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Sex Lies and the Fight for Purity

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • November 11, 2006
    5:00 PM
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Ryan Chris I was just a little money inspired then we should God will the edges of the Sabbath was good and we have programs to bring in the Sabbath into a citizen without food praise God they were together here analysis of days dying in the West as it were women very serious topic to deal with tonight with visual images and Bible text and archive the things that can be prayerful as we go through these this talk on and of the Spirit of God would lead and that you have full reign what happens let us pray father God we thank you for this opportunity to do TS issues in these last days will ask the Holy Spirit to fill this place to fill me more to speak through me bless his father God that we would be enlightened by your word similarly we would be changed by your spirit is our prayer in Jesus 's name amen our talk tonight is the first in the series I call mine gain interview with music and television and the effects of modern culture on our young people a lot of these talks on the news all over the country and even outside of the country and really targeting young people and try to address issues that you will be able to sex drugs violence and other things gang violence of spiritualism until this talk is talk of a new on sex and sexuality I must say you should hold onto your old volunteer processes Buckley seatbelts and we honestly some of the stuff is pretty heavy stuff on and on Russell almost with some of the stuff even when it him on the screen no being that I am I work in Loma Linda not of been out of the world are known in our young people actually are often exposed to much harsher images and much arson words and even season nine on this is the way the church to become more aware of what's going on it to be much more prayerful over our young people this personal artistic on interviews I have sex life in the fight for purity because I believe that charity is something worth fighting for for young people and the image there is a is a group and I know that is Destiny's Child is the I let the audience a stuff and of course Beyoncé is going to being the huge star in the own in the world today the secular world she claims to be Christian but her music often the nicer Christianity for her on and this group is so millions and millions about between the three of them but they represent this new sexuality that is in the pervasive in the world today with the Bible and this is the text in Genesis chapter nineteen what a Bible says the Lord God will than the warm rate upon Sodom and upon the morrow from stone and fire from the Lord out of heaven and he overthrew those cities and all the plane and all the inhabitants of the cities and that was on the ground with his wife looked back from behind him and she became a pillar of salt I was fortunate enough when I was in eleventh grade to go to Israel for two months and live in a town on the time and which is just outside of Tel Aviv and take Jewish history classes for two months in the time that everyone sometime I said that we can and does the Christian site history what I want what an Jewish woman to enjoy school and so I really learn Old Testament things primarily answer misery even beyond Maccabees and so forth one of our excursions as the southern end of the density at the southern end of the Dead Sea are only gotten one or less Chilean the time of year would jump at the water and everybody everything there were no additional animals nothing in the water and we did this are Jewish teachers names you'll see she took us to want to that end of the scene and how to set up a little care but we don't overnight be briefly talk about what's happening Jewish history or in biblical history in the area and for settlement swallow of all Muslims alone there anything that we call jungle still the amount of Sodom is in this is where the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were areas where the Bible story of fire and brimstone to the place where the cities were destroyed because of their sinfulness when you do your research and you look at the words in the old Hebrew for fire and brimstone brimstone is better translated like sulfur or sulfuric acid so when you really look at what happened it was fine where he and sulfuric acid that fell on those cities and is anyone listening in organic chemistry class you know or any chemistry graduate when you mix she with acid and organic materials almost always one of the byproducts is salt anywhere you go around and around that area the result the water was filled with salt so that nothing good limited and his mild when you check that it was Saul and I remember you'll see pointing to one of those little mouths and think of those that believe that Islam wife a film about the state of the Bible is accurate it is true does the Bible says it happened the evidence of the disruption of sovereign and more still he says on the southern end of the density today I also love the wickedness and the end and the and the sexual perversion that went on Arkansas and the more I believe the Bible was true that those things happen in those cities but I also believe the Bible is true that God 's couple of indignation was killed against those that he and God 's warning and destroy those cities will look at some of the Texarkana backed that up when you look at the book of June the seventy first the Bible says even as the cities of Sodom and tomorrow giving themselves over to fornication and going after strange flesh are set forth as an example suffering the vengeance of eternal fire what is the Bible says happened in Sodom and Gomorrah well this is the New Testament girdles is a well spelled Old Testament and God doesn't function like that in the up in the New Testament actually at a student last year exceeded his teacher taught him at last year to Solomon Demar was just a natural disaster got had really nothing to do with it the description June seven makes it clear that but they gave themselves over to fornication which we normally take as premarital sex and going after strange flesh and if you carry that analogies all the way out would mean homosexuality the Bible says that when they did this cause them to suffer the vengeance of eternal fire no Solomon Camara still learning know when the Bible speaks of eternal fire is like one speaks of him is not favorable to have an burn forever but the consequences the effects of the fire are the turn the destruction caused by the fire is going to last forever the Bible says here that they suffered the vengeance of eternal fire what are these videos they in sixteen forty nine the Bible says the holders of the iniquity of thy sister Sodom pride fullness of bread and abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters not as you strengthen the hand of the poor and the needy respect these and they were haughty and committed commendation before me therefore I told them away as what I saw blue I want you to know that God still reserves he has the right images in the leaves of God he can step in and wipe out whole cities if that's what pleases him especially when God 's call of heavy indignation when he is so disgusted of what is going on God reserves the right to step in and destroyed at the story of the flood it is the story of Solomon Belmar and for those who don't know it in the face of the entire planet and the only escape from this planet is the same escape that was offered to Lot and his family that is that when the Angel .com and all are you a chance to escape to repent to be removed from display when God gives you an opportunity on salvation you need to take for the day will come when all of those opportunities will be finished when the preachers can cause their Bibles and lay them down when probation will close at who he that is righteous will be righteously when few that is holy will be holy still but he that is filthy the script is that he will be healthy you lots wife with whom she was more concerned with what she was leaving behind in the city she was more concerned with the social friends in the and and and and all that was going on in the cities he was more concerned with her promise you that are utterly bad teeth she was Malkin started what you have to not talking inside him that in the freedom of order by getting attention was in more concerned with our DVD collection are using the lessons he left that I just wanted to run the modern talking about but instead of lots wife accepting the free offer of salvation of being reconvened out of Sodom and Gomorrah she chose to look back and it wasn't simply a physical glance in beaten-down inside of lots why she chose to get a too long for what she was leaving behind her and God knew that if she went with Lot out of the city Sodom and the Marwood of simply follow them we now live in a time when we are over sexualized our children watch commercials like this commercial my mommy remembers of any social anymore what was that in that picture Paris Hilton now Paris Hilton with about eighty nine pounds soaking wet and that a lot of issues right now anorexia and bulimia in American girls because of the images of these super size the women are so skinny and the girls and I want to be like that in their image of beauty is to be skinny skinny skinny as a lot of girls are suffering from eating disorders because they want to look like these women but this is reality I'm out of practice look at the picture for a moment that you couldn't even fit in her mouth quite frankly and in the processes half dressed washing the car holding a hamburger and when it was displayed at the hospital one night and do Brazil on the women would put advertising on Amazon her article is a hamburger the car a car wash chain leading advertising they were advertising him and what it will remember television the whole point television is the selling stuff with you by HBO this am a new HBO of you by the hamburger disease trying to tell you is really saying that he bought a hamburger and your woman will look like her not need not have very anonymous letter to the Seattle-based Yugoslav hamburger she looked like in Anaconda the deal involves all the way down on your guy to go to body hamburger to go to find a woman like her not I but this is that they use now sex does sell everything you sex the salad hamburger is that when you go back and you look to the groups like salt-and-pepper where they had songs take advantage of thank you what you wanted to push it in all kinds of stuff and they admit many people don't know that one of them there is ascendant and as her uncle actively involved in the head of the biology department at Oakwood College salt salt and pepper on I've sought a film after her career she went to Ethiopia with naps on the net the national Association for prevention of starvation was a group at Oakwood College when she went to Ethiopia with them when her uncle she was baptized in the river along with hundreds of Ethiopians Jason Jesus Christ God knows he must be struggling without authority limits of the neck but she was baptized technically at the 7-Eleven 's church were when they came out pushed an aggressive form of female sexuality what a song she said she they signed in our memo went on the kidney network teenager spent that a song is that if you mess with me I'll take your man he was bearing you barely message me on this they demand from just like that any change the way young girls especially in inner cities began to view her sexuality because now it was aggressively notable to Thailand when boys at Google girls that isn't necessarily true anymore nowadays if you have a son and mother the girls a call in the house the girls always acted less on things of Jane girls become addresses a lot of it is because it has been pushed on girls to become the addresses do not be afraid to go after the man up you want but I was twenty four Jesus really gives us a powerful text in dealing with these issues he says whosoever Lucas on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart one of the problems facing the church today is the problem of pornographic addictions people like to talk about this but the truth is that there was a survey and in the survey forty percent of the pastors of all denominations ravens bus passes in general forty percent of the past is said in the survey they had a problem with Internet pornography we now know that Internet pornography and Internet sexual indecency is a major problem in the United States just started twenty years ago remain even fifteen ten years ago the Internet was not of rampant enough and an pervasive the weather everywhere like it is now that it wasn't as much a problem but if you watched any of those dateline NBC specials where they have some thirteen -year-old D Gordon male or female and they put our stuff and these men call in and will goal to the house expecting to have a sexual liaison with a minor all done through the Internet but even if you don't have a plan to meet someone the Scriptures of the all you have to do is look at images and lust after the image the Bible says you commit adultery in your mind already while that's less important how women dress and they come to church is this important women put their eyes when they come the church is important because Jesus eat a lot he was lamenting the long reach of cyber heaven exist on the letter of the law and an expansive you get the spirit of the law is not a lot of things that we don't commit adultery the spirit of the law if you should have no desire to commit adultery you are not sure they should not be simply based on opportunity you shall not be averted only because nobody wants you and then usually a virgin because you made a decision young people that you are going to live with Jesus Christ Romans twelve what you will give your body is sacrifice the future with a new any other way you can send in any strip clubs and become popular I'm amazed that the manual for the bachelor parties the night before going to marry the woman at the polls the love they want to voice was just what WAP struggles come to their house and cars these men then rain causes on the merits the night before they go to be married while income of the American the night before you go to be with you the one woman the rest of your life you walk into a place is filled with demons of the strip club soda and strippers are prostitutes because at the end of the day he was selling sex in a few cells at the point of this text is a man looking into enlisting in a strip club is selling adult three euros a month a prostitute is the woman on the street the Scripture makes it clear commences looks at a woman unless after in his heart he has committed adultery with her so we look at Amanda 's goal all apartments is human physical social mental emotional and spiritual and one of things that happen is that there was a sexual revolution some of you may not remember this but way back in the forties and fifties and related fifties and sixties is when it got me there was a homosexual Rosen one professor looking in the pillars what allow there to be sent to sexual revolution in the United States it was a time in America where you could not show publicly all of the things you now see many of the words you hear on television than publicly when could not I dream of Jeannie there was a huge fight over her showing her naval or bellybutton ring the bellybutton of the least of your worries nowadays the question then becomes what changed in America what happened to change the ideas will change our thinking and how we look at sex and sexuality well one thing that happens in our public school system they began to teach moral relativism may be getting so there really is no absolute right or wrong it's more a matter of what you think awards executive to adults agree to do something that is not wrong because they're both consenting adults benefit better doctrine from the pits of hell what makes something right is not based on man it's based on God there is no moral relativism that it's more much more because of God 's law I've encoded itself but because of evolution and is an busy counting believe that man evolved from mess of beans and then we are not really here as as as as as created beings because of that many believe that you can do what you want because all you really are the more highly evolved animal of your highly evolved animal what's wrong with acting like an moral relativism there were medical advances will talk about the move briefly but penicillin to treat me like syphilis and gonorrhea when I came out it took away some people 's fear of premarital and extramarital sex and promiscuity is little argument of the lenses get a shot of penicillin and the convent became big and there are those that all you can have as much sex as you what safe sex is repealed exactly what the safer sex because they found out things that are so safe the media became she will then examine ability to spread any message anywhere in rapidfire succession and Roman revelation of chapter twelve I like the part when it looked on the Google reveille the speak about the Dragon opening is mounted out of his mouth comes a Florida unlike Eileen that almost of the media where the devil now is the ability to spread lies in a rapidfire succession able to almost drowned the church in line technological advances things like the television the radio on the iPod of the Internet all of a sudden now these things allow for your forth with sex and sexuality and how it's viewing to change from more wholesome older ideologies to now where almost anything goes with arts and entertainment the song that I written the movies that are written and how they play out all change the way America look at sex below the pillars of what he called the sexual revolution well the pop-culture of the culture of the of the youth of today brings the sexual revolution to young care for black America Latin was begin in the cities but it really brings it to young America I go to many places in a lullaby the LOI kids at a time backwards in the genes Saginaw home twice and on the government Brooklyn the something the culture so pervasive that everybody buying into it but nothing is not like this post enhances guy candy was with the sexologist in nineteen forty eight I released a study on human sexual behavior and published on article sexual maven human male move American society away from a traditional orient your sex for more open and accepting outlook towards human sexuality he released the things that he released some of the writing the first of the children are sexual beings he was the one and hold on and what you know if you study medicine there is nothing on the DSM-III in the DSM or diagnostic and statistical manual psychiatrist and psychologist used to define mental disease and alto DSM-III were on DSM-IV at least Bill 's and three in the seventies homosexuality and transsexuality and transgendered of them was viewed as psychological or psychiatric disease in DSM-IV all of them were accepted as normal behavior is because people who claim to be psychologist and scientists who are raised up by the enemy of our time ago that the night with the Devil rays about these great minds like Freud and Darwin raised by the enemy to create philosophies and ideas that war against the principles of God so this is one of getting the students to Hafner who lives at the Playboy mansion and with having eighty three years old now and still have all the young girls on around them all the time but here's a little bit of what happened in nineteen thirteen the reduced to the with the release of the first calendar nineteen fifteen the first pornographic film in nineteen fifty three the first Playboy magazine was published out of his magazine and fifty five and fifty six of the release of the movie the graduate of you may remember that and this is the movie was so sexually charged that this is what moved them to create the PG system PG-13 RG system that system was created because people brought against the movie and when it's almost going on they were outraged and Hollywood have to go back and create a rating system for their movies of course all men that condoms creative freedom that that if you use condoms and birth control pills you can have as much sex as you wanting to create one condom brand called Jimmy hats and put a dog there is a known readies you be more dog subjects I did a similar limitless ongoing on Jimmy Hatton is my care is one but in essence when China's family read the lyrics all the way through these of the Jimmy hassle out of bounds on a jimmy hats with when attack on the present rate love is demonstrated by the jungle Brothers protected Jimmy and keep it fresh the jimmy hats by KRS you want to do that would be protected to lobby was a look of teaching safer sex and hip-hop hip-hop is good but laughing that that that was wrong well guess what was wrong because condom users fail the studies show over and over and over again that girls were going to get pregnant usually get pregnant in the first six months they begin to have sex if there are teenage girls one because they really don't know what they're doing and they believe whatever the guy tells them and the guy tells and lives like all UK pregnant the first time you have sex and girls believe it about sex and get pregnant or examined you know what I do not only to put on account of the last minute and a wink of course they get pregnant was important uses fail fail in the studies under the adolescent mind is not fully able to make the most responsible decisions mostly in the way that we are raising children in America today so you'll know if I was presenting this in the status of some some of this material of the status of the essential prevention conference in Jacksonville Florida this year and of course there were many people from the far left and the far right I try to just be somewhere in the middle of one the things I said was that I said we don't trust our children to drive until the sixteen in most parts of America we can't vote until they're eighteen or join the military to eighteen again think I'll call all twenty one why do people with many of the people there while he tried to push the children as early as thirteen and fourteen to have sex you don't trust them with beer or wine you trust them with the ability to reproduce life doesn't make any sense into those based on ten things that are children a settlement that they should be posted recently on one lady said she teenagers high school students about sex because they need the affection sex and affection of two separate things into NR voted at all assets of the settlement the visible social emotional on mental and spiritual walk we cover the physical what about when you sleep when I got nicely so that man and a washcloth and leisure and she's heartbroken and distraught what about when that young man finds out he was one of five men in this woman's life what happens when you find out that you've been sending and your relationship with God has been affected by the fact you been behaving contrary to his will will protect you from any they don't protect you from the heart ache that I see you went when young girls come in and if I get a week fourteen fifteen years old and urgent fury but your pregnancy test is positive and they look at me and I don't know who the father is so protect from the heartache if used properly every single time you reduce your risk of HIV and gonorrhea and syphilis at all was other stuff but they don't protect you from being lost what is studied in southern Africa sub-Saharan Africa showed the more commonly distributed in sub-Saharan Africa the higher the age rates went why because the CBC four there's only two things that have been proven to reverse an AIDS epidemic as demonstrated in the country of Uganda Uganda the only country to ever reverse the AIDS epidemic and he did it without a morning condoms overly promoting and I went out on lots of money for treatment by the United States has identified telling the young people to wait to have sex the president of the country made commercials and was on billboards saying you need to waste your life is in danger having sex before your marriage can kill you and I watched as the average age of a sexual onset went from thirteen of fourteen to seventeen and with the injuries went down in the second thing they did was the ECC reason is that they started to challenge married couples to be faithful especially the men and men reduce the number of sexual partners had they had outside of marriage the AIDS rates went down the Bible is accurate all along God 's plan was followed there would be no AIDS epidemic in God 's plan was followed all over the globe and would never have had a chance so the massacre or morality be seeing Black entertainment television MTV musical television on the movies lyrics the concerts of all come together this is a guy name fifty cent who is the head of a group called the G unit in this whole thing is just vulgarity in person and demeaning women and he saw the lower records and does all that stuff but fifty cent doesn't care about your child the people he doesn't care about you the girl is raped because of one of his songs or or is just pregnant because the boy believes what he's saying a whatever happens happens even if you call fifty cents a help he's going to send a check or I'll do something for you if you careless yet he spends all lyrics are so destructive amount back and almost call the massacre because he understood the Bible text this is life and death in the power of the tongue is tomorrow and being a small jewelry to pick up talking about I reason I will talk about dying only to talk about killing me name about whom the massacre we read the lyrics of the song about killing the massacres and and raping and and and and just terrible terrible things pimping any kids think it's funny I think it's cool that they don't understand you can't listen to it and not articulate exactly read this morning the sermons from second Timothy the Bible to study to show yourself approved unto God it says in the next verse verse seventeen of of of capitalism but Sean the profane and vain babblings but they will lead to increased ungodliness but more or less you listen to the will of God when you become and tell you to develop an difficult I was raised in the sculptor outside of Hartford Connecticut less than however we brought in our great pop started and I used to love this music at my mother will graduate by it I used to sneak all over the place the basement parties and the arts suck to be a part of the crowded aisles and multiple groups are trying to become famous doing this kind of stuff and I can tell you did long as I listened to it I did not get into church I go to church and sleep or stand outside because I could listen to the music and serve God at the same time it was for the war inside of me and I not been set off at the discontinuities shut that down and wouldn't allow us to listen to it or we can even want to listen to the law because it wasn't so much in starting it all the things we did that mom senses came to be acted I finally put it away if I had done that the mewling little black and horrible destruction is one that got me there asked who it didn't work like that it was slow chronic patient mold our revolution of what I believe to be normal only once only whenever you are delivered over and over again another then compared to many of the lyrics now slowly but surely a mindset begins to change become more selfish more arrogant even more violent this is a guy named Scott Walker's only brought a no-no any leader to live for so millions and millions and millions of albums icily ran into him in the in the first floor Harvard Medical School in the mailman Center University of Miami in Florida Friday afternoon I'll leave and I run into this guy not knowing just of the famous Jonathan back like I knew no one would know what you know I'm down there my thought always fry at like four thirty is in man I'm here at least to three times a year to widen your house and I knew it but the genetic medicine clinic was upstairs and this is where they did the DNA test for the court system he said to it three times a year some woman claims I am the father of her child to a three times a year brother have you no sense of the music videos on television on television while parents are still at work most girls get pregnant in the United States get pregnant we ought between the hours of three and six p.m. inside of their own homes they get pregnant and those hours between high school letting out and their parents getting home from work the study showed having a parent at home was probably one of the most protective things that you can do for your these are all the time when young boys are most likely to commit juvenile acts of delinquency of your daughters I get pregnant in America is statistically speaking elapsed between the hours of three and six p.m. in your house while they're listening to the mandrels or the other guy am Barry White on Wednesday the district speaking to lower keeping up with the Joneses and everybody's working the devil is having a field day when our children at home radios play the music more than in the movies of it that eighty movies Abbott eighty seven percent likelihood of presenting sexual material as the movie fossil and load up the poster for it where the song came out on what Islam Ali is hard out here for ten and he won an Academy award you an Academy award for rap song for group from Memphis Tennessee called as hard out here for a pimp the same as the three six Mafia the six six six Mafia the devil worshiping run as far as I'm concerned anyone Academy award at the polls of the movie but eighty seven percent likely the present session care of our American adolescent will you nearly fourteen thousand sexual references every year the times we discussed as parents discussing the children sexual purity year but in many of our cultures it is taboo to discuss these things so nobody said anything that it's our hope that a child has misses all of this but they never have a crush on anyone until I like twenty seven the problem is while you are silent as parents grandparents church leaders the devil is speaking shouting volumes of information about sex at your job when you never open about or to discuss the will buy the fall will raise up your child we have to talk about sixty four percent of all shoals into sexual content and only fifteen percent mentioned waiting protection ever consequences the story of girlfriends I don't really watch the show but I quite crazy and intended to make you feel as if they are abnormal if they are following God 's plan the girl decides to wait to be married is viewed as if she is abnormal she's ostracized to you they make movies like the forty -year-old virgins or if you're an older gentleman you're a gentleman over twenty five of Virgin isn't it some disease on you and you are now playing with virginity yet this is what God is house out how serious the sophistry of the enemy many which righteousness into what is unpopular pressure you into doing what God provisions in Hollywood have an agenda for moral anarchy like to say that and you can see these pictures that pidgin window there is a real woman and want to frame of a Disney cartoon all the rescuers came out in nineteen seventy seven this is Jessica rabbit woman Sharon Stone impersonation and Ryan who framed Roger rabbit move fast but only want to see him and it was discovered by for your kid in Canada who tilted his head to the left while watching the line King and noticed that the word sex was spelled out in the stars keep looking if you know you don't see it you look on the computer words recently but there is only five days the sexual perversions one of the level using spiritualism zero self worship to change the landscape of morality in America DMX last week and I would hope you can see them covered in blood and that album entitled my blood and all the NHL makes horns on his head in the meritorious vessel muscles of the devil and the price was cheap unlimited like on his level and is twice as the East as he sold his soul to the devil yet you drive around and all the music in your car and think that the devil who was acquired director and use the leader in heaven will not find a way to have those messages penetrate your mind and virtue in the song although making my mind up in here up in here and let me tell you he's trying to make you lose your mind because the Scripture says you must have the mind this mind in you that was also in Christ Jesus is warring with you young people all day every day and is having was a part owner of one of the NBA franchises not made of our postulates and in and in one of us on the one without the other lyric is that it's getting hot in here so hot so take off all your clothes and a girl response in the song I am getting so hot I want to take my close all well-being learn education studies upon us and what makes you to learn and remember things is repetition and music because music bypasses the front double of the brain the reason set of the right when you process and keeping out when you put the information tonality of the bypass probable entering through the parietal lobe and affecting you at the level of the foulest and hypothalamus of the emotional states of the human being as a window music did you hear automatically heal you just have a stockholder gets it all means of movie doesn't start moving all over the place and that's why church got just what it was it would make it we don't want people being moved by something other than the holies you are so what does all one thousand things that of course is ten thousand times the time finally comes when someone is literally on a triangular trade-off between and as always as been running because he's already out of the mouth like a thin life-and-death than the power with all you say you begin to believe in and the guy that I want to take off all my clothes and when it comes time to keeping her clothes off and are more difficult matter backed by the group of economy nine oh believe the late eighties made a song I want a section up and it was a number one big time best seller at the time degrading was if you want to choose my depositors said that one of the members of the group became a Christian is now pastor and somewhere in Texas any dream he basically rejects all that they did and he confessed that when they make what to make the song I was sexually brought which is into the studio and occurs on the song but when girls heard it they wouldn't move they would be more likely and more the more free to lose their virginity and he said that I now have to now converted now repented of what good the guy said he approves what they received over one hundred thousand letters from teenage girls thank you for making the song because it gave them the courage to give up their virginity you think you're just listening to music young people you think if you can outfox the devil you think you're smarter than the enemy will cause a third of the angels the fall from heaven if they somehow do something innately bright about you but that was hounding you upside the head punching you in the gym and you think he's tickling up back the size of the something lasting eleven hope as well in this song will say that given the Methodism S&M but a group of July through the scholar is a newsgroup brother Mark eases the all right is a Miami-based rap group and he says I'm a part of this just like you is am a disciple of Satan with work to do and you can read the rest of the Asheville skipper here about how good are the bottom he says you worsen the bed with your life holding sessions of confession every more late-night talks about the devil being deep inside him trying to encourage you young people but you need to understand that the devil is working against you in a plug is unoriginal because our Kelly is so funny so crazy and to see him in between us to the two things were easy a holy man and top in the criminal at the bottom there but hourly given to him tonight will leave them alone women's liberation movement came on it for sexuality on America's youth and upon America's FEMA women on Betty Friedman wrote the feminine mystique a manifest of the women's liberation movement and she said a woman is not truly free unless you have the same freedom of expression of the man speaking about sexual freedom of expression as an event that will basically is still looking to change women to move women to be more like lots wife while at one woman said a woman needs of a man does there in the sixties and the women's liberation movement a woman leads and needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle the money remembers that are heard in a rented but we found out that that's not true fatherlessness is one of the greatest plagues on American society children being raised without fathers are are are the statistics allowable presentation of this fatherlessness overwhelming that when children don't have their father how much more likely to become pregnant or more jails will be delinquent and less likely to graduate from high school you don't accept the studies the seventy five percent of African-American youth in America will not graduate from high school fifty percent of African-American boys will not graduate from high school fifty percent of Latino boys will not graduate from high school thirty five percent of white males in America will not graduate from high school and a lot can be traced back to fatherlessness divorce and the effects of the sexual revolution brought images of innocent virgins woman girl bargainers agreed aggressive and gold digging at MNR and applauded by hip-hop women little Kim went to jail she comes out roaring like a lion in the Bible says about that which I read this will nearly see Jesus was a little Kim is not a war I will skip a lot is is a lot of unfolding and in heaven than by Lamborghinis and stuff but it on almost a lot of success how do it anywhere anyhow I'm down for anything she said it's like it's the drugs baby I'm making new highs such as all or just as you do anywhere anyhow any time with anyone driver aware dictionary defines certain words he spares us all not that innocent as he filed for divorce this week Madonna set him like a virgin in the not really one just like one and Missy Elliott as our lyrics Jackie often some of the stuff but unremarkable to hard women to the one that led me to become a crazed lesbian access that are exposed as if they are super sexual girls gone wild videos of selling multiple millions of copies of all the shoals obviously our souls on homosexuality so that now homosexuality is ubiquitous you can speak for or against that almost anything anything are you politically incorrect to give this the I in the nineteen sixties there were three known in treatable sexually transmitted diseases today there are over thirty many of which have not sure including hepatitis BNC HIV are being on on on on on HIV as the romantic and one for sexually active teenagers contract and as any it has been each year and are millions of abortions that are being done over the years on so what are the Scripture says the Scripture says let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus so God has called you young people and older person there's nothing really doesn't just apply to any age group what a study so that one of the fastest growing groups in the country for HIV contraction or the group that are going into nursing homes senior citizens and you can figure that one out when you get home and so where is your mind the question really is how do you relate to Christ Jesus have you given your whole self over to him audio pieces of the pieces of your life pieces of your of your desires that you talked away and hidden from God and you can do what you want in the little arenas but I warn you that if you do that you leave open the door back to Sodom and Gomorrah like Lot 's wife you have to not have an avenue open where you can slip back into the into your old ways of your old life you got me sometimes valuable do yourself for women her out phone numbers e-mails from old friends boyfriends or girlfriends you've got to put up at all wall and morality in your life the devil knows what you like us a lot of time working on a talk to the girls aren't certain of the vascular connecting is always about how cute guys you know social you want to dig that guy you know maybe if he could get out of tenth grade on after his third or fourth try that maybe then we really look at him again maybe when I think that ankle thing off of him for a home arrest maybe then we can begin try see if you make you a good spouse for your life and you don't answer was always there is the pastor she so cute she's so cute this note azalea as these cute now but guess what when you marry him and you live in a house and he so cute that he doesn't go to work for you so that you believe in and out of prison the company the gas company the modest company on the Nepal you're so you know your sixty days master were about to turn off your lights on your phone but if your husband cute enough we will keep it on the Merriam-Webster doesn't change the fact these acute bluster as the low-cost it doesn't want to work another one of those little bottles that if a man does not provide for his family he is worse than an infidel women U children based on their leave you childless on many would would support you in more ways than just financially but in a short as a mother you could raise and take care of your children make sure that that that that you are not abused or neglected if you do that you have a happy Angel down in Ellinger and the women will want more on white ones is that when you go to contemplate married you should pray twelve times more than you did before you see if you want twenty and twelve times zero is zero one so you're not prepared to go into marriage or serious relationships as you get older young people if you have no relationship with God if you have no relationship going awkward it's foolish to create relationships going out word over our relationship with God why create more central horizontal relationships were fallen man doesn't make any sense because all you're really doing is blinding yourself to difficulty and misery why would you do that young people God is called to purity and many of us who are in America we come from cultures with purity at was was a given that's just the way it was in the old country whether Indonesia to make out all or or or even some old European judges Alston is a given but America is a different place in the world is changing yes but this is a different place oppressively you want to be sexy to me in all girls want to come to church sexy mature sexy for me to try to impress the Holy Spirit is important that you first if you have a relationship and be committed with someone long term and marriage you need to practice being committed and faithful to God before you married and is the real key if you as someone who you slept with before you got married and then you will actually cause them to cheat on Don and how can you then didn't badly wrong when they cheat on you if you don't require surety from the person you hope to marry before marriage what possesses you to think that you can require purity from them to you the marriage of it makes you actually helped create the monster you don't want God is holy to purity and has never had about every eyes closed I'm after the young people who want to give their lives want to make a statement that they will be pure but they are making a commitment and a confidence in God Jones that I have made a covenant with my eyes why then should I look upon the made the young people who want to make that commitment and the covenant of purity I wanted to join me down front lower tray over those young people in regular commitment young people if you're married person and urine arias you can stand that you want to follow God 's plan I want young people to come down front and were going to pray a prayer of consecration over them so that the world tries to convince them to go against God 's will and against God 's word and against what God 's plan for them and enhance the irony if you follow God 's plan you're actually happier in the long run when you look at the studies on are we as women in the country of women while married in a faithful monogamous relationship the other most of intimately satisfied to have the most emotionally satisfied those women who follow God 's plan are most happy bowls women want like on the women on brand the sex and the city Meadows bounce it around to everyone the study so that they are the most miserable one likely to be depressed and anxiety God is not God is replying something from you are causing misery God knows what in the long run is going to cause you to be most happy in his plan is loaded you will be more complete more dignified willful field and more able to be his child and be saved into his kingdom the rehab is about memory eyes closed every head is bowed and eyes closed father God we thank you Lord for this opportunity to look over your word and to analyze this current world situation father got of these young people single people married people older people more as those that stand or overcome down to say that they are going to stay Lord sure and consecrated to you father God operates in night that you seal their decision father God to give them the wisdom to discern when the enemy is working to check and track them the father God debate as Paul says in first Corinthians nine and verse twenty seven that they would be bound thereby and bring it into subjection that they as Paul says in second Timothy two one twenty two that they would flee youthful lusts of fog on these young people would follow in your women follow your ways and not succumb because they don't understand the minds at Simon they go up against you when they run them against a word the father God give us strength give us direction Lord give us a dedication to your women to your cause while the godlike Romans twelve one we can present our bodies as I living sacrifice holy unto you what Methodist Church must the leaders left the use leadership father God when you come in the clouds of glory Jesus sitting on the throne let each of us be prepared to meet you this is our prayer Jesus holy and precious name of the church say amen and amen and received a consensus to close out as I say we like to extend this service I say to close a Sabbath day and now when we get the phrase 's chain of ownership Nugent sing one song


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