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Finishing the Work, Part 3

Jesse Zwiker


What is God calling you to do? What is your lifework? Has he already revealed it? We will identify principles of how you can find out what God’s revealed ideal will is for you and His remnant people. God has a plan on how to comprehensively give the gospel to the world in this generation. You play a very significant role in the completion of this task. Find out what the Lord expects of you. In this workshop every student can learn to bring their specific life goals into alignment with God’s ideal will and live accordingly.


Jesse Zwiker

Vice President of Outpost Centers International




  • December 31, 2012
    4:30 PM
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foreign born we come before you this morning and we plead for your Holy Spirit Lord it's it's been re: a few days and we have most of us have probably not gotten a lot of love sleep but we know that your grace is sufficient for us and you are the one that can sustain us in your the one that can give us the strength and the power necessary for us to be able to minister at any time of our lives on board we're going to discuss your strategic plan for the time of the end how you have designed us to finish the work and Lord may we learn how to put our lives in alignment with your plan so that we don't just connect fiddle around and try to do our own will in some ways but but it we can it with yours because when we align it then you stole upon us so tremendous blessings that we would never be able to get if we would not be in your ideal will so let us have that burden and that commitment and Lord the second thing that we're going to study this morning is that steps on how to know the will of God for me personally so Lord that is a great burden that we have to great question that we have in our minds and please open our minds to two to your leading the way you lead so that we can all be deceived and that we can be a hundred percent sure that where we are or where we need to be is God 's will that's our prayer the this piece that gives us happiness it gives us confidence that that what we're doing is not because of our own efforts but it's because of your merits and you are efforts that you do in our lives thank you so much hinges me amen you ready to hear God 's strategic plan Holly and owl of our weekend I finished his work in this generation I I think we already have a little bit of an IDL will always get me going out to be going right let's recap from what we learned last time a day or two ago what we learn on what we learn on the power supposed to do mission work I was supposed to live as anonymous people when we learn the business evangelism okay was I mean was any nice them know what a nice little phrase all day he threw my work or through my business to do mission work right now somebody can explain this let all play the devil 's advocate okay I say yet what kind I can't idea testimony cannot be a witness at any annual any enterprising worldly business I can be had I can be not maybe I can be a positive influence on somebody there is and that is that the valid as a teammate to BCS is you cannot teach them anything will him him ha ha so a lot more effective if the entire business is focused on the short him a absolutely absolutely what else is a food is yet more libertine you have all the liberty to do what you want to do right amen that's a lot more exciting right now what else you have in his and her in is in you is okay and that you absolutely will happen is he is he that is and is a success at meeting is in is is is suddenly your investing all of your time into what God says what we should invest time in right you know it's really hard for me at least in was really hard to did that to tell people about how amazing the gospel is how God is everything for me when I invest about two hours of my week in God you like I mean postmodern Christians and non-Christians goes postmodern people right they look at you and they say okay if if if if this is the truth why are you investing all your weed in something else but the truth right absolutely the problem is a problem now another question can we say now that everybody should stop their worldly job and get into full-time mission work now what is a okay get into the right direction yes a man who destroys it absolutely so can it be that God actually leads you to a worldly institutions to work and I will now be in a him a yet so is impossible even though that what we have talked about what we developed here this is the ideal right you remember is the idea that we know we set up this is our goal ideally God 's will for each one of us is to eventually work full-time for write is the ideal we can't say that that's not the ideal because we lose the ideal then we lose focus on but we can't say that it's not God 's will for somebody to work in a worldly job for a time that's possible right that's possible this is really really crucial because we don't live in the ideal okay not yet we don't live in the idea yet if we will be living area with what I thousand organizations okay we would have a thousand ministries here in Sweden only right but we don't run we had like one so what if everybody would understand that Zell Gaon adjoined this one ministry now I would actually kill the ministry probably right so that's all that week we don't live in the ideal we live in reality and therefore we need to take we need to take the ideal and put it as our objective where were going to be and now from where we are in reality okay we'll have one ministry here or two or whatever but I need to start working towards the ideal how I work towards the ideal gradually one step at a time what would be one step at a time maybe next year I can I can tell my boss I want to work eighty percent nine hundred percent right I will try present for me worker for something developing some new product I'd may be it is if you're at Doctor Reich may be you can instead of working in a world hospital you can start your own practice right view start your practice they got as part of some spring work that is part of mission work right if you put these principles into practice right if your objective is to do evangelism through your through your practice on data big time my so you can speed to start your business not everybody is called to start their own business or ministry right not everybody's like entrepreneur was get this thing going right not not everybody so so it would be horrible if this people that are not called to do that go start try to start a ministry it's a far cry and be it brings the bad testimony on all the stuff and this is happened to the we don't want to do that so gradually we see we think okay maybe I need to change my job into this no Aiken Aiken you can work for a time but realizing that God can call you there even though it's not the ideal even though it's not the ideal if you're young and you will have any no restrictions for me for me this was easy when I understood this I didn't have any debts I didn't have any restrictions that in having your family to take care of my dilemma car or a house or anything right so for me to say oh God usually in the full-time automotive emissions will mitigate get some training and start something that there was easy for me right it was a hard because because I'd have any restrictions on if you have dance and you have all these things then we need to take care of those things right we need that actually we need to bear the consequences of our decisions from the past front you can be responsible with the thanks so that's really closely important okay because because you have fanatical and all you hit extreme understanding the ideal undertaking or even jump into the ideal legal so we don't want to do that we want to go gradually intelligently make step-by-step okay this is how I can use my talents if I'm an architect this is how I can use my talents but where do we need this and that is not where we need to build another church where do we need to build a sanitarium you know where oh where do we need that this is that right so you start thinking along mission work instead of a long business world and just about profit and that's that that's the paradigm shift so that's really really important okay something else that we discussed last time was how were we to reach the city 's hall were we to do evangelism okay we figured out it was all based on the concept of business evangelism why business evangelism why we call it business evangelism actually the General conference calls that comprehensive sustainable evangelism get comprehensive sustainable evangelism why does it have to be sustainable comprehensive because everything is involved every job everything can be involved sustainable why sustainable yet it can't be supported by time right it can't be supported by time because there's not enough ties to support every single ministry that is out there if we have thousands of a right doesn't work so I has to be self-sustaining it has to be self-sustaining so so and that is another time for self-supporting it's the same thing actually what were talking about is the ideal of self-supporting work right leg missionary work so comprehensive set of sustainable South sustainable or sustainable evangelism it's it's it it's a sustainable program it's not just know how you know how we've been doing evangelism in the past the whole honorable history how we been doing evangelism we going to the city and when we do that we put some leaflets right reasons and fires out to all the people in the community and then we expect them all to come to an evangelistic campaign we dry is that he's again and the relief and then some stay in the church and then a lot of them leaving the from the church right this is how we been doing evangelism like an event event -based evangelism that is that in all that is like icing on this like the most effective way to do right that more effective way to do evangelism is how if it's in a continuous ongoing evangelism has been the ongoing evangelism that's why sustainable evangelism is based on organizations is based on ministries on businesses on enterprises because they continually are doing something a restaurant at every single day is doing vandalism right is not just once I coming here I'm an attorney event was the city try to convert these visible city and then leave again no it's ongoing all the time the light shining from these places all the time right we are to do health programs continual health programs in our places right so sustainable evangelism is the most intelligent way because you do evangelism all day long all night long all the time all your life right so I actually have a few more and reaches way more people because you're not doing outreach on Sabbath afternoon that make sense but you doing outreach all week long of course his words more is more successful it's clear right I mean itself to me as Lex okay I'm surprised that that it's like hard to make the paradigm shift to but it's but it's it's it were not used to thinking that what you were not used to thinking that was a will but we need to get used to thinking that way I'm so so that's that's very important are not how do we reach the cities what do we learn we had we read one quote where it said how we are to reach the city 's remember what they do what are they having the cities or that things the bad in the cities the programs of bad restaurants of it here's the city 's eleven year better restaurants treatment rules or else clinics that counseling rooms wireless health food stores warehouse thing about it what can you think about it libraries reading rooms no not in the city that's over there right on Western Avenue city 's cooking classes this went closer I think it had to start with we heard that by the Copenhagen yet but I guess it works right why not as part of the concept absolutely all right what else to put Asian companies a man or as airlines well what else decide nominees but I absolutely anything you can think of right to infiltrate called ordering medical missionary door-to-door work or for men or friends you know that your friends and said they both actually bringing them out on the city right to the other place and somewhere that are kind of things okay I mean an array of shift mission wax remember shift mission work right so on all kinds of things anything that you can imagine based on the needs of the people okay this is really important how do you identify what do you need for your city how do you identify what you need for your city if you need a restaurant or if you don't need a restaurant you need a secondhand store or jeopardizing company what you do you study the needs of the people right you need to do business not as intelligent mission work this is not just Allawi says way to the restaurant unless the restaurant to know right now because you might use your praise God God sometimes even blesses that right he sustains that even but we need to do intelligent mission what we need this we need to assess the needs of the community need to identify what are the diseases that these people are struggling with a mainly on one of the major diseases is these lines disease okay so you're not good if you if you start a program treating cancer your program might just shut down in a few months if you start a program treating the lines disease is any tactful right you did the research to find out what are the needs of the people they need a restaurant they need that eats healthy gain to learn to do this they did they need whatever I do that either a lot of a lot of big people love yet they need to learn how to how to eat without cholesterol so you offer you you make a cookbook with the title cholesterol free kitchen whenever I meet you you you design everything according to the need of that community has really born so so you do assessment you do surveys you know you are smart intelligent evangelism okay so you reach that city with all of these things sustainable business -based evangelism okay and then we have the concert on the outside was on the outside we have doubtless ended where was what was what was to be there we was to have all my educational programs out there what else all of my health treating the sick was supposed to be outside exactly in the country what else gardening agriculture absolutely what else alternate energy J yeah absolutely absolutely for the time again especially right what else anything that does not directly connect with the people okay so for instance a printing press is that it is any of that in the outside yet outside right you can print everything outside the memory of the people you don't need to be inside to print everything right okay so they can be outside the publishing houses palaces there they should be outside cause then they are not in the whole influences and all that negative things from city right so anything you can is outside but most things are to be inside the city because that's where all the people are that's over supposed to meet the people you to a restaurant out of the bullies will unit on ED there monkeys in my face right now doesn't work right so you need to be where the people are right that's really is really important Iraq so we have this all the salt where we supposed to live the year exactly was supposed to live here because is the better place to be right you actually have a lot more oxygen if you live in the inner city Utah that your oxygen level goes down one to two or more percent even right your oxygen the oxygen level in the air which means if you have that that a lack of oxygen coming into your brain for years what happens to your brain and shtick is less effective right is less effective so it's clear rights it's clear it's smarter and smarter for perfect harmonious development of being its smartphone about their soul but as we said right some special cases can be called to do that to even in the whole business evangelism concept okay there is a novel one percent or zero point something percent of people that are called to actually work ideally there's always exceptions to work ideally even in a worldly setting as possible right as possible for instance there's there's the stories of and you and made a major networks for a president of a country through her testimony the president gets converted and the president first half of the country that this is a test that that this is happened right so God is not restricted to the concept right God goes beyond that drive these those words more effective but that's like you know one percent zero one percent at this point we are going to make an exception into the rules bracket we have ninety something percent being the exception and then sustainable evangelism concept is like zero something percent at this point in time so we need to change it around and get everybody to work full-time in the state and then have a few exceptions where the wrong where God puts him right back and that's definitely possible all right how can we know that we're not exception one ninety nine percent is not the exception so the possibility that you are the exception is very small that's first point second point is dependent on your calling and that's why we need to know how to know what was going on here was about how to know his will so so I can tell you that you're not the exception I'm you can't tell anybody that Europe exception in general were not the exception I but it all suddenly everybody for convenience sake says Olga Gund exception asthma that doesn't work right that doesn't work so so in general with the exception that were not the exception with were the rule of commuting all of our energies into this into these lines gradually rent 's all right so so that the content this is how we were supposed to reach the cities business hours post reaches it is theirs in testimonies volume seven in testimony volume nine a medical ministry in and in many other life events and all kinds of books out there right that say that at three singles said he has to be entered in with medical missionary work that has to be entered in every single city needs to be worked like this the way we've been designing it right we've been designing it let me read you does one quote that shows again that confirms what we've been we been talking about so you know I'm not just making this up and read it to you it is God 's design that our people should locate outside the cities here is outside the cities and from these outposts warned the city is an raise and then memorials for God but so that's how we should work that we should live your and workwear it was a weekend live four hours three hours four hours away from the city right doesn't work you need to be UNIDO 's be outside of the cities of the influences bleeding because I'm so they can travel into the city to work there aren't there must be a force of influence in the cities that message a warning shall be heard this it is hard to be worth from outposts said the messenger of God shall not the city be warned yes not by God 's people living in them but by their visiting them to warn them of what is coming up on this earth right so that's the concept is the concert we do work in the cities live out live outside from all of this stuff now we're going to see how this has a prophetic significance for the time of the end okay prophetic significance for that last day events a good days work in the cities how we need to work the cities there's that there's there's a beautiful book that has been put out just last year this year from the General conference called ministry to the cities by the widest date ministry to the cities that gives us at pretty good idea of how we need to work the cities got ministry to the cities here is a quote from medical ministry page three hundred and four this tells us prophetic significance what will happen if we start working the cities as God would have them how does God want to work at the city 's from outside and when yes centers of influence with the Hall concert that we been developing it right this is the concept this is as God would have us work the city so now here there is no change in the messages that God has sent us in the past there's no change from a hundred years ago there is no change in how we need to do this right the work in the cities is the essential work for this time this was written all hundred something years ago it was the essential work for that time and we never we didn't do it July sensuous and now when the majority of all the world 's inhabitants live in the cities it wasn't that case it was the case bagman but now is the majority of all the Earth 's inhabitants live in the city so much more important is it now to work this him essential work for this time when this it is our work is the prophecy when the state is our work as God would have been the result will be the setting in operation on a mighty movement such as we have not yet witnessed God calls for self-sacrificing men converted to the truth to let their light shine forth in clear distinct race you know God calls for self-sacrifice sacrificial service you were not used that were used the comfortable lifestyle it'll but God calls for self-denial calls for self-sacrifice it requires a sacrifice on our behalf it does but what of this prophecy day when this is our world as God would have them how does God want to cities worked comprehensive right with the whole program sustainable not come in a good evangelistic campaign and then leave again that's not the way comprehensive all the time ongoing meet Nola stop in evangelism in that city right with restaurants publicized the whole nine yards that is that is as God would have been what happens if we do that that is everybody's getting involved in mission work right and then what would happen according to this quote eleven easier what it says it says the result will be the setting operation of a mighty movement what movement is is talking about what movement Irene this is that Irene this is this is when the fourth Angel the fourth or the aloud actually it's the loud cry of the third Angels run the third angel in Revelation eighteen one day when that is the rain starts to be poured out that would produce an movement such as we have not yet witnessed but in connection with the A and actually the latter rain is the result of working the cities this is what saying right so we know we can be in our pews praying and praying and praying for the Holy Spirit to be poured out for the latter rain to report out to forty days of all the Irene bonus you'll you'll I will not happen until we do what until we work disease because the Holy Spirit does not want to bless somebody that uses it for themselves it's simple the Holy Spirit is poured out for on people that use it to advance what God 's work to reach the people right so it's when we start reaching the people always are working to cities that's what the result will be down the latter rain being poured out being FlashForward and that is going to be a movement the movement that we have not yet witnessed we have not seen this yet but you don't this is the general conference vision that we half General conference the worldwide seventh at his church is trying to implement these things that are written year right it's not just the general conference is planned is it it's God 's plan that's the cool thing if we focus and develop and work towards doing this for the work of the city is no we cannot fail we cannot fail because it's prophesied the business was going to happen right this is was going to work if we were intelligently doing research and find out how it works and had been implemented into our time in the region another quote that is income and in a marketing cooperation with the same thing the same scenario from a different point of view it's as when this is our work but it immediately implies when the city 's artwork as thought would happen that all church members start getting involved in mission work right start becoming co- laborers with .Mac same quality shows that there is a prophecy that if everybody starts getting involved in mission work the Holy Spirit will also be poured out right when he read it to you we actively read it already wants the Meridian the great outpouring of the Spirit of God which was great outpouring is talking about the latter rain right the great outpouring of the Spirit of God which in light of the whole earth with his glory and his Revolution eighty will not come it won't come until we have an enlightened people that know by experience what it means to be laborers together with God until we have the experience to be called labors with God right that's when the Holy Spirit will be poured out the winter will not report out and doing until we get this right it says when we have an entire wholehearted consecration to the service of Christ God will recognize the fact by an outpouring of the Spirit without measure that's lettering right so everybody gets involved in core laboring with God is doing what what are they going to do it what what are they gory bring with word of the city 's simple right organizations but this will not be one of the largest portion of the church are not laborers together with the sense so the Lord 's prayer is not a report out until we realize that we need to get part of weight reaching deceased mobilizing all the churches to reach their student communities there cities to to to do this right so all right so were supposed to be working with the city 's all the cities in the whole world current all the cities in the old world just in Norway we would have hundreds if not thousands of ministries reaching the cities all averages would be involved in something trying to reach their local community right Justin Sweden imagine you're on enough hundredths okay hundreds of ministries all doing this work I have everywhere right now there's a strategic plan on how we need that goes step by step in order for this to actually develop on an international basis on the international level as quickly as possible within a generation cracked within a generation there is actually there's actually a prophecy that tells us hot where we should start and then where we should go to write his amazing women read this to you where should we start testimonies volume seven page thirty seven it's also an medical ministry and also in evangelism page three eighty four those who bear the burden of the work in greater New York should have the help of the best workers that can be secured we won't get distracted by this writer I okay in New York we need their help was the best workers need to be secured for their work in New York why is that he is the key here let a center for God 's work to be made and let all that is done in New York being a symbol on the work the Lord desires to to see done in that world and the rest of the world what does this mean this means New York needs to be the symbol of rank the model on how we need to reach the cities so what we need to focus all of our energies into Dan New York we need that we need to focus on Fridays into making New York the model so that every other place every other city can be modeled after how we are reaching the city of New York why New York on it one of the biggest cities it's it's actually the most international city in the planet Earth right and everybody looks towards New York if they think United States everybody thinks New York it's amazing it's really interesting I'd Derek Morris said the other day there's over all eight hundred languages just in New York I mean it's amazing right all these cultures and everybody's like miniature the world in a in a not shallow right miniature that's New York everybody looks for that so so if we do that right in New York you exactly bet the model business plan to select the best business plan for any business if you wanted about the business internationally you have to do it in New York the dialects is actually how it works right New York backpack and start start developing international is the smartest way to do it right so so let New York be the model and this is the most amazing things are New York is the data model and what we need to do this we've implemented in the rest of the world right first in all the biggest cities locally wherever we left right wherever we are so this is actually this is the most amazing thing that they general conference strategic plan the General conference strategic plan of seven Baptists they have developed a strategic plan for on how to reach all the cities and guess whether starting with New York two thousand thirteen next year tomorrow tomorrow they arrived two thousand thirteen is good to be the focus on making New York the model on how we can reach sustainably reach the city right so everybody's going there I cleared it weirded out that the other day right with Douglas Annan three hundred and fifty measure academic but are not only doing this was the campaigns are doing sustainable evangelism to doing they're going to rework after work and establishing right now they're in the process of trying to establish sanitarium 's lifestyle centers outside of New York right and there there there working on plans on how to develop breast so for the ride unfortunately we haven't thought of in the past so we have a hard time trying to figure out how to do it right but but but that's that that's the whole plan on how to reach New York and then the plan is in two thousand fourteen you know that the world church down the stretch has how many divisions you know thirteen world divisions ripeness thirteen world vision so in two thousand fourteen with the ghetto as they get to take the biggest city in each division each division chooses their biggest city in in in Inter-American 's been a be probably Mexico Mexico City rights the biggest city that had to try to reach Mexico City and bring all that union and conference leaders and everybody brings of that event and make that into the model after New York right so everybody goes there and see solids on their and then and this is happening in all divisions up to all the provisions are to do this and then when we do then and then and every union needs to think their biggest city by that day there Norway's benefit what what you'd also imagine right there on the union of several cities excellent so that it takes several cities probably mainly first one big city right is other than to try to to to date to date city and an implement that all concert with all the church members there into that city and then from the unions what happens every conference thinks their city or their CDs and tries to reach those people were I so wear when we fall into place when all rights in all and that it have to do with object members right so this mobilizes the entire church is mobilize the entire world church write the ideas by two thousand fifteen United two thousand fifteen this is and like three years okay to have an yeah like to half years after study by the General conference session in in in July two hundred two and a half years we have now to try to reach six hundred and fifty of the biggest cities in the entire world into two thousand fifteen you want if this works well when you can if the Holy Spirit is poured out on the people this will be an movement such as we have never yet when asked this will be these can actually be the latter rain movement according to prophecy this can be the A movement this has not happened in a hundred something years to Juneau this will we are experiencing at this point if I has not happened since nineteen oh nine okay since nineteen oh nine there has not been this kind of a plan to reach the city 's set amazing so now we have this tremendous opportunity to be part of this plan and you know we need to focus all of our life work our lifework every person 's life work we need to focus it into these lines if we focus our lifework and to line then this can actually happen then the Holy Spirit will be poured out and these cities will be reached and it will be reached in such a manner that it will never stop right because it's comprehensive sustainable measures of its ongoing evangelism is forced to be a lifestyle not an event spoke to be a lifestyle so everybody would be incorporated in this this should be our objective to that all of our lives can somehow shall be a line into this way all of all reaching the rest of the world that is our mission that has been our mission for all Seventh-day Adventists since eighteen forty four and until now it's like really being reveals to all of our denomination are entire denomination right that's amazing in the making it's amazing it's like the most sometime you I'm so excited that I live now and not twenty years ago I'm serious they don't like now we get to have the opportunity to be part of this you'll I would be the most boring person on this planet if I can be part of this plan is all I would be the most frustrated person or having to work my worldly job somewhere you and watch everybody regionally cities can do this overland all I be the most frustrated person I'm serious you'll all working my my job in Switzerland to all I would be on it would be the worst thing you don't I hope that it is a becomes such a burden on your market it also becomes the worst thing you and that we can only find happiness in the Lord service in all we can find happiness in the lining on our life work with God 's plan if we do this then God 's plan will actually be accomplished the meal the old lady and rinse of God accomplishing his work is what makes us to south right itself that needs to be put aside right that's what we need to learn we need to learn we are the greatest obstacle in God 's work we are the greatest obstacle it is if we don't decide to put our life work in alignment with God 's work then God cannot do anything he can't do anything because he chooses to work through us not around us so this is really really important so now we have a half an hour and were good to go through the specific steps now wait we have that we have an idea there's a lot of details okay we acted rejoinder Sarah there's a lot of details on how this will sticky plan was designed to never think how the medical missionary work was actually combined with all of this actually your medical missionary work really is a measure with your quote from from medical ministry okay but laser medical missionary what is the right hand of the gospel you know what the right hand Avenue you ever done a study of the right hand of God in the Bible about the right hand you what God does with his right hand he saves God 's people out of Israel out of Egypt is right with his mighty right hand of his righteousness right is the symbol of power exactly it's the power unto salvation the right-hander is power unto salvation it is high oh God save his people God saves people through his right hand in all instances you can read Psalms you can read all the facts of the ride had and you'll find out that actually everything that God he does with his right hand Gillette everything all action that God does he does with his right hand he goes back that's actually how medical missionary work was assigned now let me give you another quote to actually expand your understanding our understanding of medical missionary work it's not just in all getting a hydrotherapy treatments okay medical missionary work according to medical ministry and I encourage you to read that book also minister feeling and visible excitement that measures as says medical missionary work in the finds one that resorted medical missionary work is that gospel in practice it is the gospel practically carried out it is the compassion of Christ revealed that his medical missionary work so medical Michelle is not an option actually it is the gospel itself it is the gospel in practice is not the gospel in theory okay it's not the gospel in theology it's the gospel in practice in everyday life how I serve you is the spirit of unselfish love unselfish ministry to help the people around you with water me I like that you made a loaf of bread and give a DNA were that is a medical missionary work right because you thinking of someone else as a result it's the gospel in practice it's the gospel practically carried out the compassion of Christ revealed that is medical missionary work okay so the right hand of the gospel step is the health message right the right hand of the third Angels message is the gospel in practice is the practical side of the gospel it is part of the gospel medical missionary work have work is actually part of the gospel it's not separate it's not here the gospel and here's health work is a bustling easement was your know it's it's one of the same thing it's the gospel in theology and the gospel in practice is in a sense that's what this is actually Christ living in us that is medical care work that's why it says in the same book that that is what medical was your work is going to incorporation in combination with the third Angels message that is was going to restore the image of God in man that was going to restore the image of God and man this is crucially important why because it's not only now head knowledge it's not what we just know going to church on Sabbath fifty two times a week at my here Office 2000 week fifty two times a year listening to all this gospel right which is important it's it's it's it's vitally important but it means we need to put all of what God has done for us in the gospel what what what what God is the frost all that we need to put that in practical terms that is medical care what the what we've been studying here mission to the city 's comprehensive sustainable measures and that is actually the essence of medical missionary work at it that's what if it's it's everybody putting the gospel southerly end the practice not only believing and doing wobbly job but actually believing it and I have input into practice in my daily life accident we now make sense we need to advocate we need support we need to push forward medical missionary work this is vitally vitally important okay so as we go through this let's go through that basic steps on how to know God 's will for your life right there is I used to have five steps on knowing God 's will for your life now live I've that actually one of the steps is kind of part of the others that the fourth step so we can adjust combined also there's actually four steps at preset than three main steps are so forced steps on knowing God 's will for your life force that they are defined as clear as can be and will read it right here actually before we read it will just go through the first step the first step is good is the pre- step that we need to understand before we go actually into the steps of knowing God 's will where here we go all right okay the priest at first that they will go through this very when I can spend I can spend the whole week just just discussing all the details of how these things work Bowden that we may discuss quickly first that all-knowing God 's will of the four first step is what total surrender will not be total surrender yes prayer and anything is all part of Iraq total surrender commitment okay commitment you need we need in order for us to be even be able to perceive God 's will to begin David understand God 's work we need to surrender all of all our preconceived ideas okay all of our normal what we have thought we have to surrender all of our personal plans for our future if we don't surrender these plans for it for our future if we don't surrender our human relationships okay sometimes if we don't surrender all of these things you would never be able to find God 's ideal will looking God 's ideal will alight says that we can be doing a good work wherever we are not but she says if we are in God 's ideal will we will be one hundred times more successful I don't know I read it the other day it's like her mother was either ministry of healing order was yeah you just put in your I find them all like that so so you need to be willing to surrender everything otherwise you will be content with one percent no the people working a worldly they are successful they can maybe they didn't they can get maybe one or two you'll very consecrated Adventists okay working the worldly business they'll get one or two people come to church have you have you seen that it exists right it exists most people never get anybody right most people but there is a feeling that are very frustrated and end they get one or two people but imagine one or two people you will that's the one percent to one percent if we do ideal with you a hundred fold it would be they would've been saving one hundred or two hundred percent two hundred people instead of one or two so that's where we need to be focusing on it we start focusing on one while or not it is cumbersome and we missed several meeting on two hundred write yeah it's Google faster so we need to be willing and everything starts with that we need to learn how to surrender actually surrendering means to be willing to live for the rest of your life as a cripple if need be a cripple and invalid singular means a cripple how do you explain the cripple is somebody with deficiencies like your your your you have to be willing to to be your paraplegic or something that paraplegic in all your back broken your and your and and that in the wheelchair for the rest your life you have to be willing to do this for God that surrendering everything if you have not done that then we pray we pray for you to be able for us to be able to really surrender our will completely to God and be willing to do anything be willing to be a cripple for the rest your life if need be is that would bring somebody to haven't be willing to do that God was willing to do more than that God was willing to not just be a cripple but to be tortured and thy off the weight of the sin of the whole world for no house is easy even worse so as I is is is is is is is is absolutely and he is now in absolutely as I is in direct right now the whole process it this is what it is right will go through now the next three steps in these two steps determine show that you have to it takes time and it takes getting to know God in that area of your life right we can never fully know God in all of who God is so beyond in the we know we know not even one percent of everything that God is over if you know who God is because God is revealed in the whole universe we only know what this much from the universe is so closely on so this is really what let's try it let's try to bowl go forward so the four this complete surrender if you are not gone complete surrender yet okay if you've not been willing to surrender your life completely that is where you need to start that's where we need to start be willing to do anything God most probably not been asked to be crippled by unite us know God wants to be effective with you but there's some people that have been that have saved hundreds and thousands of people by being a cripple Italy item of you know this testimony of this guy that doesn't have any any arms or legs nation yet thousands of people who don't you have to be willing to be like that if God wants to save thousands of the both of you being I got yesterday was an we have to be willing to do that is not easy things easy on the day of easy for me either right but that's the ideal that's that's what that's what this one requires of us we went to do that this has to do with actually the image of God that we have if we had a bad image of God our image of God is made up of how are parents of people have treated us in the past I in the first usually first twelve years of our lives so if your parents treating you fairly bad or they in all you that they've they've done certain things to you and different things now they score the years did something wrong you feel guilty like God was told you if you did something wrong the son except is how it works right so therefore if you don't if you've not been able to develop a relationship a trust relationship with God it's because of that if it comes from there I saw you develop a aid a trust relationship was good to be easy for you to surrender if you don't have a trust relation is what you guys were saying in a him a trust relationship with God on your modified into the sky you might flow around with me you'll I know some people that that feeling that God is to take advantage of them God is good then don't tell him stuff to do employment difficult situations of the LA work out money it on to his people had that idea because that's how they were treated in the past you insult soul then it becomes very hard to surrender a and then in that case yet you don't want to surrender you can't surrender yet you your your freight to surrender but if you develop your relationship with Christ you you just start to get the knowing you're trying to figure out who is this guy because God is not like your parents bought us a hundred thousand times better than your parents right so so we need to get rid of that idea and start developing our real content of blooded and then you have such a loving trustful relationship that it would be utilized to be the easiest thing for you describe using Lord towards toning with you because you know that he's given me the best thing best thing that exists on this planet for you to give it to you that you do all that nothing else right and that's only entrusted so we need to learn how just got our second point second point in knowing God 's will second step is the word of God okay the word of God is the first the very first place where you find the principles be sure to identify its principles of the general direction of where God 's will is okay that's revealed in his Word actually ninety percent of God 's will is revealed in God 's word we don't there's in all it gives us a get is the direction is like this is like is like here in the your understanding year 's open this all of this all of that is not God 's will the Bible tells us these are the boundaries okay this is what the Bible does it tell you the boundaries invented the principles of where's going don't study your Bible like this and reads on the unit like all young himself maybe you should do that right no right none of that you know I used to do that to him but that's not how God wants to reveal his will in all we might we might have gone into this sometimes you and even God can sometimes use acting on that bill get me wrong there God is anything to did to try to get you to your attention right to tell you what to do right right but it's it did that's not how God wants to work it's not it's not about ideal God has revealed his will to be able for us to be able to identify what what the principles are all how God works how God is worked in the past and how he wants to work in the future so if you have a question okay cool should I marry okay will what you have to do where you have to find what he has to figure out how you study to figure out what would you marry someone the Bible okay the story of Iowa stories of the Bible might is not about five minute talk about Job and Gideon again absolutely you start identifying okay what are the principles oh did I think that his wife hunted a branded his wife friends and so you start analyzing all these principles and then there's Paul that writes a few things about how life should be how our husband should be right and that is if you think of Proverbs in all Proverbs thirty one ride the virtuous woman writer he yeah I saw the things I given object of it this is guy what I'm looking for not only that but you need to look for what God says about that man right if you're a man Anthony got a man you you you forgot one of the principal and not only that the word of God encompasses all inspired writing strike this means because the word of God is the word that comes out of God 's mouth write the word of God comes out of God 's mouth and goes to a profit right the profit is inspired actually it's it that the Holy Spirit takes the word of God and gives it to the prophet but that's that that's the spirit the Holy Spirit that inspires profit that is actually what the spirit of prophecy is the spirit of prophecy is the spirit that inspires profits so so actually this prayer prophecy has inspired every single profit in the entire world history so Daniel was inside it was inspired by the spirit of prophecy Paul was inspired by the spirit of prophecy that says we think we saved her property we think Ellen White right but that's actually not the real concept of spirituality spirit of prophecy includes the spirit that inspires all profits that's the spirit of prophecy so that's really important for us to understand because every profit was saying what as far as any other property whether they wrote a book or whether they do write a book right actually every prophet delivered during that time during their time was not in the Bible Daniel was not in the Bible when he wrote his book like unlike he was not in the Bible Isaiah was not in the Bible when he wrote his book he wasn't our biblical prophet actually everything about in the entire history was an outer biblical prophet today because we have put history into a book we think all these art that is these are the only inspired prophets of the kind of thing think it's weird that we have an outer biblical prophet today right but that's not weird at all that's like any Bible times this is the same thing anybody lived as an orbital profit every profit that ever lived with us in our group Daniel 's book was not in the book of the Bible was not in the Bible when he wrote it by the existence that you so that you important and essential all inspired writings actually are Inc. encompassed in the first step right the word of God so not only can you study their involved when will you should marry but where else can you go study the writings of my life absolutely absolutely which writings of other white messages to young people that's a good one averages home a man ought as I promised off in the right excellent book right I encourage you to read that if you before you get married and if possible even before you get it get a girlfriend or boyfriend before then because you realize the seriousness and you'll definitely pray a lot more for that product so oh very important okay I was home the message to young people letters to young lovers ride of your that doubted these are the final United every ministry feeling okay this is really it has a little bit of principles I learned not really talking about that topic so it's an intelligent way of finding the principles of how God deals with things to how God thinks about that that's how you need to study your Bible nine so that that's very important not okay nine nine nine oh that right and and and is like people just use texts just randomly innovate dislike oh and if I had one person that admission school one single and I'm that person was just like she was she was not very happy with the situation in the score norms and score a developed you characterized the main focus of so developing character we realize OKs trials that make you develop characterized so you have trials and so some people may think on their some trials calming ride it if you uncomfortable somebody's upset them this vacuum and they are tempted to think home maybe this is not God 's will for me to be here right because there's a bunch of trials and that's actually exactly the opposite right it's because God wants you to be there that you can start flailing but but you got gone that she wasn't really feeling comfortable it's very hard nice emotional or most so that you like okay well maybe God doesn't want me to be here so let me study the Bible and see if God really wants me to be here she goes to Genesis and Genesis and she reads the text which says and Abraham will needs that it is a prophecy that Abraham needs to go back to his home country him to like all these scarves will I need to go back to probably do some emergency dad anything about with Wright is was he comes up as he does that she does the Canadian rises like I believe that I need to go back because I read this text from the moment that I love that's lately God freely relieved as well because we can confirm anything if we have not surrendered the first point to another the first point that surrendered everything that we can manipulate every single point you can read the Bible and find out what you want to hear instead of what God wants to tell you that you can manipulate anything so that's very important that we that we need to understand at a verse the most prominent verse for knowing God 's will for your life the most prominent text phenomena read it to you here this is from five testimonies could customize my five page five hundred and twelve if possible you can memorize it I have memorized yet but but I'm I'm I'm very motivated to memorize this five hundred and twelve testimony line five page five hundred and twelve is the most important text that you need to know God 's will for your life okay there's many others I can give you this document okay I can give you this document afterwards if you if you send me an e-mail of I have cards here you can get it all in I write me and I'll send you this the whole document on all the details this may different things are they married into there are three ways in which the Lord reveals his will to us the release some fluoride 's amazing okay so we have a preset the present we are to have surrender everything it's all says also in here but it's not as a step in set incident to present on so there's three main ways on how God reveals his will to us to guide us and to fit us to guide others how may we know his voice from that of a stranger how shall we distinguish it from the voice of the false shepherd God reveals his will to us in his word the only Scriptures that the first thing his voice is also revealed in his providential workings prominence again is to just talk about that shortly afterwards and it will be recognized if we do not separate our souls from him by walking in our own ways doing according to our own wills and following the promptings of an uncertified heart until the senses have become so confused that eternal things are not discerned and the voice of Satan is so disguised that it is accepted as the voice of God so this is the problem actually with providential working strides providential workings can only be discerned by converted heart because God can open the doors Providence means doors that are necessary to be open to you that's the last step actually step number four the last step is providential workings the second step is is the impressions of the Holy Spirit will go through that so you just write it down first surrender second the word of God third impressions of the the fourth is from essential workings okay Providence providential workings as it shows here in the text is maybe it's it's not so easy to identify providential workings if we don't have a converter heart right because God can open the doors Providence means that open and close doors right that you can walk through or not walk-through right so is the necessary steps anything placed in order for you that we able to achieve God 's Wetzel so the problem is that God can open the doors and also open doors Satan can also open source right and Satan also closed doors and biphenyls closed or sold so how do you identify financial workings while converted heart and and focus right focus on Honda on the right things so that's very important our from their dad a continues and says another way in which God 's voice is heard is through the appeals of his Holy Spirit making impressions upon the heart impressions of the Holy Spirit that's number step number three making inferences upon the heart which will be wrought out in the character 's report focuses on character development if you are in doubt upon any subject you must first consult the Scriptures first consult the Scriptures studying it takes time okay it takes time to find some God 's will indeed to study the Scriptures if you have truly begun the life of faith you have given yourself to the Lord to be holy is an which is the step number one right we've been talking about to be holy is and he has taken you two more fashion US according to his purpose and that you may be a vessel unto honor you should have an earnest desire to be pliable in his hands and to follow whithersoever he may lead you you are then trusting him to work out his designs while at the same time you are cooperating with him by working out your own salvation in fear and trembling you my brother owing as the context are so that's very very important so the impressions of the Holy Spirit the providential workings and the word of God as the basis for everything the word of God actually tells us almost everything right ninety percent is revealed in the word of God your interviewing page three ninety five two education is a missionary training average songs and daughter of God is called to be a missionary we are called to serve God and our fellow men and the object of this that and and and this should be the object of our education a every some about of article to be missionary 's not take your the word of God already tells us she should write here it gives us the boundaries rituals is okay this is the direction you get to be in mission work you get to be in this and that we don't like to do that we like to go all over the place right but actually what about already gives us the boundaries to give the boundaries in present of Holy Spirit and providential workings give us the details within the boundaries okay so the boundaries tells us we have come five whenever a member of the church should take hold of medical missionary work right at the boundary okay sure I need the development of your work no matter what is the boundary okay this is within God 's will now how do I get medical missionary work what I needed training you need to go to some medical leaders for you to get some training somehow somewhere right so the question is not should I get medical missionary training or should I not is another question know that the boundary right now you need to get over there training now how where and all these details those are defined by the presence of the Holy Spirit and by providential workings and actually as part of providential workings includes the Council of many Proverbs right driver says there's wisdom in the counsel of many I used to have that as a separate of separate step but actually it's part of the providences AIDS you speak the majority of the people that you speak with is their spiritual people will usually be God 's will so you say they wish in either study should I go studying engineer or should I go study and Marcus on mission school here Norway what should I do so that it within the boundaries but now where is the best place for you well that is not written in the Bible where is the best place is not written the principles are given but that's not written so the details now you need to pray pray and listen to your conscience listen to the appeals of the Holy Spirit and and actually one of the main ways how you can find what what you hold the Holy Spirit is telling you is where you will have peace when I was called to what I would want no one would believe me I wanted a wild but I had no one night when I had all of my options you only place where I had peace in my mind was a wildly even though my emotions were not aware against wild most of all the places by Moses I didn't want aloud but your voice I had peace in my conscience was when I said okay I'm a little that's when I had peace so so it is even the piece is Colossians Colossians one remember twenty seven or something that says says that the peace above all understanding that we can get when we dwells will so that's very important in in in the impressions of the Holy Spirit also minister feeling chapter three I think it's tough to three years at the fourth says that to hear the voice of God we need to spend time in nature we need to spend time in nature with God because you hear the most got a long better when you are in nature surrounded by the things that God has made city is surrounded by things that man has made in its and it becomes very hard fast action discerned was of course much easier when it's quiet inquietude is another important step in quietude not when you have your things going on you do you won't hear the voice of God believe me read so that's very important on that and the only lasting that I want to mention on providential workings is is that yet you need to heed the counsel of the people around you God delete you without the Council it's possible the children that is possible but but usually he wants you to depend also on this on your surroundings so they don't become fanatical as fanatical people usually don't listen to people so not fanatical people common sense people are they also listen to other people 's counsel that's really important get your mentor 's rent I love you and I had a leadership course get some mentors they can tell you okay this is good this is bad and so forth until so make sure that you get back counsel as well as part of the Providence Providence means necessary things that have to happen so you can't a it can be signs don't think of asking for a sign board what would you have me feel all a fat girl tomorrow I had a friend that did this that if the exact girl tomorrow walks out at six fifteen out of her dorm has that that red dress on and tells me these words then I know that she needs to be my life and he stood there at six ten waiting for her to come out and guess what six fifty she had a red dress on and she said exactly what he wanted to hear I had the never married hee hee I approached her he approached he even sought Friday to watch how they do hate I believe that you need to be my wife gets what she said you're not say exactly you crazy right so that actually you know asking for signs is usually a sign of a lack of we sign off for the faith because it's by having faith that we trust in God 's providence is to open and close doors we don't need to find miracles and all these things to be able to follow God 's will asking signs is usually at Iraq of faith I could give you some examples but we don't have enough time that's really that's crucial that's very important so not asking for signed this difference between signs and providences provinces is okay if you apply to a mission school we get a lot of these from all over the world comes alive with no at Providence is things that have to happen in order for that to happen okay so if God wants you to be allowed what was your day to get the money you're getting get the embassy appointment your getting get your visa is getting at that airline ticket everything should work out right those are prominences those are the problems that they have to happen in order for this to happen all thing else is Providence the things that have to happen those are provinces so if you don't get your musical guest synagogue is a guy why did I get the resentment that God 's love for me to know and Indonesia when he wasn't the will to get to do it now back it doesn't mean that it was impossible for you to do missionary training was not betting the boundaries it's it has Gosselin lot maybe not now maybe not this place maybe not this will mean another school right God knows what's can happen whether friends with the people around you right and so forth so he will know we have idea in all we do depend on God to tell us what okay so that's very important you can have a hundred percent safety that this is what God wants you to do for me your high praise God that I find not I'm not his own what is God 's will from the mediator or not know I know I wasn't sure that what I am what will God has called me to do here is where I want to look I'm a hundred percent sure that God has led me here in and I need to stick to that and I've had a bunch of trials believe me but the child have helped me more than anything else because I went through the night and I learned from them and so and so not not and I've gotten other policy no other cause to run other organizations or something like that I get is that in and in these big trials not allowing you get here right known as no one wants the snow but won't now God always gives you opportunity to doubt if you want to belt so he doesn't give you a hundred percent clarity with no doubt at all a possibility of doubt he always leaves the open for the doubting the person that wants the dogs they cannot and they won't see God 's will write that's always possible crack on we need to finish but then I get up the of the other points are not like you need that you need to do your best in the work that you're doing right now in order for you to actually be able to see what God 's will is for you in the future invisible to conditions that need to happen in order for for God 's will to be able to tag to be revealed to you there all of the document and with all the quotes in there that that show what it what it is a what is not right so I encourage you to not not be satisfied until you know a hundred percent sure what God wants you to do you can have safety you can have surety this is I want to do so so that is my prayer that is my prayer for all of us that we can shut a lie in our lives with God strategic plan and and find out and hold strong to that because trials everything will come they will come there to prepare us for the final crisis so so so we need to be very strong in God 's will and doing what God wants a man heavy enjoy the summer payment process all right so let's have a and will go to lunch actually let's kneel for prayer this this is the kind of a prayer of consecration to God 's will d


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