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Mission: Supernatural

Zachary Page Leah Page



  • March 24, 2013
    7:32 PM
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father we desperately need you this morning we need you to speak to know whether you promise there were two or three gathered your right there in the midst of them bothered to build this place we ready you would speak to the power of your Word and the name of Jesus I pray amen he was fourteen years old the age when everything starts to change at F-14 he realized that he needed to shave and fourteen he realized that his voice is beginning to change and fourteen his little brother didn't even exist and I hated that at at seven years old I framed my brother 's attention I wanted him just doing on me and so I would do what ever it took to get my brother 's attention I would go to whatever length of the job my brother pay attention to me and I learned a trick when I was at school so somewhere my grandmother taught this to me or something but I learned if you hold your breath I don't don't try this afterwards but if you hold your breath in the clenching muscles really tie your face will turn bright red like a fiery Julie's mind will and so when I would visit school my friends would crack up laughing I would view this with my mom and my mom would panic and that was exciting I love to do this so I thought okay brothers up any pension to me today is the day that I may get my brother 's attention and so I walked into the bathroom and he was shaving in the bathroom and I walked in and I position myself by the bathtub in a gone through the meter I held my breath and I clinched my neck muscles were looking there might be beginning to true it was working better than ever before etc. then I looked over my brother is those shaving he didn't even look at me what's wrong as I decided shy little bit harder nosed pussy my mother little bit harder and all of a sudden everything began this bathroom before I knew it over to the showerhead from the bottom of the bottle back down and I had that was coming to present what happened to me I must have passed out and also denying or does the methodical buzzing I think over the edge of the bathtub and there's my brother still shaping in any reluctant needing immediate attention but I knew that I wanted to see everything went wrong when I stopped breathing against agreeing to the live of the body of Christ for the army of Christ breath is like Germany or Bible to first Corinthians chapter twelve first Corinthians in chapter twelve is in the chapter even memorizing your themes of the Bible first that the instructor twelve is a chapter that talks about the body of Christ Army of crime is something essential for us to understand this chapter it's understanding the one of us might be and I will another might be up with it but as I read this chapter I've missed something I've missed a key element of this the beginning in chapter one of chapter twelve in verse one is now concerning spiritual gifts brethren I do not want you to be unaware he's shifting gears here all it because even talking about all different kinds of things like even talking about sexual immorality is been talking about lawsuits within the church not having church members to each other that often these shifts years in verse one he said now concerning spiritual gifts I do not want you to be unaware brethren the fence I want you to know about spiritual gifts that verse two you know that when you were pagans you are led astray to dumb idols however you were led by effect I talk about spiritual guess while that is the jumping into idolatry why this ugly thing okay I don't you were led astray by idols dumb items something maybe a little hard for us to grasp but throughout the Old Testament you find that God was constantly railing against these were list breathless carvings the God by God couldn't stand with a light for constantly running to Germany a minor profit about it in chapter two verse eighteen chapter two verse eighteen the Bible says what profit is not idle when it's maker has carved it were an image a teacher of faulted for its major trusted his own handiwork we fast things speechless I think what profit is the highways makers carpet of that I later would go out you would think it's really would carve it and he would make this idle that he would bow down and worship is that this is just something that you have made it is the work of your own hands item is valueless as a worthless carving your bowing down because on it verse nineteen woe to him who says to a piece of wood awake to a dumb stone arrive nicer teacher behold it overlaid with gold and silver and there is no breath at all inside no breath inside of your worthless items you're bowing down to something that has no life that has no ability to do anything for you your bowing down to a worthless carving meanwhile it goes on a first twentieth is what the Lord is in his will I will let all your smiling for the Lord of Italy Temple today you have a special message to the people about the Lord meaningfully do we have a reason to pray because the Lord of the Italy Temple were the same time are we bowing down to breathless worthless parking enough when it comes to idolatry I don't identify all that well because I I grew up I'm not I grew up in a Christian home with weeding out while we didn't bow down and depriving straight so it's immediately making difficult rescued Army to imagine that we were bowing down to them I look think a little bit about it do we ever trust in the work of Ireland in you and I ever trust in what we can do is thinking about it I'm aware here to be trained and equipped but doing sometimes hope that if we could just give the Bible study just right than the person would accept you for getting all along that is the living God is holy Temple alone who can convict a high it is only God in his holy temple who can make a difference it is only the spirit of the living God they comes upon a person that committed we need the breath of life we need the Holy Spirit and yet so often I'll make my plans about their my dad out all objects of the individuals they owe God to bless those plans that we made today wait a second is not alive if God is holy double is Jesus in the most holy place now in a powerful position where I could appeal to him for power or my worshiping what I can do what I can you state how I can go about my own work if you have received it the lid for the body of Christ for the army of Christ we need the breath of the Holy Spirit first Indians twelve continues in verse seven is go back to first reviews chapter twelve levers seven it talks about what the purpose of spiritual gifts his first Corinthians chapter twelve verse seven the Bible says this but to each one is given the manifestation of the spirit for the common good to hear each one is given a spiritual gift for the manifestation that were there the manifestation agreed if the revealing of making a note it's it's to reveal spirit for the common good to each one is given the manifestation of the spirit spirit is revealed the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts in our lives we need desperately for this we need desperately to breathe in the Holy Spirit to be filled with power interesting that throughout this chapter first it is chapter twelve A talks about different spiritual gifts but I noticed something recently one hours reading through this bit over ten times throughout this chapter the word spirit appears repeatedly see them as I think of it is like God would you come and give me these talents that I need to finish your work would you come in such a way that you would give me enable me to do this this and this and the work done but God is saying that he wants the county wants to fill us with this others want to give you a talent he wants to get you himself it was the ability with power he wants to be the one to convict he wants to be the one to work a are you willing to his good pleasure you know why you were you want to do it in you and me and yet so often were relying on our own strength in our own power to get done these things it the workers there is you might've heard the word pneumatics or you often see that that that Greek wording included in inwards having to do with win Ryan will the wind the brat is with the body of Christ needs up to the Army of Christ needs we need to be filled with the breath of the living God we need to be filled in the Holy Spirit because of reasons to live the body of Christ for the army of Christ in first and second Timothy chapter three verse five Paul warned us that in the last days there would be a people of people without breath is specifically that in the last days there would be a people who are holding to a form of godliness all the while they are denying our ballooning I don't want to be holding to a form of godliness why deny the power and a wanted train myself so much so that I have it all together it looks like I have it right I can memorize everything and I can present it just right and that's good that needs up in the form of God is not a bad thing but it is lacking the power of the Holy Spirit finishes the form of godliness while denying how we need the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives we need the power the Holy Spirit in our ministry okay so I got to do something for you guys to attempt to hold your breath as though everybody take a deep breath exhale once helped the hyperventilate him again once more how they breathe in it one more time how you breathe it in the holder the design and keep all the evil in people you can okay I would save other people there is there is a group of people who are still in rough ideally that okay miles of wild again losing the people who have figured out that they can actually hold their breath or longer by doing a few things they will go and they will put themselves in Hyderabad hyperbaric chambers for a couple weeks if the little guy would be good and hyperbaric chambers were a few weeks leading up to this event and that basically gets your body used to being without oxygen the thing is that a human being will die an average human being will die after five minutes not to know its inner volume of the five minutes and you probably can be dead it was but being individuals they will put themselves in hyperbaric chambers and then when it comes to the day of the event of his children okay the metal of a rough afternoon okay there's some people who they will they will do this and then on the day of ten minutes before they will start reading a hundred percent pure oxygen the be hyperventilating into a mass will be breathing in this pure oxygen is out and out for about ten minutes at the end of ten minutes you feel like you get to pass out reveal terrible but in the other that ten minute that they could a gigantic rapid that represent pure oxygen in the low point of their body into a forty degree tank of water nothing like the water out here this is cold water and that apparently relaxing their body if you do the opposite to mine the day relaxing their body and a German guide it is just this last summer on CSS and he was able to hold his breath famous volume nine hundred the meeting I listened I was able to hold his breath twenty two may and twenty two seconds an amazing amount of time in five minutes in the average human is that the please don't keep all your breath too much longer but did you notice inside that hunger for oxygen that it it is it takes away he probably couldn't even pay attention when I'm saying I know you're holding your breath like I lose all attention when I'm holding my breath once I was playing this game in a swimming pool with watermelon he had to swim from one side to the other with it and everybody kept pushing me down with his watermelons I got rid of the watermelon and they kept pushing me down anyway and I was getting desperate for Aaron I still remember the moment I was just lying in getting doing whatever I possibly could I just wanted that breath for the day is I wonder if the people of God who got used to living without three we've gotten used to getting by we've gotten used to being able to peer just right so that we don't need the power of God we got it figured out so that we can come to church and do it just right and not really even need God seriously how often in the plans that I may the plans that you may even require the God show up or do something that I could actually get done in my own strength in something that I can actually call there was need to Ezekiel chapter thirty seven Ezekiel chapter thirty seven talks about an army seat agree that the live event for the body of Christ Ezekiel chapter thirty seven I was not satisfied with the experience that we have right now you know we we come to be like Army we see God doing a mighty work among his people it's an exciting thing but I'm not satisfied is an interesting statement in the review and Herald Tribune Herald in the nineteen oh two visit if we were willing to receive all be filled with the spirit by resting content with small blessings we disqualify ourselves for receiving the Spirit in its unlimited only the spirit can be receiving on limited fullness said we are too easily satisfied with a ripple on the circuit just a ripple on the surface when it is our privilege to expect that the moving of the Spirit of God expecting little we received with I don't want to be satisfied without I don't want to stop at that point in my got I want to go so much deeper and so Ezekiel chapter thirty seven Ezekiel is given exchanging crazy mission Ezekiel chapter thirty seven the ghost given a lot of crazy missions like he was all the lioness died three or ninety days the Gill got a lot of strange assignments in order to illustrate what God was trying to get across and here he gives them another illustration starting in verse one is that the hand of the Lord was upon me a brought me out by the spirit of the Lord and set me down in the midst of a valley that was all about any cause me to pass roundabout than and behold there were very many on the surface of the Valley and they were very dry with him bone no read Romans weren't breathing much at all I think that the Son of Man Henry's moans live in I answered all Lord God at that point other even know if these bones in that he looks around at this mayhem around images this tragic horrific scene around bones everywhere anything or even not be delivered I view alone no if my church income delight you alone know if I can even come to life me of all people up I comes alive then God tells the prophesy over these bones and say to the dry bones here word of the low the availability that New Orleans is it is amazing she were suddenly all the voting begin to come together this is really in the Valley there's this incredible movement of these both beginner shaken wooded this minute and amazing moment to see it all is well in the beginning to come together they connect and there's seeing you over than there they're pretty soon it becomes a perfectly formed army the army is that administrative and equip their ready person a woman I looked and behold sinews were on the min human skin covered them but there was no breath in them you see without the breath our army of Christ will never publish its mission because we have a supernatural mission there are seven billion people outside of this seven billion people who need to hear three new messages meeting to hear about our crucified and risen Savior and those seven million people need to be reached by a a will will never happen unless we are filled with the power of the living God the Pulitzer this is a Armenian see the Army just a form there they have a form of godliness but denying the power and so got it satisfied his prophesy in verse nine prophesied of the breath Son of Man estate of the rest of us that the Lord God come from the four winds of breath and breathe on these slain that they come to life so I prophesied as he commanded me and the breath came into them and they came to life and stood on their feet an exceedingly great army want to leave this place an exceedingly great army doing better not leave here with just a form of godliness we better leave here with the spirit of God with a breath of God we better leave year filled with our disk drive and otherwise all are not but we can take heart that God promises to do this because in verse fourteen he says and I will put my Spirit within you it is an illustration I will put my Spirit within you and you will come to life you come over at the junior in high school and I was just your average kid I went to church every week he grown up going to church my parents is faithful that from when I was a little kid I said I love you and if I have enough new eyelid you know involved in being the church involved in the school and really had no relationship with God on my own at all on this year more of my conversion story tomorrow when we scared but on in January two thousand four of the junior and during it they haven't every generated havoc on the casing for all the area churches to come together and minister to dear year they'd invited to become an event presenting on the power of the Holy Spirit that minimally there praying for the Holy Spirit in your life and on Friday night came the first night my parents said you know let's all go wrong anybody care to know so we got ready and we went then you guys taken in the Bertie take note and now may be drawn or whatever I'm fully willing to go but wasn't really expecting forgotten teens my life and as a book throughout the weekend it was good Thurmond but I heard a lot of determined in my life but at the weekend ended got been getting so much and alive than dead people in this particular area and he decided for the next forty days they were to have impacted on praying for the holy spirit and had been going throughout the weekend you know in a teacher mining school she was there and does you try to become a frenzy with an older ladies you have lost her husband in the throughout the weekend I literally filling it with her about it being I noticed you are going to transpire self and as he got into the weekend in the forty days began and she really wanted to go and I thought I should go with her he knows that she didn't have to go alone and I are going to church night after night after night and again the presenters were talking about the Holy Spirit talking up the power of the lake talking about praying for the Holy Spirit in your life and after United know my parents got busy with work and they thought going that for some reason I continue to go night after night after night and again on this chairman will more mice are a guest tomorrow I look back in my experience that when God started beginning to change my life that when I started praying for the power of the Holy Spirit in my life every day that's when God is starting to be able to come in and totally changed my life and I think I did so much the little teacher that I was going in fitting with night after night to begin change her life when I go to school in the morning and try to get there early so we could go and pray together and I'm totally change your life totally changed my life and over and over I get zero you know many people another person at what really influence on Miami being the guy at one point in their life totally hopeless totally lost that their people pray for her guy totally changed her life around I want to encourage you today the Navy here is not painfully maybe even here feeling lost maybe you're feeling hopeless maybe you think you have not been for God but to pray for the Holy Spirit in your life that want to share this quote from acts of the apostles so powerful it does it all were willing all would be filled with the spirit whenever the need of the Holy Spirit is a matter of little father there is the spiritual drought spiritual darkness and spiritual decline seen and this is the means by which we are to receive power where do we not hunger and thirst a gifted why do we not talk of it pray for him preach concerning it the Lord is more willing to get doubly spirit to those who serve in for the rest baptism of the Spirit every worker should offer his petition to God what his birthday I will post my beer it went in you and you will come to life a feeling mantis is not satisfied is not satisfied with is the ripple on the surface is the beginning of her testimony is the beginning of what I've been doing it in her life she realizes that we need more of the Holy Spirit there is a latter rain power coming the father wants the bill is so fully that we represent Jesus in every single way in our life you want to totally transform this world the outpouring of the Holy Spirit is like it says in Ezekiel thirty seven fourteen I will put my spirit on you and you know column by breathing the live amen the body of Christ for the army of practice he was shoe salesman he had dreams of making millions of dollars the plan actually of starting his own company and an of being able to just make it well-off but then experience with converting power of Jesus in his heart praise God I he was converted and when he was converted at the same in the top in the probably a lot of you you decided I could tell the world about you I acted this figure and and not tell the world about you so he began to go out and share about Jesus in fact he became a very successful evangelist of very successful Boston he was in Chicago in the had one of the largest corrugations in Chicago and he thought that everything was going to the company was doing the work of God and everything was going right not realizing that he had a form of God all the while denying the power but then one thing happen that changed everything for this great evangelist listen to this in his own words he said what happened is that some people came to some of his meetings that I remember to women who used to come to my meeting when I began to preach I could tell by the expression of their faces that they were praying for me at the close they would say to me we have been praying for you and run I said why don't you pray for the people they answered you the power I need power I said to myself why I thought I had our eye had the largest carnation in Chicago there were some conversions of the time and I would listen satisfied satisfied with a ripple on the surface or ride along these two all the women praying for me I asked him to come and talk with me and we got on her knees they poured out their heart that I might receive the anointing of the Holy Spirit in their name a great hunger in my soul I knew not what it was I began to cry as never before the hunger increased when you are holding your breath you need and that often the hungry present really felt that I did not want to live any longer if I could not have this power for service I kept on crying all the time that God would tell me one day that evangelist walk down Wall Street in New York City he couldn't think about anything else he said that if I just kept crying out to God please fill me more deeply with your voice they said something happen in a moment the Spirit of God came unto them in a way that he couldn't explain that from that moment his life was forever changed he goes on to say this is the Holy Spirit came to Dwight L Moody more powerfully than ever before why don't we goes on to say afterwards I went to preaching in the sermons were not different I do not present any new truth and yet hundreds were converted I would not now be placed back where I was before the blessed experience if you should give me all the world as it is Dwight L Moody who in a day when there is no airplanes that the fly across oceans traveled more than hundred million miles and he preached it is a million miles you travel a priest over a hundred million people on both sides of the Atlantic Internet I would redo your hundred million people at least a million people accepted Jesus as their personal thing that would have come about if you simply rely upon himself and continued on his own mission and is working as hard out for Jesus to in all everyday Britain I think I'm about himself until he hungered any Thursday for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in his life and then hundreds were converted in the day they found the even a million people came to a knowledge of Jesus the review is in heavenly places blame page three thirty six within the manager of the Holy Spirit we receive will be proportionate to the mat measure up our desire proportionate to the master of our desire and that they exercise or it easy for Dwight Moody none of this would've taken place if it wasn't for two elderly ladies in his coronation were praying do any of you have a creation that needs life beneath spiritual life your pastor who needs to be filled with the Holy Spirit every pastor needs to be filled with the Holy Spirit would you pray for them every single week we can pray that God filled him with his spear because were desperate we can go on like this work were not impacting the world in a big enough way we need the power of the Holy Spirit in a deeper way are you hungry for the Holy Spirit yourself in your own life are you hungry like Dwight L Moody said I I just didn't want to live anymore I couldn't have the Holy Spirit I got wanted to go another day of your life as you can be filled with breath filled with a life of Jesus defeats agree that the live even for the body of Christ and Jesus promised that the loop twenty four hundred forty nine he said the way in Jerusalem until you are Bill and felt your clothes our clothes without you want to be clothed with our defendant acts one eight that when we are filled with the Holy Spirit we would receive power to be his witnesses in all the world that includes Hawaii that every part of this world I want to make you an incredible with if you are on a mission supernatural mission we need to represent Jesus to this world and were crazy to think we could do it any other way if you think about season Jesus and the life that you live Jesus who would walk through ability not a single person would be still sick after he walked out of that building Jesus you would see a blind man in who could talk to go to touch a leper and if it would be made Jesus who created one one five review the hypocrite in the same time love the thin Jesus who could break bread for thousand out of a few loaves and efficient portrayed vividly that we can live the life of Jesus in any other way but to be filled with the Holy Spirit but Jesus promised in John fourteen twelve what he promises he promised that it he who believes in me the works that I do he will do also a greater works than need these will review why did I go to the father because God is if it is only double because God is alive and we need filled with the power of the Holy Spirit on this mission because we have a God who went the distance for us we have Jesus Christ as our example Jesus who was not willing to hold anything back Jesus who saws that are breathlessly lifeless condition who came down and walked on this planet who walked all the way to the cross were one day in the greatest moment of the University hung there on the cross bruise and broken my insane negative Havertown across for you to be starting you needed the breath of life and so on Matthew twenty seven and verse fifty Matthew twenty seven and verse fifty it says the Jesus tried out with allowing voice and yielded up his spirit is Numa 's breath yielded up so that you could breed for the unit outline Jesus want to give you the power of the Holy Spirit I don't want to leave army without being filled in are you but it is possible that we can walk away from you not having been changed by the power the Holy Spirit it is possible that we can walk out of here and not receive the blessing that God promises in fact LOI talks about the review and Herald in eighteen eighty three July twenty four she talked about the meeting that they were having the meetings where they would meet into the meetings where maybe some of similar things were going on there she says this power I have been showing angels of God already to impart grace and power to those who feel their need of divine string you'd feel your need of divine strength and her angels just waiting to impart that Street view today that powerful but these heavenly messengers will not bestow blessings unless they have waited for the cry from souls hungering and thirsting for the blessing of God and often they waited in vain they were indeed there were indeed casual prayers but not the earnest supplication from humble contrite heart meeting up to we close with but little manifestation of the spirit and power of God five days from now I don't want to walk out of your thing there was but little infestation of the spirit and power of God the people seem to be satisfied to reach no higher the theater expecting no revival the work of God but with grief and disappointment Angels churned from the scene of confusion where tents were being removed and the people preparing to return to their homes without the blessing which have been more than willing to give them on Sunday we packed up our tents will be heading out again we have been filled with us the living God to breathe if the live for the army of trap we need to be filled with the Holy Spirit them I appeal to you keep doing what you're doing coming out United prayer and to be praying reading the Holy Spirit not just with cattle prayers but with humility with repentance from them before God and pleadings that God will have what it takes I don't have anything to I need to be filled with use this is our desperate need we need this more than anything else we can be trained we can be equipped we don't have the Spirit of the living God announced all for now you want to rebuild us Jane this can in arming the men LOI thoughts about the when two or three are gathered together when we meet in these meetings when we meet in special accommodations for the church those very moments are moments for the help way of the Holy Spirit and especially she said that if the very time we can pray and expect that God will pour out a spirit on it in a way that you wouldn't add any others this is a time this week for unity though the Holy Spirit so much honesty this week if the lead with God 's Holy Spirit leads to be filled with the Holy Spirit and not just the view that hearing this week but they go on and continue to be asked to be filled with the living God and maybe want to do something other than the world search is actually doing something where the challenging people to pray every day at seven a.m. and seven p.m. just to be prayed personally people of the Holy Spirit for your pastor your church to be filled with the Holy Spirit of the world surged to be filled only spirits we can accomplish this divine mission the supernatural mission you want to join in the movement I want to if you want to be filled with the Holy Spirit if you want to join in pleading with God through his Holy Spirit and when you stand with me and pray father thank you for this group of people who are not satisfied with the ripple on the surface but who long for the deep moving to the spirit of God in their lives and in their ministries father Philip even now in this very moment with your Holy Spirit I pray that you would come into our hearts to you cleanse us from sending you with directive into all truth so that we can share this message with the world they give you are in your holy people that even now Jesus you are in the most holy place interceding on our behalf or you would come you told us that crap for six that is not by might nor by power by my spirit villas with spirit and the letter without earnest desire to break room will rate in the name of a friend in a media was brought by Nautilus to you read God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more than a night he would like to know more about our universe this is more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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