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Leviticus 23 and the Sanctuary

Don Mackintosh


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training



  • December 12, 2012
    3:15 PM
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father in heaven with my today we can spend a few moments began studying this afternoon went back to the one thing you bemoan the bar morning and with this wonderful environment of your second book correctly her first book your general revelation the heaven the early glory of God the group still work his handiwork and we've heard your speech today thank you for you that your problem would be with us today studying price and I thought it now I started out of a mole Hawaii report birth are very thankful to be invited to live the right place to be invited to and my kids are grown to enjoy it they are a candle burned on the first day they're not endogenous indigenous and .net to be active inside the body indigenous Hawaiians but they're trying so now they're like indigenous lobster notes as an unclean me and so we discuss them try to move away from Jan and I looked at your website the Army website and I didn't realize that that my picture was there with Doctor Bivens from last year I was reading some of your objectives I thought they got to talk about a couple of them as they move around various parts of the attack one of the objectives what they have a mass unit now this is not mass potatoes this is missionaries actively sharing how and this is what it said on the website at army on the camp the visit beginning in test driver gave up our presentation points and import the help and health ministry give a listen that sermon it's on audio birth is the first one after I remarked to be looking up by name they can listen to it all the great message that actually encapsulated really not only the need for help but what does the idea that if we talk about hell began Paul is going to be all doors that open up worth the web while going up the mountain yesterday for instance I went up and down the only person up there and I got up there was a man sitting there on the picnic table with about a you know like a third report layout his name is the and he was an insurance salesman so I said the insurance of you guys get many breaks to people that don't smoke but don't drink the bed eat a vegetarian lifestyle maybe none of being in lifestyle was the looming threat and why is that will they live longer than other people and we don't access the passable work if you find some of our people and you're looking for but if you want to get a lot of the is and what you know there is this group called the seven bands and as you know anything about them is their well being let me repeat I actually do know something about them because what is that he goes our USL advantage anyways went right and it doesn't matter where you are you can always talk about the health method with people and they're very interested in a very interested and Seventh-day Adventist and the fact that they love so much longer even here in Hawaii on the mountain then they had this on the website while we seek to provide resources and materials to grow physically mentally scripted a healthy soldier challenges meant to give you some practical rentable the start incorporate into your life during army we hope you can carry on the challenges that you return home and I was one of a suite is dead right now we went out and we walked and that was not very strenuous but it was good you know even a half an hour a day which is what we did it viewed as for July at half an hour a day all the studies show that you would get pretty much the maximum benefit of exercise this would happen are you going to do it where twenty three and a half hours of your day no of you gave so much away a day so little way for someone that is really positive the mass body challenges challenges you live the new job last dollar multiple thumb building other aspect of the help so that new starlight all by the way they also even mentioned me on the website that Doctor Randy benefit talk to me about the health program health grant was in the leadership training for him and as a result there were lots of people that attended that and they did and you're getting here probably from some of them already this week Tommy Esiason changes in the people that want to help program as well as less to them in terms of physically and more to them in terms of mentally and is also less of me I look at some of all pictures from back even then I was like eleven flats in a very nicely and the my wife said I salute produces you made them look even bigger difference unison I wish I had I denied it I believe and doctorate so it all what happened was we started out there we started with a health gauge and I think we should do this and upcoming army were when you come in and you connect to get a physical assessment it certainly will me off when I came no and what we did was we took people 's blood pressure we could blood sugar within people 's cholesterol analyst at begin do you know basically without you have a doctor 's order you can get those things and then we get body mass index that electric applicants for everybody it looks at your mass and within your body and has an index to see whether that how long ago based on and what your respecter is what your body fat is the one that while the oldest things I was like okay here's normal in his extra normal I was a little like normal the accurate regular normal or abnormal I actually miss with the was very close I was dodging in and out of normal depending on what Billy glad you wore and so we went through this whole lot survey and I carry when I went one when we started out with it I actually estimate the object of my and we started out with exercise first thing and you know we didn't really track it we should attract everybody's number of really that our next helping and we should do it at the next army to more people come to go one army in the complex army between armies they stop in smarmy I get the new word is not really a big papers rather than feel that they eighty seven about fifteen years ago and there in but what I did was I started I started looking at for various electronic gadgets that can help me be accountable and so I got this at home map my walk at emergency net at coming to use that excellent and I would recommend that if you have a phone to get one of those apps and what it does is it it it just keeps track of everything you do and then you conduct so your wife when she doesn't believe you I went eleven miles and I know you didn't reduce cellulite how can I make that up it was skydiving no idea it would be much more rapid so there is that he is eagerly apt and it shows you thing is working here it shows you your where you went to it has all your workouts listed if you were to look at my rebuild all the way back killing two weeks before the beginning of the help program yet work but worth in this type of note there so it shows everything I did from the very beginning of the health program and before world and let's see I walk about four hundred and fifty miles is led by my side while not that was yesterday but of but no one talking you know euphemistically exult the last time less army probably if I had everything else up probably five hundred miles so that all of your about five hundred miles away from that album is just down the road is so get busy and got start walking their and and if you have one of these apps it will help keep you go my way this app I don't do it but host all your stuff the Facebook to a couple like a group of friends you have both of the world and if you post all your friends you have notes used to say all I was in London and so I couldn't exercise because you can post it in fact I have a friend in London and he and I walked in you both disdain he can show me whether or not he wants the baby doesn't I faxed them through Berber whether it is revealed Wednesday look by I say let me know what's up and this was a great way to keep one another accountable end of the school day about this app is it also shows you all the rows that you went where exactly you walk so you cannot show other people we want to have all of Matthew bought another website where Mister do you also couple Army people involved in this minute Ms. recalled life and health network life life and health network has all kinds of videos and all kinds of articles that you can look at that can help you with your help and it's great for witnessing why am I telling you think you can talk about what I'm talking about anybody at anytime anywhere is like and it starts a conversation in the more things you have like to talk about the better and build relationships with people now we wait we were series in with that daylight savings time for the area we were out and is not my headlamp auto reroute mailing at five thirty morning and would like Russell oh okay we were we were back at the reconnaissance and one run he is either lot Jackie and the girl and think of how and then we got looking up to the right there is Andrew at guy is hilarious now with you so there's something about France power okay and violet is about my method and system one hundred but this very practice out right friends power is something about walking with other people in your best with each healthier helpfully your five times more likely to also need help delight you think you don't have an influence on your wife or your husband or others you have a huge influence and just hang around someone who's out really helped you and you can also help that I see it some a time when I order boat people are what are you waiting what is that why he waiting that you really do know me on this like no you do like that almost unobtrusive you know likewise on the left on your plate to know you just want to say well you know and I collect some information about you not Bill Roth but people will talk futile just below the open up and though this don't forget your best friend exercise your one hundred percent more likely to be active very interesting that they like that by another New England Journal of Medicine looked at twelve thousand people and they discovered that salvage more likely to become obese when their friends became obese the case of both mental mutual friend the one it will be the object of MLB nearly tripled it seemed at the same effect with weight loss so how do you want to get healthy together PR it doesn't know him I feel like I wait for my friend to take the leadership of an unknown you guys are are the Matthew you guys take a leadership can't you want to search all Army though Lebron for other people to take the leadership right in the unity of the leadership in that as well I would have us about faith health Expos went out and assess other people what ended up was that many of us when we assess other people would practice on each other we sell our needs were so really even helped out to someone about assessing other people and see how sick they are that helps you know one of your sick to we did we trained everybody in the help program to do coronary health improvement project for chip programs fell like a new start program McGivern a visit from them about sixteen of those movement to read over chocolate chips these are the actual program coronary help improvement brought program and then we met with the community we did vegan cookies filled out using called being in a physical plant faith why don't I call being in effect their religion and say it's actually a a philosophy to religion on it I'm not good at no prison by your turn you into the body mass index guys but I'm just saying it actually is a religion so what I would suggest to you is to say plant faith and plant faith and then you can avoid to be words but during an big and however having said that lots of people render that especially in California was everything apparent in Beltway that good but that's one good thing and but some people like in Kansas were used to live when they have like three bumper stickers and to license plate thinking the Medicare if you didn't like three shotguns to enter that looked in the developing favorably by your philosophy of law Doctor Bivens opened his home I want to people haven't had a bacon different things of original documents he took us one your army right great resource limiting and we went to his house and traffic was light with the way energy came back and take a look the will or we left quickly now other quite like that so anyway we can always fit all these cinnamon roll and then we we went to the mall with our seminar all we get a health expo there and they so enjoy that help Expo this was a small kind of in almost was shutting down sometimes these malls are like they're going out of business no I don't think you guys have multiple idea me why what you need among the spots on Google but back in the state sometimes you want to send this beautiful by going five anyway the smallest comment struggling but after we were there they were so excited they called all the other malls and now we have three invitations from other huge big nice balls to go and do that really open doors and people are very interested what about things that we can outlast it was we went to help save and how the government owns a Wii had a special to her that focus in on the help aspects of the life ministry we went with Doctor Neil Natalie is the president of Wii Marra Doctor David wrote and it's great to have them under the always excited also we decided to go and join the parade we took these new start banners with us and we went to the parade out one side we had all the side to send reverse heart disease on all these different things find out how they which are the banners over were to make the banners huge and what they think of making a flow and we have the slope going down the road and we have in the middle that what's called a transformation station developers and goes through the one side and a look at brother lives and they come up in the side of the looking small under the Gaza good idea all rights really do that in order to try and get all the amazing that might be something you could get involved within your community so very fast things a couple of our teacher urban Britain wrote a book on okay now back now to identify but that's as little approximately I'm a practical help elements but we would be thought for you as we go through because we want to be serious about the math concept of Army and you'll see why presently the more deeply theological by the way like this idea for why this before I started the afternoon because you have lived this time everyone's asleep in my afternoon meeting on not having from my blood sugar it's right up there next to Jesus with our father in heaven let's me again does that surprise is that we would more spiritual aspects we thank you become in Christ name okay well in a study this week with you is the sanctuary and present through and the present present truth of the real studying the sanctuary and present through and present present truth is that a Leviticus twenty three real estate Isaiah fifty eight organist Eddie Psalm seventy seven hours in a study Psalm sixty seven advanced age anything else will study Olympics so rigorous studies some chapters together okay of these I would consider seminal importance foundational charisma type oriented chapters that are very important for you to understand how many of you brought survival are a goodly amount of bring those out the sanctuary and present truth will look at Leviticus chapter twenty three and just a couple minutes only get a couple pulmonary remarks however do people walk in circles they do while deriving human walking through movement no external directional references are available with regard found another was when there's no directional resource available they will walk in circles but if such Jews are present people are able to maintain a fixed or dynamic awards physically speaking also don't have alternative theories of the white it is one recent set researches that is because everybody's delay one leg is a little bit longer than the other so over time they can help a lot in circles you know what a lot of people agree with them but the throne of the and and and and so you need this direction by family to thank him for the word of God and direction announces going straight line right emergency situations however when one flight depends on the ability to navigate through the unfamiliar terrain read safety emotional states like panic results effectively group dynamics may cause these Jews accused it of the status during their to be disregarded so even more dangerous than being panel last without shoes or being lost with you that you could follow his moving lots of people who then give you missed you now that the blame my wife for doing this too often and she probably made have you been in the car when your wife or your husband says outside this way I was coming when we get into that because we would have a good happy camper right but and then you turn there you go and then you find out that you actually write the media found out that you were wrong about feeling myself but anyway so in his emotional state you can also get with with with me we have to have confidence in God 's use it gives us no matter what situation were bedroom and I am rifleman God has given of the bodily as it is a picture of someone you know who there this is one of my last review the flopping all over the place and this is when that is when the clouds came out and they can probably see where they were going but when that clouds were not out there that walked through line that early Seventh-day Adventist did not walk in circles theologically speaking once they discovered the pillars they knew were those pillars were in the early twentieth century like this quote from a book I read recently a large private denominations realizing the mission field with his two big decided to divide up certain areas of the world among the Anglican Methodist Presbyterian selling but the address they want to be part of the they reject the logic and claimed the whole world as their sphere of influence although a little people and big ideas why because they were impelled by an apocalyptic visions straight out the heart of the book of Revelation that they believe that all the world needed to hear that up because it was divided up known and unknown we have an important we wish we had a psychotic clarity today I think that's why we have camps like Army people want for that therapists in noting that even the backcountry of life there is the private self fly all the way to life you hear the sound method economy they will dig deep they will spend the next generation 's money to get here and here the present truth itself present it in the future so yeah that is not five you nominated they can divide things up but the end that is sought to bring Nathan as their mission and as a result according to the researchers that would erode through advocate became the most widespread unified Protestant group in the history of Christianity what happened as a result absences and became the most widespread group in the S3 Protestant speaking of the history of Christianity because a group of people were serious about the mandate they've been given they had as a coordinator group of singers are some of them a revelation of hope I may have something to say about they had a hopeful blessed hope they had a certain by the way the entire book of Revelation is based no one was here with you today revelations timeline revelation actually is a timeline it actually has a movement it has repeats throughout it the seven churches the seventh seal seven trumpets all basically are parallels that expand one up on each other in the seller 's place of course there are in the future but timeline is based on something from the Pentateuch from the first five books of the Bible in the Pentateuch is divided actually into some scholars agree even with our own church of ecstasy about fourteen scholars have written about this it's based on a high attic structure and what that means satellite okay this point goes with this point so actually in the middle of those first five books of the Bible Ray Mittal is the book of Leviticus is the high point many dynamic new offer and read the book of Leviticus were involved but really the book of relentless activist is one of the key books and when you start to unlock its anti- something it's interesting that not a Seventh-day Adventist pastor but a very popular pastor in the states this is one of the mainland actually started a brand-new now very large church and you know it the first sermon series any priest I was was the buckle of the now he has one of the largest mega- churches in America don't tell me people are not interested in the book of Leviticus they're very interested in the book of Leviticus so this book of Leviticus is the very center of those five books of the Pentateuch and the very center of that central book of scholars now or create his chapter sixteen the day of its own is that fascinate by lab if you do something else there's things going the book of Psalms also has five books and divided into five sections those five factions scholars as they look at those all of those Psalms actually go along with the books in the Pentateuch so for every book in the Pentateuch there's song to go with it why were there songs that went with it why were there songs that went with it why were there songs that went with it no why were there why were there songs that went with it loads both of your close but you're you're you're you're like us close as Hawaii is the mainland 's party United stay motivated along with the way you are getting very hot user never registered on but it's blue it's very hot and easy remember I why would they need to be so easy to remember because they needed to remove them as they as they as they walked you get this help was involved with the song another words when they were walking three times a year it took over a hundred and twenty days out of the year to go to Jerusalem Iran is on the route they make the Army groups that go all over the world they look like that they would like their latest incongruities the walking as they were walking everywhere and so they had to remember everything on the basis of what singing it so the answer to was summarized by the song and they would sing all the anointing at Bethany God 's boat at the MoveOn start so the book of Revelation book of Revelation then is actually built on the book of Leviticus it's built on this line this timeline that we see in the book of Leviticus in Leviticus chapter twenty three which are about the study we find the Passover in Revelation chapter one to three is based on the idea of the Passover to him who watched this is blood instead relationship to one and it shows that land in those first three chapters walking among his churches the way she does the next phase we see in Leviticus twenty three is verse four and five the priest would take the deceased and what that first sheaf of barley harvest and then with going to go in for the Lord showing that very first fruits had come to pass that there was good that a resurrection again and that really is what we see in Revelation four and five C of the courtroom scene in revelation four five and then Pentecost the seals in the ceiling revelations seven six and seven of the as the seals and the sealed very fascinating than trumpets chapter eight through eleven is all about trumpets in the book of Revelation you have all those first six trumpets and that you have in chapter ten eleven the seventh trumpet right in there is of course the genesis of the Advent movement then Max Jackie Chan through nineteen you have a day of atonement group off passages that are all focusing on understanding the David what was the center of the passage of the book of what was the center of the center of the book of Leviticus sixteen was Leviticus sixteen about interesting yet understand that understand the book of Revelation and then finally so after that David's only saying than what we have is the feast of Tabernacles now I just showed you that in a cursory fashion to get you interested in what you look at Leviticus twenty three nominee or interest to the Leviticus have a tray on that basis okay now somebody who either have a massive disaster of paralysis or it is really not interested in and let me just say that supper is coming soon and I'm thinking that he was looks really good so there is something to look forward to does this is a rough crowd here in an army in Hawaii so what about Hawaiian this makes you guys with more relaxed than normal something about it great place to have a conference yesterday afternoon and why hello maybe add a new lot nominated in the general okay so let's look the subject this time in Leviticus chapter twenty three and I don't say that you know there are the must was be appears that the reason that the Sultan you know that's not really green carpet of their wider they even try me okay the villages sixteen was that in this timeline is a social person that is understand and essential for your witness now if I was studying this onslaught to be doing training heirs of the preaching and if I was studying this chapter how I go about if I was like I wanted to take the time to have you just discover everything I discover on your own UI would do I would group I would break you up into groups and I would give you all of these different fees that are mentioned I had to read them I'd have you find out everything you could about them in the Old Testament looking them all up and everything you can find in the New Testament looking them up and then after you do that I'd have liked this discussion we had a massive big whiteboard and we write down essentially won the cover right now they so let's look at Leviticus chapter twenty three in the latest chapter twenty three we have this picture of the first of all Passover first five Leviticus chapter twenty three on the fourteenth day by the waivers forces these are beasts of the Lord holy convocations which used to proclaim at their own wasted time right on the fourteenth day of the first month at twilight is the Lord 's what this is a nice pass over so if you are looking in the Old Testament where would you see that open Leviticus twenty three Exodus twelve right and the Passover by Joomla! the escape from Egypt now if I want to get sidetracked but that escape from Egypt was so important that God memorialize the entire escape from Egypt in the sanctuary system the blood of the lamb was the first thing in the sanctuary the second thing was the labor which is like the Red Sea the third thing was the seven candlesticks was like a fire Ernie bought was at the bottom of the mountain that Moses son and to the children of Israel back to the table of silver was like the seventy elders who went up and ate and drank with God in Exodus chapter twenty four verse twelve onward and then you have the altar of incense was representative of Moses who wins the most holy place of the mount to meet with God for us and he received the datagrams and came back down that the exodus that's the Exodus and so God said that's so important I make a sanctuary so you can remember it review of everything people that wear Christian jewelry and oxymoronic statement usually whether they were crossed right but really what they should be wearing is a complete model sanctuary I was in I will expect his food I don't expect this to pick up soon but you know if I was selling jewelry on the island I went to our model I say let them to be honest uses the prosecutor but it doesn't cover it oh and I might even use the blueprint is no that would give them the CD right because that really covers the whole thing so when we say over as the foundational needs that reminds us of the entire sanctuary accidents that make sense next to it the next thing we see in Leviticus twenty three is reset how it goes with the other one but let's look at it together that is twenty two receipts on the fifteenth day of the same month is the feast of what does it say eleven rest of the Lord seven days you must eat unleavened bread I remember that except the bread the weather on their next and they walked out along with all the jewelry right so the date that they plundered them and they also took I was the first fast food restaurant it took all their food and they had to leave right that was it that we haven't what's next way CR explained that to you they take the firstfruits they waited before the Lord demonstrating that not only did they believe that he was the one I gave the harvested gave all things fruitful but there was adept for a resurrection the next thing we had his birth fifteen and sixteen look at it with me and you shall count for yourselves from the day after the Sabbath from the day you brought the sheaf of the wave offering seven seven Selby can what how many Sabbath with the seven sabbaths how many days with seven Sabbath represent forty nine so this is where we the word is a five half Pentagon or fifty days right so Pentecost is fifty days after that way she right there what comes next after Pentecost first twenty four let's read it together speak to the children of Israel saying in the seventh month on the first day of the usual have a memorial of blowing of all holy conversation allocation so what came next the feast of trumpets these control trumpets are excellent study to go through whole Bible on your learned so much about God numbers ten Corinthians all kinds of excellent things on troubles will come back to all of these men and then what came next verse twenty seven on the tenth day of the seventh month so be the day of atonement it shall be a holy convocation for usual clickers also offer an offering made by fire to the Lord themselves about what should happen on that day and then finally the feast of what were having here actually the feast of booths right twenty three thirty four these the Tabernacles boobs always the past radius increased through this every once a while for prayer meeting and we have booths all the kids were gone and I have a booth upfront we all have booths because we were camping out so the speed like these of himself now what do these all represent if I was to give you assignment either would ask you to look at these the Old Testament but ultimately just one what is it hot is something I take very important for you to understand not only for the southern Ghana talk about today but hummingbirds are two people from the worldwide Church of God keep the feast of your exact people in the other certificate of face because they have whatever reasoning so one of the helpful things I think is nothing an argument you can help it but to share with people this picture of what pricing on earth and what price them in heaven because the first three feast talk about Christ's earthly ministry and the last of these bitter medicine there talk about what he did in his heavenly ministry passes unfolds I think you get to see more more significance to the chapter and the movement was still doing it now how is it that we remind ourselves of the Lamb and of the bread how does the New Testament souls were supposed to do that is right most of the fit together first Corinthians chapter five look there together first Corinthians chapter five and let's look here first seven therefore purge out the old leaven that you may have a new lump since you truly are unleavened for indeed Christ are what this is a next price are what our Passover was sacrificed for us therefore let us keep the letters keep the fees now with all eleven nor with the level of malice or wickedness but with the more that they next unleavened bread of sincerity and truth so it is those literal concepts and it applies them spiritually the New Testament but also gives a very new summary and a picture of our supposed act it shows us exactly what were the were to celebrate the communion service at the very beginning of our celebration has got to be a lot a celebration of communing with God on this request if I was to spend time with you which I could those of you been to the help program note speaking accurately Raphael is not a lot of time you think there's a lot of science behind the idea that an earnest anger and forgiveness that the foundation of most disease you think I could probably go through about thirty or forty studies would you I cut this foundational celebration and reminder when they walked away from the accident as they were walking away from bitterness look every year I probably see two hundred patients that are clinically depressed they have major depression clinically speaking and you know what probably seven times out of ten maybe more there really dealing with an earnest and anger of the quinoa so what I'm going through this with them I have ten days I don't have a Passover service with them we don't want to land with my trouble them more but I do something like that we have a big number early birthday on when a lamb was in no Burnsville but we burn all the past this is self-healing to the is the beginning of the journey in Leviticus so Leviticus chapter seven of five or seven and verse eight we read you saw now not only the land when he saw the unleavened bread could you see if there housed the remember the unleavened bread in the communion service at work were getting rid of eleven and the malice of what you hear from a church where people never ever fight really sweet guys actually also have some memory loss sellout so you know whom I wasted that said that in fact trouble is that there's fighting in the church well I suppose you could say goodbye to know if we walk in the light as he is in the light we have fellowship one with another and the blood of Christ cleanses us from every sin as we walk in the light was first John seems to indicate that there still is some of the church were walking alike but things and then we deal with it as Christians and the blood of Christ is applying a event so when we say you know so-and-so shocked that there's problems in the church than they realized there in the church and is going to be problems right the issue is not whether we have problems in our church it's how we handle those problems right and is actually a way to handle them through the blood of Christ are right next was waged to look at first Corinthians fifteen thirty and in first Corinthians fifteen in verse thirty we find another hint here are twenty by six thirty but now Christ is really from the pen has become the what does it say next the firstfruits of those who fall asleep how the world would we celebrate that in the New Testament church the fact that he died and he rose again on our behalf how would we celebrate yes excellent so what I baptize somebody would like to I lay them down in their dead unless I pick them back up sometimes I hold them up on their little then other times no exodus last couple cents ago is in this place and they hold this guy under any hell and wonder for a minute and every was like gasping but the kid was very sincere you told the pastor I want to have a prayer when I'm underwater how to squeeze your hand when I'm ready to come back up because he was so sincerely want to committees like the God that we went down under the water he had his prayer and evidently was quite a long prayer and in general nervous and sounds like people die with Avenue Caesar Ellie came back out of the hey man you know I know I may itself and allows like you know I see a lot of baptisms a lot about the goodness of dramatic was the mother like that is it's about so it's a long story but this is extra but once my denims that is it somebody in this river in facing the wrong direction that was the fast flowing stream and the baptismal road went up over the person 's head became like an inverted parachute and it began to go downstream and my dad tried to hold onto the dear lady to serious amount of businesses would have to be an race is not a feeling of the name of the father and son are both economically and administering Windows on the city goes out to you this is when the elevator jumped in anyway so back to our point today the point is borrowing situations like it is mentioned baptism is to be basically our celebration of noble way see the experience I went down to die I rose again and that's always celebrated event all we have Thanksgiving we have harvest rituals and whatnot that's really not a cassoulet was at your silly communion the communion bread and baptism thanks for the Christian church that reminds us of all these things some of you knew that was coming through a Leviticus twenty three on the agent solicitor going fifteen days later was ten day costs fifty days later and what happened fifty days later accepted tubers want to for what to say the Holy Spirit came down with a mighty rushing wind and baseball and job God gave the gift of glossolalia and let them speak in songs and you'll notice and accepted to and accepted Chan and accepted nineteen those of the seminal places where this gift is given always was given so they can speak in intelligible tongs in different languages than their home is that ever happened today this lady was a friend of mine she started a orphanage ministry called reach excellent ministries takes care orphanages that she went different places around the world that she went to these places she never installed in a language before she would go there and begin talking about the orphans at was not about endorphins everybody knew what she was saying and they would bring her whatever scene needed and everything else that you build all these orphanages and then you go there and talk to the people see Doctor and I couldn't talk to you they didn't understand you but they understood everything he said as he did not speak a language God 's spirit was being poured out on another friend of mine was in the lower he was doing medical clinics he was going from place to place and when he arrived in a centimeters I always expected you here's your house as they are draining of him coming in over the amount of money and carrying a black book it was his Bible got still working the city so Pentecost port output today barring those exceptional situations it is mentioned I would just say this God wants us to understand that the Holy Spirit is use the money being poured out and he needs is to understand what our spiritual gifts are now I'm a big believer in a lot of spiritual gives seminars because something people say what I don't have that gift and becomes a copout and I several stories about Hill Moses is that I can't speak I can do this and I said well you learn it and here's their and they are generally work out that well for him anyway no cell only thing God can get you to do what you need to do he can get you to do is you need to do best that's good and everything when the latter rain has poured out lots of people to be lots and lots of me they never did before right is good he's done it in a shaken up and is getting used people are willing to be involved in okay not when we see next trumpets trumpets went on for ten days now we think about trumpets when we think about in the news okay Matthew chapter twenty four verse thirty one Matthew twenty four thirty one do you think of any songs about trumpets no songs live the good and now the ring what you said the Jesus is me again all right is not seen with me some liquid to drop the pilgrims the joy phone and say these authors the decay is a you a and he is a and the ultimate thing is gone at a New Testament church was informed by the Holy Spirit in advance circled the globe in one generation but then the car fell off the wagon but then the problem came back on and when the trumpets blew there within growth that would be talking about Jesus coming again a trumpet sound look at twenty four and verse thirty one he will send his angels with a great sound of a the great sound of a of a trumpet and they will do while they will gather his elect from the four winds from one end of heaven to the other hand giving that is to be a great day and those angels will know which ones to go right I want to know what was together a choice of twenty one a study that right now but maybe some of the time they will know and be our misjudgment has come related and fourteen six and there is a assessment is been made and so the Angels have been involved in that judgment and they actually know who to pick well amen we want to be put I will be left behind that day right be picked up anything interesting early Adventist expositors will they look to this they recognize that this is the feast of trumpets lasted how many days ten days or so they applied this principle of the day for a year William Miller began preaching this message in eighteen thirty three begrudgingly but Jesus is coming again but then picked up steam and he preached from eighteen thirty three for ten years which would take into what eighteen forty three and in that year they begins a women is only one year away and Jesus come in I set the date in that year interesting that trumpets begin to shout sound just like this that they weren't years ago in the writing of Leviticus twenty three fascinating ride out what happens next is the day of what its reader to read a couple types that when issues day of atonement the hour of his judgment is come how would we figure that out at seventeen thirty and thirty one someone read that fourth at seventeen thirty and anyone really nice and loud with the trumpet sound act seventeen thirty and thirty one and was a beautiful text but I will note that section seventeen thirty thirty one LSF beautiful text telling you yes you have some of the sets of AVS okay in these times of ignorance God winked but now he has done what he has appointed day on which he will also future he will judge the world in righteousness by the man whom he is ordained in other words is going to use this perfect righteous standard not wrong is that the righteousness that was the only right person as you use this on a day of adjustment in the future right and he gave evidence of this by doing what raising him from the dead in other words he was the wave sheaf he was raised from the dead he was the one at Holy Spirit for any more than all his brethren and then she is going to come again the sound of trumpet and he's given you what she's been a real one in charge of the judge so one when was that David was appointed Daniel eight fourteen every Abbasid noticed that her memory what is this text onto two thousand and three hundred days to sell the sanctuary be what that is why Vijay is selling all eighteen forty four service established eighteen forty four get on it what anyone is basically saying daily fourteen and one what was the significance of that Leviticus twenty three it's coming through that is the point of the day on which films of the world in righteousness give evidence by raising him from the dead so you would expect ten days or years afterwards after eighteen thirty three and it would be a people arose eighteen forty three eighteen forty four that would go through persecution that would come home it was a nominal way that we don't care that you persecute us we are compelled to convey it and we believe on the basis of Daniel eight fourteen on the basis of act seventeenth on the basis of Revelation fourteen that we happen where people had a purpose I was a small group is sitting up don't divide the world up we have a message to go everywhere and then picture the skin October twenty two eighteen forty four so what is the significance of that for us I think it's the significance all I think it underlies almost everything to do when we talk about Christian ethics in other words also lifestyle how we live combat commitment so revelation fourteen seventy hour of his judgment is come in our revelation fourteen seven this is the judgment is come but in Revelation eleven verse eighteen is that the time but that they should be judged in relationships six first ninety ten it says how long will board and tell you Josh so it moves from Sandy you're going to judge to the time of the database should be judged to be obvious judgment is dropped easier timeline six hundred ten eleven are you saying forty seven so we're living now and then they what do David know now I will argue that makes me like response about you what's the next thing picture the feast of booths what do they join the feast of booths in ancient Israel they would go to Jerusalem they would pitch their booths I have a great celebration that was at the day of atonement they would celebrate the fact that everybody was playing in the cap the sanctuary they were connected with God right that's what they would do and where is that the New Testament though I go to prepare a place for you if I go I will come again and re- Seaview and of myself that where I there ye may be right words in John fourteen when the great right and then first Thessalonians four sixty seven to say there the Lord himself of the seven with a sound that was exactly what the trouble got an back price will be rise first then we who are alive and remain will be gone all right citizen ideas is to come is going to catch people who are they going out to go to haven't an live and reign with him for how long thousand years relationship and then the Internet what happens is to say Revelation twenty one to three I John saw the new Jerusalem comes down the bride adorned for her husband run out of heaven so they go up for a thousand years just like they went up to Jerusalem for adults for for a time of Tabernacles we going to have her next for a thousand years and that what happens we come back down and God and man are reunited for three hundred you can see why Leviticus chapter twenty through the world is that and it is the foundation while of the book of Revelation having to see how data now why did I go to do because I went to question where are we on this on this chart where were living right here in this day of atonement and the next thing I happens is what Christ coming and directly within somewhere right near the end of that hallelujah you know what the other day to Mister Leviticus twenty three is the Sabbath day it says it's different than almost feast but the people that understand this timeline will also understand the Sabbath day all right there Leviticus twenty three then repeated again in the book of Revelation now I just settled at this to make one point I mean you know a lot of stuff the segment point but I wanted to see the timeline is important to know if your plan basketball how much time zone clock is one of the best baskets I scored was right after the game there was no defense I just went down and score and a demand we have to know where we are on the clock is there I know we don't know precisely but pretty much that's when that's what the second thing is that this idea that were living during the time of the cleansing of the sanctuary of the two thousand three hundred days Venice of the safer because I'm over starting in eighteen forty four Carol BJ is certain he would never forget and narratives if you realize that you are living in eighteen forty four comments until now that judgment what should you be thinking about hundred two thousand three today's Arizona State rugby while the worsening doing that and if these doing at it however what does he want to do down here thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven this is where most of our theology came from in the church about everything clean is your mother 's and clean up your room January fourteen but maybe not but you know why it is the deal right after they understood this theology the early adventures doesn't they discover they went back after that disappointment and they realize they have a point in their point was the reach of the Bible and understand what it meant to be clean on the first things they found was the last and that's when they started watching one of his feet in the early eighteen forties and they so will John thirteen says we should be watching one of his feet and that communion service that memorialized what days of the feast Passover and unleavened bread they found that and they celebrated their and then also they right realized that no baptism was for adults and they begin go around baptizing people thereby celebrating already one way she right you guys are not doing too good to get at the Québec Army next year why do you become hard for it and then what happened next they realize they need to be anointed with the Holy Spirit and they pray that the Holy Spirit would report out and it was in the early advent movement and they had that that kind of Pentecostal experience we need again they had they had a measure of the early rain we unilaterally and then I think that's the idea so this entire picture Leviticus chapter twenty three needs to be built so they understood that claims the band was the baptism well been the understand clean me they went in a reticent when it bears cleanly and clean faith and everything 's got to be clean and then when they understood the need to be clean the and clean me as well you know the cleanest of all me and know me as they found Genesis and they also found revelation and how many things were in the eating me in heaven I think the gods of their hunting right now nice out there like okay Holy Spirit find them now is not doing that not happy and funerals and I remember no in the above health educational or been involved in this lady came to our church enables Susanna Ho policy was the she wrote the American dietetic Association 's position paper on diabetes planner and I said what's the most bizarre thing you've ever heard Jesus I wasn't always that I was in the testify before a Senate subcommittee last week or couple weeks this would get the tough part about he said the via how foods would be able to support the astronauts without needing to eat me a fool with a proposing what they wanted to take not only does new free frozen stuff up and everything else they want to actually take my panel the space station anyone that like the stall and likewise for the outer run an attestation for the cow and a helmet and everything else anyone of these have been in a number of cows and have there so they can kill the later is for you seriously you don't does now here's the bad news is huge paper that showed how they would spend millions and billions of dollars to take house up the best of us could need some new me okay so you have something that's interesting but I was a what do you believe that no celibacy goes crazy at those resides of this quotation from the likenesses that people are translated those nutrients that they will no longer be eating me you want to get up there and say wait a minute where the counselors and spacers right of the work of the US government it will work for us to the point is that I will be done on earth as it is in heaven anything got to have people up there that have gotten used to being up there down here right that's an interesting note by the way I thought about this once me with your Bible studies to me and rose to the level so is the man which usually is aware under given wealth is really getting them in the you and he said to me you know you act as you have all the stuff you know you live a long time but you know you're going to follow Jesus because Jesus in LDAP address and he ate me unless it was this very true and but only fifty percent of Seventh-day Adventist he was in Venice the meat in fact our statistics as some of the others showing our longevity and help are even in light of the fact that most of our convict birds are horrible and you know they need me with me there even more impressive but I said you know this something that helps me understand that it was this when you look at the sanctuary of this is my picture of the century it's a low bid you know later here because were wine but this is the century model outside were all the unclean meats Mister and Mrs. piggy here right you cannot bring like to pay to the sanctuary few did you get in serious trouble or like you said you know I'm going to bring before you for my crocodile is no work because unclean these were not accept what was exactly weekly and they could come into this courtyard but then once you move this the priest into the holy place you move towards some different things you have a website olive oil almond blossoms overdue to raise your head drapes for life you had tables showbread they had a little flagon of grape juice soaking you see you moving out to grains and grace and olive oil and nuts you think that's an interesting in the sanctuary and then you move from the holy place to the most holy place where you have manna which according the Bible and all seventy eight is the court of heaven or other places say with coriander seed is a complex carbohydrate and you also have not always again some people say you also have pomegranates on the bottom of the priestly garments again fruits nuts and grains I think that's a stretch but the point is you're moving away from unclean clean back to a plant -based thing and you're moving that way as you goes to the sanctuary isn't that interesting I think it's an interesting I will be done on earth what was the outer part of the site this was the outer court Jesus died on earth number first three feast and then he went off anyone incidentally thanks for his ministry there another words it was fully appropriate for Christ to identify with us on earth and was fully appropriate for them to be eating meat during that time but I don't think he's doing it now I may think Egypt's of this is up there with them I don't think so I would been made really big deal unacceptable and that it happened Phineas six hundred this is not than half an hour so she moves into a different faith raisin ministry and was starting down that many things wow that is why I may send me excessively spilled through but how many can see that progress is that that that that the plan of salvation God blueprint was not just a plan of salvation in terms of spiritually speaking it also was a game plan in terms of physically speaking that makes sense and that's why the Bible says no as we as we look at the site for thy will be done on earth as it is in healthy therefore whatever he or drink you all what's or you do do all to the and when you look at the sanctuary it was moving from glory glory the more was there was a certain glory here behind curtain number one but there was even more glory behind curtain number two and there was the ultimate glory behind curtain number three glory glory glory now what was the time of my time this sanctuary and present through SunOS the present truth we are living in the day of atonement whatever we whatever we drink whenever we do it needs to be all to the glory of God we are to be not just an outer court people Nazism what people were to be a most holy place people that you always talk about that she talked about phenomenal searches being a holy place people that stay in the holy place as he talked about an early writings page fifty about how the devil spirit as we breathe in the holy place and they think that there may have my power but they have no love joy peace God wants the people to move beyond not only the court and not only the holy place but into the most holy and messy importance of all the aspects of the essence is not because were trying to work our way but because Christ is working our way so until he wants it all your essay by works I disagree you are but as the words of Christ in a no mistake everyone miserable decided by the work of Christ and he is working to take you from outside the sanctuary and in the court into the holy place right into the most holy place I will be done on as it is in exactly as the theological foundation for many of the things that we talk about one of the courses that help message but many of the things with our and so I go till one it was a great and will come back was praying for the break come back and then remove the part to which is actually more important than the subject that this is important is actually more important follow thankful that we can disfigure and looking at the present truth through the lens of Leviticus twenty three and we want to be a most holy place people we want your will is known as a matter of this media was brought as my audio is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through free sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is more certain that please visit www. .net verse .org


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