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The Groanings of the Spirit

Philip Samaan



  • October 14, 2005
    7:00 AM
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Can I use it as a pulpit. Is that OK with everybody. It's just a little high for me but it's OK I really want to thank Deeney Finley who believes to engage in helping with the immune program I mean these folks believe in evangelism. It doesn't have to be a general conference program it doesn't have to be this or that they just believe in evangelism So you have mock Dini and Beck all helping you out is and that is not wonderful what a blessing and and the message last night that I thought was really something you learn something. Whoever says evangelists just get people excited. They teach you something as well. There's been a lot of study and research and I certainly learned a lot from that and his ideas about where resonate with my ideas as well. And yesterday we talked about the much fragrant incense of Christ's life and his intercessions. I notice this morning as I saw you that you also not so good for Jesus. Then because of the shower you took that because the fragrance of Christ's life saturates through life one of the wonderful I could pastor this church here we could do a lot of things together. Now men if you talk to me about this idea of fragrance of course the type of that is in the Old Testament and the Enter type is a New Testament and notice that we have the land that was slain fragrance will incense as a sacrifice representing Jesus. But on the cross of Calvary you have the Lamb of God Why would the Apostle Paul say and if ages five and verse two if he was offered as a sacrifice and to God for a sweet smelling aroma and then revelation eight as we study that incense precious incense representing twice perfect life and intercessions was consumed for you and me. Even in prayer for us Jesus gives of himself to me that only we pray that we way we can pray for people away with the memorized prayers away with care and prayers. Away with just the formal prayers the bore of the age. If we talk to each other like we talked about sometimes we would not have many friends around. So this is the kind of prayer engages your heart when the heart of Jesus this is a kind of prayer that makes your heart throb of the heart beat of Jesus. That's how we can implement of course now I want to share was an experience that gave me a glimpse of Revelation eight about the much fragrant incense mingling with our painted careers when I was a child. One thing I remember my mother praying for me you know when I was only four years old and I would notice my mother would go to her room and she'd be talking passionately. Put it in the room and being a child I thought she was talking to one of my sisters. Maybe my brother maybe my father maybe my uncle either. I didn't know somebody was in there. I know that for sure you know when somebody is talking to God as to a real person. So after she left too I would go in and I would search through people behind the cover. You know I'm even up in the clothes out of the closet I would look behind doors. It's always puzzled me who was that mystery man. But my mother was talking to when I got to be five years old. Build up some corners and while she was talking to this mystery man. I would sneak in and see what was happening and my mother would be kneeling racing on has to have it. Can you stand down her face crying out to God in prayer. All my mother is talking to a real person. The mystery man as I have and what I am there to talk to and I thought to myself wow she must be praying about something very important. She must be praying about someone very important. As I listed the laundry while she was praying for me by me. Wow you mean These days my mother passionately crying out to God I am the subject of her prayer and why that's important. It made an indelible mark on my life to this day how much our spirits when they cover our children with prayer like Job did. If you want my kids OK OK. Cover them with prayer. Trouble is around the corner. I met Pierce with the best kids who get themselves in trouble because we live in a very very troubled world. My mother continued praying for me you know I told you I was born in Syria south of biblical city of Antioch where the followers of Christ were called Christians for the first time. Continue praying for me I left that part of the world when I was a teenager to come to United States because of the political moral and religious persecution. The advantages of plot in Syria has been outlawed for many years. It's against the law to be an island. Never allowed to go back my parents were never allowed to go out and get out and hear feel if someone started in America you know got his the greenies was a mission Africa done many things in my life. My mother never failed to pray for me passionate she ever I could even use a sticks to apply to my mother. She ever lived to make interceptions from before them and then when I was working the General Conference I got a phone call from some friend in Loma Linda. Seeing the two mothers about to die and I very much want to go to the funeral but I was not allowed to because of political situation but one thing that brings a smile to my face. By the way my mother never met my wife and my daughter never heard me preach never read any of my books. But there are so many things for me to tell her when I see her in the clouds of heaven when Jesus comes and people tell me how do you have closure. I mean after all you can see you are not of the funeral. You know I don't know if psychologically that makes any sense but I really have the Bible helps with our psychology. Like Mark when he was saying last night you know how it how the Bible has my psychology the promise in the Bible is sure that I look forward to my closure. I look forward to seeing my mother in perfection when Jesus comes and return the closer I'm looking for because there are many things I want to share with my mother died and then my father followed her in death six months later. Within one year they both passed away and my father prayed for but somehow my mother prayers to me were more memorable but they're well the reason I'm sharing this with you because I'm told in that part of the world when somebody is coming close to death you have what you call a vigil in the hospital but in a home where you have all the loved ones and friends around you and they sing songs and share a promise from the Bible and that's how they say goodbye. And my mother just before she breathed her last. She started hallucinating and she began to imagine that finally her son Philip came from America to visit her and to say goodbye. She began to imagine and as she began to imagine that she was happy and she started praying praying for them and she kept praying for me until she breathed her last breath. My mother's last breath was a passionate prayer for me on the grounds that glimpse of him. Even twenty five my mother my praying one of them with a glance of Hebrews seven twenty five how Jesus ever lives to pray for us. He lives for ever. My mother as much as she could as long as she could all up they were in her last breath was her last breath my mother gave me a glimpse of the praying Jesus and she did know the bookie I was the expert I don't know if you know this Kate and I just like to do this because I want to honor my mother every chance I have this one very kind to a lot of people. I encourage my friends to be very kind to take advantage if you have patience and be very kind to them then to cater to my beloved mother whose passion of prayers. Well my first glimpse of the embrace of the praying Jesus now coming back to America as a teenager I felt homesick a new culture a new language. It's a big country. Oh so many resources and I was taken to see the fall of some of the coming from my part of the world. There isn't a lot of water in the River Jordan is not very nice to have a false never seen anything like it and on the American side there's a wall and you look down and there are tremendous power for launch ever flowing water now. As of tons of wind up going to the Lord in a glimpse about prayer early on as a teenager my mother began the process and God continued the process in the book and to loose in the chapter how Jesus of the story there about the Niagara Falls how Jesus prays with us. On page fifty six of my friends as a teenager feeling homesick I wonder how God was going to leave me. I began to stare and he and he just just blew a few feet from your eyes. There is this tremendous torrent of water flowing every split second throwing up and I start praying to my me of God and man this power. As I was praying for about twenty five minutes. The Lord convicted me with the thought indelible in my mind and I wanted to hear it when I was here just like I would deliver the baby finally gets here and the caring and the conviction he gave me so that I know who you are you're in the palm of my hand. I know you by name. I know what you about. I'm leading you. I'll never leave you sick I know you feel homesick. I know you miss your mother's prayers I know you miss your mother passed. You don't hear a plea for you anymore but I just want you to know right now this might define the role of the Niagara Falls been flowing from time immemorial by the way God knows about another falls he created has been flowing from time immemorial flowing now will flow until Jesus comes. I need to know right now that they might the floor of the Niagara Falls represents my son Jesus ever remembering to pray for you. Wow what an experience I never thought of that way before to be honest with you I totally feel drenched from head to toe with him eye to prayers of Jews on my behalf is an awesome experience to feel being drench totally with Mike the prayers of Jesus in fact later on I remember we took a vote and we came into the fold and I was very moved and said look you Lord for come only with me by the grace of Jesus. And then the second thought crossed my mind. Do a lot of these other pairs of Jesus he's a wonderful horse. They might be overflowing Niagara Falls represents Jesus prayed for. That makes sense I'm all for it. Well what about me what about my prayer life Lord as I was praying to me in comparison that befalls my prayer life just is just like a few droplets of water if you do up with what I really feel a spiritual god it's like a little of what I would like to leave my trickle of water a prayer and I could hear him tell me when it comes to train. Take your trickle of water from there. Pledge it in the mighty flow of the Niagara Falls if you just go with the flow. Go with the flow. Wrong we have turtles of water or prayer maybe having all kinds of direction. An arid spiritual doesn't allow our lives in a spiritual desert of this will go in different directions. A trickle of water doesn't go very far even if it touches the ground it evaporates it doesn't go very far and the conviction came to me. Channel two of what of command into the wind direction. Channel it into Christ's prayers go with the flow and that's what I'm connecting the much wider of Jesus players with a much instance of Jews and revolutionary it in Revelation eight we know that our prayers are with me are to mingle because of the Greek text in the mix. With the much frequent players of Jesus. And now this experience and that of old is so much like ovulation and my trickle of water where it's still going on within my to flow of Jesus for us. So Jesus and I can flow together and let me tell you something I trust much more not go far as of usefulness than my trickle of water. Why not take advantage of our great this part Jesus want to take advantage of a blessing and so whenever I feel tempted and I do. We're all human beings we have our weak moments when we get discouraged tired stressed out when I have a few tempted to think oh dear lord how can I prove to you you know my prayers and I mean it does is not very good. They did was self. This comes to my mind. We look to you OK here in the press. As of God Help is on the way. Jesus comes in he says. You'll notice if you have a court I understand that you weren't about to attain for your very good. I got sufficient as much money as you need to come are my friends that's the message of righteousness by faith in Jesus and the message of I survive injuries should come alive including a happier life. How can we say if I just come out as us and we cannot say my prayers cover Whitney. Let me read you something. Page sixty four. If you want to underline that you know you got the book you have to use it. I have most of those you know as well I just don't like to read what you in college but still don't like to read or write and they say the books to be neat and take the bookstore together we found out to make sure most of those who don't do the wonderful statement basically for so thankful for the spirit of prophecies insights about the best you can find anywhere. He quit she says in this paragraph from desire of ages. He Jesus. I'm looking at five lines that he Jesus explained that the secret of their success would be in asking for strength and grace in his name he will be present before the father to make a request for them. The prayer of the humble. Some plea and he presents. Listen to this. His own desire in the souls of his own design. This was what she said somewhere else I don't have that that isn't exactly. She says he is always is I prayer requests and make seven years old and he presents and does wrong as his very own parent was is not and there is a loss of that your prayer requests become the prerequisite of Jesus you can you do. He espouses and what does it mean to espouse for the people here the ones who with his and it was fun I was nice to me. Jesus marries up or worse and makes him his own and please This isn't to the father and his really only requests. So here we are. He presumes that his own desire in that Soulsby have every since it is heard in heaven. It may not be fluently expressed what is the worry about this anymore. Don't try to analyze it look at a lot of where it's not very you know just who focus on their focus on the fall you know so many people tell me while I'm out to pray my prayer is not to the point. It might not be fluently expressed but the heart is in that their heart. That's what God cares about the heart if you have this in it. Assent to the sensual Jesus ministers and he will present it to the Father. Without one word one stammering word and look at the list size the next next few words why. Because they hearken back to the relation. Eight. What you said. This lady did what she was talking she said beautiful and fragrant with the incense of Jesus perfection on page twenty nine of your book. It's an unusual statement. People come to Sister White as this is the wife. Please pray for us you know there is something special about a prophet praying for you right that this summer I'm going to pray for me because I like you you know my professor in you like you know I mean that you are that this is a man I mean your press must be very special. I want you to pray for me nobody else they go to Ellen like you know a prophet you know praying for you to be very special. You notice in the station there she says people come to me patiently people come to me asking Sister White Please pray for us. So I'm pleased to pray for you but why not go. It's interesting but why not also go to Jesus who is that all of us pray for you. Now the present Jesus ever flowing overflowing likely abundantly in behalf of many people first of all he prays for his friends like everybody is covered by the way nobody is left out. Both you have a special corner on Christ's prayer or first of all it includes his friends like Peter and then he prays for his enemies can be pretty heavy at the time I pray for your enemies at times. I'm sure God help me to pray like Jesus. God help me to enter into the sacred well of praying like Jesus for my enemies that will change in life. Jesus on the cross he prayed for people who were crucified. Father forgive them for they don't know what they're doing. Not only just Chris was friends of his enemies. He also prays for the whole human race. The whole human race is come in a wide sense she says. In Christ's Way in Front Page eighty six in eighty seven she says when we pray for people like Jesus. With Listen to this with his all this time she gives another statement about that she says with his human arm he in circles at this time she said with a long human arm. He is Sam calls the whole human race is not something this press cover the whole human lives as well and that's why when I wait airports when I wait in restaurants to be seated I'm not bored any more. I used to be cured because you know I'm a guy who was a man of action. I mean I've always wanted it because I want to be doing something I don't want to waste any minute of my time. So before my wife was taken to a restaurant and there was a long line I fear is just go home and he had to eat I don't want to wait. But now he's very happy my husband changed. She's very pleased because now I know that Jesus United players cover everybody in the world. Including with people waiting in line to be seen in the West including people at the airport. So what do I do. I smile I say wow I'm going to have an exciting time. What kind of exciting time reading a magazine newspaper. No work on my computer. No What do you do for fun. Oh great fun. Jesus is already praying for all these people around me I don't know anyone of that Jesus knows everyone intimately. All I do is go with the flow. I'm not reinventing the wheel of prayer has been praying for them all along. Well how do you go for the right thing. Take a look. Talking of prayer and joining the mighty Amazon river of Jesus planet it does away with my complaints because you know whenever I'm tempted to come on what do I Do It took a look at it. How can you complain about not having enough water when you are floating down the river with Jesus for him is the sheer force of the current here as you go along. Why be stuck with a trickle of water when you can be immersed in the market watchers of the Amazon River. Well Jesus appears so I just go with the flow. Well thank you Jesus for praying for these people even know them that you love them intimately and now I just want to go along with them like do you Mike. Well I don't like I've been waiting for you to join me. That's what happens when he plays a part. Cars per brand ends and you all know what I'm talking about. This is coming from the heart of Jesus God the use of time rather than for people around the world his praying for and he comes to you now he trusts you from your new faith and says By the way I want to interest you with a burden upon way out like one. Dr Bates calls me to his office at present our university says you know only to drive me to pre who disapproved. Trust me just trust us and he gives us a black woman to pray for somebody to hear that pretty well. I'm thinking of a particular incident actually attempted. Mechanical trouble really. People get frustrated. Oh I don't know his record of trouble or not you know and this airline is no good and they delayed me last night you know people talk about this petty stuff and Philip said not transcends that whole environment and by the grace of God since I was Jesus in high places you know Jesus do you see with this we are talking about yes it's why I stopped playing with Jesus is Lord and every little here place and with all my heart. If you're somebody here who needs to know you. I mean no one doesn't know very much but that's and the walk Amazon River that's a path in the bedroom. It's let's make a big difference together G.'s. And so after I finish playing the load and personally to talk to a lady now you know I don't talk to leaders like that because she was extremely beautiful. You know I'm a little guy doesn't have much hair I mean I just talked to a beautiful woman like me should have been Miss Georgia for all I know. But now you've achieved as she says a most beautiful person in the universe. If you talk to her. Maybe from Georgia it's OK most trouble because she's and I were talking to a brain thought I was talking with her and I heard her finishing the phone conversation. Oh you know I just I just hate flying. It's a terrible thing to fly I wish I didn't have to fly. Another is mechanical coming. Just cancel everything come on. So I approach her and back to I don't fade. Did you win the context for running for Miss Jordan or are you as very simple open and questions. I said the first question I sent How do you feel about flying I hate flying. I just hate flying. I know why you're flying that sick if you if you talk to strangers. That's a very open ended question. Call this question after all after the long hours and of course I don't memorize any questions. Why because if you listen carefully to the answer they give you they put questions in your mind and this way you can follow a path of the heart and you can win the trust and confidence. That's Christ method of reaching people. So I said oh you hate Flying Lotus. So what's the next question you know do I was going to change a subject well you know the words OK So you know who you hate flying I hate this one. So if you hate flying so much why do you fly an interest in her and how she feels. I define Well I have to fly once in a while because I'm a medical doctor. Oh by the way I just thought of the story because I guess it's about you your medical doctors so that should put a medical doctor and once now I have to attend some conventions I'm going to Chicago you know and I hate to do it but I have to do it well. All that's your specialty. If this is a medical doctor with the next question What's your specialty. I want to memorize them. If I memorize question is it with the dead person. Like when I was in the car scenario you know as a missionary and we memorize the fourth thing you know a fourth family occupation religion and testimony. Well it doesn't always work you see. It doesn't always fit everybody. I tried it on this Muslim man. And and you know are supposed to build bombs and so on so I said let's just break the ice but the Church of the world family you know ten minutes and we have a box that said Would you please tell me about your fans only want to know him to do so it was for was the oldest the youngest and he described each one of them I was looking at my watch and then it was twenty three children especially emphasize how important the boys were all the sons were very important in the Muslim culture. You've got to have sons daughters who me. But sons and much more important with somebody and then here. What do you think about an hour and fifty five dollars. What about my mom especially if you look at me and he said OK you know I want to because they have a reciprocal The one how many wives do you have. I just said you know it was three in French she sees it in he said he didn't want so much to sing that song. He said Poor man. And French is that they said look twelve. Put a man and second question him. Well how many sons do you have of course I have only one child that's a daughter I'm very proud of it to me she's like twelve cents you know well how many sides of you have. And he began to count he had faith in me beyond my accomplishments and he began to carve in French you know and would be feminine for you know a girl you know and manhood. What gets sent six didn't know didn't know so much and I don't fear. Said to Evie The only have one life and woman and then you have a group you don't have any boys know the nun to get to decide the cologne from his critics took five minutes reciting prayers from the Koran for God to help me. You know I lost my train of thought was both of those stories all go back to OK OK Sinegal go back to Atlanta. Yes So you see then you ask questions too and some of these you don't only follow Christ example and praying you follow Christ example and with this it is not only my greatest player partner he's my greatest partner and the Bible and links with witnessing Ellen why does the same thing. There's a linkage there you know as you said in Matthew nine is of the harvest plentiful labors are few always have play and working with the harvest. So you lot I want to end this. That's a good way to present it. I want to I want to be a neighbor today hoping to be a laborer I want to as desire anyway so then the other question I ask you what's your specialty. Oh she said My specialty is cosmetic surgery I don't know of anybody who's cosmetic surgeon I said you know I know many many firms a medical doctor I don't know any who that specialty is anyone he was special to make people look beautiful I mean Dr Chung is into into that he will soon be back and so you look so beautiful and you are the you know I know Grace when she was sixteen years old and Loma Linda when she first came from the old country. I have not seen her since then and it was only ten years ago now. It's just wonderful to see you again we spoke Arabic together and that was that was I just it was it was many years ago. Many many years ago and it's amazing to see her again. And so anyway here cosmetic surgery I said I don't know many friends who are cosmetic surgeons I said you know could you tell me something about your work. So I'm talking about YOU not me I'm the salt of the earth. Certain goals were different. If somebody invites you to eat and we have the house it'll focus on the softly by the way this is you know I really want to thank you for your wonderful salt we don't bother us we focus on the meal with a salt of the earth with us all the people. Salt is self-effacing. So anyway could you tell me something about your work you know what do you do. She said well I just you know make people look it's very rewarding to me to me. Look as I said to give an example to you know there is this mother who was getting ready for the wedding of her son and she went to look and so she saved some money and came to me a few months before and we pushed and shoved. But you know pull things around and she looked really good and she felt like she had a new lease on life. And and that was wonderful I feel my work is where you want to I don't know what I was going with all this but you know what I was just simply you know just just following a path and whole life and I said By the way by the way do these same patients come back the second time you know once in a while they come you know after so many years things begin to unravel a little bit. Things begin to shift this is a condition of my friends with Jesus they just shift around. There they come and we would push and pull things around and we will be a little bit for a few more years. I said I'm so sorry to push this question further. You know on the one messing with Adam's curious does a simplistic and this not but I never plan to just get to my mind it was put in this question can this time she said no not really that one up when they heard that was the opening Elizabeth was going to remember I was playing with Jesus Niagara Falls was flowing now befalls does things that are impossible to do you miss and why not I insisted. You seem to be quite curious I mean why not look at me in wonder because because I mean I mean after so many years there's not much to work with but you know things. Oath. A lot of the Jesus coming in is twinkling I went to high heel times for our lowly agreeable to his glorious green folk and then Greece will be out of this. Sam and I said she said it was I mean I mean you know why should they should hold up. Yes And you know Southern that they just show up and die and it was silence that is through the do without Jesus I don't care how pretty we are. I don't hold which we are looking at the Grays we have I don't care how you know her position we acquire Without Jesus we should. That's all up and should be against to be said. So it's kind of to kind of like an example. She has a great sense of humor. I mean let me look at you. Let me look at you. So look at me like this from this side about you know where my nose can show. She said Let me tell you something. You need a lot of help yourself. That's what she said. Way Oh I said you know I thought that in the southern way you know I said you were absolutely right. Lord help me with this Jesus praying for me. Nagra falls flowing I mean something seemed to be happy and I don't want to go with this and it will spread gave you the right ones at the right. I said you're absolutely right. I humbled myself. You I Need A lot of you know what I look ugly ugly. Mr Universe doesn't look that great even you yourself with all due respect to you I mean you don't know that but compared with that without any comment just quickly compared to how Jesus our Divine Physician cosmetic surgeon what he would do when he comes in the clouds of heaven the Bible says in the twinkling of an eye in a split second he'll transform everybody's it was glorious Wylie to live in perfection. Well I think that she look at me she said Well I'm a Christian but I don't go to church other than the Bible I don't believe in God very much. I have a thought about God when it is this true is that in the Bible you say this show it to me but I should do it I tell you something if I believe it will impact the way I practice then I'll be able to give people hope. We are sick and I'm up and die. More deaths in the Bible about the coming of us humans too because you know I mean look we swept the loose before be fooled them with being this experience and this with the little stuff. How come the plane there's nothing I can replace this and they find of one thing no one was delayed because you have an audience with Jesus and the atmosphere and you see God is at work on this for weeks. My friends God is for real. Shorter different things different pics from the Bible verse to have something like different things from the Bible about the coming of Jesus. I'm going to see my father and mother when Jesus comes one of these wonderful oh they were shriveled up. Oh my mother can see the pictures we sent her some pictures I got my mother looked really old with all the persecution and suffering. Now when I see my mother in the clouds of heaven should be as beautiful as he is. I'm not so much into looks but even then I'm going to look like a handsome dude. I tell this to my wife as she's so out of the ocean looks forward to that. I mean she looks like oh my peer over you know some people and she says I like you the way you are she just likes me. Jesus comes I want to see my father and mother in perfection. Time passed by this it was excited now. Oh no. No I was seeing God's work. She was just like a regular you'll meet and then the Calders were to board know and you know being a frequent flyer that called me first and I said Would you not finish with I want to know more I still have you know to go and and you know I prayed the Lord to see that I planted me somebody else wanted it in her life and I went and sat through thirty two and a lot more than I was praying for this woman you know reading a book I forgot about it for a while I was thinking about other things and then I looked ahead and this woman was walking through the oil in the water. Or flying so she was looking for the prize and checking to see everything you know but this is one seat and then she came by and she looked up. I kind of believe it might be worth the price of his thirty two B. I'm sitting next. Shall we continue to buy most of my friends that's a divine appointment. Believe me it's a divine appointment. This is not some sort of prayer this is precisely not a flock of Jesus prayers only not go forth can't do stuff like that. Droplets of what I said this is a divine of God said You know I'm beginning to believe in God more is a miracle. This what I need in my life all my degrees all this all this leave an emptiness of my heart I need God to feel that that can tell me more. Jesus we thought oh boy I was heading to second month she was heading to Washington D.C. We're going to Chicago and I could tell she was smiling more and more peace of God was flooding her life and she said the plane is going to land Chicago could you please pray pray for me. I need God in my life and I think we'll come to noise because we're excited about what you know about prayer about second Jesus and we didn't realize that we were a bit noisy for a knee and I prayed for one prayer by heart. I gave myself to Christ and then and then you know before that she said you nobody ever prayed for me before. What am I supposed to do I said just by you had to close your eyes that's all. She did that and I finished praying for her. I opened my eyes and she still had their head bowed. And so I thought maybe I should have given her better instructions that when you say amen you know that you missed it and I cleared my throat I pretended I was coughing. No and I thought maybe the Spirit of God must have been so by your hand and up and just crazy what this woman has nothing to do with the amp. So I put my hand in the crane silently and this will start playing the most brutal prayer and prayer open heart to Jesus. Thank you for sending this man I have this emptiness in my life. I'm a cosmetics which is so wonderful to do you have the divine cosmetic sort of this hope that looking for us humans ways with all our problems when you come and she invited Christ to come into her life and the glow of heaven fell upon her face and she even looked more beautiful than before in the beauty that comes from the peace comes from the heart of Jesus. Now I have to finish packing. It's on the flight attendants came to her and he is a bother we all know is Jesus who has been bothering me or has been poking at my heart. He's been bugging me I need to be a bug in my conscience and she said this is what happened. So then I just did you know I just sat back and this this was not exactly who just met then find a cosmetic surgeon. Just that's what this is about experience. She just sat in countering the man Jesus and I just want to grow up. Oh I forgot the police or my notes here this is just the introduction of the sermon. I wonder when will I preach my view sermon. One more thing you know talking about Georgia I live in Georgia it's close to certain of this university. I just tell you how only the fragrant incense of Jesus' prayers can make a difference all in their graphology supers can make a difference. And please listen to the end of this short experience I was looking for a house in Georgia the kind of Ringgold folks in the real world thing that people in Atlanta are living in a foreign country because it's really really south enjoy the culture of the south of my life so when they hear me talk you know what they said. This guy comes from the north but Frank to me they think I come from the north because I have a different accent. I don't mind after nine eleven if we think of north it's OK. If I tell him I'm from Syria they blow their mind. But let them believe I'm from the North Stars looking for how to buy when we arrived some years ago and there was a house I liked to spend a few days thinking I was came back to look at it again and there was a man about six foot four husky strong moving the lot so I thought maybe maybe you don't want to. So we stopped the mower. Sir can I help you in a Southern dialect. I said well I was looking at this house some time ago I don't know if it's still for sale here except maybe the way I looked and he said to fix in reaction he said. I want you to know that we are a bunch of rednecks around here you know redneck I don't like California if you have a good life but you know people who have rednecks and the second thing is that because we need no furriners around here. Two things he said. Rednecks and foreigners not foreigners why the word and it's hard to say for owners. Can you say that was me. Now then that's what I was I was in one camp before I had this engagement which exists. Praying together and witnessing together was diplomatic play things move thank you soon have a wonderful day. But why go to seven couple with let's all have enough trouble of my own but I was coming to this encounter by the way every business encounter can be a spiritual encounter. That's what makes what makes it so much. Every This encounter can become a spiritual encounter. Now I wasn't alone I wasn't thinking of my trickle of water I'm thinking of the Amazon River coming through. But he was my great does play a part. He was my greatest What does Jesus and me were coming through. So what was the force of the running away. I took spiritual authority in this man's life. He was three times my size. But Jesus was big and he was with me and made up for the difference. So let's pretend the human mind can be truth and you are I mean you're the closest to your closest you know please don't try this unless the if you don't tell us what it took a while. Well try this with your smelly breath. Who snuck in the house. That's what he would do so and I smiled. I said is that wonderful to meet my first redneck friend. Let's have some fun if you know when I was in high school I was shy inhibited can talk to anybody. But now Jesus knew that this was my life as it is that wonderful to me I first read that the man was startled he was shocked. Now man's any facts. How do you know I'm different. Because she's a stool. That's why you see I'm a touch with Jesus and he told me you make a good friend I would use it. Well the Bible says people look at the outward appearance but just looks at the heart and just look at your heart and he told me that you would make a good friend. You should remain vigilant and so and so I said Look let me tell you something. It comes colors in a red light we were going to those the picking of our the color red is the heart of Jesus was bloodied with Crips and blood on the cross to make you and I influence I mean I mean can you imagine a greater effort on the part of God but do we have the heart of his son Jesus broken and Oldring was went through some kind of color. Well I believe in and this is the blood of Jesus is strong enough to make a redneck and become friends what do you say to that. I never thought of that. You know right I would say amen to that. He said I'm quoting him and I try to listen. Well let me see you anyway. It's just what I said this is true as we enter the Baptist I think I meant to that he was a house painter. I used to paint houses when I was in college. Shortly colors his house how he was painting everything is in the wilds the part I can get with God I said I have a passion. That's what class as of as of in question what you want to seem to me but he can't be three hours and fifteen this I can get rid of this man. He became a lot of friends and I even wanted to. And the end he said God sent you here. Please pray for me I need to experience Jesus in this real way. Host prejudice. I've had funny thoughts about people this picture of Jesus bloody hot with crimps and blood really really painfully of playful and he gave his life to Christ for the first time. And he hugged me and finally he released. I went to my class and like those I was labeled him as a way for us was it seems that this is the first experience I came from. I made an appeal to my story as I had about sixty Foster and in it for them to commit their lives across and seventy's tubes up and they've lost any.


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