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Seeing Patients through Jesus' Eyes, Part 3

Mark Finley


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • October 15, 2005
    7:00 PM
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my topic tonight is a healing and obedience number of years and I privilege of working at the Wildwood medical missionary Institute and often I would travel up into the hills of Georgia and give Bible studies no doubt in that part of the world we call those narrow valleys hollers and so we go back and these collars and then find that families would take Bible studies and it would lead the students with your Bible studies I was studying the Bible in a very primitive log cabin on one occasion at a dirt floor no running water and outhouse on the back and as I study with the family a man walked in was smoking a big cigar the first words out of his mouth work phrase taught unhealed each dish phrase God unhealed touch while the big cigar man I said what are you healed of big cigar man is that I'm healed of cancer I said tell me the story is about six months ago I went to my primary care physician and he x-rayed my lungs and discovered that I had a spot of my lungs in that spot was malignant and I went back to them today six months later they x-rayed me again and now there's no spot on my lungs and healed I was young in those days not quite as diplomatic as I am today and I look to the big cigar man I said weeks ago Army what about that big cigar and he said to me young man it makes no difference if you smoke being cigars as long as you have faith because if you have enough faith it will turn back all those poisons in the big cigars and the police I talked to was the big cigar man right or wrong how strong visual is it strong enough to smoke a big cigar and not get cancer what is faith what is faith I like you take your Bible and turn to Hebrews eleven feet is so important in fact it's so important that Jesus said in the gospel of Luke on our way to Hebrews eleven Jesus said when the Son of Man comes will he find faith on our evidently before Jesus comes fateful being very very short supply what is faith Hebrews the eleventh chapter we begin with verse one Hebrews eleven verse one now faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen but Edwards saw the stance is an interesting word son we no sub Marine not the same much but submarine it's a boat that goes under the state suffers under Marine of course as it would see life subterranean Iranian earth subassembly is under the earth that subterranean subterfuge and when you undermine the plans of another that subterfuge of so soft is something that under and stand is something that stands it's its firm it doesn't move its immovable so faith is that which stands under everything else in your life faith is that you movable quality that anchors you to God faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen faith stands up under everything else in my Christian life when I seems down and down seems up faith is the other that is that God is good article was everything to turn out right in the end state is the absolute confidence of the matter what happens to me God is much bigger than what's going on in my life faith is trusting God faith is trusting God when the days are good when the days are bad faith is trusting God when I have joy when I have sorrow faith is trusting God when I can laugh from what I'm crying faith is trusting God when I'm sick and when I'm well faith is trusting God is a friend well-known knowing they'll never do me any harm or wrong no Hebrews Chapter 11 begins to give you illustrations of faith now be prepared for some surprises when I began to mine the depths of Hebrews Chapter 11 change my own thinking regarding faith I've read this chapter hundreds and hundreds of times but God began to bless my mind with some new insights we go to Hebrews Chapter 11 verse four by faith Abel offered to God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain through which he obtained witness that he was righteous God testifying of his gifts and though through with being dead still speaks able 's faith was so good that he got until isn't it curious that the first example of faith that we have in Hebrews eleven is not one who was healed but one guy if he is able did not have faith he would have lived with since he had faith he died if able would have brought an offering like his brother came of fruits and an offering of grain he would have lived so disobedience would've caused them to live the faith caused him to die so the idea that if you have enough faith you going to be healed is contrary he was eleven because the first example of faith is not one that lives its one dice that even a second example of faith verse five by thinking it was translates the Nazi death are really unenthused Ingle has stated that he dies intestate than he lives whose faith was greater able to remix whose faith was greater able to remix Abell has faith and he dies needed to save any lives we go on you look there now at verse seven by faith Noah being divinely warned of things not yet seen move with godly fear prepared an ark for the saving of his household by which he condemned the world and became heir of righteousness which is according to faith Noah has so much faith that when everything around and tells him to go these days he works for a hundred and twenty years to build an ark Noah's faith is so good that he will not move although is enticed to do it and he stays on the specific task that God assigns in because he knows that running from God 's task to greener pastures is not faith that's really presumption we stays right where he is on the tacit guy David Broderick twenty years but the next one says verse eight by faith Abraham obeyed when he was going to go out to a place which he would afterward receive his inheritance by faith Noah stays by faith Abraham those are really confused by faith Abel Theisen by faith unique lives by faith Noah stays by faith Abraham goats down to verse eleven by faith Sarah herself also receive strength it is easy how old was Sarah when she conceived out what you ninety via don't take that if you don't think that states try she can see is when she is ended by saying and receives a child of promise by faith the same child of promise she received by faith according to the verse seventeen by faith Abraham offered up Isaac God gave a child by faith and she nurtured that child and watch that trout job growing Jesus the same child it was given by faith she had to give up by faith is is it easier to bit is it harder to bear a job by faith or give up a job I think doesn't it seem a contradiction but the child of promise that would come by faith to Sarah Abraham was told to give up that child into God 's hands by faith by faith Abel dies and by faith and lives and by faith Noah stays works are hundred twenty years of the same task content to keep banging nails when there is no evidence that there is a flood simply because God told him to do it so we didn't and by faith Abraham was called to go out to a landing and nothing about when out and by faith Sara receives a child and by faith Abraham walks up that long mountain that morning and trust God when he takes the knife to slay the child this is very confusing chapter but there is a golden thread that shines through it it illustrates what true faith is all about as we continue to get down to the chapter there is one called Joseph in Hebrews eleven verse twenty two by faith Joseph when he was dying made mention of the departure of the children of Israel and gave instructions concerning his bones what do you know about Joseph by faith Joseph was sent into Egypt government dysfunctional family that was Joseph family sibling rivalry it has all the illustrations of dysfunction jealousy pride Joseph is sold into Egyptian bondage and he goes from them it the prison the palace and he becomes one of the most wealthy under Farrell in the world by faith Joseph using trusted with wealth any rules of a nation but the next illustration is Moses by faith Moses when he was born within three months by his parents verse twenty four by faith Moses when he became of age refused to be called the son of Pharaoh 's daughter choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God and to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season steaming the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures in Egypt we look forward what he foresaw future by faith Joseph becomes a very rich man in Egypt and by faith Moses becomes a poor man believes Egypt now I'm really confused about this chapter because my faith Abel dies by faith in accordance and by faith Noah stays and by faith Abraham those by faith Sarah conceives and I think they render the Punjab province by faith Joseph becomes a wealthy man prestigious in each and by faith Moses leaves Egypt and a PhD her institution of the desert is one man said one friend of printer friend of mine said that was the most expensive wool in the history of the world that you don't use one who has gained a PhD and spent all that money for PhD the University of Egypt or heard shape it will by faith Joseph becomes rich prestigious and because by faith Moses becomes poor and I know but look at this sin this is where the lights began to go on in my mind as I studied this chapter Hebrews chapter eleven verse twenty four it says I think they quenched the violence of fire escapes the edge of the sword of anyone imagine here these warranties of faith were in battle and somebody came up to them with the sun they sang a shimmering off the razor-sharp edge of the sword and when that individual came with the sword to slay them and Angel held the hands of the slayer and the sword trembled in their hands and drop by faith they escaped the edge of the sword when you let your eyes drop down the verse thirty seven you get more confused because it says they were stoned they were someone in sundry into they were tempted they were slain with the sword verse thirty four these people were protected from the razor edge of the sword in verse thirty seven hours line with a sore doesn't take more faith to be killed with the sword slaying with so what is Hebrews eleven all about God gave us Hebrews eleven to show us the faith is not telling God what I believe I want him to do and believing he's learned that the circumstances of life may vary but the constancy 's trust in God by Gabriel Jaime Dyer like in our name with like no I may stay on the task that God has given me never move and be faithful or like Abraham and to be called to go out from that place someplace else like Sarah I make when they are in emergency by Sarah my wife may conceive like Abraham I may have to give up by Joseph I may have times been well unlike Moses at times it may wander in the destitute poor my life may be slain with the sword of my life may be protected from the sword what is faith faith is falling on my knees weeping my eyes out because I don't know what's going on in my life but still trust in God faith is knowing that he loves me that he cares for me and my life is in his hands and the nothing that happens to me and take me out of his hands how do you apply that faith a person would start how you apply that faith in a medical practice does God still works miracles today in medical practice and should you expect when the limits of said when science reaches its limits will Christians by believing and trusting God release the divine undercoat in hand of God and can we expect the same miracles today are miracles a thing of the past should we expect miraculous cures today no obviously those miraculous cures can occur in a variety of ways God can use modern medicine for miraculous cure God can use natural remedies for dry goods store what should we expect supernatural results that are incredibly unbelievable do we say when a patient is dying because we don't have this quality of inner trust in God and because at times we might be frightened to put our lives on the line with God well whatever God 's will is for the patient that could happen and they may labor they may die and that may be God 's will how do you balance this trust in God this bedrock faith how do you balance that with with with miracles should you expect miracles shouldn't you how you balance trusting God in depending on his will when you anoint somebody and then pray what future will heal this person and the person 's not here you won't must thought them and God will heal me therefore it must be God 's will but I'm sick and therefore must be God 's will that I have cancer therefore it must be God 's will that I suffer how do you balance all this where is the balance between this absolute trust in God my Gable and being willing to die our trust in God like you need to be willing to live how do you balance all this where is there a rational approach to healing your people back in early Adventist history there were miraculous feelings you remember the story of Hiram Edson told you pioneer stories retold it's a wonderful book to read to your children pioneer stories retold the story is told Hiram Edson eighteen fifty nine and Ensign is in his home one day it's a chilly winter evening and he's put one in the fireplace he's impressed go heal your sick neighbor and Hiram king in fact who were present at Hyrum dear sick labor styles I'm calling you to go in there and he and in any an instrument of healing so it's night Hiram Edson slogs of the spelling of the word with the neighbors I'll show those they had electric like to flip on in those days to even have locks on the doors everybody knew one another in these small villages of Hiram Edson goes into the sick neighbor 's house he comes through the door and as he comes through the door and all the lights right everybody's asleep he walks into his seat neighbors Ruby takes in by the handshakes and a little Brittany says sick neighbor rise up and be healed I don't know what happened the spirit I worked in an unusual way the sick member Rosa woke up our beds and said again sick neighbor by the grace of God rise up and revealed the man Rosa the fever left him broke he was healed that night instantaneously his family gathered around it it's a marvelous story plaintiff stories reveal you can read it may his family gathers around and what's happened they all rejoice and praise God the next day this is our shopping wounded by the side of the road and the doctor comes by any sees the man that was near death the day before in the house and what are you doing out here and said I'm healed doctors is a man's as IDL Pirates and about right for me a resin component nights of command to the testimony service of the church and then give a testimony there was a revival in the church may have meetings every night in the church and prayed for three weeks praising God where those miracles today do we see them happen should we expect them to happen will they always one thing for certain that he is as you read the New Testament when you look at the commission that Jesus gave to his disciples he sent them forth with unusual healing power you look for example in Matthew chapter ten Matthew chapter ten verse one Jesus sent he is disciples forth with unusual healing power and when he had called his twelve disciples to him he gave them power over unclean spirits to cast them out to heal all kinds of sickness and all kinds of disease you notice the Scripture says that when Jesus sent out his disciples they were to cast out demons mental illnesses said depression discouragement through prayer and faith they would heal all kinds of sickness is all kinds of disease was that commission only for the disciples than Orchard medical missionaries expect God to work miracles today how do you plan this thing is trust in God with this ministry of healing page two twenty six Ellen White once the Lords promise they shall lay hands on the sick and be healed in Mark sixteen verse eighteen this is what she says the Lord 's prophets they shall lay hands on the sick and don't recover network sixteen eighteen is just as trustworthy now as in the days the apostles it represents the privilege of God 's children in our faith should lay hold on all embraces Christ servants are the channel of his working and through them he desires exercises healing power I struggle with these promises and I've said to myself where is there balanced rational approach that says I can trust God in sickness and I can trust God in him while at the same time I believe God for you honey but those things at humor struggle with the zinc of issues have you ever wondered why the church seems to be so powerless in the face of sick but even as we use so many rational approaches that so many of God 's people still die and never come to the conclusion of this must be God 's will the data is it really is this the best we can offer there some studies have been doing recently than helpful to me and I will share them with you if you have your Bible and like you to take it in turn to James chapter five because there are a number of significant questions that confront God 's people today does God still heal the sick today why does God heal some people and not others arguing something of the past what role does faith play in miraculous healing if you have enough faith we'll always be healed to the devil heal the sick if you cannot then you tell the difference between divine healings and satanic you what relationship does divine healing have obedience the natural law what role does the anointing service play in healing and harass those kind of questions yourself the questions I think that every medical missionary position in every preacher who's serious about Scripture struggles with we may not have all the answers to every question this is one of those infinite subjects that we continue to study and like to point you in a direction tonight that at least in this creature 's mind makes sense is made a significant difference in IQ take your Bible and study James chapter five with me because I believe in the embryonic fat in Italy in embryo in James chapter five when you take it word by word phrase by phrase and you you give an exposition of James five billion points you in the right direction to answer these questions it may not answer them all but it does provide reasonable answers James chapter five and we begin our study with James chapter five looking there at verse fourteen is anyone sick among you let him call for the elders of the church let them pray over him anointing with oil in the name of the Lord that we begin let him call for the elders of the church of here is God 's modern-day prescription that is a million sales from the cheap imitation that we see the popular healing services of our oneness study with you tonight is a million miles from the only spirit that I want is the spirit that comes from the sanctuary that flows from healing grace and God 's people there may be another spirit that can make people sick and withdraw his hand and claim that they are healed I'm not interested in that spirit et al. an understanding of James five the principles of the study tonight gives you one contrast between true and false healing that is remarkable where do you find the initiative in verse fourteen is it on the one who is the channel of God 's grace for healing reason upon the one who is to be healed where do you find the initiative what does it say let what him call for the elders of the church this is vital this picture is not of a supposed healer in a mass meeting points out the disease of some individual this is rather the spirit of God coming upon somebody who is sick now why is the initiative on the one to be healed rather than the one who is the channel of God 's grace because God respect you and for God respects the freedom of will and just like the Romans which is whoever calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved here this person technology it's under the influence of the Spirit that they need sale this person acknowledges with all of the freedom of the choice that God has given them that they cannot heal themselves this person calls for the elders of the church as a recognition that they are hopeless and they are helpless unless God does some so this initiative is on the part of the believer who reaches out to God who grasped the hand of the living God a crisis in their life secondly this is not a public service it is a private one is a service in which the arena of God 's grace works in a humble private way let him call for the elders of the church it says let them pray over him anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord not like you to think with me and meditate with me upon the different symbols of the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament what those symbols is rain the Bible talks about in the day of the latter rain so water is a symbol of the spirit can you think of some other symbols of the Spirit in the Old Testament fire is a symbol of the spirit water and fire why does God use audio here if you understand the oil and why oil is used in the anointing service why not want why not bring a candle next to the person as a symbol of the Holy Spirit why oil while what kind of oil olive oil wine have you ever been to Israel and you have seen the olive presses large stones often this thick this round over much much rather than this and the islands were taken and placed between two stones in the stones were turned and as the oil was on the olive was the olive oil lowdown with his stripes we are healed Jesus was bruised in crushed him across like the Olive was crushed between the stones the only source of healing comes from the divine grace of Jesus Christ there is no power in us there is no strength in us as his life was crushed out or us he is from him there flows the grace of healing but there are three great meanings of olive oil in the Old Testament when I have been probing the depths of this passage when I'm called to anoint somebody now I spend time like I'm with you studying the meaning of olive oil I've seen God 's wonderful things were wonderful things we study olive oil water olive oil other three uses of olive oil in the Old Testament the first you'll find is in Exodus twenty nine verse seven the first use of olive oil in the Old Testament is for the consecration of the Greeks the consecration of the priest you'll find that in Exodus twenty nine the sanctuary is built let them make me a sanctuary that I might dwell among them now in the Old Testament you find that the sanctuary is the dwelling place for God in the New Testament your bodies are a what temple of the Holy Spirit so in the Old Testament where the sanctuary was a physical dwelling place today our bodies are that sanctuary that temple of God and here in just as the Old Testament sanctuary was anointed with oil salt oil is a symbol of consecration that my body is set aside for his purposes that's why we were going to a boil because of the symbol of the consecration of the believer to the purpose and will of God the Old Testament sanctuary was set aside by its consecration with oil for the purpose will of God so one week we anoint with oil we are anointing the person 's body and they are being consecrated to the service of God and to glorify his name so we look they are it for example Exodus twenty nine verse seven you shall take the anointing oil and pour it on his head and anoint so the priest is being anointed when the sanctuaries being consecrated so when an individual is sick they call the elders of the church and we come and anoint with olive oil the protein whose body of Christ the oil of his grace is poured out and we set aside that sick person to the glory of his hey so we do not write you finish your Wilmore Neil we pray what if you see your blah radio there is a difference it is always God 's will as I will show you but it may not always be for his so what we are creating is born if it is to your quarry if these two o'clock it is your glory this lovely to be raised up from the same bed right now more rays and to the glory of your name it is your glory you see for the believer the will of God is never the only thing that is in doubt is the moment of the I never pray what it sure will feel this person because I know it's his will now I don't know two things I don't know one whether it's to his glory for them to be your right now and to I'm not wise enough so I don't know the timing of neither do I know the method of the it may be that the person be healed the music it may be that he'll be healed gradually over time or it may be that we healed in the resurrection so what I praise Lord I know she will heal this person I'm not sure when and if it is to your glory to heal them now she often a visual glory to help them to trust you witness to some doctors nurses and other loved ones in your video gradually doing that it is your glory to allow them to go to sleep and heal them of the resurrection but I know your will is never sickness I know your will is never suffering and never paying for your children I know that not one sparrow falls from heaven without your digging notice I know that you weep even when the leaves fall off the trees and the fruit because it represents I know you mean when a sparrow falls I know you weep every hungry child and I know you remove the sickness of Islam Lord the only thing I'm not sure if it is what is your primary glory right weather like able they will die in faith or liking they will live on not sure that Lord because I'm not wise enough when I was a little boy I wanted a bicycle that got me one for Christmas it in the closet all I looked occasionally and oh how I wanted that bicycle before Christmas all I wanted before Christmas you know I can imagine myself writing it there were times I almost went down and jumped on it into the right night but my father was much wiser than I knew that I would miss a great deal of joy fighting them down on Christmas morning and see that bike leaning against the wall by the Christmas tree he knew that that would be my famous Christmas I'm a little child I want the loved ones that I pray for the instantly healed but I don't know if it's for his glory or not but I trust my heavenly father like a little child and I believe that when it is for his best score you will accomplish his nest will and if it is his for his best glory before the whole universe but he raises the dead in ten thousand times ten thousand right of the tomb like that is a panoply of glory before the universe I'm okay with that offense as well I'm okay with that I don't know when is God 's best glory but I know it's his will to heal neither do I know the method he would use he may use he may use the method instantaneously supernatural healing may use the method of natural remedies you may use water treatments and I not only as preventive medicine but is therapeutically made what he may have some discovery of modern medicine that uses that you are outside he may have you instantly you may heal gradually remain you and resurrection but I know it is it is his will so when we anoint the individual calls we it's a private service we placed oil on their heads symbolizing consecration and just as the priest was set aside for God 's wheel so we set aside their body or just as the priest was set aside for God 's glory we set aside their body forgot score and as I anoint them I say to them as I place this olive oil upon your head is a symbol that deep within your mind we don't put the olive oil on your farm and we don't put it on your elbow we put it on your four head as a symbol in your mind that you want to glorify God is that the goal of your life to glorify God is that the goal of your life to please God the priest was set aside with the oil as a single of bringing glory to God and others a second thing about this oil is fascinating to me can you think of a time in the New Testament when oil was used what was using it hasn't even begun when New Testament oil was used there was a man that was beaten up on the Samaritan ride on the latest American army on the on the Jericho Road I traveled your corrode more than once you're still a road of rough turns and sharp curves today in fact I often when I take tour groups to Israel used to do it regularly today it's a little less but I was in the Galilee we can down along the Jordan River along the Jordanian border and you cut up you get down to Jericho and you want to Jerusalem when you go to Jerusalem he left the road is about twenty miles when one miles and you go up thirty six hundred feet in twenty one miles in the fifth century the Jericho road was called the bloody way by Jerome and that a traveler was less broken bruised and bloody along that road and along came the good Samaritan event over the Bible says he put oil in his will why did he do that because oil is always a symbol of rest for range oil is a huge symbol in the Bible to symbol restoration so I know you have oil first I explained the person I'm anointing that we put oil on the four head just as the priest was set aside we set them aside for the glory of God secondly I explained to them that oil is a symbol of restoration incomplete healing oil represents in the Bible the totality of healing physically mentally and spiritually it represents in Zechariah chapter four the whale coming through the pipes represents the spirit of God that produces completeness and holiness in totality in the life physically mentally and spiritually so I put the oil and therefore have I explained to them that what we are really doing is saying Lord I want to be healed not only of my physical illness but I want to be healed deep in the recesses of my mind from bitterness or anger from resentment from deal the oil symbolizes physical mental and emotional healing take your concordance and study oil for the Old Testament New Testament you'll discover that has a threefold simple the first symbol is consecration the second symbol is healing if healing is the totality of the healed my recently at an ASI convention I was called to anoint a woman her husband was there for three children whether they were a adult children should been diagnosed with melanoma the doctors had given her six months to live we read James the fifth chapter we talked about consecration the oil of consecration we talked about the glory of God we talked about the fact that we don't know the timing of God 's healing the instant it could be graduate could be immediate we talked as well about the oil of healing rest or range and before we anointed that woman I looked at the group and I said now is there anything you want to share together we talked about being healed inside is there any healing that needs to take place here tonight the man spoke up and sit on the Seventh-day Adventist and officer in my church but I'm not a Christian at home and began to cry he looked at his wife and said I've really let her down I haven't let out in family worship I haven't let up where I'm just Adventist and name but I'm not a committed Christian but tonight I want the oil of God 's grace to heal all my bitterness and anger inside it will be one of God 's grace to make me the man God wants me to be withheld from his arms around his wife and he said I am so sorry for not being the priest of the household I should so sorry for not being a godly husband to you what should've been she put her arms around him and knelt there as we anointed her with oil symbolizing the total healing that God wants to give to her and family we get up off our knees we prayed six months later I got a letter visit you are going to believe this we went home and my wife was miraculous when time has gone on and as far as we know there is no evidence of that cancer at that same ASI meeting I anointed another in that instance we talked about healing we talked about the fact that God may not always healed instantly it may be gradually written resurrection we had a precious precious I sense the moving of the spirit of God in that room I sensed the grace of God room couple weeks later I get the letter that she was back in the hospital in a few months later got word that she died did God work any less in the second meeting we did in the first that depends on your theology it depends on whether you understand right did I have any less faith in the second inning that the first none at all in one instance God shows to manifest his hand to bring glory to his name in the other instance God equally received call because the woman who died died trusting and believing in God would raise her from swap all spectacular sensational manifestations of feelings are shared because what they do is they demand that God conform to my window and they put God to the test based on what I believe I think God should do and they fail to minister to the heart mind and soul to produce the inner healing and only Jesus can you don't see this kind of Bible study in the suit proficient reality of our age in public he would ask this takes place one on one when heart needs hard in mind needs mind admitting women are placed in the hands of the living God there are three aspects of this oil the first aspect of this oil is consecration the second is restoration third aspect of the oil when the mother oil in the New Testament Jesus told a parable about oil what was it virgins what didn't I have because they didn't have oil what did not happen their lamps were not with oil as a symbol of illumination or witness what was a symbol of consecration oil is a symbol of restoration oils assembled with someone the anointed with oil we say to the person the reason we use a wireless work your your consecrated the glory of God the reasoning is all I'll is because can't long for a restoration physically mentally spiritually sink reasons because God wants you to feel sickness or he once shared his aluminate inquiries through your you can be a witness to others you can be a light to the world even in Singh 's and I have seen person after person give glory to God anyone who illuminate entire fool of physicians and nurses who have been attending to I have seen time after time is administered to the circuit with anointed people got hasn't chosen to yield him initially but God has allowed that the oil of his grace to illuminate the mind of a as a wife a son and daughter who has been drawing closer to Christ even you have to what is anointed anointing is a service of consecration to the glory of God was anointing and drinking as a serves of restoration physically mentally spiritually into the image of Christ what is anointed it's a surface where we dedicate ourselves to witness for Christ in every aspect of life illumination but we do back to the text and James chapter five figure by the police inside as we mind that text tonight you will be called to anoint as a physician as you come equipped with James chapter five people over the aspects of consecration restoration and illumination you will see the spirit of God work in a mighty powerful way in that's a group sometimes you will see miraculous feelings other times you will not but in each instance you will see the grace of God manifest James chapter five or sixty verse fifteen and the prayer of faith verse fourteen and fifteen is anyone sick among you let him initiative on the person call the elders which are let them pray over him anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord now when you read the phrase in the name of the Lord you take every reference in the Old Testament ever rest of the New Testament and you trace it to run the name of award-winning fine name of the Lord Exodus we find in the name of the Lord that his name pass before me you remember that passage in Exodus whereas it let's go to Exodus is taking a vibratory decks this was the end of the book of Exodus what is it about Exodus thirty three and that area let's see if were stopping in the right chapter if or not please help me access name of the Lord yet here is that this chapter thirty three what word is associated in the Bible with the name of the Lord Exodus show thirty three verse eighteen and he said please now show me your what chlorine things that I will make all my goodness pass before you and I will proclaim the name of the Lord is an show me your glory that is that I will proclaim my what name the glory of God the name of God and the character of God Ro related by Revelation chapter eighteen I saw another angel down minute and the earth was filled with his glory field with his name filled with his character so when you anoint with oil in the name of the Lord what you are really saying is we are consecrating you as a priest of God most high we are consecrating you to be restored physically mentally and spiritually so that you can illuminate the world with your witness for one purpose so the name of God will be proclaimed in all your for his glory through your character actually nothing is about is proclaiming the glory of God by declaring his name as good for the character of the one who is this is a million miles from the cheap sentimental selfishness of the world that says Lord heal me or you're not coming through I can trust you two million miles from that this is saying I'm offering of my body as a living sacrifice I know your will is not for me to be sick is to be well but awarded for some reason in the conflict between good and evil I can bring glory to you in whatever state I am under the trust you would never give up if I can bring glory to you in some way through this experience now Lord I sure hope that your will to heal me instantly it may be or will he only gradually it made you are William and resurrection whatever your willingness but the name of the Lord be glorified a number of years ago eighteen fifty seven Pop Warner was an extremely wealthy and well to do businessman in the Midwest of America during that time women did not have much opportunity to have an education in the United States but his two daughters of the best education possible they got incredibly good education Susan their mom had died in their early life and so Pop Warner football 's emphasis on his girls all his emphasis on and as he did he got the best education eighteen fifty seven comes along he's very wealthy but not no poverty or sacrifice of all their life but they were committed Christians eighteen fifty seven it was a Great Depression in the United States pop Warner lost all his fortune everything became so uptight so nervous so anxious that he eventually died of physical mental and emotional exhaustion left his two girls alone in their late twenties they needed to find a way to support themselves and they began to write and they wrote many many books that were best sellers in America one of the books they wrote by the Warner sisters was wide wide world was a bestseller in the late in the mid- eighteen hundreds one of the books they wrote was a book called saying MCL say and seal and in that book there's a little boy 's name is Johnny facts and Johnny fax is dying is not his bedside he's got this fever perspiration beads of perspiration are standing on a giant back to space and dies a little boy nine ten years old and I see Stein Mister Lightner was the key character in the book comes over six by Johnny faxes the little boy looks up into Mister likeness eyes and he wants to hope in some courage he wants some word Mister Wagner looks down he takes the boys hand there's a tear in the old man's eye because he knows the little boys and I and Mister Lightner begins to recite a poem and Anna and Susan Warner right up home for the book that they put in the mouth of Mister Lightner and he recites the poem to this little dying boy it's a child's pope it goes like this Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so little ones to him belong they are weak Johnny facts but he is strong yes Jesus loves me yes Jesus loves yes Jesus loves me the Bible tells me so Jesus loves me loves Mace tail though I am very weak and ill that I might from soon be free but it died upon the tree Jesus loves me he who died heavens gate to open wide he will wash away my sin with his little child coming Jesus loves me he will stay close beside me all the way thou hast bled and died for me I will henceforth live yes Jesus loves me yes Jesus loves those are the last words that Johnny facts theories and eyes and hands with Mister I would rather know that Jesus loves me and trusting in God and be healed by the devil with the most important thing for that patient wavering between life and death is not physical it is to know Jesus as the line we and you don't Jesus loves in these last days of Earth 's history we can expect miraculous healing but we can also expect that some of our patients are going to go but we can know for certain God 's love is with us as much in the miraculous healing of the page as well as the death and we can place them in the hands of a loving God who will one day resurrect them to see his glory for one thing is for certain for me and for you the most important thing in life is to take those patients and put them in the hands of a loving God have you been inspired to do that this naming convention have you felt you are the storing of your heart have you since that your mission in life is far more than merely good free physical symptoms have you sent that he worked to lift your patients into the hands of a loving God would you like to respond to God 's grace and God 's goodness in one sentence you limit yourself to one sentence I'd like you would want to sentence the stand up and say this is what God impressed me with during this weekend and this is what I'm than I do when I go home one sentence can you do that I'm a pre- driving with one sentence that's what the Lord work in our hearts tonight will in one of those old-fashioned testimony services we don't talk about what God did twenty years ago in our life or how we would convert it for twenty eight minutes and we stand up in one sentence a positive moving on my heart during this particular period of time but since the story of his spirit and this is how little in terms of this and this is limited Michael what is this weekend and taking what's God doing in your life house God moving the time is yours your witness will be a blessing to somebody else is standing to the testimony for Jesus


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