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The Road Less Traveled

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • November 8, 2006
    7:30 PM
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in addition and enjoying a prayer here last two days and look forward to the rest of the week God is doing a mighty thing we seven awesome somebody saying that we serve the Pentagon and even though we are humans and we are imperfect yet God loves us anyways and I love knowing that I serve a God who loves me love me even before I was born and ruling lovely throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity a little tonight as we talk on the subject the Road less traveled who first book of second Corinthians the twelfth chapter and I went to read verses seven through ten second Corinthians chapter twelve verses seven through ten Scripture says in second Corinthians twelve number seven unless I should be exalted above measure to the abundance of the revelations there was given to me a form in the flesh the messenger of Satan to buffet me lest I should be exalted above measure for this thing I'm a sophomore thrice that it might depart from me and he said unto me my grace is sufficient for the all my strength is made perfect in weakness most gladly therefore will I rather glorify in my infirmities of the power of Christ may rest upon me therefore I take pleasure in infirmities in reproaches in necessities in persecutions in distresses for Christ's sake for when I am weak then am I strong Christian life is a journey if we are going somewhere depending on the age in which you live you would need if you want to make the journey in our age of course we used automobiles if we can we look at it from a spiritual standpoint I submit to you that the gasoline that it would take to spiritually reach your destination is humility in order to get from what you are and who you are to where God wants you to be the fuel that will drive you there that will power you there the engine is humility and what I mean by that while what I mean is as well going through life you have forces working upon one of them is one that will always want to preserve your self with more than just preserve yourself in our society it will cause you to want to exalt yourself by nature human being like attention and this is why we are we were given parents and Edward Edward nurse in the way we are on the way that even our minds the votes that studies show that even an adolescent in my teenage years the human mind is still developing to the point where these even in the teenage years humans still need the guidance of all those who are older and wiser because at the end of the disgusting when your teenager would be kind of feel like you are invincible so God in his wisdom it was parenting it was church elders begin with our own drama Mystic to help the guy decided we wouldn't in thinking we are the center of the universe destroyed ourselves when I want you back into your requested date I was invincible to most part we did all kinds of crazy things that will look back on it I can't imagine how we even supply some of the fight that we got into on the basketball court sometimes I even being chased by people who had guns and so for that I look back on and I wonder how did we ever make it through an NFL look back on it I realized that God even begins to protect you before you wise enough to know to protect yourself but that's that I want to illustrate my point for tonight from an Old Testament stories over to flip back to the book of Judges the sixteenth chapter because I want to set the stage for what I think is one of them lost pieces of loss secrets I should say of Christianity to go back to the book of Judges and you find in judges the sixteenth chapter you'll find one of my favorite Bible stories coming to an end there was this great strong young man like most are many young men find was invincible we had superstrength even I grew up reading comic books until the preacher gained our church and preach against comic book form of an in vitro model weight on and I love this idea of people having supposed superstrength and super newbies of the heroes of sales and always I love sensibilities the one true superstrong superhero the world probably is under no sense it was powerful as an outback even in his role in the way he will develop dominated playing that Samson 's mother was not supposed to drink alcoholic before he was born set the stage for his liking he was not supposed to drink alcoholic booklets advertising grew stronger bigger swing more handsome Sampson had a problem Samson it turned out like women fall more than was the best and ironically he didn't like the women of the church for some reason the Samson the women of the above of the Philistines seem far more attractive than the women of Israel now I don't know maybe it is really good they didn't wear makeup or jewelry on later candles is more conservative so maybe he found a women of Israel more boring I don't know why Samson had this thing sometimes you know as is when you're growing up you can't have you pray sometimes what you know you're not supposed to have in our church is one of the lowest talk modified to solidify young women seem to want to get with the guys who are the most trouble they may have a call in a complex but one of logging on as well you'd better not talk to be young enough to know what in the world you want with this boy EEE utilities he flunked out of every high school in the inland Empire what possibly do you think he's going to do for you is these are covered in metal and a dentist didn't put the metal layer 's breath smells like a bath of water is available what would you want this young man for the FBI give the wealthiest you like a change in ending this compass and just make its equipment and of course later known down the road at all places are clouded Eagles removed June five two -year-old every file name in the book Samson had that kind of an issue he liked out that there is a Christian God designed men delight women fundamentally nothing in this day and age I think that I am mentally like women are run across so many nowadays adult but Samson was dealing with some serious issues O'Leary is strong able to take the job will will and shall hold the list on the details of lots as the government burned down or crossing the ornament again all of the wall of the city even with the posted walk up to the top of a human plunging into the radio he was a strong strong young man would be ability to literally deliver Israel from her enemies single-handed now let us make you begin getting old depth of the story BC because absent really represents the fact that he had the ability to do it when it converted to our situation he could preach the gospel with the kind of power with souls would give their lives to the Lord you have the kind of volatility 's annual does the traveling out of fighting old Israel any sign people wanted to come weeping crying and pour out there hard to give their lives to Jesus he was given talent at a special gifts everywhere that when you appropriately it benefited the kingdom of God can move forward the people of God yet Samson did not get it why because Sampson was average in a terrible combination he was arrogant and special the Bible shows us what happens this afternoon again as little secrets opening a lot of people realize what happens in the story Samson Kennedy goes here you find a Harley that he joined himself to a woman by the name of the Bible which means the Siebert she was a prostitute Samson falls in love with her so if you look at what was not at around verse fifty unique and and and at this point on the Philistines have come to stand up to the line and said they would pay eleven thousand pieces over each if she would find out Samson 's weakness and they can destroy sent now why would you associate it is the one to say that she was on again she wanted to get fast enough because this would give our riches the rest of her life as if the athlete is easy to analyze her a few times the Bible says is a three family life to her which tells me that there was something about to happen when you really wanted her to know a secret and knew what the consequences would be and I was sometimes as Christians we give up we greatly almost voluntarily turn over our spiritual strength if you get tired of him of being the book that the preacher gets hot of witnessing you get tired of trying to Bible study sometimes you commit spiritual suicide you get up to the enemy and it looks like an accident like in the story but sometimes you looking for a way out and let him met many Christians like Samson is looking for an excuse to no longer be God 's man or God about a lot of open open so that everybody that came had to take a singing audition before he got to the school literally anybody open her mouth to sing and it was like angels announced by the only guy to producing amino girls said they would never sing in front of anyone open it when they say there is not one recording artist to date not one I can compare to the voice of the young ladies and yet they want to play this thing in front of crowds of one of my favorite people that I like to hear sing well that is a famous and Osman was grinding the popular singer and I will never forget of the oldest order to get out and hope Brian came with a Y one of first Friday night at Oakwood and he was singing an old commission 's long-running back to you I see you standing definitely wrong to open wide it is singing about coming back how many young people including myself will give their lives to Jesus because of how he sang the song yet like Samson it was he was happy to sign the contract but a secular music deal that he finally signed so he can get out of the position of having to be gods man Sampson figured out in verse fifteen if you set up in Pakistan say I love it when that heart is not with me I'll has marked weakness of these three times and has told me that not only were in fact restrained life I was no young people be careful when someone when you're on your love for them is dependent on what you do for the especially when what you do for them goes against God 's will open up boys that if you love you do this young lady and what he's asking you to do is not the not line up with God 's work is because he like Delilah is the deceiver and he is working for the enemy you know that you or I or any situation you can become the very mouse piece of the enemy and you have these young men would rip seductive words trying to digital to convince young ladies of how beautifully awesome you can get with them and it's almost as if the enemy gives them words to speak young women be careful but we slotted into sin though I was trying to flatter sensitive dissonance become and it came to pass into Preston Billy with her words and I am so the soul was next on the day he told her all his heart and set out to her that I have not razor online head while getting NASA right on the dot my mother 's womb if I'm shaven that my strength will go through me and I shall become weak and be like any other man and when Delilah saw that he had told her on his heart she said the board of the Philistines they come up this once or you shall be always hard in the Lord of the Philistines came up under and brought money and she made him sleep on her knees I would submit to you that as a Christian you better be careful sometimes we lay our heads in the lab of our sometimes as Christians we put our trust off on very all processes are my and be placed in the lab of those who seek to do was the most damage and it is invisible always it I'm not just talking about relationships out was watching only night set up moving my friends around my office at the house and doing stuff and turn on the TV in the other room to listen what I was doing this and on that one o'clock in the morning of sol Oprah Winfrey show from what it originals and wheat was only then that Washington was being interviewed I thought was interesting of the Washington size of a religion depends out of my life bins out as a Washington said something that will meet away Oprah Winfrey asked him about talk about having a lapse in the hands of our enemies Oprah Winfrey asked Denzil Washington how is it that in the movie glory which is one of the classic movies and get on the civil law war on United States always interesting we work with these played a part of the swing with and use of the entrance of the warping and just wanted to hear roll down your face and how did you do that that was a masterpiece of of of of acting how can you look done that then someone said something Shelby we often put our trust in the wrong people and in the wrong things he said he got on his knees and prayed a civil Nintendo praise to get out of my bathroom amenities on market Christian Savino was in the name of Jesus is sitting down on his knees and prayed I assume means that he prayed to God asking for strength no he said she actually said you always have the money the brazen oh was that I embrace that are not any Conaway has a blasted you dream of the printers on the conversation with the Denny's he prayed to the spirits easily price of the spirits of dead slaves women walked and he said to them come home with me all to come with me about of you stop looking to transfer my mother have to put up a PowerPoint is a combo with me ever and exactly what to do the same these parents of dead slaves went with them as they took over and I played the scene with soul well could it be that we sometimes I lay our heads in the very lapse of our enemies living faith in Danville Washington wants about the then government would own and seven and walked in on a front out of Terwilliger 's show went over I would have to run them out of placing the chase of model building yet anyone where Augustine was so influential where are they getting their source of strength from where does it come from if the man says he prayed to the spirit and the spirit of their slaves not as a Christian that knows I'm not the spirit of the slaves couldn't have helped him instead with the rebels would be that would've brought to an end as I did more research regulars and others the truth behind him officers said that they wanted that in a movie Malcolm X is a lot installed and recited an entire speech but not at once been without ever reading it never sought a speech before again the no secular musical overall the song is out of Pixar or or or or or or or or DreamWorks movies as Vlad are you raising your in closing control of the information you're about to get those whispering sweet nothings in your theaters agree that we trust the media Hollywood and and and and will also like that where was that they went up a book written is a lower octave the ambience the young people I was realistically obviously because they know all about that they keep talking about one of Christians that we ought to be very careful when really I want to be very careful what we listen to what we watch who we make of our close friends I stand to make a delay with the all too rise wherever you lead your head maybe it had in the lap of the lime and while he slept thinking he had a hand in the on the love of a woman who loves him she called for men about the verse nineteen and she called him to shave off the seven lots of visitors as he began to work with them and the strength went from in she poorly with him first I want to go it's good as you send the attribute on the Samson and he awoke out of his sleep and Savior I will go out at other times before and shake myself and he was not eaten that the Lord was parted from him and within the Christian is hard to jump out of a spiritual sleep in a spiritual battle you can be a sleeping Christian strength room everything you just how wandering around sleepwalking through your spiritual life and expect that went when the spiritual battles in July and difficult times from the excellent jump up on the sleep and start the fight talk about it early but when you got to be training all the time it got to be preparing all the time we sold will be vigilant for your adversary the devil like a rolling line walked about seeking he may be it can afford to sleep but he didn't know that the Lord had usually visit this weeks Italy ligament wobble left and that what God tends to do is allow your choices to determine whether that his presence will stay with you if you keep choosing the opposite of God God 's not going to force himself on you when you make it obvious the fourth time with the line that she finally say to settle I almost fact that if you read a story until the devil would be that arguing his point and later admitted he doesn't want your presence and it obviously doesn't want to present how many tubes that we have to spend the night with many times now we've given away a secret talking you justified anger and being a theory and just God and knowing that there is a big great controversy you must pull and allow the obsession to run their course for going from there he's captured jumps at the fine spirited out of left illegals that by now you have no strength these taken out and the first thing they do one person can do plot out is a case why is that relevant because not I advise them that was one of the sources of his strength he could see them so he could find them but God allow that to happen because on the flip side his eyes were also his weakness forgot to await a requirement offers because easy sometimes this mapping happened with you soon will God is doing a terrible thing to us but sometimes God allows us to both of the difficult time it allows the golden goose these things because he's proven us feels his difficulties in an persecution the Angels this child as his scalpel decidedly beside someone who knew the answers on your arm against the cancer of your prize I was not really trying to get us to do is to be humble the thin on the time is really no such thing as an arrogant Christian and arrogant Christian is an oxymoron to check exist at the same time this is one of reasons why we have to be careful even of Athens we got a B B to a lot of times we come across as arrogant you got to make sure you come across UK come across like you're the one with all the answers all the time you come across like because someone else is dealing with the cities you are dealing with the difficulties you can try to come across like you have to make because of their problems on their weaknesses but somehow they are not arrive at all but they don't have God 's love remember David at what stage can delight he slept with another man's wife and had her husband to David already slain Goliath Yardley does that already some solid skills and styles and the David and skill this tends about David had proven himself as a warrior in the Army of God yet they as always please all the while the new was was is was uncovered and found to be one and don't let your spirit on your spirit from Avenue noting that Bristol Samson spirit left him here the secret is where your mouth is Samson is the Bible says in verse twenty two hobby and here was had began to grow again I've been shaven for more than a Philistine arose when he gathered them together for to offering you great sacrifice of the date of their God and to rejoice with the setup unlimited Samsonite enemy into our hands and when the people saw him they praise their God but they said our God delivered us into it in so I have a enemy and that is where my country which many of us became the past when the heart of Mary that they sent Paul was Samson that he may make a sport in the call sampling of the prison house and he made them support in the Senate between the pillars little children would come into the sense proving that I can imagine they laughed at Samson could imagine a national holiday I ridicule sense out of submit to you that sometimes God has been bringing we got to be the butt of the joke when I was growing up being that it was not easy in public school to be a Seventh-day Adventist we got all kinds of jokes we couldn't go to prom we believe that we couldn't go to football games on Saturday we couldn't do anything and there were many of the young people grew up in a church with me what was the church because they couldn't do something and even as they I don't estimate all of them because being at the this is also restricted but I want to submit to you that it wasn't one that administered I wouldn't be standing in one of those restrictions on all those things and many other people Saturday morning cartoons are numbered ever saw in part comic book that have to be thrown away all kinds of other stuff that when someone offered me a I knew well enough that I couldn't touch that stuff when they offer marijuana went when they tried to get me to build them as they were born to rock back together I had friends who robbed banks this feels that is sitting in the state penitentiary in Florida but I knew enough because I was raised to be different I was raised to take a stand for what God says and not live siblings of the popular and I submit to you that that's important that you learned that you can't always be popular sensitive to get all of his life of another take on his eyes and put him to be a prisoner of the others are waiting to get into the right way that he was not the source of his old strength Bible showed me something powerful exams instead of the lab is little more than how the minor hand separately that I may feel the pillars whereupon the house standard that I may leave upon them by the server the house was full of men and women verse twenty seven in all the Lord of the Philistines were there and there were upon the roof about three thousand men and women that beheld while Samson 's mates for Samson called on to the Lord and said all Lord God remember me I pray for and strengthen me I pray the only this once just one time prayer is powerful because the Bible already makes it clear that God had left Samson why is important because many of us live our lives thinking that the jungle so far out of God 's will but somehow God will want to we live our lives thinking that we can commit such extremes in that that we can get outside of the reach of God 's grace and I submit to you that anybody who tries to convince you that there is the jewel blog tools all about the love you is someone who does not know the power of God 's love value to the UK will so far God love isn't there I can tell you the story of Samson had the Bible makes it clear got left in his spirit had to be withdrawn from and he was allowed to suffer the consequences of missing any yet when Sampson was from and called on the name of the Lord God returned to him his strength is death and think you more satisfied than he did in his life I want to submit to all the young people in here that you live in a time like never before most old people they don't have any how difficult it is to be a young person in this day and age well drama movies listen to oldies and equipment out of the seventies oldies were from the forties and fifties and sixties as a listener know the song I remember my recent wake up Little Susie and a song in the whole plot us on what I don't remember worth would applaud a song with absolutely flawlessly by accident however get you home beloved to think we would least like to get authority get you all that was a popular song is not only make songs anymore this is not that innocent like a Virgin Google all in all I is a different world for young people today there was no MTV no BEP all of the press is the fact that drugs were constantly being pounded into the minds of young people forty years ago and is now tell people live in a time when it's all about you with all the shelves that homosexuality is out of the class it is down to let down the stairs and out of the front door and parading the streets of America it's a different kind yet even with the changes in time there is no excuse I believe that the related heat was so many people in my practice as a physician when I'm talking former Christians of many phases over at the same to me I just stopped going to church because I just felt like I didn't fit in like I wouldn't be expected of her people in the face and tell me I couldn't go all as a Christian because because I don't think God could exactly with the life that you are you moving on to other most probably wanted to tell him what not to do we want to give them all into the building don't get me wrong I tell you what to do with and eleven be standing here but the same time we take people long and rather than encouraging them and giving them all of the Bible stories like this one that showed that the road less traveled when you find God love them even if you have a complete failure like the thief on the cross when you come to know God be merciful we graciously and if at the last day Jesus didn't come all the way to earth and one across the as you will reach your challenge with Christians the bayonet as well you see because you can't get true obedience to you have experienced because the Bible says it is the love of Christ that constrain you trying to behave right by any other power than by the power of Jesus is love it is self righteousness and ultimately you will fail I want Jesus is love to be sold in the soul on me but when sin comes in front of me I can't do it because I could never hurt the little one who loves me so much report to work unit of the veterans hospital and gentlemen came in of addiction medicine clinic and he came in and he actually said he walked into the clinic room he said I want to die so what happened is you just got here is a listen two years ago my mom mother dies of a year ago my father died he said even my dog died a few weeks ago is that at this moment I have nothing to live for he told me about his experiences in Vietnam it's the drug addiction that started while serving our country in Vietnam and and and and how his wife while he was there left him for another man kept collecting the checks Giuliani was molested by a man when he was a child and I struggle to bisexuality or little in his life but you know that you like the nightclub he began his with a forty seven -year-old man at a time and is explained to meet all of the depth of stimulus areas and he looked really sad I simply want to develop government 's VA progress the paper and began to write up on it the salvation is waiting for him how do you left his place in glory and I thought it not robbery to come to earth and to dwell among when Jesus left his throne and glory and was born in a manger surrounded by animals not even having a rule to be born into is the perfect sinless life and what all the way the child die on the cross and shed his blood so that even if you'll so were the only ones who needed to be redeemed if God will be there to be applied to your life so that you could be Cindy Mann and crannies that you Jesus died for me began to come in with a child with the church and you remember the stories of Jesus but he said he thought it won't solve for interests in that there was no way Jesus could ever accept awesome brother got good news you didn't get me as your doctor today by accident God wanted you to know that there is a balm in Gilead and although her all of the paid all of his suffering the addiction that you have gone and sent me to tell you it's hopeful that you can now accept him as your Savior and eleven fellow nominees on the Florida veterans hospital and we pray that he saw an agonized over his life weeping and crying and he gave his life to Jesus right Son of Man one week later shouting down the hallways of the veterans hospital brother Doctor came running into his arms around me is that I have not even had the slightest craving for drugs or alcohol they only problem I have been thinking to get me out of the narcotics anonymous and that outlawed anonymous meetings because I'm calling on Jesus and to watch even of a VCR and a V8 with three years later Batman was the boat fish rather than systems that night I wanted to understand God 's love is not only there to save you from your sin not because there is a view in unison but it is what gives her power to gain victory over sin you want to live a life where you are not so easily falling into sin be permeated and covered with God 's love when Samson found out how much God loved him he was changed by God 's grace each of us will find out how much God loves us and be changed very headed about it every eyes close father God we thank you the Lord is nothing we can do to cause you to stop loving us Lord we thank you because you so love this world that you gave your only begotten son of no one we just need to believe on Jesus and receive eternal life father God remind us that you are not sitting in heaven with a lightning bolt waiting to zap us when we do wrong like a loving parent you know what you're trying to guide us and directors of that which is lead us into abundant life modest sum hereunder the sound of my voice who truly need to read dedicate their lives to you recommit the lasting father tonight him be what we follow is not legalism of the Pharisees be what we follow one of unabashed liberalism be what we follow us follow Jesus was following loving ways of us follow more of his rebuke of seeing more lettuce being in his love and know Jesus as our personal savior this is our prayer in Jesus 's name of the church say amen and


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