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IMPACT Scandinavia 2012 Sabbath School

Derek Morris


Derek Morris

President of HOPE Channel, Inc. and host of Hope Sabbath School. 




  • December 29, 2012
    9:45 AM
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what thankful that you that you want to lead us into truth even today this is this is not a performance this is a and Ernest 's study of the word we want to learn we want to listen to you as you've spoken for your profits and most clearly through your son Jesus and so we thank you that your word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our past we thank you that your Holy Spirit inspired the writing of this sacred text these ancient words and that you will speak to all hearts today bless each one here I pray in Jesus name amen amen while this is an amazing topic today of at the end of this series of studies on growing in Christ and the topic when all things become new how many of you here are looking forward to the day when all things become their at least half of you many of us many of us have loved ones that we are looking forward to seeing again went all things a major MN many of us who have been separated for whatever reason from loved ones we're looking forward to the day when we have brought together again when God will make all things new and we want to study about that wonderful Demon is a very appropriate name for a seven day Adventist because we believe in the second advent of Jesus and the making of all things new job IQ than about our class to begin by opening your Bible to first Thessalonians chapter four a small letter that Paul wrote to the Christians in Thessalonica and I need a volunteer from our group would be willing to read first Thessalonians four versus sixteen through eighteen fifty would you read that fourth place and I'm going to ask ingested Tellis what translation of the Bible they are reading from in our study I only have one request of our class and that is that they use it translation rather than a paraphrase of you can read whatever language with absence of these Bibles appears some a maven reading Greek who knows but just ask that you read a translation rather than a paraphrase of the Bible so it's really a translation of the words from the original text and Christian what that translation will you be reading from the from reading from the new King James version and assess for the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a shout with the voice and arch angel and what a trumpet of God and the dead in Christ will rise first then we are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air and the dust we shall always be with the Lord therefore comfort one another with these words so the event being described here is which event an event coming up against the second coming of Jesus at him what are some key things that will happen when Christ returns in glory what are some key things that will happen right all right Senator says the dead in Christ that means those who have believed in Christ but have fallen asleep in bed was that happened to them Mister be caught up together when they doubt they will rise first right and then what was this makes things is going to happen you would look quite hot together with the living righteous right to meet the Lord in the air now there are some missing people in this group were going to talk about them in two more attacks but who is not yet described you've got righteous dead who are raised and righteous living will caught up with those already who have we not talked about in the text we haven't talked about the wicked I so what about the wicked dead and what about the wicked who are living when Christ returns those questions are not answered are they in this text so let's go due to other texts and Lisa follow along with us if you have your Bible Revelation chapter twenty verse four and John five beginning with verse twenty eight we want to answer the questions what about these others what what's going on with them Revelation chapter twenty and beginning with verse four and would like to read the force with you would you read that you got right and I saw thrones and they sat upon them and judgment was given and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witnesses of Jesus and for the word of God and which had not worshiped the beast neither his image neither had received his mark upon their poor parents or in their hands and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years but the rest of the dead will then not again until the thousand years were finished this is the first resurrection this will only see the part in the first resurrection on such the second death has no power but they shall be priests of God and of Christ and shall reign with him a thousand years so according to John in Revelation there are two directions and they are separated by how much time a thousand years now would talk about what's happening during the thousand years but the righteous dead are raised then when the coming of the coming of Christ but the rest of the dead are not raised until after the thousand years now in case you think that the July on this job let's look at the words of Jesus in John chapter five but with us in John chapter five verses twenty eight to thirty and performed it to read that definitely revamped was John chapter five he was the translation and begin with verse twenty eight any every something it contains patient did not marvel at the hour is coming in which all online degrees it has nice income applying those who have been get to the resurrection of life and doesn't then be able to their estimation of condemnation I cannot myself to nothing as I hear I judge my attachment is righteous because I do not seek my own there but they will ask the father who sent me okay so Jesus says this to resurrection he doesn't and that place how much time so rates on but he does say that the resurrection of life life and resurrection on condemnation condemnation not even if we don't know all the details would you agree that if you're going to be ready sometime you'd like to be raised in a resurrection of life right of condemnation and and how are you raised in the resurrection of life if you die rather than the resurrection of condemnation can you choose which one you will come up in Boise just like can you choose absolutely you can chose how do you choose you choose to have your name written somewhere according to the book of Revelation where in the book of life that's right yet you choose to have your name written in the book of life and someone tell the oldest that happens when you do want how do you get your name written in the book of life when you need to win his second season as you say I choose to become part of the kingdom that Jesus is building and to have my name written in his book of life then if I die before Jesus comes I will be raised in the first resurrection printed with it if I'd died before Jesus comes alleluia what's going to happen or deliberate it if I don't die before Jesus comes I'm going to be taken up taken up with those who already to meet the Lord in the air now I notice this one group missing and that's the way it who I living when Christ returns what happened to than two days they wandering around on the other anybody know what happens to them your game will have listed the wicked who are living when Christ comes in glory isn't DirectX that the revelation Revelation chapter six this one just think and it's good to read your Bible Revelation chapter six what when if you are living if you are living when Christ returns and by the way I know we have all of these plans of how things will be but the coming of Jesus will actually catch even the righteous by surprise it doesn't mean were not expecting I met several medical students here I just want to tell you today is very possible that Christ may return if we finish medical school is a lot I was planning to be a medical mission that I said to be a medical missionary now because you may never finish medical school we believe is coming back and I wanted how many of you looking forward to the return of Jesus okay so when you see Jesus coming in glory how you going to feel Sarah of the when you see him coming glory happy and they are happy and regularly happy but listen to this maximum reverse revelation chapter six Revelation chapter six ministries we read that were going to look at verses fourteen to seventeen of Revelation six refund baking ginger version and fourteen and had on the part of as a scroll when it rolled together in every mall in Iceland and mobile health altarpieces and the kings of earth and a great man and a rich man and the chief captains and a mighty man and every moment and every freeman hide themselves in the Dean's ending the rocks of the mountains and said to the mountains and rocks fall limits and high-dose from the face of him that seated on this at all and from the rest of the map but a great day of his rat these come and who shall be able to stamp so the righteous are looking out and we're saying you can how do you think is my favorite Hebrew it went to court Isaiah this is our God we have waited for him and he will save us this is the Lord we will rejoice and be glad in his salvation so where praising God will lead the way to doing I think Monson Jacob for the roster for London another takes talks about being destroyed by the brightness of his coming so so they do not want to be in the presence of a glorious God he can even stand that you can't even stand it that's right candidate instead so that with the wicked I destroyed by the glory of Christ coming the wicked dead space dead the righteous dead are raised and with the righteous living we are caught up to meet the Lord in the air is all right we together so far now is the next question for you what is going to happen during that thou years before the second resurrection was going to happen well I think someone will read maybe it was Chris in the red what's going to happen up in heaven during that time will caught up to meet the Lord in the air at Ground Zero said most of what what's happening anybody what's happening we show you with more forever yet will reveal as little or elegantly doing anything like how many think will go to be worshiping God absolutely prohibitive age of the constantly work to a wizard got over doing something else what what are these books that open okay so aged is it a judgment second part of the job I did not apply because it's already been a judgment right a Paris advanced judgment and then the declaration the one who is righteous he writes is that I'm the one who is filthy so that judgment so so what is happening in question how can it be another judgment in there was always a gentleman that was a quick question who is the Johnson boy during the thousand years for this benefit as it's already settle in for the believers were not excess is for the San Juan 's but I guess it's also for the same month not knowing where their family and friends are and also in mercy to those who didn't ride why were they not we will see why they weren't invested how many of you whenever it so everybody can see that God is righteous so it is a very you in eyesight and open it in open but to see why adjustment was made as it was made how many of you here today have a lot one and you are not certain of the relationship with Jesus how many of your playing that they will be saved in the kingdom of darkness if you are not I appeal to you the bride someone needs to write a man but it is possible that some of us when we get to the kingdom of heaven we will look for someone and she will not be the you will not be and we have requested I don't know what it takes a thousand years maybe it's because the slope but I am one other question weight while we're praising God and God is showing the beauty of his character through this judgment what a say in doing and his evil forces that is not the belonged Arthur were living someone suggested to me last year that Satan is exiting that during the millennium no account but he is now doesn't it say that somewhere in the book of Revelation are three overlays when would you read that Flora said Christian reading from new King James version of our universe one two three that I saw an angel coming down from heaven having the key to the bottomless pit and a great chain in his town he laid hold on the drawing of the serpent of old police the devil and Satan and bound him for a thousand years and cast him into the bottomless sign up the seal on him so that he should do this that he should deceive the nations no more to a thousand years were finished but after these things he must be released for a little while so second is found upon the art and we can assume that his angels are down here with them can ask a quick question yeah why do you think he was not destroyed along with the other with the question right right by your Christians this is why you say can not destroyed with the wicked when Christ comes in glory why the evil angels not destroy why don't build much like the gunmen used us two things because all of the time before he lifts up his seat and he did the things he did the police about what he's doing that individuals and companies must visit the city the thinking at the feet in length okay Rebecca is saying God allows this time for Satan and those angels that join him in rebellion against God to reflect upon the consequence of the rebellion it doesn't produce any fruit in them is afterwards in other okay so crazy because it doesn't do any good but does the universe know it won't do any good you know I thank you so much for your comment that you know eight eight allows the University see again sometimes I don't know about you but I get tired of all of the evil that Satan is working in the world and in the book of Revelation it's as finally installs under the alternate cry out how law how long but God in his wisdom allows this great controversy to unfold so the universe finally said great and marvelous are your works Lord God Almighty just and true are your ways this is the song of Moses you know O King of the say it's like there is no doubt an online because at the end of the thousand years Satan is loose again why is he moves well what happens at the end of the thousand years in which it already that people do tend to get that look in our Bibles that see if this thousand years of reflection has changed sacred character and enabling to that of following him in any way let's see Revelation chapter twenty beginning with verse seven and I'd like someone to read Revelation twenty versus seven through the first line of verse nine is kind of a conclusion and then had a piece in verses eleven to thirteen women starting verse seven Yum we request the first half of verse nine right I'm reading from the new King James version beginning this when the thousand years have expired Satan will be released from his prison him will go out to deceive the nations which on the four corners of your golf and Margaret to gather them together to bet that whose number is at the sand of the sea they went up on the bed of the and surrounded the camp of the saints of the beloved city and so say in yesterday the wicked array status letters and and when his evil angels what do they do their talking we aren't talking they think that I think we were we were wrong they gather together when it be true that there are more lost than say what you think I mean doesn't Jesus talk about a broad land many of the narrow way I feel so maybe Sega 's logic is Jan will have on the door I then by sheer numbers we could take the city at this time and and and John gets another revelation something else it's happening someone read verses eleven to thirteen of Revelation chapter twenty Revelation chapter twenty China will you be there for us not in the verse eleven this is what happened then I saw great length throat and came and sat on it from the space heater and the heaven fled away and there was found no place for them and I saw the dead small and great standing before God books were opened and another book was opened which is the book of life and the dead were judged according to their works at the things which were written in the books the sea gave up the dead who were in it and best and hottest delivered up the dead who were in them and they were judged each one according to his works so here is the judgment of the great flight from now I wonder we had that judgment if the pre- Advent judgment has already been decided everyone's taste nothing this is a very important part of the junction because all the universe will see that these people the evil angel for Satan heaven change your mind 's ambitious theater can recall the executed to it yet is the completion of the judgment process by the way the lake of fire it is not God 's desire that any of these children be cast into the lake of fire you think is his desire anyone if you have some children and one of them is misbehaving the one the one misbehaving to be thrown into the lake of fire it is not God 's desire that any obvious children be cast into the lake of fire but Satan and his angels will be cast into the lake of fire and those who joined with Satan in the rebellion against God it will be the final consequence of their choice I'm so glad that we have a choice to stand with Jesus amen praise God praise God the Savior has come to the rebellion is found in Genesis are coming to take the city by force at Jan I want you to read the second half of verse nine because this is the completion of this story were in Revelation twenty the last part of verse nine the coming massive force to take the city and what happened I read the whole person is not then we went up on the breadth of the and surrounded the camp of the saints and the beloved city now comes the second part and fire came down from God out of heaven and devoured them so what happens to duplicate following shapes elite as they come to attack the city fire comes down and devoured them you know I have a lot of questions in the Bible where it talks about forever and never informed that the there are some tags that are not easy to understand right but some text a very simple here's what the wages of sin is it doesn't say internal department the wages of sin is that's very clear to me this effect is very clear fire came down from heaven and what would busily devouring I was in Africa back in April they are I I saw some alliance if the examiner said the lion devoured Panama good or bad that it is not like the is not like me at him what or even a million devoured means there's nothing that fire came down from heaven and devoured them in fact that the fire has a broader purpose according to second Peter you clean your regarding the RNA is going to the elements will melt with a firm and see very safe purification of the art cleansing of the Earth by fire now where are the righteous when when this wires coming down where we as I said we give money to be inside the city by the way they said are three main surprises when we get to the city you know that my favorite preachers Edie Brooks said that three big surprises the first big surprise is that we got there by the grace of God amen I noted you know what the second big surprises according to city Brooks the second big surprises are some people that you wish your would not be there and that there in all you look at Nagel I think you are going to be here and I will say I got in the same way you admit and how is that by the grace of God unfortunately there is a third big surprise the third big surprise is are some people who were such good hypocrites that he was sure they will go to be in everything on the outside you know the perfect but inside their heart was far from the and people look on the outside can you finish the fence but God looks at what we should engage people you surprised to be some people we were sure going to be in and out there because the heart with our but they look good on the outside have we not done many of us waxing your and Jesus says I never knew you know I'm glad the study doesn't end there would go to talk now about the new heavens and the new it we talked about that fire Chinese talked about the cleansing would you read that text for us in second Peter chapter three verses ten through thirteen and someone else said get ready to read from Revelation twenty one hundred this is wonderful this is wonderful news and so we just have fifteen minutes left with is that you will want to end on the good news at everyone here today had choose to be a part of the new heavens and new work and then we can argue what is a set up repeatedly and at the day of the Lord will come as the rights in which the heavens will pass away with a great noise and the elements will melt with fervent heat both the earth and the words that are in it will be burned up therefore since all these things will be dissolved what manner of persons ought you to be in holy turn knocked in five minutes looking for and hastening the coming of the day of God because of which the heavens will be dissolved fire and the elements will melt with fervent heat nevertheless we according to his promise look for in your habits and your earth in which righteousness dwells may you read the first fighter is then very quickly Peter has just said Scott was will saying where is this item is coming everything continues as it had and that it says the Lord is not slack concerning his promise but is long-suffering toward us not willing that any should what parish but all should come to repentance but then it says and and and go back to the verse again but the day off the Lord will come people as Scott and they appear to be an apparent delay but is not willing that any should perish but the day of the Lord what it will come it will come in and we look for a new heavens and a new war in which righteousness dwells that's look at that in Revelation twenty one Virginia Bible is Revelation twenty one and whoever volunteered Rebecca would you make for us starting in verse one that's look at the first five verses of Revelation twenty one reading from the new King James version now his son you have in the new for the first heaven and the first and the best of me also there was no more sea then I shone suddenly sit in your chosen coming down out of heaven from God repent as a bride adorned for her husband and I heard a loud voice from heaven saying behold deduct the necklace got his men and to the development them and each of these people got themselves the David them and be their God and got the vibe as a every year from the areas that should be no more than Masaru crying shipping no more paying for the former things have passed of a then he said on the phone said the Paul makes all things new and he said to me right foot is very accurate and faithful yet another benefit thing God behold I make all things what all think Smith now if you read on a monogamy to hold captive twenty one but if you read on it begins to describe the city and that the twelve case this twelve days in there what would be like twelve pearls and and it measures and talks about the jewels and the foundations of street of goals I live me as you question you think that is a literal description will not be some big plans for a permit we couldn't eat anything that we love nature right and this doesn't sound like nature doesn't sound like trees okay so you understand all this not exactly like that all you know just hard hard golden streets and hard-core old doors and help us is it a literal description or is is is is John trying to decide something so glorious that he's never imagined the scene before what do you think I think it's difficult to find the right words it is a thing for us it is never experienced this glory that we will experience thanks I still think it is a nicer place than we will come to Adventist in imagination you know you but it is result you agree Israel but with jobs decided to describe something the more glorious than he's ever seen before I like it how I want was given a vision of heaven as well so the grass with single goldens and over of the quite a uncomfortable to walk in not that I quite like the advantage which he sang the most glorious anybody else let what you think of what is the most important part of the description that was meant for us in Revelation twenty one Christmas it was printing the audience near that God will be with us and be our lot well well he would dwell among us okay enough about the sanctuary when you think you're a terrible year was made out of pure gold and business this surrounding that is worthy of God why shouldn't nature of the China of fewer and and very expensive material because if this is the only thing which is worthy to an awesome God Van de Graaff and the fruits can be in a very glorious when we cannot just imagine it but I think that there is more than we can not yeah it I have grievant Prunella Israel I also agree that is more glorious than anything we've imagine what about the comment and advice specifically that God being with us it is the most important and precious to what about this regretted many times God will wipe away all the tears I thought this was like where we got our everything is perfect and all things are made new so where the tears coming from and I don't think in heaven will be deep void of viewings you think will be sad and have it be said forever someone says maybe we are tears are tears because some that we love are not there when you think okay that we navigate interesting disguising so much as I did during the thousand years when we examined the books those fears but but not forever in the end the new heavens and the new are and that's before the creation of old things new but okay so we are feeling the pain of God and at the loss of of of those that that he loves to anybody else now we always assume that those tears our tears of sadness and argue that I enjoy is enjoy maybe critically just enjoyed to open in the Woody think we think these the only I know it says there will be no more dad nobility but that me asking is there anyone here that when you finally get to the place where there's no more pain or debt outcry of O'Grady that you might have tears of joy I wonder why God 's word wipe away the tears of joy okay that's a good question there's another burst is that you hold your person assessing a question I think is really good question why would God wipe away if they accuse of July why would you wipe them away has anyone here ever been with someone you love was so happy that they begin to cry tears of joy and with the loving had yet what the way that using anybody thoughtfully enough until it is impossible that God could wipe away a tear of joy to with a loving I don't know we just always think about a skiers etc. I think it is that but but could it also be other tears yes you text in Chapter twenty tumors and two okay I want you to read verses one to five because that's our last fast food you do that and then you can comment on verse two so if you turn in your Bible this is our last passage in Revelation twenty two versus one to five of the stewardesses angles showed me a pure river of water life clear as crystal receding from the throne of God in them intimate look at State Street and on either side of the river was the tree of life which for twelve fruits each tree yielding its fruit every month the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations and there shall be no markers the throne of God and of the van subunit and his servants on certain initials CS space in his name shall be and therefore absolutely no night there face they need no land nor light of the sun for the night God gives them life and they shall reign forever and ever and you wanted to find a direction China especially to verse two yeah because the tree of life has in its original in the garden of Eden and it's still there and we will still need to eat its fruit and I think that it's very important to have this connection from the garden of Eden and even restored in the end finally because in the beginning that shelf life was fair to give perpetual life adamantly they could have been strengthened and strengthened and strengthening group growing up more and more and that's great and they in their own strength and power and so when renewals starting after being your face is confounded and that will start to live there forever in the beginning I think I sent will not be asked as the guest kind continues like it is eternity is continuing and so the fruit is dancing keyless and them this is that this connection of the garden from the very beginning with this symbol of the tree of life okay let me close on October ninth he talked about being translated your open window righteous have caught up together with the right instead of a race it says we will not all sleep but we will all be changed in a moment in the twinkling of an eye right this mortal will put on immortality at this corruptible will put on now and what China said it is corruptible without a corruption what what is this leaves for the healing of the nation is a still some feeling that we need even when all things that make no I think about it before across for instance you'll need some development on another note but it needs some time in else's things is not only the physical healing but also the mental so so this is an interesting thought right away we don't have all of the ashes but we haven't had and raised here from from spiritual a maintenance life is going to be as real in the new heaven and new word as it wasn't even and if Adam and Eve were growing and developing mentally and physically and spiritually Dina saying that in the event in a new way while there is no more statement that I don't think tomato were not just that sitting around rather but we are growing physically and mentally and spiritually socially at all things on a new and the most beautiful part of that life is that God himself be with us and be our God is not amazing and you can choose today to be part of that new heavens and new were and that happens by having your name written where the Lamb 's book of life will I find this line great study keep studying the Bible his word is a lamp to be in a light weapon let's pray that God will bless the testimony user today with our father in heaven thank you so much that through your profits and through your son Jesus you have revealed the truth about the end times the final dealing with sin and making all things new and we confess there is much that we do not understand but this we know you want each one of us to be part of that new heavens and new earth where righteousness dwells and with our heads bowed in prayer some of us have chosen on the go to have our name written in the book of life by trusting Jesus so maybe will choose even during this conference but if you want to stay with me today but Jesus thank you that I can be part of your new heavens new work this raise your hand with the wood had to say thank you Jesus thank you Keith making never will in Peru will gain are a media was brought a spinal osteoporosis is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through three seven audio and much more we would like to know more about our universe is more certain is www. audio tours .org


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