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The Radical Prayer, Part 1

Derek Morris


Do you want Jesus to use you to impact the world? Then you need to follow the example of Jesus and pray a radical prayer. But first you must see the world from His radical perspective. And then there are lessons you must learn about radical dependence. Don’t come to this workshop if you want to maintain the status-quo. This teaching from Jesus could change your life.


Derek Morris

President of HOPE Channel, Inc. and host of Hope Sabbath School. 




  • December 28, 2012
    4:30 PM
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for heaven we thank you that you have spoken to us is broken in many ways through the prophets of old visions and dreams and through direct revelation he has spoken to us most clearly through Jesus your son who came to this earth and it is his teaching that we want to study in this workshop we want to listen to the teaching of Jesus and we want to live what we learn and so I thank you for each person here and I pray your blessing as we study the word of Jesus together in Jesus name amen of the song that I want to teach you today is actually the Scripture that were going to study and it's taken if you have the your Bible with you it's certainly chapter ten and verse two and then the bridge for this song is from John chapter four and verse thirty five and I am not a great singer like some of the musicians we have here so it will sound better if you sing with me somebody teach you the song itself a word for word from the new King James translation of the Bible and is called the harvest and thank you for playing that for us a feeling that this is not a him and his database and the name of bizarre and is this is a is a him know that you only need that Ms. Van is now a you is is to be in an and he is him him him to he lives in and on your day and the others to be a Canadian who is a is Liz and a is a in a this is a dead man he rang the him that this is the man who may know that a gun and you and you making that happen when we sang together was actually the word of Jesus we go to unpack that a case study that it in this seminar over the time that we have available and if you have your Bible I want you to open it to the Scripture if you brought your phone or your iPad or some electronic copy of the Scripture were going to be studying from Luke chapter ten in order to share with you later in this workshop about the radical prayer that Jesus asks us to pray we first need to see the world from God 's radical perspective now I grew up in the South of England we don't have many mountains there I remember the first time I ever went to Switzerland and then my mother 's family was from the Bernie's overland via interlock divinity vintage Switzerland okay so he invented Interlochen if you look on from Interlochen what can you see I you can see the Jungfrau you can see I I or you can see that massive mountains of the Bernese overlap at the end that's beautiful see you but even more remarkable if you take the train to the top it's not the top of the crowd but it's the saddle near the top if any of you have done that you can then go to an observation deck and you can see the mountains from a totally new perspective you feel like you're up on top of the world and seeing the world from a new perspective that's what God wants for those who will pray the radical prayer and so I want you to notice in the text that we are studying if you have your Bible open to new chapter ten how Jesus begins his teaching and we will begin our teaching in this first part of the workshop Jesus begins and I'm reading from the new King James version by saying to them the harvest truly is great now I need you to study the Bible I was told that this is the time to interact civilly and then he said to them than he is Jesus at least if you have a red letter edition it shows is Jesus who even then anyone it's it it's the disciples but not the twelve someone said the seventeenth of so Jesus had said to the twelve recorded in Matthew chapter nine the very same words but he just sent them out to the lost sheep of the house of Israel now he is speaking to the seventy and he is going to send it out to every city and village he is about to go the seventy represent all of the nations if you go back to Jenna this is all of the descendents of Noah so they represent of us going through the whole world that and to those disciples who were to go to the whole world Jesus says something I have just the five words in my English Bible and the harvest truly is great can you say that we are listening carefully any say that with me the harvest truly is great but there were more time the harvest truly is great okay so the me ask you a question now what is the harvest that Jesus is talking about what is the harvest well this metaphor of the harvest can be used Inc. is used in two ways in the New Testament are look with me in the Matthew chapter thirteen you can keep your place in the ten ago to Matthew chapter thirteen and there we find it the harvest spoken on Jesus is speaking about selling good seed and then an enemy comes and sows weeds in the field and in verse thirty nine of Matthew thirteen Jesus says the NME who so these weeds is to the devil and the harvest is when the end of the age and who are the reports the Angels okay so one years all the harvest in the New Testament the harvest is the the end of the age and who are the reapers are angels but the revelation chapter fourteen to the three Angels messages of Revelation chapter fourteen we find the harvest spoken on again Revelation chapter fourteen verse fifteen and another angel came out of the temple crying with a loud voice to him who sat on the cloud so the angel is speaking to the Son of Man on the cloud and says that the Son of Man thrust in your sickle and reap for the time has come for you to read for the harvest of the earth is right so he who sat on the cloud thrust in his sickle on the earth and the earth was reaped this is also speaking about the harvest that the NDA and who is doing work Jesus the one seated on the throne who has his sickle so you've got Jesus and the Angels as the rebirth of the harvest is the judgment at the end of the age that one use of the heart but if you go back to our text in Chapter ten that is not the harvest that Jesus is referring to this harvest in the ten is present and the harvesters are not angels who were the harvested we are at the right is not something at the end of the well yes that's the Son of Man and the Angels the final judgment harvest but this harvest is present and we are the harvest is and what is the harvest you know what is the harvest what does Jesus mean when he you are missing truly is great I did the world okay what about the world you got people in the rock part of God 's harvest that means that they are just waiting for the invitation to become a part of his kingdom and who is going to tell them or who is supposed to tell them we'll so Jesus says to the seventeen disciples they represent all across the same the harvest is great our men and women young people just waiting for the invitation to become a part of my kingdom now the question why does Jesus tell us the harvest truly is great why does he tell us that you say because it is cheap Jesus always tells the truth is that right so maybe it's obvious he's just telling us the audience at a level suggesting that sometimes it is obvious to us that the harvest is great think of Peter and the apostles on the day of Pentecost there preaching in the power of the Holy Spirit some of you at my preaching workshop the preaching of the power the Holy Spirit wants to know once without prayer sleeping now playing and preaching in the power of the Holy Spirit and and in the manner Peter Simon conviction comes upon the hearers and they did so what shall we do and Peter says repent him me baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus whether watching the latest scenes the promise is for you and for your children and what happens if anyone responds in his invitation yet how many we thousands people not just even understand how large was the church the Christian church at this time of Pentecost how many were there praying in the upper room in one hundred and twenty one weight in fact Scandinavia we have how many here for hundreds today from one hundred and twenty to three thousand one hundred and twenty in one week actually in one day in fact Scandinavia some mathematician help make it one hundred and twenty three thousand one hundred and twenty four hundred will go to have many and many were the only ten thousand you doesn't think so how would you feel if this year we come to invite Scandinavia where I knew we should praise God as a lot of people over the next year with twelve thousand people what would you say appraisal and okay but they did anybody as Jesus would you say the hottest truly is great evening sometimes it's obvious by Peter and the apostles went three thousand people but no twelve thousand four in the community Google while the words on Jesus are true what did Jesus say the harvest truly is great sometimes sometimes it's obvious to us but may I suggest you that many times is not obvious from a human perspective many times when we look at in our community in our city we see a great harvest not from a human perspective we look we don't yet I think anybody's interested we need to look at the world from gods perspective because he says the harvest truly what great your story is part of our song John chapter four Jesus comes not from Judea and he says he needed to go through Samaria now the Jews did not go through Samaria eight they hated the Samaritans they went around scenario through Korea and up the capitalists and over to Galilee they don't want to go through Samaria but Jesus needed to go through Samaria do you know what I have read that chapter because he comes through a well outside of the city of sidecar it was called Jacob 's well Jesus is planning to hold an evangelistic meeting there do you know how many people come to the meeting have you ever been to and at meeting where not to many people get how did you feel that one person can't write from a human perspective you would look and what would you say what you said no harvest year I'd one person by Jesus looks even one person what did Jesus say Jesus is one Roman and by the way if you read this story in John chapter four she does not have a good reputation but as this one women a citizen of this kingdom and to foster and in that conversation with Jesus her life is changed John tells us that she went back to the city and you know what it says she called all of the men of the city she knew them all she did not have a good reputation she called over the man she said meet a man who told me everything I ever did I imagine a lot of men sweating and cycle everything everything everything but somehow I witnessed was so powerful she wasn't judging them she was communicating graced with them she is so promised an end she was so nice that these men are like what happened to you he said could it be the Christ so now people are coming out of the city many people are coming out of the city how many showed up at the beginning of the meeting but now many people are coming out of the city the disciples they're looking with a human perspective nor they come back from getting something to eat you don't even see and Jesus says to them fear not to say we sang it in the song do you not say for months and then then maybe maybe a little harvest I say to you this up your eyes and look at the fields when they are already whites for the heart seemed a little from God 's perspective now I used to think that was just an illustration from agriculture but I just understood something a little while ago easily in the field went down in the fields or should I say who is out in the fields was that coming out of the city people the disciples that even see them they can all be damn they could all be lost nobody dares interest Jesus said even though you know this thank you Greg Johnson at the floor and then come out in the city they said we believe because of what she said but now we hear for ourselves Jesus statement two whole days and many believed in him the harvest truly great God help me to see the world that as you get I was holding some meetings in Pennsylvania in the United States and not too many people can dissipate even fit most of the church members in a they even expect any harvest but there was one young couple and they do they sat right here in the front and they had a Bible they were it was a husband and wife they were in a twenty day young couple good good good candidates for impact and they sitting there and be reading the Bible is so interest you know when people are interested in a meaningful way to the smiling and looking and reading in the Bible 's and I thought well maybe not a lot of people maybe not a big harvest the video to harness God help me to see if you do when we came to the end of the meetings and I thought I need to go and visit these people Gary and his wife Lori I need to go and visit and invite them to be baptized and become part of this movement is less a movement so when I visited domestic not happy that you come to the meetings and learning so much I want to invite you to be baptized and and they said them I don't think so not when not we don't feel convicted they don't feel God impressing us to did and I felt like I could balloon popped now after they do is only two people who were interested in now that they selected a new and had an amazing idea maybe I should pray why do we wait until the end to break wife tried everything else in my you know Providence am maybe I should pray what do we regularly and we should plan at the beginning him though on the way I I not known busy busy to maybe I should pray like the God is so patient with us if we wait we we have so much to learn pray God I I don't know what to do with Gary and Lori but it seems that their hearts are open to you but I don't know I pray you you speak to them Gary worked to at the nighttime ineffectively in Philadelphia Pennsylvania so he worked all night Thursday night it was now Friday morning and he was driving back in his car from Philadelphia is home in Allentown Pennsylvania and while he was driving in his car the Holy Spirit came close to him and spoke to him the ability that God can still speak to people I know you can't believe everything you have detested by the Bible by bodies driving in his car the Holy Spirit comes near to you and I wanted to be baptized and to become a member of the Seventh-day Adventist church and Gary said all right I will do it but how can I tell my wife Linda I did not know what very perhaps had not yet learned was that Jesus said Jesus said it's good if I go away because I will send you the father will send you another another competent and he will be here and in you you see God the Holy Spirit has the attribute the quality of Albany presents he joined me in at the go entity fjord at the same time you could be a human college and even in Southern Adventist University lab feature to be done at the same time IG the son of God had sent a sideways on the present when he came into humanity in the person of Jesus by the Holy Spirit he can be with you and with you and with you he can be in you and maybe did not understand but you know what I'm going to tell you because while he is driving in his car coming home from working all night the Holy Spirit also visits our house this out in Allentown Pennsylvania you know what's going to happen outgoing because the Holy Spirit comes these white lettering and says I want you to be that and to become a member of the seventh at the district 's movement to prepare the work for the soon coming of Jesus and Lord said I will deliver but how can I tell my husband and finally Gerry comes home in Gary and Lori meet and share what God has done in the hearts and we rejoice together that they will both be baptized Friday morning Sabbath they come to church they come to us in the worst several weeks now with their Bibles and him reading their Bibles and listening to the salmon and smiling I don't know any at the end of the salmon they come to take my hat and a semester we would like to be baptized and become members of this list they movement the seventh administered and I almost said why what happened but they share this story with me help writing Homan and beer in bit house how the Holy Spirit had visited them you see our God is an awesome God is not I harvest is it whose harvest visit and I know that belong to say that if God is allegedly logged in right after you have the use of eye candy do it all by himself why does he ask you to join him in his harvest work why couldn't be for the salvation of our souls could it be that as we realize that we're not just here to try to stay out of trouble until Jesus comes out we are the light of the royalties is that you are the light of the world because if you know because I am the light of the world he will always need will not walk in darkness but have the light of life if you have a living connection with Jesus you have liked to see and when you share it does something to your own heart she's strong in the Lord we want to be baptized he said it's wonderful to people great harvest God help me to see is you do the day of their baptism Gary and Lori are baptized to get their standing in the water on there with them and Gary says to me has to can I speak to the church family and I speak as an agency sometimes a dentist we from the router of the baptismal pool he began to speak at as she spoke the spirit of God spoke to me and said to me this young man this backstreet worker is going to be a preacher and there is not long after his baptism he left his job in the factory in Philadelphia and he wasn't too Southern Adventist University where I was then the teacher a teacher and he studied to become a pastor and he graduated at the end of this program as the most powerful creature of his class back to work and thousands of people around the world have heard about Jesus because of that one young man God help me to see as you do what does Jesus say the harvest truly is great that is what Jesus wants us to begin with but but then having showed us his radical perspective about the world that people are just waiting for an invitation then he shares a radical problem looking your Bible again in the chapter ten and with this we will finish our study today and the first part of our workshop chapter ten and verse two we sang it in the song together and we noticing it again at the end maybe it will mean even more to you when we sing it at the end of our study Jesus said to them to us also the harvest truly is great we understand that now people men and women young people waiting for the invitation to be a part of this kingdom help me to see the world as you do the harvest is great what is insane it's what but the laborers are few now I have a question for you why are the laborers view relieving maybe the Lord of the harvest made a mistake made in the Lord of the harvest but realize how big the harvest would be sorry only asked a few libraries not enough maybe we should blame would you think you can fill because the Lord of the harvest notice that the harvest truly is what is great so this is what you need many landlords so why are the laborers view using a not so you're suggesting that God has called many of the laborers so I maybe this is the problem not but the laborers are few but the laboring laborers working workers are few a life that is true and I think you're right because how many are called to be laborers in the hot comment everyone who becomes a follower of Jesus right because he says go into all about and is not just talking to them back there because he says I'll be with you even to the end of the age that includes us to all of us are called to be rockers but not all have become workers so the question is why I didn't not enough working workers in the laboring laborers let me many suggest that a couple of reasons the biggest story with me in Matthew chapter twenty one if you keep your place independent good to Matthew twenty one Jesus tells a story about a man with two cents Matthew twenty one beginning with verse twenty eight we've answered the question what the harvest is that some people ready to become part of the kingdom it doesn't always look great to us that we need to see his guards were now asking the question why are the labor dispute is whether you think Jesus says verse twenty eight of Matthew twenty one a man had two sons and he came to his first and said son go today in my opinion he could have said using the language of the ten join me in my harvest work son the harvest truly is great and worked in the harvest for me how does the sun respond what is insane your Bible what is he sick I will not buy this comes on these women help in the harvest is great to come in and work I will not route son I will not but afterward he regretted it what is it made you know that the regretted it does that mean he felt bad about his decision right and went in other words that he thought he got you know I was not right for me to say that my father what because the harvest is great and and they need to be the person and I need to be one of given so much happening is my diversity said I will not and W says it was not a good thing Seo I need to go I need to go so he goes out to work in the hearts that's all they sent you create Matthew twenty one then the father came to his second son and that would be a younger son and said the same things up to the second son he says son of goal working the harvest warming and what does he say I don't I know but he didn't go out now I've read a lot about this younger son what's happening it's easy just lying to his father I know unless you know it you can hide hide in the barn I don't is impossible in easy is lying through his father and has absolutely no intention of going is that possible impossible not probably not why because he's older brother has just embarrassed himself I think I will not and then going Jeanette said that I need to go so probably the younger set is not lying when he says about probably he knows he should go it is the right thing to do to go as I says but he becomes what's the word in English he becomes the distracted me say that in your language in order name is a have you ever gone back to you pull back the keys you quite a media on a car in the car that evil deputies you got plenty to do back from a piece of favor back inside and you forget why you're there is a bad idea when you look at food in a couple of really would need to go to the toilet landing that you became the distracted what do you have to do in order to remember what you have to do is identical that all these younger son he noted that he should go was the right thing to do because the harvest truly is what Clay he knew he should go he planned to go but he became distracted he was checking you will when checking his e-mail now he'd been it in fact for a while and came back and he had two hundred and seventeen e-mails and instead of doing the harvest work he became and then checking the things and became distracted I thought about that and I thought what things distract us maybe not for you but Jesus tells another story and with this story we will close and then we will sing our song together again Jesus tells another story in Luke fourteen that could mean reporting these these people are not even asked to come and work they just asked to come to a party but they become distracted with other things maybe we could learn a lesson from them in chapter fourteen verse sixteen fourteen and verse sixteen Jesus said to the man who spoke about the kingdom a certain man gave a great software and invited many so this is not even coming to work in a high risk you they just coming to a soccer and he sent his seventh at supper time that those who were invited for all things are now ready so they had been invited and now the sermon says it is time to calm but they all verse eighteen of Luke fourteen but they all with one accord began to make excuses they were what's the word distracted they began to make excuses the first set it is seven I have brought a piece of ground that and I must go and see I asked you to have me excused no I don't know if anyone here owns a piece of ground but would you buy a piece of ground without seeing it because a good idea could be next next to a toxic waste dump for mixed-use and bad thing if you don't want to buy land without seeing it so is not very clever this fellow but still he has acquired a material possession he wants to go and look at doesn't want to work against the look now I don't know how it is in your country and we had many countries represented make how many countries twenty some countries you impact in the mid- maze so I don't know how it is in your country but I'm living now in the United States of America we have a big problem in America and big problem in many problems one problem is people like to collect things material things so we have shots like landlocked which sell things very cheap so you can find us of things and we set up our houses with things so that then we have to get bigger houses because it too many things and then that this doesn't happen in your country but where I live we have a unique code that place where the car goes Gary Joe Mariah can guarantee so then they felt they guaranteed things and then they can't get the car him the way you live but in well it may fill out the difference between so that I know this sounds crazy when I lived you can go and read another little strategy area when you can put more things women with another deity uneasy and then my Google places where you can put things because you have too many things you kept them on your house and into Garrick and they have to rent a little place with so many things now they tell me that that the new generation that the new generation doesn't collect all the things that's good but many did I wish I could tell you that it's only people who are not followers of Jesus that collect all the things I do know that follows it Jesus their Christian people they say with Chris followers of Jesus and advancement in one of their time collecting things and we can't do anything unless when we finally connected with us when Jesus comes with regulators and let many people I what's the way they are distracted you know I I what I did on that mission trip but in on one ability with my face things distract us I'm not telling you that you should go home from impact Scandinavian and goodwill of your things away from a Jesus did tell one young man to give all of these things away your member what because all of these things were distracting him on that got a few things and I don't distract you from being a laborer in the harvest is that something was put on him are you closing your time is using your seven watching until going to burn with the brick catches fire maybe it's not a problem in your country to be just in the United States material things distract this book was the second one that let's look and see what plus one was material things the second reason for this vaccine adverse nineteen hundred fourteen another said I have brought five field of auction and I'm going to test them please have me excused that's different from life that it was the same as buying the land but but this is a busy select these are the one I just brought a new tractor and I want to go and try it out I just got a new laptop computer for work and want to try out a new software program of what I just said that an mutual as for my business and I I don't work is distracting the person from going to the supper is it possible that I will could distract us from being laborers in the harvest is a possible possible now I don't know how it is in the country where unit but I can tell you that while it even the house I live in is possible to be at work all day and then to come home and you bring your work really assets on your iPhone it's on your e-mail and so you is on your cell phone I can remember with sadness times when I we we were having maybe family worship or family time together and the phone would ring all you don't have to listen to the bug again in the message right you don't have to answer the e-mail right away or you don't have to do that you don't have to work all the time is about I'm just trying to help my family until it gets to me that doesn't happen in the country where you live but the weather you know it gets kind of tension in the family because what one person was working by the always working in the time I will wipe what are you doing what you doing at designing a labor in my harvesting of God I'm writing because and I'm wanting to get somebody to a new position is it possible that work could distract us from being laborers in the heart one last dispatch and this one may be a little uncomfortable for you verse twenty Luke fourteen another said I have married a wife and therefore I cannot come a relationship can distract you is that you say I don't know is true I can tell you from my left when I was a young man working at a British bank in a relationship with the Google was not a devoted follower of Jesus is a good person I don't say anything about her that would be bad but she was not a devoted follower of Jesus and it was a was the word distraction distraction so you try to live part of your life of God then part of your life somewhere else to distraction when God finally got a hold of my life I love my position at the bank and two days later I was enrolled as a student and nubile college in England I had to walk away from that relationship in fact Jesus said you can't look back why because maybe if you look back you will go back to you know what I'm talking about sometimes a relationship can distract us at the beginning of happened in the church with me to this fighting like this disagreement until you don't like this person do not have a nice lunch is the why or boyfriend that it would be just other people unite instead of doing the right thing I wanted to do without demeaning hand fighting with each other over silly things like that the boys what kind of music we have been missing we find in the and relationships distract us while the dialogue we ought nonworking records beyond non- laboring laborers and I know the Lord is I have had this truly is and so you have to come back in the next ride and workout when a citizen on Sunday more is a commodity no something that you have to come back because the more you have to miss one you shouldn't miss today okay MS because because the harvest truly is what but the laborers are setting up the planet on the type to know something that can't really change my life should invite a friend to come with something entirely changed my life as I realized that I was a distracted distracted non- laboring labor nonworking worker remitted clinically this entrée I wanted to sing it again with a new understanding and in part two I will surely get a player that will change everything the radical a thing as a business name and the name is a and is a this is a is a you and him and I is now in an him him to me is that he is this is the day is the he dives him to know he is him and in your day and a list for a minute and they me as is the name is when I is him him him him and he and him and him and he is in a him to Lord God looted the harvest help us to see our world as you do open our eyes to see that the harvest truly is great in God if there is something that is distracting us material possessions were a relationship if there's something that is distracting us from being a laborer in your harvest God please rescue us we ask you to save us from that thing whatever it is as we continue to study a prayer that you want us to pray I pray that you would give us open hearts not only can hear you weren't but to do what we hear in the name of Jesus amen if you'd like to get a copy of what we presented today you can go to the website the radical prayer .com and you can download parts one and two of all of this series God bless you and hope to see you are very quick I assume whenever that is is it tomorrow morning all right unless you have been a summer of this media was brought as hi there is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I really would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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