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How to Have an Effective Health Ministry

Don Mackintosh


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)



  • December 13, 2012
    3:30 PM
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close heaven help us to get through some more material here that could be useful to us although I think these stories and the testimonies have inspired us to want to be involved in being available to what you have in store and we want to be available for Europe on the job training you actually are are are preparing people just like Jackie story reminded us who are wistfully looking towards you to and towards heaven and they are just waiting to be gathered in we want to be be so questionable in our dress in our diet questionably good way that they will begin to ask questions that can lead to your kingdom Christ's name we pray on in the time it says soon there will be no work done in ministerial lines except medical missionary work and I am excited about that however think of that because that's the work how Jesus started his ministry and injured his ministry and that's how he started the evident movement MSI skin in the and we live in a time when people really need the health message for instance in America meat consumption has gone up rapidly and with a host of diseases and to be more close to home even within Adventism this might hurt a bit although on some some each of a lot of meat within Adventism that they they know basically what they should what about this one she's consumption of cheese consumption is not rapidly in America from the nineteen sixties up to the year two thousand and that sees consumption is driving a huge obesity across the prices of a diabetes crisis of all kinds of relation diseases are related to that and you know one of the hazards of restaurant ministry is see how many of our met someone who knew someone who struggled with seeing I did my wife's hot was terribly addicted I labored with her over it and my wife's husband was very resistant but did you know that she is has case sell more fins and that's the same derivative as morphine and sexy very addictive I didn't realize this but when I did I got kind of upset the reason I got upset is because restaurants were manipulating me like Francis have you ever gone to be all of their pussy some of you salivating even if the name being mentioned I see that your describes ruling already in the pre- outpost breadsticks music please bring out a boat of Alfredo sauce so I can have my heart attack next week instead of two years down the road anyway what a minute and they bring you a celibate what do they say to you would you like cheese on the other side in a Lakers game on his own I mean the Christian spirit has now spread to the owners of this restaurant why in the world would you ask to get seasoning cheese is relatively expensive cheese is always in the back of the store why is it in the back of the store why is she located always in the back of every supermarket and why do they operate on the reason is because it has more female or morphing like derivative and want to get addicted to it you'll go to the back of the store to get it annual come back to the restaurant where you got it and you don't even know the chemical you're being drawn by your stomach to the Olive Garden 's stomach begins to look like an olive in the garden and you are drawn towards it you know what you mean your frontal lobe no no no no it's your stomach that carries you and the Bible says their god is their belly I say that having been recently tried and in the process of escaping from the false gods of Judaism so I rose in his restaurant once I discovered as I said the radius of music that you are so nice and kind to offer me this she waited to come from how she goes will release your is not just for you I offered to everybody as a symbol of the bacterium and kind to other people I thought maybe it was just me but it's other people what motivates you to ghost server you didn't know this I said yes I know I'm just wondering why it always does it's a book we have to do this to work your sky see the book sure I'll get you the books as he goes back to read the book this is get them the cheese and I said why does it say that insane about this and worse the manager I can eat my food without knowing the manager came and I said love this lady admitted she is but she doesn't know why I okay I'm trying something tea dispensers the whole drug addict so anyway they thought the cheese that slipped out on the main so when I was going somewhere with it I said I thought of the melodic tell me about you is what really know I mean I said look no unbecoming a long time I can't figure this out could you mind calling the regional manager Sir were very busy right now I mean this is important to me you getting teased all these people just think if you say that they could save the company thousands of dollars you could get a raise as a result becoming the future is bright for you if you just call people you need to call to make the call okay but if you chemical distributor number all so I call the regional manager a state eye I stayed around the regional manager didn't even know and then I told him I explained them how it is that this works MLS doesn't like to go with me to that restaurant anymore she's actually terrified attributed anyway that was a total aside as the entire talk with you this afternoon has been but we live in a time where this is huge crisis not only the culture but our own church and were being manipulated and people to be manipulated after dying and these these diseases are are really driven by cheese and high fatty foods to a large extent did you realize that at all of these various companies Pizza Hut Taco Bell all of garden all these places they understand what they call the cheese effect and they realize it brings you back to their restaurant again and again and again right you don't come back for the freshwater right although reducing to be hooked on that stuff so we lived in that time and love we live in a time where we know these things in the culture is learning these things and I believe that God has positioned the Adventist church to be able to reach out effectively the most effectively of any church at this time in the sports I truly believe that your singing my song to sing cheese is related to cancer and everything else now I miss a lot of things that can be a big is a high fat and definitely want to get one to become obese you you don't have the ability to fight off the cancers all of us have cancers in our bodies or pineapple I but if world beef and where the state of infection for a constant state of infection we just can't fight things out there's all kinds of problems with it now so but we live in and a movement that I think God has blessed to have a help message and no all talk more about this tomorrow but we're actually seen in the literature in the popular press as being those that live longer were part of the blue zone diet we live the pain of what we do or don't do a two to five years longer for women forty ten years longer for men even more your following more habits and and by the way you know I here's the thing if you decide not to live healthy you're still going to help our statistic okay you're just in a document that people that didn't follow those things than the other this lifestyle die sooner do you want to be helpful in that way to be administered or you could be helpful another way and that is wait a minute they live much longer because they followed all that stuff don't be helpful in that way so I'm just thankful that all of your good be helpful but I want you to be helpful to you I want to live the longest possible first of all torment my children right now I want to be there like when the boyfriend comes than that to visit my daughter thing I wanted to say I can think about when is a free share a moment terrified that person amounted I would do great controversy one thousand nine on looking forward to that I'm also I want to be alive as long as possible to give the devil as hard a time as possible as long as I can emulate that willingness to do that too so the D the end of this message is built in the snow what what we take four months to teach but I wanted to join ten minutes and then the people with my one it's been four months but what we attempt to do is this okay that's it we go to school so let's move on telescope that this is basically what we do we try and be very questionable people okay you want to be questionable people who may be seen as a big the enigma wrapped within the tsunami so you want to be questionable another would you want people to ask you questions in the first question people are asking today is how can I get my health back I had unlimited a culture that's unhealthy or how can I have a mental performance or how can how cannot what must they be due to be staged physically come to you when you set on a plane or you talk to anybody the only thing another witnessing technique that I have this is what this is my witnessing technique to witnessing techniques that you're going to have to write down to remember that even though you won't the first one is this take your laptop or computer or something with you that has a health electronic if the person smells like smoke open of the smoking lecture if the person is obese and you can usually tell if you don't know how to tell this e-mail towards if you have an eye problem and you open it up to you to start going through a garden whom try to get me home whom they may go back and forth I just do that a few times and then invariably this is what happens now they don't get their attention like that headphones on or something we and we say or what I do is I tilt the screen a little bit towards the not obviously not like the note like this so I can't see an discount like that and weeds of this Grace is going to then and if you need you shut it down open up a few times invariably Norville do the same ones that you're working as I try and find the most provocative slide sudden risk of death from this or that point you know and then now let us say what is that what is your market has it all I'm sorry outside and meet and I didn't mean to go in a rut interrupt you no no no no no no consent gives you permission your allow you now Kale and the you share that presentation it works right or sometimes like of that was on the plane and I went on I was looking at something they said that my son has that very prompt you back to that slide is like why you looking at my screen I don't say that you know that's what you do you usually say and so you want to be questionable by the way so I can try that witnessing technique whom altering one more through this is a free story of his throat in I was going to England to do a speaking phrases that I had to do this class on the spirit of prophecy on our life so I had this book by Herbert Douglas called messenger to the Lord oh you know that book you've read the book while I'm very impressed but most of you didn't raise your hand but it was is a great book and edit button Polonius can be rough to witness with this book to no use I like most of the less it was I had the book there but I'm uncertain there and since then I've struck down on a reasonable convoy he will lady sitting next to me to get she finally goes skews me but that must be a very interesting book you're groaning it is as you do it is an interesting book like that but what's the book you're reading to do with the terrible book and really why are you reading it says on the book club and an accident they make you read books you don't like that terrible but what about us about this rainy season in moral leniency does this and that Allah will all that terrible book but she goes out even though I have to go next Tuesday and talk about the book will unanimously terrible at Florida next Tuesday Google what your book my book about a lady like your book bunches like the office you know she's like more old and she's like it's a big book exactly written about her not by her like one of her best friends or her bodies that she helped with this guy named John Harvey John Murtha John Harvey first he was a doctor in the significant accounting of your kidding me this lady John Harvey Kellogg and always cornflakes and this is it stop in my room I got the stuff of my covered entity you know things like into it and she goes where can I get this book and I said look you know this is probably not billion of the best looking professor asked the book together I made a book but also by this one warning when you go back your churches were unicellular and that army who this is the most important thing to share they spent all their money to send it here what is your Moon dog don't they folks make us look good but I'm telling you you need to become one and that he is is connected to something to do with help then once you do your health presentation program you got to make sure it is sticky and an artist and art classes at the help program I teach I don't really alarm you but I think public spacey I don't don't hasten to adjust as and when I tell them as we do so embarrassing right away I say that we as a book now little book that I destroy the last and what does the acronym of that book we see yet you actually exempt what is the acronym from the book and what does success stand for you guys can work together and watch even help the three angels rejected what's the SN for simple so it has to be simple what's the use and for unexpected so you say things that are unexpected you want to have a good presentation needs to be simple and needs be unexpected what's the next letter that alphabet and what to see stand for our country and create it has to be compact concrete so they can understand what is the next letter in with the sand for credible it has to be credible you have to have credibility when you're talking and then what does the I/O on any of the students to miss out the East End for I forgot now that's not the knee it starts with the word E and it's what emotional but rich meal that you would remember that saw it has to be emotional has been emotional aspect to it then what's next visit ass right away a story you need to have stories to be a successful public speaker which I is sorry about that notice can result story and then we had another as to the book which was the second book and we put spiritual at the end if you have those elements that guess what the what do you say wow that's awesome great presentation and also that was great information and yes I want to do it because my emotions got involved and there don't want to do that so we talk a lot about how to make presentations one-on-one and group someone but once you do a great health program you want they do if you do your program correctly even if it's the aegis depends on how much time that you want to check in our health school we take four months so one of our programs is three-month long or personal coaching can be in people 's houses for even longer but you don't have to even start talking about your faith or your religion in fact I would I might recommend that it is not necessary if you're doing a good job with your help presentation because it is with there to do they're going to ask you you don't again ask you what is the connection between this and your faith again asked that I've had that question asked so many times what's the connection between now and then there's a study that I give them right at that time guess what I call the study once the connection just to remember it that's what WTC stands for what's the connection at that study is I believe God gave that study to all of us in the story of the Exodus because the people in Egypt died of the same diseases that we diet today in fact the Journal of the American Medical Association in November of two thousand nine had a whole addition on the things that killed Egyptians and since that time they been doing more and more CAT scans and MRIs and everything that Doctor Ben does it say about us a diagnostic radiologist looking at the mummies and they seen that they die of the very same things that we diet today and they can actually document that that's suddenly gets people really interested because what God said is that they would have none the seasons while what does it say in Deuteronomy chapter seven fifteen I will take away all sickness from the back of the diseases which are put upon the Egyptians once the Santa Exodus fifteen twenties but that outlaw general market principles that make two thousand and I will keep like commandment and its key thing is I love that none of the e-mail you are new it's a Huntington's I think it'd get so ugly in the health program they memorize two versus the week throughout the whole program and their final exam again from the same test every week throughout the program so that by the end of it they can share all those verses and make excellent remember them under pressure under an emotional situation with you know of an irritated public speaker which I think is very impressive and the fact that they sat on the front row makes you recognize that they wanted punishment so what's the connection study we go to that and that grips the attention of people that then leads them the way we come together that studies the actions how many people got out of Egypt all out of the wilderness life only two most wandered for forty days how long does it take to get from Egypt to Canaan ten days but they went for forty years most divisive in wondering for forty years with besetting sins and that's what they did when they were only ten days away is another Bible book the top starts with a ten day story what book is that Daniel and in ten days either was right and so was wrong and so we taken the Daniel chapter one Daniel Chapter one happens to be the oldest epidemiological study clinical trial known in the history of literature and so I show the map the New England Journal of Medicine talked about that and then we start going to Gail kept the one you want through six and one were through with that guess what I say were done they say wait a minute there's more to the book relational than the rest of the book and then I say well done except forget of there is a connection with the book of Revelation ice on that connection right which I saw them eighteen forty four at that time and how there's the beginning of the health movement I usually wear my shirt that day right and I show the map I guess what I said our studies concluded it wait a minute can't we study the rest of the book of Revelation listen while you know if it fits into your schedule and mine we look and then we look day of the relationship to ten birth through twenty two that goes to all of the most important doctrines in the history of God 's last day accidents it starts in Revelation ten bio body of water just like the Exodus went through the Red Sea and it ends up in the promised land just like the Exodus in the promised land and it goes past the mountain fix up the ten Commandments same thing it's the final accidents on later with me and then I usually will say what is there a church that teaches this was what well let's see what picture to be taken and I think of the relationship the one Revelation chapter one verse one through fourth talking about the Scriptures verse five and six is talking about salvation for seven aside about the second coming for Zeta nine is talking about the staff as well as talking about the sanctuary verse seventeen is talking about stated that first taking a nineteen is talked about the Spear proxy and first twentieth talking about the church I think that's a great summary of the advertisements I don't we got to find a church that has all of those elements I wonder where that search would be funny think it makes sense so that's kind of pattern that we leave for the practical common tell you I have seen them were so many times and especially I'm especially overjoyed to see how that works with the kid or a king and you can add I mean we were in the Thai restaurant with this family that we separate in one study Daniel they showed up they sent me to study and roller set up and they brought all the kids were stunning Daniel two oh one RI and you have a five -year-old house of Helms Nicholas five five -year-old and sell there was limited so I had to draw a picture until the story 's lesson on how many toes do you have been missing I got eight this is how you got to know what Gallagher tells but they were into the study you know so it works with the kid and with the king so that's the pattern we can go through more but MLB division now on the shore given briefly a characteristics of effective health programs and we only have twenty minutes left so we may be sharing three of the eight things we'll see how we go okay and then the rest of these up on my website and you goes them at new start global put those up on the director 's notes and you can go out there and finals later the right fit so we'll go do it we can here's the thing that want to cover scientific excellent sacrificial service sufficient time the spiritual path we established source of authority pointed to Sabbath celebrations the sequence of Scripture what do this with you showed you and the seriousness of the top these are the elements I think you need to have to be effective practically speaking and health ministry number one scientific excellence this is the credibility factor I am so thankful to be a part of an Advent movement that has over three hundred and fifty now actually near four hundred peer-reviewed scientific articles documenting the fact that Evan is live longer than other people and that there are specific things that can be pointed to that Ashley can lead to longevity and better health mentally physically and emotionally coming to be a part of the you need to learn those things science is documenting God 's first book the book of Revelation right and you need to learn those things you don't need to learn them all just a few key things and once you learn those things it just totally increases your witnessing ability one of the tools that we teach in our school that's very simple overview of those things is a protocol eight weeks the wellness by Don Hall and it is well researched it's got some things you may or may not agree with but it's got a lot of good in it and we go through that with the kids and they use that in their personal health coaching and that's a great resource another great resource in terms of scientifically excellent programs I think is the chip program family to further that we did sixteen of those in our church this guy 's a was a pile and still is from American Airlines his blood pressure was two ninety his weight was two ninety his funeral his cholesterol was two ninety we called Mister tonight and message of ninety everything and went up on all of his lab values and on up and so he had to come down out of the sky the skies were not so friendly anymore and so he was down he was grounded until he got those numbers down he came to our program highly motivated he refers those numbers he told all of his fellow pilots about them and pretty soon was like rerun of a flight school people wanted to prevent that we begin to reach you through all of the airline highlights that went through that flight safety training in Wichita Kansas it has all kinds of airplanes were basically you are health program was reaching people you know beyond the clouds as a result of that in our results in that program just to give you one thousand people go through program one hundred of those joined our church don't tell me help vandalism doesn't work that ten percent usually you use if you have been an evangelistic meeting you think that's good reason they came was because the evidence that they saw the help for the limited right of the church the cholesterol dropped from two hundred ten to one seventy five every percentage drop in cholesterol is is that of a decrease in the risk of sudden death heart attack of three percent so they would alternate follows a fifteen percent drop those were greater than two hundred when they came in a twenty percent drop so fifteen times three would be forty five twenty ten through the what so forty five to sixty percent decrease in the risk of death from heart disease and sudden death despite coming to an end of his church I may say amen to that and when they saw those things is that while this is the right one baby ha ha so to speak they lost weight the men were the biggest losers in the women followed after little better when he lost that weight of course everything else will follow that ninety percent of those taking blood pressure medications that were oral tablets no longer needed down blood pressure medications can really mess up all kinds of things in your life will know while the big things is intimacy and when there's blood pressure medicines no one were needed there was all kinds of love and joy in the family okay I will say more of the insulin those taking insulin pills for insulin ninety percent one off that I remember the American diabetic Association president came from program had been a diabetic still was taking medications totally got off those medications went and told everybody of the Association of the local chapter of the national level we had people phoning our church how many think the church should be a place of healing and it can be a place of healing if you're taking and documenting what happened fifty percent of those taking injections no longer needed the injections in just one month and that's happening and then they begin to see the church as a place of healing of help and hope what happens a coronary arteries these are the same thing happen this guy who was the head of the breast cancer surgery section of the Cleveland clinic and this is a picture of his coronary arteries in his quarter hours were almost completely blocked here at all this is not broccoli and cabbage and different things here this is like a high-fat diet in the bottom of the Cleveland click at the McDonald's and that's what this is the McDonald's of the Macintosh is the McDonald's Regiment but then notice would have after three years of a plant -based diet knows what happened completely opened up reversal through lifestyle and now as those things are starting the documented by these MRIs and these other things that radiologist do now people abusing women we can see that your program actually works God 's program works so they began being very impressed with not only the fact that we have scientific things but they say how did you know this the reason we know this is not just because of the book of Daniel with that oldest scientific study it's because we have the spirit of prophecy and omit this talk about their briefly as we close because we have to close in eight minutes now Colin Campbell came through our church and he and I became fairly good friends we started e-mailing back and forth I decided as we got to know each other that I would e-mail him my appendix so I started out an e-mail that you are not the appendix that was unexpected and surprising to keep you away on not my appendix in terms of physically but the appendix from the book proof positive Doctor Natalie and that appendix is full of things of how life sat in the health science documents that so I just pick the ones I thought were the most interesting and unexpected I've e-mailed them it was embarrassing habit of Riverside and e-mailed and printed out later always see that it was much longer than you intended the e-mail I sent him he actually printed out to really start was sixteen pages long but he read through it as he was going to be speaking appointments and he got more and more impressed and this is what he wrote to me in e-mail would you like to see a personal private e-mail from Don McIntosh I can hear my breath is for you later if you'd like actually is more important because he wrote it not me I know you're thinking right now am always a minute where is also you that tomorrow we are not legally set but basically what he said was that Alloway was completely on target and also to tomorrow this is what happens in ten days as a film that shows the profusion and note the red part is where the blood is flowing but notice what happens after ten days CM was more blood is flowing that is a picture of repentance confession and repentance someone comes and says this is what I'm doing but I want to do what's right help me and then once they start doing what's right guess what happens there is a reversal of the disease do you want to have not only did the courage to confess to God but you ask him for the gift of repentance how many you want your church to be seen as a place of repentance and this is documented repentance on the University of picture of repentance you have an accurate testimony Doctor Ivan Iver Myers is a picture of repentance right is why were were ripped by his testimony this is an internal picture of repentance I'm into repentance some R&R radical repentance and so Bill Clinton and others were interviewed by which this is his name Wolf on the road coyote blizzard and the he interviewed them in and they now have the doctors have adopted this diet and many of these folks realize its associate with our church another program I think inside the credit credible is the depression recovery program and this is a picture people who come to the depressed recovery program this is one of the first ten day programs that help with they were severely depressed and this is the Beck inventory for those of you who are psychologist here the Beck inventory and they were severely depressed after ten days to let you that were moderately depressed after ten days on the Nathalie depressor covered program but it would have to there was only two people that were moderately depressed only several miles of most people there was no was a one hundred percent response rate to the program and that's better than a drunk by the way one hundred percent response rate and guess what happened these people even now falling of later many of them are still depressing free and that I believe is miraculous if you could if you could sell that as the drug you be a multibillionaire but God gave it to his church guess what as we lead them to that program what I learned from the chip program was to get people in the book of Daniel we started getting people in the book of Daniel in the fascinating thing is is is accomplished on the science and also the work came from it came from the book of Daniel also all the concepts from the program in the story of the Exodus and the book of Daniel and we do that over course of ten days we also feed them everything they should eat we also get them in water hydrotherapy we do the name and treatment on them and we get them in water that's one hundred degrees and then we came a lot of at sixty degrees skull hydrotherapy sixty or seventy we do that three times a day we haven't exercised and if they have an addiction we have them walk twelve miles a day if they have a milder form of something they have to walk less and guess what happens they get free from their addictions they give free from the depression and the date they start to believe again and God mostly don't believe in God when they come most of the multicellular atheists the reason their atheist is because they sing of God is there then why has he not helped me because I feel so bad but once they start feeling better they see women there is a God I start singing with them which is not the time and trouble but as I sing with them then they start singing hymns again at the end of it many of them say look I want to continue on with the studies I want to join some of it was church in the last group of twenty two there were nine of them that said that now but you but I like that from an evangelistic campaign how do you like that I also like the fact another pair about fifty five hundred dollars each and they listen to everything you say for ten days how would you like to have an advance to campaign where everyone coming page of five thousand dollars that's not what motivates us but say what if somebody pays for something you usually have their attention and they think it's a valuable unit cell and say when this is exactly what sat so scientific excellence that we have two minutes left it has to be coupled really got through to RA it has to be coupled with sacrificial service if people see that your scientifically excellent they can say hey you're just it for the money but if they see you have a heart of sacrifice that grips their heart and these are some of me my church members that would give of their time and they won the hearts of the people McCain just like to help students develop different program the people would come in there they were helping them learn how to shop helping them learn how to cook having them learn how to walk helping them learn how to do the simple things and get sweaty grip to their hearts and their hearts were changed by the separate sacrificial service the very first thing that responds in your brain to someone else is not your frontal lobe it's your limbic system because that's where your fight or flight region in this is also where your emotions are in forty milliseconds before your frontal lobe will kick in guess what your emotions kicking that's why you have to tell yourself I'm not a respond emotionally as you already are responding emotionally but guess what I think we should take advantage of that we should have that warm handshake at the door that comes from a genuine care for people we should have don't tell me that greeting at a church is not a ministry is perhaps the most important don't tell me that being a cradle leader is not evangelistic or more single monster come to that credible class that would ever come to anywhere else don't tell me that the size of the women's restroom has nothing to do with evangelistic growth you need to have that thing playing and and and and larger than the men's restroom mentally like to admit they go to the bathroom ladies like to say were going and were taking our purses with us will be back in those with like fifteen of the McGowan that you never know one another where the delay which the restaurant on about six hours ago but in there I don't know what happens in there but what I found in my juices when they come out of the bathroom I mean they did they want to join the church in a little-known happened how do you understand what I mean is this rule over selling but this joy that comes of dessert this is a non- Adventist pastor 's wife back here she saw on three ABN the chip program she came to our church the next week signed up with her husband they both join the Seventh-day Adventist church from the Baptist Church this lady as well throw in the Seventh-day Adventist church after being reached in that way and I could tell you many such stories but you know they all came down to kindness and love of the saints saints that are not kind loving our agents are not saying they need a Savior amen and here other than with this because were one minute over we need to have disinterested benevolence how I talked about this term that means some people misuse ignored they fit me well we just need to message what you are talking about Jesus that's not what it means immediately we need to be excelled this interest in ourselves that were willing to share whatever needs to be shared in a tactful Christlike way whenever these to be share and I believe that means sharing Jesus with people sometimes unspoken ways and sometimes unspoken words and the God has to give you the wisdom to know to do this because without Jesus there's absolutely no power to change we need power to keep natural law you can't even keep natural law without power and we need top power to keep moral law and so if you chiefly will have the power to keep the natural laws is what their wide open to learn how to keep at that same power to keep the moral law okay so let's close I think this is a great story clothes on Jesus had ten lepers come to him one day and they were all asking to be healed you remember the story and it says that he healed them and the word first used for cleansing them is Kfar zone where we get the word cathartic with Illinois cathartic is then don't worry about it because you probably don't have a problem but it needs to be Clinton's but as they were cleansed he then sent them to the priest and they went to the priest you love to send them back to the religious leaders because they could see the power of God one of them came back and the one that came back it says was made whole in the word there are many whole is the word sows no as the same word used for health and the same word used for salvation in other words the physical healing and cleansing now was coupled with a sense of gratitude and a comeback in worshiping God that led to complete and whole health and I think we need to feed the people not just to help but also lead people to him we need lead to the people from hell to him there's six more principles for you to cover all put them on the website or may cover them if there's more time but haven't you gotten the collapse of perhaps one of the most powerful things you can share leaving Army I'm if you plan to eat once you leave every meal we can become a message how are you planning to exercise when you leave army everyone walked every step every single time you exercise how you're doing the outplaying when you leave here I want to try out the what's the principal and get some kind of magazine that practicing and have some glow have that glow with you the scope and remit the low set you go you also can glow I must go for the Dataware what underneath the big eighteen forty Forster said right what you do is read aware layers when you leave you what you were first Army rightly dividing words to them when that's all taken up eighteen forty four anyway so you get it how is as of the last thing to be a part of the Advent movement you have so many knives in your belt and the biggest one is the sword of the spirit and he sent I'll review this effect please send from one hundred and seven behaviors things was that what was in the room that one sense is worth by his death says he sent his word and healed them were crying out but he sent his word Williams people were gone to be Genesis one twenty nine can be Exodus twenty Revelation fourteen 's Word brings healing father in heaven were so thankful that you came all the way from glory down down down to witness to us you certainly can make the case that you have more important things to do he certainly could've made the case that the could send someone else but God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself you came as a medical missionary and we thank you praise you we want to set want to share your saving help with the nations we asked if you would remove help write me a this media was brought by Nautilus is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to release an audio and much more I would like to know more about hothouse will feel like this is more so than is www. on universe .org


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