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  • April 7, 2013
    4:00 PM
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him as I don't only wanted versus the Internet BTW versus Belinda Lee before we begin I invite you to longer hazards me forward my father having when we thank you for your holy Word we thank you that you tell us in your work to sanctify the Lord on in our hearts and to be ready always to answer to every man and asks the reason of the hope that is within us with meekness and was in Florida this afternoon as we study how to answer this how is the accusation the things that have been posed against your messenger your messages we pray that you would speak to our hearts and minds most of all are reprinted he would inspire us believe from this place and go spend anything out for ourselves that we may have an answer for our friends and loved ones and even strangers who have a question about the home visit in house thank you for the message that you've given us we greatly will speak again this afternoon we are impressed with Jesus and I didn't mean that you are speaking in an evangelistic series and I you are for the end of your meeting there is a family who has become faithfully every night rather than incoming night after night anything that accept Michael through and accepted the truth about Christ as the only way of salvation and accepted the truth about the state of Nevada what takes place after we die that is just me and accept the truth that she left him literally physically audibly humming again while having one basin and this family was except that all of these foods one after another making our way down the front of the church after your message one evening you know after we had their soul blessed by these meeting we learned so in your Bible shows that over the Internet last night and we discovered that there are a lot of websites out there that are being the thinnest charts and we just want to know if your answer to some of these and ask you what would you answer that honestly I believe that his vegan mayonnaise cream the reason for that is because you can honestly tell individual betting one of the characterization of Don Teixeira is that it will be variously not right anyone needs a relationship as well a very familiar South is also Seventh-day Adventists Revelation chapter twelve no doubt many others many of us this verse memorized revelations after twelve in verse seventeen here we find soon characteristic of God and the church and really that three characteristic here we often overlook the first one emphasized the second two in the Bible says in the Dragon was wrong the woman and went to make war with the remnant of her seed which keep the commandments of God over one and half of what the testimony of Jesus Christ known as the disciples to overlook the fact that in the beginning of the birth the Bible tells us that the training was wrong with the woman which represent the church another word for that wrong every exact degrees the Greek word here is actually carried connotations of breathing heavy as I fit into a murderous rage in him who is curious with God 's people and his care Chris and I love the church is no no wonder that they are sulking alone one of the judiciary 's ungodly features one of the reasons rather one of the reasons why the most furious with people in the last days is because of the second characteristic is really as well the Bible says that these people will see all of the Commandments of God the author him alone as secondly they have something that is called here that testimony of Jesus is a mouse revolutionizing versus the Discover what a testimony unto a fear that it was in nineteen hundred and John is a vision and he was so moved by what is seen in vision and he falls down to worship at the feet of the angel and this is what the Bible says the angel replied seen out there would not I am thy fellow servant and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus worship God for the testimony of Jesus in the spirit of prophecy the only thing that the testimony of Jesus by definition here is the spirit of prophecy another characteristic of God 's people in the last days is that they will have the prophecy among this is the reason why the devil is furious with and you know we can point to the fact that the devil is throwing accusations and dangerous discharges under fire in any way being attacked by people and we can praise God for it because I said it would happen to his true and faithful followers threatening to Matthew chapter five is exactly what Jesus said here in the sermon on the Mount he justifies Matthew chapter five verses eleven and twelve is this a blessed are you when you don't refile you and persecute you and say all manner of evil against you falsely for my thing it's no wonder that Ellen White is the point of also many individuals who are critical of the Senate Baptist Church can we expect any less honestly I failed with someone in half during my messages were rejected not just by anybody but my God people to the point that he was called the meeting profit it's no wonder they are messenger Hemingway 's last day is being blasted so to speak is being evil spoken of Jesus continued on as well he said this is a call for crying and weeping he said rejoice and be exceeding glad for creating his own reward it has for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you you know I'm happy to do with you today at the United Nations that you may hear the questions that you may hear raised and still got people 's minds about Alan White's ministry in her writing even her personal life all of these accusations are all all of these accusations have been answered already in the house you know there's not a single accusation that has been made against Alan whiteboard that is made against Ellen White that is an old music now all of the accusations are more more prevalent than ever because of the Internet but they are old and just three times and basically rehashed over and over again I mentioned that the fact that God 's prophet is still doing a lot of the last pages of the thing because it shows that according to the Bible the seriously I also illustrates that when he is in the right place at the Senate at this church is God remnants are there and of course because many people don't study things out they simply hear accusations without losing their mind then rather than seeking answers to the questions they just let questions in their minds which lead to doubt is not how many people here have stumbled across some kind of Ellen White website for or know all the friends who with the La Crosse and anti- online all right was a vast majority of those your unlimited all of the accusations that are out there like to examine some of the other greater ones today all of the accusations that are out there are simply the same old argument arguments and accusations in different packaging VM can write was basically good grandfather of Ellen White accusations at the end how to write very interesting book I highly suggest inviting readers I was categorized as I was the uncategorized secretary is available everything to services is a powerful and the answer right at the end of his life actually recanted and he soon recognized that he had been in the wrong and that he was running away from from God appeals and the young time right although one of the brothers listened that the stress of why don't you return you come back and acknowledge overall and he said he's too late for me I'm a lot advanced handwriting grandfather so the statement on the away accusations was the one who initially started many of the on life in the gift of prophecy is no many people here to accusation is on these websites and a kernel of doubt in their minds it was sooner my questions are a good thing so long as we see as if the request is never but question is actually if we don't see it actually is no doubt in our minds if we didn't allow it to settle in our mind without seeking the answer as many as people say has been around because of these accusations that are out there some people leaving the church not knowing how to answer others remain in assuring that they lose faith in the authenticity of the writing messages of Ellen White young naturally as people we don't want to be different in Iraq we all the natural human tendency is to want to fit in is not right we as people don't want to be different than everybody else my human nature and the normal appeals because when we are not firmly rooted in our understanding of the spirit crossing the gift of prophecy being in the last days and how that is completely biblical when an individual conduct often is on your center is so your church has a approximate right or a prophet to write it we're not solid biblically and what we believe the things that we covered last night we did well yeah yeah we knew were well she said is not a prophet she's a messenger finally when Ellen White said that she was saying that her ministry was broader than that is simply a but the devil wants to make us down and really be of free all of sharing our faith he's trying to scare us in this sense now in the Bible and first Peter three verse fifteen and I waited in the remains of the first reverse fifteen the final gives us some clear instructions has anyone here heard all holiday before Christ this is where we get Christian apologetics from the workaholic they are angry news and events really and first Peter three verse fifteen is the basis of Christian apologetics out the answer the questions against us it does but sanctify the Lord God in your hearts and feel ready always to give an answer that is Olivia to every man to ask you a reason for the hope that is within you neatness and with few so while Linda was trying to scare off into not being able to defend our faith for our lack of knowledge we are compelled by God to seek out and educated well thought out organize answer to these questions and challenges of others God wants us to be able to defend our faith to share it and we had a blast with an incredible knowledge of his word we have a high holy privilege to share it with the world that Jesus may come very soon now the question comes what did Ellen White have to say about accusations against her what she herself have to say about accusations against I like to actually asked some of these young people if United is a kind of results everyone has a him him him being hostile will be posted on our numerous website Lord willing to find out a list of websites that will help you find answers of the accusation against Ellen White and her writing every single accusation that is out there is a certain public hidden is in relation how they has been studying out an answer published and is available to you on these websites this is a fantastic resource there is Ellen Whitehouse .org is of course the latest thing with answer many questions and accusations on the outcome there is also a website that compares only writing to those who all people have accused her of plagiarizing from actually the longest sentence that is actually similar and very harmful resources therefore you the blessing on what you know willing herself to say about the accusations against her was that actually if you'd like to read an entire chapter on this in selected messages volume three chapter fifty nine is entitled on Ellen White and her work highly recommended where does it obligate simples frequently with chapter fifty nine of selecting measures volume three is called a task on Ellen White and her works on page three hundred and fifty paragraph floor this is what she said she will try I said that he's meeting will be made against me until Christ comes the fulfillment of prophecy right people activation the actual fulfillment of the opposite she said there is not enough clothes of our faith but that making this is why his effect and then make a raid on me what if you follow the let them bear witness of the GZA I suspect the Israeli time will be made against me until Jesus comes again we seen that many years later they are still being made on her know that Ellen White suggests door or saying that these accusations you ignore these you say shouldn't be I think they should be responded to absolutely not in fact the opposite is true listen to this slickness is going three East three hundred forty eight is this worth that is the work of accusing this is happening in her game on the way to send this word arising in our very next and resembling the work of Koran taken an online room is an offense to God and Shaheen is a north this evening that and on every plane is a city called upon to bring their true average highs should be carefully investigating is not letting any uncertain way that the people should not be left to think that it may be ordering the citizens should do all in their power to list every sign of reproach they cannot be substantially less unreasonable for you to send any accusations should be brought forth is that they should be studying out and once they are certain repudiated those who made the accusations she is not that Satan will take them down website is a reasonable cost of moving opportunities a website is anyhow I like to say that we need to ignore exactly say let people and the remember likely than single weekend the truth is not in my investigation but him him as a sense they may feel the first some division may appear to be true but the morning currently studying out the asset the more you'll discover that the accusations are groundless false ideas and resources these websites I will provide will be upon whole resources valuable resource for you to leave here so this afternoon were going to cover just a few of the accusations made against Ellen White writings United States said you don't stand for something to offer anything that we don't know what we stand for funds to the biblical basis of the prophecy that Ellen White's ministry is instantiated by the Scripture one hundred percent we made an offer and we made it off the activation of the visited familiarize you with the authorizations that are floating around about the spirit of prophecy now there are accusations that you can find on his belligerent time Ellen White websites one of the website has a list of them are Cialis are just a few with you number one activation she said some weird thing raising them excuses for ideas and help from other people of her time division number three Chautauqua shut the war theory acquisition of the force he didn't practice what you preach is not strewn on the course at number five was an activation that she misunderstood the gospel number six in the accusation of plagiarism plagiarized her writings never seven accusation that her vision resulted from epilepsy and today we're actually just going to examine three of these accusations for this time but I'm going start with the accusation that she suffered from epilepsy you know they were not there actually to not bring in the nineteen eighties I don't recall her name is adopted in nineteen eighty claiming that neither of them by the way where experts are specialists in the temporal lobe and a way that Ellen White temporal lobe epilepsy with tapered raffia as they call it now a number of years I I hear a little in the University actually Doctor Donald Peterson professor of neurology which is of course the appropriate specialty and chief of neurology at Riverside General Hospital convened a panel of qualified specialists help you learn on and and what you get with a decent validity evidence they actually concluded that upon looking at a number of other people who had this condition legitimate legitimately when comparing it with our life experience they all concluded unanimously that do not match the rest of the cases so scientists on our website you do not suffer from temporal lobe epilepsy so actually Doctor peters and by the way he wrote a brief little booklet on the matter of visions or seizure is what Alan wake a victim of epilepsy and is out of print but available on the white statements you can find it if you don't like estate .org and type in Doctor Donald Peterson 's old friend activation definitely false science has little science has disproved in the now one of the most important thing being unable to one of the most important thing is able to do when answering questions and accusations again I is to understand how to her strangely wholesome supposedly on supposing we hear you saying and the message is a few of these supposedly nearly sank at all answer some of them we have to of course consider the source and link to share some principles for healthy fun that will enable us to you are writing ourselves and CTI says the things that people bring up some of these things work supposedly that Satan has had a success something women than men which she did not say none of his or not taken out of context and twisted I should say anyways cause insanity that buying my symbols is wrong that all girls should learn to harness a horse and that God is love children who misbehave this can be very alleged violations of varying money grandmother and mother in fact our next presentation as we examine what you would like the person you're going to hear some heartwarming story of publishing would like and how her grandchildren remembered so first applied to selected just three of these in an organism to some principles for writing our study when it comes to Ellen White's writings she said that ways cause insanity and more or less word is not a direct quote now people elected a guy who can you trust the writings of a woman who says that wearing a wig need to become his clearly does not but we need to examine what was going on in our time when she said she said that wings insanity the people who were wearing wings were using an adhesive to glue it to there had actually poisonous this was him will I see the nurse and was actually causing them to their minds is foolishly saying was actually how it was a warning at what was taking so when we simply hang out with a history contact we seen that what she was saying was valid at times another one she mentioned that all girls should learn to harness horse not some people say you are only going to harness all more often you listen to a woman who says that obviously is not sure that's not necessary right now I asked how many of you today and he had a girl needs to every girl needs the support all right I'm willing to shed he the flow actually in education it's in the education page two hundred and sixteen and I just want to read one sentence at birth and are going to be part of it because that's what those who take this automated accusation do is a girl in turn could learn to harness and tribal force and to use the sign hammer as well as the rating in and hold the only benefited me emergency that one so people say well let's decided Burleson made a harness or not necessary but when we take a closer look at the contract what was the last part of that same yes she says it would be better fitted for meeting emergencies of why now here's something that we always need to keep in mind when we are studying the Bible or the writings of Ellen White and that is to consider the content is very important when you talk about context more day just read the rest of this quote to you what this is what she says single men and women hard and homemaking boys as well as girls to gain the knowledge and household duties to make a matter of put a room in order to wash dishes to prepare a meal the washing repair his own clothing is a training need not make any blameless man with it will make and how clear and more useful I have a related fan at NICs that is and his girlfriend certainly the harness and rattlers and give the song a hammer as well as the rate in the home it would be better fitted for meeting emergencies life so here we say we see that she would say the practical learn how to need all of the emergency light whatever may arise don't just hang knowledge in an area that is common for men to gain knowledge and gain the knowledge of Ron basal knowledge in as many areas as possible now I'm a standalone context for just a moment in a very important principle for healthy healthy study of the spirit of prophecy is soon upon here are the work context for them to where they left on which hangs together and case scenario it seems to leave so the word context really means so we together many of you have a mother or aunt or grandmother maybe you yourself and you or crochet I know what would happen if you want someone who is crocheting something and you just grab one piece of the string held on hiatus for a while and what that might be it would all unravel as him what happens when we listen to what someone has said what one sentence from the Bible and figuring how to contact it no longer matches the viewing within a original content so when I got in high-fat and considering context we have to look at a number of things there is the well-known consumer there is an internal contact in the surrounding what we just look at what we do is that will allow her own learning harness horse organizing a little more about this a few moments but the internal contact revealed that she was talking about being able to meet emergencies life right so the internal contact is what surrounds an area expert on context and XML context eighty history culture for the individual writing this while we were writing into why they were writing these are all very important as have a lot of bearing on what was really being said so this is external contacts and it's very important as well one of my professors used to each shared a story to illustrate important concept of a man who won it in the Bible anything not please shall he and his brother were there and how he says bluntly showing humility he looked like a flip open she looked down and send chain rolls up and slew his brother anything at all what are you going to kill my brother reason why we show you where he will divide again will I hope and he slipped on again and it fell to the passage of landowner versus thou likewise than one wife I was instantly became speaking and he opened the Bible again will that what is important to him to behave in the Bible out of our faith is not right again endangering the Bible out of context and keeping in mind what the original contact offers in his right hand is very important otherwise we can make people say many things that they haven't really said in a majority of the accusations against Ellen White are qualities of his vast majority of now one other thing the first principle the first principle is healthy and honest study indicates we seen the importance of the this second principle for healthy and honest site is seeking a minor difference between policy and principle the difference between policy and principle policy change with principal Don P on the Bible never change because they are based upon the word of God is not at policy and principle is a is a very important thing to keep in mind for example to illustrate how policies and principles do not I want in Ohio that everything is on the love of money that every one hundred figure has to be horses watering trough drinking trough reports that let me ask you why whatever policy I think it was the principle behind why an event like this because it was found my voice and it was important for forces to the wealthy can counter that I mercy of your animal Haven care of your animals under will so as reservoir located here in other animals also make sure your child what equipment is in good condition and the policy is everyone has a disease many the watering troughs not always in the present was not changed only think you are out of and we need to take care of our traveling equipment the two are different for us I will dwell in a logical policy today for implementing the prism of taking care of our clients on a gas station every few miles I put the patient everything mostly to see how principles do not change what policies change we have to keep this in mind as well so now looking back on about how girls learn how to harness the fourth what was the principle behind again as patient feels immediate emergencies of life I what is the policy what would be a logical policy now as I very so you see the president receives a most policies as we are unable to recognize people the difference between a policy and this will be more clearly drawn out as we examine the contact of what has been said share this with you I want another one of Illinois supposedly we examined whether we should ride bicycles and that you have ever been like someone on this is not allowed right by trying to have had a number of people say that this was kind of puzzled at first listen to this I'll take one sentence in the process Ellen White said this is him one hundred dollars and a bicycle you would consider the matter well left it might be in the price of souls for whom Christ died for whom he has made you responsible you are actually share a sentence of hers I well it's hard to actually was defined as part of our life will be beautiful I will contact because he clarified in the Senate is what is not what is his view of this would render us believe that we should my bicycle ride we should ride bikes maybe we were just glancing at the question on what is the reason for the loan the underlying principle what was the context we think you will hundred dollars that's not right but I cannot say for now is a whole lot of money not only non- works very practical at the time you just come out they were the people were buying bicycles and their families were going hungry because they wanted to be a part of this is in fact they wanted to own a bike was a craze that was taking place as when we take a look at the broader context aware successes she was in Australia at the time of the way is a son of the review and Herald August twenty one eighteen ninety four she said how is it with my brethren and sisters in America how must you practice self-denial in order that he may show liberality to the needy call on weirdly our work here under great pressure for the need of the figure in money that many of the members of our churches are expanding upon their own diocese in pleasing and gratifying themselves so in the context we see the word of God and the word of the gospel once all the world was suffering because people were wasting money on are necessary to think that Illinois were alive today he would gain people from my bicycle is not all why not our life will affordable today as part of a practical today is more practical than classmates I sold the principle here what is the principle of what to say is don't waste your money is going to .com a proper balance of priority so that was the principal one would on the policy might have policy today don't like Ferrari and Lamborghini will write him tell you how to create something that will will initiate an life is in the money and so we see once again a policy change one principle or principles balancing we have to keep that in mind that I just want to actually for the majority of the rest of the time in this message were going to be addressing the accusation of plagiarism first of all I want to give you an definition of plagiarism plagiarism is defined as a piece of writing that has been copied from someone else and is presented as being your own work now when I was in college one of my professors findings he said there's a sentence it from one person is gone pleasure of think of many people 's congresses him to call it whatever they feel like I do not assume people cited at the end of our paper is only how many son obviously this is something him how many of you have ever run across something when you're studying for a paper and you agree with me but you wanted to express it in your own writing and how it is you really wanted something and it was something I wanted to take away as I hear your own writing for this is called literary borrowing this is not something new this is not something to begin your making it uniquely your own actually sees us to understand this the Bible says in John chapter three when he's speaking with Nicodemus actually exactly the Ecclesiastes eleven were also millions of the story and Nicodemus I thought he came to Jesus by night I didn't realize for some time when Jesus was speaking of those born of the Spirit being like the wind he was actually referencing Ecclesiastes eleven versus four five get my process even observed the wind shall not so and he regarded the clouds shall not be as thou knowest not what is the way of the spirit nor humble and liberal in the womb of her as a child even so thou knowest not the works of God and referencing to figure out with you just using the exact same words or less and when I had a problem and when everyone in the voting were but this is not the only case where we see that there is a literary borrowings of his feet in the life of the chapter one is another place to stay some of chapter one verses one through four chapter one verses one through four in the Bible says for as much as many had taken and had to set forth in order declaration of those things which are most certainly we will need to deliver them I was from the beginning were eyewitnesses and ministers of the word is good for me also having had perfect understanding of all things from the very first to write Anthony in order most excellent Theophilus the dolomite is no helpless when the certainty of those things wherein thou has been struck so here we see that moved you saying that people set in order with place in their lives the exact price that was doing the very same day now the Bible also says as one more reference here is not literary borrowing and chapter twelve verse five did you know that not all of the Proverbs of Solomon came directly from Solomon you know that please you as well and will be starting a first-time gentamicin size and moreover because the preacher was wise he still taught the people knowledge he he he he he sought out and sent in the order named Robert is something necessary allies say otherwise well because a certain individual site Solomon Solomon sought out by the says many Proverbs and he sent and in order he was wanting something down our he didn't write any of that in fact I said in first Kings four thirty two and zero three thousand proverbs in one thousand and five small and no doubt being the wisest man while this are decided by force no doubt many of these robbers and song income from one wall says that he saw how insane order many Proverbs no one else away I rose she actually borrow things from different individuals and him she lives in contrast to the great controversy she talks about the purpose of the blood is crazy history of orchestrating a great controversy through history and she's insulting history month at times when they were section is where a lawyer not specifically revealed vision the things she was writing about but when I will borrow the things she learned on and actually sort out the error she's from other writing and immediately all just like most that one of yours and you never written a paper and read someone's idea I had read something and taking something everywhere today for yourself now I want to share this story with you on the man and since I finished writing this and running was a lawyer and actually I guess I should back up a little bit before that you are the named Walter Ray I want to raise some of you actually may remember in the early eighties Walter Ray Maison islandwide infected during Senate Baptist Church the Los Angeles area he started making decisions about why pleasure I think some of her writing and these accusations spread very quickly in fact they needed into the LA Times and memory serves me correct actually spread all across the and visualize this is a time when the church leaders opted to get it many resources but one of the things that AJ was a higher general conference hired a lawyer who was an expert in copyright infringement and his name is Randy he was actually a Roman Catholic library although not practicing and he spent more than three hundred hours researching about one thousand relevant cases in American him whether or not telling white pleasure now one day when a citizen ride they asked and asked him if he had ever heard of the Senate 's church I and he said no not really I think I but I have not not very familiar with and all that he had no wife sees coming into this into this case now when Warren Johnson who was an attorney general conference when he contacted in thinking of all of this material this is what they say is and we want you to tell us number one if she is convicted of a crime or something that was illegal if you I noticed you only wanted to tell us if she did anything unethical and just found a loophole or a way to get out of it and to get away with this case here are all arriving that she's ever written and they said not only that here are only accusation that has ever been made against her from her day all the way until the admission we started off but it is live through whatever you need to do but please answer these two questions now I'd like to show it in an interview the day and once he has finished the reading went little snippets of it is available on the latest thing website actually there should be a link to it on the resources have received earlier so in the beginning the men from there if you have what you retain on the case what preparation did you make by way of reading before researching the law as it pertains or as relates very matters is that I copy of Mrs. White great racing voice I read all the way through he said he also seen other words by Mrs. White and all of the station that had been made against her and the defensive and I asked him what was your reaction after digesting all of this material is a flow path anything less I started out I think basically intellectual on the literary sizes but somehow there one particular audiences author defense of Mrs. light it left with the feeling that she was not in fact very well to send it than what you mean by that he said well I came back thinking that this is why unless a literary borrower in other words I became actually biased against her in the Senate I thought that she was let some people had alleged guilty of plagiarism is simple once you got into her writing themselves with a negative impression reinforced or altered in any way yesterday I gradually turn one hundred and eighty degrees in the other direction instead I found it's hard to simply were not true but I have to get that from her right is that I simply had to read her writing and written my mind of the bias had already built into the prejudice he says and in the end she cannot quite favorably the lives of more than three hundred hours of reading including case law history of the soul it was reading her writing that change your mind and he said it was reading her messages in her writings that changed the civil what you find in her message as the rest how do they affect you listen to this visit Mrs. White who in all candor she will I'm a Roman Catholic and Protestant whatever she moved and I think her this will unless it is permanently biased and is on slam the van 's driver distraction he said I guess pleasantly surprised when the are very mild understatement he says quite honestly I think I may have went more than I have put into it I'm not a religious person I'm not a practicing Roman Catholic although I was born one he says that I do how the God of my understanding this is why his meeting in understand him a bit better and for that I think I'm a better person today than when I started this project they asked him which is like what you find most helpful is the only one that I ran all the way through was the great controversies but actually was so I figured my reserves I had a great cross-section of content on said Ellen Link uses the writings of others but in the windshield is she made and uniquely her own and as well as legally and interestingly enough she invariably improved that which she selected he said the bottom line is they would release how is the message of Mrs. White not a mechanical not merely to mechanical writing the words or clauses sentences and this is why theologian Russell distinguish your between verbal inspiration plenary inspiration to so many of the critics had me the ball altogether and it's too bad that I personally had been moved to easily move files rights I've been changed by I think I'm a better man today because Lisa and I wish that the critic discovered last question is that they run how would you sum up the legal case against Ellen White as far as charges of plagiarism piracy and copyright infringement are concerned you are involved in scaling if I have to be involved in such illegal day I would much rather appear as defense counsel therefore the prosecution very soon we do know a you like to look into reading the entire article actually I and he decided anything away to see a working website on people but this is a matter for every row is an artist of all her books the holy and he said I have left this project with more than I said there simply is no case when it comes to the question of places there's obviously no case the question comes why is taken so upset about the spirit of prophecy why is he so angry about the ministry of Ellen White the attic and unmask his plan is now you know there's a reason why when you like the vision of the great controversy the great controversy vision in London Ohio I believe when you get on this issue shall bear that you are a strong it was agreed that it is that it is on this planet thousands of people would be able to see who his devices would claim to the word of God after she suffered a stroke the Lord is and she was almost paralyzed affection can hardly move she would write a one-page short rest for three days of riding in the tradition of writing one more page should direct me until finally she can read today's and right and what she consistently him grace of God rule out a message to run out to the vision they are beginning I like it is in solutions chapter ten verse twenty fourth we are frivolous and I and we are living in some amazing times and I see they say Valhalla solution now at the end is very as a high holy privilege and Jesus said to his disciples and I believe that life is more than any other generation he says in verse twenty four Lieutenant was twenty four for I tell you that many prophets and kings have desired to see those things which you say and how not seem to hear those things which use year I visited the profits that the followers of God down through history have not known as much as you and I know they had had their disposal the message is that you and I we have all of the combined history of the following from a fire the other entirety of history before us to learn from the exhorted by Anne God is calling us today he says and be ready always to give an answer for the reason of the whole that is within you with meekness and fear would like to say this afternoon on who may not have access but by your grace examination day society some of these accusations out for myself by erasing today Lorna determining civil society are some of these accusations I may be able to answer the literally planning and asset with meekness and fear that your desire I also like to ask I will say here today I would like to go and study out as soon whether they be a weary say or the shop floor controversy or whether the charges of plagiarism although becoming less and less today whether the any other accusation on what they wanted they would be willing to say I want to commit to go study out thoroughly and be able to answer syllables I think if you like that I like the reader island nation every accusation has been met and studied out and then I is available to us on the Internet for free and those resources are rounded out will help you if anyone is willing to say I'm going to go study out to regulation in the Navy Ellen White that I can answer made through the nine and the way the state website is a great resource that I replaced the spigot from our father in heaven where we thank you so much that there is no song that is left unturned when it comes to your truth Lord we had not slept as a people board of your people we have not slept questions and accusations under the love but rather faithful men and women of God through time and answer them thank you so much that you have indeed raised the Internet and other forms of technology satellite all of these things to finish the work when we want to go home we pray that you will continue to inspire us to sign I pray for each individual who raised their hand here today to make a commitment to study out to accusations against will a messenger then we each have an answer for the hope that is within us refrain the Novartis and anti- anti- we thank you so much that Christ is coming soon today thank you for that promise into reality that might have raised some movies and the sea of glass we pray over Paros and help to prepare the serving tray has blessed us in our last seminars and say hello when LMI was my first Monday is this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reason and audio and much more and he would like to know more about how humorous you like the more certain is www. dawn on universe .org


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