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How to Avoid Pit Falls

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • November 9, 2006
    7:30 PM
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the night is entitled avoiding pitfalls when pitfalls let us pray father God we thank you Lord for this opportunity to enter your word and to more just be in your wisdom and knowledge father tonight let me not be seen on father God speak from the throne of grace more look each person here be given the food that they need spiritually father God but all of us leave this place with the newness of heart and mind because we have been closer to Jesus through his word this is a prayer in his name amen original text comes from Thessalonians one of my favorite books of the Bible the Thessalonians were very interesting people these one of these this church was on the charges that lasted the longest after it was established was often called a Orthodox Church of Thessalonica because of how long the church lasted it was the first two books written by Paul all rooms of his church he wanted to strengthen this church was a lot going on at the time it was an interesting place where that ran north and south connected that to southern Greece and because it was on the bay it it wasn't a portal where a lot of trade was done the people there were were were sophisticated they were educated acts seventeen tells us that when Paul went there to preach actually a priest in the synagogues and the Jews did not fully accept very few of the Jews did but many of the extent is the status of Justin George Thessalonica because many of them did not have the advantage of knowing Old Testament chat rooms and so they were very willing to listen to all monotheistic religion and of course new to the knowledge of Jesus Christ as a matter of fact it was so rough they are the persecution was so serious that of the weight of your weight it is read and accept the seventeenth actually they got all eventually to the goal after all those were preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and tried them out of the city but the Bible says that many of the double drinks not a few and even many of the women joined the church all rights and the right to discharge is writing to a charge that he understood what it will long lasting effect in Christianity so he begins by giving warning one of the things he realized that many of them have come out of the pagan lifestyle he understood that there would be many pitfalls many tribes the devil would set the triumph of the ring until the Christianity and as we got to discuss this movie back to heaven I tonight it is important I think that we talk about things that can happen on your Christian journey that can cause you to fall all the way the enemy is working diligently and tirelessly to try and get us to make the state to make us give up one dollar turn our backs on God he works tirelessly to lead us away from God but I am pleased to notably serve the kind of guy that does not give up on us even if we want to give up on him Scripture says in verse of chapter five starting at verse four he says but you brethren are not in darkness you should overtake you as a thief you all the children of light and the children of the day we had enough of the night nor of darkness therefore let us not sleep as do others but let us watch and the sold all like this analogy of night and day for the Christian Jesus uses this even would Jesus even says on the night cometh in the season he was doing the work of his father while the Dave and Mike comes when no man can work I submit to you that we live in a time of great darkness I don't know if you don't even when you read the headlines in it or you or listen to what's going on in the new was you you realize that we live in a time of great darkness with people all blatantly coming out against God lazily coming out against decency blatantly coming out against the family I guess God 's word is that ironically people inside of Christianity are coming out against the Bible I find it amazing and I always wonder when what you they go to get doctoral degrees in terminal degrees and an interest in and the high level degrees of combat doubting the troops that they had before they went to get educated is an amazing thing and and and I would submit to you that poverty gave him a prince in the top three schools in the country it's interesting because they were all once Christian school yet now they are the seed of the place from which evolution is preached and homosexuality as normal as an all and all we live in a time of great and I think you've got a choice you have a choice as to whether or not you will be children of the day or you will be a child of the night or not you accept what God is shared with you what you are in terms of brain at all I went online you will believe the lies that interesting because now the church is under fire that Time magazine we were the last time I read this article on teenagers and it went through and make the interviewed a statistically significant number thirteen fourteen Augustine is at about ten years and one in a range of the study now and is shown on every point teenagers or less involved in church less likely to prey on and as an autonomic average statistics what was interesting however is that the teenagers teenagers in the holding or advertising is the root of a just typical American teenagers almost all said one thing they did not really respect church that has been described it was a popcorn church culture in other words the teenagers that we weren't really looking for MTV at church all the more mortar charges seem to want a lower standard of adventurers more entertaining and pool tables in the newsrooms and video games that have modern Christian music player that sounds like secular music and they think that somehow this will draw in the teenagers and treat them as to what this study that show in secular time magazines that is that what Dean is over and over that they really wanted was to be rooted and grounded in God were powerful the teenager decided that they decided I been in this report I can say that even working at my church that teenagers are not so concerned with charts being like the world today I have to come to church if they want the world they won't allow it to will the school wanted to walk around the neighborhood is good enough they want to be around the church did Jay-Z on me playing on every radio in an economy in the popular allies who start again so mildly understands the Scripture says that we must be children of the day children of light want to lose and reflect the light that place the shining on us one avoid pitfalls one thing you must do is you must first make up in your mind which side you will be own whether you will be of the light of the darkness the problem is many Christians tried to be a little bit of both ally warns us he says that the worst thing you could be in the halfhearted Christian to be halfhearted Christian paraphrasing but is basically than what it does it into the church no Bluetooth in it out of the get out of the church was in and out of the world link would you do for the devil a work that no one else can do is nothing more active in arsenal than Christians who are part-time worldly why because when a Christian folder nitrogen goals down when the bad plus comes on the first of them you often in a domino effect vote down it makes I don't because I live the whole sermon so when we contrary like an hour relatives see what I'm seeing is the enemy we claim to be Christian but we can't be trying a little I wanted to do with it I want nothing to do would be in a Christian being a Christian be the one act like that got a big my son will move on and an employee says but let us walk on the own of seven this leads me to the night and then at the junkyard drunk and in the night but let us school are of the Digby Solgar putting on a breastplate of faith and volatile back to verse six and talk about being sober is a lettuce watch and be sober enough to just watch this allows Christians watch we were waiting for the second coming hoping for the second coming is not enough to watch you got to watch and be sober being sober is also why result means that your mind is clear I wanted I want to bring down because using as Christians what the devil is trying to do is to it in cock sick and you can certainly find intoxicate you with with alcohol or cocaine or amphetamines is trying to intoxicate you with the world of drugs are one of most potent way to do that but it would become intoxicated with the world in a lot of ways by trying to be like the world I tried to install the world are trying to become famous in the world but don't be sought but but you must resolve a wise things overboard the pitfall that you must avoid here is taking your focus off of God excellent drunkenness but it allows you to not focus upward is a salvation is an intellectual process by whenever you want inverse eighteen says let us reason together though your sins be as scarlet they shall be white as snow if you want to know God you must be able to reason the downwards tirelessly to get us drunk he was tirelessly to take away our ability to reason the law I don't just want watch and the sober think clearly one of the many Christians isn't some drastic things don't get any extreme lifestyle just get caught up with the mundane everyday life becomes so overwhelming that they become joint with the world simply trying to tread water supply Your Honor sauce on it maybe to be matter-of-fact and clinic and she came in she was not doing so well to having headaches and he as you have them anxiety problems and as he came in complaining that she couldn't catch a breath she told me her job was very very stressful and and or and or and eventually her husband Jim is universal for the easily network to smoke an NC-17 was a mother maybe the weather for help and I began to talk to her method would be able to charge she said yes I look to the rock near San Bernardino signaled to understand the advantage of being a Christian you'll have to carry the weight of the job with you when you're Christian you get the optimum in the eleven D delete all of those troubles at the foot of the cross so many of us are shocked because we are carrying the world bargains on our shoulders Jesus is no take my yoke upon you and learn of me at your burden and leave them at the foot of the cross but if you try and carry life problems and solve them without you will not be somewhere you become with an old will well trying to manage a life so one of the pitfalls that you got to avoid is worrying about what other people think because a lot of us a lot of Christians are messed up because we want the approval of men also let us whether they be sober putting on please log in for an helmet the hope of salvation I think the only big block and its helmet with salvation either and in Ephesians six is talking about you must be able to reason salvation is not the reasoning process we have pointed to what our users want God is not appointed us to wrath but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ God has appointed not appointed us to run but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ what a pitfall that happens than many Christians that they get angry with God something bad happened and we get going we would turn on a dime is one of the things that's rotating with us right now but she was rotating with a suggestion she's gone through knowledge and which is raised advertising him and is about managing his own Madonna versus Yetman the church near the end of that with some heavy problems that she was going to an American and financially and some other things that I said it'll watch while it is voted lunch would survive watching Fellowship to some that God 's William Madigan about to begin essay on the things her husband didn't and only on the problems you have no life enough to blame God for all of these things had gone wrong and because of her heart are displaying anger at God she left the church and will let visitors of the Internet are scheduled to come into a clinical rotation on Saturday the local review for you all I want to do that the is take your husband and go to church at the church thought you'd like to set up a QB fêted and go to church she didn't choose to go to sit in the UK have that out of the ruling anger and a lot of as I was getting I know I know it comes from a death in my family and an end last year November month it's the one you almost every day the nine mother birthday was yesterday and she died one year ago on the fourteenth of November all that are secure when I was called and an engine and I was talking to me us that she was yet been battling with multiple myeloma for three years and when I looked it up with his first diagnosed inheritance and of the mother on our oncology tensions of the means of I Lewis three points over the years I know that three years Michigan three three image before five years I know I should probably be able to survive the bows of I want to get multiple myeloma she called me and she was getting that none of the medications were working to gone to him when I have it is isn't there an order that is in Georgia while who actually was given while she was doing very well just trying to do some of the medicine someone a while what it just wasn't working she went back to work without I wanted to go back to work stress is part of why you got to call me she said nothing is working my lab at getting worse fun I think I'm going to die we got to do something you've got to get me somewhere else I began to frantically call Boston were one of the best multiple myeloma treatment centers Wernick so they take ever get it from Miami to Boston then I said you know what diseases because you think is what makes the trip is that we have a branch in Tampa at USF maybe get a call there and they said they would take her to try to get on all colleges we will not be with angry that we wanted to move her to somewhere else and in the final analysis eat she began to get so sick over the next few days that it was obvious he couldn't go anywhere spirit don't get on a plane before it just turned out I had a extra free at left over to get from preaching engagement I'll also have and didn't get to the Madonna Plato met Thursday land in mind that Friday and a brother but never ever to my brother the very top value leave behind the NFL walkway of the lot around with what I see the back out of the Colorado tears were coming down his face and will mother was more juvenile than that didn't even sunken in yet anyways we went straight from there to a hospital and I when I went upstairs more the hospital administrators you've actually the administrative the Sylvester comprehensive Cancer Center at University monogram with the medical school she worked in the administrative hospital she was now admitted to have been many times in treatment for this disease when I walked into the room she was sold in our here and was blown because of bouts with chemotherapy and when I looked that I will but it would take a miracle for her to want to show weakness that in one of rather one euros that's a lot I have it in and we sat we talk to clitoral that myself and my younger brother down as he began to talk to us he told me proud she was of me and keep doing God 's work in audit on all by that night my mother slip and circle to the motor one of my friends I went about with as one of your oncologist and a label to look at last it was about that time of the kidneys began to shut down because of proteins and disease at work trying to get to work it isn't futile costly being that that night and so we arrive at the most out of the printer member before she was slipping out of the labor comes in order I got to a point about about not getting angry with God I got to a point that night where I was questioning God no more problems fifty three years of age the young woman in today's object illimitable thirty years she's been so faithful to you why would you take her I got so hurt and angry at times I pulled the bathroom of our offer of a room at hospital and and and fall on my knees and ask God to strengthen and what is the last time I did that I flipped the bathroom in a coma and even offend God I do this I think I don't have the strength I can work this out I can't watch my mother dying raising the bar herself to listen to what the family was reliable needed be strong to answer all the questions from a medical stamp would have to be a spiritual guy like a plastic automotive to us and on my knees in the bathroom and I will weep in an agonizingly God it wasn't an Adonis phenylalanine and impressive I was given with your president said to not being do not be upset the Lord spoke to me and said your mother has been she's ready the time is now seek GCC she's she's ready why would you hold her back going to sleep in me that I could feel the spirit of God come around Angels lifted me I stopped blowing up in the spirit I stood up on my feet and I would like the cheers of what either of this give me the strength to be the kind of Christian that is a witness even in the darkest hour walk back out of Pergamum about the last they would come to Cingular which he was lucid unable to speak one at nineteen when the in Tacoma having abnormal breathing in and I knew it wasn't going to be long I started to turn out the pain medicines with anyone of our past is vulnerable to church in Miami's elect judges really busy right will be intended and no none of the past longer than expected to meet the winter stardom on the renown of his family all of his family in a room mother had six brothers and sisters were seven of them through a lot of cousins and uncles and aunts and people in the room and his anointed so we will not have a sabbath evening worship at Friday night and an actual monorails and as I said logical to the nurses station and get a bottle of olive oil and less than later somewhat in rooms with no weight our pastor will come tomorrow after church I think I'm not what anybody minimally done our model went and came back to the nurses that they have no oil a lot of oil of the no the hospital on the first cook is I will bet you somewhere sure enough she came back with a bottle of olive oil with just a touch in the bottom of the bottle that's enough I turned it over the elliptical long time for that little bit to run all the way down to catch my thing of the Deloitte instead of the disparate mosaic is what you need is just a little bit circled around her favorite hymn was what a friend we have in Jesus and we began to sing a song and began to advise the document you are holding hands circled around a bit and I began to pray to God the Lord shifted this is really what is right for this is really hurts I will show me let me know that she's all right with you Lord finished singing and I began to three Opryland never prayed before pleading with God for healing as we walked as I was praying my mother when I said anything and coworkers of the last words I would hear her say she opened her mouth and she said thank you chief thank you Jesus I believe I believe that God that enough evidence but even as he died a painful death she thanks me and she movies brothers and sisters I'm telling you that if you allow the devil to your confusion he will call you to think that pain and difficulty and suffering are our God is God trying to talk to you all on mess you up and I know that God is his leaving you with what I learned in that situation about as I watch my mother died literally watched and learned that God shows up in the storm by Jesus on the boat when the disciples awoke everything don't you care that with this master is always that the only yield little thing I want to understand you don't serve a God that disappears when life gets difficult to serve a God that when your job is on the line and they're going to fire you you can't find a job with your flunking out of school you can't afford your parents are going to a divorce young people or don't get in trouble married people you don't serve a God who accept and will own when you get into trial the contrary is true in the most I will be called the name of Jesus I learned that he shower in your situation I'm learned when you feel most alone because often most value to the story and very powerfully lasting he told her best friend Manuel was that she wanted everyone to wear white at the funeral Whiteley whole family went and bought white women only people that were black people who work around to know she would assault where white limits of both Catholic Church everyone was dressed in white with and I'm telling you that the Miami Temple Seventh-day Adventist churches never had a funeral like that we praise God for about two hours singing praises for his name and giving testimony of the love my mother so do many of them out of the goodness of God I delivered the eulogy at my own mother 's funeral and the Spirit impresses me to make an altar call and around the casket thirty some young people gave their lives to Jesus Christ compelling that you don't serve a God know what it seems like the Philistines are upon you when any interviews about this around you and with like like like Elisha told his servant more touch his eyes when content is either open you can see the Irish chariots of all emergency when the enemy has surrounded sometimes sometimes the enemy might seem like they are on your own household Margaret God tonight is the reason to be angry with God that the pitfall you never need to have you as a holy ability to fall into remember that God loves you with an infinite love and ironically God allows us to go through some things some person to Tory situations some trials some difficult is why we go to his file and sometimes difficulty that tossed that our souls are tested and are characters optional reply thirty one thing never again will I look at planet of the same as I watched my mother died changed my view of this world I see this world for what it really is is the dark and evil place another matter how much money you get that defaults and work with other members when you get money can't protect you from what he calls your children not to get you and I have the disease money can't protect you from from from from from from being murdered in the streets I'll have someone you love the murder mystery spoke on his rectilinear son of murdered in the streets of Los Angeles money can't do that the only help you have any chocolate select at a time else I'll paste it if you are resting and Jesus to the world differently than other matter what I have when I don't the matter if I am a billionaire or if I am of Paul all I know is that I am on a journey and all I need to do and says in Matthew chapter twenty four and verse thirteen all I need to do is to in door to the end NBC eleventh Avenue Auburn visitors is not my home we learned that lesson before you to be a Christian you're free to sign up not to be a part or citizen of this kingdom you are now free to become a citizen of the kingdom of God when you realize that this in all the troubles and problems easy to the election and they shifted the we went from more Republican or Democratic Christian studies as well known doesn't really batter that much you were waiting for right now so for the Lord to descend on Mister prophecies all filling up with talk about that either the tomorrow matter Sabbath morning the prophecies are being filled for you and what you looking at us Christians isn't what political party you can control what we're looking at now is the chief is about to return I don't know about you but I can't wait to look up and see that plow the size of a man's and draws close it is a cloud Angels and upon a throne since Jesus and the trouble of God sounds and was angry at a shout of the boys of the arc angel and I will be there when when when my mother is great if opening out in the notice of us and as a strong-willed and CLL before she comes from a Greek and is risen market watcher said to be with Jesus Lotto know about you but I can't wait for that day because he am ready to fly to I can't wait to gravity no longer has sleep on and unable to leave this earth and the grid showing about my grandfather my love and and many others lie lovingly this I will be able to get to that point had to be reunited with them just look what I want to see Jesus in front avoid pitfalls in your Christian walk I'm telling you never forget this earth is not to your Christian your son one Boehner of God God has prepared a place for Zambians bottom every eyes closed father God we thank you because Lord even in the most difficult times and in the most difficult hour we serve the kind of guy that does not leave us all by ourselves we call this to be children of light not to be asleep to watch and be sold to not be angry with you Lord Baba got reminded daily that this earth is not our home remind us daily that we serve a God who will not at any time up to us as long as long we are striving towards you when seeking you will work well you will take I also stepped for every halfstep we can father God was with an infant I love you father God there's someone on the sound of my voice the man who needs to remember there is no level or I can match the love of God Jesus when you come again in the clouds of glory I ask that you would remember each of us thought about on that day you would say this is my beloved son this is my daughter enter into the joys of what appeared to you give us new miss of life now we price we Jesus of the church saying that amendment


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