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The Heart Cry of the Son

Philip Samaan



  • October 15, 2005
    7:00 AM
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I have this friend do father please send the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts and for this assembly dueled with only an earthen vessel that's all please Lord emptiness of self and fill us with sweet fragrance of Jesus and his name in the I am so grateful that prayer is a fundamental component of this maybe I should speak and next of those and I just fit right here at the fair is a fundamental component of this conference and you have the spiritual undergirding to do God 's work in this world so many professionals today are telling me be the engineers dentists medical doctors the four professions are telling me we enjoy our work and we have allowed people but this mortal life than just practicing medicine we need to advance God 's kingdom by winning souls for Jesus Christ I see this everywhere I travel because with a little is coming soon nature is crying out and saying this is a wake-up call from the heart of God something is happening and we know because of international terrorism because of the capacities used around the world that God is speaking to our world unconscious as a wake-up though something special and business is not business as usual and so so that that in and when you have this emphasis on this usual component and so I want to talk about there but declare that's why centered the planet says I'm not strong enough I need to invite the anointing of the Spirit in the square that emphasizes not so much are we clear withdraw the midnight the prayers of Jesus that in thy weak prayers so I got something in the air I get something in my e-mail about prayer it's interesting what you get on your e-mail supposed to make my life most moves but on the mind of this estate the typical physical world I do have two thousand three hundred e-mail messages I'm still bustling with every day I talked to eliminate some of the keep piling up sometimes I have this five degrees twenty two hours of builders were doing some other work like leaving my students to Christ and sometimes the numerous new surprise wins out for is the Lord and I just wish my computer will crash no reason to believe that I can have a brand-new life have innovation saturated and I was on the database in the scheme through which brought a smile to my face this a form of a prayer and the person praying for you in the morning while you spin and then Fresno he was told that the foregoing details before you brush your teeth before the shower right someone is in bed suffering in God good morning I just like to know that so far so good I have not been grouchy for me to anybody I haven't cooked anybody have not been meaning to anyone as far as I'm concerned I have done nothing wrong yet never had a chance to just beginning my day but in few minutes of beginning bed and then I'll need a lot of help thank you Lord and I thought about this and I said you know what comes up for a life we all need a lot of help a lot of help a settlement is a twenty six says that the spirit intercedes for us with groaning too much for human words to express have you ever heard someone to grow it on a Mac I don't hear many people won't because we haven't good have you ever grow your bony knees was a mission Africa item in your program won't fund and got grown because of hunger starvation suffering pain unctuous political government people grown strongly between life and death and now to multiply this bill is a fun 's over and imagine this person of the Godhead groaning for us and you get what I groaning about and he says I'm going for you why because I love you I want to empower your prayer life why do you want to know that because you for life is waiting big names some empowering buzzwords has likewise the Spirit himself in pursuit for us because we don't know how debris has gone this far we offer life is lately long as we all but the most to himself helps in that area and helps us because we week in our prayer life and so tomorrow you talking about the abilities of the spirit that they would be talking about the heart cry of the sun because Jesus not only specializes interceding for us and we know it's been because it's evident the whole Bible is full of Jesus crying out in fear for us the question is how does he do it he doesn't passionate people seven when Jesus prayed he prayed with a human cries and fears out something this morning that one Jesus prays he prays with all his heart for you and me they praise simply a phrase with strong crying and fears and one dollars 's new toys was growing up reverberates throughout the whole cosmos the one in the wild the Holy Spirit is moaning and the answer comes back without a clear abuse coding for you the apostle Paul says earlier and Romans eight the whole creation is going and then number two he talks about we as a chilled out blog going for adoption at interest twenty six like the Holy Spirit shines that my belongings off in addition the groanings of feeling me he likewise joins us on the drawings are swallowed up in the market goings-on of the Holy Spirit all of heaven is inclusive in our prayer life I was I was visiting Dallas called Mrs. on men's long but seven of the stupidest thing I do that this is part of my teaching I am I'm an old-fashioned professor who makes house calls you one more in our society binoculars we can make house calls this can old-fashioned thing real to daily practice don't want to me even passes there they just want to sit in the office and wait for people to come to them and they talk about some members of Ohio maven 's people the one thing a market with cars the effects they are people named a price and I will chat how I might as they are off-line example to me that this is the Lord Jesus Christ and he went forth searching for the shape is alive those diapers and fastest when I speak of what is needed because there was on title the lost sheep and in the second was a lost separate reality shepherds issue to find a separate want to see what my uncle died for you see what I'm admitted to the hospital how can I call I only got an answering machine I remember I said is that someone have to talk to my thoughts and discuss the gently but firmly because I want to help them pass allowing Jesus to Jesus as autism five examples of the past we cannot do better than follow the example gives us independently a little initiate business such as inarticulate it isn't getting multiple product that you visit people they love anyone and will love a multitude of sins and even if you don't please welcome them I than the conference office will get so many calls she will address and she is looking for you when someone I don't like sheep excessively we all have spiritual gifts if you don't like sheep don't be ashamed for as simple as that wheel she explained that lets you easily if you don't like the smell of sheep do something else as so as a professor by I believe Christian education is more than dispensing information this morning giving lectures all I like that of the most exciting than on foot much of the stores of experience we have a blast in the past and as most efficient than having something lectures and have an exciting discussion and this was a wireless as we then went back to London is just the beginning as after the lecture is following Christ model is on massive future that the Christian education is more than dispense information if the investment of ourselves and our young people why because only it's only life that begets life is not only it's only not only the communication of mind with my heart was hot invest yourself and people don't choose the investments over people my coworker Joan conference for a while it was a wonderful exciting experience and if you don't recognize this morning because I'm getting older you know I don't have as much here alone some of the Sedona conference and was a prominent individual policy the name I want to see about Jesus theological issues he almost had to make the enemy hope to see you face-to-face is something about these the people face-to-face not just e-mailed you without the theological things without even addressing since it needs in the world 's largest e-mail without the sheer frustration or just e-mail me bookmark e-mail people secondly I love that Jesus would have said that I want to follow the example just and one time I caught him in the elevator of asset price of gas meters and elevated fly because it does it think it is like and closes like a new person you know you cannot just open a window it's just walk out of the question there up and wanted to talk to face the white student body language in largest octagon this one I think the name and can I please talk to you is that if you believe that when you so I got my appointment which is going on a hat and whip up a small lifeways that while it is okay that God made us in his image the victim fondle technology but not as big blasts we can't forget to follow the example of Jesus so anyway I visit my store visit our I have had students are five recently posted thoughts and so excited can you imagine to you your precious possession are toxic to us and so my goal by the end of the semester estimate each one of our stores and want to want a stupendous virtual conditioning of the license if the president involved in witnessing a mission author classmates becomes the mission signals of scientific blood with young people have been ignorant decisions and so I was in the dorm another go of the student earlier that day he said all his classmates Las Vegas but he wanted them to pray for as we have prayer requests it was thought that the amazingly young people have power so that parents and relatives of friends I could spend the whole class B of receiving paragraphs and he said his father and elder in the church a good father a good elderly husband a good family man all of a sudden his midlife year something happened to visit my mother called me last night so this block Fisher said your dad is going crazy I can explain what's happening to you decided to go and live with the secretary is delicious and him him crazy and maybe this is a center hole I is ready for my bad forgot to ask you it when inhibiting agent that he is the brief was that they actually so I thought about this open in the evening I went to toes hold the boards were not in school I've ensues visit the oldest person on the connect button yes is there a problem no as he would think this should also sign to delete out the people because his father gently reach out to people and things okay so what do the following we can deal and letter that manipulated only the illusion is not the sole use of his time helping because so unusual for professor pop-ups on Google Google medicine London I feel like this will have integrated goodness the duties say something bad about me know I didn't talk to the store to find a reason why you will get some unlikely is here for you and me just for me you after all doesn't otherwise the Ministry of human page one four three Jesus mingled with people


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