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How to Study The Bible Part 2

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan



  • September 20, 2012
    4:00 PM
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heaven we thank you so much more there was a link and you will serve you right now needless parts you ordered was right next thing I want to do later reading as you want to read how well you wondering thoughtfully cover that repeatedly cover that civic leaders are that with the next one imaginatively what I mean by imaginatively very simple and ninety was no timeline you put yourself in the watch and the story you put yourself in the story let's take an example of John chapter four John chapter forward I can read it but were understood to give the punchline you can mark it down the back and read it tonight John chapter four what was the main character in John chapter four were with the two main characters Jesus and who is mother the woman at the well right and so Jesus meets Ernie talks with her and he shared with her who he is and she accepts them and then she goes into the city and she tells everybody and everybody comes out and they what they receive Jesus yes because of her the story right let's suppose I read that story through I read it as a third person through the first time you are right I just read it seems to see what the stories about the second time I read it I go through and I read it from the from the viewpoint of Jesus as Jesus is standing there pretend I'm just on hunting don't must don't think of Royal Cape Kevin S and I'm standing there well it's noon and it's hot in here comes this woman down to the well try as she goes to drawn out what was wrong with that picture right off the bat people didn't go at the hot part of the day to draw them in the morning and when the evening so immediately recognize them is wrong yeah I started talking heard etc. so I'm reading the passage on think to myself what is Jesus speaking here so I read that through it you can find you could spend two hours are you with me then I go back and I read the chapter what again and I read it from the eyes view of who the woman at the well fall under one of the well I'm going out and I know one going out to the well it knew because I want to be seen by who everyone else in the city right and I'm going to dwell in their resumes and he comes up to me and he says and imagine if you were that woman and Jesus were saying those things to you how would you feel right I think about this is Jesus goes through he reveals to her that he is the water of what life as she says she says Sir give me this water that I might drink always and then what does Jesus say after that he says goal and call your husband why Jesus do that she says I have no husband he says he rightly said to have no husband because the use that five men they were not your husband and the man this with you now is not sure husband what was Jesus doing he was revealing her purse in her history right and immediately she recognizes him as a prophet now which is sell automatic picture imaginative way Jesus is speaking to you and he says I have the water of life but before I can give it to you I need to do something what I need to do a point off to sin and really are sent right and so you understand how you do this and so we can get an experience from the woman and apply to our own life reading imaginatively out of a rarity side note is that she's he said you had five husbands and the one your with now is not her husband how many is that Jesus was the seventh man that had an impact on her life and then and he is the one that completed her change her and made her what she was always trying to be always wanted to be piping with those of the men see that that then you go back and read the chapter again and reread it from the viewpoint of the disciples disciples come back and add Jesus as they are going to go into that is not only talking to a woman that she's a Samaritan and they approaching there listening to the conversation imagine what were they thinking as never I then go back and read the story again and imagine that that you are that someone inside the city and here comes this woman inside the city and she's funny she's going crazy to say come here a man who has told me all things and remember Don could he be the crimes if you heard her say that won't happen in your heart I would be like oh could be identical while and see you see how that works reading a match in two weeks you put yourself in the passage and you read it over and over again from from different perspectives of different people John chapter five have the pool but the mathematical Bethesda you read the story is Jesus you read the story of the man you read the story of the bystanders you read the story as the disciples looking at all these crippled people 's networks and you can begin to pull out parallels and what you'll find as you do this is that the words that Jesus speaks to those people you'll find since also speaking for your own heart just like he revealed to the woman at the well person before you can save her Jesus against start speaking to you about your sin that he needs to take away from you before you can have a full connection with seller works very powerful very powerful I've done this many times and when you do this friends the Bible starts come in the life is powerful and in the last one is read how meditatively meditatively noticed this statement says merely to hear or to read the word is not enough he who desires to be proof profited by the Scriptures must let everyone meditating on in a something very clear there is a movement called spiritual formation is anybody familiar with that that is not the type of meditation the Scripture talks about spiritual formation says empty your mind into your thoughts so that so that God can then come in now listen friends who fight empty my thoughts that means I stop what thinking God says come let us reason together God does not want us to stop thinking he wants to guide our thoughts and follow me spiritual formation leads unit into a Leica Leica hypnotic place were you stop thinking buses come let us reason together he doesn't want us to empty our minds he wants us to fill our minds with were as we start our minds with his words then he begins communicating with us and to us to see the understand just wanted to make sure you understood that so the Scripture is not we must meditate upon the truth that has been present in notice what he says here says meditate upon the lot Jerusha doesn't say meditate about nothing she is meditate on the truth on the Bible by earnest attention and prayerful thought there it is thought not emptiness not not thinking about thinking you must learn the meaning of the words of truth and drinking from the holy Scriptures known to give an example here of you know Matthew six thirty three Matthew six thirty three but seek you first quarter with me please seeking first the kingdom of God and all his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you this problem detects that you're memorizing your army this weekend right and so meditation means I'm thinking about everyone knows what she said about the meaning of the line the words every single word I want to think through so as I read this tax again I'm repeating the tax over and over again in my mind and every time I repeated I'm emphasizing a different word job networks so it says but seeking first sold the first word is plus I would say but never there's that word again right but by CE verse thirteen of God and his righteousness then I know that I somehow generate only throughout every time but what but see ye first the communal God let's see he was what is that sci-fi emphasize he is talking about you he's not just talking about everyone else but seek he first the keynote I usually try to see the first second not third not when I have time but how first first but CC first the kingdom these in one word is in it because there's lots of kingdoms out there is another things got a kingdom on this earth presently but doesn't want to seek in that kingdom he says the kingdom the kingdom of God seeking first the kingdom it's God 's authority is in God 's realm of God seeking first the kingdom of God God 's Kingdom you see how that works cycle to the passage and I emphasize every single word reading it over and over again and that is what is called biblical meditation are you listening to stay away from the stuff called spiritual formation is absolutely dangerous and you will be swept away into the deception I can guarantee you friends there are people that I know will come out of a cop of the occult will come out of Satan worship and other forms of variously than they said spiritual formation stuff is exactly what we were doing when we were in those movements it's dangerous friends if you have any books on it cost of course is a book that's against it is a great book that was that ISI burn those books have a little bonfire I if you if you have more questions about that comes up later right here's some tips to help you with this number one always start with a clear and when I say tips and talk about tips on observation are very first principle always start with a clear and moved to the what unclear do not start do not start your study with a verse that is unclear to you because what's in a happening humanity 's stock on that verse are you going to your going to stress yourself out and you can end up coming to a wrong conclusion about the tax are the verses that are clear with you that you these somewhat understand on the surface because often what happens is as you study more and more verses that are clear the unclear verse begins become clear just like the Romans seven things we did that we did that and it became clear all right secondly observe and study of verse pass a chapter book getting the fullest meaning on sky run for this role quickly to hear some different ways that you can do a Bible study the whole Bible try to read the Bible one year read chapter four chapters per day is one chapter per day on that's just for general reading us not for study we are studying your MLB much more thorough by topic you can study look up every taxes on salvation get to cell phone those nice fat concordances for nineteen ninety nine the Christian bookstore and you may enter only twenty dollars you can probably download law download them online for free or for a very minimal cost and look up every word this I do word searches all the time I come up with sermons from just word searches a search faith or or works or grace or love or or or whatever and all these versions will come up and you start reading those verses in line with each other they start connecting it's very powerful friends very powerful we start seeing things that you didn't see before the study by topic by book you can trace a particular theme by God 's power God 's compassion does forgiveness his appeals etc. through a book you can then study one chapter on many times many times see you don't just reject the similarity right once I study this chapter ninth I looked for God 's power displays all that Shaffer alter that story and boom I saw all this at all this and all this if you exhausted that chapter you have just put a little thought our basketball the basketball is all you could know you want not on it we spent hours and hours then I go back I say let's do the same tractability looked in the theme of God 's love I go through the chapter on God 's love it becomes very powerful and see God 's forgiveness on and on just about any subject you want you can study it by theme or by book arrived by chapter would we spent to look for a theme or unifying message or by word and I can study byword at night I mention that just a minute ago on here's another thing that I sometimes do it's very very good area powerful is I'll take a passage out right now all the truth statements on a passage and what I mean by that I take a verse and I looked at the person I say one of the things that are absolutely true about this verse as I go now hot hot hot pullout each idea and I write it down now here's a passage that many people have used to say that those who obey the ten Commandments are legalists this is a passage okay let's read this passage and I'll show you how I do this Galatians chapter four verses eight through ten by then indeed when you did not know God you serve those which by nature are not gods but now after you have no God or rather are known by God how is it that you turn again to the week and the beggarly elements to which you desire again to be in bondage so can you see this right see this passage so it seems to indicate is it says what the people are trying to save if you turn away from God you start doing the law start keeping the law is what a lot of people will say persons will say but a once noticed when I start reasoning through the text when I think about the text I write out all the true statements about the tax I can come to a very very clear conclusion getting ready to do that I may already running notice this here is the first aim at one time they did not know God you see that in Texas are now sent you did not what we do not know God okay so you see how this works at one time they did not know God secondly when they did not know God they serve what false thoughts that in the text in the Texas thirdly they came to know God and then they stopped serving idols which is good to see that there is fourthly they came to be known by God is a powerful tax powerful facets this is you not only did you know God which you were known by God Bible says that Abraham was the friend of God Moses was a fun of a new they knew him but he knew them when Jesus returns we find always fascinates reset the park from the fry never knew the right I would be not I don't want it to snow got been owned by our number five if they were not serving or paying idols they were serving the living God yes because it says they stopped serving idols and they started serving new God we can only serve one or the other were not working sir everybody's got to serve somebody at Romans chapter six for sixteen thousand Paul says do you not know that to whom you present yourselves to obey that one you are the slave of that one whether of sin bleeding to death or of righteousness leading to life right so he says that they were not serving the idols they were serving the true God yes they turned from idols to loving God number six but after that they turned again to week elements meaning that they were in bondage again so as they turned again to the bondage of sin and by watching who did they turn away from the conflict got to see that is a true statement number nine RMA number seven serving as being in bondage to a master and we just talked about that will also something or someone were to serve one thing or the other a Christian that is serving God will be obeying his wife 's command something that has to be true because it because sin is transgression of the law a person who turns from God will serve in bondage to sin it's one of the other we see that we establish that so this passage says nothing about Oswald being and being the bondage but rather that the bondage of sin and idolatry is what they once lived and you see that so some Christians will try to say that bondage that that both clockwise turning back to the law by breaking the text down in writing out all the true statements what we find is that that's not the case at all the true bondage is not about God 's law but it's about what is about idolatry does not see you see how that works you just reason for the taxi take a passage is a water all the truth thoughts were all the truth of points that I can bring out of the stacks and you sit there and write them down you go from one to the next and the next and typically as you do that you'll find that it makes perfect sense at the end you'll come to the natural conclusion is very easy the Bible 's not hard to understand all right so we talked about observation yes we talk a lot about observation right now our second point is that the other ones are not quite as long understanding what I'm sorry backing up second one is interpretation which is what setting and understanding once you see what to observe and you see what the tax status then you want to make sure that you what understanding I mean it doesn't make any sense to see you about understanding her right are right noticed this statement if you have to this is a universal principle friends when you're trying to interpret Scripture if you have to throw out truth to establish truth it wasn't truth in the first place the cats that if you have to throw out the truth to establish truth and it was never true in the first place jewelry that need to be so yes so Melanie explained if in your study you come up with some new idea and it contradicts something that is Ari establishes is truth is your idea to her faults matter how much you want to be true it is still false are you with me has no that's very important understand there are people who think that they have and what happens is they end up leaving people to disaster to disaster yes I'm good I'm going to go down and talk about that all right so general rule is this and if I don't like something answers your questions and come back to me a general rule the more time you have spent in observation observing the text and see what it says the last time you have to spend in interpretation and the more accurate will be your conclusion I was just talking with someone about this at once I think our group was for the more time you spend observation the less time you spend in and interpretation why is that the case in Reno because I have if I take a taxi my readers I read it one time I say I think this is what it means is that an interpretation of smell all it is but it's probably not the right one but if I have spent all my time observing the tax and emphasizing the words and doing all the things I show you how to do asking questions and I know a lot about that text I've save observed it and now I can begin to understand it and with all that information I should be able to come through very quick conclusion I'm not saying you should rush the interpretation saying what would you understand what I'm saying you understand what I am saying okay thank you general rule again the less time you spend in observation the more time you will have spent interpretation and the less accurate your conclusion will be so much better to do spend more time where observation that and simply arguments and why that's the case whatever we observe will be the content of what my interpretation will be see that so if I do very little observation and have very little information is collect the final see I want my wide base of information to be able to come down and give me the direct meaning to see if I start with very little that my view was going to be have been one of these renowned doing on the wine are ice of the better my observation the better the interpretation you understand that after all right five C's of interpretation five season for them both of these pretty quickly first one is content and that is what I've already observed the case of that would very take care of we spent a lot of time on the second one is context and I talk about this briefly what comes before the verse and what comes after the verse others different types of contacts there's what's called literary context literary contexts is like the verse before numbers after the entire chapter best literary cousins the look is the literal statement CC there then that you could have historical context will that be like when did it take place and time yes what about geographical context is there such a thing yes what about cultural context gathers all kinds of cultural contest fact that that's a hot issue in our church today with a particular issue of ordination units down talk about their trying to say is it is it cultural right so that's contacts you understand context what comes up for what comes after is an important to study the context yes because if you don't you will build a belief system off one verse and that will be an utter disaster that's what many churches today do it it becomes disastrous with our timeline about fifty minutes thirty minutes beautiful comparison that's the third save interpretation comparing Scripture with why Scripture and how I do that with concordance we talked about the sororities among a smaller time I look up a word I find all the other verses in the Bible think about this if I were building a fence if I'm building a fence and I have I I put up all my fenceposts and I go down at the end of the fence line I looked down that line and I look all of them they're all straight except one or two smart thing for me to do is to go rep Bob on ninety nine cents posted my father is the one that wanted it to do that somebody would I guarantee you in the history of humanity somebody has probably done at some point time like oh my goodness they're all I live in Boulder may move remotely got halfway through it hit them write summaries done that when you're studying the Bible you compare Scripture with Scripture and what happens is those first number we set start with a clear and moved to the unclear to start with the unclear even end up with a wrong idea okay start with clear moves unclear when I have a hundred ninety nine verses in the Bible to say that the dead know not nothing and have one verse that says to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord I know that the rest the Bible says when you die you go to sleep so therefore that person must be must be a deeper meaning to it that makes sense I can compare that verse with other verses I will typically come to the right conclusions this is the way to study without coming into error is to study Scripture with Scripture all right culture of song twenty three the Lord is my light he leaders me to green pastures and etc. etc. if I have the correct cultural understanding that passage will come more to life than me there's a book I think it's called twenty third Psalm for some like that and it was written by a shepherd and he goes through it he talks all about the life of a shepherd how you know when that when the baby lamb if it starts to wander away what will the shepherd do he will he will go back and get it it will bring him back and he will break his leg and he will Kerry on his shoulder and that little lamb learns to depend upon him and it learns his smell and it becomes attached to him and it will hardly ever leave his side as a console it will never stray see 's in the same way God does the same thing across if a if a lamb if a lamb is being born and its mother dies what the Sheppard will do sometimes as he will he will he will like make a skin from that mother 's lamb and he will wear that they will keep battling with them and it will it become to know his mother sent on this man and it will stay by his side see that so the point is is that when I understand the cultural context in other words when I understand the what a shepherd actually does the Lord my shepherd when I actually read that he lead me through the green pastures he caused me to lie down those things become more why Oriel and I think into pools spiritual applications from a very powerful subunits in a cultural context you understand what those people were going through then when the final writer writes about it you can have a whole new understanding it's very very nice and that the lastly consultation which is secondary sources Bible commentary etc. I encourage you to try to study the Bible yourself before going outside resources simply because you don't want to get influenced by those that is what the Holy Spirit to speak to you you have to be a scholar to understand the Bible have to be a scholar to interpret the Bible on no we don't want to reject scholars but we don't want to get the idea that that we have to be a scholar either so those of the five C's of interpretation got those aren't what are they content context comparison sure and consultation are right hungry you have ever tried to figure out symbolic meanings in the Bible everyone agrees razor hands with Brad Dennis and we we study the book of Revelation right if you ever read a passage you wondered is this literal or is it figurative how another difference in the Google wonder that like Francis when we do an evangelistic series we always talk about the parable of the rich man and Lazarus right and we win on this night of hell we always talk about that is if there are some principles to follow by throwing too much to guys you hang in there guys are doing great I can see your eyes and you seem like you look pretty good right number one use the literal meaning unless there is some good reason not to always read it for its literal meaning first and see what does it actually say do not try to spiritualize the text are you with me by spiritualizing the tax I mean you try to make it say something that it's not now it may have a symbolic meaning and it may say something literal and have symbolic meaning but he's not saying something literal that doesn't apply so that there could be a spiritual meaning behind them a sense I number two use of figurative when the passage tells you to do so right sometimes the Bible say and Jesus began to tell them a parable now you know that when Jesus says that what is at me that it's figurative riots and civil admittedly an event that actually happened but there is a spiritual symbolic application behind its okay so the vapor passage tells you up front that you know I certainly use this figure meaning if a literal meaning is impossible or absurd passing of Sir Adam in the Bible 's absurd but it's it's not realistic and human example in Revelation chapter one verse sixteen speaking about Jesus it says that a sharp sword was coming out of his mouth the shock to Ensor now cannot be literally answer no not at all because we know that that's just not going to happen day now so we know that has to be symbolic so therefore we need to use the Bible to interpret that meaning yes now I'm just giving you the punch line here but Hebrews you would have to study this out using the concordance and etc. in finding the word that associates with that but I'm giving the Hebrews four twelve says that the word of God is living and powerful sharp like a two-edged sword so when it says in Revelation achieves us was speaking and eight sharp double-edged sword was coming out of his mouth what's up after talking about the word of God that cuts through the heart that makes sense as breezy is the figurative meaning of a literal meaning is impossible or absurd also use the figurative if the literal meaning would involve something immoral by for instance Jesus said in my flesh and drink my blood now was he literally saying that out because later on in the chapter in John chapter six he says that he says these words that I speak to you what Seth their spirit and life Jesus was telling us he's speaking spiritually here his flash is his word is belied is some what cleanses us by faith the city so Jesus asked he said these words are spiritual there spirit and life so you follow that if it's a moral right and then number five is the figurative meaning if a literal interpretation involves a contradiction of other Scripture outright say this I don't mean that the Bible contradicts itself I'm not saying that but let me give an example Mark ten twenty five Jesus said it's easier for a rich man to go through the eye of a needle than to enter the kingdom of God help me ask you what is Jesus saying that passage was a say what the disciples say Jesus after he said that was allegedly said Laura I mean this is like an impossible thing I was Jesus saying that rich men could not go to heaven because there was a rich man named Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea were very wealthy man after Jesus died and rose again they join the disciples were told will desire of ages that almost they use all of their wealth to fund the early church and powerful they gave everything I had so it's not saying a rich man cannot go to have any see that so when it it when it seems like a contradiction of other Scripture other Scripture says all men can be seen she remained so this passage is not saying that Richmond cannot be saved with that it's very very difficult for a man to surrender his riches that makes sense so use the figurative unless it seems like a contradiction then you know that there's probably another application to the makes sense everybody are right now really get into something that probably about twenty minutes even something very exciting were going to begin to just draw to a close world were were coming down to the closed notices that to me this is the most exciting part K so methods for interpreting some bowel words and passive I really should've here this is all my presentations and two hours in line for hours but I couldn't be here so I had to pack it into right now here are some rules number one reason tax for the literal sense first ask the question what is the tax actually say okay secondly look for the spiritual meaning asked the question is there a deeper meaning behind the passage thirdly you consultants accordance to find passages that reveal the meaning to particular work I mentioned that already but I just read emphasizing it for you plug the meaning of that word back into the original tax and you can get a a a space your ritual meaning by him to show you a very clear example to all of you are familiar with the second and an fifthly make sure that it is not conflict with established truth already that is so important it is so what because Whitesell I wake up now notice this here is a very clear example that were all there with the literal word is what beasts Daniel seven two and three I saw my vision by night behold the four winds of heaven strove upon the great sea and fourth grade while these came off so we know that that there were not for literal monsters that can not being a missing invasion but there were not for the release so we know that this this wording is what symbiotic figurative so we look in the Bible we say does the Bible unlock the meaning to this word and the answer is what yes in Daniel seven seventeen the angel comes back Daniel says these great piece which are for our for what things which shall arise earlier so a piece represents eighteen kingdom or what nation right we know this am not a strategy to something you don't noble goal of people was okay so you can take a literal word that may have a symbolic meaning and you can plug in and to certain passages and find a deeper meaning to the passage it's using the Scripture to interpret Scripture that's what were doing so the water in Revelation thirteen I saw a beast rising up out of the sea we know what that means Revelation seventeen waters you saw are peoples multitudes nations and tongues we got that right the other with me okay no watch this there's some more some words that are defined these nations water people life equals what truths now were not never look always up because we'll have time and give you the passage you'll have the notes you can go back on the road and look them up lamp equals the what equals the Bible the woman equals the church the garner a garment or apparel equals what my righteousness my righteousness is as filthy rags right the bread equals what the Bible or God 's word mass not live by bread alone but by every word right Jesus said I am the bread from heaven I'm the bread of life and he was known as the word to see how this works okay and what we can do is we can go to a passage I'm not saying this will work every time because you have to make sure that it doesn't conflict but you can go to a passage must go to the passage Isaiah four and verse one Isaiah four and verse one and let's get let's see what this passage says what's our timeline fifteen minutes yes what time is it so I got fifteen minutes we invite thirty four was a five forty five I is getting Isaiah for now noticed this I posted this on my Facebook the other day and I was appalled at how many Adventists had no idea what it was and and I was like goodness I had to go through to explain is why music is example today Isaiah for verse one notice what the Bible says and in that day seven women shall take hold of one man saying we will eat our own bread and where our own apparel only let us be called by your name to take away our reproach are you listening so where do they start taking those words within that passage I start using the concordances say what is what are some alternative meanings of this night God taken in each that the phrase and in that day if you search that phrase I looked it up and it it refers many times to the last days in the end times an example of as fear my thirty percent in a is says in that day I believe that's passed that says this landlord to become one earlier in the other and all through the Bible it talks about that they say they'll test in the site and in that day and in that day is often a reference to the last days and the time you think are I think you've got seven which equals what God 's number we know that that's all through Scripture all through Scripture then you have the woman which is the church then you have the man who takes reproach first Timothy two verse fifteen says she is us is our mediator between God and man the man Jesus Christ and Hewitt he is the one that does what takes away our reproach right then you have the bread which is the Bible and then you have the garment or apparel which is my wife righteousness so I have the literal over then I find this symbolic meaning behind the word then I go back and plug those meanings into that first I find something very powerful are you with me I watched this here's a paraphrase with the symbols unlocked and ready in the last days which was in the original text was that way that day there shall be a system of churches were seven women multiple women who claim to know Jesus take hold of one man but have their own interpretation of Scripture either own Brett S with the tech said and they do as they please they wear their own apparel at my own right to sell do I want but will want to be called Christians must be called by your name to take away their sins but keep doing what they want to take away our reproach shall the original passage had that but now we unlock it using the concordance another things it becomes very powerful to see that all right let's do another one he ready Matthew chapter outside Luke chapter fifteen verses eight and nine go with me quickly there it with me quickly Luke chapter fifteen Luke chapter fifteen verse eighty nine with fifteen percent and nine RI I mingle five overs and okay I look at the fifteen verse eighty nine there are what's this or what woman having ten silver coins if she loses one coin does not light a lamp sweep the house and search carefully until she finds it and when she is founded she calls her friends and neighbors together say rejoice with me for I have found the piece which I was lost likewise ICQ there is joy in the presence of the angels over what of God over one sinner that repents one has to question what's the passage about literally in one sinner that process one okay that's the literal meaning but could there be a deeper meaning behind it I don't I I wish I looked up the score I totally forgot but Emma White makes the statements that makes a statement that a lot of the parables that Jesus taught are symbolic and have any time applications as well she says that I wish I found that quote but I'll try looking up for you later all right so check this out we take a little world I just took the words from the passage and were going to use the concordance comparing Scripture with Scripture to understand information so you have the woman which represents what the church but that's okay now there is the word sentences she has ten coins but you may not have this in your Bible when I do I have a like a little note saw the note in the margin and when it says and says having ten silver coins in my margin it says in the Greek that word is dropped Alfonseca right but this is what it means is says a valuable coin often worn in a ten piece Garland by married women notice that's a valuable coin that had how many pieces ten how many coins that she hath ten are you with me yes or no all right I will keep going silver says she had ten pieces of what silver and song twelve verse six it says your words are like pure silver so the silver represents what the words there's there's more tax oh three one minute light it was what truths John three twenty one now when the money on the share something that you locate here if the woman it says that the woman light lit a lamp so if she little lamb that means natural using logic she was in one as an artist just keep that in mind okay now so she lights a lamp which means to study what the Bible truth a lamp equals the wide Bible right so if I like the lamp with that mean I'm getting truth from the Bible yes to sweep another's not work for this but if you just use your logic the suite means to live the claim or to move something that makes sense to collar is using logic if there is not a viable definition at times you can use logic because what happens is all the other words have meanings and so there's one word that doesn't he apply logic and is overwhelmed with the rest with the other passages that are supported by the Bible say that right now then you have the last one which is a house which in Hebrews three six Jesus says are the people of God or the church is says that this house is the people of God okay now these are my literal words within the passive passage and I find what the symbolic meaning is with with the rest of Scripture are you with me has no now watch this all is one more there was the word dust now where Gus is not in their but this says that the house is dirty and she's what she's cleaning at no cost in the Bible and in theirs many passages where we may not have formatted us so does it symbolize what man in the book of Joshua Chapter 11 it talks about on man's words being like dust or something like that can courtroom optics goes but it says that you write this down look it up right now we take deeper clues okay we begin to interpret this watch this is so powerful the parable is about a woman the Church which is the woman using the Bible or the why to discover parts of God 's word the silver that she has why she has lost the parable tells us that the church or the house was responsible for losing the part of God 's words because during a time of darkness they were working without the one if you working without the land where UN and the lamp he was the one the Bible was there a time in history when the church on earth operated without Lancaster no without the Bible it was the dark ages we know that you are you listening I want stress signal of this in order to discover the missing words of God 's church the woman must remove or sleep the words of man or God 's with me that had been hiding God 's word or silver are you there I Psalm one nineteen seventies says the law of thy mouth is better to me than thousands of gold and one so silver is also a symbol of God 's law not only his word but even more specifically his law member of the Garland was a something that it was warm by married women and it had ten one so recordings ten laws ten Commandments one was lost because of the darkness because of the lack of the Bible be with me and there was a woman that would live the Lamb and find it going this is these kind of things or why not an atheist anymore Chris you can take these things and apply them back to history moments and fears in the moment one the silver pieces were lost so one of the Commandments would be lost with one you guys know you guys know here's a paraphrase unlocked with the symbols what church woman had in the ten Commandments ten pieces over a sheet of the church loses one one please does not study the Bible or light a candle and remove the teachings and traditions of men sweep the dust from the church and seek diligently until she finds it then she calls her friends and neighbors together what is that when missing saying rejoice with me thrive found a piece which was lost as a heaven and time application yes or no hesitant on application see that friends very very powerful right there that terrible the lost coin was a was yes it was talking about that one sinner that was lost but was found it also was a lysate adamantine application to the Commandments of God and we use the deeper meaning of the scripturally with me one more you got time for one more quick one this was quick Matthew thirty three I'm sorry thirteen verse thirty three to thirty five notice this another parable he spake to them the keynote have in his life into the lab and which a woman talk and hit three measures of meal to the hole was eleven all these things spake Jesus and the multitude in parables how about a parable he didn't speak to them that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of by the prophet saying I will open my mouth in parables I will utter things which have been kept secret from the white foundation of the world I watched this friends take the literal meaning lesson it was what Doctor now listen on is there good doctrine back Doctor yes good Doctor has been tested by what the wording to our all doctrine has been tested by the word of God and that that is what separates the two yes right so he says that there's laughing which is doctrine the woman equals the church the woman took the lead then or the teaching actually she knitted and Marie measures of what Neil Bible says what's meal it's like a flower as now it says the Bible are bred equals the Bible or a Bible message right after you take those three levels on-site measures of meal would be what are likely with meal I I I prepare the meal but the Lebanon it I let it sit for a while and then what happens it arises and then what I do with it I think it and when it comes out what is it expressed so it gets put in the oven they get spanked for a while it gets brought out and now it's bread now I can eat it yes so in Genesis eighteen verse one to six it talks about Abraham that the three-man team a week one was gone and what army was Jesus and etc. he runs into the tent and it says that he makes three measures of meal and they extend into case into bread so there is your interpretation of the three make three measures of meal yes now you bring up that and there are not one loaf if there was one loaf and we would assume that it was a message about what the entire Bible but it's not one but it's why it's the rate three messages from the Bible keep the pain that it says once it is the last thing it would go to the whole life the whole world think about this she took two to eleven or the pure teachings it was stalked inside the meal and it was hidden for a time until it would rise and it would make three loaves of bread or three messages that would go where the whole process in the passage but it would go to the whole world the Levin would be second in the whole world would be left in the Bible says to see that this is the whole would be Levin are you with me between them here's the unlocked version the kingdom of heaven is like doctrine or teaching that was hidden by a church but until it was less than in three Bible messages the three measures of meal until everyone in the world the whole world had heard them what are three messages that were hidden for a time but will come in their fullness in the last days I should think we are seven bathrooms and God Jesus was preaching the three Angels messages two thousand years ago number with the passage said it said that he would teach these things fabricated on the foundation of the world they existed way that men and women exist and ninety A.D. when John wrote that related begin existed from the beginning of Jesus was revealing these things all going down memory thankful for this friends using the Bible there are three messages from the Bible that it be given everyone these are found in Revelation fourteen sir remember this is the method that you use to unlock the night you got to make sure he got to make sure let's say for instance that you had if you are just the best study and somehow you came up with five messages that contradict Scripture it does doesn't they contradict truth authority established in Revelation fourteen zero one come up with your own while harebrained ideas you got a test on to what's already foundational and if it lines up with a grain you discovered something it's a new way of seeing it were even a new truth but if it conflicts the devil will tempt people to run with it anyway no one says laid at the feet of rather experienced brethren and let them studying through and if they don't see me live in it letting go previously know your own ridiculous ideas last one is application will take three minutes three minutes behind three for three minutes application is what does this do for my life he was me my life and here's how I do that I ask questions about what I observed and what I've interpreted and here are some sample questions you can ask number one what does this text say to me about my relationship with God then we're certainly not relational God as their example free to follow think about the three measures of meal that would go into all the world how does that impact me in two thousand twelve hello are you out there who made three measures of meal must go to all the world how does that impact my life today who has to be the messenger I do it with me in the parable of a woman that lost the coin is says that when she found it in other words when she knew the truth when she discovered this through she did why she went to her net burn center Francisco Mariani is something I don't understand what you this was lost but now it is now what does that say to me I need to be the one that's telling yes is there a sin to confess errors or to Sean in the stacks is there a duty to perform is there a lesson to learn is there got zero promise for me to claim as I'm studying through these passages I asked these type of questions and these type of questions will help me see what it means to me Saint I need to confess some sanity to lay down some Santa Anita I need to do this on you to do that I need to do something in my life based upon what I've learned from this passage right all right here's some more what does this to say about my life or how I treat those around me and admitted to question how does God want me to live from what's in the stacks how does the example of this applied my life what changes do I sense God calling me to make because of the sex I was following through with this bring me closer to Jesus and then denigrate excess money passage how will this draw me closer price how does this information is knowledge it is going to my head and is now my heart highnesses bring you closer to Jesus and the last one in Jesus and God asked me to do this particular thing will he not give me what I need to do a myth of these are not on the same desert like all the questions you can ask for these are examples what you do is become creative I think about your own questions you can make up a list of your questions to ask about a repass be absolutely sure of this is so important as you go through these questions and after asking these questions about the passes that you study that you do it from rare fully automated by prayerfully you a you ask that question and you say Lord bring the answer to my heart and say Lord will upon my heart reveal the answer to me and then through the Scriptures and then God will open it up to you you see that picture your prayerful you can study the Bible friends we believe that you can site you can do it you can do it how the Bible says in Psalm one nineteen eleven by word I have hidden in my heart I might not sin against you how do I keep in my heart I read it I'd memorized it I study it I do it it's and I want with it was a difference between doing and living like nothing doing is I do it once and I didn't living means that is a part of me and it is advanced a living I am living it out every single day and then notice this live your life in such a way that if someone spoke badly of you no one else would believe it I then when you put God 's word in your hearts and its mayor and it's making impact in your life on a daily basis is changing is transforming human as you study the word of God see Jesus and he comes alive and real to do their going to live it is going to be real is going to be powerful as good change your life radically forever is unchanged those around you and the last thing to keep it in your heart is to what friends need to share when you share it it sticks in a way that it will never go away here's the last thing they were closing you want to know your Bible better how many one night of my letter I give you some tools but here's the most profound ways like favorite statements says he who begins with a little knowledge and have a little knowledge you know John three sixteen had little knowledge don't you fear begins little knowledge in a humble way your humble those of you raise your hand just lost her humility here begins a little knowledge in a humble way major teacher both remain at it tells what he knows how many can tell to know is not expected to tell what you don't know if you if you can't quite grasp the twenty third on your proxies got expected to share that Israel well yes and when you share it you'll learn it better and you'll start fitting together and tells Windows was seeking building for further knowledge committee can do that will find the whole heavenly treasure awaiting his demand can you believe that can you imagine that the whole heavenly treasure of knowledge and wisdom will be waiting your demand how many would like to have that the more he seeks to impart life the more he will receive the more one tries to explain the word of God to others with a love for souls a planar it becomes so are you want the Bible start making even more sense to you start giving it away start take care and of others start daily Bible studies I don't become so real to you so fast our will change your life forever I can't study the vinyl as Jesus promised that he would guide to every step don't let why was anything standing away from fine real threat in his life you will find pheasant only Jesus can give you peace only Jesus can bring spend time every day in God 's word tearing it apart it is endless you will find an amazing rentable truth that will radically impact you probably are not just you but those around you sessions are today somewhere prayer followed heavily thanks so much for this time Manasseh discussion with England each one of us and Lord that as we commit ourselves to you that we realize we can't do it around spring meet your strength when you lose your help it was our Lord give us give us a desire it was a hunger for your word as the deer pants for the water let our souls pant after the we pray Lord that you would speak to us the word thousand twelve and has we go on more than we can realize and know the Bible so relevant to us today this speaks or harm that it gives us victory over sin breaks every addiction it turns our hearts and minds you normally want to live in heaven with you forever so we don't want to know who we want to be known by so we ask you to bless us and give us that experience a rich experience a good evening to you in the depth of your heart in Jesus name we pray I rule who is known as him and him is is is is is is that God 's word two three seven audio and much more I would like to know more about hothouse is more certain and him and his visit www. .net verse .org


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