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Seeing Patients through Jesus' Eyes, Part 2

Mark Finley


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • October 14, 2005
    7:00 PM
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father in heaven we thank you for the opportunity to meet together as a group of physicians and residents in terms of medical students and dental dentists and dental students spouses and friends we thank you for the great privilege and opportunity of walking in the footsteps of the great physician teach us their Lord to minister like you did to the patients that come in contact with us and the people who we touch for your kingdom in Christ's name and the late nineteen fifties the American Medical Association was faced with a very very unique problem they were confronted with a large challenge their difficulty related to the controversy that swirled around the subject of medicine and religion is one thing for certain the AMA didn't want to give the impression that they were promoting the cause of religion they did not want to cozy up to those Bible thumper 's but he was the problem how could the AMA in the late nineteen fifties deal with the growing body of evidence that medicine and religion were intimately linked and a proper understanding of religion was helpful in nineteen sixty one the AMA took a quantum for the first time they established the Department of medicine and religion in that department grew with a few years to forty eight states and six hundred and twenty two County and medicine County and County medicine religion committees now the director Doctor Bernard Daniels based in Denver Colorado made a remarkable statement on the interesting thing about these six hundred and twenty two committees on religion and health established by AMA interesting thing about it is that they had clergymen and physicians on the AMA 's clustered and integrated unity in the early nineteen sixties between clergyman and religion and and and doctors here's what they said they said we feel that there needs to be a closer cooperation between the physician and the clergyman for the care of the whole person the committee feels that the spiritual component of every person is a very large factor in the problems relating to his state of health of the truth is that what he's five years later that statement is more true today than it was forty five years ago there is a growing body of evidence the scientific community and the relationship between health and spirituality there've been over three hundred studies done on health and religion spirituality today is and in the wireless feature in the area of health and health promotion health focus for example nineteen ninety five the Dartmouth Hitchcock medical Center found that a major predictor for the reinforce survival for heart surgery had to deal with religious faith the deeper a person 's religious faith according to the Dartmouth Hitchcock studies the more likely it was that they would survive heart surgery the less their religious faith the last potential that they would survive heart surgery the national Institute on aging study found that geriatric patients were physically more healthy and much less depressed yes they have positive spiritual experience University of Minnesota within the last few years has established a center for health and spirituality is a PhD by the name of Doctor Mary Jo pricer who directs that and she writes spirituality and health are indissolubly linked as she refers the Florence Nightingale is something that I certainly wasn't aware of until my recent studies and you may not be either know what we think about Florence Nightingale we think about hospital management and outsourced nightingale reads structured hospital management we think about nursing of course and a great contribution to nursing with Florence Nightingale 's largest freaking was on spirituality and health and she saw any indissoluble link between the spirituality of the patient and the health of the patient more and more major universities in America today have courses on spirituality and healing Seventh-day Adventists no longer standalone we are no longer apply in your voice in the field in fact in some instances we may lag behind the general population and the general body of evidence is occurring Seventh-day Adventist at times who are timid to discuss spirituality find themselves quite that running and pantheon of breath at times to catch up to a larger body of medical evidence for example Doctor Howitt ascertainment of the University of Illinois at these voice to the growing number of voices in this chorus of voices speaking about the importance of spirituality and health and Doctor Heyman says University of Illinois a healthy human life is more than a struggle for survival is essentially a search for human fulfillment and meaning related to ultimate concerns and commitments despite Western man's religious doubt as enterprises skepticism he has a growing hunger from more spiritual outlook on life that's why he says the University of Illinois we've introduced our north of spirituality and healing because there is this hunger leaving now the goal of the Christian physician is to lead his nation from illness to wellness to enable the patient to pass from sickness to health to able in the past life to death this evening I want to share with you as a physician and as a dentist how to take a spiritual inventory even taught how to take a spiritual and how to take a physical history but we want to talk about spiritual inventory and I developed a quartet of spiritual modalities for physicians that will enable you to take a spiritual diagnostic inventory so that your patient can pass from illness to wellness the true work of the Christian physician is to be a conduit so that through rational scientific law for the eight natural remedies through the genius of modern science and through spiritual principles the physician 's office becomes a passageway I want you to think of yourself as one who guides the patient on ensuring another passage of you boys from illness to wellness now to help us understand this passage way I use the word passes an accurate P a assess and we want to talk about the healing effects of a quartet of spiritual modalities and how this quartet can be introduced to the patient in your office in the setting of the office first we'll talk about the healing effects of prayer without about three hours of therapy then we'll talk about the healing effects of a positive mental outlook and how to deal with that when the patient attitude then we'll talk about the healing effects of Scripture than the healing effects of service so PA SS testing from illness to wellness player attitude Scriptures in service for physicians in the context of their office we begin by looking at the healing effects of prayer prayer is a vital therapy in the healing of disease I like it take your Bible and the back to Philippians chapter one Philippians chapter one we may not be able to explain what the rationale for intercessory prayer but one thing is for certain intercessory priorities people throughout Scripture you find the apostles on their knees praying Paul isn't it dark damp dungeon in a row and we find in praying for the church in Philippi do you actually believe all that you can get on your knees and something significant is going to happen that wouldn't happen if you weren't praying Paul Philippians chapter one verse three and four he's in Rome you strengthen the church of Philippi I thank my God upon every request every remembrance of you always in every prayer of mine making request for you with all joy verse twelve that onward it's a down going look at verse the mercy for God is my witness I greatly longed to be with the affection of Jesus Christ in this I pray for your love may abound still more and more in the knowledge on discernment pauses on my knees praying for you verse twelve I know that the things that have happened to me it actually turned out to the furtherance of the gospel verse nineteen for I know this will turn out for my salvation for your prayer in the supply the spirit of Jesus Christ neither two things fascinating about this passage first in Philippians one verse three Paul says in Rome I'm on my knees praying for you I believe my prayers and with sin to have it that God will do something for you and Dilip Philippi they wouldn't do if I didn't pray then Paul says I know that this verse nineteen imprisonment will turn out for my salvation because not only my praying for you but you are praying for me that when I first read that passage I was baffled by why does Paul say I know that this in prison this trial but I'm going through this difficulty that I'm going through this paying them going through this suffering than going through the old apostle now was an aged man he was ready to die with quivering hand and trembling pen with the invitation with pain racking his body he wrote to Timothy from that same dungeon the time of my departure my guess is that he had unwittingly offered up like an offering to God hearing the old man is dying why does he say I know that this imprisonment will turn out for my salvation is he so insecure to his relationship with Jesus Christ the asset print the end his life well I hope this prison in prison and I know it's been a turnout for my salvation did he not have the assurance of salvation he not know that Christ was living in his heart couldn't you say I know you want to we want to see right as an old man ready to die I know that this is in a turnout for my salvation as if he has no assurance as I began to study that passage I discovered that the word for salvation and Greek language is a totally different word is not talking about his eternal real salvation in Christ the word there is so Korea there's another translation of that word a far better translation it has to do with health and healing in the word 's therapy in the text could easily read Frey note that my imprisonment will turn out to be Sarah V for me because you're praying for me and the spirit will be supplied to me for your prayer so that even the darkest that the devil has hurled at me will be my therapy intercessory prayer releases us from the bondage of seeing enables everything the Devil throws at us to be therapy so intercessory prayer is a form of therapy enables us to be healed in the trials of life and this is Paul's point that because you are praying for me I go through therapy in my time of trial there is a growing body of evidence that intercessory prayer is a modality that God uses to bring it directly the patient's there's a great deal in the Bible about the need to pray there are just a very few select versus the talk to us about what happens when we pray others nobody in the world that fully understands the significance of intercessory prayer is a divine science it's one of those sciences is infinite if something is infinite it doesn't mean you don't know anything about it it means that you can have you know everything about him which is infinite does not mean you do not explore it it means that no matter how much you exploring we'll never exhausted because you don't know something about everything doesn't mean you can't have the benefit of the everything you don't know about the something that you study let me give you an example where there were vitamins discovered a mathematical students will be wet where they were vitamins discovered around one B complex one without limiting the studies are not going to be complex remember to do this I sent the complex wasn't that Ray Williams Mayo Clinic theologian I know at one nineteen forty eight forty nine in that area then that Ray Williams who studies on the complex now did the medical community know anything about vitamin B complex in eighteen ten eighteen twenty nineteen thirty eighteen forty in front to ask a question who gets more vitamin D on a whole wheat bread the farmer who eats whole-wheat bread made by his wife in eighteen forty or Doctor Arnott who eats is your wife's whole-wheat bread in two thousand five who is what kind of the doctrine not I've heard him lecture were the finest medical lectures we administered today and I do not say that halfheartedly Doctor could lecture on vitamin D for the next ten hours I know about thirty seconds worth on the big business electron vitamin B complex of the next ten hours but my question stands who gets more vitamin D doctrine not lectures on it for ten hours for the guy who eats it in eighteen thirty knows nothing about the him him and he still gets as much vitamin B as doctrine on how can that be true this man knows because you don't know how have to know everything about something to get the best all you have to do with the master tape the whole-wheat bread in your mouth and swallow it doesn't make any difference with your physician or a pleasant it doesn't make any difference when you graduated with a PhD in vitamin D from the London outlet all you need to do is even the same thing with intercessory prayer don't try to figure out in your head just do just there is a growing body of evidence that indicates that intercessory prayer makes a major difference that was difficult for many secular physicians seeing this body of evidence and the do you know that there are many atheistic positions in America today will tell their patients to pray although these positions do not believe in God and here's their idea and say look we think you want to pray they may not say it that way but they'll ask there patient in a sophisticated way will you find strength for your difficulties and that the patient seems to indicate toward religion they'll say we suggest they did in pragmatist position beneath each of you asking why is atheist it felt that person for it also it's very simple I believe there's God occurs have a form of wishful thinking and it's a you can release positive chemical endorphins if you do it so when there is a God or not it's helpful to do it because you can release these positive chemical endorphins in the mind and they will course through your body and promote healing and no increase thing anybody's help your immune system and so because the intercessory prayer is the person believes it is helpful to them that's what they would argue are some studies no one intercessory prayer and I recognize that any studying to be challenged I am not naïve on that point but there are some studies to neither quite fascinating services the General Hospital coronary care care unit Randolph Byrd nineteen ninety two to nineteen ninety three birds that frequent ninety three patients the double-blind study start hard to have the positive chemical endorphins released from your brain if you don't know you being great for now if you remember I've party told you that I understand everything about intercessory prayer but I'm not humbled I'm not embarrassed about that because alleles does either but a bird study was a double-blind study in the conclusion in the Southern medical Journal was that the patients that would pray for had less congestive heart failure they less antibiotic therapy they less episodes of pneumonia in a less cardiac arrest after their heart surgery classic pioneer study mid America heart Institute Kansas City Missouri improved health and rapid healing more rapid healing among those patients were prayed for and in that study and prayer they gave what was called the P value oh four LP value oh four means this that there only to forget that the odds of the study the odds of the study 's results coming out like they did the ratios twenty five two one this would be value oh four is twenty five one what happened was that it was twenty five to one that the people that will pray for would have been dramatically improved health that they did in the rapid healing that they did probably one of the more fascinating studies that averted a disaster grows a study done by Doctor Eldon Vicki two thousand one three thousand three hundred ninety three patients they all had bloodstream infections treated that they were treated for in general hospitals across America provider nineteen ninety one to ninety ninety six in every instance where the studies work were done there was some these three studies in every instance these three studies with some beneficial results for intercessory prayer is statistically about seventy five percent of the studies with three hundred studies on indecisive about seventy five percent seventy five seventy presented indicate some positive value about the twenty five percent don't but in this instance the Vicki studies indicated it was shorter hospital stay and shorter duration of fever Ellen White Wright's ministry of healing page five oh nine prayer and faith will accomplish what no power on earth will come I would like to suggest to you tonight that prior is a spiritual therapy of time magazine with CNN in June of nineteen ninety six and USA weekend Magazine February nineteen ninety six did a study on spirituality prayer is based in America but this is fascinating to me seventy percent of those surveyed these were two separate surveys and they both came out around seventy percent by CNN and Time and USA Today and in its weekend edition seventy percent believe that spiritual faith and prayer can aid recovery surveillance seventy percent of your patients believe that spiritual faith and prayer is a geologist then these same people surveyed were asked how would you feel if your position offered to pray for you sixty four percent believe health patients should all shut health professional should only talk to their patients about their spiritual life and to pray with so when people walk through your office according to Time magazine according to CNN according to two the USA Today sixty four percent of them believe that you ought to be praying with I wonder at times I fail I wonder times in their heart their crying out if this statistic is true there is overweight and longing heart for spiritual care and in a society that shifts towards secularism agnosticism anything and in a society that is becoming less sharks there is a hard long for spirituality so the physician 's office becomes the Pope of the secular age where many will go to church with them that the physician in a secular society becomes the profane of divine grace in the spiritual inventory how can you practically related to that as a physician pass all quartet of spiritual modalities how can physicians and dentists take a spiritual inventory now you might find these questions helpful therefore for practical this can be used by the spirit to open the mind there's a principle that we have followed through the years that we call the greenlight principle agree my principal says this is long as the light is green ego widespread is that when GL when you do if your dentist physician you put your foot on the gas has relate for your money go through the lights green you go like yellow you proceed with caution like Teresa so these questions and unable you to know whether or not light reading you proceed a little bit further into Jell-O and you stop it the threat as you're sitting talking to your patients about the symptoms that they have casually smile and say something like this to them John area to test on your life I sense that I know the diagnosis today was pretty and we talked about that long where you do everything we can in medical science to see that that's careful I want to assure you that as your primary care physician I will use every method I know scientifically to get you I want you to know that we will pull out every stop and I have great confidence that the that this thing is and be careful I have great confidence I want you to be overly concerned about this but I was wondering throughout your life when you face challenges or difficulties is there a place where you personally find a source of strength letter to waste less questions you can ask questions that are threatening her nonthreatening the frightening question only has one answer that leaves a person boxed in I have no alternative don't you see the truth of God in a time of crisis housing I turned onto me a break you see your very posture can turn a personal and overly aggressive posture a threatening question don't you think you want to but a simple question you talk about science and what science is going to do for that person then you simply say John Mary is there a place that you find a source of strength in room the person they say you know in times like ours and I fight I turn to God another at that point you can then say to the person do you find strength as you turn to God and they do indeed seem to a spiritual discussion there is another question I will often ask a person as I'm sitting there with them I might say something like this are you feeling an unusual amount of stress in your life the present time it just diagnose a person the illness is not malignant they come to you for nervous anxiety they have heart palpitations maybe the symptom is the is over a city team stunt needed in the Symphony is a stomach ulcer maybe it hears a woman who's a secretary who hasn't rashes on both arms and you ask her are you feeling unusual amount of stress in your life right now she responds is there something specific is troubling you can you think about that which is specific that's troubling would you like to share it with me I'm sorry for the emotional pain you're going right now and you what I have emotional pain in my own life and when I'm faced with something this overwhelming I tend to turn to God in prayer would you have a comfort level if we pray together to see what is going it's gentle it's a forceful it's providing an opportunity for that person to open up to God right here is a sampling that provides powerful healing it's a therapy that releases spiritual anti- nodes within the body that opens up the person to the spirit of God one of the texts in Scripture that really indicates what happens when we pray that I introduced a little earlier his first John chapter five first John chapter five verse sixteen why is it that God will do it answer to the prayer of faith than that which he would not do if we did not press for why does God do something when we pray although I understand everything about intercessory prayer I understand this that there is a controversy between good and evil in the universe that God respects our freedom of choice that God is doing everything he can for your patient and bring them to healing and wellness with you prior before you ever pray God hasn't worked because God is a God longs to bring out God is doing everything he can to win your son your daughter for Christ that doesn't know and when you pray or not guys doing everything he can do when your husband or wife to Christ your aunt or uncle your father your mother God is doing everything he can do when your neighbor to Christ when you pray or not God is not dependent on your prayers the four you ever pray the Holy Spirit is working in their lives before you ever praying God is doing everything he can to win the king but God is him which limits thought is their freedom of choice because God never violates every and rejoice gone respect human freedom when you brag God looks at the Temple and says although I've done everything I could for John and Mary respected their freedom of choice but we also expect respect Margulies freedom of choice in praying for them so he becomes a conduit of life on the life and the life of the living God and the grace of God is poured out for you to touch that person in ways that I cannot fathom her understand are my reason or intellect cannot comprehend look at first John chapter five an amazing passage in Scripture first on five or sixteen if anyone sees his brother singing a sin which does not lead to death now what's the sin that leads to death what is that that's the unpardonable sin so here's a person has admitted the unpardonable sink he will ask no who is that he is doing the asking was that that's the intercessor right at the intercessor he will ask and he who is the second he was the second God will give him losing him the intercessor life for those who commit sin not leading to death of this is wonderful this is wonderful the intercessor shall ask anything God will give the intercessor life those this is not under the often I get on my knees in a Sindelar made the life of God that those who think you're in a member of water of life flow out through me to touch this man and this woman blessed is that godly Christian position that gathers around his nurses and on their needs together with his with his physician 's assistant praise for their patients Sabbath then physicians using rational science and natural remedies should have far greater results than the well because we have the modality of the world does not now opening our hearts and minds through prayer here's a marvelous statement my oldest inning I was more encouraged to pray and I ever was before in ministry of intercession is found there in second selected messages page three seventy seven ministering angels are whingeing about the throw to instantly obey the mandate of Jesus Christ to answer every prayer offered living thing ministering angels are weeds around to instantly obey the mandate of Christ you're on your knees praying for patience in your prayers ascend in the sanctuary where Jesus is with his stripes we are healed and an angel since Lorne can I go to my wing my way somewhere else a Florida ministry of healing the same time doesn't heal everybody I'm a theologian I know that I know this it feels a lot more people when we pray that if we don't the miracles of divine grace that we fail to see is our possible because we don't take the medicine is prior as a therapy combined with rational science and the most advanced scientific methods and natural remedies Seventh-day Adventist godly physicians and dentists to move the arm of God with prayer was your practices and they will be representation of the character of God in the healing ministry of Christ in men and women will enable how many tasks from illness to wellness how do they pass from sickness to health there are quartet the spiritual inventory the first in the area when this quartet is prayer the second is VA and pass it relates to the healing effects of our inner attitudes of self talk is either health promoting or helped destroy there is a little man and every one of our shoulders and for some people that little man says that your worthless for some people that little man says that you're not going to make much of your life every one of us talk to ourselves or is there is some kind of voice in our head that voices either health building arias helped destroy primers seventeen twenty two says unmarried are doing is good like a medicine but a broken spirit dries the bones we know that that statement is physiologically true I am not sure whether that author of Proverbs Solomon understood the physiology of those but we know today that bones are not things masses but there is blood travels through those the bones and we also know that a broken depressed discouraged spirit doesn't literally drive votes scientifically we know that it inhibits the fluid movement for the votes there has been some amazing studies with arthritic patients that when you take arthritic patients and you give them quiet music to listen to and there is a mental change in the attitude and a much less stressful latitude want peace so I did there is a reduction in pay a merry heart does good like a medicine a broken spirit does literally fried abodes I was interested into fascinating statements by Ellen White the first is founded ministry of healing page two forty one grief anxiety discontent remorse guilt distrust all tend to break down the life forces and invite the day that I began to look at each of those words what is grief what is anxiety what is discontent with remorseless guilt what's distrust grief unresolved sadness grief is sadness that you have not resolved is a lingering sadness in your life it tends to break down what forces what is anxiety anxiety is a perpetual state of stress I was stressed good wrist rest that yes yes I'm hiking in the Sequoia forest and I hear footprints behind me and it's not my wife the footprints are heavy I look over my shoulder and I see a bear my heart begins to be faster if you post more blood through larger arteries might restoration increases my eyes are much wider my vision is clear to see the branches my muscles are poised his life Springfield I run if I'm running from it they are is stress good or bad but I'm running from Bayer from the I like the morning to my competitive night if all day I run through life with my heart beating faster like some Barry's chasing me that's not stress any longer the things I see anxiety is a perpetual state of stress that's the difference between stress and anxiety anxiety is if this perpetual state of your heart will always believe that your muscles are always tense grief unresolved sadness anxiety a perpetual state of stress remorseless remorse remorse is a sense of control long discouragement over my failures in the past it's one thing to feel that you failed in the past and deal with it it's another thing to be remorseful remorse is this continual shadow that hangs over your life because of ways you failed in the past guilt now there is a difference between guilt and guilty nests the other occurs when we broken the law of God and violated our moral conscience guiltiness is a state of perpetual guilt where the little voice in our head constantly condemns us Ellen White says that grief anxiety discontent remorse guilt distrust what is distrust this trust is the lack of ability to have faith in anybody around me because they do let me down or got above me because these unworthy of my confidence is trust is living life on my own because nobody else can do it as good as me and nobody else can be trusted this trust is the self-centered life that lives in the island of their own thoughts this trust now notice of grief anxiety and discontent remorse guilt distrust all tend to break down the life forces and invite decay and death that's why online says that nine tenths of all diseases have their origin in the minds now look at the opposite side of that minutes reviewing two forty one Ellen White was on courage hope faith sympathy and love promotes health and long life so on the one hand in guilt and anxiety remorse and distrust their breaking down the immune system on the other hand you have courage and hope and faith in sympathy love them building health and life and I will suggest to you that you can use all of the natural remedies in the way but if you numb on me into that person they are filled with grief anxiety discontent but we hope that the natural remedies like walking water treatments and massage in all a good guy we hope that opened the state of mind and think positive thoughts but unless we deal with the root of the problem the external physical modalities of instilling those person filled with grief anxiety discontent Cardigan who after she left Regensburg prison camp opened up a whole for people who were coming out of those presentations and she sends those who were able to leave their past behind those who were able to forgive those who were able to have a different mental outlook were able to get on with life fairly well those that worked those were filled with grief remorse anxiety they were left the place of brokenness for all of their lives in the taking of your spiritual inventory how can you probing your attitudes and move people from grief remorse anxiety guilt the positive hopeful mental outlook in Christ I have outlined a series of questions and then a strategy that I like to suggest to you as you're talking to your patient about X whatever the problem the one of the questions you might want to ask is this when did these symptoms begin when did these symptoms begin you talking about this racing of your heart when when the deputy to come with this rash on your your arms will wind whether that began tell me a little bit about that what was the first time noticed the talking of this unusual pain in your back you talking about this this this stomach disorder but when it went up to speed when you think about the beginning of this symptom was there anything at that time unusual that happened in your life can you think of anything unusual that might happen in your life at that time young pastor Doctor I called you write correct pastor Doctor you knew at that particular period of time I was going through divorce here is a green light things on your mind here's something he begins the flash when your symptoms began can you think of anything specific that happened in Europe in your life at that time was there anything unusual happens you know pastor Doctor on a change forces and I was a sec there was fifteen years I changed and within two or three weeks I noticed this rash breaking out in a doctor USA Today think again not much but it was my job about that time and you know I do about eighteen thousand dollars in credit card debt first question went to the symptoms begin second question did you notice anything in your life unusual that happened at that time the request as you look back over your life is there is some thing that happened to you it's quite upsetting is there somebody that did something give you it's quite upsetting you begin to draw the person out as you begin to talk to them you say to them argue at place in your life when you aware you would like to consciously let go of what happened in the past as their I like to recommend a book to you that is very helpful to me in fact there are two one is called putting away childish things by Doctor David Siemens is a professor at Asbury theological seminary in Kentucky putting away childish things he provides a spiritual approach to grief and anxiety that is solidly biblical the other book that he wrote it is very helpful his healing damaged emotions he deals with a biblical approach to repairing the past and shifting the mind of the patient from the gloom and remorse of the past to the potential that there is in Christ there is for those patients who have so Christian background and orient patient opportunity in the office to take a firsthand significant step toward healing let me suggested after talking to the patient if you detect that they have so spiritual longing you might want to say something like this to them even talk to them about the source of strength even thought about the damaging effect of grief and anxiety and guilt you want them to pass from illness to wellness and you're talking to them about their mental attitude is a possibility you might want to say to them would you like to release and use your hands would you like to release all this grief and anxiety and I sense as I talk to you but there's a lot of emotional distress from your past I sent you been hurt and even bruised finish just like your person with your teeth clenched holding it in your hand and you can't release it in no as a Christian that I share with you something it's very helpful to me that's a wonderful question as a Christian may I share with you something as wonderful to Jesus and come unto me all you that a burden and heavyweight and I'll give you take my yield upon you and learn of me for a meek and lowly in heart and you shall find rest for your souls May I share with you something that may be helpful to you I'd like you to take your fifth submarket clinch at unlike you imagine being your hands you are holding grief and anxiety and to you and remorse would you like to open your hands when you walk out of the office today you can walk out with clenched fists holding onto those things if that is your choice are prescribed for you the best that science has to offer I hope it helps but as your physician I want you to know the scientific evidence indicates that unless there is a change here everything I can do for you physically to be limited would you like to open your hands why use it that God gave us why you says that God gave us because the physical acts reinforces the mental block patterns if you look at books in psychology fifty years ago here's what you read thoughts lead to actions today we know that that is not completely true is not true exclusively the thoughts legal actions we know today that that shark should not be linear it should be circular that once lead to actions by actions reinforce and lead to thoughts of you wanting a person to think a certain way they have to begin acting that way and the more you act the way the more you think that when we think that when we can whack that way this is an amazing psychological concept that God gave to Solomon in Proverbs if you can get your patience acting in a certain way that will influence their fourth cross this is so that they will think in a certain way Proverbs chapter sixteen verse three says commit your works to the Lord and your thoughts will be established unless on committee on wax to the Lord in your thoughts will be established select the items we need to help our patients physically do something that will change the current so that will the Christian position is seeing a person was filled with grief and remorse and guilt and anxiety I'm not suggesting you do this with every patient I suggest that you allow the Spirit to impress you with which patients are doing with God will not will open up your mind God will impress you energy sitting there here is a spiritual modality try it and what would happen so your patient I sense that you're filled with guilt remorse and anxiety we talked about the US says it is so stressed in the morning you said that the conduct is condemning voices in your head I like you clench your fists Jesus is to me on your Thunderbird would you like to open your hand and say Jesus I'm opening my hand and I'm release skilled things I'd like you to take a deep breath and like you and your mind say Lord I'm releasing that CNN will add to make a powerful difference in passing illness to wellness I'm not suggesting to but that's an black solvable problem the changing of the fourth patterns often take significant time but what I'm saying to you is that that is a journey on a first step to life and health Jesus said casting all your care upon him because he cares for you do not read amazing sorry of the African walking down the trail with somebody said on the way to market and what his friends drove my wagon is a friend and spring is on the wagon jumped in the back there right along the guy still has that the solvent is holding in his crushing them down in front of the wagon turns runs as local market value back Jumbo ear the front with me enjoy the ride as prisons your giving me a ride the least I can do is carry my own load there are many Christians and through my tutoring room will return you to fear and anxiety remorse Jesus is the company opener hands down I'm your hope and faith your piece your security passing from illness to wellness prayers of therapy redirected re- channeled refocused attitudes or therapy thirdly Scripture applied he is a Fahrenheit Scripture applied is a paragraph recently had an amazing experience I will not tell you the country occur in but I will tell you the level of the government officer recurred in I flew into the capital city of this country when I arrived there the hosts in that country secondly Pastor Mark we've arranged to take you right now to Parliament he will go to parliament and need with the president of the parliament I met with heads of state shortly before this I had been with Doctor John Paulson when we met with Paul Tommy the president of Rwanda so I done many protocol visits I understand what happens in protocol this protocol does it generally we command we talk about the mission of the Adventist church worldwide we talk about our educational institutions are medical institutions it's extremely formal time you stand within a state your picture is taken you talk to the head of state about you sure in the country you are very conversant in the homework ahead of time we are supplied with weeks as we walked in silence the article as I was going to protocol is went into the capital of that country was ushered into Parliament the Armed Forces want either side as I walked through came into a chamber of Parliament the vice president of the part of the present of the parliament sat there with a young thirty three -year-old congressman we went through the protocol is there Balinese protocol visit their twelve fifteen people there are delegations and staff from me Powell political parties as well as delegations and staff from the Adventist church local presidents of unions and conferences and so forth until we talk wonderful visit protocol visit unscripted exactly like the script read and I says that God led I got to leave greeted the president of the Congress and was walking out the thirty three -year-old congressman was about five paces in front of me took out his cell phone and immutable came back to me and said Pastor Mark I just called the White House of our country the capital of the country and we were the parliament the president of our country is in China is negotiating a new political deal with China the vice president of our country is the president for this time is running the country we're going to a major crisis in the country the major crisis is our nurses are on strike our hospitals are not functioning our farmers are on strike the vice president has been negotiating for the last two weeks he's what he's being he's tired I just called him on the cell phone and he said that he was seeing right now couldn't come by these protocol visits normally takes six months to range by says God was arranging this item chauffeured limousine with its armor driven with a con in closing I look to the Congressman I cannot tell me everything you can about the vice president I learned this congressman thirty three years old and a mother who was assembling out that's why he made a telephone call his heritage he was the easy youngest congressman in that country is in charge of that he's working on the budget of the nation multibillion dollar budgets as we traveled to the vice president is in the vice president 's name is a told me he said he is an Orthodox Jew I don't know what his faith is or I don't know whether he believes in God we came to the White House there I was ushered into and I decided when I came in as the suite all protocol aside there is one thing you never do with ahead estate you never touch you never touch an estate vice president walked in he was haggard in a scruffy beard was obvious to me the note for two or three nights this ahead note high on his shirt was rumpled and he came and sat next to me I reached over and took his hand my post about you do not do but I decided I was the sweep away all protocol reached over and took his hand visit Mister Vice President in addition to being the vice president of the nation you are human being in either watching the news and reading the paper and I since the last few days have been rough and I comply today in your busy schedule not to take up your time with the protocol this but I come to tell you the story of an ancient Jewish King that went through an incredible crisis at about a prophet that gave them some hope deal the little time for me to talk to about that ancient Jewish King he will pay he said asked how she would do I tone about the year that King Uzziah died in the crisis that there was in Israel and how the prophet Isaiah point in the mind of the new ruler from the things that were going on around you in crisis to the things were going on body and we talked and I quoted Isaiah twenty six verse three that will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on the we talked about the peace that comes from eternal equity Bible passage in the Bible passage or not probably with you when you walk through the water as a hobby with you we talked about that God created us God redeemed us we talked about the fact that we are his we talked about the fact that there is peace in the eternal and I sent him Mister Vice President I pray for you we pray together I get up to leave and he said to the Congressman you stay here I left Vice President Congressman we're together I stood in all little nervous my heart was palpitating I want to get into the wrong thing I actually put my hand on his shoulder when we pray the congressman came out and he said you are never going to believe what just happened I said what was is of the Bible text he read that will keep him in perfect peace as much to me he said the vice president just told me that this was the most important meeting he had this week is that negotiating is in front of the television cameras he was at the end of his role about ready to crack and he said to me that this visit was in no way says in the middle of a political storm he couldn't stop thinking that you came and opened Scripture is a Fahrenheit that figure bimonthly then turned Revelation chapter twenty two of first Ezekiel chapter forty seven as he gets after forty seven here is something amazing something incredible Ezekiel chapter forty seven starting with the first verse there is a for the sanctuary it flows through the arthritis of the man's ankles that the man's knees up in the man's waist that is over his head this is the river of water of life becomes a healing love from the sanctuary about this is medical missionary work in the company and Ezekiel forty seven verse twelve the bank of the river on this site in that will grow all kinds of trees used for food their leaves will not be there in their fruit will not fail they will bear fruit every month because their water flows from the sanctuary their fruit will be for food their leaves will be for medicine now what Asian you had when you read Ezekiel forty seven verse twelve where is there that tree that leaves do not winter where is that treasonous fruit does not fail there is a tree that bears its fruit every month and its leaves are for medicine what free is that what free is that where else you read this in one for the night one chapter of Revelation one verse twenty two taken by the police in turn Revelation chapter twenty two or the books of the Bible meet men in Revelation there are four hundred four verses from the Old Testament that find their lodgment in Revelation the reason we struggle and understand Revelation is because we do not understand the significance of biblical symbolism and the rest of the Bible we treat revelation is some kind of the commentary on current events rather than the next was a the rest of Scripture Revelation twenty two verse two verse one and he showed me a pure river the water of life this is the life of God flows in the sanctuary that Ezekiel forty seven is talking about cars Crystal proceeding from the forgotten the lamp in the middle of history and on either side of the river was a tree of life bore twelve fruits each tree yielding its fruit every month and the leaves of the tree with the healing of the nations now in our past verse is in the leaves of the tree worm medicine cures is there for the healing of the nations this is after the millennium why the leaves of the tree for the healing of the nations after the millennium because the root word for healing is a different world needs on building a restoration the leaves of the tree are for the restoration of the nation believes the treelike medicine now what are the leaves of the tree of life here you have it ministry of healing page one twenty two so with all the promises of God 's word in them he is speaking to us individually speaking as directly as if we could listen to his voice it is in these promises that Christ communicates to us his grace and power they are leaves from the tree of life for the healing of the nations received assimilated they are to be the strength of character the inspiration and sustenance of life nothing else can have sex healing power nothing besides in part such courage and faith which gives vital energy to the will be so the promises of the word of the living God our leaves from the tree of life and the tree of life is so large that you will hang over the wall of the holy city and they hang down tonight to where you aren't aware IAM and we can pick the leaves of the tree of life and eat them and assimilate them into our being and they bring health and vitality to the whole being because Ellen White says that received a simulated neighboring strength of character that spiritual inspiration that is mental a new outlook on life vision read the word of God and they are sustenance to life nothing else can give such healing power nothing else it gives that you use the water but he will I want to be talking to the press on walking with about cost of an criticism I can eat whole wheat bread and granola I can be a vegan vegetarian but I see there in both my food down in a minute and a half because of those him hydrotherapy treatment settles my troubled soul relaxes my weary body brings peace to my anxious mind the leaves of the tree of life artery hobbit harvested by godly Christian physicians and ground up in her bottle to be given to their patients with the right a text share at the right time is like transforming is holding evangelistic meeting in Springfield Massachusetts I saw him sitting in the back I knew them well his father was a pastor in the unfinished church and I held the basis of me with his dad before the pastor 's wife could not come to the evangelistic meeting because the sun would have LSD drug parties at the home and headlines two thousand newspaper drug bust in his pastor 's home I saw him sitting there this young man now Anderson city living with a young woman that was not his wife I saw him very meeting I knew the family well I've known him for fifteen years twenty years at the end of start beginning of the come down the aisle and I saw her she took him by the arm and begin pulling out the door I knew what was happening she was whispering in his ear she said that without a thought that creature we came by the meeting tonight I told you I come because you knew this guy that I want you out let's go they let go one of his hands about halfway down the aisle he walked up with his long hair deep sunken glassy eyes visit October I will left face that had been his preacher 's son I knew I had a minute and a half within we sat down and so just wanted to say hi I is outside twenty combines a high but my hand on his shoulder my name and said to him I know the last two years the rough share something with you I open my Bible the book of Joel read of this passage of the locusts and vermin destroy the land I will restore to you the years the locusts in the tank of worms he and I sent him to read the text of her well restorative years the drug 's and destroy the brain and alcohol has controlled the life I will restore to you the years and I said how does God restore you you can connect with them over again you wish you could ensure sometimes that night is a holiday every of the situation I wish I could live life over again how does God restore the years he gives you a better future than you do have had in the past and the future is so much better it so much laborious that you forget the past because you live in the present with Christ and Jesus is a promise to you and I want you to cling to that promise I want to hold onto that promise whatever happens God will restore to you the ears of everything you've lost for you he told me years later that one promise he clung to the left the meeting that night all his problems were solved he left determined to live a new life he left that girls he was living with he moves from the East Coast out here to California and spent a year up here in the sequoias reading desire of ages and in bathing his mind he came back a little training school that I was conducting in Chicago called the lake insulin is the duty is not graduated from highs wondering GED he did he then went on to enter university got a Masters of Divinity degree and years later I hired Mark Fox at is written he became one of our most powerful evangelists he told me he sent one of the things that turn my life around was that one text that went over and over and over and over in my mind I will restore to you the years right here is a therapy I change in mental attitude leaving your patience to Mimi 's grief and anxiety is a Fahrenheit Scripture is a therapy you can often save a patient may you ask permission may I pray with may I share with you a Bible text that's meaningful to me may I share with your passage of Scripture that we help as a kindly Christian position whose mind is filled with thousands of Bible texts the spirit will bring you to that person 's health the very time they need the last therapy that I want to share with you is found in Isaiah fifty eight Ursula Isaiah fifty eight and verse of this is that great passage in Scripture a medical missionary work Isaiah fifty eight and verse eleven we will look earlier in verse eleven Isaiah chapter fifty eight and I'd like you to look their in Isaiah fifty eight and will continue to read will start with the first six Starwood verse six is not this the fast that I've chosen to loose the bonds of wickedness he continues is not this the best I've chosen to loose the bonds of wickedness to undo heavy burden to let the oppressed go free it is not to share your bread with the hungry that you bring to your house supporting cast out when you see the naked you cover him and not hide yourself from your own flesh then your light shall break forth like the morning and your healing shall spring forth speedily when we link your healing spring forth speedily when you bring the port your house when you share your bread with the hungry when you hide yourself from your own flesh that is when you do acts of unselfish love one is the text say it's saying that your health spring forth speedily when you are actively involved in service around when you minister to somebody else some time if he can direct a patient's attention from themselves from their own needs from their homesickness from their own problems if you can direct their attention to minister to something else that is a very key that read that promotes healing in their own life some of the people are going through the most traumatic experiences in their life and have redirected their remorse in their sorrow and sadness in the service had been healed a negative example we often say what a friend we have in Jesus all I see is a great scenario what a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer when the things I love to do is read him stories now normally I have a routine wherever I travel in the world I have routine people say to me how can you from oh well anything any measure of help is because I'm routine I do the same things systematically wherever I am every day I'm a principal my life I went along we dry one forty forty five minutes a day wherever we are in the world I can remember in the early in the late eighties I would be in communist countries often negotiating for the Seventh-day Adventist church religious liberty issues and evangelistic issues I can remember night after night walking with my hat over my head walking the streets of Belgrade the streets of that of Moscow in the days of of communism walking the streets which I walk everywhere we arbitrarily disciplined in our diet every place we going to try to get seventy hours of sleep outgoings five hours of sleep is set I regularly I got asleep seven seven half hours every single night and try to do that religiously every night religiously my wife knows what's to happen every night religiously I think back what they dish out and about most of the time right there taken aback by reason of that I don't read any of the stuff in the back I love to read him stories that's every book I could find in stores I read the web friend we have in Jesus all our sins and recently picked up a new book stories behind the hands inspire America great book what a friend we have in Jesus written by Joseph Scriven Joseph Scriven was born in England Scranton was engaged to be married two weeks before his marriage his fiancée Brown moved to Canada depressed discouraged all have physical symptoms but I'll never get married never find some is good that a wonderful Canadian lady two months before their marriage she got pneumonia and die just absolutely crushed absolutely crushed all kinds of physical symptoms isn't one hundred with my life and got a ninety it was a lover and he said he wanted to do I'm at work for no money to work for the poor maintenance fax went out into the woods begin chopping wood and he would give it to the poor and he lived for the rest of his life I healthy productive life until his death ministering to the poor he had no money to go was mother 's funeral when she died and she dining and so he wrote her home mother what a friend we have in Jesus all our sins Greece today what a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer O what peace we often forfeit O what needless pain we bear because we do not carry everything to God in prayer Joseph Scriven found renewed life and healing incisors how can your patience pass from death to life from the elements to wellness pray with them let them release their anxieties and positive attitudes we injured the Scripture and reason of the surface and you will be a medical missionary position on


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