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Eric Walsh

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  • November 4, 2006
    10:00 AM
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I was out of the room on a breather opening text message was sent back to Doctor accepted sixteen study over sixteen at sixteen verse sixteen the Scripture says and it came to pass as we went to prayer a certain damsel possessed with a spirit of divination let us was brought her masters much gain by soothsaying the same followed Paul and us and cried saying these men are the servants of the most high God would show unto us the way of salvation and Vichy did many days with Paul being dreamed turned and said to the spirit I command thee in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her and he came out the same hour and what our Masters saw that the whole of their games was gong they call Paul and Silas Andrew them into the marketplace unto the rulers sermon sermon this morning is entitled the high price of holiness the high price of holiness let us pray father God we thank you Lord for bringing us together in this place thank you Lord for your word in your truth we asked about more than I would just be made available on the wall rust deals are real nail on hammered in by the Holy Spirit that upon available in oxygen a portrait of Jesus Christ so there more awesome order the more we hear a message from the throne room of God is our prayer in Jesus 's name and then many times it's happened to me that while I will preaching there were people who been seemingly exuberant in the audience now I come from churches where people respond call and response the part of the black liturgy of church services so it of itself that is not normal but we preach and someone shouts a man are or are you preach on brother or whatever they might say they're been times when the response has been so overwhelming by one particular individual that is distracting I remember this year and browse in Birmingham Alabama preaching at the one oldest and largest black Adventist churches in the South the mangers in Birmingham of the church and there was a woman to my left just kept shouting stuff I mean beyond a man beyond Honolulu as you said nobody of my pastor is your mother breaches the amount was a little uncomfortable around to help is appreciated this woman is going to walk on about a year and she went on it all on and finally I stopped my sermon surpluses the legal model board to speak because they will both regions are hers is horrible disjointed statements and so she's not the most part if you wanted to more out discuss and recommend at the church I got a letter that I learned that my seminar in evening from a church member who complained that I had built too harshly with will influence in the last couple years and I have no place to tell this woman house you should respond to the Holy Spirit is okay and as I was flying back to California about my laptop and type of very long letter back to the church and that is individual who decided to remain anonymous acceptance evidently someone would gone over would not meet with a bottle as well so I went along with her and I used to defend my stances this will protect our users say that just because people are saying Christian things does not mean that it is the spirit of God moving on just because the words might be accurate in her words in my opinion or even good words to be being said because he was focusing on me not overwork not on top pounding thing so I I I start I message this morning that way because I never heard back from anybody looking with a well-written text is exactly what I meant the devil is a master disturber in Oldham God has gained momentum and am a big sports fans I know about momentum you know a basketball of the login can change drastically with one hole one third of the whole game can change the mood can swing the momentum going the opposite way and one team that was clobbered the other team can then become the one being clobbered the same thing in the spiritual realm the devil is always looking in our lives at opportunities to change our spiritual momentum and one of the ways you learn to do that if any of the learning becomes that you FTP is the enemy of marbles up and you often become more spiritual what the devil is learned is that the business it is disturbances the disturbances in the law of Christian rhetoric and wording so that when he comes back to your blog is down and you take his all momentum changing the start of this after they come from all so that he can distract you and mislead you and so I have as I was briefing there is woman did I get I don't really mind with any man actually refer to know to the audience of the line weight but this is getting to the point of being ridiculous and that was not the spirit of God it happened to me many times actually I continue stories and waste treatment around the world are moving in Jamaica on a lady coming out of the darkness of the of the wooded area near an fringe of Jamaica and walking out in front of him walking out your full service on region one slides and everything crusade evangelism and in this woman walked out right in front of pulled right in the middle of the service after the magazine writing about the making of the video images on the ball will be a and so this was a real woman and you know that my sermon at night was entitled these dummies and demons Duffy is the Jamaican pot work for ghosts follows on about spiritualism and I wasn't Raven on Ovi and Louisiana have no power God is all-powerful now in tomato have everything we were integrated and have sound ordinances of a loudspeaker the competent people would come out of their houses and their pajamas when I made altar calls the greatest sermon so far away so and it worked well and lessor was nice as we do it with somebody probably want to sleep but him is lamenting that I remember the same principle but this is a distraction the way it was done however was done it was a distraction remembered reading a company may us standing up in the audience and tell and and and and and and arguing my sermon and in the middle of what was preaching and again was the same spirit in the all Christianity someone will challenge or come against why so that the appeal that the process of calling people to God would be watered down or it would be distracted now because it's obvious when it's like that so I set that up so that you can see that it's obvious Paul and Silas work they were doing a good work read a Marine what she was saying again a certain damsel of the spirit of divination were sixteen minutes session with someone who predict the future and made her master 's money this is a this is true demonic power which of the supernatural again by Roger Renaud that if you read it that the power to cast demons for when he lived even worse we asked the power to predict the horses anyway so what's what it is in the book Brendan of videos he tells that eventually got kicked out of some betting houses in an intimate France Canada because he was learning so much the demons ebbing abilities not so much in my opinion to tell you the future but they are very wise and can analyze what is most likely to happen and of course the devil can predict what he can then make happen and then the devil can take the horse to win and thought that was the way because God is into horse racing flat I would never gamble on sports drama will the side of double might really be on the inside so he was able to do that so this this is not that she was just a lucky person or something Cheech and a spirit in her within the work in her and the English saw that Paul's preaching was a threat to his visitors are anti-Christian anti- biblical influence that he was having on the area and the people in our oval money and over the power to define the future and so he did not want Paul to come in and messed up but in the why will the demon came out and said these are the enemy is our enemy they are God reason destroyed and that somehow people would probably side with all so instead woman says October seventeen to follow instead these men on the servants of the most high God which shall the way of salvation through exactly what they were trying to do yet always is going on with more after many days Paul being green he was present when he waded out into a hapless urban Birmingham I try hard not to say anything about it eventually turned and said to the spirit even speak to the woman he said that the spirit I command in the name of Jesus Christ to come over and he came out the same hour powerful as he is saying arriving under the compulsion of the enemy will be spoken but they don't come from a converted heart they don't come from the Holy Spirit was correct but they are coming literally coming on the enemy and fast-forward artwork done by the high price of holiness was solitary that the same principle I believe it being used the same efforts are being exerted against the Church of God in the last days I believe that when we look at some of what we call mountable contemporary Christian music and and and and recent gospel music I believe that a lot of the function under the same type of spirit that I know this let's say that probably be stoned and ran out of air well that's fine with them pretty quick on my feet and run but I want to submit to you that just because the artist claims to be Christian just recall in the last in the so what is contemporary Christian music on what is the title of the Christian music I will submit to you that it does not necessarily mean that I did anything to do with its production I say that because we must be all more disheartening is simply accept anything the double throw that we must be following the signing of the favorite just recall someone says it from the pulpit means it's true we must remodel undiscerning we must know about your lifestyle and we must have by which we jogged and look at the things that are being thrown at us and I can give you examples last sentiment and Martin Harris is on friends and I please log up through the mazes so high but not so far away are dishonorably once maybe twice but on the first time and only real-time or dissolved with Apple the pastor of the college search PC World heard the mind the words of the song he call the station limit flattening of whatever ninety one living room Saturday night and told him to take the record on why it was a song that topic when you die to heaven and they become angels and you now can be mediated to rules angels you can talk to dead people and they will work on your behalf and have now I will admit my errors is very nice a very nice Christians on the doctor we would say nothing about but just because someone says they're Christian and makes the song doesn't make the songwriting assuming alert last night even of we are world written by Michael Ritchie and Michael Jackson now I don't know who confuse those two writers as Christian writers but the song the auto world was long in many churches many churches on the line in the song where it says what God has shown us by changing snow to ensure we make about it ages you and me while I had God turned to stone and the bread Jesus being God we would have no hope of salvation is nowhere to Guntersville specifically not in the story which is in the wilderness of temptation of these forty days fast that happen to be in trouble so who was speaking as well as all those that literally contradict the Bible to the tens of millions of peoples worldwide of learning and hearing all the units may call it it sounds benevolent just because it's positive just because it is even called Christian does not qualify as there must be the program and deeper tests that are applied when we accept something that we do not accept false doctrine false beliefs or even worth straight up-and-down heresy and biblical Christian doctrine when it is coming from a source that another motive now I can tell you that when Wade was manifested is the fact that now in many of our churches and I like to use my church is an example because I can speak about winter tournament progress report by stools with my own way below the leadership of the church and we try to fight to make them take the him the goodwill of the hymns of the church and brought in more modern styled music Sony music quite honestly was great music the song very talented musicians very talented singers was never the issue let me say that again enemies of his talent is not a done a spiritual gift I don't believe having talented and spiritual gifts of what people say all they can say God has gifted them while that of the McKinney said you say you wanted a probably more genetics and environment than anything else and so there are many of us who can say already been said and would never think of God and it always a magical gift in that respect as well just because they want talented doesn't mean that what was given limited by the spirit that would God give you actually is more the desire to mules whatever to have for his glory because what happens is we have taken the idea that someone can say what someone can play on someone can do whatever we elevated them often that they take a higher place up a central role in and they become all indissoluble was voted one of music director on one of Russia's leader and I will submit to you that that is a dangerous road to go down when you're dealing with people you because our status when I present the most dangerous place in church is the roster the most dangerous place to be in church is on a pair because here is where the devil wants to be the devil wants to be here the one of things he wanted to isolate anyone will start for Israel anyone will start before the congregation of God he was initially housed them in a zip because they influenced the church in many different ways now the schools and jobs in heaven the devil was very much as Lucifer he was very much the focus of what happened he was very much essential part of what happening he can sing without I think your last the pipes and in him you would like a musical instrument he was the chair of the company every precious stone descriptors that was covering went when the devil will come out of the presence of God in the Shekinah glory would still probably be reflecting off of those precious jewels and and the angel sometimes confused in our reflection of God like what God I thought it was also once when we were almost as powerful as an accolade than intranasally along what was somehow really got been fueled the fact that he was while sipping hot and I believe you while all this insert when you elevate one person to what did we push people want and what entertainment and singing and when will we talked about last night mediated through the Falmouth will begin that it is the people living in the mouth and special wound leotards can't go forward I am the Great Plains are as great a musician and all of a sudden that opinion is limited down so that I will have been doubled and begins the work in message with that person move on that person you begin to the person goals in their humble possible on the roof and pride and arrogance begins little how dare they do this to me how dare they say that in the inside observed rebellion just like in heaven begins that and of course once popularity becomes a thing once mainline becomes up into Cambridge and more if you don't preach and be popular the same time you're not going to be a good preacher the Bible Paul tells Timothy reprove rebuke with all long-suffering as a glimpse and I love the person but understand that you can stand before God 's people and say what needs to be said people of this service if you both order and don't do what needs to be said of the position is the same thing someone comes in and is smoking three packs of cigarettes a day where anyone ammonia enters the open is where I delimit this artist I don't at least worth a listen there we can help you quit smoking if you wanted to quit smoking I pray that you become ready with what will happen becomes what did you do that you will never look how I want talk to you again I'll never see you again I want to document and on about my smoking on my weight bull market on my or my drinking but that's good to hear you I to do that the same principle spiritually widely seen as a spiritually somebody got out of the all-out with out of Nablus and other limited testing of getting carried away but you may not be popular you may not be like the ones alike to the Los Angeles Times many Jeremiah many of the problems was stoned to death by Israel was going on in the record one story about of a prophet of God being killed by anybody but by God 's people the alternate of the stones of the Aleutian respect thing you bought not open your mouth and church Bible warns us of these people and be done with love wrong suffered more than Paul let her go on and on for days on my favorite turn around and start pointing fingers and become up on you noted that the KGB of the Adventist church hide and sneak it in on the cover the church is recording his services to come back and talk about how secular music is a celebration of music and I don't think we need to let that I would need to all we need to do was lift up a standard in some ways that we need to say why we believe what we believe we need is a bus saith the Lord here is what God says on the issue because the devil wants to be affirming he wants to have the space he hadn't had he wants to lead worship again asked why right now and are at an African-American juror that is not in the alike when the trend would you stress that most of the musicians and the singers are homosexual most of the homosexuals many of them open homosexuals are not very confident below before even removing the drug which is important dedicated we are concert and move and a guy with a broad missing a second out of Augusta not have a McDonald's in Europe as opposed in the lawless actual affect the high basically the government passionately based in our church would not have been the case in the aperture to the LS out of the wine world you have the guy in charge he propositioned one of my nephews friends click why would we listen because somehow we have under the idea that numbers are the test of spirituals success would come under the idea that the more people come to a church the more successful is we have not read the Scriptures because the script is really say the opposite the Scriptures say that Israel left Egypt and I were in the wilderness and were only eleven days in the promised land supplies was about twelve only to Québec were reported they can take away and Moses was so upset the people want to go back to Egypt God said it's okay and God called them to March around in the wilderness for forty years and so that all of that generation of sleeves with dial and only two people on the original marks of the promised land to a student named adult marks of the promised land select insert numbers because I have millions marched in if you wanted to write away the Bible says that the road that leads to destruction is why many only will rotate the destructive with the role of the need for eternal life in the narrow its strength and I says there are only a few now on that room I learned about numbers is not a lot of how many people had been brought in and out slowly charges off and I was off his desire is more concerned with the quality of the state and the quantity of a not learn about how many people we can say we are showing up is far more concerned with old shows up at him now the Sabbath was showing up on Monday and Tuesday at the job in showing up and in their neighborhood showing up for them in every day like Rousseau inoperable that was easy as the paternity was not the book on that was written are read by one of the emotions Donna Texas is about to get anonymous wrote this little church went to market redoubled you need to read a book the powerful book not by the will sounds like it is one reason this guy breaks down all of this seeker friendly stuff that we haven't churches now all of a sudden they pulled the neighborhoods of charges and asked him what is your favorite type of secular music that people send back in there the request and then the church changes their music so that when people come they can play the secular music to try and what would crawl that we believe may have Churchill was a lot of the time that was the day one of my principles the Saddleback Church believes what is our vector zero North County for the one Sunday after church they played up our car wash goals on song though the movie would mean that the car was working at a car while at the closing hymn just because it's packaged in Christianity physical they call themselves Christian the whole entire dark ages the entire fall from apostolic beliefs all Christianity Constantine did a great job in those worked with them and taking Christianity and paganism and blending them together and I tell you that happening again today when you hear about people calling themselves gospel gangsters holy hip-hop gospel gangsters immediately the gospel against the ignorant and I both know stated up as I get holding across middle just like the secular rap artists and bring them into large one on the front of our youth but you are still you are very wise of you know well the fatherless and that is a model of the living the real stuff while I was both a fake version of what I do have the real thing that's the problem with trying to take the church and water it down in a secular license other people will like it the problem becomes you eventually become a porch location of the real world again for submitting and it is as you see it happening all around you like Paul did you stop sometimes and you deal not necessarily with the people many don't know no better but in prayer we deal with the spirit behind we see it on his cavalier spirits that are not of God no reasonable challenging people we ought to come together as a group and call on the name of the Lord I submit to you that the demons are worried when the people of God begin to pray when we stopped to call for revival when we begin to invite the spirit of God and that is why Paul was able to stop on a dime as a follow spirit out of her and it came out that moment I submit to you that if we want to take time and pray for those that are we are often so printed hello we pray for them then they went to the spiritual discernment that you have them benevolently less concerned with being popular left and started with being like the more concerned with being holy holiness comes that I write because I like to understand football to be ridiculed how do I brought up the movement the color black Jim didn't only ones that also they were outplayed their normally rationalize what he would call us we were ridiculed you know anything we do a lot of movies I could talk about Star Wars and honest that my mother would never lasted long because I make up stuff are to be too easy but I know I do we were what vagaries of commercials but I learned that you don't follow growing up like that taught me that you follow the crowd and leads to destruction and to this day I do not follow crowd I don't care how big the crowd eager crowd what I want to know is that I'm in the house of the living God I want to know that when we come together that we come together with the right spirit to worship God but new people but never heard the name of Jesus when they comment they feel the spirit of entertainment not the spirit of all of secularism when they come in the house of God and fields of Spirit and presence of God that changes them the Bible says it is the love of Christ that can straighten us not the music University it is not available to get a B and a James up the drum line is that the movement when we go to preach now modified when the story of the ball and is upside down in that prison and they begin to sing hymns the spirit of God falls on the mental handle not the middle of the nope no fancy speakers is nothing when need praise God will clean heart even in persecution jails of this world are shaken to their foundation I submit to you that that's what we've got to do although we might feel like where it shouldn't change in my failure and chain and say New York imprisoned in difficulty who I be not give you upside your head I challenge you that you let your praise and you worship go up even greater when the trials of this world were coming down on you all the more they definitely limited they changed song service and the praise and worship and what I didn't by default when you think that in order to praise or worship God not to be together and had to be abandoned praise and worship happens of how you deal with people on the highway resource of happened like great people on your job how you interact with people in your real life you praise God you worship in my being is conduit on earth and then you need is a relationship with almost spirit when God can use you as his hand on earth with his world still does me Jesus wanted the music in this world God wants us to be in the last days is his hand his feet his words in the love manifested for the people can see the love of God in us


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