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How to Study the Bible

Alexander Jensen


We have been divinely informed: “None but those who have fortified the mind with the truths of the Bible will stand through the last great conflict.” (GC 593) How can my own personal devotion bring about his goal? How can I study my Bible so that my mind is strengthened and my life changed and prepared to face and overcome temptation? The object of this workshop is to answer these questions practically. By God’s grace you will get a fresh love for God’s Word, some inspired practical study tools – and opportunity to put these tools into practice. May this workshop make us all more “wise unto salvation.” (2 Tim.3:15)




  • December 28, 2012
    11:30 AM
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is that I center this month and then mock solicitous and environment unless we used to in this cold cold weather and well everybody to the sweatshops of the Bible this is one of the most fundamental things you can talk about when you are a Christian especially when your Seventh-day Adventists studying the Bible how to get at study life that means something to you that your title about that is something you cannot live without something that is really bad for us I don't know how many of you have had this experience but at least in my life that has been part of my life I thought that Bible study was boring interview head like this this once or twice a just opening the work you are you are you reading and it is as if it doesn't mean anything to you okay but starting the Bible is using of starting the Bible is born or it is said not valuable then it is the same as saying you know that if you have a spouse that you love your spouse but you don't want to talk to her and you love your children like you you rather stay away from no studying the Bible it is that communication we had with God is God speaking to us we can speak to him through prayer and the also impresses us with thoughts when we pray but the Bible is his review of will is he talking to us in this God 's words so if we we say that that Bible studies nonparties it's it is not really we had really no Christians and actually sense this one point another point is many of us we know we have study outlines no we have a process to list on your Bibles are we have made us somewhere we know we have to study but often what we do not know how to do it we don't know how can I really get things out of this book so I can can get the message that God is giving and this is the positives they will not just talk about and we have to do with and House of Lords in the methods we will strike to indicate the methods and accept item will take and okay businesses and will try to apply the tools that okay and the last client that is we have to create me because we need to costs have not to understand you will see that all his ASP study so I don't expect possible for you but I would like to knew and he will pray that God will help us a it is not possible as a frame do you have any father I thank you so much for your words that you have given us the gift research through their ages even though many people are trying to destroy and we can read it now today without any persecution anything and we really need to help the date can honestly open you would understand I needed I feel a very much and I really prayed a lot that you would help on to think of expressing as we try to understand you will and try to dig into your words and studies the way that he wants us to stockings reprinted to help us with this we know that you will because you want to save one of us in the submission press review of new words thanks so much for this activity will bless us in Jesus name him and him all you see me if I said no because it has been on I feel so strange I think I'm having a servant of ballots that are okay they looking at asking this question first had been envious of his parents you come to the conference and emissions in sermons and you think it's just incredibly interesting you know he's going through on these points and while the Bible is just so interesting when I get home I'm going to study more okay they go home to open in the morning regular tires I don't have inspected each hybrids get out of it but it doesn't seem to be thanks interesting when he keep that this creature was a deputy pain in the studying the Bible is like any other skill you need to practice any need perseverance to gain blessing from it the reason why a creature can stand up there to preach is the cause that he has used time he has used perseverance and his used efforts and I think that that's how it is with any scale you know how many of you finished amending it conveniently okay this is the way it went with me when I try to play the violin no I was looking at this professional violinist I know he was playing along and a note it looks so easy when they play you know the famous they run back very easily and they know it seems a dock along with it the song and think though the systems it easy just as good as well I'm going to buy violent contract and I'm going to try and meet you by violent and you try and it sounds horrible okay and it sounds horrible made the first to use the practice opening up oh well before it sounds good and the same way the Bible we have to practice in Martha to gain the experience as we practice you have small blessings along the roads to get a little better fingers my little quicker Elizabeth to the bop nouveau and but it is in his first when you practice some time that you start to gain the big mistake in the database that is not like that every time but you see what I mean you have to practice and speakers in order to be able to pay violent and Helena to gain blessings from crossword there was one student he said this week the first ten minutes of the Bible study is often boring okay I don't assume that way in all the time but it's often take some time for you to really get into the words before it opens up to you okay I know that this is a good physician 's time online to just get in touch with us for it so if we if we hurry along in our Bible study every morning and only use five ten fifteen minutes everyday and we were left really didn't know into studying the Bible okay so we need we need time and I have some today we have at the house a sense of minutes left and I have a lot of stuff so what I have to do I have to submit some of these things and then I will give you this this has nothing drawn an outtake of type to exhibit the most important principles how to study the Bible and then we would need some time to practice so that when you get home it will have methods in your head but you only the also have at a small experience how to indicate these these tools and well I like to say goodbye and then we will go to second Timothy three we will first look at some principles of the Bible and then we will do this on the lips and tools okay second Timothy kept the three and oh this text is familiar perhaps to almost all new maybe not but that's okay we would be maybe one of you could read this sixty crore in the room is a okay I is for you to look at the first sentence year in excess it says and all Scripture is given by inspiration of God okay seven after this question and I caught into business how much of the Bible is all okay that means that the book of Isaiah 's death is inspired as the book of Daniel okay that means that chapter one in the book of Isaiah is just as inspired as chapter five okay we cannot as humans say whether this pox this was how you know he had some strange ideas him and that I know he is frustrated and but also we have to develop on you know what you think about an observation that inspire but the rest of his own ideas not because I got everything is inspired okay the problem is increased opportunities what is inspired and what is not inspired anything for the night man's life the things we don't like mine need to inspire you see in the Bible kitchen anymore okay the other thing is is that the Bible is inspired by God many of his fine book it's not questionable okay that means we are humans and humanly speaking we cannot understand God 's thoughts so we need God 's help to understand this book is unit so that's what you greatly have to pray that God will open the way to us the total anonymous we put this book through some simple principles and you can have on this later if you are interested you can take notes of this essay is that okay time to go to second Peter to the one certainty is that the one and we would read the last three verses from this knife into verse twenty one page that him I then is that here we have also a more sure word of prophecy were unto you do will take heat as unto a light that shines in a dark place until the day dawns and the base stock advice in your hearts okay then comes the important part the first two thousand one but thought our studies about this with you knowing this first that no prophecy of the Scripture private interpretation okay so can we make our own interpretation and say this is not a true know what we have to do if I said I cannot find it he that means I cannot myself personally I cannot contribute us with a woodland if I want to understand exactly the Bible must explain itself okay in other words God has fixed than what he needs safe I don't understand this this may be another was in the Bible speaks about the same subject and expense the most I can understand this that's okay so got he explained even in the face neck and compares it see like I just read of earth and think it means this okay and then unfettered no I think these this and then we are now in that it doesn't make sense we have to both see what what what what does the Bible else that we don't understand what this with this process in an agreement we have to find other places in the Bible that explains already supports the technology this was this the reason why you cannot interpret privacy this was what for the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man but only men of God 's statement as they were moved by the Holy Ghost okay sure they ask you a question every verse in the Bible if it isn't like this that they are said to Paul no you have to write this and I invented tea and then we have to make it back at space and then you have to write at CNN it was a what is biased the Bible no he didn't just tell use because I will be a problem because the translations and that there would be some confusion know how to do it on this list it says here that I didn't have class they spend as they would move by the Holy Ghost okay so who spoke against the prophets but the prophet spoke as he was moved by the Holy Ghost okay so anonymous the Defense office of the Bible they go down they spoke it has been written down what they spoke they broke down as they moved by the Holy Ghost of the used their own language on their own understanding of how they were moved by the Holy Ghost but it was still the movement of thought okay it was not a human idea it was a God-given idea but people voted down okay and that is very very nice because Paul he was very very at Wiseman know he was using sophisticated words no he used words like in righteousness by faith and that glorification and sanctification okay if I knew Kristen and I mean this was a safe offices need but but then also he spoke to James S and proficient in the superficial and he only used in opening this was like forgiveness and being caught growing growing bets on the seven Visio he that is the same idea but it isn't different language okay so that we can understand and sometimes you know James he has been compared with understanding him of the truth but Paul he's the most sophisticated expense but the front half of the truth if essential but it has developed okay so first we went mainly funny games because that is not easy and understandings we go to Paul Nancy okay so it's it's it's good for us to know okay let's see here okay this is very very important thing to do is run in the osmosis just twenty nine and verse twenty nine to this business you will hopefully remember this section the fifth twenty nine twenty nine actually sometimes it's twenty eggs are and is this the last if ahead yesterday Anna King James is twenty nine twenty nine okay this is very very important this one comes the hot standby great because Gibbs is the recent for one have the Bible to anybody reads this twenty nine thirty eight if you have an elite unit of Anglo following outline is as low as one long as he salutes salute to leave a certain using this text that two types of things okay there are secret things and there are revealed things okay the secret things and meet new state secret things belong to coincidence go okay that's something that a secret and they belong to God they don't belong to us while we were living scrutiny to us and I thought you okay so even children can understand this okay now why did God reveal things to us according to discuss this very veritable exactly okay so they reveal things a father works they are always practical it has something to do with doing the will of God Casey keeping his cell no we don't kick the law by sitting and thinking about the Cymbalta think about that but he do that all that means to face anything that if this is the reason why things are revealed to us is for us to do them okay so this very important when we started out Bibles we have to search for things that are practical okay because as we miss out if we only talk to study the Bible to be to have had knowledge know how many sons aged I hope this is not one study Bible to the effects it is good to know them because it helps us too often by individuals in our lives Susan Pontifex Rex but it has to become practical to us in the today when we study one thing that is very very important we have to ask the question first with the question what does the text say and the next thing we ask is what does it mean for me okay what is need for my daily life not the Sabbath school site John thought everything but what you mean when I go to school the way I I I think my life what does this was to do with my okay so this is to principles and I think the best we will not go into May we will touch in its nature but let's go on so we can have some practice okay there are three basic tools I hope I can write with his three basic tools how to study the Bible okay and of course you know I'm there young so most of you all in the so these are I'm doing this in all humility I I don't claim to understand everything I listened there very little but I just try to shed a bit about what I had been blessed these are the three basic tools that an had been a blessing to me I would like to share these with you and the first is when you meet this is the best thing to do is to observe you know what that means it needs to look okay he needs to see what dost the worst actually say okay the next thing is to interpret genocide and you know what that is until okay could interpret that means to an kind of samurais are explaining all the words that the verse is saying okay so you press has gotten us a cheerful giver then my interpretation would be wireless interface would be to get all of our hour at substance is something that busty likes when you cannot locate the okay maybe that was not good I hope you ceiling nothing used to okay so it may be diversified loves a cheerful giver might occasionally be like if something forgot he likes at Schiphol given my cheerful length about why am I not happy my type note I just need an extra money and has been a type but there's no thinking about your own life but how does it we went when the time comes around him in the text will have to find you know that there the smallest money I have part house with me you know kind of feel like talking not ask you a very important question now which of these three things do you think is most important because I think that it's okay I okay nobody things observed what do it I envision is wrong to think this one was the only one noticing this will be raw many make a big mistake in this one will be writes to see if this one is observation is wrong the rest of the law okay it is not because these are on are we have to make sure that our interpretation is correct know the reason why that there are so many judges today is because the observation today have thousands of different denominations thousands of the contractors is because we do not serve what the Bible actually says we try to interpret our own ideas into text to show you the same this from the Bible one of when I think something this and this and we will reach one of us and try to use this tools me know that now and then we'll have a shot break and will cost types if you come back and try again so we have first hits try to go to John chapter twenty one now we would see an example of a situation where people had a wrong observation of Christ worked John took the twenty one and we would read this twenty we come into the story when Peter is talking to Jesus and invest eighteen and invest nineteen Jesus has been telling Peter asked me how he would end his life that he went with the old he would be taken and killed eight and no we come into this twenty something happens then Peter said about season the disciple whom Jesus loved following which I saw a set of which is seen in the training of a subpoena I hear this from Jesus then he sees a disciple coming with the design is John exactly guess because John it was the one that it was the one that that Jesus like this is the Bible and then ask the question this on to our present in the Switzerland pizza seeing him set to Jesus moment and watch of this patent in other words what would happen to this is just told me that I would die with my business I know what happened to him okay and then comes Jesus unsolicited two Jesus said unto him if I will that he carried to icon what is that to the follow thou me okay so what is the answer to the gauge exactly says that Islam is a I told you what you did to your responsibility is to follow me okay and what happens with other people that especially after business okay apply to see what went about what other people 's thought about this okay this leafy and then when this is saying wrought among the brethren that that's disciple should not die yet Jesus said not unto him he shall not die but if I will let you carry to a common at this activity of visitors use it if I choose to this John this month I come again it is not your business okay he set but you have to follow me pizza box what but went around the room along the people upset about that Jesus said I can okay so people know what Jesus said but they didn't when someone says they got been the swing set and then this woman around a lot I want I don't live forever okay I'm the sequence so what do you think happens if they John who died going to want to think things they said about Jesus exactly like Jesus right he said that John would not die until compared to non-Hispanic think we might as well forget about this Jesus that is what I think maybe happens when you see that was a long observation off forty fifth to see how dangerous it is for us not to accept caps what the process okay now this try to look into one of us and try to apply these principles okay we will go to I say I have to fifty eight we might as well start with something that is difficult fifty eight Isaiah fifty eight and I'll actually find you find it quickly I would just ask invites you and maybe some of you but you and you know why I write it you can means any contract observance try to see what the Texas so does this author Isaiah fifty eight note do you know that in the wife he says that we should study this chapter may not choose is very important to first understand a so I would like to understand what copy of your thoughts this is why and how spare not they are by voice like a trumpet trumpet trumpet and show my people their transgression and the house of Jacob 's distance divided by its okay so now he says what this is saying okay and we have to leave it in a way that is difficult to speaking to us okay so we are not reading now to find out whom and what is my father doing wrong according to discuss all that is the checked member of my possibility doing long and consciousness know it's like to read what is going on to tell me okay out of this mess so it fit me with questions okay some some simple questions out of business okay can you give me some simple ideas from this mess of simple aqueous funny okay we should tell people out of essence yet the nation magazine that's right show my people their transgression sedation and elevation for him how they behave when he said it was less terminal will okay yes yes yes and I say having about all things not made in the admission test then we should not what do you say we should not be we cannot hide off a okay issue then we should hide anything because when you cry about and you don't hide it as soon as I say that you which is which of the hideout face will be in an okay and in that sense Becker Max and in case you are acting methods fasteners okay on observations their centralization I will ascend observation would be here I have to cry but because this is a crime is a simple observation okay often we meet me down for the next part of not hiding okay but that that that that the message of Christ is we should cry out okay on the observations we many people in Muslim observations and will will will will will and will and will where is everyone who is in and he and I okay so what this things is whether the same will run because they might be okay just like people okay so we just show is not any people we meet on that on the street because they know what is looking at the Sentinel it says to my people that discretion in the house of Jacob this is the way often they do and it is done in the Old Testament you have the same face twice okay with the same idea but using different words seriously and at least that's how I understood of them out maybe you have a biblical understanding of using my people here in the house of Jacob it's it's it's too was the same thing okay so when you read about half of the date of the new understand that this is actually talking about cost people okay so that definition we didn't have to show is that people are not so easy going on in an impersonator until people the sense then that's good as I was where you will work through the is funny you goes off it has happened this wet items in a time machine this in the sickness but by then when you know that how this often in old except help when using people they read about the Old Testament comes with different things at different deck among us and then you say by this for the Old Testament you know but still the principal behind what the vesting is still applicable foster the understands we doesn't know how to update from today is that neither this message and well no principle in this message can use so who is God 's people today that social contacts S keep the commandments of God and the benefit of Jesus and is only one trip the best that dwelt in a system that distracts as I have any great as my mini think going to the Bible okay so what is really strange okay this is so that God wants us to to route and then points a point fingers and hands we should go without obstacles interesting again and show people a sense and will will will will will is a will is the okay very good so it doesn't say only that we should cry but we should show okay so if if I see you listen to know how can I show you that this is an architect you know it's a sin of you can give her right except exactly okay very very good so you see what we looking at different works and we get things out of this business okay so if I said that about client outfitted with it not that this type to focus now on the beginning exists cries out okay does this have something as him him thinking insight then come out okay everything okay I spam not a hockey spare not what does this mean can any of you explaining what this means you know we have to understand this means we should not be discouraged you are on you and a half okay okay but that is especially what is this webbing standoffs underneath which don't hold back exactly don't hope that they went to FSU don't hold back what does that mean you think the beach I guess that's what you see when God he knows how we are you know because no the Québec okay continue one easy lesson is that this contracts us yes cost but if you trust him this was an easy thing to do if you do this you know just how unnatural feelings congrats assets that don't hold back no it's because you see something critical aspect to me that there was a risk that we will not hold back anything that is because those you know don't hold back do you understand what I mean you know the reason why I detest the something is because there's a danger that it will not do it okay so this cannot be talking about the time when you know when I was a case and my brother he was doing something wrong and in my filing comes in his note is him this essay will hereby know into that kind of showing people listen because I want to show I want to know point fingers this is a situation obviously when we are frightening we went we would like to hope that no we will not relax their window want to show across this one okay Missy Festus is a sense okay now that the sentence and then we would have an actual credit will be lots of different chat with him back to have a hop hopping on a Sunday will go on being in your voice like a trumpet on positioning communist loud and clear on is often used to one okay now all of these ideas that we talk about not now when we when we come up with them we can back them down but we should not accept them as truth no we have to find other places in the Bible where it says that trumpets is a warning sign or a trumpet is loud and clear on this occupation the Caucasus you know don't hold back tell the truth even though you don't want to do with our basement by Wade says no he should show in my people go since you know we need to have more than just one text and why my piano hits to prove all who idea okay so if you want to verify that the trumpet that is a wrong signal we have to go to other places in the Bible I trumpet is a one C okay yes you know is is is is is I guess in a way that will be in an and he is in very good thing about that point yes okay so if you just knew it was again now we'll go to the next mess and put templates okay but I will have a better so if you want integrated to get outside and have some water fresh air and then we'll meet back here in five minutes is okay okay and now we will try to take number two this number to and then you have maybe three five minutes to studies in the Navy talked a lot if you want to talk together and went to my business but like the first visit upset what it says and then talk about different ideas you can get this fixed okay so I will use the time to write under the port so best number two from Isaiah fifty eight zero five to go through it together actually I was thinking you know we did not do that the very important part of Epstein who is number one so even though I've written about maybe in the Bible still and what the personal application of the sun one and only him will him will him and will second at how the Tyson Foods to does a very good principle and the supply even more specifically know this is a good principle but then maybe I had this issue with an with my father know I think sometimes he's doing something wrong note in this very issue okay and that I have to make sure that what's what what he's doing that you know that that the falsity has not gotten on myself felt no menu even more question on such matters of principle but you have to think about it don't get daily life I think you know medicine that actually experience these things in school and church and home it's often the home but the problem is not having good ideas but they don't come into our life because we don't apply them in all okay so I guess how we can apply this missed on one of us dismisses this is then and maybe little strange because the only written on this it's good to reach the versus office to get up at context but this only for principal sake so silly but but but other personal applications you can think off this list this is is is is is is ultrathin through his messengers they are ready are very very good so that's that we only don't think they know me at the other one of his quiet without you asked that they are the people of God needing to be corrected exactly backwards so if I think your clients and make it more and more personal note I would say no the next time I do something wrong and my father or my mother says no don't do it even though they cried out in August is a physical specimen the good point okay other things that I is is is is is is is an is an and is in use as a there is this very very good reputation and you know as was mentioned before the trumpets when you study the competent issue is often used as a sign of warning if you can see in the first year and you have if you want to write down you can write down an AC killed Chapter thirty three missed three Jeremiah six was one of Joe's who is wanting the famous three six on this basis talk about their trumpet as a wine soaked Ysidro thirty three best three Jeremiah six is one Joel two this one and a this thing is six to go when you go home and check if it is correct and it is grace that is a warning you know as you said we tell people about the sins not because been on this and then because we want to save you know the reason why you want people is to say that that's what went when the Bible is correcting us what God is correcting us is not to hurt us to be to be noted to us is to say less is to want us it would be foolish if you see a small child running into the street and the cars coming and you want that child know the time I think you know why is restricting me like the one I want I want to be in this world know you love this time that's why you correct also we want to correct other people it's only because we want to save okay and that will change the way we do it not only speak it we also show it okay not as a song to the next lists I I was critical to all the chapter books or possibly a lifetime but is go through the next this is going to bring some very interesting points and I have touted about so you have any simple observations from the stress looks like everything is fine how this indebtedness will will will will will will will is in her and her him right right everything sounds good here is okay as is Russian okay let's is an international and is and is I guess the lesson is the same questions this year and basically what they see something they like to know my waist and assist us a nation okay it seems to be something face year history that I think is okay it's only the latest phase this is the first time they do but they seek me they okay so these people are they having everything that happened personal devotions everyday no so these people they seem suitable all right okay that was saying something that is the first verse of this site the first work of business website it was a modest blood flow would predict still yes but in the sense it is true if I was criticizing a little box however exactly you see when you have the words however I get a box then it is then contradicting that was before right before the positive and negative stewardesses was one was donated in this one it was negative right because the people they were trespassing they were sitting okay but now you had us now you have something him who is the last unconditional surrender that no something is really wrong because these people listening and talking with this incident that's the something good with these people are needed for this something that is not directly that they should these people they seek everyday okay and this seems like how can be okay so and then you unless anything is no observations over this this is right right six it is not is not something real it's something something missing exactly yes on things that it doesn't have to be something smart something very simple like for instance passive observation would be they liked to know Leslie 's Benitez Canopus raise the initiative is not sin anything they like the life that is to be happy about okay the last but what do they like to know my voice they know it doesn't say say anything about they want to do okay they hit that of the Pharisees they let to know a lot but to practice it wasn't different thing missing needs a complex grant of annoying on this and yes I was going as they do not that you know they like to know this place and they're still transgressing that means they must be conscripting ignorantly but knowingly right okay and will and I will and is and is and he is he is in a in order to write right it would have been okay Nevada's this is me my waist with my thoughts yes we can see that it's on when a student is talking how can we know God 's ways so so these these people they they like to know crossways and that way you know that the way that they would force by NATO Scriptures that they have enough time but this means not to waste with us what can you give me another woods is if I go out to a person and then spend until some you know you have to follow crossways if you understand what I mean what okay so away that is as principal okay yes yes you know it is because they express and the walk of life help it in the Bible and is often talked about you know the way it's that if the principles of cost this is awesome that you know the way you think besides if the principles about life very direct right okay on things so that you may like to know about God 's ways Scott's principles in God 's principles of life yes whether they like to know the items instead of the no actually that's her right so maybe the mid- confidence but they only like it's okay is is a nation that is righteousness and who shall not the ordinances of the cost okay this one is then went on this in case there is an and and and or and will and in a you and what will I need to be in an and you also miss you and you and you exactly which pages you see these people they may have access as you see they know to baby likes to know my waist they had access to the tools to cost principles pay and they is in and they seek him and they had a knife in his principles as they were amazed that the righteousness and eczema darkness of it off okay so they these these people they had access to the truth they know about the truth and they it is the basis of the office of complicated the classic Christian Baptist practices that epoch that is the only church today that has access to the whole truth and that's that doctrines they they don't forsake the ordinance of God was the only church I believe it said that the church know this chapter is talking about the center of the church I believe today the principles in this and this chapter because what do they do also they ask God what do they ask than him the ordinance of justice what is that will him exactly what loss of status when it is that he's going to make justice units twenty on the bed this adjustment yes they just work well that this is only my interpretation unless you are not really gone against what this means I think this means that you have to be very careful what you did here I think but I think this means is that bonds of justice that could be there that could be when Jesus to make justice is a visually justice that is the second coming is when he started the investigative judgment in Asian football is still out as we sit here it's going on in heaven but when that ends that he will come down and then he will consist of love with Satan but he will come to take those that wait for him and then he would make justice in a you know you have the power to him in that in Matthew with it the weekend the task will not together and then the Angels they say should Reno take up a recent is no way unto the end of the world and then you can separate so the time was when they will be justice in this that is when a second but on this on my ideas agency and this would also indicate that this facet that since that is just because we are discrete waiting for the second coming okay now I think that Mia is as they had been approaching for the best thing is to not leave that is not the noted that he is the same as they are living as an is okay yes well they said that they taken in approaching the bucket us let's say it's true it doesn't say that they do approach so it are such that they they they they like the idea to do it she so can you see actually I'm there on about how unhappy the current one because this is only normally read this will the problems we have and send them just don't have the solutions and Susan 's rooms the rest of the chapter so you can see yet we essence ethicists which would have this problem maybe maybe some of us have the problem no we greet me like the ideas about the truth that have lots it has come into practice and how nice we got to know their ways and it is the definitive fake about us because we we are a nation that did this and this and this great within this that they often comes with a solution because if you read first we meet with himself but if you read first three and four then they would have a conversation between God and his people the people on Scottsdale diocese that we do ever since we found in a week and fit ourselves and white why is it that we all experience is not real we have focused tools but I stress not real and unpleasant and he says this is why is this with me and says behold this is what I can behold in the Daniel fast if I pleasure exactly enables them they would haven't exercised in us nothing for the next session we can discover the problems and I hope that this is the together was Elizabeth helpful and and as I says if a if they are and and questions you can come to me I often an advantage on this document you can also come to me and then I will talk to the copy of the bequest best said Guy comments maybe a sense of different ones so as thank you unless you have physical this media was not as mind-body as the website dedicated to spreading God 's word to read sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain is www. audio tours .org


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