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  • December 30, 2012
    10:45 AM
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for this and see what I see two thousand twelve hundred Seattle Washington and other resources and access online at www. dicey with one or two from here on Alice longer focusing on is what the demonstration it remains to be made and what you learn from and as history in my personal experience all the things that I think of as important as come from Avon the groundwork of the great controversy with what we spent the last two meetings on and be the last Venice history I love our history so that's where we going next by torpor father we invite your presence to be with us now we ask that you will direct every word that is said I pray you help me to property represents and forgive me for where I lapse into my common nature printing ULI glasses we has a move forward now and Lord above all else we want to know what we need to do to cooperate with you in the praise you for not giving up on us thus far in Jesus name why did the loud cry only begin to guess that most of you are probably familiar with LA statement that the time a test is just the force because the loud cry has already begun in the revelation of the righteousness of Christ and being unable to make that statement okay okay what year was that Camino eighteen ninety two November forty seven member twenty I need to review and Herald Jonathan Siemens was coming up your mail that has been a huge question in advance history house on the rule he studied in the same areas of the lifting equipment click on that date let's get you read any of the materials for my taking a message study committee now they've got some great historical materials documenting some of this stuff Ron Garfield recently wrote volume one I'm eagerly awaiting volume two of the book was in the return lettering which allowed crowds get mixed up but that great but everyone is focusing on is this basic question of what happened the loud cry had begun what happened okay well that's what we're going with this let's get some background setting to start off with October chances November five eighteen eighty eight was a minister and student General conference session held at Minneapolis bank this is the same as eighteen eighty eight General conference Jones Wagner righteousness by faith on Galatians Urias Smith George Butler all that mix of better from it was that great if you're not aware that you let us remember that's a very important occasion and out of that came the movement that eventually was credited with starting a loud cry was a good thing I think one aspect of eating a message the needy dinner conferences often overlooked and it's very very important for our purposes right now and that is after the meeting in Minneapolis Doctor Kellogg was a converted man and we all know which we can see the converting power of God working in his heart I is pretty cool but how may people say I was converted in eighteen eighty eight in Minneapolis for the Bridget Jones Lang as a local thing they'll say no learning examination setting on this installation is to tell other than the medical director that up etc. and since eighteen seventy six they are even after twelve years the night is a converted and we all know what we could see the power of God is life so what was different please stop going to the bar maybe now he had been going to the bar did he pay much of that type in the whole withholding and know that was getting what was the difference what is this the converting power of God they could see his heart what could they see well skipping over a whole bunch of other fascinating details it turns out that the difference was that Doctor Kellogg started being nice to people that the converted people do and and in particular it led him to have an interest in orphans widows and the aged old folks to convert people to ever go looking through the Old Testament find out how many times the powers that be in Israel were condemned for the way they treated orphans and widows the bunch I have encountered but there's a bunch that a citizen can well in the summer of eighteen nineteen this about a year and half after his conversion of Battle Creek okay Doctor Kellogg was up in Michigan at Petoskey and Ellen was there and he had bought holder off on signing senses wet what would you think about starting a North which is sad for wonderful idea where years behind in that kind of thing over so Doctor John had his marching orders was the then next February eighteen ninety one if you follow the chronology along with me on this February eighteen ninety one was a general conversation of eighty nine okay and Kellogg went to this session and he made a motion that the church started our vintage in shepherded that things really got it past orangutan committee was set up and they started raising money to run an orphanage or at least they tried a year later February eighteen ninety two when you become apparent that the church just wasn't that excited about an orphanage they been making appeals and review all year long the second quarter of eighteen ninety two of the Sabbath school offerings went towards the orphanage about seven thousand dollars which admittedly was a lot more than seven thousand dollars would be today it wasn't enough to do an orphanage for a year after they started the project the committee got together in a somewhat related to better problems or hands because they don't know they were going to start an orphanage in Battle Creek nobody was living interested with one major exception what category of people uninterested in the orphanage of Battle Creek orphans they started selling up people for my drains again about great inhabitants but adolescents do not doubt that the orphans need got a little cabin out behind the center Amy took a couple of nurses in the center is a desk anyways than him media here please look at the biscuits as him became the de facto orphanage when they didn't have a marketability network dog was assigned to Randy Spangler ninety two they took the money they had the body 's property and humanely build anything but in the property and Nathaniel God did not provide any were trying to do the righteous thing were trying to take care of our orphans got a provide somehow moved the church to our generosity please Lord I think the church particular tribe they did what so it was that Kellogg was getting concerned will hear the story little bit later but a non- administrator along in the spring of eighteen ninety two and I inquired of the note a project that Kellogg might have an interest in and it ended up that she gave them thirty thousand dollars to build an orphanage that if you don't understand what inflation has done to your money build one of these for thirty thousand dollars this was the Haskell home for orphaned children and every single piece of that was paid for by this thirty thousand dollars from Mrs. Haskell no relation to Stephen Haskell not a Seventh-day Adventist it was done in the in as a memorial to her husband would guide some year or so before and after about a fair chunk of change and she wanted to invest in something that he would've appreciated and so she put into this orphanage project is prequel in a lot of ways anytime explain it all very soon they had a hundred orphans in their and they were doing well don't you spend less time on your latest project in early eighty ninety two he started the visiting nurses program in Chicago actually name of safeguarding and started for him because what happened was there was a young lady from Chicago came up to the sanitarium with a life-threatening condition since then a number of a month and she was like that in the sanitarium and very much appreciated the nursing that she received there she was taken back to Chicago for a surgery I don't know why they opted to have Chicago surgeons that Doctor Kellogg was a very skilled surgeon but for whatever reason she went back to Chicago in the surgery she insisted on a Battle Creek nurse accompanying her surgery was not successful and after as she was dying she made her father promise that he would put them to put up the money to bring a Battle Creek nurse a sanitary nurse to Chicago to work for the poor sap your deputy the father contacted Doctor God is and I promised my daughter we would have a signature in your study working for the Port Chicago and I mean to see that happen centimeters he kept after him kept after him kept after him finally Senator Stoner she began working with the poor in the city of Chicago Kellogg also started was always a Christian help bands he first floated the idea as I can tell in eighteen ninety two February nineteen ninety two and a rollup the whole plan for what came to be known as a Christian help bands it wasn't until early November any rental trial program with one small book that was how Basil topic and will do more later but basically they were just a kind of informal think of helping people go on enabling firefighters amid a bit hungry fighter as a kid walking to school in the seventies and jacket jackets in the freezer definitely school for the SMB sick and can't afford a nursing home or soon healthcare was a little different in those days you could do a lot more in the home you can do a lot more with community nursing then you probably can easily today because legislation stressing that was the end that was think the Christian help me in the Christian help answer is the one aspect of Doctor Kellogg humanitarian work that I have never yet found Ellen White to record a single item of criticism against other issues yes there were problems with but then again but never found a a distinct specific criticism of the Christian help bands they started out in early November of the eighteen eighty Julie formed Christian help man number one at the Battle Creek sanitarium consisted of ten people one later night helpers and letting other out of a relic etiquette categorizations of who was whatnot and they are they starting to think within a few months they had noticed sixteen Christian help bands going was about a hundred and forty people standing on average between six to twelve hours a week for individual out in the community around Battle Creek helping people everything from maybe dressing us are at all as important as dinosaurs legged diabetic situation something like that taking people for helping people find work whatever let's read practical splitting wood for little old ladies believes things like that that's medical missionary work in a broad sense very important it's very effective in opening doors for the people so that's what was going on I deliver twenty two this present world situation and beverage weight uses the LAS commented allowing for the thirty dollars already begun in the revelation of the righteousness of Christ is published in the review came so that sitting in a region manager keep these things in which they may or finance starts a new money comes into the orphanage in late spring early summer of ninety two they question how can I be the visiting nurses starts in life may be February March of ninety two the health and started at least the ideas floated I found one one we produce we typed article that appears to be from calendar never been able to find an original four hundred three typing speed in February it was originated to what he comes the idea of the Christian help as the real beginning and it was actually as on November fourth was a teenager all these humanitarian medical missionary type things happening in eighteen ninety two November twenty two allow Christ's begun February eighteen ninety three general conferences generously seven March seventy ten it's a misunderstood your conference session held at Battle Creek Eldredge enjoys visits a twenty four part series of studies on the third Angels message which goes from start to finish of the session you read those at the hands of the third Angels message great series of articles pictures of a certain something goes all the way through the message the new this time then in time Doctor Kellogg presents a series of eight talks a medical missionary work between February five and fifteen game so there's being a general conversation if you wanted to go find a locale setting as possible you'll looking any budding historians are ready for the record of their private sessions general conference bulletin what a great idea if you go the General conference bulletin eighty ninety three you'll find exactly one reference to visit from the very first page of the first issue of the donated outcomes both as an octagon will present a series of medical mission work they are not reported at all pressing a year and a half ago going through papers that were bequeathed to me by a little old lady who died years before it left him with somebody else when also diving about having a look at them and eventually they miraculously ended up in my possession I'm going to this lesson I find there is a service type Kellogg February eighteen ninety three I knew it had to be the general conversation but it's not easy being that digital possible and what's going on this I never seen these in my life this is fascinating stuff so where did this come from learning this little lady get hold of this book turns out that they were printed in this publication the medical missionary now in unsolicited breakout extra number one again the medical missionary was a publication peanut Battle Creek but it was printed by these and save your notices later an experiment in good health publishing company that words can't does Kellogg's on publishing and this is how amazing talents paper again and it began with a fascinating preambles to speak that this was says this accident is run a front-page this extra number the medical missionary and I'm not arrested number and I've never seen number two I don't even know was never printed I would love to get my little fingers on the other items on it yet he and another fashionable as well as exceeding comprise an abstract of the addresses pertaining to medical mission were delivered at the legs we would say recent Symbian 's general conference and the Institute preceding it together with the business affect the essential resource in the national Camp Association unitization is simply advanced medical missionary Association okay fine so basically what I've said so far is that the medical missionary magazine is publishing this stuff good little more explanation goes on to say this number the answer is made off except when otherwise stated in addresses delivered before the incident the General conference by Doctor John are talented to be further stated that these extra numbers I wish it will be sent to all subscribers the general Congress bulletin which should have contained the same matter him this phase the publication of the bulletin having been exhausted the publication of the report of meetings and other matters pertaining to medical mission work and the minimum work was undertaken by the medical missionary now we cannot go into the whole story but that explanation is utterly nonsensical of course it doesn't make sense to say that their funds were exhausted the medical and age I was born that year was published in twenty six installments Doctor Charles first and first sermon went and reported in the sixth paper if you tell me that they had an accountant who was so sharp you look at it a lot wants our own kind maybe I'm wrong on the twenty one of these things but I don't know when we can stand budget is coming out of England Doctor Kellogg says I don't think that is a editorial decision and is not hard to understand because it evacuated General conference bulletin eighteen ninety one Doctor Callaghan said some things that were not wrinkled imagery of a lot of people in south Africa is fascinating when you get to know these people a little bit okay there were ministers of get not like and eventually John returned the favor and you learn to hate the advertisements will see that as we go along someone simply decided that that's the way it was going to be so what did Shaw say in a connecting of reminiscent like to monster a half months after Ellen White's statement about the loud cry having begun if I get about a general conversation after the profits of the loud cry has begun and is a bit like normal and really if I felt like this is pretty exciting stuff the last begun to be a little buzz in the air okay what did Shaw have to say but he talked about good works interesting included a bunch of Bible but is rather rapidly sorry to have trouble with my rapidfire but empirical him those who are written this resonates not to be hot enough to trust in uncertain riches but in the living God who gives us richly all things and to let you that what is good maybe maybe we can go in works I need again willing to share storing evidence of the good foundation for the time to come the day mainly hold on eternal life the man of God may be complete thoroughly equipped for every good work when it works but the Bible talking those that believe in God should be careful to maintain good works and let our people also learn to maintain good works to meet urgent needs with burgeoning that they may not be unfruitful that he might redeem us from every lawless deed and purify himself his own special people as class for networks Kellogg said in first Corinthians eleven one Paul exhorts us be followers of me even as I also am of Christ code Peter tells us a left us an example that you should follow these steps next ten thirty eight Peter tells us that Christ went about doing good it is evident Dennis is going on it is evident than that if we are Christ's servants if we follow Christ we must also go about doing good we're not to wait for the opportunities for doing good come on us but we must go about doing good seeking opportunities to do good without the need to bless and comfort the silent uplift the fallen we must search them should not wait for them to hunt and last action by their appeals we are not to be narrow in our charities for Paul says to us in Galatians letter still good I it is truly adds a special end of them who are of the house so that they him as he is doing good to those who are not of the household of faith present all men and certainly we cannot hide behind this apology from the have-nots been good even to those belonging to the household was talking about darkness there for years and years women well able to furnish a home for the aged infirm the homeless for poorer widows worn-out ministers and children's helpless children members of our denomination old pioneers in the cause of evil and their property are the days when the work was just beginning to the truths which we profess is letting up on all the earnings of the cause instead of hoarding up a competency for themselves all these worthy and deserving ones who appeal to us on fraternal as well as on humanitarian grounds we had neglected in a manner which has become a denominational disgrace upon what my job was embarrassed by his nomination basically the church seem to think that health reform medical missionary work and anything else associated with Doctor Kellogg was at best off on tangents in place it in optional feature that some people might be interested but how long will these were things that God was calling his people to do and he was extremely with being ignored what could he say what could he do well he was in evidence may be according a win would help very minus eighteen eighty two our life in Australia but the problem now is mentioned that because I'm a of a lot what was is that it shall appear is I'm quoting Kellogg and he's going on white I put Ellen White's Inn in her words and register help you keep a straight face of the all is going on without this is going on here is as we seen the widowed mother and her father was teleworking far beyond her strength in order to keep her little ones Mister Burnett and suffering for food and clothing mania mother is thus die from over exertion says a mother let the true instincts and self-respect will not go from door-to-door begging she will suffer rather than complain and because people did not complain because I don't clamor for assistance when you stop to think that they may be suffering we seldom inquire after the how little has been done by us as a people for this class please he says think of that this was an truly perfect I just led us into the music do you knows it will definitely haven't done anything yet well for us it's been twenty years this was seventeen years or how little has been done by us as a people for this quest from my phone out and others have we not come far short of our duty we are not doing as much as is done by other denominations calluses now I don't say this the Lord says we set ourselves up on a high pinnacle and say we are God 's special people of our causes alarm because we talk about ourselves as they lead peculiar people and we're not getting as much Christian work in Christian work of a very important characters other denominations are doing again out why it is right that more should be expected of us that all others the Bible teaches us the same thing that we have to be doing more than you are doing less now can we expect the loud cry to begin what we are so neglectful of the meeting around us we may imagine the Lord is going to miracles what so he will not we expected the loud cry will begin until we deal with the Lord wants us to do one half months before Allen Wyden said tried again what you make of this visit in the audience Kellogg frosted align their and the reaction was fairly swift a voice from the audience will that the Kellogg we have to be able to show that we are doing what the Lord says should be done first it has to be done then we shall see this work to the Lord tell this must be done begin right away at the methods charitable thing I was pretty classic knows God what was he supposed to say it seems he was aware the awkwardness of his position but the Bible is clear he came back to the question a while later skipping over much stuff you speaking of the more humanitarian side of Christian service he said now the question is whether Seventh-day Adventists are going to be this work wasn't going to left for someone else to do the Lord has given us your very precious work to do is not the whole of the third Angels message but it is a part of it you read in Isaiah fifty eight how we can make our light shine in you draw out your soul to the hungry and satisfy the afflicted soul then cellulite rise and security in your darkness because the noon day this was a Kellogg's first mention I've skipped over a bunch of stuff were already up in the top number for this is his first mention of Isaiah fifty eight and he hammers the point home this is only one allowed Friday and that is the place where it is going to begin the lounge is going to begin with our doing the things of the Lord in this chapter Isaiah fifty eight says come before I'm allowed so he says it must drive her soul the hungry and satisfy the afflicted so he says it will do this our light shall shine as might be imagined some in the congregation joined the bitterness question don't you think aloud try has commenced answer up to I don't know I am presenting the subject the medical mission work from my standpoint there is everything to indicate the Lord is anxious to have a lot of tried to get it somebody says these things are fertilized and fifty eight must first be done and some other things of been done in this direction have been done by other people not playoffs of the other people he's talking about would be believed even thirty thousand dollars the father who funded the visiting nurses program so now become a basic question to Doctor Kellogg believes their proxy or not anyhow I said to have monthly forelock trying to get some business don't you believe it sorry commences I don't know till I was confused now the testimony of everyone who knew him at that time was that he was an ardent believer in the spirit of prophecy you can find accounts from out numerous sources about how odd when I attempted to do that's an irrational in the in the cafeteria at the sanitary again will they climb on top of the table him with a letter that he received from LOI for illustrating a reset with tears in his eyes and while one thing we haven't got is given his life so he says I don't know it's not if you didn't believe knowing a years later yes it throughout a bus down well okay time goes on Brother Jones may be right in thinking that the time has come to the loud cry to begin but it's a loud cry has been begun by our people it must be because we have just begun to do a little more way of letting our light shine we redone so little in that way this seems to me that before Allawi will make any great noise in the world let our light shine a great deal brighter than ever have yet done because the works come first the light must shine through these good works before we can be called the repairers of the breach in the restorer has the dwelling for that promise comes after all these conditions is right revisited fifty this is where testimony over thirty years ago saying that we as a people were to rise higher and higher in this kind of working all record evidence but it does not appear from customers receive a different time since that one was given that we have risen perceptibly from that time until now a period of thirty years over thirty years how is allowed try going to be given through us in a large part of the denomination are thirty years behind time and sounding a note altogether out of tune we must do the work which the Lord has told us to doodle and which we have left undone we must do our relation our duty in relation to health principles of benevolence in connection with other questions we must heed except the whole truth before we can expect the Lord sound the loud cry through us well that's what Kellett angriest morning the actual target is a nineteen ninety three on a backup is living here and do some analysis way we look at this passage already but notice the highlighted portion there is the lounge I has been begun by our people it must be because we have just begun to do a little in the way of letting our light shine this is as close as Doctor Kellogg came to getting a handle on the question of restraint that the problem here is until I can envision what the Lord was calling God 's people to do a medical missionary work read Isaiah fifty hello there it really but he confused what was needed for the finishing of the loud cry with what was required for the starting did befall them submit a sense fiasco Santa Barbara one they are repeat that God will ensure she said I'm doing Isaiah fifty eight health allowed try these sound in the irony of it is that in the last year and will and its last twelve months he himself had been involved in starting all these other things they are finished the visiting nurses program David Christian help or if you came close he said yes and this big John is because we had just begun to do a little in the way of letting our light shine on studies title of my premise areas my premise right now is that Kellogg was on something right here with a loud cry no one comments on eighteen ninety two over at Lisa apart obvious genesis it's beginning or at least a part of it to the medical missionary work and now maybe totally new thought to you maybe you thinking while it has to be something in Galatians and placed Leslie Jones was worth writing about so now if you are not sold yet okay but hear me out going to try and sell you I hate it and I think I will reputation for sometimes being a little proud and taking a lot of credit to himself completely discounted the work agreement gave the last year he never really saw the scene there's no evidence of your low-density or maybe maybe just maybe with Ashley got start of a car well this explanation only makes sense if medical missionary work is actually an integral part and the requirement of the loud cry again it's been like a little late on the hood on the car as a slave in their lap is a divine doesn't make the car stopped okay Jan allowed final form without medical missionary work and he can do it without permission and you don't need medical attention but it takes medical missionary work there has to look at only same time it just is just upon us with a loud cry of the third Angels already begun the revelation of the righteous is a crisis inviting redeemer this is the beginning of the lights of the Angels glory shall fill the whole earth known on this one word watch does that word imply demonstration in demonstrating you do not reveal the righteousness of Christ solely in a sermon you proclaim the righteous in Christ there is a difference between proclamation and demonstration and my mind revelation wings closer together three revelation is maybe the whole have to just put that way it means this proclamation a demonstration together notice only didn't say the proclamation of Israel on those parallel the glory shall fill the whole earth businesses this is the glory of our pride of the third Angels message that while trying to open the last business we shall see the medical missionary work broadening and deepening every point it's progress until the whole earth is covered as the waters cover the sea fill the holders in a parallel thought about this japonicus this year the Leninism is in college as I want to tell you that when the gospel ministers in the medical mission orders are not united there are churches the worst evil that can be placed in a worst and grammarians what kind of word is worst it is a superlative it's as far as you can go the only thing worse than worst his worst dressed and this prevents the worst evil though a worse evil is placed on the churches when the medical work in the Mister and Ms. Taylor are not united way in the orthodontist now scot-free and health and fitness centers against labradors zero doctors I guess they got okay related letter of really worsening which is really serious about this is maybe a little hyperbole or exaggeration just wanted to make a point you think now she hardly ever uses pressure is a literary technique at all I was given zero okay one I see them to be in danger on the time here stimulus on us as our medical missions are speeders in the work of a partisan outcomes were exactly as much it is the work of a medical missionaries there's another linked all man than me and have trouble witnessing when it is understood introduction jump right to the fax you follow me on this I trust Jesus and my father are one he's supporting his Messiah should be Seo I I my I my father and I are one of getting noticed that he was not bluffing I was issued a something the next verse tells us the setting is in the juice out of stone to get Estonian accusations they made it worse I shudder my father but which of these worst is still needed using is insane for a good work with your story but for blasphemy because you being a man because of God Jesus asked if I do not do the works of my father not leaving the point here is that over and over again when Jesus Messiah ship was challenged his final appeal was always look on my works will know what I'm doing a father does no case if I don't get what the father does okay you're going to the father 's given me to finish the very works that I do bear witness of me that the father has sent me the concept here is that the similarity of a person 's words the words of his or her father is evidence of that relationship that has both positive and a negative think Jesus answered the Jews he says I speak what I have seen with my father and you knew what you observe your father bathrooms and a long hauler is evident if you were Abrahams children you would do the works of Abraham and in a few verses later just as your father the devil and the desires of your father you must give the link between oneness the father 's works at the evidence John fourteen you don't believe that I am in the father and the father in me the words that I speak you I do not speak of my own authority but the father dwells in me does the works believe me that I'm the father the father in the world believe me for the sake of the works themselves towards the top in order to disperse I used to think okay let's see raising Lazarus from the dead that's pretty impressive walking on water now yeah that's that's cool feeding five thousand people that I know those those obvious miraculous things the things that showed off his divinity his miracle working power those less minorities talking about real is delivered to find the works is talking an interesting circuit does like this in Luke chapter seven and John calling two of his disciples James intended using our use becoming one of the Messiah John the Baptist is the prophets his personality doesn't understand visitors as a related aside and come to Jesus they said John the Baptist is a you want and that very hour Jesus cured many of infirmities afflictions and evil spirits to be blind he gave sank Jesus answered and said that the LaSalle John the things you've seen and heard the blind see the lame walk lepers are cleansed the deaf hear the dead are raised for the present and blessed is he was not offended because John asked are you GSS hotel window hotel in my works the evidence of Christ divinity was seen in its adaptation to the needs of suffering humanity is Velarde was shown in his condescension to our low estate the principal of John the Baptist 's own life of self abnegation was what size King John was stunned it had never ever upturned hand of the Messiah would come in humility humility is learned by nasty little without the desert is no exhibit the locusts were not grasshoppers site is your information okay John you know anyone who called to do with it in the silent saying he wasn't in I find it fascinating to me just exactly the opposite it's like the first is was patient and people spit in his face upon his bearing he takes and call the Senate will you spend me understand the person about wrong utterly wrong completely and utterly wrong Jesus never said okay and I'm pleased those the six categories of good works are the specific evidence of my mustache if that's what he was answering away I cannot too strongly urge all our church member to all commissioners all the deserting is not on trial in the Senate to consider the message of the fiftieth chapter of Isaiah that worked on the NASA science doing nice things to be the work of beneficence enjoyed this chapter is the work that God requires people to do this time is aware of his own appointment we are not left in doubt as to whether the message applies the time of microfilm and fully read in Isaiah fifty eight then it shall be and they shall build the always presidential race of the foundations of many generations not so because the repairs of bridges are passable five Memorial the seventh day Sabbath the sign of his work in creating the world has been displaced by Madison God 's people especially in repairing the region 's domain is locked in the near post and the more urgent this work becomes okay this is why is this all to the VeriSign by keeping his commandments we know that they are they restart the past the dwelling velocity and often whenever the status of doing that was on my leg and the like then shut the night like thyself and the more mellow copyright of online place in the good blood blood were all cool with that the statement continues the next word if the house was when the therefore because of the logical conclusion is a lot of a conclusion about that thus genuine medical mission work is bound up inseparably with the keeping of God 's commandment Sabbath is especially mentioned since it is a great Memorial God Street with its observance out on the work of restoring the moral image of God and man this is when this was not able to carry farthest on this ministry write a performable bring rich blessings to the church and nervousness was a great thing we cannot keep the Sabbath holy unless we serve the Lord in the manner brought to viewing the Scripture is not this the fast that I've chosen she goes on quotes last sentence on the bottom this is the word to rest upon every soul looks at the service of Christ I think that's you and me Isaiah fifty eight nineteen oh two Senator Hamburg on February review halberd on December language missing comment she explicitly said the Lord signified his displeasure by permitting the present abilities of these institutions be destroyed by fire chiefs pointed to a number different specific in the problems and the other was a publishing of infidel works in the studies of problems on to play nothing but there is a statement she made in a more general statement she says this notwithstanding the plain evidence of the Lord 's providence in these instructive fires some I have not hesitated to make light of the statement there laughing the same in the days building to burn because men had been slain things and directions the Lord could not approve men have been departing from the principles for the promulgation of which these institutions were established they are failed in doing the very work the God ordained to be done to prepare people to build the old ways places in the span of the breach is representative the objective is a investment of the work we are to do is clearly defined as being medical missionary work this work is good and in all places is not this the fast that I just why don't you learn it wondering at the fifteenth that's still a serious issue it also the concept of conditional prophecy rang praise the Lord for conditional processing here's one I hope I never see fulfill the word was spoken God will cleanse and purify his temple in his displeasure in the visions of the night I saw sort of fire hung out over Battle Creek brethren God is interested with us I want to tell you the death after the warning is given as easily as more people go right on just as they had done the best exalting himself God will take the bodies next just as surely as he lives you will speak them in language that they cannot fail to understand that conditional I hope I never see it but this is serious stuff one more quick parallel Isaiah fifty eight happens to run perfectly parallel with another famous passage of Adventists sometimes talk about cry aloud spare not lift up your voice tell my people beginning words in Isaiah fifty eight to the angel of the church latest CRM has a message to the church but I think I tell my ways they delight in approaching God but they faster stifle debate and strike with an estimate as you are faceting in this data make your voice heard on high Laodicea thinks I am rich and increasing goods to become wealthy have need of nothing you are neither cold nor hot do not know that you are wretched miserable poor blind and naked is a large diagnosis is a prescription the fast that I choose loose the bonds under the heavy burden of interest over a blanket video sharing up in your house to house the poor were cast out by goal white garments eyes be zealous and repent what is the goal will be remembered for proxy defined in faith and love and which takes a predominance love and the result is then your light shall break forth healing righteousness shall go before you boilers of the inverter license that has little guy he's thinking about right I is the earth I will come in and dine with him I will grant him as it was now my door last overcame set out my father on his throne is actually a link to Isaiah fifty eight and Laodicea and there's a link between Isaiah fifty eight and righteousness by faith or eighteen eighty eight Minneapolis you might think that it would be a link between righteous by faith and legacy make them a sense that the triangle in on them some thing like this maybe since the time of the Minneapolis meeting has seen the state of lawyers and churches never before is some snippets as a toner things are going to run pretty quickly going to the left is starting to give the fifteenth chapter of Isaiah be studied wonderful would be the result of ministers and church members would be converted and adopt Christ's manner of witnessing the power of the Lord what is Isaiah fifty Christ's manner of witnessing the power of the Lord be converted good thing what a wonderful the ministers and church members would be converted and uneventful is a little problem some change why do we have to do it his way out of a young overstatement why do we have to do it his way Christ method alone will get your success in reaching the people the Savior mingled of this man is one who designed it but he showed his sympathy for the minister to the needs and one of confidence and he made them follow me Christ's method allow is the sign of our discipleship if the analyst to be given in the world of his Messiah ship says that John fourteen hour use of Christ method alone I am repeating myself Christ's method alone I think if he is a true was it for acceptable Sabbath observance medicine would keep the Sabbath holy mostly carry out the Scripture it is also quoting the work that God requires his people to do with this time all hundred years ago anyhow was guessing it hasn't changed in one last thing the work of the great teacher did in connection with his disciples is the hello we are to follow it is only on the ways is only playing unselfish interest in those in need of help that we can get I tracked a call jam non- estranged and the truth of the gospel again to that Mister Nokia next to be fun to try but I can't like a challenge my chosen one here's how to find a challenge take something advances can be done and spend rescue I try to do it as a challenge when you want when we had a chance of success if I wanted to challenge causes a lot of things are impossible pages it we spent a lot of time trying to do something to God etc. both the Lord will give you success in his words of the gospel is the power of God in salvation when it is interwoven with practical life when it is lived and practiced last reunion of Christ like one for the body and Christlike work for the sole is the what is the grammatically the definite article is not in a is not a Hannah in the main is one only one true interpretation of the Gospel what is a demonstration of the holy spirit is trying to work in the church that needs to be done before the city can happen before the end what is the demonstration I submit to you that somehow her thankless and related medical mission and will pick up the error you are in a father I ask your blessing and I think patients missing the long available to sell and assist only a a business is reporting I found you and you are seeing in UIC supporting Seventh-day Adventist seems a bit and he and I and I sent them there is a downloader does other resources visit us online at UNC when a through your and I


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