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Seeing Patients through Jesus' Eyes, Part 1

Mark Finley


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • October 13, 2005
    7:00 PM
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some people in your life that you may not know very well at all but they have a great impact on your life you may meet them once or twice but that impact in that brief encounter is deeply impressed upon your mind I've only met Johnny Erickson taught us on a few occasions I interviewed her for it is written television but the imprint that she left on my life is remarkable the fingerprints that she left on my soul are as they are even to this day John Erickson taught her was paralyzed in a diving accident and today she's a quadriplegic she is paralyzed from her neck down she can use her hands she can use her feet somebody has to feed her some guess the pressure keeps something has to put her blouse on an button it but she's a sought after speaker and talented musician gifted or writer she is a world renowned mouth artist I remember when the first times I've better I sat in her office and she was doing skins of pencil sketches and I was putting the different colored pencil into her mouth and I said what's the most difficult thing for you Johnny on the pencil sketching and she said it's the taste of the pencil she said I get so I have to hold it so tight in my mouth that as I hold it and it tastes so ugly when you look at her paintings where some of the road and pictures of some of the most beautiful that you have ever seen she's also a talented musician she sings she is in and usually bright woman a radio personality on one occasion I was talking to her about divine healing and we discussed why God didn't heal her and she said you know market early in my life after I had gotten the accident she had was in the ice when she was in her late teens she said many people King is an old John if you just had more courage you would be healed if you just in case you would be healed and she said I I have faith I had courage I believe for healing but I was not healed I believe but my hands still wouldn't work I believe my feet still wouldn't go I believe but I still need me as a musical my parents or me to brush my teeth and she said then I discovered a magnificent truth and Mark chapter if you have your Bible and like you taken and turned Mark chapter one because what Johnny Ericsson totters shared with me that day in her study between sketches with her mouth pencil while she was doing her mouth are actually transformed my life and an understanding of divine healing the setting in Mark chapter one is Capernaum Jesus is there in Galilee he touches the blind eyes narrow he touches the gap years and they are and stop in gladness and joy sings through the land husbands have their wives who were dying and on their deathbed restored to them parents see their little children dance and play again and there calls the limbs are healed even Peter 's mother who was dying feels the touch of Christ Mark chapter one verse twenty nine and onwards now as soon as they come out of the synagogue they entered the house assignment and Andrew with James and John Simon 's wife's mother lay sick with a fever they told him about her at once so he came and took her by the hand and lifted her up and immediately the fever left her and she first thirty two hour evening when the sun had set they brought to him all were sick and those were demon possessed and the whole city was gathered together at the door and he healed many who were sick with various diseases and cast out demons him to see the storing hundreds of thousands were gathered there and Jesus began his work of healing it's one of the rare instances in the New Testament where Christ heals all whole village and as that healing took place that day and as the sun set that night that town was a happy place the next morning Jesus according to verse thirty five rows of the great while before day anyone out to pray and while Christ was training Simon in many townspeople were searching for Christ first thirty seven when they found him they said to him everybody is looking for you in other words Jesus you are medical missionary work has captured the attention of the hotel Jesus you are the most popular person around your fame has spread through all of Galilee Jesus will their children dancing in the streets Jesus love husbands have been restored to their wives and wives to their husbands Jesus love you healed parents that are eight have been injured going to die Jesus you the most popular person around but there are more people yet to heal this little boy over there get his arm is always there Jesus is waiting for healing Jesus there's a man over there his ears are deaf he is waiting for healing Jesus there is a a woman born blind she's waiting for healing and the most amazing thing possible happens all the people are waiting to be healed and Jesus walks he does not heal one person that day he leaves the blinds standing there he leaves the death with their hearing impaired he leaves the gun and they still speak he leaves those with whether are you shaking your fidelity pausing disciples are saying why they're all here Lord work your magic work a miracle and Jesus walks away as John Erickson told me that storage is it why Jesus why didn't he'll the next verse Mark chapter one verse thirty eight tells us but he said to them let us go to the next towns that I may preach there also because for this purpose I've come for Jesus the great medical missionary did not primarily come forth double-blind eyes he did not primarily come forth over the years Jesus the great physician came forth as the minister of the soul the overarching purpose of these life was to heal the soul as well as the body know Ellen White comments on this amazing passage with these words she says ministry of healing page three hundred at page thirty one rather in the excitement which is then pervaded Capernaum there was danger that the object of his mission would be lost sight of Jesus was not satisfied to attract attention to himself as a wonderworker as a he or is it your physical disease he was seeking to draw men to him as their Savior Jesus knew that if he stayed in Capernaum and healed that his mission would be lost sight he was willing to sacrifice popularity as a physician he was willing to walk away from the misunderstanding of who he was so we could get about his true mission is possible today in a 21st-century position to become so busy with their practice but they miss the purpose this can overshadow as possible because of the busy today with ministering to the physical needs of men and women that we have little time to listen to their heart cry administer to their spiritual needs but true that the missionary position understands that their overriding purpose that the supreme goal of life is far more than physical healing Jesus goal was not to make healthy singers who would live longer because he healed them to burn longer and the lake of fire Jesus will administer the soul as well as the body 's goal is not to make a name for himself his goal was not to make an earthly fortune his goal was not fame position a title his goal is Ellen White says in councils and diets and foods page four fifty eight four fifty nine the object of the medical missionary work is the point sin sick men and women financed out for who takes away the sin of the world by looking to him they'll be changed into his likeness we are to encourage the sin sick suffering men and women to look to Jesus and we in your practice do you sense is a great medical missionary position the purpose of your life and your calling is not simply to heal the body but it's the touch the soul are you walking in the footsteps of the great physician Jesus knew that if he continued the process of healing the body without touching the soul men and women would die lost for all eternity so as you read the Gospels you discover this us in Crandall for often Jesus ministered to people spiritually then he administered them physically there were times he ministered to them physically and then he ministered them spiritual physical ministry in the spiritual ministry the ministry to the bottom in the ministry of us to the soul could not be separated in the ministry of Jesus as Jesus and unmarried she says the same about the marriage of the ministry to the body ministry the soul of Jesus and what God has joined together let no man put asunder God has united the physical and spiritual ministries of life Matthew the ninth chapter illustrates that magnificently Matthew chapter nine we look there Matthew nine versus one and onward here is a wonderful example of Jesus total ministry to the spiritual as well as the physical and mental dimensions of human beings Jesus says in Matthew chapter nine verse one so he got into the boat and crust over and came to his own city and behold they brought to him a paralytic on the bed and Jesus seeing their fee incidentally faith is something that you see the Bible says Jesus seeing their big faith is not faith until it's transformed into action their faith was manifest as a brother paralytic to Jesus and Jesus said to the paralytic son will be of good cheer your sins are forgiven you and at once some of the scribes said within themselves this man blasphemes but Jesus knowing their thoughts and what do you think evil in your hearts or which is easier to say your sins are forgiven you were to say rise and walk but that you may know that the Son of Man on earth to forgive sins then he said to the paralytic arise take up your bed into your house now there are three great reasons in the New Testament the miracles of Jesus did you notice the passage here where the Lord says but that you may know that the Son of Man has power on earth to forgive sins the healing of a palsied body was a deeper illustration of the palsy soul the healing of blind eyes was an illustration that Jesus can open the eyes of the lines we can see him the healing of deaf ears was an illustration that Jesus could open the years of the heart mind and soul so that we could hear the message of his grace and goodness Jesus healed our feet so we could walk again he other hand so we can reach out to him so there are three purposes of miracles the first is redemption the second is revelation in the thirties restoration Jesus miracles are illustrations of his redeeming grace he heals the body as an illustration that we might know we can forgive our sins so every physical miracle is an illustration of redemption that the one who units physically if you are spiritual secondly every physical miracle is in illustration of revelation is a revelation of how the documents as Jesus walked among us he revealed to us that God doesn't want to say that God wants us helping he revealed to us what God is like Satan St. John is unfair God is unjust Satan even says God is the cause of sickness Jesus reveals his healing ministry that God wants us inhale beloved above all things I want you to prosper and be in helping to measure soul prospers so what's the purpose of miracles first redemption physical healing illustrates the garden you are the sole second revelation every miracle reveals the character of God shows us his goodness and his grace thirdly restoration the miracle Sheldon God wants us to restore back to total health again Jesus could not be content in seeing somebody suffering somebody that was dying Jesus purpose was to restore the health to every miracle shows us redemption every miracle shows us a revelation of the character of God in every miracle shows us that God wants us restoring body mind and spirit into his image so the call to follow the footsteps of Jesus is the call to link the healing ministry of Christ with a ministry to the soul we see a portrait of Jesus in his healing ministry we see the overriding purpose of his life we get a glimpse of that overriding purpose of his life Jesus was not content to let a woman touched the hem of his garment and walk away you he could've done a very using the crowd was a woman in an issue of blood for years you're going to many physicians and the Bible say she was not helped at all but was only worse she touched the hem of his garment with concentrated think of her life in the energy of Jesus the life-giving love divinity flow through him and healed her instantly why did he say the disciples who touched while you say that the sizes of privacy larger the crowd people jostling you disabled why do you say that what it has learned a lot into insignificance because he wasn't content the last earth touch the hem of his garment and one are you as a Christian position content to let people touch them it's all that physician is so kind although they are so loving all they are so capable and competent do you want to be known as a godly Christian physician or is there Cephalon with a godly Christian physician uses his gifts as a bridge into the hearts and minds of the I can never walk in the footsteps of the great physician unless I reach out as a great physician attach somebody for Jesus Christ other three things about Jesus I will never see patients through the eyes of Christ unless I understand the overarching purpose of Christ the less I understand that Jesus ministry was not limited to the physical but Jesus ministry was focused on the rink down a redemptive purpose and was focused on you at healing people physically but healing the mentally and spiritually insane and save the kingdom of God others the second feature about Jesus healing ministry the first is his overruling purpose is redemption but there's a second feature of the healing ministry of Jesus worthy of notice and that's Jesus abounding compassion Jesus cared for people he generally authentically cared for people before not some just a blip on the radar screen of his line they want something some statistic one of the great dangers of modern medicine today is miss most modern medical practitioners had very very little time spent with me beautiful into the office under pressure to get in and out seven minutes eight minutes ten minutes and they're out the woman who walks in going through the trauma of the divorce and give you those signals the targets and diameter because her father the people at the waiting room and seven decades on her lap their crime he guided that women in woman in and out as quick as possible the teenager that comes in is depressed and discouraged showing symptoms of migraine headaches and stomach ulcers who needs more than three and a half minutes and more than a pharmacological diagnosis the man who comes in suffering from heart palpitations who just lost his wife and is under incredible stress and tension Jesus never appeared rushed we dealt with people and one of the great challenges of my life is a busy professional and maybe one of the challenges of yours is the pressure on me to do increasingly more in ever shorter amount of time I noticed that my work expanse of my data is not one of the things I wanted to teach me is how to focus out of focus it is so easy to be a multitask person with a cell phone in one hand with the computer keys in your looking at your computer on your cell phone trying to listen to your husband or wife as they talk is very very difficult today to focus some time ago I read part of the biography of John Kennedy by Peter Salinger and Salinger talks about Kennedy 's piece is one thing about Kennedy is that he was a publicity and people would commit to Kennedy 's office what is the present United States and with Teddy would give them his full absolute attention Kennedy would never count how much time he had invited seven minutes for a conversation might have thirteen minutes it was all scripted ahead of time that day how much I'm getting at and sound system which has a lien on the end of his chair hand and research and intently gazing into the eyes of the person talking giving them total I contact asking intelligent questions in about thirty seconds before he had to leave it in a sorely severed half minutes he looked at his watch and say all these conversations going ever too quickly I am so sorry but you're another appointment in just a few minutes of asking the Lord to help me to do that to whatever time I have the person to concentrate and to give them my full attention in modern medicine today that is very very difficult just this last week a young woman can into my office and she had something incredibly important to talk what about was between appointments I had about twenty minutes and then another incredibly important appointment I just come out of a number of appointments and she said I spend time with my children really need to talk to you I thought to myself I would be very honest with a shovel I said look I have I just cannot it's very heavy appointments reminds the weary and going into some appointments but I'll tell you what if you can say to me what needs to be said share this problem in the next twenty minutes I'll guarantee one thing I will give you every ounce of my energy for twenty but if you go beyond twenty minutes unfortunately another partner loosely she said marked the eye can do this in fifteen I said I will give you all of my attention for the next fifteen in the ministry of Christ he was never to rush to give people 's attention suffering people were not merely a statistic Jesus inspired the hopeless without one of the stories that illustrates Jesus giving the hopeless hope is in John chapter five we sorry life of Jesus we see that there was over ruling purpose in the life of the great physician redemption we say that there was a founding compassion that flowed from Jesus John chapter five after this it was a feast of the Jews and Jesus went up to Jerusalem now there is in Jerusalem by the sheep gate Abuja is called in the Hebrew Bethesda having five porches now notice of Bethesda Beth always means sign up for a house up so you have been out in the Old Testament Bethel is the place that Jacob met L is Bethel Al is in the Emperor God that is sign up so Bethel is the house of God is she meets God 's vision at Bethel the house of God Bethlehem we have is a bread that is a sign of her house of bread Jesus the bread of life was born in the city of Bethlehem as a big best Sega death Sega Sega is a dish that is house of fish so that Satan is a fishing village by Galilee Jesus call Peter and John to be the fishers of men at the fishing village bedside death is as there is mercy that his House of Mercy imagine to see there are helpless sufferers lying on the ground three hundred four hundred five hundred and their line around the pool this is a human garbage dump is a place where the most hopeless cases are taken here are the battered and bruised here are the sick in the suffering here are the disease ridden discouragement and women have blind eyes there bacteria encrusted eyes are losing over with us as flies and other vermin like on their eyes here are many in women that have not had a shower not a bad year after year after year their long hair and their tattered garments are smelly and they stink here is a human garbage dump here is a core house of hopeless humanity and Jesus walks among the crowd of hopeless humanity as he walks among the place becomes best instant it becomes the House of Mercy and of the house of grace Jesus he's one man that made it sound in John chapter five verse five now a certain man was their wedding infirmity thirty eight years thirty eight years the sun rose over Jerusalem but it didn't rise in his life he saw a man walked so there she to the marketplace because this is right by the marketplace that he wished he could walk with his son that marketplace he saw children playing in the streets with their grandpas all healthy waste your grandson to get put on his knee and balance he saw lovers walking hand-in-hand any remember that day we walked at his wife and inhabit no more now his body was broken battered he was suffering and near-death he was there for thirty eight years of thirty eight years is a long long have you seen patients that suffer day in and day out week in and week out month in month out for thirty years this man was hopeless the Bible says that Jesus had to be wondering what I don't have anybody they can put me in the pool in fact there was a superstition that ancient canalis for the water every time this man before the pool others who were more alert and more agile stepped over the next fresh and Jesus and rising take up your bed and walk a day but there is something that amazes me about this story Ellen White comments on it I was shocked when I read because I think if I knew what Jesus knew anyone up for that man I would treat them differently design pages page two oh two but the Savior so all one case of supreme wretchedness this man was supremely wretched it was that of a man with a helpless cripple for thirty eight years he is a disease don't miss this is disease was in a great degree on the little degree was in a great degree the result of his own sin and he was looking at was looked upon as a judgment from God evidently this man was well-known Elizabeth Frost plug it disobedient life of sin as a result this I see myself as Jesus Obama said his ravenous position of analyzing if Jesus were like some health reform and ministries as was said to your life to heal you but I can't the reason I care is because you brought this disease upon yourself at human obedient to the laws of health you wouldn't be in this situation Jesus did not remember the reason for his disease Jesus did not say the man if you're obedient to the laws of health and to send them a lecture on the actual remedies drinking water taking a walk eating a good diet etc. Jesus did not even talk about the confession of his sin at a time Jesus did not allow the man's sin to get in the way of financing because Jesus knew that love always comes before obedience of Jesus revealed his love to the man the level of demand would fall in love with Christ in Pennsylvania so it is not your betting that you love them if you love in the manual van just a few weeks ago I was in one of the European countries and we were talking about miraculous healing I asked any questions and lady raised her hand he was a question I was rather shocked with this was a group of Baptist pastors and Bible instructors in late reprints of pastor didn't have a question yes should we try for people who have violated the laws of health and brought disease upon himself should we pray that God 's grace would make the manifested yield and I asked the audience what do you think and at least half the audience then we should pray for these people because they brought this up they were disobedient and they brought sickness upon himself therefore if we pray for them and God heals them that will confirm the Ian the wrong course of action that they had Jesus do not think that way yet over the Jesus did not make a person 's past life a condition in which I've compassionately he reached out lovingly he reached out kindly he reached out in sensitivity to them Jesus entered into the heart longings of others to a woman who has six husbands and with the weather than the man she was living with was not her husband whose heart was broken and bruised in discourage Jesus reached out in love and compassion to a man shaking from head to toe the boss who brought disease upon himself Jesus reached out in action to Peter 's mother was dying of fever Jesus reached out compassion I am convinced they are hearts were overflowing with the compassion of Jesus and we reach out in love like Jesus did men and women would flock to the Savior because our loving is not conditional upon their behavior nice find the testimonies page one eighty nine if we would humble ourselves before God and be kind and courteous and tenderhearted and beautiful they would be a hundred conversions to the truth where there is only one causes a money don't have to advertise that if we were kind and compassionate at all London or Argentina thought that you hungry conversions lecherous winners that won anything about who old was sixty nine years old we became a Christian his name old son became a Christian in Korea alongside came from on the little island off gustatory he was illiterate on these I would never infuse the school we could write when you have a crush on the mainland remembered for his people without a lot of and then it will probably fortify hundred people in this little island so is silent back to the little island you literally couldn't read good and right in the island to begin to reveal God 's love to the people there three was later he sends a note to his mission headquarters he could not write a note because he could rewrite the one of his friends right and he does that the note said two words Tom for each column for each old saw that okay back to the headquarters of mission president rented come preach Odin son as we know old is a godly man doesn't know much of the time but illiterate guy this coming friendship must be a reason why so they came out to that they found four hundred people ready to accept Jesus the Gospel be baptized mission present was amazed it was owed something old we tried to reach this island with missionaries for year after year but here we can reach them what did you do you can rewrite Onset well sir when I got here I looked for it and it was sent on this island as it is old and sick over there in August went like that is would form an inverted the house to warm them up I can use waterboarding I went and sat by his then held his hand to his limited through sickness and a few days he got well enough to else's sake I will be here and over there in three-month visit with every house on the island as a result getting sick and pretty soon I was well known among the island because I visited the sick I was kind of passion humble and loving to them I cared for them Lisa notes on what he do this and he said because my Jesus recently went on a Jesus who is a breakthrough in that file before Seventh-day Adventist ever had Senate turns James and Ellen White opened their own home and their home became a mini sanitarium Ellen White tells that story in the review and Herald draw July twenty six nineteen oh six she says the Lord gave me great like to be a medical missionary worker I was to set an example to the church by taking the sick to my home and caring for them this I have done before seven Venice Everett sanitarium Allen and James White were living in Kahlenberg in Australia and they began taking the second of their own nothing and very little about medicine but not a lot of people that have a sick person the parlor the sick person one bedroom and two three six people in another spare bedroom and their five six seven eight six people in their home Noel White tells that story it's really remarkable when you see the selfless service when using the bounding compassion when you see the care to walk in the footsteps of Jesus means I understand your variety overruling purpose of Christ and that is the healing of the soul is the way with a unibody to see pictures of Jesus season is to see them with eyes of compassion in our hearts filled with overcrowding compassion Ellen White writes she says before there were any sectarians among us my husband and I began working in medical missionary lines we would bring to our house cases that had been given up by the physicians to die when we knew not what to do for them we would pray to God most earnestly and he was always in his blessing he is the mighty healer and he worked with us we never had time of the opportunity to take a medical course we never had time or opportunity should she says to develop of course but we had success as we moved out in fear of God we sought information every step this gave us courage in our labor costs we combine prayer in labor we used the simple water for we then tried to fasten the eyes of the patients of the great humor we told them what we wish he could do for them if he can inspire the patients would hope this is greatly to their advantage Ellen White with eyes of compassion reached at in love to stick around true medical missionaries cannot treat people as things they don't treat people as statistics they don't treat people as some commodity to treat them with eyes of compassion their hearts weep with those that we and they embrace those that are hurt and bruised and it's that love the touches their heart is a little aside on the story of Ellen White long after on White's nephew she died in nineteen fifteen just after the second world war in Australia there was a great shortage of lumber as there was a shortage of lumber and building material in many places because some of Jeffrey going to the war effort the Seventh-day Adventists wanted to build a church in cardboard and as they will work in the church they would think again a lumbar sort of the Adventist pastors and this was forty years after Ellen White the executor of four years later one of our pastors in one of his elders was looking for were looking for lumber and I thought if we get a few scraps from each lumberyard we can begin to piece this together we can restart and selflessly without a lumberyard Gorenberg as they were talking to be elderly gentleman who was the owner the lumberyard he said where you from basin audit is an established church but Kornberg he said have you ever don't like they smiled I specifically on when she was here should we believe that she was especially inspired by God he said as a little boy I watched her life I played in the neighborhood world 's and Alan James White world loving compassionate people they looking into their home the sick and suffering I am not a Seventh-day Adventist but if you want to build a church and you have anything to do with that woman I know that this is the ungodly group of people that love this community and this church is any better the community you don't have to do one other lumberyard I will give you all the lumber you need for your church day by day week after week month after month Jesus the living Christ reached out to touch others in founding and passion to see pages that Jesus eyes means we see the first not merely as body but we see the overruling and writing purpose of Jesus like the windowsills between second to see visions of Jesus I mean that we see them through the eyes of balloting compassion and we pour our life out for them as Jesus did thirdly his impatience of Jesus ours means that we will but anyway and make any sacrifice to see people well physically mentally spiritually we recognize that being a physician or being a dentist is not profession but it's going great physician did not simply to this time he did not simply give his money the great physician simply didn't get his energy the great physician gave his life Matthew chapter twenty verse twenty eight the Scripture says in Matthew twenty first twenty eight just as the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve and to give his life a ransom for many Jesus ministry was not focused around titles will position our honor or claim Jesus the servant of all became distorted of all Jesus the Lord of all the universe became the servant of all humanity Jesus the creators to the minister to his creatures Jesus the one at whose feet angels about insane holy holy holy bout at the dirty feet of his disciples into the power and washed their feet he is life was not live to please himself it was live to please author the spirit of the great physician is the spirit of self-sacrifice and loving service where our lives are poured out for others to follow the footsteps of the great medical missionary Doctor David Livingstone was probably the greatest man of his generation I have been to Livingston 's graves in Westminster Abbey in London as always hallowed experience that Linda Westminster Abbey buried in Westminster Abbey our genes Queens of England but there is no greater than losing one touches me more than the great medical missionary effort it would Livingston was a gospel preacher medical missionary African Explorer Livingston traveled one thirteen nine thousand miles through the jungles of Africa forest nightingale the great missionary nurse called Livingston the greatest man of her time Livingston was born in Scotland in eighteen thirteen he was born of missionary parents and his parents right amount of his vision for mission and they were in Jesus England Walla Walla and preach the gospel when David Livingstone took the medical course he took it for one reason he wanted to become a medical missionary Robert Moffat when a missionary to Africa was preaching one day in England and David Livingstone a young physician sat in Moffat 's audience and Moffat described African send early in the sunlight as the sun has risen across the jungles of leaving the views I want diamonds I have seen the smoke of the flowers in pots were never on missionary has put his feet I have seen the smoke of village after village ascending into heaven without one missionary putting his feet there sitting in the audience with a young position is worth for an end to his mind the smell of a thousand villages were missionaries never speak he's put my feet and those I will go I will map out the villages in Africa I will go and cut pathways through the jungle I will go to establish mission stations I cannot sit still in the comfortable convenience in England I cannot sit still in the with the disease of affluence of using away at my heart and soul I must go two weeks after he heard market preachers on a boat heading for Africa David Livingstone got malaria twenty nine time off and he walked hundreds of miles through the jungles Fiji blister intestinal parasites once he was lost without water for three days in the desert safari desert another time he went literally for five days hardly ate anything at all he was many a time attacked by lions he would go into primitive savage villages and build a hyperbaric treat their medical needs of the people he talks in his journal about one village that was the win was plagued by alliance alliance of Canadian if the Castle and they would commit the villagers were so frightened of that so Livingston got four findings around me it is not examined one should align she wants get arrest away a solid line crouched Bush shine once he started twice the wind died and my son shall not put seventeen marks a new shoulder with the party shoulder then the line fell dead it started back in action of the wounds initialed David Livingstone forgets asleep during he said there were times he slapped the house slaves being taken machines and at times he would go with his gun and the slave traders knowing who he was would flee and he would cut that chains of the slaves Livingston poured out his life he was often sick he was more often sick but not one day he traversed into the middle of the jungles and nobody heard from him for almost five years five years they thought he was dead until one of the wealthy patrons in England sent to Stanley he said Stanley I don't believe Livingston 's studies in the jungles ministering to the natives he's probably week he's probably run out of food go find it that's when Stanley and Livingstone found in the middle of the jungle 's downward from this native in that native here Stanley was in his hot get run out of food run out of supplies to the providence of God Stanley came at that time Stanley came to the native Senate out of the jungle they were amazed still again to Livingston he said Doctor Livingston I presume they work together for months Livingston was restored to health Livingston wrote these words God had only one son and he was a missionary physician a poor poor imitation I am of him biting his service I wish to live anyways I wish to die David Livingstone gave his life he married Robert Moffat 's daughter price she traveled with them for years over fifteen years to run Africa Livingston had a number of children three children his wife died because of the complications of the disease in Africa Sunday when this is why start he wrote these words it was the first heavy stroke I never suffered in my life is taken away my strength I went over her well-deserved my tears I love your line narrator and the longer I live with her the more I love you he lost his life in the jungles of Africa he lost his children in the modern affluence of 21st-century society we think it's a sacrifice when the fuse blows on the Jacuzzi and the water is warm we can use it anymore in the modern sophisticated materialistic 21st-century the disease of affluence has taken even us and to us sacrifice is often an unknown word but to be a medical missionary means to walk in the footsteps of the one who gave his all means to walk in the footsteps of the one that was nailed to a cross and with blood running down his pants in front of thorns upon his hemisphere with genocide cries from an old rugged cross father into your hands I commend my spirit or my life to walk in the footsteps of Jesus the great medical missionary means at times to sacrifice our wishes for his it means it's time for our desires are secondary to his evenings at times that we will put aside things that we want to do that even we could do that we put aside the tooling for the best put aside the ordinary extraordinary would put aside the Monday for the spiritual we put aside the earthly and eternal David Livingstone wrote in his journal I will place no value on anything I do or anything I possess except it be in relation to the cause of Christ I will place no value on anything I do or anything I possess except it be relations because of Christ will you today walk in the footsteps of the great physician with the overruling purpose of your life to be touched somebody the to you walk in the footsteps of the great possession not judging the people that God brings into your path but with all the wood of the housing compassion reaching out to them and love with you and everything you do be governed by the cross of Christ in the cause of Christ when you let your life be guided by the overruling purpose of seeing people wonder the kingdom of God William down with compassion over lost people without charging the ministry will you make your wishes secondary to the cause of Christ living sacrificially walking in the footsteps of Jesus if you win you will be a true medical share everything else is a cheap imitation everything else Jesus appeals to you today to walk in his footsteps in a mission selfish if you live one day on streets of gold in a place called glory in a land called him somebody's a walk down the streets further arms around you and with tears running down their face look in your eyes and say Doc thank you so much you pray for me in your office when I gave up hope he restored it to my soul when I was at usual time with me in fact even after of the social drove my house you open the word of God my heart was touched my life is changed and I'm here because of you the true medical missionary reaches out above because Jesus reached out in love but Pritikin father we thank you that Jesus the true medical missionary inspires us to be more than we are he inspires us to lift our vision for what is to what can be father for the purpose of his life be the purpose of our life they use compassion beyond compassion May his love be our love and they we reach out in sacrificial love to touch others with his grace and me souls be one for his kingdom Jesus on


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