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The Power Of Praise

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • November 11, 2006
    10:00 AM
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I was the one that will start at sixteen chapter and starting left off last week accepted sixteen or start an version nineteen acts sixteen verse nineteen Scripture says among sixteen nineteen and what her master saw that the home of their games is gone the call Silas and drew them into the marketplace and unto the rulers brought them to the magistrate saying these men beings used to exceedingly trouble our city and teach customs which are not lawful for us to receive neither to observe being Romans from the multitude rose up together against them in the magistrates rent off their clothes and command to beat them when they had laid many stripes upon them they cast them into prison prison charging the jailer to keep them safely message this morning is entitled the power of praise the power of praise let us pray father God we thank you Lord for this opportunity to open your word has now the Lord who speaks through me make me transparent Lord make me invisible father God let that which is heard and seen and felt here today the movement of the Holy Spirit in the presence of our Lord 's prayer in Jesus 's name and then Paul and Silas were in trouble they are gotten rid of a spirit that the find as we spoke about last week and in this divination of the spirit was able to make great money for the men of a certain town this is a town on the Roman control and so the invisibles allowable and the men were angry as we just read they were so angry that they decided to turn against Paul and Silas and ended call the leadership development and have them and take them captives and Silas were taken the Scripture says and and and and the holes and ripped all of them publicly and they would be the Scripture says with many stripes this beating and an public humiliation was really just the beginning the men were angry they said that these men teach things that are not lawful for us as Romans using under the Roman rule the Emperor was given the title of dignity he was supposed to function as a dog on earth so when you open your mouth and spoke that there was another man was divine you went against Roman law apply so many times in the New Testament 's upheaval over the preaching of the gospel because they affect the gospel was the five pieces to what Romans believed and taught in their pagan system Paul and Silas of course would take in their beaten many stripes put on them and their taken to prison and the Scripture says that Shaw detailed we would cultivate the warden he was they were put in jail and they would chalk that he was charged with shaping them safely why they were afraid that in jail maybe the other prisoners would damage them they were upgrade that entailed maybe someone would come in and try to call them to escape the gel was given such a shock because I enrolled in law if the prisoners escape or die before they had a chance to be tried under Roman law the you are receiving the death sentence twenty one comments October these two giveaway the Scripture describe literally all I was given as a bond or they won't something happens and then she would have to pay the price that they were supposed to pay each of them in the way that they would chain them is that they would chain them and turn them up side down chain amnesty to the walls I thought it of being unable to walls and their bodies laid on the ground and if you can imagine after they had been beaten so many times across the back laying out the filthy dirty prison would would would eliminate even that in the medical and nursing professions would know all of the bacteria and and filled in the foul smell of an ancient prison in your back to open the wounds are still bleeding edge and burning anything at all your lay on your back on the field the ground upside down sort of omitting prisoners in there like the thief on the cross and pulled out the Jesus was supposed to be the son of God let us free I'm suitable president talk to Paul and Silas instead what's wrong with you to object to serve a God that will allow you to wind up in this predicament how can you serve a God who would let him get this messed up in here Paul and Silas it was something how about how our Christian experience is supposed to function you keep reading the Bible makes it clear is that when they had laid many stripes upon the cast them into the prison charging the gym to keep themselves lately having received such a charge thrust them into the inner prison and named it the fat in the stop Bible says when midnight at what might we consider the darkest hour and night the Bible says Paul and Silas don't turn to each other and begin to complain that I let him into a bad situation Paul and Silas don't know to get a job and a gentleman about the condition of the Christian leadership that no one in the town came to fail when I will speak on their name don't even begin to complain about the condition of the Roman government and are corrupt and foul it is no no no in their weakest moment at the darkest time Paul and Silas McGinn instead of complaining over all getting angry with God Paul and Silas begins to pray and pretty misuse of power in prayer but there's also power in Paredes was from Germany Mister just as the Scriptures and at midnight Paul and Silas prayed and sang praises unto God and the Bible they sorted to understand the prisoners heard some of these prisoners were probably murderers thieves they probably deserve to be where they were yet they are these two men laying will did not deserve to be imprisoned planning even though they will falsely chew over the prison was thinking what kind of God to the summer so let's make distinct legacy God allows us to go through some things because how we handle our difficulties ocean as evidence it functions as a witness to those around us who may not know God is all of us on earth or if you want a prison as it were we live on a sense that planet that is destined for destruction we live in a warm what is the most privileged people a diseased limb through the death of relatives and all that we all affect all prisoners on the planet and being that being in control is on the moment it would seem like them they solely know that I will appear sometime in your situation would be better if I did something different but I'm here to tell you then you'll say about that when you open your mouth and play and play I listened to on the Zimbabwean trouble on the job and how you respond to how they treat you on your job is going to be some of the both profound testimonies of what Christ is doing in your life for someone with an overview sometimes even in your room everything you hold building will be how he was the only family member maybe I'll was filed in the colonial needed the person of the Holy Spirit walking on them and when they see how you listen differently than David what is needed I want my grandmother who was who was raised Adventist I want to familiarity with a very difficult husband my grandfather was on very very secular in my grandmother 's mother was actually converted from the Anglican church in Jamaica to being Seventh-day Adventist and so she took his administration very very seriously how she married my grandfather just eleven figure out a lasting honesty over Thanksgiving but this guy would come to did this on the end of a long blue Cadillac anyway smoking his pipe and eleven is the influence of the nation was allied with pipes right before he got to the Churchill any living playing music from the alienage and Billie Jean Michael Jackson Pollock to the church house Jasmine and him I shall not want grab on and he would drink like a sailor when he got intense and even worse than the thing about what he wanted to be deceived into my grandmother kept the Sabbath and what time he would come home late in a drunken but not all the legal knowledge yet again up in the morning mood church and begin patient probably would justify divorce about with the state and she was faithful Lindsay priest as he shared the words he raised the children in God 's love as they are and my grandfather eventually delivers over years and stroke and heart attack within a short period of time and the prayers of my grandmother and of the family sustain him and he lived and I can tell you that Amy can't kill any little what he had done in terms of kind of tormenting her all his life when the next time she was going to charge anyone in the building went up a legal prayer and he will high into the seventy administered any of the last seven years of his life a more strict than is that most of us know that even when you get a predicament that is that is weak and grinding difficulty if you stand when I want to stay if instead of complaining I praise God it will be on the team at school and when I was awoken and goals why change is how he will stem from the bonding old too many of us are putting the job is difficult and you can get along with the boss of the intelligible women how to get there fast but when we Christians we don't respond like everyone else whenever Christians even when you're not being treated fairly you don't just you don't you don't shut you that you don't stand a and so they do not allow justice to work with you to talk to people one would cross in the Scripture says in the other eight mumbling word like a sheep before her shearers is silent some of you are in classrooms on this camp is where it is not easy don't complain about a teacher praise God that everyone in the room noted to serve the living God will get you through the class let them know that you serve the kind of God even when your brain cells perfectly digest the information you serve the godly things in the inflammation in the first place so you don't panic over testing you just pray and praise when tests are positive of course you study a God of miracles and got to work with him you know he said remove the stone in front of acidosis to God begins to work and instead of complaining they praise God and an end to the Bible says in verse twenty six and suddenly there was a great earthquake using serve the common God when you pray and when you pray to see that's one reason I believe that there's such a controversy in the church over music because the Scripture last Psalms and many other Psalms this text here I believe is well shown us that God unites with our praise to him I will musical praise to him Martha the dot in the praise of his people the truth of the matter is the devil is working to deploy the contention and the infighting over music because it is music made a point of contention it's hard to whom at the same time for anyone to try and mess it up and I think you'll doesn't confide in the secular new in the world into the church why we got in the music is on the way it is supposed to be found in every life in our spiritual warning system is the time to happen the angel of God to unite with the preview their bold one that I would that we were on our integer that is about being balance in Christ Jesus is a clear goals what do I mean you literally want to take the music of the world changed a one oh two 's worth of a popular secular song and bring in the church was doing flips and cartwheels down the Bible you'll be noticing that it is not far fetched that these things happen in the house of God there is a war that he would basically be so stiff and at a special inserts that the charge has become more of a coffin that a place where there is a living God I will submit to you that that when it comes to music we chart must first pray about the we must first leadership often become what we end up doing if we can do that in the musical addenda so that the people we want to draw will come from you to submit to you the music in church really isn't for us and blesses us but really we should think so that God is pretty it is the worst of him not worship us and I thought that a lot of people often in the image in the type of music is more often the spirit with which the modem is the music is sung or chosen bin Laden and the blessings hoping to be picked up by the labels out onwards on the convincing that's why the double works on both taken lightly and try out the personalized try instead to pray to God that he would move it this piece of the worship service is not the watered-down grief blanketed overnight we've lost overnight we perverted by secular influences but that range I administered to open them now listening to God that he will be glorified as he they sang and prayed and in the middle of the most miserable prison experience God didn't even send simply an angel he shook the very foundations of the prison shook it so much that in verse twenty six the Scripture says and immediately all the doors were open edit and you will and one most make it plain again using this in the physical prison but we are all people who are in spiritual prison unless someone is playing and phrasing sometimes for them is a president that is joy in the prayer can not join in the praise even and were freed on powering intercessory prayer I believe that you got to be playing with him every time you get on your knees to pray for all you can pray about your self and your church something from which all players you need to have a knowledge of what's going all the people we want to do and what you need to do something when you don't even know the details you need to be the instrument that invite God into this situation God him request permission to move into some of these situations it is redundant standing there like the intelligence was in think it would go on their back and listening to everything do anything more for that person config is okay okay and then hope while praying for that person and therefore is unique militias don't want on intercessory prayer is important because they cannot tell you with a time in my life when I didn't I was not visible enough to know I needed to pray and how my mother started in my grandmother 's brave cat me up until the mice and found Jesus for myself and make the following for myself the people have written off the new operator of more than the prisoners that didn't pray and didn't praise anything wrong and even agree with David and Paula Silas acting because they were imprisoned with those Christians were liberated with those Christians off let me ask you this all of the University campus are we liberating goals on campus who are in prison and not free simply because they haven't drawn near the children of God is the Loma Linda University have the kind of all Christian influence the kind of student body and faculty we had the voice of God walking in on this campus don't expect that when I will come together and praise for this camp is that all Muslims who is an atheist and agnostic when when when we pray in the Spirit of God that is the seed so that when they go to chapel service that mandatory all holy conversation somewhere then again to inquire about the true letting all when they come here and leave for you to hear the six years later like dealing with what the God of Israel and we like Paul and I will make the placement that these people they are what they were doing and they did anyone attempt to hear your prayers if anyone hearing appraised the power and brings man Bloomsbury twenty seven the keeper of the prison awakening out of the sleep and seeing the prison doors open into how to sword in one of children in cells supposing that they had fled I totally thought his life was the ransom for them I think that way so I provide will lose the doors were open to assume that prisoners do what they always do and that is wrong when they get a chance to see there was something else in the prison the power of God on the place and those prisoners normally would've taken to the streets into the disappearance of the crap out of it and if the dog of the night they were drawn to the light the president have to know what power is it that when you have been being persecuted and ported it was no praise God when you praise him these shells also the president did not make a beeline for the front door of the prison instead they stay in the jailer comes in contact with them versus twenty eight Paul cries of a loud voice saying to herself no harm for we are all here without a powerful Christian statement a man health Institute their punishment and persecution and imprisonment Paul Watson to himself as a lookout God is the limit is Paul instead begs was not easy because policies beyond the physical office and see a jailer mean and maybe corrupt policies of center in the University or what position he looks through what he may have done in the past he doesn't judge people we got to be careful to stress that we don't spend our whole lives judging where people are we need to be like Paul and looked to where they can be a lot how they want to say what the data and what they do God 's will is what he can do for them Paul doesn't take long to get all caught up in what this man may have been caught up and instead Paul shout out so that this man would save his life so that this man can find the living God read on bowl from the lab was regularly called twilight and spraying in and change family and fell down before Paul and Silas and brought them out insists starters what must I do to be seen it is power in Paris this power when people see that you are not miserable as a Christian it is funny little Christian churches and nobody smiles talking to be a Christian and not be smiling you're the one who knows how don't think and you want to be driven from an inner electricity doesn't help him in talking the unmeaning Christian we automate I think we ought I have this joy joy joy joy found in all it would allow the whole story and knowing how much is important because there is no reason at all along the journey we would ask again to upset because you know and I know that you will have been and will never be cared in the meantime are you upset now when the blog was just temporary Scripture says what must I recently saw Julian in the love of Paul and Silas had he been here anymore but his life was in danger we wanted now was with the best the power of Paris 's true breeze that when people say that you praise the living they want to know what was your relationship with them makes you so happy and then what would you I knew only what God has given you thought you Bible says when Paul arrived with a loud voice the man said what must I do to be saved and they said the lead on the Lord Jesus Christ and now Scott received by the house Mrs. Bateman Van Wert was frequently in the word of the Lord unto all that were in his house they went from being dismantled prisoners being just a little not just guess that's that for entertainment just open God 's word and from out of a tall above the living God an amount of risen Savior and about Jesus is soon coming they are so Paul and Silas went through the Bible with power preaching the gospel in the house so much so that he is and how that ties this power power in prayer yes message to children of God there is power in praising God I wanted to know the Sabbath day that as you go through this weekend of the difficulties come upon you and they promised two things at work or in school but they never deliver all as tubular difficulties in your relationships as your bank account goose egg on a regular basis learn to praise God in the prison learned that in the doctor 's most difficult hour you must lift up the precious and holy name of Jesus this week a lot of celebrate the one-year anniversary of the passing of my mother one year ago November my mother died of cancer in South Florida and on the back of order later on in the week and will have a memorial for her informed aunt of mine passed this year but I can tell you that I don't get the normal kind of grief that most people get the situation taught me that you must praise God in the middle of the difficult hours he went on the last light of our praying with my mother as I got to show me that everything would be all right in my mother had gone into kidney failure from her cancer was comatose now but twelve of thirteen hours and is out of bed and we prayed and I asked out in my mind not openly pray for the families just shall leave that everything will be all right with her mother spoke the last two statements I would ever hear her say in this life and she said at first he said I believe I believe in the last thing she said was thank you Jesus thank you Jesus that the spirits of the real mother is praising me even as he goes brothers and sisters this power brings don't allow the world to mess up operational the Henry also served as a thinking man Halen and Metallica and try to turn them in the praise music if you focus on what everybody else is doing you often miss the blessing that God has for you we need to lift up the name of Jesus with an list of strength and newness of spirit we serve the living God what you're going through all the big dog dish shall come into control validity body of his serve a risen Savior he's in the world today and no matter what everybody else my sake is still your on your side of your spirit is still working on your left so this week when the troubles but the public is common that anniversary and when many would be sobbing and crying and asking God where are you Lord and we're having been don't get don't get distracted don't get caught up in what the world wants you to look at don't get messed up in what's going on around you instead focus on your same depth and praise him even when it is most difficult because there is power in Paris father God we thank you Lord for your word for your truth I asked father God that you would bless us this week was his father Doctor takes seriously our relationship with you the father God even like Paul and Silas upside down in a jail laying on the best that have just been with like they were able to open their mouths and pray to you and praise you father God when life is most difficult for us help us Lord to call on your holding me and lifted up in praise this is our prayer in your precious name amen


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