charges and does not have the influence and did not pull in a particular poll would be more epidemiological not applicable the church does not have the effect that it had fifty years earlier as an important because studies of water reserves sprockets are working on right now begin to work on the sub study to have his health those of my procedures yesterday about it and that is that going to church for African-Americans just regular church attendance and saying that they pray which is visited seventy five percent said they prayed those that said they rarely attended church every week and prayed increase of life expectancy between seven and fourteen years that's when you correct for almost everything so now Republican side I've been to the work naturally loving the corrected out of Michael Jordan was a day pretty much model drink and smoke most of us so it corrects out for a lot of stuff as you know that is all-powerful doesn't it just doesn't not letting the managers are saying you attend church just saying you will judge every week so to benefit Ronald just a churchgoing church but you get my point of Jesus and this is normal profound to accepting one of our most prostate disease makes a map you a good nineties of the I offending pluck it out and cast it from thee is better for you to enter into life with one eye rather than having two eyes and be cast into hell fire scare text in a lot of ways this is complex and we collectively to arrive zero mine is the present of the neuronal collections of the brain of the vision the amazing deep into the mind-body optic nerve what we see changes are reality and it was wonderful saying we always hear by beholding we become changed so the average eighteen -year-old in America have already watched twenty two thousand hours of television this was back in my probably want to thousands of them this includes three hundred fifty thousand commercials a message question of quick what is the real purpose of television sales never ever forget that they do have a rating system that makes some soap bubble pop another one because the more popular show the more they can ask for advertising so it is suitable which was the whole country stops to watch they can ask four million dollars of the ten fifteen second or maybe more than that now for the purpose of television really given to entertain you it's always entertaining use of it you will watch the show so that they can get their ratings applicants are normally to Pepsi and Coca-Cola been nice not to edify not to make you any better for the majority of television this is one of the total hours that kids will spend this electronic book about an hour the top of the I will have an American house limits on the internal seven hours and thirteen minutes per day within through satellite and cable access these numbers are likely to increase seven hours and thirty minute as a full-time job partner actually when you do it ethically to bring it up Asians watch the least amount of television wide sentimental and black like the most flag or the inner cities as a URL you are aware much of your production is gone many hours using from the television and multiply that by minimum wage and multiply that every daily rate by ten years and you can do a lot of production bills but that was okay the subtle and reinforced by repetition of images and stereotypes it was adolescence spent twenty one to twenty three hours per week watching television television offer quizzes homework claim reading definitely replaces homework by seventy the schedule of watch television for the equivalent of seven to ten years continually that they started today November third two thousand and six and finished in November and third two thousand and sixteen lot a television by Jeannie as a witness over two hundred thousand acts of violence and twenty five thousand murders is what I say I was they manipulated my inevitably from the neighborhood so I'll try to not name the neighborhood of illness in Brooklyn since among the matter so you one driver job down into San Bernardino is aware of an empty we have a huge violence from the San Bernardino city Street Church of the donors as of oddest thing and the best film in a while a pathfinder outside marching they watched a drive-by shooting happened watch it happen as then in one one five chase the other I did what drums Pathfinders everywhere they just did the deck all of the parking lot you don't take your job oh the roughest part of town cinema melodia car toppled by the popcorn Hannibal said it was a new drink and do you sit there and wait in the Midlands and letting a shot murdered mother rate yet we do it to television interview Joss and I watched the most violent glory murderess terrible things would never do in real life but you do a television of the same principle but in an ancient Rome he did with the Coliseum the people 's will result in Romans was with me souls civilized so sophisticated but the devil got him to become very very alone in their appetite agreement with the Coliseum have the watch gladiators was mostly lower than them kill each other in a basically lost the empire based on the appetite of the developed out of these kinds of entertainment America now be able to bring the Coliseum into your old the devil watch that happen if you've ever watched of Roger Renaults videos writable attributes of a trip into the supernatural gift videos Lee interview I mean the videos really changed my life about Lindsay so he exposes so much of spiritual warfare and watching and give it is different and reading them say the story after reading a book is as it is another level what they think it talks about of the devil was pleased that he's important being about being in worship so the priest of these the worst sessions and tell them all about the devil in the plan that will happen so for what they said that the devil was very pleased with technology available for things were invented the devil are you begun to plan the use of technology to destroy men of the last things you get the video the watch of builder profile of a settlement agency bookstore that was professing Christians spend six times more money on entertainment than on Christian giving is incredible the average Christian of all denominations think I'm all money goes than being entertained the churches Joe has been wanted twice the time with the media than with the parents and teachers combined every year in the atmosphere to spend less than one hour a week learning from your father in a folder on sorry yet spend forty hours and thirty dollars a week on entertainment and weed out people who study researching something profound read the literature on the effects of fatherlessness read the effects of what happens when a child grows up without a father you want to know what is plaguing America why seasonal brutal crime to see why gangs in the cities especially in Los Angeles one gang is also prevalent is because the files are the dead or imprisoned or simply dismissing the effects in that that is spilled into suburbia it's building to Adventism with the hiring divorce rates higher on premarital sex race generate more unmarried parents all of that combined and when you look at it not having the influence of a godly father is probably the single most destructive thing that could happen to a job we know that because the last verse of the Old Testament prophetically says that when the spirit of life and come alive to become it would cause the hearts of the fathers to be turned the children and hearts of the children to return to the father was important so when you look at this and fathers are invalid and agility one of fathers are all living at home to marry the future so busy working that you don't be children this we know that is negatively affects children the majority of intimate scenes are between unmarried people on television soap operas would be all that interesting it everybody was very right oh and soap opera music soap operas I describe soap operas as pornography for women I stopped saying that because I'm now little so many men watch it not a fee for the emotional person is not visual their most formidable of pornography is a form of pornography it's a way to fulfill sexual and romantic desires through a foreign person a foreign substance images and so on the soap opera one of them as when it was easy to talk to want to change opinions up with his example of homosexuality when I was growing up in our group and outside Hartford Connecticut when I got up I never saw anybody that I thought was gay not anymore there maybe I did not recognize I will I never heard of it we use those words and insults at each other at not understanding that there were people really were gay this am I think the UGG of words never heard it coming up so I might actually be done just another images which didn't seem our member on the Donahue show a big was donning a little in the starting role talk to before overall young gay man and his father they were from somewhere in the Midwest how graduate they like country people and he brings his family on and what comes out of the closet on national television in front of his father father coastal whaling on column names and you know what I dispute this old moment all this of course the audience would raise their hands it is to the funerals and you know you're at home like your heart to be taught unlike an object is to assign a begin to develop this kind of sympathy is with the ways the devil began to you he has slipped into homosexuality so like three 's company Doctor pretended to be gay for the good limits women slowly but surely that the concept began to move in until they were gay character than say they were gift of the day of the show was will embrace the whole theme of around getting this with there such a word out of the double ability to improve public creeping compromise a slippery slope he doesn't get you a whole lot of it all at once just a little bit at a time to be a new become common immunized against something that once was revolting to American society but lateral malls offered with every book in every city county state and the country against sodomy and homosexuality autos laws not to be rude PA Laura ignored and instead the law that I may push right now Massachusetts and New Jersey Hawaii California Oregon Washington the more left-leaning states many of them are now pushing for gay marriage how do you go from what we had in the seventies to gay marriage thirty years and you have much to jump in thought how do you delegate a double television it is like a nuclear bomb in destroying the society television can do it by the power to do that saw the wisdom the commencement of the vertebrae of the present bill coming up what is even watching animal planet learn all about the little little things up after the initial download I forget the name of the little bearcat with meerkat they are also popular with Americans actually very interesting and I learned a lot I wasn't at the hospitals of my weight of all you know while I'll call I get the watching them all you do is watch animal planet history Channel discovers what are good although you can learn a lot and that's all you do you still wasted time and analyzer that you will be accountable for two things to time and your money and it was dominated would you be accountable for what she says when you want us he was in his heart really is you know you can judge about what is wintertime woodsman of money so get all even with a good do you want to demonstrate the use of the wife of twenty four on the day billing victory to victory from your apartment house that Obama will come in a little and they love to watch on cartoon network or whatever party was on a visit there one hand on it gently good plan on the floor the debonair watches TV five times their own size and there watching it all is a Michael samaras confident limited to the bluebloods nothing so I'll go middle school Judeo-Christian and throw it across the room 's two previous shot Vatican that is ended by the Republican quite interesting watching television so you have goals and define hypnotism and being in a trance the findings like time compression anytime you do something and when it done Julie Tomlin was a man of the level we really belong to two hours as it laws that already the formal hit with the knowledge of those one of what aspect of your sensors sense of time and that is a form of hypnotism Xenical was a rather limited and you lose that sense of time or movie to some extent you and your book is assigned to guard 's been let down with you not aware of climate aware of something is obvious is time what else might you not be aware of you not aware of that and what messages could be subliminally or even directly sympathy ahead so that Monsanto reality from fantasy also a story about his spots in the box this one psychologist in one of the Buddha play out if they could put a box in the rule don't get the boxes boxes boxes boxes that I went on on on what was talking about two six zero the psychologist before leaving the room gets up over the log shows that you did there's no thoughts of the box as the Buffalo federal the majority of six-year-old facility to leave the room when they say move his thoughts in the box children don't the same ability to process route is open even always explain reality to them these in a while and really blow up Jerry you know you didn't write while generally voluntary audit coyote didn't really get blown up it doesn't matter to some extent the child can't fully differentiate reality and I very probably another test but I would theory that all of the seemingly harmless violent cartoons of the forties fifties sixties commentary the coyote and Road Runner Bugs Bunny may have actually affected the level of violence in society today especially in the backdrop of everything else the change right to file for the first time in human history biologist to children who never communist he would buy was made millions of children laugh all at once Joe do we exclude the idea that possibly you be more likely to shoot someone if you add or move someone up and that's what you watch cellulite about you can exclude that possibility they knew the above account education because I love children and our children are very desensitized verities of the brain is not developed we watched television no processing those sharpening of the mind because no imagination while growing up with no luck that was the big toys normally that money to buy stuff so we came up the Walsh version of the week we created something similar other Jamaican I wanted to punishment for punishment all metallic look is to know boxes and put wheels on the boat when she was on him and put antennas on June fourth on Annette Estrella located to solve problem on milk blocks down the street they wonder why kids come from other countries and well in America but a lot of them have never watched that much television in their minds been maximized in just being imaginative something American can use the new plan a first-generation immigrants often don't do much better than Jones American German and therefore time is compressed on one and more by reducing information become boring real church services you want to liken his influencers of the wildest in the diagnosing ADHD and ADD all his stuff while you how is Mrs. Jones connected your kindergarten or first grade teacher how did they possibly compete with the television shows kids watching how interesting and you watched the fact that before Batman almost all night you look like the next day in a forty five -year-old woman was not very happy when her salary the person standing in front of you just probably not be nearly as entertaining as watching Nickelodeon Finnigan green ghost sprayed all over people among us does not happen the novel centerfolds that's the one I forgot everything about television changes every five to twenty seconds so get used to watching something everything taken by the poison and I expect this of the six hours and watched Mrs. Jones just doesn't work well as a notable Ritalin and all the other seven one one could be as inconceivable that maybe the combination of high sugar breakfast with television is too much much of child's mind vividly seizures of Pokémon with towing in Japan Monmouth pocket my providers about demons but argued that we would note that with one that while always get him out of the panel watching this cartoon they had a massive influx of children to the emergency room the Japan with multiple children at once positive children once again have seizures the television the show was so exciting the music and the fountain of life was also exciting the children actually Caesar documented five hundred one hundred mils documented because he's the one I so came to America one of visited with a change in the number of frames that playing because television reasonable moving pictures until they can subtract a lot without even knowing it by adding frames and deleting frames your Muslim liberals of that for younger talk about the movie the study skills will go to movies every thirty frame of the Zeta double wanting more you want the devil is unavoidable to do that you want to double by the end of the show right so this gives us up on it but there's a little bit of truth in that you really can't slip subliminal messages in the television and movies and it's been outlawed it's against the law because it works fine as another great quote by Jesus whatsoever look at all a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart in his mind one of the greatest diseases affecting America today is the disease of pornography addiction pornographic addiction they just abstain yesterday of a rally by fourteen hundred men of people on overall men are connected to its tomography ring and battery Mrs. gone out all for two hundred Jesus is a beautiful look at something and I sexually involved by looking you send some you look at a woman in your mind goals from the woman and takes you to the act of sex with that woman men or vice versa for the women you said powerful about the Cleveland on a regional weekly limits my professor that would comments guys brilliant commentators as well as a freaking genius the Zen one-day class called dynamics of Christian women at the Oakwood he said one day if you look at the woman the first time I will try to be elected the the first five okay you want these in the second luck BC and all in one of these is a mingled funds look long in our beautiful land a Job on this text realistically looking at how we look at the menagerie 's wife so much of the imagery in the magazines and on television also sexual truthfully multiple watch on television is soft pornography but what is so until we watch and it was at the monitor also a picture of mom Paris Hilton just met the neck up and out from a commercial was good and it was sure soft pornography because the devil want to suck you in with this stuff is always very addictive there was one study to show that one out of every total forty percent of every hostility pulled in this poll said have a problem with Internet addiction of Internet pornography to Internet pornography addiction forty percent opacity told the pastors I selected the passages at forty percent of the problem right arch our children are always sexualize a very young age Linda brought my that is romance and intimacy so to me even when you look at him Disney and you look at like Pocahontas or you look at him of these the profound love stories to the three -year-old girl really be watching it think about it for a second visit to much footage rolled over these false ideas of marriage and romance known as the wing for Prince charming only child so that Chuck shows up to present themselves up talking to wait wait looking around he had the horse is not a Rino or see them so the borrowers right are so things neither wanted in a number of ninety one remedies wonderful Sandra we do not want to announce up with some old video I saw an address without losing that the halls with balls of policy so which really would like get his hobby plan how to treat and make a magic wand out of Hollywood Hollywood is still Satan 's magic wand and a flat hobby is masked wrestlers why use it at Christmas time this is the new Magic Kingdom Bible talks on busy and stuff the Disney does save you from that message of the New Age and occult a part of cartoons like in the lion King Wright is under John Adams Academy the decent when they die when people die the better sleep two thumbs resurrected with a somatic watch what I was a one line seen movie but that the kids father symbiotic his name is his father dies his uncle killed his father technically this father dies roughly even who are monkey which is real food we really boast all the government is only really knew who he notably with regard to deduct those installed and emboldened a lot of stuff and convince them to go with them it takes with him and his dead father appears alive speaking in the sky all your money is going Academy Mrs. Donovan smoke because it is a powerful message to the opposite of what you've been teasing its mother life okay representative organisms must have a vendor was commandment but they might have right to the tree of life and may enter through the gates of the city for about our dogs and sorcerers warmongers murderers and idolaters and whosoever love it and make a alive notice that making the lie is the only one polygamy is in trouble loving the light of someone else made will get you in trouble so once upon a time as the Bible to the movies now members make social events the green outreach program I like all the movies because of the weight of the level got so many people in one place to be indoctrinated with all kinds of crazy stuff we pay for allies in the last television will keep you out of the new Jerusalem now what are you not a little movies and for the price I find it is wrong to pay that much money for anything the last two hours so I don't go to movies but a lot of people do archers of a different allowed to our church is very conservative now I look back below the movie stranglehold would like to sofa bed I'm enough of a Jekyll collapses like fall over and die where they talk about whether they ever resume I will trickle in related things about anymore and regarded out another scenario but I think what is Avalon Gardens really been let down and wouldn't let down our guard he led in a lot of that stuff to the whole world with old when we protect ourselves against a lot of big event whether that was the VCR is not a DVD home theater is brought Hollywood home so you want to go to movies anymore he was always the right to come and go home on Monday still supports on holy industry bent on the getting work done I believe Hollywood is diametrically opposed to the kingdom of God ninety nine percent of what they don't put out is diametrically completely opposed to God 's kingdom in the one or two good movies this slipped through a probably more so that you just keep watching the other ninety nine percent wherefore do you spend for that which is not bread and your labor for that which satisfies not why do we do it developed in the next topic is make Star Wars the enemy than Empire strikes back and make return of the Jedi is not good enough in the article back to make a frequent the Bible the same God that would invent a prequel to the Bible more of him and made anything after the Bible the Bible to allow myself as important as real the real history is real a real divine material with God and then update the Bible every summary about people trying to do that the wanted on the biomass of the Bible Maslow 's life is the book of Mormon is one of those witnesses of their own Bible as letters to catechism on my monologue and will driving a single device the Bible does not fall myself but what about recent workers or watching movies real questions are found another one of the research outset no wicked thing before my eyes imagine about the rule you before you turn on the television discharge away mine eyes from beholding vanity boasts of Davison Job thirty one numbers want one of my favorite sex so says I've made a covenant with my eyes why then should I look upon the made Joe's that I made a covenant with my eyes powerful Scripture he made a covenant will not put my eyes out with a covenant with my eyes I will not watch pornography that covenant will I will not watch those things that defiled God I don't need to see the him being the one that pulled the the da Vinci code I see it I explained away by watching it that Jesus and Mary Mary and Ellen Jesus and Mary Mary right out of it I have a kid I don't know that happen on and watch the movies I can turn on approved investment from the Bible are the music universal language the bottles of the gals think it was in heaven Zephaniah three were seventy I can't wait to hear God say so people like Michael Jackson and Prince of all the people I will be a godsend let's allow innocent glasses also at the praise the Lord with music annually to the kingdom one of the Christmas River the reason the most vital I don't really got it on our denomination that you can have instruments in the church of any kind very streamed that you can have anything everything is undeserving of a cappella was a pretty bad anything will mean that you would be a good soldier seven of the twelve great to listen to and watch roughly eleven thousand hours of music and videos rap and rock have more spoken in alcohol nebulas associated try and set trends some will depart a wreck in heaven as well I can describe him I wanted things they did aspects of physical ability Ludwig the twenty third two thousand one the Beatles made types and tablets if he is a musical being wise because he was the chairman I covered the imagine singly with it he would lay over God and that light would come on in the Bibles of every precious stone he was covered in thought I like to know stones reflect like absorb light and angels most old take the Shekinah glory light of God was saying will go away from God he was still in the shine coming on because it is Jules and I would imagine there might've even been able to see the light and is filed because they recognize that is godlike somewhere in the process he began to confuse adoration for God with adoration for him somewhere to probably began to believe he was equal with God Denny finally began to say I won't be bigger than God I will be more than God out of your mind that we get it either way for the double every line and after that the subconscious while we have was with executive liabilities of the gig is even so-called Gospel music now in the Allied Deborah Christian music as well wiki and Arkansas they are busy and sometimes and at the stop of the didn't say God didn't say Jesus was it singing was about him there gets although occasionally wrong but I'm just of the reality of the this all remained I'm a contemporary know the little one old one from when we were not well doesn't go West young man molested on West almost the Holy Ghost will not be one West Coast found in any settlement in America but I'm out of nowhere since I still get a better concept so Mary Matalin a song I write the songs is that right is all amenable worlds they are dissolved let on London's present thing that runs on the youngest driver programs on startup very mountable from what I understand was a devil worshiper and Lucifer was actually one writing that song with the devil was saying I write the songs that make the whole world sing our song of love and special things I write this on the big young girls cry rights on the song the men I was an instrument Maryland at-large Santiago was guys he is scary in the week he scary personified this is what is bridge in the dictionary next to the word frightening but he in the LSI elder in the church of Satan from understand that we not often may not invent the Marburg these people and he put his name Marilyn Manson because he wants to be famous like Marilyn Monroe or to the woman's name three things on drug Italy scholarship she had me Gary tell so it's unmounted and in the last name is Madison at the Charles Manson so he takes a serial killer I love beautiful movie star because he wants both aspects of it in and out of your nose with their fun anymore most serial killers and something is failing people want angel that some of them so you know I'll resort to murder to get that crazy in Iraq was openly Satanic now would be a maximum alert reasons I sold my soul to the devil and the price is cheap I would like on this level and is twice as deep he said he sold his soul to the devil what you don't know the time to do it on it back in the fifties of the songs have a psalmist said that that pretty much a banana for his career he is an analogy that your company always really spiritual he prays an end without a little leap into the Salazar already too late we got Eminem Eminem personal mother coming how low can you go and is reviving gravediggers flatlander phenomenon on Jay-Z wants to be worth it it was always that I am Jehovah God MC in the solemnization is old beaten him in all the kids put in his abdomen here but what is really said about Jehovah God because of the five percent to get into that war but it's a religion that teaches young women they are God based on their race black on black masking of our revealed supplements against God they settled without the old thing very exact it will kind the song backwards get on with the definitely didn't think of getting a setting of gospel music chutney can put in Christian Endeavor Christian music trap upgradability to world into the church he hopes to keep the old less alive I believe that some of the Institute and stop it when they bring an end in itself alarming they literally now playing a mommy you know Parliament funkadelic is to come but that's the basis of most of the black music you hear today on the seventies of the charges were they literally go back and play sly and the family Stone lyrically the exact song I want to thank you for letting me be myself again in the church is worshiping and praising for folks on the whole church out there shades of gray yes that's black and white the guy who wrote it came out and said how they could plate insert I don't know recently got high on heroin with ten days to come up with both lyrics born on sound like reasons Earth wind and fire the environmental pagan old pagan group as well the reasons people saying underwhelming the reason the reason that we hear he said how could the guys on the wide about a statement of your wedding is a song about not wanting to be together I given the reasons they shouldn't be together so you just cursor marriage on the first night right on and on about I'll be going to listen to what they're listening to and in the church inside of the church in Franklin last week a song and he does it indicate a few words and terms of a possible small board that the viewer in the nightclubs when that song was popular but as time and is now planned whether you start to move you are really not moving because the Holy Spirit make a new rule new movement gives you that you get mine 's been transported back in the wild so how do the devil really talking checked your old life powerful in that sophistry inject pieces of your old life back into his old object with your hair to summer camp that actively like hard rock 'n roll are when the sounds complex I've been in minutes ago our like hard rock 'n roll but I'm telling you you can use that to the Yale van Halen old Metallica they did change the words Sandman is a Jesus man right whales on the tournament the Christian song the naked Christian know not what God attracted your garage makes a call otherwise then all suitable vertebrate Bible doctrine that there is no record of activities Christians long after Christians on the doctrinally incorrect completely one of them and Loral Harris document while the Amazon the reason so high but not so far when it was about dead people want to have in becoming a new and working in heaven on your bath that's what that's all about how little then I gave him the past the Church of God was not the season that PC World was a soldier in the Army of God called the radio station the first time he heard it from his house about eleven o'clock at night and on the take the rack at all men record because it's Catholic doctrine why limit on and his radio station and eat everything off never it is all yet another one Birdsall Matthew seven six give not that which is holy of the dog me to cast your pearls before swine is the trouble them under their feet and turn again and rend you you can just turns the holy by just dressing them up in Christianity that I forgot us in the mess that the church than in the first place appraisal violated my law to profane my holy things they put no difference between the holy and profane neither have they showed difference between the unclean and the clean out of his eyes for my sabbaths and I profaned among them God does not expect it we take on holy things and try and watch them off and encircle no more discretion to take eggs and somehow denies luminance are the other work within Toronto popularly without his approval and many will so Muslims are enormous already like that with open the regarding Brian McKnight regional running out of much of the talent in the second world comes out of blackout and Islamic guys know that much of the rappers would like at least tribe called quest by the name of TLC on Buster rhymes and academics on the people who were raised in the Miller Potter Lazarus administered a big movie music sized one of his primary night with old would note that he was in one of my classes and writing I let Oakwood and when got a record deal and the first time I heard instead was for a wild Friday night like this one ran all over college now I wasn't very Christian of Donald Galvin a publicizing woman club every Friday and Saturday night I got to open this guy things on my commission come running back to you I see you standing there for me your arms open wide he sang this crisp and normal I've never felt anything like it I gave my life the Lord I remember that song clearly and I don't want to make records about adultery in ghosts and all kinds of crazy stuff it hurts me because she had within him and him in an effort saying while someone was presented gospel with power people that was with the devil 's wipe them away with a lot more I could say would be many people will suddenly want to sell his old liability old stick their finger and right blood on the paper while the Devils has been received the paper but if you want to be famous on the devil will get you your compromise objective family rejected believes on identification with music itself is not neutral millions ability to bypass the frontal lobe directly affecting the autonomic nervous system and therefore the entire body it does this while working on the Falmouth on some little Mexican imprint in the subconscious affect us without our conscious even knowing it on the Bible refers the demons as starters one of his edges in the following Angels the less one of reasons why I think this is big posted be a sauce star and it only started in the morning one of the superstars that when a star on the walk of fame being a star on earth means or a fallen angel a core description and I believe the demons work through a lot of the celebrities I believe that after reading Boswell 's book bunch of the supernatural may begin I like to favor before my roommate at school in junior high Michael Jackson thriller with a number one of record of all times forty six million sales beginning to do that now people download stuff of free but I am a technology that final network so now this girl become the school they would have Michael Jackson been from the neck to the feet and the cover Michael Jackson Michael Jackson probably distant lately Michael Jackson Mary Michael Jackson I think you will meet Michael Jackson and now look at projects I was right remedy why she's really washable Lebron holding up posters of all these people and what is the spiritual consequences but only strange people 's pictures up on your wall the first thing you see in the morning the last thing you see at night via have inestimable and a wall of pictures spiritually I wonder I think it can recross eloping we don't even know really got a crush on Beyoncé but you might as well give that one buddy letters with I see them memorize the only getting average grades in school and cannot reflect a single passage of Scripture so I wanted to be one living on the New York subways look like you know up in the northern ones that only the wrongs are just up from the Bronx and eleven certainly divisive pastor you don't talk to my son is flunking out of school a few noisy stress and really strange is growing dreadlocks now the limit of thy authority 's son the predawn bailout would counsel some one would be fun right so I mitigated these is now related news and events is also whom is our buddy list and I said I was worried about you cut to the chase mother worried about due to digital forgot to school and become a nobody in the nominal amount got it all wrong while I would be around rupees of you but they wasn't right for me however others will will will will will you will subsidize it was announced down a large the was every rapper DMX was the next thing he could recite in India the next from a area off the top of his head any song in an assault in recitals long after sunset here is not the outlook bottom of the thermometer review is actually nothing wrong with you boys bring it works just fine to recite entire albums the problem is he studying the wrong thing as long as all he doesn't listen to the music you for ever be able to only recite the music is there at the geometry and we can do it because all that comes with mine is lyrics rests on his preferences the Bible says study to show yourself approved unto God citizenry to fifteen of me that is right writing dividing the word of truth you missed everything we do we study every television programming a solid listen to we studied already so complex we digested over and over again we store it away for ever the significant was called up when you wanted of the amusement of their store if the other son is wasting valuable brain space and looking at the boy you got a lot left you will need to get a more awful we left by the departure of the nine five these mobile trees were the weeds and get them concentrate on the stuff that is of God which means mother you're going to have to parent ask about the rules and no specific command works both ways most appearances the Bible says on a mother father today that we longer live in the lambs when I got conveniently always it is the child's word the job and whatever per se I think the password as well is the parent was give the child something to so get a hold without any boundaries or wounds often in rapidly given all grown up and while he slept in the rap music we started to discover the hottest mama with a single mother so we got away with it more time than we should use yet rules have friends come in and I'm lousy novel my mother when I will you just go lightly we sometimes admitted that but not a sizing mother well you know I was cleaning up Johnny's rule affect global for them to file the dirty boys room where you'd want a fifteen -year-old boy enrolled in a grown boy it was an account and you will find a middle of the CCAC feel flattered weaklings wrote to give kids and boundaries within the damage of kisses glad I will only call it love it is the anti- pieces of real the launch of the testimony descriptor so that they speak not according to this word is because there is no light in them I have many Adventists come to me black evidence is present with a fair account of the Big Bang and one of the Jennifer Farrakhan and out-of-state all of his political rhetoric that you even agree with what he steps out of that into the spiritual and begins to speak about a life to Mohammed as being a prophet and an far mom is being God always on the stuff how do you reconcile that with that structure how you do it they just told just all of God 's word is often very often that's ridiculously good-looking was on course because when I said that even if seventy percent of what they do or say is good you'll follow them because all of it has to represent God to the devil out that the devil very often tell the complete lack Intel's partial lives altogether people to give up easily why we follow him into the pit over these is the right music with the sun available for a bout with little increase in the morning on the authority of the lot October one .txt nothing is one thing I got a color TV so I can see the Knicks played basketball on the man on the Mac on the pimp on the player on with everything in the world except a sensible responsible person right is a song you don't Academy award was won last year by a rap song for them will be called hustle and flow first black person Whitbread first black group to an Academy award for favorite song of main Donald Ward 's song Lord I'll think that a Ross La Junta Lady sings the blues they want one for song entitled it's hard out here for a pimp it's what it should be the one and you should be winning awards for that but they did in the Scripture makes a clear shot vein and profane babblings is vain and profane you should listen to it but sums up most modern secular music in one verse right there what will you do want on this one on why conditions in the cities get worse what is more violence more write more everything because they're being fueled is the music at stimulating enzymes like a catalyst in place the threshold for righteousness much much lower than a worthless for whole communities all at once present to leave his music alone in Paris with regret about what already admitted because of an uprising the public enemy Bob Marley is that while my cell phone I can say whatever he dies they inhale his mother and brothers and of the EU Damien Lareau and his brother of the brotherhood a shot in the back Anthony all of this agreement those guys will a lot we a lot of it will mean more weed than you even know exists in one place but I know they say love politics on but as part of his music is trying to convince you to worship a dead Ethiopian Emperor name Haley Selassie or Ross the plot is like AutoZone 's Rastafarian was a mocking the California anonymous blonde haired blue-eyed Rastafarian point setting up like your Rastafarian discretion what you realize the whole point of related back to Africa right to the benefit we go back to commit to a Mexican Rastafarians will drink when I'm why do we unimaginable not that far you could even I won't imagine what but that's the power of music all music industry music will make the other revolutionary force against the British colonialism after the visit was made to do and you pick up and listen to what to believe it it doesn't make any sense the power of music we are world bilateral Richie and Michael Jackson got a well-known was the ravages you and me notice me and one that explore the foot of the line in the song O my God is shown with my changing stole the bread is truly make a better date is you and me did Jesus ever change stone to bread and Jesus in terms we would have no hope of salvation isn't it interesting that they think God showed us this and then say that we can make a better way the devil wrote the song that was nomadic and in turn the stone of the bread and a powerful murderous onslaught inquire Lawson churches in his anti-Christian this one is one tech was one verse by violence in the media even skip for our so let the word of Christ in you richly in all wisdom is found in him spiritual song to the Lord do all in the name of the Lord Jesus was I would listen up you never stop was in the second last figure Elizabeth was visible Sabbath and rest week was the second visit with I quickly learned it was hard to stop the second little bump and run them I had all day on Sabbath and until I switched over and over than this excursion is about week thousand only given the finally explain up to this day I hear one word of models on it comes right back in and annoys me I was at inhabit my head was still there nothing which is elicited to go contrary to God 's word out of you why was there first and foremost evaluate the lyrics how to word converter God 's word Nevada it will look towards the team spirit by Nirvana and crazy lyrics albeit by files road but very patient original list of the personal work with one arrest of the song suddenly evaluate your emotional response how does the beat and melody make you feel so to the rap song called arguments is a novel make my mind up in here up so okay let's take them as they tried instrumental version on telling evil words just bounce around banging up against a wall the one to fight house music makes you feel as an example months of the new contemporary gospel music is very romantic like ballad it's Israel's suite saw been the wine is a lot of established the office of the Jesus or God has always either but my thing is if the music moves you into a romantic state of mind and the soul romancing you know that's what it does for you while you listen to it and give an example of that is actual of one amazing facts tapes I wanted us out of my music him them about this girl out on a date right would you play Army drum music in the car to them from the placing on the guy was a note because you wouldn't set the right mold what would you play most guys is a vengeance why accessible the point being music by self-declared lyrics such a move how must it now appears that a piece of that then translates inside the walls of the church the type of music the sound of melodies and beats the distilled set up inside of church of course it does thus while we have a very careful what we plant a church in the telling of it at my general know if there's a major in music issue out of my same as preach about it even in the pulpit attached by language this is based but I don't have to say it because I thought it is installed that when the song is played people are literally jamming advancing the minimum club is stuck on the church club window literally why because the music is assumed that infallibility of the wonderful with the devilish like and when you're ready for an appeal and for someone coming in November we can abandon the higher paid full band Jay Leno government bans in bars right when they start were messing with you plans the upbeat music messenger who at the time when people would be making a decision from God but I wasn't thinking different of agreement woman I like your favorite is of the tolerances of others which is the amount of matter is there is classical music that was not written to honor God that's the reality of their bar saw that it become him that's true where we are to me as you look at it for what it is now looking to him nothing people said to him woman who was abusing something hands on both side of the relations and government of the borings everything rock 'n roll or falcon wrapping church to visit him on any visitor will send script install some I wanted to remove him by midday the hands of powerful and unread books on how will Hillary and obviously did not every end of the good of everyone in a summary of the main and lead to some Catholic doctrine somebody took a couple of unsettling when you read us all and what a friend we have in Jesus all our sins and griefs to be one of privilege to carry everything to God in prayer the lyrics are profound the modern praise songs are usually big on seven eleven seven songs in seven words exam eleven times right is the same stuff over and over and over again by the words of view we were archers will worship you to your weakness do you love bottling followed over with where does she live I is okay we get it we worship an why do we worship with the document we believe around worshiping him you want to do the double reading to get rid of one of the Vatican to lay rebounding counsel the second Vatican Council when it introduced a lot of these things the village was lighting the beds of Protestant churches we really want to do this if they wanted to do away with the ability for you to share doctrine in Saul they can still do that when using holy holy holy God in three persons blessed Trinity in a document music that is dying in the West or August other of the Sabbath song adopted us out of there will be things are insolvent funerals and reinforce our belief that the dead are asleep in modern songs have no factual basis any notice of them are awesome good songs don't get me wrong marketable if you are turned away with handles I couldn't even not only the time of trouble to come to the notice is good with him recipient with an operative of that many the wisdom of Solomon the B enough for me I'm additionally my friend on the need to know that he is to be there no matter what I will need trust and obey Allah needle songs and we were sitting out remember that time to devil what someone is impersonating Jesus Teasley also all the all just turn on Satanism don't be afraid to enjoy music I think that's important we should think about they welcome to the conclusion and and him and I think I was it is better when we sing in the congregation learning him out against quires a million soloists of the dogs they all are good things but I'm learning that making one person start in church probably not a good idea that don't this exceptions are great oh I'm a friend on the new peters it was really good Christian music the filename is blind he was baptized doctors in Miami he sang at my wedding awesome phenomenal do you listen to his music online www. Mobile Peter .com awesome Christmas and Google drum areas get to choose the guitar piano money was offered I was there I saw he was offered multimillion dollar contracts to be the next eighty one target that once he became a synonym of these I will never ever write or sing a note well it was plain ugly nightclub in Miami he was the top billing at the nightclubs in a city like Miami it are minorities I wouldn't ever write or play another song but does not elevate Christ never ending is


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