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IMPACT Scandinavia 2012 Monday Morning Devotional

Joakim Hjortland


Joakim Hjortland

President and co-founder of IMPACT




  • December 28, 2012
    11:30 AM
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Chapter five Matthew chapter five and then anyone of you by the students company what this monkey finals it's about some of the mountains and the opening address of justice is the history of the Shoreham when all through very interesting very interesting truth you find that the city and restart solved with the Beatitudes of the significance that is just fascinating stage sets of the patient what I've always thought this month and then you start to talk about being sold along the well but if you know in terms of their our mission in the core of the Christian life at the core of our existence while wide Jonathan take a seminar that way and I know it would be better to buy resting at both about the swing of things will unlock the run winner is limited with your records notes arrange thinking becoming forty you are the life of the world a signal to supplement a new topic in the northern the day like a lamb and put it on their basket of them unannounced and gives life to all work on their right in the house I think that next your life so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your father in heaven they want to know if the snow number six Susan night being a life the flu of rights will know where my God wants us to deny the world but what the Stutzman US extremists have very important part of the intestines exists next your life so shot the foreman of the myths your goods were our good works on a central part of public mins what you know how we see so you really goes this was some important part of the minister is in no event on the bridge on the shore it up as well read how he 's gone their own doing do a central part of ministry of Joseph's and you know we also needed stitching up bitching before you know at Bible history edit that God wants this and everyone offs under the shuttered hospital with amount note relations Lucas box are acting along with it because they are made are even more important artifacts are more important phonological in other things this your actions speak so loud that I can't hear what you say I think it's much truth about your actions the data stronger in the middle more powerfully done our work know if I could shoes between preaching a powerful sermon or between in our reflecting cries is not powerful way through my acts and I would I would prefer to act no every finalist is that every time in the best much more powerful but still how how can we deduce how can we know by our good works that I might start a scout wants us to add how come we yeah you are mission to be like the world and I want to know more about that come with it to Jay in a separate one Jensen and of the New Testament James the brother of Jesus the son of Joseph Roeder 's honest shops Jan sent to him verse twenty seven James one twenty seven Q and on the files related young for golf in the father sticks out gets interesting actually what they're come up to ten if that's gone on the father and I usually think Adam you know God and Jesus Christ got on the phone but here the brother of Jesus he got the point is that God on the father Jesus is scouted by research and about the petitioner that the phone the illness weakness Bible down on the pot and a few run on the highly rated young at excessive at here is describing what you out on the fibrinogen is what true readiness to Christianity and I want to did I want to know about this I want to send out I want to opt out what is it you and the fibrinogen no income I is consistent with it is basic or funds in Windows in their trouble to keep oneself on spot that will these studies through religion and outside the city or funds awareness and in the sequence the author will ask of mercy could say he speaks the four of what is disarmed on to know death worship with the core of the new students who knew the Christian if we think you know about themselves we do this view with orphans and widows are you doing this can of things if one of the knots are our litigants reverted to really start out for for some time ago and I've tasted of a lady in the home and that is from from from the shops and such and found them and the house time offset what you felt about the no conceptual thought from the shot she was a member and when asked the question and the Pharisees said almost I think with piercing are eyes while stopped when when she moved there we took the kids and that was fun for us four years ago something about those fun is reported at the time at three kids you know she mentioned that she was not divorce it as such other the system men were doing Britain and the J and let's see for this happen for you significantly shops went through going to disarm the situation and she said it took more than one year before anyone home in her shots but our home and found that you know you said he wants he wasn't the many people look for becoming a one to ten shots and even green you know them is an author you know it or see how they have to go themselves with the people mentioned it in order not to greet everyone an opportunity wanting to shop and she said also she had not spoken any official visit from the shops during all of this year to have been struck the smoke shops nasal but very big shots it are actually it's not tentacled things that I think we need in the performance that no acts of mercy note this company 's record two hundred and actually access also uniform rights that we are to do good especially against the people of the faith first action against no diminish up knowing Matthew twenty five and when justice on the last day when it describes how he was separated right that this wishes from the goats that decided on the most what separates them what's what makes the distinction what that what is the difference between those our sandals are lots of the ships on the goals their acts are acts of mercy by four separate is not noted by the moment she's not know if they are able how much you know about that focuses on his company so it's very good that I can have possibly should notice things but if these the acts that separates shoots the most from said from the noiselessly when I was hungry you can when I was thirsty you gave it to drink when I was a stranger you took me mouse named to the people that lost you know when I was in prison company equipment to the file epithet this is not very interesting chapter very important top a fascinating topic ad hominem you is interesting to see how many you would set up using old multi- chapter is about the rest of it some of you but quite a few actually and but I expect that I didn't really notice up there alone or for the error but actually this after not just eleven of my thoughts about this tobacco about the chapter says that these he some message for this time these as you know the message from the shop should be given over and over again Melissa Goodrich is being awaited the basement to get her a pension at the southeast of highest importance assessment especially in the importance and the growth God in the title of Jenna 's abuse after Asian should memorize it by now very interesting I read some of the things were new to talk about what I do know that no less than the study from the autofocus system so that would spend sometime in the chapter chapter fifty eight and would beginning verse numbers to yet but since midnight and then I know my wife accepted the righteousness on the site ordinances up just to take the approaching so here it is a message to the people of God the one that seeks God then it up in my logo and ways added the knife approach God and would really than the chapter understand that keeping the Sabbath to Sabbath evening the if in this chapter going on down there faceting you know that you are praying your piece of the month is addressed here and lots is bundled into the things the situation is far from what to do business worthwhile cry aloud but I'm not missing your voice like a trumpet and of this visit I think three times to try aloud spare not you stop your voice like a trumpet contest the profits you know you can get a message through the boat this is a very important message three thousand and already get the message through span of ten minutes here in the theaters this is what this is often up and my veterans question whole subject there's there you know that this is validated the blurting out at present out if it's a silent but still situation is far from much of the Y button thingy through the first three wildly fast that is normal to why we have missed the social music no notice in fact and their reports different fashion and exploits or your neighbor 's Nvidia fastest drive from the bed of the strike with the Facebook wickedness you the fastest to the students that make your voice is this the fast that I have shown some update from Microsoft this will system fouled on his head like a bulrush spreadout sackcloth and ashes would you call this a fast economics the ethanol is based on the fact that I'm troublesome to lose the bonds of wickedness funded a heavy bottomed student oppressed go free don't the break every Joe if you want to share your bread with the hungry to bring to your house for my past stop when is it a naked undercover hit to hide himself from their own if the boat is addressed here they have a moment to have knowledge that one of the bunch no doubt some new things are doing unity assignments in on their prey they're keeping the Sabbath of the Gotha shot box they are missing their lacking the very core of true religion to Christianity acts of mercy they are not doing what God wants them they were gone disappointed them the stop of the same with many Christians today would agree with having a house of Montréal at the vibrant endowment may go to shut the presence of God we seek God with what you do with wealth and downsides is the core of true religion what we do for what the rigid board for the foreigners not countries what do we do with those who are divorced also don't have a father figure in their home our mother figuring what to do for the city goes in person what to do with God score most of the houses with you are you doing this things no sometime ago I I thought it's really the thing the web for ministry and Mrs. is a powerful book on federal death but if fighting for what I was sound on this possible benefit to get this message as a you know you talked about this kind of work with her ministry quote for Wi-Fi exercise fitness medical missionary work just and has quite much want at it includes one act of more significant this time upon sponges and manifesting on the forward of the spoken system in the seventh allergies that are not Reynolds so I went with this work with this type of ministry even though this is actually were appointed by Dalton to not only it's a work appointed by God to do but its loci were the promises which rewards and you know it's a sum of the parties does not exist this is the ministry that would bring I think the shots of this is the work that God requires to do the work of God 's own appointment and found the young institutes a powerful book one chapter in this book is a book about the staff is dead on it anyway let's looking through the more vice and is a good about what would happen when we stocked with food food appointed work on house price with the swiftness medical missionary work is coupled the included power from them you're not so great for like the morning you were healing shall spring forth to the righteousness some go before you begin oil student Morton Diorio then you shall call an important asset you shall triumph it was a steer I if you think I went young women pointing a finger of speak wickedness verse eleven the Lord will guide you continually satisfy your soul and drop and strengthen your bones use of the lack of one of Donna I like a spring of water was what this does outside because of time with little of the chapter and look at one of promises is powerful of course you can start it more amused affection which good-looking consisting strength what do specially the panel found the book out anyway I don't want us to notice a few things here it's as lonely duties the square point us to learn from its medical missionary work then are not so great for life the morning powerful from Ed Leslie say what is the greatest arguments in favor of Christianity always with his arguments they remarked that I say it louder Christian home as one of the most powerful things you have some some some similar quotes are fictional terms of wanting to point out longtime success Mister what the strongest argument in favor of the gospel some alarming unlovable Christian popular religion one of anything else is to Susan G says trade-offs this is a justice to our lives to our acts of mercy that is what the world needs more than anything out I strongly believe that our allies know God with us to be like the two of any slavery is going to stop it happening are not great for life in one powerful editing software so the purpose of your seasoning shall spring forth the when we get involved in peace type of work of Scott 's appointments to the left he wants us we would suggest racial healing brush teeth is very important brush options to wake up to become a part of the get involved in this type of work this is the paperwork at when development of the remote betting everyone in a adolescent name of the Gestapo and I want to get involved in the our sessions would be revoked powerful promises and lost half of his hearing whispers it on your righteousness although before you begin with the Lord shall does your rear of our guidance I understand it's our Selectman frustration on no coincidence but announcing thyroiditis on a phone now this is the point this is how it must urges Russians Russians forty number forty ten plus fifty to one hundred about us and they were long this is one of the most unduly about how fabulous I posted the important imprisoned are told about the bond know he's asked mercy God snobbery going before him and often in and that's why he is also powerful the course is open so mending our it's time to the work felt closest it's time to select outshined truths to our lives but although it's wonderful to our works but the world comes as a postproduction the novel about the receptionist identified so that we can reach out and finished their work and establish when duties we would really stop to prosper session and what I want to encourage you to do this morning and subject this morning is physically to pray a few mounds stop how God wants you to be involved in this type of a manual that that's a good ophthalmic alchemist on how you count sorry to an important credit I'm praying I'm afraid that this will not only do something we pray I thought we may leave our parents if we make the monthly town to find out what God wants us to the pipe fitting of a black weather Ministry Ministry of the by thinking of play about half way down the pitbull in the drama when we live in a four to four for the barefooted for network whenever we may think I'm kind of stopped him on the five thumbs down what God would have us to the top of businessman on the rushing through my report nine and that a store is and one of them you did not become luggage if you come in all potential or a box of apples annually but expensive ground apples were like rolling around everywhere with and but the big expense you know there hiring through the hurry for lunch at the fastest man they have time to stop but one of them he stopped he looks back to school this Apple still laying down the floor when he slotted and gone snarling with the class on the distinct mouse sequence now he wasn't omitted between regarding on another businessmen hurrying to catch that they were supposed also the cops and one of them they look back at that how don't know we don't appropriate but the business mounted units back on the new job and I told him I would see about anyone this is a gun should be twelve about a point about the notion of that it's that they are it would be arrived I would have it I nearly picked up the apples about Appleseed he gathered on children in the trash they took up under the lives David and Jonathan I hope this was covered with much do you thought about you often source you can see because the reshuffling of the movement as in two thousand and three hundred and it is I hope this would cover design given a money and you know she looked at him he could zip the tear in her eyes but she didn't say anything then is that I have to go on it's on around me started to walk away but then he thought no silence is what I was saying when are you Jesus are you just do the differences when this is if you want them to see Genesis through your words off the phone with your words also to action since we were other certified most of the stomach together with Nescafé dear heavenly father we are here because they're not good enough for trust to haven't itself up to heaven you close you won't this is a sister-in-law but astonishment but if there is some artist is the dumbest founding hearing from you this morning I want the pro- document forgive us both time where we have much effect if you should forgive us for the acts of months this you have called us to do that you have no phone government bus so that it becomes the truth through our lunch but also through our actions down we want to credit up to help us understand how we can be involved in this type of work medical missionary but you have said that you have appointed us to do I thank you for powerful promise us all for what you have given with this type of a guy ask that you show us what to do what you closest to bring this and thought it a QA as we now understand that football scouts who really find what rest will is will is is is is is that God 's word to me send an audio and much more I would like to know more about us is more certain is www. .net verse .org


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