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The Radical Prayer, Part 3

Derek Morris


Do you want Jesus to use you to impact the world? Then you need to follow the example of Jesus and pray a radical prayer. But first you must see the world from His radical perspective. And then there are lessons you must learn about radical dependence. Don’t come to this workshop if you want to maintain the status-quo. This teaching from Jesus could change your life.


Derek Morris

President of HOPE Channel, Inc. and host of Hope Sabbath School. 




  • December 31, 2012
    4:30 PM
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him in heaven thank you for the gift of life today thank you for the opportunity to continue to study the words of Jesus thank you that your Holy Spirit will lead us into truth as we studied together in Jesus and I like you if you brought your Bible with you to go to the same text in that Luke chapter ten is a lot better is that all times is on this one takes the it's important sometimes we read the Bible very quickly I was just talking to someone about growing in this schedule I plan I said sometimes we think in Bible reading that we have to weed through the Bible and I think sometimes it's good to read through the Bible but if you really want to get well in your relationship with Jesus you might want to just read through the Gospels three of four times a year maybe read the desire of ages for some extra commentary but you know sometimes it can get a little depressing reading through judges send chronicles than so I'm so thankful for the gospel record in this setting in the chapter ten these are the words of Jesus recorded as he sends out the seventeenth to every city and place when he himself was about to go and it includes us see you have your Bible please come in and find a place you in Chapter ten and verse two Jesus said to them the harvest should only him witnessing in part one of this series whenever that the harvest is not that judgment harvest at the end of the age right is with the Angels or with the Son of Man as believer the one seated on the ground no the harvest here is president missionary activity and then it men and women and boys and girls just waiting for the invitation to be a part of the kingdom and and who I like the wind was in the present of harvest work you have and who becomes a follower of Jesus is called to be in a laborer in the heart K and Jesus is the harvest truly is great now we just put viewing for those of you who may be recommended is the first time he tells us is great because many times it doesn't look right from a human perspective and so we begin to pray God how we could see the world as you do how we could see the people at work or even the people in my own family as you get because cc a great harvest of when we sometimes don't see any harvested all and so I pray constantly God help me to see the world as you do that's the radical perspective become aware of privacy is walk in front of cameras the radical defective the harvest truly is great the less the radical problem him will you think you know the main was up you will accurately the labeling laborers that the working workers so many people around the vacation thing there is no way to automate labor act now but I'm not laboring the computer and CW and we need it we ask ourselves the question of why I've been so few labeling laborers and we came to the conclusion that the manually have become less the work that you and I may know that God wants to use a right to bless others we know if he has called us out of darkness and into his marvelous light and that he wants to do that for other people and so we know that we really should be joining him in his harvest work but sometimes we become distracted and view the member for my study Jesus was telling a story not about black actually but about coming to a software but still people who distracted work with some of the things that distracted them remember your relationship now not evacuate you have that I was involved in a relationship that distracted me to it almost cost me my soul so it is possible for relationship right to distract you with some other things besides relation back do you know how that it is even him him him him full-time ministry to let you extract them from doing what God wants of the land I do anything to if anything the one of the hottest whether you believe it delegate responsibility to other people so you can do what you really want to get it okay so relationships can distract us can distract us I will often be expected with no possessions right will not have to donate my chair here but possessions in this blackness to so of you so I can I wish I could say that that only happens outside of the church but I think that even inside the church they are occupied and maybe even when we have allowed material possessions to distract us from joining the Lord of the harvest in his work we could spend more time on that but as I mentioned to you you can either pick up one of my cards and send me an e-mail and I will send you a complete copy of my little book the radical prayer this all chapter on the radical challenge of the TV the radical problem the distractions where you can go to the website the radical prayer .com and you can download the presentations went okay to delete more about that him this is great but the main ring that was after you Jesus asks us in fact it's even more than asking he will be commands us he earnestly appeals to us to play a radical prayer and if you are with us in particular this presentation you in the Scandinavia you will remember that that is used in the propriety is a very strong bar that is the web online and it needs to what remember to buy now network across the world not just Jesus come in the next day and it's very finest it's very intense and we look at some examples of already you will ignore a demoniac set flea allergies is that when the going value to you varies wrong so even though we know what the player is the sense that it's very radical prayer just the way it will pray why now that Jesus is I opted got they the Lord of the harvest the important point remember from last time we not trying to somehow change God 's heart and by playing loud error earnestly otherwise we could be like the puppets available maybe even if I cut myself God will give midnight no cruise high needs to change you so what am I doing on I am him I think God I am I underway been viewed to be a man and I just wonder why out video and I'm giving you permission to do something radical so that the enemy Satan comes and says how do you use any does so powerfully or the bigger how did you use and I can use the name of someone else's name I can't remember everyone that Jesus will say my child cried out to me be silent faint amen hallelujah my child cried out to me good advice and CW is several this make up flag no cameras so they fell in a limit that the content of the player legally get the intensity of IL to the Lord of the harvest then when the movie serious got whatever you need to get an end by the way that the IQs of people came to me and they said no I made that clear I didn't understand that detection is not translated very accurately but this man and women of God down through the ages and even today who could safeguard what anyone didn't write when you want me to dial I'll go whenever you want me to say are saying whether you want me write that is the radical in this meaning what you said that's exactly what Jesus wants us to do because he says because the harvest truly is now but the labeling was a laptop computer cry out to the Lord of the harvest and here comes the shock or maybe as I'm reading through the Bible it happened to be meeting and in the Greek text and I'm expecting to see to a post that will send out because it's in both Latin and then it's mostly an extent faded I've send out enlisted that that's not what that until I like what is this I'm not an expert a great Gianluca Ek Balogh emended to act hello I doesn't mean to send out at about on these two casts out all out in July now in the Jesus is driven out by the spirit is very strong if you look up at the bow low in the concordance and more than thirty times it's used for casting out demons but intense minutes the problem here Jesus Hellmuth have a nice day today I bet you didn't follow laborers into your harvested and as I shared with you in part two you can't claim that without saying at and God you have my permission to begin with it I have got was that happened to me I don't know enough him here peanut and I is from Finland is really talk with talking together you looking at me he said that he amended that we met in the Malaysia quickly Kinabalu on the island of Borneo but his advice again he said that I pray the radical prayer today he is an and he didn't know what God wanted to do that and today he is the health ministry director for the this dangerous because you are not telling God to this is what we do many times okay maybe not you and he nodded me know Norway Finland or Romania in addition as well I let you know what a lot of times I've seen people do we make a little plan and then we asked by the Blessed forgot about this little plan and the ages are going what is that we find that I like I like what because you see we would like to make little plans that we think we can do right six years ago a man came into my office in Orlando Florida he said there God wants you to speak to the world I said how did either that is it I don't know but get ready you see God 's plan him then I plan within one year he was offered a position as vice president of a major satellite network in the US and we did between millionaires we were speaking to fifty million potential viewers in North America today sixty hours of global television coverage is impossible without any money but that doesn't mean that I got just need your hearts like and your willingness to join him in his black issue when you give him permission to echo Balogh US a new Swedish word at Balogh new Danish would be remaining with fellow when you didn't God commissioned after the hello you as we discovered he's going to put you exactly what you will be most affected finale is exactly what God wants them to be as the health ministry 's director in Finland is they how long will he stay there I said no idea that may acknowledge some of what God may be amended a slam dunk a basketball guy I just I cry out he didn't want me out about this okay I want you to stay right at the Madison school we were so then you get out and use it while I'm just here because this is what I am on here because God wants me here the big difference does that make a difference when you get up in the morning and you hit because it was gone once you could be and not just because it's where your having played that radical prayer we come to verse three and this went with her to study for the next hour notes you iPhone iPad I something or maybe just a regular book Lieutenant asleep go your way Jesus says behold I send you out that was fellow before we normally use to send out I send you out whether this is a new Bible as lambs now I grew up in England grew up in England the little island off the coast of Europe where I grew up if you are feeling strong when I grew up we would say I feel as strong as an ox that will be said when I grow so what did they say when you grew up with the same utility but you are what went whether they say in your country as strong as a malady well that's interesting Australia and all right okay so I shall have the mallee bull never admit it but it's not as strong as a liar anybody else yet you're from Canada or somewhere else drama maybe bin Laden is strongest of their and you and you and the other one is a pretty good beer Ryan Ochs who did anybody grow up in a place where they said I feel as strong as a lamp and you know you he is going into on all our arm wrestling match how you doing I'm doing as strong as the him a lot on the lands are not that strong I than anything the lab recently when bling bling and mean not that strong yoga with old lab will its keynote is not that strong right now I grew up Bill I than what I grew up in the we would say I realized why is as an owl on or why they said that I never did understand that by that name you figured out because the house is I think okay I thought it was because our concern is that over way around I don't know how Ted went up how hot is very quiet I don't know but that's what they say right up anyway but with amazing lady and about as wise as a proxy time that summer I has a box in a box is very good why doesn't Fox maybe anyone else wise says in the Bible speaks of life as a certain you think of that alike thanks but that I think is a step in his life because into a dozen it doesn't put himself in danger unnecessarily and it imperfections heaven I don't know that's maybe why Nathan 's wife they did anyone grow up in a place where they said as wise as a lamb I thought of the University I close though I'm a professor at Southern Adventist University in a distance learning program but I at twenty years time when examined two people walking in and wanted to the other I do any of this that I feel at the wife of the lab for the is have a great life is not that wise enough Nietzsche I'm not that wise lambs and even less white so so what is Jesus trying to tell us we just need to start is the harvest show is what the labeling labels are so cried out to God to enter the hollow leg was an and because you sell into the hundreds and by the regularity is not a play that anything is a vitamin and value it is the Latin Wellbutrin one can say that he's trying to tell us that we are not that strong and we're not that donate matters and wires that the text he said I send you out as lambs among while now I just cannot imagine a land bouncing out of the gloom a morning ago and there is little you know let's go live swapping today lands in later books for very good reason of that will go to labs him and him and him without they examine on the map Matthew seven eight he speaks about that and Vanessa Wells Matthew seven fifty one and an estimate in other words it needs like to begin this breakfast a samurai that I really hungry hip millilambert bouncing up and down that as well as the bad paper right and and and but acknowledges that will be bad enough you will lose up well and and not only will but where is that I am in hopes being Jesus says IC you out as lambs in the midst of wolves are maybe cynicism I don't think of Rupert and I would say to you don't pray the prayer and less you understand what we're going to study now in because you really need to know what Jesus has next to look at verse four Jesus is saying we do not have strong and you not that wise and enemy graphic so here we go was for carrying him or moneybag knapsack nor sandals in Matthew 's Gospel when the twelve I sent out by Jesus is even more specific he says with the money back he says don't carry any gold or silver or copper no hundred kroner fifty kroner were to go on a piece into crime but then if one about the designated now does anyone we like to travel you like to travel now so if you are an experienced travel traveler letting me know anymore back to more money if you haven't been on a long trip usually you come back saying I wish I took less bags and more money really money is pretty important when you travel and Jesus says whereby the right did I just tell you that you are not that strong and not that of an Jewish in the midst of them by the way when you go out don't take any money would and not only don't take any money bag with money in it Matthew tells us but don't take my Bible that says don't take and sat what is your Bible say there script I truly helpful we all know what that is right that you have a script ready script that I have a script what I have no idea what was my response would be most people who speak English as a first language have no idea what that is so if this is in the text and you don't know what it means how can you find out what it means you could look up in a guild member he looked up with downline why did you some examples of other places as you'd like the left of the exhibit that non-technical beam unfortunately this way translated that fact or quit is only used in connection with this instruction in the field in place of the Bible so that doesn't help us page is into making to the twelve inches is good into the seventy but there's no other contacts with this weather here that doesn't help and by the way if ever you find in different translations people like script knapsack now the places bag as an illustration they don't know what it means okay business I come up as different things it is obvious it is obvious like the land among the every translation with a lamb lamb lab lab lab because the word is like right but this one comes up as the book was and it doesn't help within the New Testament because it's only using connection with don't take this with you so that what you do with it if you can't use a concordance is that you can look it up and that that's interesting if you if you use a lexicon that's that's kind of like the way looked without it it will show you a classical Greek that's the great then I may well read in the New Testament it will show you some places where that word is used in classical week and I did that and I found something very interesting and interesting I live in it I've never read it anywhere except that it's in this little book that I think is it in classical Greek this word and translated knapsack or school that was a big Larry's back it was abandoned that traveling teacher would carry and it was a sign that he was supposed to help support him a I don't love you have this in Scandinavia and would not open Scandinavian of backing North Carolina the German drive somewhere in Australia and some of that with a little cardboard sign in googling the money do they do that in an Scandinavian now someplace is not then in everyday especially in the cities right little cardboard sign so this bag is that if that was kind of like a cardboard sign it was like saying you have to you have to support me financially I've gotten back that's what it meant in classical Greek milk it means that in this text and I I think you guys Jesus is saying okay don't take any money because I don't want to depend on that and I don't want to think about his bag and in what him money now please don't misunderstand me someone offers you money or a place this study read on an attack and says except that with Thanksgiving right be great like that but don't go around saying you know I love Jesus and I'm working through Jesus and if you love Jesus you had to give me some money and you don't give me any money developed a now maybe this doesn't happen in the place where you live but had never met someone that they think they kind of try to make you feel guilty if you don't help them down at a meta- number of them it's like what you doubt me because I'm doing the guys rock Jesus says don't do that someone came up to me one time they said them new life Scripture songs my workplace which is future songs have been such a blessing to my family might my daughter in her early twenties is very sick and and listening to the Scriptures songstress was like life to our family and we would like to we would like to produce one of you why CDs in Spanish so they simply want to take members of living water one of them and it becomes just I will be at Excel is a bank and with a Spanish rivers of living water felt so I civilly and against the same soundtracks but the active item with a record of where they found someone who would would quit for six thousand kroner approximately which is nothing so what you got I don't hate anything that you would you be willing to to pay that have brought with you response of that so we can have it in Spanish and legal impressed that God wanted us to do that something amazing happened the same weekend that we told him okay I was speaking at a conference and while I was there a lady came up to me I never saw her face she had gray hair though I saw and he came by the AC she just got gotten got impressed me to get Misty was a envelope and then she walked away would you like to guess what was inside that envelope the exact amount so I went back and get it back to write and say I can exhibit from the right know what because it says in the text this is what God impresses someone to help me it's a monopoly who placed the state you are secondly Thanksgiving and will undoubtedly say okay folks is give me I am helping a person to make a CD in Spanish it will cost six thousand kroner if you really love Jesus you need to help me Jesus has noted that don't do that don't take depend on your own money and don't try to force people are you carrying neither money back now that no sandals isn't sure that those who really love Jesus and go on mission work should not wear anything on their feet should be what's the web at the beginning of the verse Harry so then it without logging said extra that you are over here and so I heard a voice from oven and says asked her it is not saying the Internet where nice one place to go home and say when you go on your mission assignment you are not taking a lot of extra stuff we need right away Matthew says don't take an interest in extra call extra PA system with the laptops were projectors mission going to go I've gotten really glad I mean look at all of my stop I've got to stop and Jesus says don't take any step that they debated by building any money what is Jesus trying to teach us rather cool big pendants so that you may carefully him at some later point if we had money which we take with us we don't depend upon the money you got impresses someone to help us we don't depend upon we thank God for them but we don't depend upon it will have equipment like a lifestyle TV lifestyle TV and the neglect of duty and if lifestyle TV thinks that their impact depends upon the equipment and ministries over right so that if you have equipment to stop what you take with you I commission you don't depend upon that you depend upon God because you are I guess I will a.m. Anna lands are not that strong and they're not that I knew in the midst of I learned this lesson the hard way the easy way is to read the Bible and say okay this is what it is analogous live this way but we do that always island a difficult way the lesson of radical dependence after my junior year of college at Newbold College in England I got all intrigues in UN shipping no way then shipping it so it all the way of us and we go there and it teaches how to plant trees as England and the planted trees by the other when not thinking about likely trees right without about little trees and that they come in bundles and you have a clock to keep Google dance right again this kind of rule I don't know what it's called but I can kind of pink or actors of the peak and then use that one leader and you take this to it and you swing it in the medical hall and you put one of the little trees in and you stand on it and then you step one millimeter and you swing that you will make the whole you put between them and I planted a thousand trees that and I'm counting the money every time I plan to drink because I have this nice little plan and I that Scott do what he outlined just the one more year actually only one semester to finish my studies enable college and an elevated level of my school fees and then I was going to work program but I had not learned the lesson of radical dependence Monday while I'm planting trees my two friends with me out in the middle of the woods we stand a little visit no people around a man comes walking through the woods with the kind of work formally who is that and calling him a new one he was saying and as he got close I heard how hot it was my friends me and as I looked carefully I recognize the man it was Harold I had no hand many years ago when I was a little boy growing up with nubile college he was a student at his name was Terry Joshua and he came and he hugged his brother and that is what you are doing here I think tracing on the plan he said I'm in charge of the liturgy evangelists in Sweden for the summer would you like to be a literature and Phyllis and I thought to myself I would rather be hot upside down by my feet because because I don't like to sell things then linear like me you don't like that I think is a fantastic work but I don't like to sell things done like no thank you Gary I have read this plan countries pay my tuition left I never saw him again that was Tuesday I planted trees on Wednesday and Thursday and Friday and Saturday morning I got out and I said to my two friends are you going to chart and they said no but we don't have any way to get to church and we don't speak Swedish three at this stage here are set up and read our Bibles this day but I thought I want to go to church I don't I still to this day do not know why I wanted to go to church that day because I didn't speak Swedish I didn't know where the church what I get shipping was maybe I don't know fifteen kilometers away I didn't even know where to go but for some reason I believe in God 's plan I got up got dressed and went out to this little road in the middle of nowhere the notecards and I wish I don't know that even knew which way the city was I think it was that way so made out of it comes like the recently soft not anymore and I ladies driving and she stops in this dangerous in a strange man the movie is lady driving but she stops I don't speak any Swedish film so I figure that I want to go to the seventh day Adventist church in the town now I live in countries where when you say Seventh-day Adventist church they say what seven eleven but they don't know what it is unknown is that what is that I'm speaking a different language Seventh-day Adventist church in all locations so he will easily get in the car you are all the driving into them the right left right and stopped the car I look out of the window and Days Inn judge and an AEI gig I can't read the book of the door is open and people are going in the seventh must be a Seventh-day Adventist church right to say thank you to the lady I never saw her again I don't even remember how I got back to the fight going to the Sabbath school and I sent to the horse after school and I don't understand anything at all of them and then once in a while yet summative on then you go on him hallelujah in on the plot I understand I was not happy to be than when they were happy to be there Susan is out of scope and then it was time for the worship service and I'm sitting in the church and the preacher walks out with the elders and I recognized him it wasn't very jocular the it was someone that I knew when I was a little boy at New World College his name some of you may have heard his son is now the president of the Swedish union 's name was David Shalonda 's son Bobby Jean and Vienna St. John United walkout the priesthood has driven all the way what do you think of present day and he is the publishing director of the Swedish union you know what's about to happen so I said to the subjects of his and I don't understand what anything but the church service he comes up to me he says there one of your friends open as you speak to me missing is sick and in the other the team the person needs someone to go and work within as a literature evangelist for the summer will you go and then I remember something that that that many people say when they want to get out of doing something you said that I will pray about it and you know sometimes people say that whenever no intention of praying about it right I will pray about it if you say that men do it right I pray about it I thought I is seem like God was trying to catch my attention so I said well his relatives I will go to the forestry commission Damon shipping I disclose to work for the whole summer but I will go talk to the director there and see if you will give me permission to stop planting trees so I can go to the north of Sweden thinking in my mind what he will say no way that you have agreed to work with this many links and so you must thought for the next week and on Friday we took the day and we went to shipping we went to the director is in the forestry commission and I told him and he spoke English of that I had been invited to do this and he not only gave me permission but he took money out of his own pocket I've never met him before he took money out of his own pocket I had no money and he gave me some money for my journey I never met him before so on Sunday morning I went out to the same little load by the I didn't even have a Mac I just knew that Stockholm was only here and articulate without their and I was to go to the Adventist church in unusual sneak you say you're mad because these who wish he would rather be hung upside down than sell books you don't even know where you're going is that you have a church in the town and you're standing out on the side of the road and I tell you that God 's plans out bigger than our plant know we have our little plans right I don't know how I did that for me I'm not that strong and am not that wise I don't know how I did that but for whatever reason I abandoned my nice little plan and I'm standing on the side of the road and I get a ride and the people going all the way across Sweden legal him fella and is not far from here right height of celeb from you forty five minutes because so that those of you that are not punctuated is a fairly good-sized city right busy university there and I am flopped off it looks a lot in our name because else's this is a fight going you can wait on the side of the road at five o'clock in the evening fortunately with the summer and winter so it was light some standing on the side of the Kaiser it was X11 will be calling it in a vision overpass it was a raised road the roads down I'm standing on the side I'm trying to stay alive on the side of the road he said I have no idea where I'm going to sleep when I sleep on the side of the road where willing I just know I'm going to actually speak to the Adventist church and while I'm standing on the side of the road trying to stay alive a little car goes by and stops and it was a young lady a young lady driving the island again ladies doctors take she turned her head to the first and I recognized there were just a few Swedish students at nubile college that previous year and one of them just happened to be driving along in good seller him immediately as you drive along she will and she said I have no idea what good was his doing that but he looks like he needs help in that she's not she that were rolled up the window what are you doing here I said I'm going to she said what they denied you want to come into the house might be all I'd like one feeder is that I get into the guy I'm that her parents had a beautiful Swedish supper they did and I soon met and intended to sleep and slept soundly in about twenty five got up the next day and they took me back to the road and then identify me go well I finally get to the church in crisis agent my friend Robert is there he is the one healthy one still there and I'm supposed to work with Robert and and they give me of a little speech to learn has anyone here ever sold books you okay okay so they think they call it in English at this is canvassing with the old word for literature evangelist I don't know why they call the canvas maybe an old agent with written on canvas but anyway they give me this little speech to memorize him I have no idea what that will help I tried to speak to memorize they genetically said I'm really hungry and I need to run back to gripe you don't buy my book so so they may this is what they said Senegal to sell one thousand kroner per week because this is not very high but you've never done this before and you speak Swedish so one thousand kroner at Rhineland a little speed and I start on Wednesday when people want something so I go door-to-door and forty days Wednesday Thursday and Friday I sold one thousand kroner and I thought a good unpopped gone is really blessed to have me on his in fact I was so proud of my accomplishments that I decided to go on holiday I'd only been working for three days then I went on holiday I went to Finland to Callie and Amy for the weekend to celebrate my success in the morning you know what's about to happen right back on Monday morning hours ten hours knocking on doors would you like to guess how much I felt nothing and I came home that night as you know those people have a problem I should be looking in the mirror that people have a problem but the next day Tuesday I think I prayed went out for ten hours we like to guess how much I felt nothing by the end of Tuesday I was starting to have psychological problems I don't know if you can relate to this this may sound really strange to some of you that I was actually I was actually coming to the place where I hope that no one was home because with so many times people had said but there was one would hope Wednesday the top salesperson the top him jealous from all of Sweden was coming to work with us and when I I I was expecting to see someone like good Arnold Schwarzenegger is enough in this little man came and he doesn't look very impressive I did not understand that power is not in outward appearance power comes from a living connection with God amen I didn't you think that you are very stupid it just the lamb and lambs are not that and then not that but anyway he came and we worked there whining together would you like to guess how much result even he was getting a little discouraging and then in somehow I realized that I felt like Jonah he amended his story of Jonah when Jonah finally says I am the problem if you throw me out of the boat so I said to this man I said then and he spoke some English and said why don't you go and work with Robert my friend and he went and and they began to sell books him and him I sat down on the side of the road on the web and I said I give up I connected I can't even get these books away and do it I felt far away but actually I was closer to God may be than I've ever been because I was close to the place of complete surrender I think I can do this but I know you brought me here and so if you want to do this for me I'm willing I can't got up went to the next house and before I even got to the door the Holy Spirit was there before me tell you know I know because when I knocked on the door and they opened the door there was smiling and they bought a book I went to the next house and the same thing happen at doing that some that I went to villages in the north of Sweden people said they had been praying for years for someone to come some days after I prayed that prayer I came to the house of the gray-haired lady she didn't speak any English she didn't have much of earthly wealth but she beckoned that she wanted to pray for me and we knelt down together and she laid her hands on me and she prayed and I didn't understand what you say I knew that she was connected to the thank God someone is praying was not that strong that wise shortly after that visit and what I'm going to share with you is so remarkable I hesitate to share it but I have to I have to tell you shortly after that I went to a home the lady had two sons one was studying to be an evangelical Lutheran pastor one was twelve years old I thought I could do for this I would try to salvage this book is like Bible readings Bible study so I showed her the book she wasn't interested are you going to do this is a literature evangelist but I but I actually offered a book and she said no and then the spirit of God spoke to my heart and said give your testimony I she didn't speak English on his face rated giving testimony so I open my mouth and I began to give my testimony in Swedish you say I'm a view of the Swedish phase it was a good Swedish leg was a good grammar and I I said no idea no speak Swedish but I was speaking Swedish words maybe it was just like teaching English like I look arguendo to talk off on I'm not claiming that I could give him as it already sounds like a real sweet but I gave my testimony and kind words Swedish wife that I had high whether planting trees is sitting in the truth I didn't understand of going from door were coming into my head and I'm speaking to this lady and she's understanding not just to so did God give me the good times or did God give her the gift of healing at the end of my testimony to the you are typing without looking he didn't want that you pointed to the back you know what was in the back Bible stories and books you know it's quite expensive competitive that little but she paid cash to pay cash for the set of drugs she said I need defamation I walked out of the house you think I'm saying to myself under on hot maybe I'll be the top salesman for the summer I'm walking out of the house saying Blessed be the name of God for the next five weeks I spoke Swedish freely is a valid in others you we can explain psychologically in a fight information overload pattern recognition and you can explain whatever you want but somehow and maybe it was like I love God you logo to Tylenol but somehow got at least gave me the freedom to communicate in a language that I had not learned the good news about Jesus and we sold more books that summer and it wasn't me that I failed I would rather be hung upside down more votes than anyone did of the student literature workers during the summer happened there even though I'm not that strong and I'm not that way I got back to the end of the some of the publishing house used to be a place code gave me the home is the most drive how do you do that again do you know we kind of compare you know who is the tallest and you know the right to sell a few books and by some pizza that I really don't want it all Jalisco we went out would you like to guess how much I felt what was God reminding me off that night I just want to remind you Derek that you are not that strong and you're not that to what what I did there Garrick is not about you is about me and then Sadat means about my kingdom when you join the Lord of the harvest is working on getting some of you an opportunity to share now but look back and rejected ten when you when you badly depend upon the Lord you don't depend upon your money you don't impose upon other people that they are supposed to help you you don't depend upon all the stuff you can carry with you this seventeen of Lieutenant and the seven key times in what is instead with joy when you join the Lord in his harvest work him back to radically depend upon because the word the road is not easy you will experience joy the seventy which I enjoy they had a testimony to get of what God had done and some of you have waiting experience that in your own life when you join God in what he's doing even though you're not that strong and you're not that white and you seeing God work in miraculous ways and experience joy that's what we did in his hand by Scandinavia there's no there's no greater joy than joining God and what he's doing in the well so is this someone that would like to share one or two minute testimony all right that's that with Lisa we do stand up and speak up in two minutes share the joy that you found will will will will will will and will and I are and I will note on the radio and I call you unless you have I put it in the last time I is a a an a a a a him and me us yes I'm just writing because it is writing an essay who was then what did he say right down to serve greatly how how how how important I think to the medical school it's quite a long long story but basically I was in Spanish I have been sworn in and had one your great and I think last course and distance and for four people to the dramatic language Spanish is not the easiest language and special evening this distance and the like the school that vanishes like very high level and basically afraid because I felt like a if you wanted to visit this exile then I'll take one year offer you and your friend Lafayette and if all that I I I could do to decipher the Nevada to get be the operative part of like all is wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong going and ignore all of you spoke to me I is not an election sweating like crazy that nevertheless I thought it would have liked like a forty percent and but anyway yeah I I went for result like seventy percent on the funny thing is that with the highest rate ever got him him him but based on the economy collapse than the mother not all of them happened around the time and the I started university and then the stimulus as I finished university and then got busy to impress your heart you promised us that when the new pharmacy right right right right you can party promised Wi-Fi search engine such as schools and I was disappointed I couldn't find anything but eventually I was that the European Bible school and I almost eleven application that I conducted using the minimum brother he was the floppy disk identified in Oslo and vibrant residential and my brother told me when I was thinking the mission school and then this guy kept to search for Madison to talk about I love lecture and maybe what happens is that the just a coincidence I buy another application of medicine and me there and I think he's you know your Bibles disclosed in another other things going on so short did you find some joy in medicine yet unbelievable unbelievable but in addition this time we didn't include saved in a great group I had a young man come to my office though when I was the lead pastor in Orlando Florida he was twenty five years old from the Ukraine name or link and when I met him I recognize simple of the Holy Spirit full of wisdom and so I I invited him I said then and then I invite you to become a full-time teaching pastor on my staff I have no money we prayed about it one could rally he came back he said I except he he led them this book the radical prayer the topic we talked about he said I believe God wants us available in Russian this was in February he said and believe God wants us available in Russian he translated it in that two weeks into Russian and by the General conference said that somewhere it was printed and available in Russian by August I was training five hundred pastors in the Ukraine to use this resource in a ministry because of this one young man to play the radical prayer he said I'm willing to join the staff at Westlake Church with no money he had a Masters degree in biblical studies and nubile college and he wanted to take a PhD in New Testament is it what what how how can you afford to work for free as a teaching pastor if your goal is to take a PhD that cost a lot of money but I remember when you play the radical prayer instead of developing your little treeplanting plan and asking God to bless it you give got permission to list the ways that value using you you trust that he will he will put you and you won't depend upon your own resources at work take it make others feel like they have to help you but you will just let God use you well that's what this young man did he had only been with us for two weeks God blessed his ministry you know in a phenomenal way and today he is a lead Bible teacher for the Hope Channel he's only twenty eight lead Bible teacher for the hotel but God blessed his teaching ministry powerful way they are at first they church in Orlando keeping there for two weeks one Sabbath I introduced him to the congregation this is passed on like he's a volunteer teaching pastor his God is leading a couple sitting in the church who were not members of the force like church they were actually from another state more than a thousand kilometers away they were in flash by the spirit of God they called him on Tuesday and offered to give him the equivalent of six hundred thousand kroner to fully sponsor his PhD program is that it is that not a lot of money here he didn't stop serving as a volunteer pastor he stayed waiting for God to show him the time when they were looking for a the Bible teacher for the whole channel I had already moved to Washington I said I I know a young man is full of wisdom and full of the Holy Spirit he's now the Bible teacher in Washington at the Hope Channel and he's just applying to enter into a PhD program in New Testament when you seek first the kingdom of God and his rights what you say in the greatest sermon on the Mount Matthew six thirty three seek first the kingdom and his righteousness and all other things will be added so if you if you sense God wanting you to to study this topic more fully I've been studying it for many years to keep learning you can go to the radical print .com is the title of the book .com and you can download for free downloads presentations you can meaning study them or you can send me an e-mail and I'll send you a PDF an electronic copy of the book got deleted and study and think it's invalid what does this mean what what are you wanting to tell me and he gone through the pain anger filled with joy and you're praying the radical quick but then just do we afire the journey that God is ledger may be right someplace just waiting for breakthrough I just want to make that available I want to thank you for being part of this workshop I want to thank you for your listening you been blessed and I just wanted to write you to just pray with me now if you would think God will take the words of Jesus that we studied and applied it in a way that will change our lives we thank you holy father that the words of Jesus have been recorded for us here by Doctor blue the inspiration of the Holy Spirit he guided them to gather this record you have preserved it for us through the ages when people tried to destroy it and now even as we have read your Holy Spirit is guided us to understand just this one teaching of Jesus that you would invite us to join you in your work is amazing because we're not that strong and we're not that wise but we thank you we want to be labeling laborers who want to be working workers in your harvest field and we thank you for the promise that you will provide and that we will experience joy as we join you in your work thank you for this impact Scandinavia conference thank you for the way you have blessed and spoke he is spoken to our hearts help us to listen to what we learn in Jesus name amen media was gone audio new website dedicated to the gods are free and audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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