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IMPACT Scandinavia 2012 Sunday Morning Devotional

Jeremy Zwiker




  • December 30, 2012
    7:30 AM
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with this type to define our aim and understatement has has grown very close to me and I'm still learning more and more how to put it into practice but still I think it makes a whole lot of sense so I actually wanted to help or wanted us to demand a statement by heart because I think if we keep this statement in mind this will help us in any part of our life so I'll said in front first and then you can repeat up as a success in any line demands a definite aim is that success in any demise but definite aim is not it's it it's so simple but so profound to me so this morning Morgan and look at five different institutions are five different people or institutions that have a definite aim awareness organist starts with and going for the first time in two to David's life is for the first time instructed seventeen this is the story of David this is the time where he is just actually been anointed by Samuel that the prophet after he has been anointed and but then it there's a war in Israel the Philistines are are coming against diamond and you know the story very well this giant Goliath comes and he he used you rebukes the Israelites are you he says what you know who are you and he and his is couple of meters higher than anybody else write an agreement comes here and and his father sends him to his brothers because those brothers are bigger we just learned that as well right there nicer looking than him and there were taunted a stronger during the war and they're trying to fight the Philistines and the baby comes he hears these words of this philistine that it is written reproaching and and defined as the living God has as David says and and engineers this is like what what's going on what what's with the matter with the people of God this is not what I what I know the people of God are supposed to be listening to write actually says what shall be done unto the man that accused him are at an end and he says no that's go back to the living God and an vision he goes to you says this to the people of Israel his brothers hear about this and his older brother and he obviously comes to shuttle what what are you talking like your your client will when did you leave your seat on safe easy-to-use easy rebuking him very community and saying you don't know what you're talking about this is the guy is is much taller than you ever could imagine yelling sons of the bone talk like you are but but it is incredible to see David's definite aim and that was to to knock had God 's name did this on people he did not want God 's in God 's name to be dishonest and socially he says due to the people of Israel hate this cannot be the heat he actually after that rebuke after having it he was at a nice child nice brother he would okay oh I want say anything anymore I or or at least say it may be very very in secret but but what is he doing as not I need to continue this reaction continues his campaign you could say that about hate we need to do something about this this giant so word reaches all recesses for him Salters who is this guy not in and so he comes to solid and then in that incident in verse thirty two that's the truth from their respective and David said to Saul that no man's heart fail because of him thy servant will go and fight with the Philistine so he offers himself he has a definite entity is willing to sacrifice his life he surrendered his life were thirty three and Saul said to David thou art not able to go against this finished into fights with him for thou I bought a used and he and man-of-war from his youth friends we are what you are we get it sometimes we are but you and we don't have experience I is what he saying right and as you say that Goliath he has experience she has gone through that that that real education that he has been a man-of-war from his youth which is actually saying hate in it's nice words that you're saying but would you have the education you have that that the background for this what is David's response the do-gooders and the bikini is telling him come down in I think you're not do this it's nice to hear your courage but you I think you're a little bit on top of above what you can I will hear David's response in verse thirty four greatest thing he he shows him how he was educated in a different way and being that sets off the salt by servant kept his father 's sheep and there came a lion and bear and took allowed out of the flock and I went out after him and smote him and delivered it out of his mouth and when he arose against the I caught him by the beard and smote him and slew him can you imagine this picture David Little David yeah like that's that someone was like this can not God this cannot be the future can I get this little David takes this huge better diction by the beard and slaves racing but why for the Midland I mean would you risk your life for the length got the guy had a definite aim three eighths and he told it doesn't in I I slew him and I took my again nice militants were thirty six thy servant slew both the lion and bear and this uncircumcised Philistines shall be as one of them seeing he has defied the armies of the living God examine its it's amazingly he has such a definitely sure this is going to work because God has shown me has as little in the past he would lead me in the future so then David says moreover or thirty seven the Lord that delivered me out of the pod variety out of the pond there he will deliver me out the hound of this minister and installed said David then add he's overwhelmed by his courage and says no go ahead go of the Lord be with you then saw puts on the Army or that is not the Army that the Armory at on David and David Zak I can't I can't not be trained with us I can't and I can't fight fighting with his son goes with the staff and with with couple of rocks against the giant could it be that we are in a similar situation that it looks like there's this giant and we are just like like Goliath says I might have dog to come with the state are you kidding me what do we have to offer for the battle all we have we have we don't have much if we look at reality but if we look at God all we had everything and then we can by God 's grace fight this uncircumcised Philistines and this Giants that that looks at ND cities right is millions how how in the world are we can reach those it looks impossible David had a definite aim at the other end of the story of course God was with him and his faith change the whole situation it's an amazing I believe what this at at a similar step and we has youth need to think about what is our aim that really see that exactly we've heard yesterday right we talked about the general conference and I'm so so thankful to God that there is a definite aim we have a definite aim to the work the cities while at it it's amazing it gives energy it seems impossible and really seems impossible but somebody standing up and saying Mexico and New Mexico forward to these millions and reach out to them question is if we wanted pardons I believe the general conference has laid plans with definite aims we can be part of this is amazing and so that there's oh and that we also had our school of Nazism we have defined our angry he defined our aim you could say and as we have newly opened you can take before we were here to train me actively members which is good it's it's also an name but we realize that if we want to reach out to the world in this generation that we need more commitment as we have started a slogan culturing missionaries for life we want to train missions for life people that are willing to give their whole life to the service of God not certain as we have seen results in this we can see the people are taking decisions to serve God and it is it is such it's the best life that you could ever it it's so amazing that so I hope and pray that God would help us put this into practice we could train missionaries for life and one also impacted we have we have decided that we need to have a definite aim if we don't have a definite aim than what we get into I mean we can we can have mission trips here and there is a bit here and there and do a lot of good but maybe not the most amount of good that we could have if we had a database with which started to contemplate on some questions here is one question not talking the message of people came to the whole world and unite here for many with the statement I mentioned it yesterday the work of God investor can never be finished as an incredible statement and can never be finished this means we're not going to happen if the statement is the work of God in this can never be finished until the members of us rally to the work and unite their efforts with ministers and church offices and people that took we need to start uniting to know that the market with twenty four the Gospel in preaching all the world to see Goliath all the work is huge the cities it's it's a man's it seems impossible and then shall the end come how can this happen how is this possible there is a statement that gives a direct answer to this is if there was such an army of workers as our youth Reiki training while army of youth we are an army of youth we are the tape youth how can we write each rate the questions with such army of workers as are required and other youth my teacher in my friend 's house soon the message of a crucified and risen and so coming Savior might be carried to the whole world to see how it's answering Matthew twenty four the whole world would hear about it if you are trained Reiki New Zealand and here name and payment so so we thought how can we rightly train its it's difficult to bring people know how to how to need people to be right to train is not so easy so we actually started a concept of agency the impact of the wheat we started a four step plan that we want to we want to raise up an army of workers as a youth rightly trained so we started with the first step actually actually started with seconds that we started with with that impact mission trip satisfied with having these messages but we realized that not anybody is willing to come to mission trip not like going and and and and sharing in going from door to door or or actually serving so we thought we needed a preliminary step and so we start started then we have organized inspiration insight and these kind of things and and now we started in Pakistan and eighty conferences it's not so difficult to come to conference I you listen you you get inspired to want to know more you want to seek God 's will it actually started first at people come to conferences and are inspired and and and from that inspiration if you look at the graph the last step there on the bottom right says a life of committed and effective citizen and we believe that this is the definite and that we should have it that people are what do we call people to serve God and not themselves and so everything we do in the conference has got as a name that we would and we would encourage people to do think of God 's work right and he and he heard a little bit about and are you are you as starting to think a little bit about God 's work in this conference amen right set to wit or pointing towards the right side of the graph and and then from conferences we want people to go to mission trips and from a conference at a couple of this commission should couple weeks maybe right end and spend more time and so we've organized many different mission ships in the summer but that we can participate in and ended get experience and and see what what a privilege we have to serve the community what a privilege we have to to preach the gospel to to do all kinds of outreaches to the to do it it serves ourselves not it actually gives us true happiness to serve others and an odd experience we have seen the youth love that experience to come back from Michigan that there inspired by this and so after mission trips we would encourage people to even take further training missionary training to think how can I be even more effective and so we have messaging is the third step mission schools and and and the like and then from the missions was of course as you just heard trading missionaries for life are definite aim is to do to have people serve God for so to this is that the definitely we have set as impact what we would like to do we would like to raise up an army of workers now this statement your member José success and then you complete the sentence are you ready success and this statement in the context what is the context it is amazing the context defines our aim it says the heaven appointed purpose this is from outside of this world is appointed to us having appointed purpose of giving the gospel to the world in this generation is the noblest the computer to any human being any human being that's amazing that's not just active Adventists or or I discussed in general or order Christians in general is any human being this is amazing is having its sole broad this would be the noblest purpose for any human being to do for some amazing they had a point the purpose of giving gospel to the world in this generation I believe we need to think about our aim we need to define our aim what are we doing what is what is our aim with our lives is it is it due to did a lot of money to have a car a house these constants or is it to actually serve God and use our resources nothing wrong with three sizes use our resources in God 's work and forgot and give everything that we had out of our energy on a particular talents for God 's work I'd like to see sing a song that that demonstrates this this problematic of of what are we living for wheat we say something we but maybe were not acting like I did it call us for a revival or a change change what are we doing to submit nonelected to sing a song together with the Jesse that his son has reneged spoken to me and said hey what are you doing it it's asking it's crying out what are you doing with your life and have had to think about this over and over again what is your aim what is my aim I predict that this this call we can also experience a non- and think about what is our aim letters are definite aim called hands to the plow known the images is as well and I is starting to as a a is not as high as a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to me send an audio and much more I like to know more about high horse like the more certain it is www. .net verse .org


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