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Here Am I, Send Me

Michael Duehrssen



  • October 14, 2005
    9:00 AM
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I mean your first name and size to be member I have more to see me as I share links and in the summer from links and I thought I claim my explains how it really became a Christian time I said here am I send me cooking cooking Creek country club is you go to wince has going here thanks this is celery this will write as fast as little energy love the screen spectrum and you get a nine zero geez you die to the ground faster and faster it seems like almost faster than sound and then you finally come the barrel rolls into one role in another role and another role this is really cool he's going and going and going and doesn't seem to stop eventually start getting ahead it makes a startling appearance on a certain nauseated me can't wait for finally after turning critically completely cooking the claim that the claim it stops only start up again in reverse how many are blasting the arriving there will look why specialist professionals means using and what more than one nine oh nine we seems we can't know what the US Green of pleasure and money and I was Stephanie and that dream graduated fooling and eighty nine they know what I wanted to apply control medicine we join in family practice I don't enjoy sailing land still there when I went to push the family practice graduates starting on my left is in ruins and that's zoning our presence in the hell would I want to give some cell is a Wednesday freestyle mogul competition with Iraq in nineteen numerous medicine cyclothymic Cortez and later became the director for the court AVI Southwest but my life was leaving changed about seven years ago I was asked in my mission trip with union college and we went down to South America Brazil we're on Amazon and I remember one night after treating patients when the patients came invited us to the home to eat my wife and I how inhuman and Brazil are remaining those the dugout canoes are not that far off the water remember the seven -year-old girl coming to pick up my wife and I and then there was a nightmare headlights on gliding through the water and she must take this scary rounds the bases alligators grasses slowly when we came to this half inches are about we went the dark 's tiny little house we went up the steps and have a single entrance room for my wife and I waited with her knees hitting each other and finally the world and the house and invited the house is eight eight world with the fact truth and would floor no candle on the table and looked handling corner this afternoon he was this piece and even on being streamed for we can find and they were not as something in the eyes of these people that I did not they were Christians and your eight year amortization is over two hundred thousand euros I will hopefully have motorcycles and ATVs I'm a hundred thirty one acres overlooking beautiful Lake Moammar Seahorse on and I was not happy people looking at me that in the afternoon and a foot square building something was wrong with this picture I came back to the US said Godwin 's law an elder in your church I study is also less than their assignment one nine nine eight as a people down there in his little tiny woman so towards the desire of ages the desire of eight zero Nozick who advances we should contemplate the life of Jesus Christ for the minimum of an hour a day especially the closing scene so start spending an hour a day when Jesus had changed my life something about drives excuse me this is our illustration so what do enough of the major cities two minutes even going for school systems have never read cover to cover the final books I started feeling uncomfortable working on sentences and ER physician 's and is a director of ER I gave most of the list the weekend off and I would go on weekends so I came up with you can home when removing my wife Susan Wednesday Sabbath earnings and outreach in a jaundiced fellow is already giving ten percent tight before taxes and now my South earnings were twenty percent for incomes is thirty percent of our income and another like me but I'm not limiting my money so around his Iraq credit cards NLE on a house in on this and that there was no way we can do this in Perryville socialist but not the past in the meantime the more blasts in years I forgot to ask and bills my feet and less equipment tasks so I said little had been fired from a net that works for both humans which takes the Sabbath earnings improved outreach and so we get in somehow we paid our bills that monthly Peterbilt and eczema three start taking all establishments opening outreach when the first outreach as we get was the desire of ages and we go to our neighbors and we send you to read the design is in a real impression of my life was a last minute assignments as well what will they do is I have a hundred dollar bill and I want to take and use it as a bookmark something interesting here's so that we start doing starting and desires even if we get thousands amount with a hundred dollar bill and everyone in front and back to us especially the horizon we wantonly will think about I send a letter back to hundred dollar bill goes with about a boy you don't think about is amazing no infield churches is amazing results were solid and elegant with the church with requirements don't believe my people to heaven you can't like but we can find different ways and influence in social experiments are working alliance with the Holy Spirit so start doing other things actually when when when when he caught his work capacity God works in remembering this book we can wonder if you have a set creative new way to look at how the Holy Spirit work moment by moment not in a minor hour by hour moment by moment so in order to thousand of these books and what pains to vehemently some think I'm blind people and began but hopefully through this book is closer while Jesus Christ the following cyclone little ahead and hire an associate pastor sweetheart Mike Lowell and humanism I will work before church and Mike has been teaching survival around nine years and therefore SWAT team done seeking beautiful entity S is thinking how Helena Ballmer you know and have no more disasters going on when you go out there into help people disasters until now Jesus so we starting a summer programming experiences we teach and wilderness medicine survival and rescue skills Levine rescues with fire rescue and play along the rivers run clips it was a lot of fun we started working with you on the conference can take an example of me it's in my some universities asked for me to come down and do a course for them our humanity of course is endemic but before you agree an international rest easily since we cannot do this for you to Greenlee Institute Loma Linda is finally getting a stage in my life when a certain guy here in my send me pick my finances take my job take my time one hundred percent done into I was selling for ninety percent of all my income when you start doing is amazing how seeing and I have some brushes with death had been shot on the SWAT team under Mount McKinley were seventeen people died around the minus one hundred fifty degrees back in eight months I have four times with guy one stories we're human genome genome is about thirteen thousand feet and we're coming to leave the snow was a little unstable and has coming out and run into this avalanche chute and I having over three hundred feet and she and semi- family is with me as a Microsoft as avalanche Susan will counselor down the satellite you and unless I had my TL area this way I can knew exactly what was avalanche I quickly learned my lesson assignment my left I saw the slides are going to my left and something say no my phone line right in its enemy and run right in silicon thinking by obeying the voice of Iran this template boulders Isaiah gave the avalanche swept by is about six inches of snow I thought that was it and also I will be reselling of the company announced down behind his rock and this is just used for all as outlined is going over it finally gets less waxen and then over the more I hear this screen are in it was Michael the company is dressed and ran a theme going it wasn't an avalanche of those using our last visit with the avalanche as I watch my going out explains Wednesday and possibly many disappears he goes under the comes up again and goes under and he comes up again and finally he stopped before the series of five set win over and see handwaving I will stop reliving of the mountain no other Hamlet is coming on my camera three hundred yards is no doubt in my and always in his arms stopped as he was unconscious ninety eight hundred Mike he's just regained consciousness is so he has me for it was his hardest known in his chest so hard that he can bring in a caring avalanche a woman that some graphite and run the show I certainly wanted on should mention he was murder in Berlin a vertical position as I finally got an unmarried we know by using our lives three other incidents happen I won't go into all the details of those one was a motorcycle accident with a church manager service I was knocked unconscious for twenty minutes of the mountains and the light was coming to get me and I'm never having paresthesias numbness my lower legs and paralysis I cannot move my lower legs and deliberately in the whole church to pray for me there my helicopter was coming in and out of the helicopter write a five thousand dollars in November helicopter I anyways this looming in the hospital known neurologic deficits and minor fractures in the neck and left shoulder window in another time so the two other incidents one with a select few high-voltage and reasoning and another one I fell off with instruction on the mountains all of many months when you start saying here I am send me single attack with its underlying limits financial some problem so here we are doing regular union college and start this program reviewing the union cause last year was that since I won't be teaching just teaching upper courses manual pain however the first-ever free families our home and we had a lot of equity in your home even when his own 401(k)s will Leslie ventures is a program and you may sign up only five thousand live on in human history finally he was in the emergency room Lincoln so I find it similar to manipulate six months for Christmas is so here we are trying to Gallery designer home please contact a realtor which assignment papers that morning my wife and affair while I felt impressed that we should have a real Susan Helms alone is going really slow solution sinusoidal cases in the Holy Spirit valuation and Wheeler and Simon Wheeler to the next step remained on a real Iraqi paper my parents and crazy but we type this paper route in need on a realtor witnessed by the Holy Spirit I signed it my five -year-old my seven -year-old signing my wife signed a refrain so now I think in my mind how many narrow pipeline advertising findings entire I know are asking close to seven million dollars for homes is a certain clientele is home this is a heaven I really remise last several dollars for so I fastened frame when they asked God how I should advertise you felt oppressed by the Holy Spirit that we should not advertise I think I will he is a will is true at the mouth of the NL ABC DEF GH I date on all the way down there's no other relative size Cairo next you want three miles of the road in for a home who is in a drive by our home him has gone this is not coming from the Holy Spirit I kept feeling impressed I was working with insulin after negative call Ms. Ellis Michael they guess how much are you selling a place for the long haul and I said I told them out and said well then that's not too much in how do you know we are selling our place we haven't advertise to get you have a signal having a center for cell signs of a significant reversal sign up from the point twenty miles down the road highly when he for someone that may have been for sale sign for thirty acres and have actually written our number on praise on his right busy working miraculous ways in a phone call maybe the same thing for a change sign I went to bed at night self-evaluation you can sell this home anyway you want surrogate way to go union college good friend Mark Carlson oncologist and we can some of you may know him I latest user the lake they were staying at that window and just as we're getting real Raylene the preliminary startup and Union College and I still have a job in Lincoln financial still going through estate license bills are doing I wasn't sure one hundred percent sure that I was in the seller home within three months it's amazing how God works in insult for you later but I was sure he was selling to hear him our bills are coming and down our opinion ninety thousand dollars in bills is no income I quit my job very hard some full-time for me at her ER and here we are going to Lincoln to run the programming in college welcome engines were built with Susan says that why I hate going in I grounded doorpost not known where he was in the office is coming which is within the building in an era to the negative I can year before that receives income and we had minus two thousand dollars he owed and has never been in the positive and so I go in and dreadfully go into the office just as Michael was six thousand dollars in her account working as it will call the bank is the next day she called the bank and six thousand dollars and counsel to Mister no six thousand dollars the next month tax return it was folly another six thousand unit is six thousand dollars tax returns so far lower at Union College and happened in her bills are due and this is in November we need for Venezuela in January whether four months in the program up for the degree that we start their and I have to sell his home in the eye have to pay our warehouse things or three thousand dollars a month this was getting discouraged the bills are coming in the second no system start coming in and why haven't you sold our home some drive me back from Union College the lake home and I get a call from being a good friend Mike Ingles Michael hasn't the slightest line eighty no Michael how's it going it's going fine Michael how's it going you how friends and meeting the past and bring him to your friends is okay baby 's not going so well the bills are due and only he says would you have a realtor since yesterday and we have a really he says no Michael you have a realtor suggested he would have a religion of the story told to him he got as a realtor he says do you have a real your okay maybe not have physical really are wheelers and have even hung you know that the Holy Spirit spoke to and told you to making the realtor could be just as international anyone caught and he said well the Holy Spirit spoke to me and had me call you and he says for you to get real and a long cause I say I said okay maybe he's until I felt impressed to how you know the Holy Spirit and then tell me to call you to get a realtor I don't know a tiny little to fast and pray so went home for the next three days I was on my knees and when I dropped to my knees I free to go I said Lord you don't want us to the bankruptcy vaccination plan but we may use a realtor how the father help me after three days is when the hardest decisions are met in the places we go to bankruptcy and bankruptcy to sign a contract with God is holy and if you honestly want to bankruptcy gone illegal and bankruptcy I invited my friend in your and eighty came over and I'll never forget the words he said I told that if you go to bankruptcy regarding bankruptcies I can't believe what you are doing he said almost atheist DNA to go up in our schools because the charge you say he's always in APS how many people who recent women church who sit next to us were almost eight years p.m. never got the past they have never gone out and said here I am send me how I feel and do not think this is a huge role in learning to travel and this is a different roller coaster ride was unbelievable I can tell you one more story will repay community college students who take them overseas the wholesomeness wiki to travel command travel medicine public health tropical medicine and was setting up Venezuela with David Gates broken down there and it's an abbreviation with a massive pilot and the Longhorns when Obama by Martin Obama 's learner pilot slots game and we have another pilot NL soon into easily one hundred craftsmen to ever have F-15 take care of only spent four months down there last year boxes Michael Anthony a story is that I got a call from a village never flown into first in the inpatient and deadly snakes from their pit viper is one of Mrs. silk snake is regained right answers he said I didn't know how to get into that village all the villages have images and runways we put them in the government 's opening and sometimes it will have to go find out where this wasn't some peeps foods with a taxi service was if you're wealthy if you're in the incentive as well as community with gold or diamonds you can pay in your taxi in the ring out from the village is also in Iraq and back the truth is the only humanitarian work some flu were leased to a six-year taxis were any jumped out of their crafty win over their finger the patient was ninety one get in there that day and he said how I get to this village and they said I don't know it's too dangerous his illustrations nine I got to get into this village they send don't go it's too dangerous he's just a Indian let them die for the system down the Indians and Bob was really discouraged to watch as the one sending to start reflect the plane he started crawling and what it will the pilots walked up to them and said I'm one of the only two pilots is overflowing that village I will never fly again in their again but if you're crazy enough on drawing a map how to get in there so if your map he said I should come into this village its horseshoe shaped wing by announcers announce all the way around he said he started going over the trees he said he won't have a power station at one seventy two we can get RSS at two oh six is a single note from the right attention to left you won't have enough power to flip it over and mouse okay he said when you get in there the one will come up really quick on you and when you see that runway you've got to get the plane down is extremely short runway and at the end of it there's a clip to the runway takes a forty five he returned to the left once you make a forty five degree turn you have two hundred feet to stop visiting a step back down the hill you have too much speed in particular gleaming Iraqi menu prop symbolic link and start climate this planes are shut the door in the general and Chris had been there and said wait one more thing so I find one other thing sentence after five o'clock in the afternoon and you have a pale when it's impossible for anybody to go in there right now it's about thinking article and send it to him flew over the village of the way about it at nine thousand feet above the mountains he looked at me silently with a forty five and return it and he said even if I had a headwind it is impossible with my skills to land there and doesn't know Bob Lord and he's extremely good I will now hundred hours within these are very good pilot Sabbagh from radio and he radioed down there for the Henderson 's diligence and care this patient I was there any center am terribly sorry I can't win and will never land so he started flying back here Emily sent as Bob started going back to the telemark we have our main base of oysters are working on single back and Bob start arguing with God 's will Florida will how do you expect me to fly in there I will die in the closing tomorrow little town the strong impression can go back Bob go back in Egypt are these islands I finally use on basic semifinals coming into the runway and impression was stronger and he said okay Lord you win back but he may die so they start flying back to his village in a whole tiny space please Lord is playing a key in dealing into my own flightless flying in the closer we got to have ranks levels as well remains that I was so sweaty I just think I'm the one displaying the following amounts are coming up and I started for Fox Canyon FSF too far and I do not have enough power over the mountains I can turn to the right and turned the last control over the end of the runway wasn't there I just wonderful and close as you shall play on the sentiment was right there Bloomington Mike off last time I yank the power I flared I still wasn't landing so then I got my flattop acyclic a rock right on the runway is coming to the corner of the globe can at least know I need forty five and return it wasn't possible phonemic pattern is that I may not turn and I visited my breaks I slam the brakes on nicely for two hundred feet and I stopped right before it was our sites are in Jesus love is playing in the Basra reason Jesus confirms planing you can fly this plane are not only with the patient vendors to serving gently put the patient was very sick he got been nursing and health on prayer and they fire up the engines with the pilot will the pilot failed to tell Bob is the way to go out is that Hillary 's worked to end in two hundred feet yes we're down the hill with the brakes on go to the bottom and he has to thirty five to forty degrees banking us to go up to the top the little ones and it is not for me but he reason Jesus Clooney and Jesus and the top of that hill so he gets to the bottom throws full power and somehow the little one think it makes for the time it takes a writer and spins a plane around and starts flying out Lisa and Mike are doing good work pick up their savings again been broken for environmental dumping flaps having a mission pilots emissions relative on a mission length one way to get off SRW on a flat statue coming for flaps during takeoff and that will get them out of ground effect has a mighty cinematographic announce my tires about six inches as stepping off the ground for the Tversky and then what they have to do they do it in Windows laptop and a pencil and a plane you have the have to bleed the fact that in this flame to about twenty degrees unless you can get out of the first five feet season Michael's wing flaps I got back down to thirty degrees flaps he said I realized we were not clearly help that we were the only thing I can do with the friend that you put all the way back he said I pitched the nose way out of a stalled aircraft balance music and heavy lift so he fell on the air easily cracks in the other side but amazing in the arsenal retires on the hill it came down the landing gear did not fold we bounce thirty feet in the air it certainly vows thirty feet in the air we went over the cliff willingly know that that is unlikely to induce drooling you forward he said he has flashed the summer and the Flats on he said we go through the trees and he said we got the trees I feel bad peace I think we can decrease I felt something I felt less hitting the trees and bouncing off the trees and then we flew out of their what I got looser than anything he said I flew back to where all those inner taxis were in all those pilots awaiting to see if I would live or die I would really attempt doing they all cannot simply not saying one word they open the door exiting patient health awaiting him with all those pilots in his mouth hung the story start crying one why I gotten merely fluent in the flu how about six weeks later patient die why would I fly me on the way in their infinite plane on the way out for the patient to die of complications seen in between the cure season knowing the last month to month I know now is everywhere I go visit here the one that was July 's opinion now this medical radiation is known for those of us to life the Indians are you risking your life your practice your reputation for Jesus Christ claimed to be going quite


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