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When Stones Cry Out

Justin Torossian



  • April 6, 2013
    10:00 AM
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before we begin this morning I like to invite the turn in your Bibles with me to jot the twelve Johns chapter twelve I like to direct your attention to verse twenty seven John Chapter twelve verse twenty seven here Jesus said now is my soul troubled and what shall I say father save me from this hour but for this cause came I unto this hour than he father glorify ninety one says banking their own voice from heaven saying I have both glorified it and will glorify it again the people therefore listed lionhearted send it under others said an angel spake their own Anthony was in place the Godspeed from heaven or was better off under one thing happen but the difference was not in the thing that happens to difference was in the hearts and minds in the ears of those who are the Bible so that spiritual things are spiritually discerned in order to understand the word of God we must have the help of the Holy Spirit inspired the lines together for WordPress our father in heaven become before you this morning asking for the help of the Holy Spirit we ask that we have to even fill a gift of self and the prayer of John the Baptist and I've reversed there is our own prayer we must decrease as Christ must increase the refrain that has we made some horrible tunes from your work this morning that you will open our hearts and minds the one you have to save lives any as you call us to decision we pray that we will respond with joy and recognizing that it is a privilege to serve you to be your children they did the promise of your presence we ask in Jesus and I was about thirteen or fourteen years old and I were at a local flea market local salami and we were perusing through some as old and looking for something of value my my dad spotted an old rolled out run up against the dresser a walking over to the run it might not examine hidden and looked at the back of it to see in what quality was yes the man who was selling all the things he said he asking for this run and unite militant Islamism well asking for twenty five dollars but underneath you for twenty my dad and did it again somewhat disinterestedly and said dollars for the Mac is not forgetting for my guys okay and we certainly were walking away from that overlap from that is all on you for fifteen dollars to sixteen dollars and it's yours elevated again you said about twelve dollars the man said I find taking a short while I got hit in the money and we said our carpet with us later that we should weep that is a local drug dealer who appraise it for us and our surprise mostly my surprise the run that we can pay twelve dollars for with literally worth over one hundred times only in it for I recognize the value of this broad and this man is a genuine handmade Persian run as for those of you who know anything about rhymes to tell you a little bit version arrives often often are worth not just thousands of dollars and hundreds of thousands of dollars but sometimes even in the millions of dollars the reason of Persian risers allow people is because these handmade rhymes actually get more valuable and better the more you want on you see the more you walk on a Persian Iran the more the artist intended design comes out the brighter the color is actually become and therefore the more you using the more beauty you see any because my dad recognized the quality of what this man hath we received this beautiful gift dispersion run and Sunday it was to this loss that she did not realize what he know one person can hold volume of thousands and even sometimes millions of dollars nearly every Seventh-day Adventist person has something in our homes were infinitely more than any Persian rug or any riches of this world has to offer and that is the gist of the writings of the spirit of prophecy God 's messages to the world through a woman named Lindsay why they similarly to those relatively easy this gift is better with age and the more that we read and familiarize ourselves with the plan of salvation of the Lord has made clear the more beautiful in design and saving mankind becomes the clearer and more beautiful the master artist design actually pecans and appears to us the question is this morning you will recognize the value of the gift that I am giving you this is a question that God is asking the mother and wife spotted this morning Alisa tries to leg just how many not exist are actually discovering the incredible volume of the gift of prophecy and the writings of grandma Ellen you know even in this time when many unfortunately in our church do not recognize this beautiful gift and the value message is a God in many advantages are coming to value the writings of Mrs. Ellen G White now before we dive into some of the stories of these individuals is given glowing accolades on cellulite in her writings I want just a common misunderstanding about the Seventh-day Adventist church one of the most common misunderstandings about this church is that we hold our white writings to be additional Bible for the answer this has always been and will ever be no seventh Adventist church does not hold the writings of Ellen White to be an additional Bible or books without which you cannot be saved in fact every single one of our doctrines in face on the foundation of God 's holy word we as a people have found it or the Lord 's rate is raised us up to stand and the Protestant reformers it also less kids who run in a libel in the Bible only in fact listen to what one of our church founders James White had to say back in eighteen forty seven in the book that he published a word to the little flock on page thirteen he says the Bible is all perfect and complete revelation it is our only rule of faith and practice but this is no reason why God may not show us the past present and future fulfillment of his word in the last based in visions according to Peter 's testimony true visions of argument to lead us to God and his written word of those that are given for a new rule of faith and practice separate from the Bible cannot be from not and must be rejected listen to this also let Ellen White herself had to say about her writing in eighteen fifty one should take these words in her first publication in defining the early writings page seventy eight is that I recommend to you dear reader the word of God as the rule of your faith and practice bypass where we are to be judged Galahad and were promised to give visions in the last days not for a known rule of faith but for the comfort of his people hence the correct of those who dare from my trip easy as mentioned by both James and our life in order to follow solicitors who wrote the Bible and the Bible only we must acknowledge that a genuine gift of prophecy would be existing in the last name exact term in the second Chronicles twenty first twenty second Chronicles twenty first twenty and easy way to remember this verse is that twenty twenty vision is the beneficiary to write one the second drawer yes second Chronicles five three verse twenty about profits and the gift of prophecy that the Bible says and they rose early in the morning and went forth into the wilderness of the co-op and as they went forth Jehoshaphat stood and said here may or Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem believed in the Lord your God so shall ye be established believe his prophets so shall the cross so here we are in the Bible no more insolence us to believe his prophets and therefore if we are to believe in the Bible at all the Bible has to say we must test of profit one the Bible says the prophet and if they are the liable festival profit we are to believe and accept their messages as from the Lord in itself to refuse accepting a genuine prophet of God means that you're not really following selected later by the same by some leaders from other churches actually don't want their members asking questions and probing Cindy into why the church done things that God 's but when somebody comes the Seventh-day Adventist pastor at least a majority of them they are not told not to study into history and not to delve deep into things but they are encouraged in our evangelistic phase we encourage people to the library and study our history the lineup that's the prophecy to see how God 's word is fulfilled in history that shows loses nothing by investigation and I covered last night and I was mentioned last night when something is true and we examine it and we test it and we compared the Scripture the more true it will be no if something is false the more the re-examining in the light of the Bible the more false that showed loses nothing by investigation and were getting the insurance of a fighting game this afternoon about how every single one of the accusations that has been made against Allen Wyatt in the Senate is cherished has been answered already in fact many of the accusations we hear now have been around for hundreds of years for more testing with the same old arguments rehashed militias loses nothing by investigation the more that the writings of Ellen White are examined in light of the Bible the more beautiful and the more true they appear to be your hand last night your manner then we read Psalm thirty four is human my full-size old taste and see that the Lord is good to you and God doesn't just tell us I'm good or instruct people to tell us that he is good he says no you are using experience me taste and see that I resumed out invitations on when it comes to his word and when it comes to his messengers not today whether you are a first timer here at home your visitor or if you're a regular if you have not yet built into the writings of Ellen White for yourself and side-by-side compared with the Bible I invite you to begin today nothing will compare with reading yourself and being blessed by what God has given us I have the privilege of working with the Ministry Pastor Stephen Moore's mystical secret unsealed and have the opportunity to answer questions that come to our office and dancing is unsealed as I answer questions that come in via e-mail and pray with people the phone sometimes I get questions that a theological sometimes I get prayer requests and print people over the phone but about a year ago I received an e-mail that was a question from a woman in Mexico and this is what she asked she said our pastor is encouraging us to share the writings of Ellen White with others some people think that we as Zionist put Ellen White's writings of the Bible should we share her writings with people and what is here some I has a reluctant yes is what is what is your answer what would you answer I don't read I have to say that there is a voice in these writings that speaks even for the non-Christian my areas of waste is writing that speaks even to the non-Christian minds and this morning at like to share with you a few powerful stories of non- some even non-Christians who has read her writings and what they have to say about the other release already share it were only going to be able to hit a few highlights this morning because we could spend the whole extra message just on stories of individuals who have glowing accolades of Ellen White and her writings and archers paper the Pacific Union reporter number of years ago there was really an experience of a man who was in one of our country large cities within the city he he went into a used bookstore and I was there he asked for the religious book section and the man in the front who happen to be the owner appointed counsel corner in the back after coming back after about two minutes the owner of the story and cannot find anything that you are looking for and he said no I didn't he said what exactly you are looking for a nice eleven looking for writings by women and Ellen G White and his face lit up with a smile and he said Hawaii is so different her writings are different when she goes in front here with the Bible their class all by themselves some of the non- and here he was saying we keep those here with the Bible because they are in a class by themselves as a way in writing this evening and the non-Christian my know in his book you can find on Google books although it on a friends Williams Lysander leaned a spice tells the story one of our church members who was a student at a secular university on the East Coast this is one in a future return from a long trip to Europe and they are all of the students understand you ask all of her students to bring a localization from their favorite author and veteran needs to bring three quotations from their favorite authors and she said in class Lord and who is I'm glad to put them all here on the desk and I'll randomly take one and I'm going to read the statement and everyone is like to try things yes who that paragraph was written by so everyone went on this particular students or three paragraphs from the writings of Ellen White and the very first paper and ceviche happens in the paid for Avastin the whole rest of the class was taken off by people trying to guess who had written this beautiful it was for the desire of ages the first one as a matter of fact nobody after forty five minutes nobody could guess who the author was both finally and now support the student no one could name the author then my happy surprise the teacher said while class that is from the pen of Mrs. Ellen G White she spoke at length about how she knew nothing of the authors religion but that she felt able to declare herself at the literature and she said that it was a pity that Mrs. White's writings were not better known in the literary world she said that she is going to make a strong statement but that she meant every word she said of all the writing that I know well outside the Bible there are none so full of beauty soap your and yet so simple writings of Mrs. Ellen G White is one way was incredibly well read a university professor said of all the writings you can read outside of my and were none so beautiful as the writings of Mrs. Ellen is a variety of voice in these writings nasal voice in these writings that speaks events of the non-Christian monument no we know that these writings did not come through humanizing work but to divine direction Ellen White didn't take any credit for herself for any of her writings were to examine some quotes in just a few moments as to what she said and the really give us a picture of how she understood her place as God 's messenger not the receiving the great controversy another story after receiving the great controversy a leading lawyer in one country said it while she said that it was not written by education but by inspiration is a young lady called quarter from Virginia who shared a story about how when she sold a copy of the great controversies of the most influential woman in town the woman wanted to give it to her sister the woman decided to reinforce herself when the call order came back she said that is a most wonderful book I've never read anything like it seems to me as I read that I can see the very picture of the scenes that were written about the call for immediately responded and said that's just how this writing is different the author is describing scenes that she has seen possibly for under the influence of the Spirit of God for the Lord of the golf order out and I think again that she can testify that it was not for someone and they wonder the Holy Spirit has moved the ongoing life to write these things in fact she must finish familiar with the introduction to the great controversy which is the only book of Ellen wife that she wrote an introduction to highly encourage you to go read it is quite short but powerful and makes understanding her does the prophecy rather clear she says through the elimination of the Holy Spirit the seams of the long continued conflict between good and evil have been opened to the writer of these patients over through the elimination of God 's Spirit that she was revealed these things and wrote them down to direct people to the truths of God 's word in these last days so should present satirizing of LMI was non- existent even non-Christians and an absolutely the question may come well when applied to someone about it the only one that I love this story there was a woman not many years after the desire of ages has been published who purchased a copy of the desire of ages but left it sitting on herself on red not ten years later after she bought the book she was going through a time of personal hardship and difficult somehow her reminds was directed to the book as her eyes made their way to our bookshelf she walked over and pulled off and started reading the note she wrote to Ellen White and actually said this as soon as I began to read I felt as never before how really wants were before it seemed like ancient history it now seems as if it were today that it all happened peace came to my troubled soul and my eyes were opened to God 's mercy has never before I see in him a living personal savior who is winning all the time I concentrated my life to his service this and the lawyer will direct people to the truth of his Word and had the right people for the both of the spirit of prophecy in the times when being in the wrong is those here would be hope for is before women on door-to-door selling one I is those luminosity outreach to share door-to-door for a lawyer you know we don't always see the fruits of our labors but the lawyer says that his way is worried of the return of the envoy in Congress is that she has sent out the new and we may not see the results here on this article we known this in mind and we will see what the word of the Lord that we have shared this document you know Ellen White never got of the sheen of their claims she never claimed Lawrence or herself she never became prominent in fact she was ever mindful of her own weakness and any danger of inheriting not young it was while she was writing the desire of ages as she was struggling to find time to work on this book that she wrote that only Olson in eighteen ninety two allow her feelings about the task and this is what she said I want with trembling before God I know not how to speak or trace the large subject of the atoning sacrifice I know not how to present subject in the living power in which they stand before me I tremble for fear lest I shall be little the great plan of salvation my cheap words eyeballed my soul in awe and reverence before God and say who is sufficient for these things she was ever mindful of her own weakness she was mindful that this was a high and holy privilege the right inspiration of God is revealed a clear picture of the plan of redemption she also wrote I have written many books that have been given wide circulation but out of myself I could not have brought out the truth it is in these books the Lord has given me to help out his Holy Spirit there was some a rabbi a number of years ago and some of you may have read the article or been familiar with the story if you're interested feel free to e-mail me I'm happy to send it to you but there is a rabbi from Ronald Reagan's staff who was very bitter against Christianity against Christians in fact it was that he would rather burn a Bible in talking if they had been assaulted in Eastern Europe while a increase was standing over her with a crucifix saying this is what you get for for crucifying the Savior therefore this man who was raised by his aunt was very great dinner against Christians and Christianity as one day someone handed him a book called patriarchs and prophets he started reading this book and as he did he became amazing is that this is about my people will visit Ellen White what university did she get her doctorate from awareness learning and just about this time there was a man commission from the General conference and ultimately an artist he was commissioned to do a number of paintings and he sought the help of this Rabbi for some details in his artwork and as he did as I started asking him these questions and ultimately you know she said there were rather he said no this woman on the other third-grade education but she's the most was a female author and world history and he said she underwent the University and she never in this was a rapid response is not impossible as his writings are if they are in Hebrew their sentence structure they are neither the rhythm the expressions are that she really is furthermore the material that are in this book our mission today they were only translated into English thirty years ago when mentioned in a federal lawsuit I think fifteen percent online music I am convinced that the same the same power the same source that inspired the Hebrew prophets inspired that I want to become a Christian he was not fine is that I've been figuring in the snake River in northern coliform the outside of Sacramento is that he has life to Jesus he was brought to the children of the Bible even though he never would've opened the Bible he was brought to the truth of God 's word because he was on bias against the spirit of prophecy there is a voice in his writings that speaks with following easements and the non-Christian my night lights and lights open to Matthew chapter three of your Bibles with me to Matthew chapter three in Matthew chapter three John the Baptist is speaking to the Pharisees he was there at the Jordan the Pharisees and Sadducees came to his baptism in Johnsburg or rather in Matthew three versus seven and onward starting in verse seven he says but when he saw many of the Pharisees the Sadducees comes his baptism he said unto them old generation of fighters who has warned you to flee from the wrath to come bring forth therefore fruits meet for repentance and this is his first first-line anything not to say within yourselves we have Abraham to our father for I say to you that God is able of these stones to raise up children and now I'm only human in every kind of a cerebrospinal passage I imagine John the Baptist pointing to some rocks on the ground and say God to raise up of these stones children of Abraham but you know to the Jews Gentiles were considered very very well in fact some sources tell us that that the Jews consider density like rocks or white stones there's a principal in Scripture that we become like what we worship might be holding we become changed is not right now in Psalm one hundred thirty five verse fifteen is one of noting down for later the Bible says about those who make idols New Haven make them are like this on the Gentiles made idols of stone and silver and white and these things they were saying essentially that these Gentiles are like stones a pair forgive the phrase but as dumb as rocks so to speak and John was not insulting Gentiles at all he was speaking in a language that the Pharisees could understand John wasn't pointing to the rocks on the grounds that he was rather referring to the fact that is dominated to raise up children of Abraham he can do it from those who were not of the blood lineage of April this is a friend in Galatians three verse twenty nine we know that when the gospel length all the world 's that all of those who are in Christ are Abraham 's seed is not right in although we alleged not agree with everything that he says Cyril of Alexandria was called the church father lives in Alexandria the third and fourth centuries this is right is is is is leasing the lesson about this column that is songs because they are yet did not know the one who is by nature God they were in error and their great folly worship the creator must use me they were in error and in their great folly worship the creation on instead of the create for what they were called and became sons of Abraham and by believing in Christ acknowledged and who is by nature God John was saying to them God can raise up spiritual descendents of Abraham Wilson in the kingdom tournament also Matthew chapter a few pages over Jesus affirms this of course in Matthew eight versus ten eleven where it says when Jesus heard it he marveled and said to them that followed this is after he saw the fate of the century he said verily I say unto you I have not found so great faith no not in Israel and I sent to you that many shall come from the East and the West and shall sit down with Abraham and Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom Jesus was saying truly those who are considered to be stoned so to speak the Gentiles would inherit the blessings of eternal life they would have the privilege of sitting in the Kindle God when Abraham Isaac and Jacob tells John is not the only one who said that God has raised up stones to do certain things started into the chapter nineteen as we examine the words of Jesus in Luke chapter nineteen twenty starting in verse thirty five here is the triumphal entry seen as priceless heading into Jerusalem Lancers actually leading the way right in front of him the while you raise from that chapter nineteen in verse thirty five in the Bible says and they brought him that his uncles to Jesus and they cast their garments on the pole and a second use of their own and I see when they spread their clothes in the way and when he was come nigh even out the medicine of the mount of olives the whole multitude of the disciples began to rejoice and praise God with a loud voice for all the mighty works they had seen saying Blessed be the king they come in the name of law piece in half and glory in the high now these individuals were saying Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord and where they were saying these days which is long out of the Southern Adventist church is not just a church it's not an establishment that is meant to exist on this earth for eternity the Seventh-day Adventist church is a movement that God has raised up to declare to the world the King is coming that she is going Jesus is coming again and he's coming soon but listen as this is our mission it was the Israelites mission in Iraq this was the mission of the Jewish people that many of the leaders rejected for the Lord not all of them but a majority of the leaders rejected this calling let's read in verse thirty nine continuing on and some of the Pharisees from among the multitude said unto him Master review disciples answered and said to them I tell you that is being his hold their peace the stones would immediately cry out to the words are full of significance he was saying that in order for God 's words that come to him for prophecy is fulfilled this is necessary even if that information would cry out even the rocks on the ground when Kyle is necessary to fulfill prophecy was significant in this Jesus was saying that the blessed privilege of carrying the gospel to the world the blessed privilege of sharing the good news of salvation in the plan of redemption it would be given to the unbelievers to the Gentiles if necessary but does the Bible is clear the Seventh-day Adventist church is gone and I'm sure so welcome to the entertainment second line selected messages page three hundred eighty says the church may appear I was about to fall but it does not fall it remains while the sinners in Zion will be sifted out this is a terrible ordeal but nevertheless it must take place he was well off the Almighty shaking that is going to take place in the world and among God 's people and if we do not share the great gift of prophecy and we do not share in the immuno share the gift of the writings of Ellen White's who God raised up to tell the world thinking is Tony thinking is going then God will even call not exist to share the writings of Ellen White with the world people who previously knew nothing about her and friends it's already happening the stones are crying out the sellers are trying no nonexistent non-Christians who see the value in the inspired writings of Ellen White who see the value inspired testimony that God has given to her they don't just stop at speaking highly of her as we've heard any stories they are actually even republishing the very publishing a variety of Ellen White is the gift of life Roger Goodell tells the story of the minister of education and Eastern European country and some this individual 's name wasn't Ross Alvarado some vintage even the minister of education he came to the United States arts for the newest and best in educational policy he wanted to discover what he can take the United States back to his country and the educational system as solid as possible in the strongest possible was that he returned to his country he authored a book on religious and moral education it was written in the Serbian language was actually published State University press it was acclaimed to be the best book on religious education in the Serbian language when I'm in a church leaders read and discover that he presented that was a direct translation from the public education this man had pretty much copied and translated the entire book of education here because you were saying it's the best book on religious education the stones are trying this and adding Robert who is written two books now well he's written more than two but he's written soon after do it own way Robert Glenn is not a Christian he is a Jewish gentleman but she has written symbolism first one was called John nutritionist pearls of wisdom from Ellen G White and his most recent one is called food for thought words to live by from Ellen G White in this blood food for thought he actually takes four hundred quotations from Alan White and others on authors philosophers famous individuals and he compared them side by side and he shows areas where islandwide actually only filled in positive information is the information in also shows where she agreed there were other people agree with online in her writings listen select Robert Cohan says in his introduction is one of the nearly four hundred different quotations provided a lesson for study and introspection together as one quotations from hundreds of authors philosophers respected elders and other personalities are combined with Ellen G White's own words together the shimmer like a powerful begin of truth with Mrs. Weiss worked as the centerpiece outshining the brightest examine this incident I love it on Amazon.com I love this book on Amazon.com and what I found was one review gave it five stars but listen to what this man has to say thought is a great book of quotes from the humane and compassionate Seventh-day Adventist leader on July she was a visionary who advocated a vegetarian diet in accordance to the biblical ideal in Genesis one twenty nine and he continues on it says over a century ago she knew about the negative ethical and planetary ramifications of animal flesh diet she was a prophet study they verify that vegetarianism reduces cruelty to animals pollution global warming etc. then at the end he says this I'm not a Seventh-day Adventist but I have the admiration and respect for Alan G1 I first read this I thought well from the context is only he's saying she was a prophet and just had a casual sense not know that in the sense of she's a biblical prophet but if you really introduction to the book by Robert L had to read introduction is actually mentioned that she received dietary visions from God and messages from God I so what are the tools I wonder what the Bible 's instructions were about to die and what we understand having read introductions and I'm a center that is what this woman her words had been verified by science she is a prophet coming from a non- Adventist limits on language what I love is the review that I sound forgotten nutritionist pearls of wisdom from Ellen G White on Amazon.com you can check this book out in this one Robert I think five hundred of Ellen White's quotes different councils that she gave different people about their diet and lifestyle and he intersperses them with one hundred peer-reviewed medical journal articles the snippets from these articles that verify what she said I want to share with you just a few words from individuals who gave reviews of this book to give you an idea of what their perspective is about Ellen White and her writings dated from Maryland wrote this is one of the best books I've read on health he says it not only talks about physical health of all spiritual and mental health as well considering on FB and he says he says I wish that Mister Cohan what is including more of her quote is a gentleman a copy of counsel on how to another reviewer said this book will hold a place of honor in my library lastly the most powerful one was a woman named Joan from Washington listen to this she said I didn't know what to expect from this book I was a little weary of it because I'm an agnostic and I don't take kindly to people who tell me what God thinks how do they know but I love this book is not at all preachy instead it's full of common sense wisdom and read settings amazing how right on Ellen G White is you would think that she was riding of our current sorry state of dietary affairs and many of these wells she says that she went on about a lifestyle related diseases and etc. she said I could go on and on she was settled precedents she was an amazing one Robert Cohan surely deserve thanks for bringing the writings of this life laments our attention I hope that people will pay nobody less and less members and even pastors in the Seventh-day Adventist church are supporting sharing and taking advantage of the writings of Ellen White God is allowing non- tests to carry forth the messages it is for nothing else to wait Robert Cohan doesn't deserve thanks for bringing Ellen White's writings to people 's attention when people say the same about us you know many of you heard of young men and peters Jones Angus Jones television after I known at least nineteen years old was recently in the past three or four months on change to a knowledge of God 's children these last days he became a part of the Seventh-day Adventist church decided to turn his back on his acting career that he recognized was not in line with God 's Word and his will and in his interview with in his interview I remember him saying that specifically I started learning about the Sabbath in my Bible studies I remember a friend that was in our group of friends in high school he went to a public high school and descending on this friend would never do anything on Friday night on Saturdays and he never told a lie he just always said you know I can do anything on Friday nine nine I was sorry because I have something to realize that every Friday night and Saturday this frenzied enjoyment for anything so after I'd is a study by the sound he called his friend as he says in his interview and he said I was in a database is anything I anything you need union will there's a you never shared it with me or help us that no one will say that I Robert Alaniz not this night is sharing is republishing the writings in a way is writing that we have had for so long it is time that we boldly shed and people in these writers will see a picture of our Savior and that is our desire for all to come to a knowledge of our Lord and Savior North Carolina area health that novices are using the writings of Ellen White on May thirteen two thousand five the Barna group which researches Christianity in America published an article titled survey revealed the books and authors that have most influenced pastor was for this reason the under forty pastors championed several authors who were not ranked highly by older church leaders those authors included the top four a lot of included business consultant James Collins seminary professor Tom Regnier after John Wartburg and 19th-century Seventh-day Adventists I am telling you what you do not have an existing ministers and pastors are reading and using the writings of the runway and some are more accessible than ever on smart phones and the Internet for free is not right praise the Lord for reason of technology to help us finish the way for the sisters others are catching on the Avent system advantage the stones are crying truly the phones are crying as a hobby I think this interfaith initiative and their goal is to figure three angels message to Muslims and Islam one of their directors Rodney MacCallum told the story it told the story of how they went into a loss which they were generally do and introduced ourselves to the leader of Senate behind the face they were actually invited to speak in a particular mosque for thirty minutes on whatever they believe that the people in Islam needed to hear at the end of the thirty minutes p.m. mom said this is important as much time as you want they continue speaking for two hours impressed with the importance of prophecy they began to share with and at the end they were actually invited back to return and deliver the prosthetic warnings Islam they covered Daniel chapter two through Revelation chapter fourteen and is actually how these messages live streamed over the Internet the mosques all across the world because of this Seventh-day Adventist people have been called the true people of the book by his Islamic leader and the leader actually envision that affect them I'm given a warning and said you have a responsibility to God to take these messages to the world otherwise you'll be just like you need to take your message and unbridled and actually in particular mosque that this amount is in charge of its hairy influential in the world of Islam they gave him a copy of the great controversy and actually read what he read he was sobbing impressed by this book that he made copies of its pages certain chapters and he passed them out to everyone in the last thirty days and months stood up in front this is happening there being hostile and set this is the most profound book this is these Moslem people are excited to be reading the messages that we force so long their leaders actually sharing them with their entire congregation the stones are crying the sellers are crying out for the visiting team sky shares guy is nearly gone and all just like to close with the story of an individual there was a man named Stephen Smith the Seventh-day Adventist back in the eighteen fifties Stephen Smith was actually this fellowship from the Adventist church because he detests joining groups that were saying that Jesus was coming at a certain time they were setting me for the return of Christ through this fellowship sends some time he returned but he soon left again and joined the group that was saying that Jesus was the return of certain time and back and forth it went than in the late eighteen sixties mid- to late eighteen fifties Stephen Smith went to the post office one day and he saw that there was an envelope with a letter from Ellen White is blood resting his face and he said all she's written testimony has she so he walked home and he looked for someone to put in the corner he saw an old wooden trough opened the lid to the chalk and he threw it down in the bottom here's one by years went by Stephen Smith joined one group after another that proclaimed that Jesus was going to come again over twenty five years this happens him angry frustrated he lost his faith in Missouri with his wife have remained a faithful iron fist and I and she was actually still receiving copies of the review and Herald usually one of the students that was there in his living room he saw it the copy of the review anything other of your helmet he started reading an article in a nodding synapse is the judge reading once again so that's got to the end of the article and saw it was written my own way the next week to review it helped him again he opened it up started reading substitutes that's got to and we might reach his heart began to soften the Lord began to seek peace is that Eugene Farnsworth this was in eighteen eighty five then Eugene Farnsworth was holding revival meetings in a little church in Washington and Stephen Smith has known Eugene Farnsworth as a boy he decided to make the trip there so the twelve mile walk to want to the culture as she walked in people seemed afraid and expected a blast of criticism after the message was given because you notice so many times but Stephen Smith stood to his feet and he said I don't want to be afraid of he said I have not come to criticize you I went back to business he continued speaking and sharing about how he seen through the years of how every individual who had left the Seventh-day Adventist church to join a movement that say Jesus is coming back in a specific time had been discouraged and disappointed and had eventually lost their faith but he said individuals who the same will also acknowledge the messengers of God are stronger in our walk with Christ than ever before the message was not I was astonished he intended to stay over until the following side but in the middle of the week you remember that testimony not only from on Thursday morning he set out he began walking home he got home he saw that children acquire he opened the lid as she looked and there were many things on top there were just tiles of different thing that it is grown stronger over time of the last twenty five plus years but finally in the very bottom corner he phones that envelope on the web yellowing along the edges because of its age equivalents were open because we has begun a series as tears began to drop on the paper because what was getting us home warning to students that telling them exactly what his life would be like if you continue down the path he was going to what was given as a warning he was reading as an exact history of what had taken place in his life Stephen Smith made the twelve mile walk back to the little church in Washington he stood up once again after the sermon was over and he said that he did receive the testimony twenty eight years ago but here locked up in his trunk at home he said he was afraid of reading and because he feared that he would make them upset but he realized that he was wrong the entire time he said after speaking for some time he concluded he said rather unsuitable to undo what I have done unto feeble to get out to the large meetings but I want you to tell our people everywhere another problem has surrender as soon as for the remainder of his life was known as a loving kind and faithful Christian friends there are only three reasons that anyone would not accept the messages of God throughout their three simple reasons and I don't know where you are in your walk with the Lord 's day I don't know if you're a visitor here this morning but as the Lord has slowly universities without calling us that this is like to invite you to bow your head and close your eyes as I has about in our eyes are closed eighty you are here this morning and you have never actually read the writings are this is understandable this is the primary are this is one of the reasons that an individual may not accept her writings inspired word of God his inspired counsel 's office as you have not sincerely read her writings so this morning boy I want to re-examine compared with Scripture are so many people speaking so highly of their lives are being changed insurance flunkies like drawing closer to Jesus I want to read them for myself if that's a desire this morning between you and the Lord you want to save him iron bracelet I want to leave his testimony I like the razor is assigned the second reason that an individual may not ask so right now and why I was being messages of God is because they had a hard time not all sung here today who has been injured by those who use grandma was riding in such a way as to hurt someone you and they had his writings in a way that if she were standing initially said he must not hide when the Lord would say that's not how I intended his because of this and become talents you become hard and refinement you may hear her name or reader writing to you may remember the bitterness because of the memory of that individual who hurt this morning as you might say Lord I long for you to heal the wounds in my heart I pray to you and remove the virus from me and I used a razor the privacy in the present singular whatever he has five guys and the final reason that anyone would not access messages that the board has thrust violently is because they had been correctly and then review may be maybe there is something in your life the Lord has pointed out to her messages that means that she rather than changing your life tomato messages of none effect God never removes something from my life without giving us something far better friends if you want to say this landlord yes I know that there are things that I need to surrender to you I'm long not made of none effect your messages but I long for your Holy Spirit to transform me and I want to access those messages are from you I like the razor science and in and I finally had Lord we thank you for the great gift that you have given us more of the Osuna has a voracious morning whether it is because an individual has not yet read the writings of Ellen White for themselves and compared them with a liable and been blessed by being drawn closer to Christ whether it's because the individual when it becomes even harder we've been beaten over the head by my people who use the writings men on Christlike way whether it's because we sincerely incorrectly and review by Hugh what you have seen that the rates were thank you and you have called us the decision thank you that the stones are crying out than we have to as we have seen this morning there are so many non-Christians or not and sharing the great message is that we have for so long what we want to be pulled for you we want to be faithful in proclaiming the message that a king is coming give us with the Lord give us determination to proclaim the truth no matter what the Lord as we go from this place is to spend the rest of the odd I will pass this bill for hair that we were not going to their presence thank you Lord for all you do for us all you have done all that you will do just as shapeless and some of us after your own life as we ask these things in the precious name of Jesus and are a a this is my hobby is as interested in spreading God 's word to read seven audio and much more and he would like to know more about hothouse is more certain is www. audio source .org


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