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Making God Feel Like A King

Martin Kim


Martin Kim




  • February 16, 2013
    7:00 AM
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this morning is tight for making God feel like a king how do you want to go I feel like a king in a visiting the word over don't thank you so much for the Sabbath day and learn we are anticipating greetings for you our great God thank you for your promissory yesterday you being evil know how to give good gifts to children come to believe they haven't give the Holy Spirit to those who love and laughter but we just pray that you would left this morning the less inspire us and challenges and move us in the direction you have a pretty decent use in the year two thousand seven that the Lord started with my wife and I did he wanted us to go to Michigan which is where the ministry agent projects is a and move in a move that we were waiting for this one health to sell and for some reason it just wasn't selling for a while in the summer of two thousand eight the healthful and we decided that we were going to go move after we attended the SoCal can meeting which is in California in central California and on the last Saturday at SoCal my wife got up very early in the morning to go here all requirements are a president of the Southern African Indian Ocean division is giving the morning devotional talk six a.m. in the morning and he was talking about the importance of faith help me to walk the talk they live by faith Re: message at the end of the message he ends with a story about Alexander the great timidity the story goes like this everybody knows that that Alexander the great was a great conqueror apparently he was also very compassionate man and he was very good to his people and once figured he had with one date the site where he was so the people in the other people were they would line up and they would go to the king 's servant and make the request to the King servant requesting things such as food clothing medicine and one by one to come to the sermon and then the servant would take the request to the key and one by one the team with the request method request granted while the one constant disturbance and so what I would like is a palace equally orders in the servant 's request in the sermon think this is a fan request request is trying to to persuade that this person to go away now the king of the watching and and got serious and asked the servant to come over and asked the servant what is now requesting and the servant tried trying to help it can understand that but it was not a good request and all eighty benefits not to know the king insisted on knowing and so the servant told him that this man once hapless a fully furnished with the king of everything very carefully the servant finishes telling him the request and the king those request rented several surprise asserted that she may have to widely requested that when you went to that request and the king said you know all these people they come to me asking for the little things that someone else could he easily provide for the afternoon for clothing food medicine but this man alone has asked me for something that only I as a team can give them this man makes me feel like I am eighteen now I live in a story and she said oh Lord please forgive me all I had definitely taken now our summer months before we moved out to various beans Michigan instead of making a free trip to find the place where we would live a knife rent we decided we pray and ask God to find the right place where he wants us to I would believe that God could do that for us he'd been being on the space journey and advice is so clean one week left in a month the Bible in so many places the Blessed is the man the fuss than him and he was eleven percent with that but without a is impossible to please him and we just want to please God at the time we needed a least a two-bedroom a little place and we like to have a place that near the AVP office that I can easily walk to work we've been praying for you think and now I hear that story on that Sabbath morning as you as Lord forgive me for asking force for just a little of the place I'm going to have to fork out Michigan back to the tent she accompanied a story and I get excited and start paying for college we drove back to Seattle where we were living in then we packed our stuff in the following week Monday we began the long trip out to bury three we got the various brings on Thursday evening and all the layout that we justify not God either years of house will begin on Thursday night we spend the night we get up in the morning Friday will go looking for a house on Friday and we believe that in one day talking the therapist would you want to she gets up in the morning I was filling up a little a little discouraged she spends time and got the word I believe she read Psalms forty six two forty eight and and guess what word she comes across several time to work out as she gets all excited because manumission is going to going to give us our landlord is not an agency office and then we went to the below quote was remarked upon Adventists Apple Valley market and in the war at the lifting of all that is available for rent we decided to come to one place the call that the owner we went and visited this one home and we want to the house in this house was just immunoblot repair in my life and I really miss about half and I wanted to check out the apartment tower there the spring Arbor Apartments because they were very nice apartment in reclaim and I want in a very nice clean place my wife has had that efficient path with noisy tenant upon it we just don't have the right people at the next year I mean it to be without it as you like I don't want to live in an apartment restless until we drive in there and the UNEP getting into his vehicle raided without I would ask him if he knew where the office was located in Houston office is located in downtown various frames but he just saw the owner going to the building over there and pointed with it okay let's go to the building and maybe we can meet the owner we go to the building we can open the door and was locked you have a kid again at that time attendant happened to go in with all the tenant in how we need to owner and owner of vision I had nothing available here downtime Springs and were looking for a couple who are enough the couple are you interested with the sure what to get out so we followed her become a part of a followed her to the place in downtown Paris brings an end we get to the top and electric Odyssey of the outfit I've been up wait a minute this is not waitlisted ticket and we walked around the house and California having in place and not that important but the one thing that I was praying for that God will provide us with something that would reveal his faithfulness and his goodness and I believe that when people come up anything that it would be able to say well I this is the back in the dock at the lacuna can help and at the half-mile away from the ACP office big basement I smoke to the house is really really beautiful we call this a flatscreen TV high-definition only one channel but for programs all summer and winter and spring to the tree out there with a knot in it and that he could see that not there but anyways I guess I will have a photo but it's home to little squirrel and is a beautiful out and that we have all these different creatures God is created that we can enjoy digital turn on the log about that one day on that little air mattress enjoying the sun and my wife happen to get the photokina who is on that yellow bastard wing of the windmill of the picture itself after going off the medley theogony and its dominant visitation in the creative and stuff like after Dwight with Mike that if the secretary called the outward after he is on the division winners are absolutely beautiful here we have Doctor walking on water that is frozen water this really really beautiful now you say all that God is locally is when they make the very highest demands upon him they made glorifying his next visit God wants us to make it feel like using a map when you're young people at their statement they may expect a large things that made in his promise the friend we can think even they are just what the people happy in his promises if you first the kingdom of God united to get a guy in the we have to face in a few days ago I said that they could happen and what do number thank you very much yet fantastic adventures and trust in him and you know what their summary Christians that line the Christian experience is so boring because they're not looking like now my wife and I for the past one year since February two thousand twelve and it's been a busy creepy yet we never had to trust God for more than we ever trusted him like we did this past year my wife was finishing up her last semester at any university should look in the Masters in English and for me the doors open for me to work with amazing facts to join anything that can injure evangelists now please understand I am working for a small mission organization at Southeast Asian politics remedy must left money then the average pastor does my wife is in school now and the doors opened up and what that means is that if I were to go strengthening and training under two different evangelists in one month each thing I don't get paid for this and then I responsible for booking their own meetings as an intermediate no health insurance was taken should I wait until my wife is done with school jet went off together a financial plan get all my ducks in a row was thank you front there was only one thing that I needed to know for sure with got to go and quite often gone open of the worth is this a good idea and praying that God would open the door we got opened doors especially when the situation is highly unlikely or impossible and gone over the doors I don't think honestly don't on wine mixture is that God was single I want to go but I knew that God would provide all my needs now quite often in our Christian experience we missed out on so much because we lack even be gone trust because we have to have a plan with a plot that if a responsible if we move forward without having a good plan in place now this is what worked for the Israelites when they think of as the people weary and terrified that if they had called that when Moses bade them again God would have never opened up the path for them and how many times can I have gotten a open at the time that because we would not move forward in faith because of rising me that you can open people will step forward the correct their cousin Beth is a smoothbore trust goes on sale by faith it have to them at the ethnic dryland in marketing down to the very wanted to show that they believe the word of God has spoken by Moses he was eleven or six but without faith it is impossible to please him or he'll comes to God must believe that he given that he is a reward of those who diligently seek him thankfully just if I were seven set for we walk by faith not I I or my feeling in my right so then that might want you there is busy creating now might write about what she had it's called an impressive dream now this agreement also reported in a few other places as recorded in the book like this just in his huddled traveling the narrow way I share with you this dream now without light was having this dream she had some anxiety and when she woke up because she had experienced so much anxiety she writes that every nerve in her body seemed to be in the tremor I want to understand this as a reason for you to visit dreams very vivid dream that she had while at Battle Creek in August it can be a feeling of being with a large body of people a portion of this assembly start out prepared to journey we had heavily loaded wagon as we journey the road to seem to send an on one side of this book was that the will of the deep precipice on the other side of the high smooth white wall like the heart finished upon plastered rooms and as we journeyed on the road who know our and it seems the very narrow that we concluded that no longer travel with a loaded wagon we then lose them from the horses took a portion of the luggage I have faith upon the horses and journey on horseback as we progress that have to still continue to build narrow we are obliged to press close to the wall to save myself from falling off the narrow road down to the as we did with the luggage on the horses pressed against the law and costless to sway toward the interstate and on horseback to the luggage and you know because the luggage there being pushed closer toward the precipice we can should we fall and be made here that we should fall and be dashed in pieces on the rocks within the luggage from the horses fell over the precipice we continued on horseback great music theory as we came to the narrower places in the road that we should lose our balance and fall accident at such time a hand came to take the bridal and guidance over the careless way the patch grew more narrow we decided that we can no longer go with safety on horseback and we left the horses and went on in single file one following in the steps of another at this point small cords were let down from the top of the pure white wall these we eagerly grasped to aid us in keeping our balance upon the path I wanted that court represent a as we travel the court moved along with the path I became so narrow that we concluded that we could travel more safely without her shoes so we split them from our feet and went on some distance without them soon it was decided that we could travel more safely without our stockings these were removed and we journeyed on their feet a picture the Row is getting now or in network before we then thought of those slipknot accustom themselves to pay nations and hardships well worthless now they were not in the company at every change some were left behind and those that want to remain with accustomed themselves to into a question and doorway questions and become even mission trips are our wonderful experiences that that means you in America which of the one hundred five because friends like it's very comfortable here in America we don't know much about hardship and ideations right but when you go on a short-term mission trip you will experience some questions and some citations every year for ministry but a ministry to the group of people on a mission trip and I know who are the people that are going to strip the first time you know how I know that I want to complain complain complain friend you might find yourself without waiving of Americans and hydration okay and then you go on a mission trip from time to time that my patient underwent only made me more eager to press on to the end our danger of falling happily increased we pressed close to the white wall and yet could not place our exploit upon the path it was too narrow if you can offer stockinged big auspicious and now even now roads to narrow we then suspended nearly a whole weight upon the court claiming exclaiming we have hold from above we have all the same word uttered by all the company in the narrow path as we heard the sounds of mirth and revelry that seem to come from the fifth below shuttered we heard the profane oath the bowler Jeff and low while all we heard the Warsaw and the dance song we heard instruments of music and loud laughter mingled with Christy and I said anguish and interweaving and were more anxious than ever on the narrow typical pathway much of our time we were compelled to suspend our hallways on the court which increased in size as we progress the number is getting our people what was happening to the size of the court is growing bigger and having to spend their full weight on this court so they're having to walk left eyesight and more by I noticed the beautiful white wall if they knew the blood a constant feeling of regret to see the longer they this feeling however left and but for a moment as they soon thought it was on and it should be those who are following after one of the other half the narrow difficult lay before them I will concluded others were able to pursue it on record they can do the same and had bloodshot be pressed from the aching feet it will not think with discouragement but seeing the blood upon the lobby will know that others have endured stinging pain I think we came to a large camera at which I have ended there with nothing else to guide each nothing upon which to rest them on call reliance must be upon the court which is increased in size until they were as large as our bodies here we were four-time thrown into perplexity and distress we inquired tearfulness to what is the Lord attached my husband was just before meet large drop of sweat were falling from his brow the veins in his neck and couples were increased to double their usual size and suppressed agonizing groans came from his lips the sweat was dropping to my face I felt such anguish and never felt before a fearful struggle is before us should we fail here all the difficulties of our journey had been experienced or not before us on the other side of the cabin was a beautiful field of green grass about six inches high I could not be this fun but right beams of light resembling fine gold and silver were resting on this deal we supposed to think heaven nothing I hate upon written comparing beauty and glory with this guilt but couldn't we succeed in reaching it was the anxious inquiry shipment or great we must perish again and whispered anguish the words were read what all of the court for a moment we had connected ventures then we explained our only hope is to trust fully to the court it has been our dependence on the difficult way it will not be lost now still we would hesitate and discuss the words within spoken on hold or we need not fear these words when we shoot by those behind the accompanied with he will not a lot he had brought us thus far in safety my husband and swung himself over the death into the beautiful field beyond I immediately followed and oh what a sense of relief and gratitude to God we felt I heard voices raised in triumph and praise to God I was happy perfectly happy that she writes I awoke and found that funding Zaidi had experience in passing over the difficult route every nerve in my body seemed to be in a tremor this dream needs no comment they made such an impression upon my mind that probably every item in it will be vividly forming while my memory shall continue now the screen that she had the slightest company with me whether this large company represent friends that is not represent the journey that we are rather want to think about your Christian experience think about the past five years think about how year how is your Christian experience in you have more weight to that yet more fun and got today thing you did five years ago or a year ago you are not growing the wearing trouble and then I think were learning to trust God more and talking about growing up in our prayers answered we are going to be in serious trouble friend as he went and story that one will bigger and bigger we need to learn to walk left eye I can work the unlike Pentagon regardless of his children he has regained out of the Kenneth Roth has told us to become members of the royal family sons and daughters of the heavenly kingdom beautiful and fun environment and linking we need to make God feel like a bikini I love the team by the trust in him the trust the deeper and stronger than that of a child and his father in several years ago I trust the map at the bottom when I got hate of my dad taught me something new to Tommy is making a promise that's what I would have perfect peace I knew he'd come to me but I cannot trust going that way I know what his word says and you have some anxiety about my future and I began to pray Lord bringing to the place where I will foster you at the top trust empathy and I've been doing a work and even teach me to trust them more and more now I trust God more than I trust the father of the fun of it with you in our life to the service we can never be placed in a position for which I have not made provision that beautiful friend if we were to have an economic collapse if what I'm over at the place where I feel like I would not be anxious on it I think I provided some new ways the important thing for me is that I am fully so at this promise they can claim that God will provide my every need my water and read will surely be provided until we have a meeting on the word of God and he got a super state got the silver and gold is mine says the Lord of hosts Psalm fifty percent of every beast of the forest is mine and the cattle on Alpine Hill and were not talking about a thousand cattle on a hill the cattle on thousand hills some fifty worst twelve got the power hungry I will not think the world is mine and all its fullness okay so I don't make very much doing other work friends I never see myself as being poor I see myself as being rich it is his friend from it it is my dog on also mingled how can my God my father be rich and I be poor it the money in your pocket the money in your bank account you would like to belong to my day my in a leadership before nineteen make us to supply all your needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus that the six verse thirty three sixty first the kingdom of God and his grace the and all these things shall be added keep in I'm so glad that that that that our brother jumped from the Philippines could be human I know that he had been dreaming about being human this is likely a little bit about the journey you cannot get to live in Iloilo in the Philippines and right across the street from his house really like this was how it have to help out with Philippine a meeting that College of evangelism but when the vet who went to help in Sacramento California is that it can be more before they come from Haiti you should maybe consider coming out to California to study start training on for him it was not a matter of where he wanted to be it was a question of where he got one hundred now this bother me you don't have a lot of money but he has a relationship with a BFA and got ripped my heart to go study and after he went to go apply for a visa he went to the US Embassy that they understand if you don't own a lot of property if you don't have a good career it is very hard to get a visa to come to the US units with either businessmen had been denied visas using he went to the US Embassy Long story short people I don't know anything I don't have money a missionary he was given a visa ten years will increase visa to the US about four days before he comes over to the US geology and left the dollars but a few days before he definitely don't give them enough money that can enough to pay for airport check in whenever and when he landed on US law he had twenty dollars in his pocket and he begins that even after not working out for him to come here to Army and the guys of living that they were serving amazing the ad and he is a professional photographer in always using his camera to take pictures and he's always sharing the beautiful thing to other incomes to the captain of cameras not working what the hell had happened to have the exact same kind of camera he had discount local resource to find out about Jen being broken but did his part and if I didn't jump his amazing friend we need to learn to walk more might be because the day is coming when would have been nothing I love the quote right it's great missionary features but if the funds are low again hallelujah that means got five and is willing to leave his reputation front I only got to allow me to get go hungry couldn't make my dad looked at Goggin provider recently for me and detected seventeen with five and the apostles that the Lord increase our faith how did you want to pray this prayer increase our faith our seventy three things you can do to increase your faith to begin by praying the prayer increase our faith now that many working condition but this one up went down to three things you can do to grow your faith and want expect file when you begin praying more increase our faith get a start experiencing files I talk about George Miller left leg a news reporter once wanted to have fun with George Miller wanted to mock him once that Mister Mueller how does it feel to live hand to mouth is remember he's talking got everything you can tell the orchid to provide for admission to another question and then with a smile on his face he said it's wonderful God can my mail anyways George Miller said God didn't like to increase the base of his children operate which is evil at work to develop and strengthen more and more by I definitely growing are they required exercise as a bodybuilding if you want to build your muscles we give you have to let the weight happening with the apprentice what we fail no pain no gain on right it can be painful but people are willing to spend the time that a heavyweight in order to grow their muscles and friends it's no different in the Christian experience if you want a spiritually likely be just what the exercise your faith and there is pain even experienced resistance in philosophy and doing all that I want to know trial of the Greek no exercise for patients to be willing to take them from God and as a means I think they deliberately child optical difficulties and sometimes the eighth of February two eight this is very important that the defendant even got near the to grow your faith so when you leave this place if you need the files unity thank you Lord is seen as an opportunity to exercise your faith and trust in him and then complain before you start complaining okay I mean the book and help you grow your faith friend one day you can have an incredible testimony about God 's faithfulness in the butt as it has often been said before you can have a testimony interface for what the visit and a lot of us there we've been we have so little they give when God spent the past week hello every we want everything that comes our way the only other half that we will have a testimony love this quote but look do not pray for easy life pray to be stronger men do not pray for cash equal to your parts tray or power equal to your tasks it's number one we must expect files number two then in such a way that you have to depend on God venture America if what we only need God most people don't really need God unless you're facing a very typical example of the bar exam or some very important tasks things are looking at guys are pretty open your trouble that's the meaning got otherwise Tony Barclay have money that I will even put it on our currency in God we trust in Southeast Asia in the workplace of the world that's what people need to look to God everyday for food when the car breaks down the needle to God when he gets to continue to look to God when we can get such reader the hospital with her to the doctor when you have to re- go get a wallet and we go to the grocery market the mix of reluctant money for all of our needs friends right now I mean a lot of people are struggling financially and in the Buffy we had an opportunity where we can learn to look in breakfast and got friend Jesus says in relationship to three sixteen and seventeen I will vomit you out of my mouth speaking of movies just because you say I'm rich have become wealthy and have need of nothing and have problem with live if you we don't feel our need and that's why we don't pray I'm a quote you know what him down on his book the weapon of practice is a great block all inbound books are great to that prayer is the language of the person burdened with an knee it is the voice of the better conscious of his poverty asking of another things he needs it is not only the language of black but have felt left a black consciously realized prayer the language of those who need something something which they themselves cannot apply but which guns and so a and and portray and further announced to the same thing for portraying received from a lack of the fence underneath while programs that had origin the thing not to pray to declare that nothing needed to admit that there is no realization of the need this is what magnified within a firm that inspected by the economic permanent within and throughout the Bible were told to pray pray to pray without ceasing it represents an attempt at instituting an independent of God is not sufficient willing up got out of the life is a declaration made to God and we did not need him and hence do not pray to him this is the state in which the Holy Spirit in the Methodist the subject is in Asia down the latest in church availability of data have come to stand for one in which God is rolled out expel the life put out on the pulpit the entire combination of the church is summed up in one expression because thou save I have need of nothing this is the most alarming state into which a person at church or creature can come trusting in his riches in a social position in the hour and material the church at live to see if omitted God giving him out electric plan and church work and declared by the act and by the omission of part I need in her become from the stooges in the opinion I came in your life you may have thought and the other extremely depressed not friends we need print we need more pride in our lives need more practice in our churches to live in such a way that you have had that you have to depend on funding for a minute and such a blessing to them to my wife and I and two thousand four as we were finishing up our studies at the seminary and University I went to this one class and for this one professor Sherry about how he started getting a double take everything he was a teenager when he heard an event with talk about the bucking the video I and you set that I've always been getting a couple as this is the last decade to see how the Lord blessed his ministry and his career as a professor I came home except my wife hated to let her take what you think about getting a double I just is always great but the limit and at that time we were living on school loans we were not making a dime a list of gravy to give a double high when I make anything away firewood for the Western Conference of the pastor just what it was challenging at times when women on one salary but each month we remain committed to giving even though it looks so difficult at times and we know how the capital we remain committed to guess what after each test in the past God would come to into shower with blasting financial blessing each month and that power is grew and we saw what God did in a church which I shared two mornings ago anyways after two years of being there we walked into the one DVD by this one missionary use that machine count meeting and to assigning the people in three months I think on a double play now they are awkward I goes to the local church and I think I would put into mission of the facility on people for the treatment district for three months if you really believe that he cannot optical for three month try getting on a double play against what it can do better financially the white thing would be to get continue but if you do if you don't do better financially if you stop to pick up to three months and then he said Fidelity why getting a double life in college I went and looked at each other and God speaking to us because if you really cannot help it the morning again just like the one Carthaginian which are not for my wife and I we began training supplements but is this really you want to be that God is asking us to do it we can look forward to talking about the payment law is a month before our move to our palette and actually meningococcal one morning out of an unwanted motion on the concept of right and with it every morning I would have God 's word and I would have the book of nature to strengthen and it was as if God was saying you cannot pokey give me by the way we just started getting electrical type before a few months before we gone that it could happen God is busted and just amazing ways and places one other really amazing story my wife in nineteen ninety six she became an ad listed at dealing with Japan Korea my wife grew up at the ATF and showed no interest in learning accomplishment to learn English and she met God and she had an incredible experience feelings is just wishing that these missionaries by what he did drink like a fish fishing is missionary him to be doing is ringing as she know that they have to be shouldn't have and because of the way the teachers and profoundly impacted her life she had this dream of one of the leading English entity article English and leading them to Christ and God put within her heart all these dreams of one day going to America now she was great or I found his rate or she can about what good because the ship is being of one issue is University gender schema money going to fighting the seminary also which got it all worked out for her beta with she always want to have this dream of working on a Masters degree in English what when we move back to Michigan she was thinking this is our opportunity of by the way several months before our move back we went to Idaho to a car flood event called a capital about Mission and beyond the and the director of the program were often invite people to the Tacoma does not ensure their testimony about how they met Jesus and my wife had been strong desire to once again society and to get a degree in English and Supreme Court if this is you place an upward upon my heart I want you to present John with the director of the camp to invite me up to the front to share my testimony and on the left they guess what came next minute the once again this desire is growing despite will we move out the basement Michigan and shelf life to studying the masters program for families and women who got the school for a while but she was also called that because she doesn't have an undergrad degree in English she would have to take a lot of prerequisites like any credit prerequisites at the law over a year of studying by more than ten thousand dollars at what price we know that if God was leading and got one here in the program the best I can open the doors in and one reason I believe God to do that is because the honest in the spirit of it will work all that God did the Holy Spirit teaches more than a lifetime in a moment more than what we can learn her lifetime the great men of the earth that even if my wife the hand that could grant background and experience got the lesser we did get right a year later on our tenth wedding anniversary should e-mail the school thing I should think that the program she goes and the professor the professor looks of her transcript and vision went within a wave on the prerequisites that maybe add in for two years God in so many miraculous ways providing the funds needed I can only give her so much making when I make working for mission organization presently serve an amazing guy friend Howard County to try for three months try getting on the AA and if you are already giving God a double try getting on a triple type for the redundant somewhere we've got to learn to live in such a way that will depend on God by the way a drink our Mac -based offering for this ministry we don't put the attempts on the collective offering we collected offering three and continue moving forth with this ministry and friends we believe that more people need the Army experience experience the power United for friends I want to pray God what would you have me to do for this offering just ask God to guide president is something I want you to take this opportunity to exercise your faith maybe don't worry what people started getting a second hike to the ministry friends I believe God is going to do something with ministries of this ministry can with our please pray about what God would happy to do for the special offer today so that in such a way that you have to depend on God another point is that they got the past and the trials the first place after five or fifteen through eighteenth it does not they rejoiced when you feel good this is originally always who is worth while we know that Paul went through a lot of suffering to both too young Timothy you must endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ Paul knew we were in a log file for sixty Gbytes rejoice always even if a trade when you feel like it pray without ceasing presaging everything give thanks for this in the will of God in Christ Jesus for you are you in the habit of always giving thanks and I had trouble understanding this text are always want to give thanks I don't want to give thanks in everything especially when you got dishonest of your depression as I have read and went back to the top is because we feel like it we do something you got called to in exhibit called the live by faith and not by the there was a statement in the book ministry of healing that really Hamid understand this better like on to give thanks him the assurance that the things which appear to be difficult more work for our God will not get us to be thankful for that which would do us front I don't know what you're going to examine your typical sound financial challenges maybe if a relational challenge you're facing whatever it is God can use that to bring good out of it to bless your life in and by faith he says we trust me we just thinking the situation indicates an understanding of the future looks so bleak I think they can because when we complain that's what God cannot work in your life Sony has been often as necessary as we think you make it able to work in your life is a beautiful story in Genesis after take up half of the way just as brothers are now operate the dose of the revenge and a comp bowing before him and I love the words of Joseph to his brother just affected and do not be afraid for MI in the place of God but as for you you meant evil against me but God meant it for good in order to bring it about as it is the state take many people friends Satan meaning evil against you but God means it for good whatever you are going to run friends when you think economy to trust our end with a story about Laura story she's what the song caught nothing maybe you've heard of it before you begin your story the story behind the song is about eight years ago that she got married and after two years of marriage her husband is diagnosed with a brain tumor they begin to pray they begin to pray and pray for many years I excuse goes by but God still has not left them with the healing that they pray for the husband still have a memory that had a vision but should believe the offer heart that God have to be blocking and they were prey for his healing and that she came to rely the all her life she grew up thinking that the things meant prosperity and good health but as she was praying and believing that God was healing she came to redefine the meeting is how the song goes we pray for blessings we pray for peace comfort for family protection while we sleep we pray for healing for prosperity we pray for your mighty hand you are suffering all the while you hear it spoken need again love is the way too much to give us necessary causal what if your blessings come through incomes what if your healing comes through tears what if a thousand sleepless nights I want to take you know you're here now when I reviewed with a touch of the court because I had been through almost a thousand feet this makes prayer God acted like a baby but in the past I've been through many many sleepless and Michael Finnegan but went back I wouldn't trade it for anything because of the way it's made me cry to God and seek him with all my heart and gut it and you will seek me and find me you search for me with all your heart with trials of this life are you mercies in the sky what is the point man for the aching of the slide and the revealing of a greater birth this rule can satisfy friend at the time but once again into small groups of twos and threes for each other is pray that God will increase our faith that we would be a people that were long by faith please pray that God would bless our offering today in a very special way and this present time with single weekend and he would multiply because right now this ministry is in need of miracles continue to pray you remain in your group tell your mom we have a pleasant evening is this media was wrong audio nurse the website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more to know more about our universe the more certain and www. done on universe .org


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