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The Present Present Truth

Don Mackintosh


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training



  • December 13, 2012
    4:00 PM
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thank you for the timeline and give us in the fact that we can know not only who you are also where you are and not only what you're doing but what were supposed to be doing that clarity helps us and gives us confidence and we we need that especially in these days we begin as can be with us as we continue Christ name on okay we set it in our last hour the sanctuary and present truth and we look at Leviticus chapter twenty three and now were a look at the presence present truths so we look at a Safeway presence without the presence presence through and then we'll look later at the core truth about the present truth which I think is a core understanding about life on seventy seven and then the joy and purpose of the present truth so all about the present truth this time the present presence through how I say the word present truth what do you think in times okay someone else anyone else present but through the process for you Jesus was talking one day said the spiritual Lord is upon me because he has anointed me preach the gospel of the poor he ascended to heal the brokenhearted to preach deliverance to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind set at liberty them that are bruised to preach the acceptable year of the Lord he knew if I minded me recall what the minister and sat down in the eyes of all men that were in the synagogue were fastened on him and he began to Santa then this day is this scripture fulfilled in your hearing so here is anything you want present reality of what I'm saying is that this Bible text in your Bible is being fulfilled today I would you would think that listening to a bridge like that would get your attention so I hear somebody that was really saying something and he was saying it on the basis of two things number one the prophecy this is the acceptable year of the Lord he knew exactly where he was in the sweep of time in history you think he understood Leviticus twenty three you think Anderson Revelation fourteen wasn't written yet but probably you think he understood Daniel eight fourteen they understand those things that he understand that you'll not yet seen it and he understood where he was in time and is now it were supposed to be like Jesus operated they were supposed to be like to then should we understand where we are in time and history should we understand the present through and should we understand the present present through another words the truth that is right after they are right here and now you said the president you Peterson is for this reason I will not be negligent to remind you why these things though you know and are established in the presently this on Peter 's day was present through important in Jesus day was present through import in early history was present through import with James Wyatt Sagan Peter Steiner was the present truth or truth applicable to that present time the church have ever had or has ever had a present through the present truth now is that which shows present duty in the right position for us who are about to witness the time of trouble such as never was so James White also generally at this point is that we need to understand the present truth so what is the present truth okay so is understanding the victory of Christ on the cross of salvation would that be a present truth is anyone ever talked about that before is that if you were to say out of all the Christian churches that really the Adventist purpose to talk about Christ in Calvary as the present through absolutely not that's not the reason for the other movement even go to the Baptist Church they would say that you go to Methodist Church they would say that you go to the Pentecostal church you would say that you go to any event filters there was a net and they should say that and holographic thankful for the truth of Christ and his atoning work on the cross but is that what were called to bring up that he is the Passover in our lives the limit is twenty three and as the foundation but there were all supposedly going all the way up to the one day the moment and the tabernacle but all those things right that many churches are not talking about so whatever the present through this it certainly does not make a other truth like I said before you know we were doing jewelry we probably wouldn't have cross we would have a sanctuary because it gives a more complete picture anyone else yes adjustment the artist does this I do think that's the way President Reagan yes I said okay that certainly is true that other terms of the talk about the staff other Seventh-day Adventists are they seven-day Methodists is over three hundred groups not in the world are talking about the staff and administer come up with the seventh doctrine so there is definitely an element of truth so we need to put that in the package of the admin message but it's certainly not something that people couldn't have gotten anyone to the lease is not available anywhere what would you say for Angel Smith okay for Angels messages the sanctuary second coming I also great let me tell you my idea what is your present duty what is my present duty what is your right position was my right position what is the present truth for God 's Church of this time our vacant or black suggestions you that I think that while about say as the present term day they are in a Hezbollah of his eleventh United defend myself at the same facilities as fifty eight chapter of Isaiah conveys the present truth for the people of God here we see how medical missionary work in the home of three hundred bound together as the messages given to the world so this is from the book evangelism with the equivalent of probably a source long ago only showing a couple of equipment will look briefly at Isaiah fifty eight the whole of the fifty eighth chapter of Isaiah is to be regarded as a method this time to be given over and over again Matthew because you got to a Baptist church in heaven preach on Isaiah fifty eight Lakeside city government with the surgeon had them break down whether the Isaiah fifty eight an event is known here what is the message of Isaiah fifty eight I have been instructed to refer our people to the fifty eighth chapter of Isaiah read this chapter carefully and understand the kind of ministry that will bring a life in the church is how many of you would like to go back and bring a life into your church and rethink the churches so the president present true is a message that would bring a life of the church is and what we're told is that something to do with Isaiah fifty eight so I think we should look at Isaiah fifty eight all right so let's do that if you have your Bible let's look at Isaiah fifty eight and I I may come back to this if I have more timely of the week I buried really know another place were told we should memorize Isaiah fifty eight in fact in our health class we memorized a certificate of deposit call parole up here to get sandwiches then going four percent now and a positron is every week we had two verses and we memorize the whole thing because it is an essential truth of the village located just briefly so you can't tour 's first one trial of what is said that Edwards will that be could this be related in any way to the loud cry could be and in fact it is because later on it talked about the fact that the glory of the Lord shall be your rear guard 's rights as this goes before and behind you it's interesting cry aloud says spare not lift up your voice like a trumpet we just went through Leviticus chapter twenty three and there was what well within the seventh twenty three whether any trumpets and where with the trumpets just before the day salmon and where their trumpets on the day of its own there actually were leading right up to it now and see if we see any other enhancer about them tell my people their transgression when the when was that happened that have especially David Thoma on the house of Jacob their sins now notice that this next verse looks like a summary of most of our camp meetings and that made him look like a summary of what we do in arming of us were careful yet they say we go about that so I look pertinent to me MN basically daily data like to go my way of thinking we are delighted in the driveway other resources available on the tables have you bought those resources of your read those resources are you living those resources are more searching questions on a delight to know my ways as a nation that did righteousness and did not recite the ordinance of their God they asked of me the ordinances of justice they take the lie and want the same of processing God so where do they approach got back then this is rescinded they like to say through message they like talking about the sacredness of life studying the sacred message they like even approaching God in the sacred message why have we fasted they say and you are not seeing why have we what to say next why have we won what does it say where is that what this was that connected with that of David's Leviticus chapter twenty three it says it is today you should afflict your souls this entire first section is about day of atonement in Isaiah fifty eight it says this is group of people who are doing what they're understanding the David but there's a problem even though they do all those things God taking no notice and is not answering their prayers now what does the chapter and will look with me at chapter fifty eight verse thirteen if you shall turn your foot from the what's insane from doing your online holy and call the other like a holy day of the Lord Honorable and shall honor him not doing your own or finding your own door speaking your own failures of the life yourself in the eye will cause uterine and ideals of the year than Fiji with the heritage of Jacob your father the amount awarded spoken so this chapter is picturing a group of people that live and proclaim the day of atonement and all of us have at his when the world in this chapter apply to would this apply to our Methodist Brotherton Woodinville Lolo mode of applying to listen to is actually if you look at their boxing you look at their doctor is talking about the day of atonement and the sample within the good you like buy a shirt that would remind you of that there is the event of the day there is deserved and an even self-service about it here day but there's a problem even though those shirts are available to have a couple of the micelle even though that's happening God is not hearing this group very probable they talk about the installment they talk about the Sabbath problem is your label is preaching powerful preaching even though they have all kinds of prayer that is how prayer God is not hearing there is no light and there's no loud cry so what in the world is a solution thankfully there's a middle section two of chapter burgers six this is not the fact that I chose to lose the bonds of wickedness to undo the heavy burdens to let the oppressed go free and that you break every yellow is it not to share your bread with the hungry and that you bring to your house the poor who are cast out and when you see the naked that you covered and do not hide to know what I was so from your own flesh to take care of your own families bring other people in your house helping with the simple things like bread and what they need to live from day to day if you are is this the present truth this is the present truth I would suggest to you that I believe this is the present president it's one of the biggest names that society has and is the largest need that the administered sales amid talk about signing for in case you have not been aware there recently was an election and review not watch the news recently but there was an election and you know what was the biggest debate items on the election was how to undo the heavy burdens and how to help the poor was that one of the biggest things and there was a huge debate about the Gmail isn't it higher chapter written in this revealing that every hell talked about in the recent election I then talk about before because it was so political susceptible but I was then now you should read about ministry an event of ministry ministry to the poor and homeless you will find every concept that was talked about it is as if the chapter was written for today it's up to in the present present through okay and maybe all buses out more but I'm excited to tell you that there's a whole book that's just being finished this week going to press on the subject and have the numerous chapters but it's just simply say what I'm saying analysis the Adventist church is that serves in Leviticus twenty three of the day of atonement I believe reliving the day that some and that church message was given to it not only about heaven but of righteousness by faith that message to some extent rejected some extent accepted but it made LOI say something that was very provocative she said the loud cry began and then she said a life without crying it's not the generously said that in writing time she was saying that she was writing all these units about just what chapter Isaiah fifty eight and she basically was saying and less you get serious about Isaiah fifty eight loud cry will never return again how many level outcry to return again so the message of Isaiah fifty eight is that the presence present truth is the message of Isaiah fifty eight and what is it is it not share your bread with the hungry that you bring to your house for her cast that when you see the naked that you cover him and do not hide yourself from your own flesh the nose promised Thursday your ally celebrate forth like the morning your healing shall spring forth 's B-movie and your righteousness is really his righteousness righteousness by faith right shall go before you and the glory of the Lord shall be your rear guard if you got got rises before you have a big of glorious and if you have his glory behind having enough Gloria's and this is the loud cries and what happens first night and you shall call and the Lord will answer you shall try and he will say here you take with your procurements pointing the finger of the speaking wickedness another words don't get inserts by about meaningless things that have nothing to do with the outpouring of the loud cry together in unity about things that happened a lot significant is a man who think is the case in the church today the fractured by disunity over on important issues doesn't know so I want to suggest you today humbling that this is not the present through just that it's the present present through the problem preaching and prayer that God is not hearing no life in a loud cry but pollution love for Christ Christ likeness medical missionary work and then the loud cry return I okay now if that's true and I believe it is anything we should learn more about how to get involved in the things in the middle of why fair fifty eight I really got through we should be all about that and that we now show you a quotation that sell shocked me that I moved from what I was doing and started doing what I'm doing another words I'm trying to live in accordance with the present brother through you want to see in it is here is the present present unifying truth and this quote is gripping when I write this January as religious aggression or the liberties of our nation those who stand for freedom of conscience will be placed in unfavorable position for their own sake they said while I have opportunity become intelligent in regard to diseases caused prevention in your all who do this will find the labor anywhere there will be suffering once planned and will need help not only among those of our own faith largely among those who know not the truth the shortness of time demands of energy that is not been aroused among those who claim to believe the present through now why did that while from count on help eight five oh six of ripping and you see why I wanted Britney as religious aggressions birds the liberties of our nation wait a minute anything happen in this country recently that would cause the thing that the liberties of our nation are being subverted because of aggression that ring any bells in your mind what does that bring in your mind September eleven what was the motivation of the attack of September eleven when you read the letters of the people that were on the plane that was religious aggression was most of it is that you were religiously aggressive and so working upon is that the letters that I recollect the bailout is that they respect is not really a matter of speculation what does this lead to did September eleventh changed your flight plans of all coming over here that is if you longer to go through the airport the patriot act the national Defense authorization act homeland security various now more Executive Order do we live in a time period where religious aggression is subverting the liberties of our nation I heard one correspondent just this last week say you have less liberties on the books in America then before the Bill of Rights and by the way the Bill of Rights is what you get united states they wouldn't sign off on the Constitution until the Bill of Rights was ratified another words these folks that study history say if the laws were actually in you basically don't have any liberty Avenue believe a lot of things through it is read the Internet that's up with me I'm not too much part of the Google by another Kindle Google so in this department of of of of of homeland security on those when James Madison who I named one of my kids Nathan Matteson said these mounts the fear is the little guy looks like he's got too much energy perhaps it is a universal truths that James Madison the loss of liberty at home is to be charged against provisions against danger real or pretended from abroad the big thing that kept James Madison awake at night and he was the one that wrote most of the protections are Constitution and our Bill of Rights many of those joy said one thing can make it all come down that is if we got afraid about dangers abroad that were either real or pretended and then we take away our liberties almost instantly I think James Madison was the spark so what will happen next according to the quote those who stand for freedom of conscience will be placed in unfavorable position follow-ups are we being place in unfavorable positions they may not be exercised definitely think that when your liberties are basically now taken away although not exercise that's an unfavorable position Revelation thirteen says that what happened to be in I think it's in the process of the lease the foundation being built this leads God 's people to not be able to do what alternately buy or sell so what should God 's people be doing that the quote say in light of their other sound familiar as a result similar to the hyphenated APN says for their own say they should while I have the opportunity to become intelligent woman you want to come intelligent in regard to disease its cause prevention and cure while interesting like Isaiah fifty eight thousand or later so why all who do this will find a field of labor anywhere how many want to job security there is doubly suffered once twenty of them who need help not only among those of our own faith largely among those who know not this was our one big burden during that timeframe when she said the loud pranced up to go to get you say we should be ministering for people and their neighbors one time all white and I will how we people live there outside of John Re: telling it seven people living in his house for sale or means because it will cornflakes but serious about that for their own sake and for the sake of others they should be involved in will ministers have money that people can pay type while ministries have funds that people can give donations will we be flying to Hawaii for conferences allow well Hawaii become indivisible will lay people wanting how will they support themselves will then help here how will that help here directly one of the fundamental good interesting things is that we live in a time when that which was given in Scripture for us to be involved in that is the help one another with our help and whatnot is taken over by huge institutions and you know the eugenic uses can do they can bring God into the ways of how we think we need God in ways the issue is not whether or not know they should change alleviate a William Elvis not helping you know they know they should change as they I know I should need that but I just don't want I know I shouldn't smoke Feinstein storm I will listen to you by the way the good smoke must do a smoke outside I've make either struggling with an addiction talk about this okay but she understand how that will be summarized if the power of God we need the power of God how many new Longford change in somebody else's life that you know and have a think their longing for change in your life in the present present truth that you need is the power of God that can you get that by increasing health care insurance premiums if people just would change simple lifestyle habits we would do away with some people say a large percentage of our diseases generally we need to be sharing the gospel in the context of medical Mister Hubley Mister and so finally what should we do close shortest time and demands that energy that has not been aroused among those claims so what do we do know where we are the prophetic family do we know that on the basis of Leviticus twenty three and we learned today understand what the present through the time is did we hear that today then we see what that meant we look at Isaiah fifty eight number three we should arouse or energize the same those who claim to believe we should arouse infraction this is why we have a man unit this is why we have army were on the move were on the march MN and specifically what missionary activity we need to not neglect the medical missionary work a life that once same thing Isaiah fifty eight said in saving Matthews said I put it as a question though have we come to a time when every member of the church a cold the medical missionary my personal life to reach the people where they are become acquainted with them this work can be done by proxy money given loan and a competent service from the pulpit can't do it we can't say all I ever owned on freaks and more sermons does not work we can't fail to give money money two amazing facts or amazing opinions or amazing discoveries are amazing almost discovers is not work by personal labor composed and then have we come to a time when every member of the church take the melatonin they weren't look at this picture that shown representation is passed before me of the array are a form of removal among God 's people many were praising God I will be there phrasing the sick were healed another miracle I spirited assess was seen even if was manifest before the great day of Pentecost I want to be a far less hundreds and thousands were seen visiting family and opening before than the Word of God everyone memorize all of those things this week all those chapter five pleaded no when you go door-to-door hearts were convicted by the way by way you know what we've been doing that last four months when was the people 's doors I went visiting with some of the help students it down to this particular door and I went to follow-up and see what it happened and then home I went to that here to check up on my students and I want to ask you about what you think of them coming violently dispersed in interviews that come into the garage with me and I know using going to know drivers with ladies I don't know by one man the license of look I have cancer to what my kids the units they don't know that I have cancer one of my kids has down syndrome it takes the every waking hour keep up that will boy and he never goes to sleep I'm running from here is a narrow order looked tired to seven I asked all the churches in the city to help me no one can help it rock things up nobody can help me and I was desperate and then a couple months ago your students came to my door they knocked on the door to simply said do you need help with this as I don't know who you are Mister but I got to tell you I want to know more about your church is people dying out there that need your help I could say a lot more stories of the last four months how do you think the needs of a whole army of most of an army and by the way you can get arm for that heaven is related to the link of the longer they can learn how to do it if you know what you're doing until you get there it is go out and do and when you get there then you can arm you pay that that's what's got at the visit me again who is much you can prepare for saying it's these places we had no idea what we find that God did not have we come to a time when every member of the church to take hold of the medical missionary work last two slides here in time trouble just previously coming of Christ will live the righteousness will be preserved through the ministration of bullying when you want and the holy angels around you I got good news and bad news though that trying time neglecting to obey God 's commands will have no security there lives in angels cannot protect a movie one for one that have to best the bedrooms they can't protect them from the rest of their enemies while they lived in neglect of any no duty or express command of is that of biblical concept as well certainly a probably one of the angels hovering rock and I believe they want to as well so let me ask a question deeply what I discovered was present through you think I said are you a present present through talking to a group of people who are one a day that some people we know what it is Leviticus twenty three the fact of the people that are a lot has to happen and a group of people are not being heard but who got long to hear back that loud cry that A that I believe is the president present truth we we have I believe come to a time when you have remember of the church take hold of amount for missionary work you want take-home was able to a nice time together I'm excited about this key principle is being talked about in medicine it's being talked about theology is being talked about and the highest echelons of science and psychology in this one key element that will study her together I think you'll find the most useful thing perhaps you've ever heard in terms of practical and it'll maybe be the next step for you in following through on what God wants to do you want to be there you're what that is for you follow heaven we study this afternoon we see your timeline were thankful you not only knew what time it was new what you wouldn't do what you given us evidence of what time it is it will work to do and we want your will to be done on earth as it is with thankful for the present truth and the present present truth we estimate we can enter into none of rolling the ball then bringing health and healing to others but as the text says that feeling would come to us ourselves in my flow into our lives and I believe you are you are is a disobedient was brought by audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through three seven audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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