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Healing the Right Arm

Allen Lloyd



  • October 15, 2005
    11:00 AM
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you know what already this morning I know I have looking out over the group I like to have you think before we begin this message how many of you know of someone who you wish and then here to hear the message is thus far I'd like you to think about who those people are right their names down maybe remember them because it's going to be more eight-man conferences in the future and there's going to be greater messages even in these that will be given in the future and everyone who is the interested and truths in God 's message to be given a dying world really shouldn't be here that's part of the medical profession I've entitled this message healing the right arm my wife press function after a couple of times there and see if that will lot actually if you have time I have a Bible that I left on the accused during the last presentation that are not able to get this up we might be able to at least well looks like I might have it right here season written by one screen while think tanks Matthew twenty eight before we open up let's is now once again and ask for God 's Spirit to be with us father in heaven we thank you for your spirit we thank you for your willingness to incline each heart and we pray that our hearts will be impressed with your message for us individually as well as collectively tonight in my name we pray amen Matthew twenty eight Jesus came the them sang how much power is given a consummate all power is given on the made in heaven only correct not only in heaven but also honor sometimes we think there is a limitation of the power of God here on this Earth but that's not what Jesus said he said as a result of that go ye therefore and teach all nations some newer translations I think more correctly translate the great go ye therefore and make disciples baptizing them in the name of the father and son the holy ghost the Trinity is mentioned they are teaching them to observe some of the things I have commanded you there are people who believe we should only teach some but Christ said we should teach all that he has commanded us an unenviable promise I work in a hospital is not an Annapolis hospital but on one of the computer screens there was not used for a while there be a beautiful scene that comes up and says well I am with you always that is a conditional promise it's a good condition as it were doing what he says in verse nineteen in the first part of twenty and ninety promises to be with us always even unto the end of the world beautiful promise and of course what he taught us to do all we won't be able to go through everything and Matthew tannin Luke ten he sent out people in the healing ministry as you go preach he says citing the kingdom of heaven is at hand so they were to preach and they were also the illness that now there are those that believe that you have interesting insight knows the left appear and John should be involved in physical and nose to the right of Peter and John should be involved in spiritual ministry he sent out all that well to do both in man later on he sent out the seventy and above and in this day of education and licensure is in things of that nature some typical in fact even the Journal limiter American Medical Association published an article it was in an opinion article saying it was unethical for positions Dennis to be involved in spiritual ministry because that's not their training I there was a and then there I met pastors who believe it's not ethical for them to be involved in anything that has to do with healing or as a co- minister but yet the injunction was given there healed the sick cleanse the leper 's raise the dead cast out devils even talking about the mental diseases of our time really you have received charge them an arm away valid access now freely you have received freely give this was to be a giving ministry is well well in eighteen sixty three after the time this is a Adventist medical rentals and network were speaking here today and in eighteen sixty three the Seventh-day Adventist church was officially formed the first General conference session was held twenty four delegates read that first General conference session they elected their leadership a few days later one of their leaders not the president for one of their leaders James White was sick and there was a Friday evening Sabbath beginning that was taking place and Alan went over to James import to her hand on his shoulder and prayed earnestly for the Lord to heal him because he was needed in the work of the Lord and I feel James that night when he took Ellen often vision and gave her the visions that have to do with the health message that is to open doors for the gospel message he in giving this vision it was Christ who gave the vision of plants called in fact I like a better term conspirator prophecy sometimes at terms online Bible also tells us it's the testimony of Jesus and in the testimony of Jesus not only when it was followed Ron James back to health many others but it also opened the doors for the gospel message now he gave her this vision is mentioned their meaning Christ did not wish the medical missionary work to be separated from the gospel work or the gospel works separated from the medical missionary work these are what the UserLand the medical missionary work is to be regarded as the pioneer work is to be the means of breaking down prejudice so it's not the means of putting up barriers were breaking down prejudice and as a way the right arm is to open doors for the gospel message well the right arm I don't have to tell you in several generations not just stars there is a lot of evidence out there that the right arm has been with her significantly we won't go in all the aspects that it has been withered will see some of the reasons for it here shortly but when I was considering the right arm and it's weathering I was drawn to a miracle by Christ in Luke chapter six came to pass also on another Sabbath that he entered into the synagogue and hi there was a man right hand was while was whether now everything Matthew and Mark also give the same miracle the same story but they just say that it was the hand Luke was a lot position a little more attention to detail and he tells us which hand it was that was whether now in Greek the handyman more than what we think of regardless of the hand that the nails bolts put through the hand but those who are experts in the crucifixion no where were the nails put that's right actually there between the radius and the all-night actually included the arm and sometimes the entire arm was mentioned in a way of a handle lease this portion of the arm was significantly weathered so we can say that the right arm was whether my thinking in this miracle itself we are given some clues on how the right arm can be restored to its rightful place the scribes and Pharisees watched him whether he would heal on the Sabbath day that they might find an accusation against but he knew there was quite enough he knew their thoughts and he said under the man which had the withered hand he gave them several instructions verse instruction you gave them was to be what rise up now where in the Bible do we see that term rise up in other places while Lazarus was come for close to nine light looking for that exact phrase now that was some rise take up your bed wash clothes with that I know I wasn't the exact words either in where an Old Testament reference Nehemiah chapter two Nehemiah was living in a day when there was some weathering of the body as well significant weakening of the body then said I and NEC the distress that we are and how Jerusalem Lions ways and the gates thereof are burned with fire let us build a wall of Jerusalem that we may know more you think that verse as applicable today were talking about the right arm there is a need of building up the wall of Jerusalem that we be no more reproach then I told them of the hand of my God which was good under me so there was a testimony thereby Nehemiah as also the king 's words that he is spoken under me and they said it wasn't just him saying that it was the day saying they were let us rise up and bill so they strengthen their hands for this good work so the first words of instruction are to rise up this means not just one individual it needs to be seen we heard about a team here this morning that pattern needs to be repeated many full rising up and teamwork for medical issue near a work but when we do this work at your interestingly Nehemiah two dozen and there and goes on and tells us that one sample at the horror night into wireless serving the Arabian ingestion arms are in the Ammonite in addition the Arabian heard it they did what they laughed as the score and despise us and said what is this thing that you do will ye rebel against the King interestingly Nehemiah did not answer them by getting out his credentials that's how I would've answered him you know the king had given credentials to do this and then I go back to those type of thing he was willingly laugh that but here's what his answer was then answered I can send them the God of heaven he will one prosper because the Lord has told us that this work is special it will reduce fruit and an opening of the doors of the gospel like no other work when we get involved in a according to his plan he will wipe he's going to prosper us and that is our answer the God of heaven he will prosper us and therefore we his servants will arise and build Nehemiah didn't mince words however he said he had no portion nor write nor memorial in Jerusalem so the first words rising up the second word that Christ spoke to this man was to do what stand for and understanding for is something that also needs to be done I actually like the side terms in well in the one of the standing forth can be a Daniel we know that he stood forth in many ways that were contrary to what people would say it should be done in fact a lot of people would say he was narrow and bigoted to make a stand in regards to diet that could have affected his own life adversely I he could have died for that request etc. but yet we know that Daniel stepped out in faith in the Lord board race into his life now they're standing forth like that term into the online CD-ROM and there were a lot of standing forth in regards to health your prosperity Doctor Kellogg his been in proportion to and I'm having will trouble reading it here's already here on the screen has been in proportion to the effort you made to make the what makes the truth stand for in a security so I went through stands for it is inherently prosperity will resolve we are told at least in regards to Doctor Kellogg's is your medical practice is been attended with success because of his blessing and you will knowledge him and how many of your ways all your ways he will direct you in the path of complete victory when a promise to give and the Kellogg and all of you would've followed that counsel to have it be led and all of his ways another way it should stand for meeting the health work should stand for what type of ability scientific ability with moral and spiritual power and is a faithful sentinel of reform in all its bearings and all who act of pardon it should be like they should be reformer and so this is part of standing being a reformer having scientific ability but not only scientific ability it needs to have that but also needs to have moral and spiritual power and notice the standings for was not just in a corner he was asked to stand foursquare in the mix now this man would not want them to do any of these things really naturally he had a disability disabilities were not rewarded in any way shape or looked down upon and so he would've had to stand forth right there in the middle where everyone could see him in younger health work in a medical missionary work was not to be in a corner somewhere to be brought out as a gimmick just for an evangelistic meeting is coming up it was the a central part of what we do is a people and not just we as doctors and Dennis but we invite as a is an entire people to stand forth in the Met as for our work that it is man oh man those instructions of Christ Bible says he arose and stood forth you think he would've been healed if needed no it was important for him to obey the instructions of Christ then said he was under them I will ask you one thing is it lawful on the Santa Fe do-gooder who do evil the same life or to destroy he waited a while for that answer you didn't get one he looked around to get that answer and looking round about them he gave the man additional instruction and he said to do what stretch forth thy hand now the manhood of said Lauren you need to heal it first and then all starts at four I have an user for years you can heal it and then ulcerative for but actually the man we are told did everything that he could in his mental power to get those fibers before the healing took place in the Bible time believes that by saying he did so and his hand was restored whole as the other so in the process of following the words of Christ and stretching forth the hand that hand was restored whole as the hunt as the other now what is this in regards to how can we stretch forth our hands well I'm going to skip through a little bit of counsel here today but I think this is instruction that goes all of us also in regard to this help vision and was later health visions in regards to someone who is thought to be quite successful by the testimony of Jesus gave words of instruction to him that would also help others how you carry the work forward in the lines in which God intended you to have you done medical missionary work trying to heal while Saul and Bonnie you would've seen hundreds and thousands coming in the future the definition of medical missionary work is healing not only the body but also healing the soul those two things in concert and that's the way we can stretch for our hands to our patients that's how we can stretch forth our hands to others as well in this work of healing of body and soul the mind is intricately connected with the mind is kind of rage that between the body and soul were told by the same authors deal with minds is the greatest work ever committed it is a work then I think we also has physicians need to understand a little bit of our own minds physicians and Dennis Lord who shall abide in my tabernacle who shall dwell in my holy hill David is asking issues of salvation here it was going to be saved in the end yet several times in Scripture this question comes up it was given to Christ Christ gave his answer was given the pollen now David asked the question who shall dwell in my tabernacle even walking upright like an work of righteousness and does something else anyone know what it is married as speaketh the truth where in his heart having true thoughts not just saying things that are true by truth in the heart is a vital component two being able to reach mine and also being able to follow the Spirit 's leading in our own life and this has to do it this is another study them you give you a few slides about the ultimate authority in the universe we think we have to have authorities in every place the workplace the school and in the family are the church those type of things in his politics involved in man to try to involve people and leadership that were going to agree with and that they will go after the other ones you don't agree with us and those type of things and so I this is how typical worldly governments are gone and that pattern is also they are often in the church Christ gave some instruction to his disciples he said you know that they were ajar counted to rule over the Gentiles exercise lordship over them and their great ones exercise like authority upon them so shall it not be among the this was not to be the pattern of Christ government the pattern of Christ government is not in fact I'm often asked I often ask this region different message regards to their site and developing more all ask them who is the ultimate authority in the universe and of course they will say God and well which member of the Godhead is the ultimate authority if there is there not sure which way to go what is going to make them decide to go a certain way well done they normally answered God the father would be the one saying these the one that has the authority position that according to Mark ten that's not the way God 's government is the reason why satellite people understand the Trinity because they say how can two beings be united in all times those of us in marriage relationships recognize that can be a problem evidently some of the time but what about free whenever you put a third individual land there is always just unity in this harmony in order for a government to be organizing the fact that we think someone needs to be the ultimate authority so we can all go that same direction but the ultimate authority in the universe is not a person the ultimate authority in the universe is a principal in its truth in the Trinity can be completely united they asked the question what is true and that's where they go and you know even our government were supposed to make big decisions outweigh whatever we go to court were asked to swear to tell the truth all truth and nothing but the truth I had to be in court not long ago and the individual who is preparing me to understand some of the questions that were to be asked the next day said now Doctor Natalie we know the year and you have to swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth we know that's not a problem you're going to do that we want to do that but remember the person asking the question has not taken an oath and they won't now I actually is true be the attorneys do not take that out as perfectly legal for them to lie in the question and then you have to try to correct that why otherwise you give credence to it etc. but that's not the way God 's government squads government is based on truth through and through and some of the text hero Lord God of truth Jesus Anthony M I am the way the what the truth and the life and even the spirit of what spirit of truth and error something that God cannot do he cannot want to live several places in Scripture mentions and by the way God can is much as God loves each one of us and he wants us say all Wayne and his kingdom God is willing for us and that comes with another principle is to principles that go hand-in-hand truth and love but those principles are so high and God 's government that he is more willing for you and for me to be lost then for those principles to be violated to catch that more willing for you and I to be lost then for those principles to be violated and that of course freedom of choice has to do with love can't really have true love without freedom he loves you so much that he is willing for you to make the decision for yourself to destroy yourself or not I but he is not in this whole process ever going to violate now is the reason why truth is very important in fact let's get into another texts I didn't realize I put this one in here with a good one Christ why did he come to this earth to this end was I born and for this cause came I into the world or when you see that the reason why people were born in our occasionally factors someone I'm working with this past week that his really taken whole of the component of the health message in our town there is some some things are exciting happening in regards to our health Ministry a place called health advantage center and that she was ecstatic so excited in regards to what was happening there that she just stated I realize that this is the reason I was to do this type of work and it's true there is no one doubts that in a anyway why why was Christ born he tells us further this end I was born for this cause came I into the world that I should bear witness and everyone is on the truth here is my voice I don't think even we as physicians and you know we like to believe physicians and Dennis we like to believe that we are acting in our practice on the basis of truth and yes we want to have truth in science but I don't think any of us necessarily I know myself included recognize the vast importance of truth in every aspect of our life not just science in fact recently resist what three weeks ago I was up in Oklahoma City and I was astounded in regards to what was happening up there there was a decision being made to write into a board policy a medical board policy on that there is a lot of misunderstanding about and I went to testify out was against that rule being imposed and I went to testifying regards to that rule and I was asked if I wasn't doing testified there were several of us but we were asked to testify first we were given two and a half minutes to do so the other side had unlimited time but during the two and a half minutes I went through quickly many of the clinical studies in the truth that was there and then I said listen intently to the other side they don't have any clinical studies to support the decision that they're trying to make here tonight I said to my knowledge unless I'm surprised I do not know of any clinical studies there and support the decision that they're making well in hand that the reason why the truth wasn't secured as there was economics involved in and the other side came up into their credit one of them said Jan Doctor Natalie said we don't have any clinical study support our sign and I'm here to tell you he's absolutely correct all the studies are on their side by then he gave the reasons why it still should be going in MEL State medical Association representative comes out and says that the Oakland State medical Association has decided that Doctor Ned lay in his group are are are not the ones we are going to fallen we are recommending that you make this rule I rose my hand nothing would knowledge me or not these are all proceedings that everyone's court recording and I just came up and I said I am just astonished here because we have just heard that there are there is no clinical studies to support the other side whatsoever volumes of clinical studies on one side and this is the first time in my career that I can remember a medical organization corporately siding against truth official man and the jury who is trying to make this decision of the medical board decided they needed more time today to make a decision excellence is coming up in November but since that time the Oakland State medical Association called me and said you know we really didn't make that and where you have to get a hold of the record I think the record is incorrect and we don't want inside against truth and so there are backing their backpedaling now I like to die it did show you that even intelligent health caregivers are often led to believe thing that are not true and act upon those that and that's where CVG comes in we use CBT and her depression recovery seminar that helps a number of medical conditions even getting over addictions posttraumatic stress disorder test also this order this deals with screws in the thoughts we analyze the thoughts and line them up which were Woodrow but also help normal people think learn communicate more effectively fosters unity and grew settings reduces the polarizing statements and all of this is accomplished without compromising sacrificing the byway a lot of people think the only way you can accomplish those middle three is by sacrificing the truth not true I you can accomplish those things by having truth be brought out in its clearness not going to get in to some things in regards to distortions that many physicians and Dennis and healthcare providers get into your feelings result of the messages you give yourself your thoughts have much more to do with how you feel it was actually happening in your life this was spelled out by two I call them 's don't you remember when Christ is going in the Jerusalem instead of those people don't praise me what's going to happen the stones will cry out these are two secular psychiatrists have developed a new form of therapy is the only type of therapy superior taking placebo I added actually analyzes the thoughts and lines them up with what is true why could Paul and Silas being taken against their will there opened with thirty nine beatings of the cat of nine tails they did nothing wrong Rod against their well laid down on a dirt uneven floor there can be put up in stocks and the Bible says there crying uncontrollably imprisoned that what it says they should be in what is happening on our line is what our emotions should be related to they should be and been crying uncontrollably in prison but they were they had happy looks on their faces they were sending why because their thoughts had much more to do with how they were feeling and what was actually happening in and their thoughts were based on things that were absolutely true and were long I looking along in the future this is one back in Alice as he was found you can change the way you think about things and you can also change your basic values and beliefs I was going to medical school the first lecture I was given on my site I free rotation was to never tamper with anyone's values or beliefs unethical to do so but here's Mack and Alice sang that when you do change your thoughts and change your basic values and beliefs this is what will happen when you do you will than of pain if I can he will then often experience lasting changes in your mood Outlook and productivity and I'm here to tell you that when we change our thoughts and line them up with what is true not only will we be better healthcare provider far better but were also going to experience improvement in our mood our outlook and what else our productivity in the true sense what we think affects who we are researchers documented negative thoughts with positive emotional turmoil nearly always contain what gross distortions of thoughts on the surface appear valid but you'll learn that they are just wrong or irrational and it twisted thinking is a major cause of suffering so emotionally how can we do better this is where we get in the ABCs of CBT VA is the activating event this season emotional consequence back and Alice call this crooked thinking and they say it is wrong because it leaves out the be in fact this is what Ellis says ABC thinking believing that we have no ability to influence our feelings and their events and situations directly caused our emotions and behavior is crooked and it's interesting the Bible talks about this as well the root word for being crooked or a root word that means written actually means bad for crooked a map word is iniquity if I regard iniquity in my heart the Lord will like not hear me is not because the Lord doesn't want to hear as he was each one of us he wants to hear us play remember the Lord cannot what he can lie so unless we are willing to straighten our thoughts out in the thing true thought he will not be able to influence us in the way that he would like to so the AVC gently activating event then you have the belief in and you have the emotional consequences CBT centers in on the and I know many of you been sitting here for why Matthew do stand up from time to go through the ten ways in fact try to stretch a little bit seeking get some blood flowing but I'm not sure I'm a ghost writer there are ten ways their ten Commandments and there's ten ways of distorted thinking these ten ways of distorted thinking were brought out by another stone called Doctor David Burns even psychiatrists in Minneapolis I but let's just discuss these a little bit you go ahead and answer them number one all or nothing thinking the classic example ideologue with depression the classic example of that as someone who came to my office and said I lost the race he was running for U.S. Congress looked like using Wimberley lots I lost the race for Congress I am a big zero this was an intelligent man but I could tell he believed what he said because he lost the race he was a big zero that true now but that's where all or nothing thinking can lead to how it can can be done in regards to medical missionaries and and other healthcare providers you can put your own specialty and there but often this is the way people think if I am not the busiest gastroenterologist in this region I will be a failure setting themselves up for all her I think I add of course there are six that is not necessarily all dependent upon another example I would say I can read up here I will be a success if I am the most sought after Doctor and my hospital in town that a true statement not necessarily all in fact that individual may end up being a failure obviously the many but in God 's eyes even though they could be successful in humans eyes may not be a success at all and then we can apply this on others as well I've been guilty of this and lets this guy quit smoking now he is doom to be an absolute failure and there's times when it sure looks that way but you know what you can stop smoking now the Lord was still merciful with him and let him go a little while longer to make a decision later time I and so that when we start imposing some of our all or nothing thinking on others we can also set ourselves as well as others up for problems the second one is overgeneralization more classic example that can lead to depression before we get to the medical missionary examples I happen to a sweet mate of mine at Andrews University he was a premed student good-looking nice young man very shy didn't panel occurs when it came to dealing with the opposite sex but he had his eye on a girl for about six months finally gained up enough courage to ask her out and we thought in a high likelihood of success he comes back to the dorm is walking with his head down he's I look them in the eye looks like he's about ready to cry I said what have any says Neil I'm destined to be lonely and miserable the rest of my why are you and I said black-and-white as you say she had another event to go to and I said and so you think that anything why not the thinking of Jesus I half as much about me as I think about her she would've changed her plans and gone along with me as I'm definitely lonely and miserable the rest of my life well Glenn overgeneralized in two ways the first way overgeneralized is because he turned them down once he thought she was one always can turn them down they really know that no yet he was overgeneralizing the second overgeneralization he made was because she turned him down that one hundred percent of eligible women had identical taste to her NIC would be endlessly rejected the rest of his life and the people in the overgeneralization don't want to really go out and branch out into new areas there's a fear of rejection and you know that fear is there for healthcare professionals as well but particularly when you start to endeavor upon this aspect of influencing the mind in the spiritual insult when example of this is after your learning at this conference I you might be starting to do this Solomon and you can get so sidetracked this happen to me and I've actually thought these exact thoughts of this message is for me as well in retrospect I think she may have actually been open to attending that Bible study but I let's see if I can I need to actually closer my computer here I think so I cannot read this as well or come out here that Bible study night and I do not even think of mentioning it true so far but in regards to that instead of IMM and appropriate to ask for forgiveness it may be appropriate to see what we can do to make that not happen in the future men sat in that this is what thoughts can come out I am such a loser God will never be able to work with me that's overgeneralizing and that will lead us to failure if I try to incorporate spirituality and health I will not be able to spend any quality time with my family over generalizing and in fact there are ways in which you might be a will spend more quality time with your family when once we see the truth of that third one is mental filter nobody is responding my spiritual overtones I should give you more classic example this happened again today good friend of mine some of you might know her this was after anatomy class in medical school we have the final task and she was crying I she finally started talking she could think of seventeen questions and she got wrong on that cash and she knew that if she could think of seventeen Jeanine opened her book at if she could think of seventeen and she got wrong chute failed the test and she was not there will be a doctor and she was getting her classmates upset and distraught about it she got her family upset and distraught through the whole Christmas break I and she wasn't wanting to go back to medical school she said this proves I'm not about to be a physician and they encourage her to go back said that maybe she could take the class again but at least go back in and start out with biochemistry and physiology and maybe we can get this thing to work and she brings her test score out there the first day of class and narratives minus seventeen eighty three percent this is by far the highest grade in the class A+ and sellers you're getting just focusing on and on the negative and continuing the focus in on that he was going over the seventeen questions the entire holiday time I can lead someone into being an effective nobody's responding my spiritual overtones because several haven't responded we tend to say nobody is responding and then we tend to give excuses this is not the Bible belt the people in this town are just not interested in spiritual beings now is that true no vigil here this repeated often among those who are starting to think about spiritual things and just trying to implement it and if they're not as successful as they think they should be they will give excuses like this by the way any human being who worships at the sign that there is a spiritual component to their life now they may not be worshiping God they may be worshiping someone else or money or who knows what but what sets us apart from the rest of the animal kingdoms are frontal lobe size which means we have the ability to worship and if someone is worshiping there is a sign that there is a spiritual component there that that we can still touch and add if I take time from for medical missionary work there is no way I will be able to pay my debts of another mental filter where we just looking at the money aspect and how much less money might not come in as a result and we can get ourselves ready discourage board is even worse it's not only just focusing on the negative and continuing to contemplate and talk about it but it's disqualifying the positive this is where we we acknowledge the positive but then totally discount how can this happen I know I heard a conversion story Damon conference of the patient but that story is so unique that things could never happen to my patients like that remain somewhere now as it has been positively heard some of those positive stories already by as I we just think that it's so unique that it just doesn't apply at all and so we discount it sounds rewarding that I know there are some a struggle 's accompanying those that try to integrate the spiritual that I will be absolutely overwhelmed I'm already having enough problems with what I'm but if I try to get involved in more spiritual ministry it's going to be overwhelming not going to be able to handle even though your knowledge that it does sound reward disqualifying the deposit with the cognitive distortion and it's a deception the fifth one is mind reading five and six fall under category jumping to conclusions I was that I helped lecture the other day are not given by me but by an exercise physiologist he stated that that is the most common exercise in America I is jumping to conclusions and I think I would agree with that it's not really physical exercise but there are some ways in which we do as we do mind reading if I recommend a vegetarian diet he will have a towel and will probably never come see me again we know what the person needs but we think that they're going to be so repulsed by what they need that we are not going to have an influence over them again actually I I came up with this is the result of a bumper sticker Doctor Miller told me he saw the other day and said don't have a cow go vegetarian at another migrating John has been through treatment so many times I know he will never quit and you know I've heard that I do know how many times in the medical Russian there is no way he is going to quit anyhow you see the honest SAIC knowing been through treatment several time you does now there is no way 's antiquarian everybody says it etc. and so what happens so why even bring it it's not even wow that's when we started migrating we start this paternalistic attitude and really the missing component in regards to him overcoming is the spiritual component and if we would emphasize the spiritual we would be able to have more success this one and then respond positively when I touched on the spiritual last time solely of no use to invite her to the upcoming meeting generous by the spiritualist is a part of the ones who are going to respond so we don't even take that in this ten seconds that it would take an old sometimes I've taken those ten seconds I've been surprised at what who have actually common who is responding because I can't read my God can before we get to the other five this some more counsel when connected with other lines of gospel effort medical missionary work is the most effective instrument by which the ground is prepared for the sowing the seeds of this is why was so encouraged to hear the stories of Moscow Idaho where there combining these ministries this needs to be done more and you know what I have done largely I have been tempted to think a cognitive distortion as well the health message was to be the right arm to open doors for the gospel message is primarily a seed selling ministry but I was surprised to see the truth of that it's the ground prepared for the selling of the season through and the instrument also by which the harvest is what by which the harvest is great this is not just seen selling ministry medical missionary it's actually reaping ministry the Lord is owed that our game at Christian physicians and nurses and she would also say that I shall labor in connection with those who preach the word and so there needs to be this relationship there the six cognitive distortion fortuneteller people in panic disorder have that self tell me that when they feel those feelings of panic I pass out or go crazy all asked them how many times of you passed out when you felt this way well I never have how many times have you gone crazy wow I really haven't gone crazy okay what we need to rephrase that thought that the fortune teller error it's not an accurate thought we need to put it into accurate words how can we do that justify getting the accuracy narrative person I will improve significantly suicidal patients have the fortuneteller they think they know more about their future than God does the cognitive distortion I know I won't do it because he will think it is too hard that's that paternalistic attitude again were were not I know even Doctor Ornish has stated that a lot of people that know the coronary artery disease can be reversed this way won't tell her patients about it because they think the patients won't do it so why offer and he says there's many more people willing to follow a program then like that of many doctors believe and how we do need to be truthful in giving the information often there will be willingness there if they know the information and if they can understand there is another fortune teller error we tell ourselves if I go spiritual my practice I'm going to mess up Royal I'll just end up losing patience and the respect of my colleagues without winning any fortuneteller or cognitive distortion and then we can apply it on others Jason will never be open to changing his lifestyle certainly will never be opened anything again could be a fortuneteller air we tend to assume a lot of things and by the way in regards to health ministry a lot of people Jan heard it said that you know the reason why we really should and now I don't leave and health ministry for those that don't believe in it is because why should we go about just making people healthier and live longer and still go to perdition I am so buying in reality were just making sinners a more healthy body as we define the truth in regards to this house are willing to inform themselves concerning the effect of sinful indulgence on the help and who commenced the work of reform e-mail to me from what selfish motives in so doing placed themselves where what the truth of God access to their hearts this is why the health ministry is so important even though they may start out from selfish motives they put themselves in a position where the truth of God can find access and on the other hand those are reached by the presentation of Scripture truth are that a position where their consciences will be aroused upon the subject of what hell when I see people making changes in regards to their health changes in lifestyle the only way that can happen is by the influence of the Spirit of God will and that means the Spirit is working with them that means we need to labor with them on more because her to be more open to truth wherever it is presented the seven cognitive sourcing magnification or minimize age this is where we try we get things out of priority or magnifying things above where they should be minimize them and where they should be here's one this knowing what I know now I should become a dermatologist now there are are those who in magnifying on this type of thing don't realize that the Lord has put him in a specialty for a particular reason to reach souls in that area something far greater than just the returns and the lack of call in those type of things practice guidelines are what are terrible yelling out whenever you start using the terrible the horrible the awful words often we have things out of the HTA and then when we start using the when we start utilizing or hearing the curse words at the sign that things are going really blown I and my father taught me that early on he said anyone who uses curse words as a sign they have a limited vocabulary in other words it's not that they're not describing things in an accurate way at all they're describing things in a very inaccurate manner and what we really need to be doing is describing things in an accurate manner we need to expand our vocabulary yes and we may not like those new practice guidelines we there may be some problems with them we might have preferred that they not be there I'd may be some in additional inconvenience that the start putting them in the horrible terrible awful category are really is not good for us and this also in fact I should mention regards to these things we can even raise our children in regards to the truth aspect and I do have a couple of my boys here with me today I am not long ago well it's been pride in how long it's been exhibit a year ago boys maybe year and a half ago we were out in the field playing baseball as our family we got four boys and there were some things that took place on the field that made them quite upset at each other and the tempers were starring the flare and I realized that I was losing control the situation and realized I'd lost control of it so far that we weren't really not to be able to get back to where we were and so the game was shut down and I told them but you're not leaving the field until you sing this song by heart and I came up with a song at the spur of the moment and the song was this I don't like that I don't like to it's okay it's okay I can stand it any way I can send it anyway I'm all right I'm all right and so there is a lot of things in life that we don't like much of what has ourselves emotionally where we can stand it and they were thinking they couldn't stand what was happening and then their emotions out of control it actually affects us adversely as well and often on those of us as healthcare providers sometimes exhibit the strongest emotions in ways that are not the best my most important priorities develop a nice nest egg so I can retire early or involved in medical missionary work we need to realize that isn't our most important priority and even those in the world when we mentioned that still realize there are other priorities are more important robins damping on those priorities or that cognitive distortion and then we can apply to others when someone that we should embrace spiritually and we didn't and work on it convicted that maybe we should have sometimes were tempted to think that he would've rejected spiritual counsel anyway it would not turn down any differently that's where we minimize that some magnification and minimization and and that's going to end up hurting us in hurting others as well a cognitive distortion well it's good to get into that little more the seventh this is where the I can't stand it comes than these are the words from Ellen White when trials arise that seem unexplainable we should not allow our what our piece to be spoiled these might be trials that are totally unfair totally unexplainable but we shouldn't allow our keys to be spoiled however unjustly we may be treated but not what but not pasteurized by involving a spirit of retaliation we injure here ourselves we destroy our own confidence in God and grieve the Holy Spirit notice this whenever were talking about truth on on the rejection of truth this is where we begin to grieve the Holy Spirit a cognitive distortion emotional reasoning the classic example of this regards depression as I feel like a God therefore I am a died because I feel a certain way that means it's true I I I don't feel like doing anything right now and so I won't procrastinators have emotional reasoning on and there are so there is another song for that as well it's feelings and feelings go in feelings RDC they trust alone on the word of God is something worth believing cause feelings and feelings go in feelings argues you thing trust alone on the word of God it's something where it be leaving when we do medically and in the medical missionary work I don't feel spiritual thus I am not spiritual that's emotional reason that the distortion our feelings can be quite deceiving thinking about changing my practice incorporates all wedding makes me feel overwhelmed and helpful in us we think it's impossible thus this will be impossible for me I don't feel like changing anything right now and so I will that's emotional reason and its distorted thinking labeling and mislabeling this is where we start naming things classic example of that is the secretary is called in your noble idiot by a boss who tells the other bosses and we have a new irritable idiot working for is because of one episode that she had an undersecretary finds out what she said and called him a male chauvinist to her other secretaries and so they go around proving their labels they try to prove their labels to their other people and it doesn't really do any good how cannot be done even medical missionary work that guy does not believe the ordination of women and is not a conservative male chauvinist what can I possibly learn from such of your labeling and then the discounting of other things that come into their and then we can label ourselves I'm just a secular humanist that happens to go to church with my family once a week we tell ourselves that were something that we think we are but we actually may not be the weekend that even in our weight loss seminars where people have certain food addictions this happened to someone in our weight loss seminar and they swore off of ice cream which was a good thing for them to do they were losing weight but four weeks later after they lost a lot away their family still had the Häagen-Dazs ice cream Eric as they were eating it she gets out is to puts it in there and says one scoop is going to hurt me and halfway through that scoop she labels she feels very bad labels herself a pig and says this proves that I'm nothing but a thing and so what she do she goes back into the refrigerator needs the entire half-gallon this mislabeling that occurs in we can do it even in this and in other terms I'm just a hypocrite hypocrite by definition never change again getting into the labeling problems ten is personalization this is where we carry the entire weight of an organization or of our success our shoulders no one who came to the study series and maybe through what happens when we personalize it it's of no use and I'm an utter failure and so we take an example yet another example of your sixth grader comes home with visa nests on the report card the mother says I'm a failure as a parent that true I necessarily a sixth grader have a lot of responsibility these people had responsibility to you know if Christ thought this way he would come anyone who bailed out a whole lot quicker and on the cross when all twelve of his closest associates rejected him being taken away if you would personalize that what would've happened our eternal destinies would've been decided in the other way you can come the other way where we personalize it look at how may people came to this health seminar they would not be here if I was not such an intelligent and talented doctor and so I because we do things that seem to be on the surface rate we think that we are invincible and that everyone should quotes be like us again it's a personalized nation is going to cause problems Ellen White says even the thoughts must be brought in subject to the will of God in the feelings under the control of what reason and religion our imagination was not given us to be allowed to run Ryan have its own way without any effort at restraint and discipline if the thoughts Iran but what the feelings will be wrong and the thoughts and feelings combined make up the moral character Ellen White knew a lot about cognitive behavioral therapy long before Becca Nellis came about James also knew little bit about it he said no one should say God Tams because God doesn't tempt anyone each one is tempted when he is dragged away and enticed by his own evil what feelings and so we need to elevate the feelings to the level of our conscience level of our frontal lobe we need to reason those things out because feelings can lie and that's why we need to utilize our own spiritual nature our spiritual nature has to do with reason it has to do with conscience it also has to do with worship who are we worshiping what are we worshiping every day that is going to be the battle of the mind is going to help us with the reason and conscience and then exercise the well is also a frontal lobe function the will is our chooser and that's whether were going to even choose the thoughts that we are thinking price that I am the way the truth and the line and all of us even that I don't have depression I have a tendency to think distorted thought to really get some degree of those distortions and how common they are as to whether it classifies as certifiable or not but whether I all of a sudden because our pollinators have this tendency by we need to seek for a better way we'd is seeking the Lord while he may be found and call upon him while he is near let the wicked forsake his way and the unrighteous man his wife his thoughts and let them return of the Lord and he will have mercy upon them into our God for he will abundantly and that's the amazing thing about our glorious he is willing no matter how distorted our thoughts behaviors than he is willing to line that up with what is completely true and he is so willing to abundantly pardon Robert says crazy think of in his heart so is he the power of thought and this cannot be done we can't line up our thoughts completely without studying what Christ has done and how he did it why did Christ love to do well he loved the preachy love to heal he was involved in healing more than preaching but what he loved to talk about how love to talk about his father what else do they let him talk about facts were given the question we might ask is what is his favorite topic interestingly Helen wife says Christ the great teacher had an infinite variety of subjects from which to choose in fact Stephen says he could've opened the doors scientifically that would made scientists still indeed discovery in areas of this day had he done so so he had an infinite variety of subjects from which to choose but the one which he dwelt most largely was the endowment of the Holy Spirit what great things he predicted the church because of this endowment yet what subject is less welcome on now what promises less fulfilled occasional discourses given upon the Holy Spirit and the subject is last left for after consideration many of us have not understood so the aspects of the comforter and that wonderful what biography desire of agents she quotes Christ when he and the Spirit of truth is constant use he will guide you into all truth the comforter is called the Spirit of truth his work is to define and maintain the truth he first dwells in the heart as the spirit of truth and nasi becomes what the comforter and sell how the spirit works is in regards to inclining our thoughts helping us to see distortions in our thoughts and lining those spots up with what is true and when we are truly thinking true thoughts we will be comforted that's how he becomes the comforter she says there is comfort and peace in truth but there is no real peace or comfort and falsehood then she goes on it is through false what theories and false traditions that Satan gains its power over the mine by directing Mandel false what false standards he may shape the character through the Scriptures the Holy Spirit speaks of the mine impresses truth upon the heart so how is it done through the Scripture that's why we need to have absolute treatises were back in Alice Law pectoralis talk about truth in the heart accuracy and thinking but then in the middle of their work they say there's no such thing as absolute truth and anyone who believes so is dangerous and of course this is the secular way of looking at things but there are absolute truths and knows absolutely so understand the absolute truth we can actually more clearly see the micro truth and that's why through the repair the Holy Spirit speaks of the minor presence through the bottom part heart that exposes air expelled from the salt is by the spirit of truth working through the word of God in Christ the news 's chosen people to himself the last general conference at all I spoke to was late well it was I think it was nineteen oh eight I may have the wrong she lives in nineteen fifteen and wrote after that which you can attend the later general conferences but interestingly she looked high down in the time span when the preaching of truth would be outlawed in Van and she said that I wish to tell you that sooner we know worked on and ministerial lines but what medical missionary work those who are suffering from disease will know where they can go to get healing a method means going to a place where the preaching of truth has been outlawed in van they will go there again healing and truth will be impressed upon their harmonies will be eleventh hour converts that come in its anomalies apply in your work it will be the last work to be done why should we be involved in this work Paul says for the love of Christ what constrains us because we nice guys that if one died for all then were all that one is Paul saying here when he sang is when he looked down in humanity that he was meeting if they did not have Christ they were as good as the I think I thought needs to be with me as well often I'm paying attention to the details of the lab results and paying attention to the details of those things and yes we need to pay attention to those details and sometimes the patient goes out the door without me even contemplating do they have Christ we we understand things the way home then I think we need all become members of not only a man but the four S club because in order to have that love of Christ we need to surrender our own lives to his service as the first we need to have selflessness involved in it and there is sacrifice involved in a it's a sacrifice that we could possibly name some of those things and by the way we shouldn't necessarily complain about those things either in fact I was reading the other day that anyone is complaining about things it's a sign that selfishness is still in the heart on and so on that's something to keep in mind and then the last asses the life of its service and we could preach a whole sermon on just those for aspects they're all different but similar but yet a vital part of this work the physician who understands the responsibility and accountability of his position will feel the necessity of Christ presents with him in his work for those for whom such as sacrifices that may who made the ultimate sacrifice cry sacrifice was far greater than any of us are asked to do but yet we need understand that it was Christ's sacrifice for the that needs to be foremost in our mind he meeting the physician or dentist will subordinate everything to the higher interests which concern the life that may be saved in the life eternal and I have a confession to make because I have not done that habitual manner I've done it in a way that's been there on occasion but the subordinate everything to the higher interest which concern the life that may be saved in the life eternal even more important than all the intricacies of taking care of a complex internal Madison is the soul of mankind and were willing again out in the middle the night to say that soul in the intensive care unit to save the life in the intensive care unit we should be willing to go through other sacrifices to bring them the words of life as well he will live on in our to say about the body am assault he will try to do the very work that Christ would do were he in his place the physician who loves Christ and the souls for whom Christ died will seek earnestly to bring into the sick room away from the tree of life he will try to break the bread of life to the sufferer notwithstanding the obstacles and difficulties to be met so either obstacles and difficulties notwithstanding the obstacles and difficulties that this is the solemn sacred work of the medical profession and that is the last quote counsel them hell three thirty one that I have I think the pendulum like but from the Townhall thinking of those four acids he said I will very gladly spend and be spent notice in sale of the grudgingly spend and be spent for you he said I will very gladly when were involved in this work it is a happy existence it is a glad existence and Paul's counsel also stated that more abundantly I love you the less I in other words he's not doing this to be loved more just like pricey income to do this because he wanted to be loved he did this because he wanted to have us have complete freedom and how can we have complete freedom these are the last words of Christ ye shall know the truth and not just the knowledge of the truth when the Bible talks about knowing truth in our error knowing anything at a new the Bible says and they shook hands balance Adam knew Eve and Eve wife conceived it was an intimate relationship on the Bible talks about knowing it's talking about intimacy so you shall know the truth it can be part of what we do every part of our art files they are going to be accurate you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free


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