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Immune to the Gospel

Daniel Pel


Daniel Pel

Speaker/Director of Living Water, Norway




  • December 28, 2012
    9:30 AM
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father in heaven we thank you we can come before you this morning we thank you for your Holy Spirit which you have promised would guide us into all truth and so we ask for his presence right now in our hearts and our minds and may you speak to us each one individually may we discern your voice brasses in the precious Almighty name of Jesus and let everyone say that if I was able to John Matthew Mark Luke John the fourth Gospel book of the Bible John chapter one this will get a start this morning what is the topic this morning what is a topic this morning a meeting to the gospel of John chapter one now you have come to a conference that is called impact impact Scandinavia and I believe that each of you have come with a desire to be able to impact people around you you want to impact your friends you want to impact your family your impact your colleagues you want to be a AAA ambassador for Christ you want to impact others and get an order for costs to impact others first we ourselves have to be impacted and what I want to talk about this morning when I want to study with you this morning is how we can be impacted by the gospel not just one not just twice but on a day to day experience a day today momentarily experience of being impacted by the gospel of Jesus Christ and I believe that if you would pour out your heart to me to not do this morning that there would be many of you this morning that would recognize that in your life you need to be impacted that you are maybe you are struggling with things that no one else knows about the deep inside you have a longing to want closer with God and there's there are things in your life that pushed you away you want to be impacted because you come here and you get inspired and yesterday evening we talked about all the city missions and I want our church is doing on a global level I'm sure that your heart is burning within you and you want to be involved at the same time you're thinking to yourself you know I need to be impacted yes I want to be an impact to those around me but first of all I need to be a deeper on a deeper level impacted by the message of Scripture I think many of you will be able to relate to what I will be saying this morning and I want to look at three areas when it comes to the impact that God makes on us I want to look first of all at the first encounter with Christ in other words the first impact meeting Jesus why secondly why look at is how it is so common and so easy to lose that impact within a look at getting the impact would a look at losing the impact of authority within a look at re- gaining the impact so meeting Jesus for the first time what do we go through what we experience that first love that bigger net energy but what many times happens in the course of our Christian experience we lose that we become immune to the gospel we hear it but it no longer impacts us and so we want to look at the first encounter with Christ losing that focus and then how do we regain and retain that spiritual experience these are three areas that were to look at this morning a ready to start with that first encounter with Christ that first love that encounter with the gospel we go to John chapter one John chapter one able to read about the experience of SNL I just love this story and I pray that we make you dig deep into this story and I we many of you will not be able to relate to the experience of the decided bonus Anheuser John chapter one beginning in verse forty three John chapter one beginning in verse forty three the Bible says the following day Jesus wanted to go to Galilee and he found that let and said to him follow me follow me that was the invitation to discipleship first forty four now Philip was from back side of the city of Andrew and Peter so Philip decides to follow Jesus now first forty five milliliters Philip decided to follow Jesus but immediately he is now going to extend this invitation to someone else in that business and Alan this is where we really get into our story here's the verse forty five look at what it says there found nothing then I help a little but on in the story we find out that he was sitting under a fig tree by twenty get that mental picture for a moment SNL is sitting under a fig tree and Philip is looking for an enemy finds his dear friend is sent out and he comes up to them and listen to what he says John chapter one verse forty five Philip found the center and said to him we have found him H we have found him of whom Moses in the law and also the prophets wrote Jesus of Nazareth the son of Joseph you need to understand the impact of that statement what is Philip actually saying what is the actually saved enough that I was sitting there under that victory here saying that they have found the son of God that they have found the promised Messiah the Savior of the world now that Jews had been looking forward to the Messiah for fun hundreds of years there have been profits and Commandant and then met in all the coming Messiah it was this great anticipation of the Messiah coming and now that let's has been up and out in allotments and we found them we found him this is not just some little statements you may does was revolutionary and yet what does Philip add to that statement he says you know we have found him Jesus what else does he say all Nazareth Jesus of Nazareth now the moment that that that he puts in that phrase all of Nazareth something is going through the mind of the fanout was going to the mind of Nathaniel in the master can anything good come out of Nazareth I have looking for the Messiah should we be looking at the capital like Jerusalem question we looking at some other place I was certainly the Messiah cannot come out of Nazareth but it limited his response during John chapter one hundred and one verse forty six Nathaniel said to him can anything good come out of Nazareth anything good come out of Nazareth now Nathaniel 's not saying this in an obnoxious way the Sentinel as a matter of fact when you look deeper at the story was a sincere seeker for truth he is sitting under the fig tree and are many things that are going through his mind this was a favorite place where he would be and you know what the desire of ages so beautifully portrays that that as Philip comes to the fan out the sandals at that moment just considering whether or not Jesus is really the Messiah based going through it it is my thinking about the Old Testament prophecies thinking about the evidence of the ministry of Jesus anything until soft ten Jesus really be the promised Messiah as a fellow pounds you found them we found him Jesus of Nasser and have not fully decided in his mind SNL and systems that access can anything good come out of Nazareth is not quite short there is still this objection in his mind that is the fact that really this be the Messiah honey comes from Nazareth and fail a response in such a remarkable way that by the way for them to learn how to do evangelism to learn how to reach out to people this answer is just blows your mind as you say come and see them to think about that for a moment that could have sat down next to the fanout and they could've spent the rest of that day talking about the evidence why Jesus could actually come from Nazareth and be the Messiah but bigger spent the whole day and fill it maybe at the end of day maybe could have removed that argument out of the mine of SNL and yet even if he could remind every move that objection out of the mind of the Senate health witness and I'll be one step closer to his Savior now now he would still be under the fig tree and so they let says to SNL Tom and see my friends when you reach out to people around you they are going to have objections against our faith and those objections can be many they can have an objection as to the fact that why is there so much suffering in the world of Gaza look at the question that you need many times others can have the objection of of of of of faith how does this work I don't know how this works others can say what I don't believe in a resurrection how can that happen others will say what I don't understand that God had done many objections that people have in which they don't want to make that step to know Jesus because they have those objections and what we many times do is we sit now we stay under the fig tree we try to figure it out we try to put God a week we analyze them and how we use the scripts and there is a place for advanced study these topics of course there is but my friends there is something that goes even deeper and that's an invitation to experience a personal savior when you say now you know I'm a public event to listen I travel around the world and I defend the teachings of Scripture so so I I love apologetics I will have the doctrines that we have has as an Adventist movement but at the same time I realized that removing objections in the mind of a person is not necessarily bringing them any closer to an experience and relationship with Jesus Christ and so what we need to do is a people is not just to study the Scriptures but to invite people into a living personal experience and relationship with Jesus you say and this is exactly what SNL do what Philip does exist Tom and see I can imagine you know sometimes I just imagine her things into the Scripture you to be careful about a week we were allowed to like you vividly think about what the story must be like I can imagine was going through the mind of of of Nathaniel went when Phillips had come and see if I can have questions about have questions and answers that it might well bring them to Jesus bring your questions to Jesus he can handle that and so together they get out from under the fig tree and they go to Jesus I want to take notice what happens next this is this is so beautiful John took one look at verse forty seven verse forty seven Jesus on SNL coming toward him just imagine the picture Jesus as their Nathaniel and Philip are walking towards him maybe there's still something going on in the mind of Anna sent out is not yes he's going to try is going to see if Jesus is really them aside he's willing to do to actually meet Jesus here maybe this is still something going on his mind at that time he really be from from Nazareth and as he's walking towards Jesus look at what Jesus says first forty seven second part of the verse behold an Israelite indeed in whom is no defeats in other words Jesus recognizes the honesty and now the honesty to bring his questions with him is honesty to get out from under the entry and actually try and actually come to Jesus one thing that relationship after Jesus as an Israelite indeed in whom there is no deceit at hand and this just does just what kind of like for a moment it startles you sent out look at what it says FNL said to him verse forty eight how do you know me and Jesus answered and said to him before that called you when you are on the entry I saw you can imagine that I saw you at this moment that Nathaniel is completely completely enraptured in these words of Jesus I look at what he says in verse forty nine Nathanael answered and said to him Rabbi you are the son of God you are the son of God you aren't a chain of Israel at this moment there is no question in the mind of Nathaniel any longer this is the son of God this is the king of Israel why why not because the objection about Nazareth has been removed know the reason why he now acknowledges him as King and Savior of the world because Jesus knew him Jesus knows you and Jesus knows you if there's anything that that is going to move you towards your Savior is not the removal of another objectionable question than you have in your mind certainly you know the biggest difference between you and a person that does not know Christ is not bad you don't have any questions and they do have questions about faith that's not the difference because many of you from our fact abroad to create questions into your faith but the difference is that you know him you know him it's only in the framework of this personal relationship with Jesus that those questions can be certain and you must come to him all if we could just ponder those words Jesus knows you he knows me coming God the God of the universe that created the world that created the stars and the knows their name that keeps the world and the planets in their orbit is created that net munificent magnificence happens he knows you he knows you knows you by name he knows everything about him he knows when you were born he knows the circumstances of your life he knows your deepest trials your deepest difficulties in your greatest joys he knows every thoughts that you ever have thought and think right now he knows you and the fact that he knows you is is is is is in a way we become so formidable no expensive receivers that we become naked before is his eyes but at the same time he draws us to himself into this loving relationship and he says to us and your Savior I am your God and SNL completely completely enraptured in the words of Jesus cries out she cries out to Jesus you are the son of God this was this first impact the first impact in the life of myth now is the fact the understanding that Jesus knew him to understand that God knew him and he embraced the gospel he embraced the Parson Jesus all this is a strong impact in many of you can relate to this if you think about the first time that you heard about the gospel even if you grown up in a Christian home for the first time the report that had dawned on you actually what it's all about maybe your hearted enough throughout your life but just that moment you know what that is that moment that you thought wow this is real blows me God exists he created me he sent his son to die for me he knows me all I want to belong to him and you just crying out like Nathaniel cried out that the first impact the first love my friends you have to hold onto that and get a suit is easy to let go of that is so easy to become immune to the gospel to become in different to the gospel and so we move into our heart our second step herewith would look at that first impact that the impact of the plan of impact that all of you all of us need to experience in knowing God an understanding that he knows us and understanding what he is done for us but how often do we lose that impact how often do we become indifferent to the gospel let's see how that happens to your Bibles to the book of Joshua returned from the book of John to the book of Joshua chapter twenty four Joshua in the Old Testament chapter twenty four last chapter of that book you'll know who Josh was I hope Joshua was that great man that led the people of Israel the Hebrews into the promised land remember Moses led them out of Egypt but he was not privileged to lead them into the promised land that was the task of none other but Joshua Mister Joshua has leaving the people or rather has led them into the promised land and he is now old and is about to die but he wants to make sure that the people are committed to the truth they committed to God and that they will remember what God has done for them after this is his last speech here in Joshua chapter twenty four look at what he says to the people Joshua chapter twenty four verse fourteen beginning in verse fourteen now therefore fear the Lord serve him in sincerity and in truth and put away the gods which your fathers served on the other side of the River and in Egypt serve the Lord and if it seems evil to you to serve the Lord choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve whether the gods which your fathers served that one on the other side of the land you dwell as sorry on the other side of the River or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you dwell but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord so here Joshua is presenting the two options before the people and he is he is encouraging them to follow the Lord the Lord that has defeated them till this very day and I look look what it says is the people answering verse sixteen verse sixteen so the people answered and said far be it from us that we should forsake the Lord to serve other gods for the Lord our God is he who brought us and our fathers out of the land of Egypt from the house of bondage who did those great signs in our sight and preserved us in all the way that we went and among all the people through whom we passed and the Lord drove out from before us all the people including the Amorites who dwelt in the land we also will serve the Lord for he is our God the people are committed they know what they want to serve you know in fresh in their minds is God 's guidance as they have with a small amount of people relatively small amount of people moved into Canaan and God is given them victory after victory after victory after victory and now they possess the land and if they possess the Latin judge was asked before the people his task is done he's about to get used to go to sleep onto the resurrection his task is finished and he says to the people now these are the two options that you have is our body conserved in all the other gods of the nations of the people to always know what we did today when I serve God and he has painted us we have seen his miracles we will follow him and yet as you trace the history of Israel as you trace the history of the Hebrews you will find that it goes up and down in it and it has its bright moments but sat sadly to say it has more moments in which they departed from the will and way of God in which they became immune and in different to the DOS once I will ask for the story here a little but I want to bring it to a moment in which there was a spiritual and also a physical droughts in the land of Israel a time in which the people had become indifferent to the message of God and to the truth of God and so time with me from the book of Joshua to the book of first Kings first Kings chapter eighteen and we are going to the story of Elijah first Kings chapter eighteen and looking at verse twenty one under the picture of him and try to picture the situation here that scenario here thirteen drought in the land for three and a half years others both a physical job and also a spiritual drought the people had been worshiping the God the nations around them they become indifferent to the messenger of God and what happened was Elijah called them altogether on Mount caramel you will remember that they're all gathered together on Mount caramel the people at the bill profits decaying and there the prophet of God Elijah you seem to be the only one left that was faithful to God as of the multitudes of people adapted to gather and Elijah gets up as the prophet of God and he's now going to challenge them is now going to ask them to make a decision but halted between two opinions they need to decide whether they follow God or not they notice of the words of Elijah first things chapter eighteen and verse twenty one and Elijah came to all the people and said how long will you falter between two opinions if the Lord is God do what followed them but if they'll follow him now look at what it says next year I like just challenging them make a decision on if God is not falling in the bail is not following up and look at what it says next verse twenty one last part of the first but the people lots they did exactly what you're doing now but the people want is not a word please answer me as it am not a word now why do they answer because then become indifferent to the message of God it was a spiritual trial they no longer at study the writings of the promising along a dedicated their lives to God as a year they are standing for Elijah Elijah the mighty profits to make a decision and I don't say we don't warship battle over the banner and even in a table to worship God they just stare at him and don't say a letter and how does this end difference and you know the rest of the story the bill profits or Elijah challenges them that the God answer by fire is the true God is in the process of building hands and around there there alter and become themselves and they cry out to bail he doesn't answer and then Elijah kneels down I think twelve stones which is a symbol of the uniting of the tribes of Israel he puts them together and praise the simple prayer to God and ounces it with you from heaven and consume the altar it consumes that which is on the ultimate altered all the water that is around the altar consumes everything is no doubt now who is and yet this moment in difference is a moment that we find ourselves so many times it is my effect on a review of short passage here this is a comment from Ellen White on this story on the story of Elijah listen to what she says she says Elijah cries how long haul T between two opinions if the Lord be God follow him but his bail then follow him and the people answered him not a word not one in that vast assembly dear utter one word for dog and show his loyalty to Jehovah what astonishing deception and fearful blindness like a dark cloud covered Israel this blindness and apostasy had not closed about them suddenly listen very carefully and not just comes suddenly it had come upon them gradually what the word there gradually it had come upon them gradually as they had not heeded the word of reproof and warnings which the Lord had sent to them because of their pride and their sins and now in this fearful crisis in the presence of the idolatrous priests and the apostate gang they remained neutral if God abhors one sin above another of which is people are guilty it is doing nothing in the case of emergency indifference and neutrality in a religious crisis is regarded of God as a greediest crime and equal to the very worst type of hostility against God is strong language I'm even if there was one send it as a bath another sense it is neutrality and indifference in a religious crisis that we ask is to ask you something this morning in our religious world today are we in a crisis yes or no and the question is are we in different albeit in different hobby neutral Izzy is one thing to be against apostasy and against false doctrine and against all paths that lead away from truth but something else to actually stand up and speak the truth it's one thing to believe in your heart you know what that person is a way to what is happening there in my local church or you know what is happening therefore there is actually not really right for you I don't want I don't want to bother someone when it offends someone so let me just remain silent the Bible tells us scrimp prophecy tells us that this is hostility against God you have a voice and you have a voice for a reason and then and that reason is to avoid a is to proclaim the truth now if not an obnoxious way not an offensive way we need to speak with love we need to have our lips season with the grace of God we need to be careful with when we say things and how we see things it's not that I'm dealing with here but there's one thing that we need to know and that is where the religious crisis and we cannot remain silent any longer what you say we are in very situation of Elijah story of Elijah 's story Russ today not his interesting little bit later when Jezebel threatens to take the life of the life you remember the story Elijah flees to the Mount Harrop and at least there you know speaks in with that still small voice and you know Elijah he says you want the only one last year and went on answers and there are how many sounds and styles and they do not bow there need to build a master question where were the seven thousand when Elijah said how long will you hold between two opinions amounts Carmel where were they what were the seven thousand I think it's a state that were seven thousand and not now down to bail yes they did they didn't didn't didn't kneel down to Bell but they didn't speak the truth in a religious crisis either see my friends is one thing not to follow to follow things that are contrary to God 's word it's one thing to to engage in falsehood but it's another thing are not to engage in falsehood but it's another thing to actually voice the truth and that is what God is calling us to do you'll be given a voice that voice is a shift gift from God so that you can lead people into a knowledge of God and of knowledge of history indifference causes asked to play defense instead of offense indifference causes us to play defense instead of offense now if you don't become immune to the gospel or immune to the truth of God overnights I doesn't happen how do happen in the days of Elijah given the word gradually gradually it happens you start missing your devotions in your prayer life becomes thanking God for food these are watching things you did not want to watch before you start listening to things that you did not listen to before you start the going places that he didn't go to before and sooner and sooner than you think you lose that first impact and you become in difference and you become indifferent to become immune to the gospel and you wonder why when you read the Bible it doesn't speak to anymore and then you wonder when you hear a sermon that no longer impacts you is because you have you have made yourself by your active decisions neutral to the gospel now this is also what happened not only in the days of Elijah when various moments in the history of God 's people want to show you another moment this itself is a startling this one I wanted attentive of Ezekiel the book of Ezekiel chapter thirty three Ezekiel chapter thirty three and chapter at first study Ezekiel chapter thirty three and verse thirty Ezekiel is a mighty prophet of God he was amongst the captives in Babylon living at the same time as Daniel the prophet was serving in the court he was amongst the captives they are in Babylon and that this was a time also spiritual drought the reason why they were in Babylon is because it departed from the ways of God and so what is the deal is doing is he's speaking the word of God and trying to encourage the people and strengthened them that it down to embrace their identity in the fear of the Lord and so I want to take notice of how the people talk about Ezekiel the prophet Ezekiel chapter thirty three beginning in verse Betty but what it says this is this is God speaking through the joint and God says as for you Son of Man the children of your people are talking about you beside the walls and in the doors of their houses and they speak to one another everyone seemed to his brother please comment here what the word is that comes from the Lord if we were just stop their LB Graham will be great when the big that's great like Ezekiel speaking the word of God and all the people in their homes and two different signal .com and hear the word of God it's great it's amazing and just calm this is just a revelation from God if we were to stop here this would be a great sorry but the story doesn't stop here with what it says in verse thirty one speaking to Ezekiel here so they come to you as people do they sit before you as my people and they hear your words say next in your Bible but they do not do their floor with their mouth they stroll much love but their heart pursue their own gain look at verse thirty K look at how God describes what is going on here he said indeed you argue them as a very lovely song of one who has a pleasant voice and can play well on an instrument for they hear your words but Baywatch they do not do them this is a situation in the days of Ezekiel the people are saying to each other yes you need to come and hear the word of God you need to come and here is the guilt and causes you know what Ezekiel you are like an instrument that plays very well the people love to come and hear you but there's a problem they come and hear you but they don't use the word of God they don't follow my words they love to come to conferences they love to be inspired by sermon they love to hear you but they don't follow the one hundred it wasn't there was a time of all the indifference in the days of Ezekiel I want you to notice that in difference is not only when you're not serving you can be indifferent when you serve God you can be in all the rights and you can follow all the right motions of going to church of coming to the conference and still in your heart it can be as indifferent as anything when the words are always falling going into one ear and going out of the other if we don't follow the word of God we don't make it practical experience we are repeating the history of the days of Ezekiel know how was it than in the days of Jesus I want you to turn from the book of Ezekiel to Matthew chapter eleven Matthew chapter eleven no are able to close this message and a good notes so that we need to first establish what indifference and is and how we are in the danger of becoming indifferent to the gospel and frankly I believe that many of us here have become indifferent to the gospel and so this is a message for each one of us Matthew chapter eleven what about in the days of Jesus well just before Jesus came onto the public scene the was a forerunner of Jesus what was his name John the Baptist John the Baptist the mighty preacher of truth it says that deal with the Bible says is all Jerusalem came out to hear him imagine coming it was thronging to hear John speak now as Jesus cut of sums up his ministry take notice what he says about John the Baptist Matthew chapter eleven beginning in verse thirteen Jesus meeting here I says for all the prophets and the law prophesied until John and if you are willing to receive that message that he is Elijah who is to come now it was interesting was a prophet another profit by the name of Malachi which was it which lived about four hundred years before Jesus and he prophesied that the spirit of Elijah was in a return and find Jesus at describing the Ministry of John the Baptist as you know if you are looking for that spirit of Elijah John the Baptist he had it coming he and he moved at a preached in the power of Elijah you know what situation of Elijah the situation of indifference and neutrality also existed in the Ministry of John the Baptist they notice of what he says next the Chapter 11 and verse sixteen but you looked at Jesus meeting but to what shall I liken this generation it is like children sitting in the marketplaces and calling to their companions and saying we played the flute for you and you did not dance we mourned it to you and you did not lament is Jesus saying there is not an appropriate response there is no joy there is no sorrow there is an indifference and a neutrality they play the flute and no one that there is a there there is a a message of sorry no one no one is sorrowful there is an inappropriate response to the gospel presented by John Knowles an inappropriate response to the message of Ezekiel it was an inappropriate response to the massive of Elijah the question is is there an inappropriate response to messages today in this generation what you think I believe there is a big danger of that I mean what we cannot praise ourselves and think that well aware so different today every time the gospel is presented I am moved and I'm I'm I'm I'm changed many times it goes in one area goes out the other year many times week we hear and we hear sermons about what Jesus has done for us we can hundreds sermons of what Jesus has done for us without asking a simple question what can I do for him we become indifferent and neutral to a message that God sends it out and I titled this message when I titled this message as we please please encourage me and you to the gospel it out and it's like getting a flu shot for getting a flu shot the vaccination exposes you in some three antivirus and sickness so your body responds by providing induced immunity you how this works right right began a little bit of it aluminum the virus when you get into that injection that your body provides is induced at this induced wasn't immediately have to hit thinking now Elizabeth is how it works but with the gospel has been treated like the virus okay the gospel has been treated like the virus and we have been exposed to just enough of the gospel but no more fax us right just get it just got enough just hear it enough times that Jesus died for us to hear it enough times what Jesus had done for us we hear it so many times is like a flu shot but please I become immune to it immune to the gospel it no longer affects us again we can hear hundreds of sermons about Jesus and what he did for us and just because of hurt so many times throughout our upbringing so many times in our Christian experience is no longer touches us at the deep level that it should and I mean we should become afraid we should be fearful of becoming immune and Christians what do we do about that followed a look at that in just a moment because when you are first impacted by the gospel when you first met your daughter and your Savior lightness that mouth coming from under that figtree and understanding that that that he is the one that created you that he is the one that redeemed you that he knows everything about you you cried out that he is the son of God you dedicated your life and you want to follow him with every fiber of your being but in the course of your experience you lost at first while I'm sure that many of you can relate to what I'm saying in the course of this you became in deference to the message oh God you became neutral you could hear sermons and they used to affect you on a deep level but now they no longer affect you you used to hear truth and you say all out what can I do to be saved you would cry out and yet now is asked what times lunch immune to the gospel without the shop the flu shot and we no longer respond it out this was not always the case in the Scriptures we have stories where it was definitely at moments where the people responded as meticulous as interesting those that heard the gospel for the first time they respond in one of my favorite books of the Bible is the book of acts you know why it's so long neutral in a reason about Max and and and Paul goes out any preachers and humor he raises a charge or he gets kicked out of the city is no middle ground he comes into a city and the plant that are of Jesus you know they love him or they hate him live because his message do not allow for neutrality and allow for neutrality he preach and people that heard the gospel for the first time they were moved and you know they they they moved towards the gospel point essay hate that got rid of this guy no neutrality the reason the chapters of the book of acts and is a powerful one of my favorite books in the Bible it out at one point of time you've been to the story does not talk the way the book of acts you really need to look carefully read carefully to get it and have pictured in different chapters but there's this young man by the name of John March and he lives in Jerusalem together with his mother and I can imagine that they did this the apostles as they got together in Jerusalem they would share the reports of what God was doing amongst the Gentiles so John Markey gets a taste of this work you know the mission reports they are these people we say that and we went there and slides are running inside John Mark is watching singing wireless I furthest thing as a test I join you Paul on a mission trip what would it be like to go on a mission trip with Paul how many of you would love to do that I sure as our United on initiative with Paul Honey John much as I signed me up as he gets on the body does with Paul and there like there like preaching and the like is like one ha ha oh and the people I like getting angry with with politics in another city indicating John out of city meetings himself I didn't sign up for this as we decides to go home and he goes back to his mother in Jerusalem now the story and that well because later you later he wants to go on another trip and pauses no way no way you're not coming with us and Barnabas as you know that's given a second chance and the strife between Paul and Barnabas to celebrate the Barnabas as you know I'll just go with John Mark and you take someone else and so they actually separate their ways Barnabas and Paul now later on you can meet in the New Testament books of Paul that he actually did appreciate John Marcus and later when he was imprisoned in Rome that's who you want to come John Mark something that turned out very well again but the fact of the matter is it was not easy in those first in that first century to proclaim the gospel you know you can imagine Paul one point he installed at all the autonomous standing around this pile of rocks this part of stones like I guess the thing is over now and in the stones not moving you know in an poll gets up as good a breach to imagine they would say to Paglia he was like the kind of guy that you could never a fact that he could never like stop it so you would actually you would say to die is gain at the diving they would say will keep you alive to live is Christ of faith within BG while I I I think that the sufferings all in this time are not worthy to convicted be compared with the glory that is coming up and up which imprisoned while staying and convert the darts you can not affect this guy whenever you get to him he always had a way to bring the gospel to the next level and was not neutral on non- neutral gospel note actually the only place the only place where it was really this neutrality and difference within the city of Athens is very interesting he comes in the city of Athens I've been to all these places and in some cities been kicked out in other places they started a church right either picked out or start a church kicked out or started I just keep going keep going keep going I think the things that happen in the city of Athens three arrives in the city of Athens and after all the sophisticated and educated philosophers often the Greek empire was the Roman Empire but was really a great philosophy that had been used by the Romans in order to keep the empire together Greek philosophy Greek way of thinking this was all permeated throughout that throughout the empire I soaked Paul gets up and and you know the story there and accept the seventeen letter to turn the real quickly as he comes to the city of Athens with what he does acts seventeen acts seventeen verse sixteen it says the Max Chapter seventeen verse sixteen Paul was in the city of Athens he says this is the following local waited for them at Athens his spirit was provoked within him when he saw that the city was given over to idols therefore you reason in the synagogues with the Jews with the Gentile worshipers and in the marketplace daily with those who happen to be there no he just goes to work his Olympic is preaching in the marketplace fishing and in the churches in the synagogue Asia seeking to find people that will embrace the gospel and yet these sophisticated educated Greek philosophers and great minded people are not such about the message of Paul has appalled at John going down fifty verse twenty two if you believe they give him an opportunity to speak and so they bring him into the great arena of the Iraqi guests at his unimaginative as you'd imagine from a pause is is is standing there before hundreds maybe thousands of people in Athens and he says in verse twenty two also in the midst of your rapid business that many men of Athens I perceive that in the and all things a very religious for as I was passing through considering the objects of your worship I even found an altar with this inscription to be on known M marvelous way in a very unique way what he does is he takes that that one I know that they had with the inscription to the unknown God amongst all the other idols he takes that phrase he presents to them they gone that they don't know and you know but we don't have time to both all the best but you read accept the seventeen and so powerful he presents it is unknown this unknown God for them this blog is really the only God exists is above all the other gods that they think are real because Ms. Scott and twelve the Temple made without hands this thought is above creation and and then he goes on that this God is the creator God not only is the creator God but that he personally knows them and he knows the way of that where they were born and the circumstances of their life and impulses he is not very far from you you can reach out to him and the people he dislikes sitting there like listening alike model year we don't know about this when we are all interesting and he gets the point where he talks about the resurrection of Jesus and that actually there is actually a Josh in this well and that there is a moral responsibility that we have and we get to that point gets a little tricky I don't really think they don't really really like that part you know what they say they don't get off and kick him out to the politicized inverse fund down to the end the chapter verse out of that accept the seventeen verse thirty two what is says that he too and when they heard of the resurrection of the debt some law while others said we will hear you again on this matter not a interesting will will will hear you again on this matter equivalent in our days thanks the sermon 's UNIX month right thanks of the sermon great salmon off love the sermon went to be a nuclear thanks they did not know this was the neutrality and indifference of the city of Athens my friends we live in a great wild we live in a world of indifference when in a world where people don't realize Paul sums up the experience of the people in Athens look at the numbers twenty one this is incredible asked at the seventy first forty one for all the Athenians and the foreigners who were there spent their time in nothing else but even to tell what to hear some new thing you know anyone that uses their time and nothing else but he did hear or to tell some new thing if we want to hear new stop and we want to evaluate everything want to get all the import but when you make a decision come on make a decision when I respond to it which is inherently love hearing you stuff himself Paul comes along and we have already thousands of idle self if you have something to say okay to put them in Iraq because let's listen to some mock something okay will hear him again on this matter neutrality and indifference my friends we are living in a great world today a world of neutrality and indifference is a danger that we not only face our world faces but it's a day to which our church faces is a danger with you and I face and we come to our last part of this message and that is what to do about it it would look at the first impact of meeting Christ the first in enthusiasm and engagement look at how we can lose that impact and how we can become indifferent and neutral but finally we want to close this on good note how can I retain the impact how can I be so filled with the gospel of Jesus Christ that were impacted me over and over and over again not some high emotional impact but in a meeting trust in my Savior and look at how this happens turn in your Bibles to Revelation chapter three revelation last book in your Bible chapter three and beginning in verse fourteen Revelation chapter three beginning in verse fourteen and this is many of you will be familiar with the message to the church of lower dyspnea this is a special message to the charge which can which consists of you and me in these very last days before the coming of Jesus and this is the analysis the the picture that Christ is self against all of us as a people and I'm in a begin reading in verse fourteen Revelation chapter three verse fourteen and to the angel of the church of the loudest scenes rights these things says the amen the faithful and true witness the beginning of the creation of God I know your works that you are neither cold nor hot I wish you were cold or hot isn't it interesting that God knew that Jesus knew that the charts in the end of time would be a church that would be in difference and neutral in a religious crisis in your business and taken by surprise because I wish you were either hot or cold but you're not called I do not thought whatever you want to do with you well you could you a most beautiful thing as he offers to you and to me the most precious death that he could ever offer I want to take notice of this verse eighteen these are the words of Jesus I counsel you to buy from me old refined in the fire that you may be rich and white garments that you may be clothed and that the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed and anoint your eyes with eye salve that you may see Jesus has for his charge Jesus has for you and for me three precious guests and these precious gifts my friends when we accept them and embraced them and experience them will enable laughs to be impacted over and over again this will enable us to retain a spiritual experience that will not be neutral or indifferent in a time of crisis I want to quickly look at these three guests the first gift that he promises is that is gold refined in the fire the was gold refined in the fire in first Peter chapter one verse seven a divided download all just quoted here for time sake but in first Peter chapter one verse seven says the following that they genuineness of your faith being much more precious than gold that perishes though it is tested by fire may be found to praise honor and glory at the revelation of Jesus Christ so that gold is tried in the fire is our faith that is passed it became it's our faith is tested now you might think that when trouble comes in your life when challenges in the darkness seems to envelop you in your Christian experience you may think you know at that time how will I get out of you thought how or where is God in all of this my friends the Bible says that if you have that time to exercise faith in God it is like gold tried in the fire because your faith it's more precious than gold as a when you exercise faith you are stepping out of indifference and I you exercise faith because if you don't exercise faith your faith is begun to come week is by exercising the muscles if you don't use your muscles if you exercise your muscles UW week so it is spiritually you in order to remain strong in order to continue having the impact of the gospel you must exercise spiritual muscles and the spiritual muscle that you need to exercise is a and say okay now let's look at that the second gift here in Revelation chapter three we received gold is tried in the fire but it's a gift from God is not something you must under how to get a statement that can muster myself was a gift from God as a gift from Jesus just accept it and allow him to work at facing you and in the second it was the second year in white garments that you may be close now this is what it says in Isaiah sixty one verse ten you can write this down but according here Isaiah sixty one percent says I will greatly rejoice in the Lord my soul shall be joyful in my God for he has clothed me with the garments of salvation he has covered me with the robe of righteousness now so what is the one of the white garments they are garments of salvation by a robe of righteousness was at Savior and Isaiah chapter sixty one first-hand that we are to rejoice in this salvation my friends if you want to be impacted over and over again if you do not want to lose that impact you what you need to do you need to rejoice a man into phrase God you need to be alright already impacted by what he has done for you praise him him him warship him and in doing so your keeping the impact and I'm not retaining that spiritual strand of Christ does not want us to become indifferent to what he has done for us Christ came down he lived a perfect life and he died on Calvary for you Christ was everything but indifferent to our circumstances statement how can we become indifferent to him what is your short story here I bought seven years ago I traveled to Kenya at East Africa with them a team of of of workers and we would have a mission trip in this country of Africa was my first time in a Third World country and that preparing for this trip we didn't really know how to prepare because would never be there and we don't really know what to expect other than what we have read and heard from others and I have this friend from Kenya through which we actually have this invitation to go down there and he had a house down there I significant my house will you have these meetings there is an LED this health and Bible work and classes you can live it the place where I have their and down so I would have e-mail contact with him outright then I would say you know what coming with so-and-so many people are you sure that you have enough rooms in your house and he would write back knees everything 's okay and I write again I say you know what coming was also make it what you have enough audio bathrooms and toilets and is everything taken care of is enough furniture and every time I would get the same response to my e-mails everything 's okay brother and so the day comes that we as a team we down the play and we I can see a couple of people you were on the trip to you you can testify that this is true we are on the trip and we land in Kenya and we rather in Nairobi and guess what not everything was okay as a matter fact the house was still being built don't we finished the rounds were empty North love furniture was not bathroom don't thought it was wonderful on the ground we were fifteen people a man doesn't know when to say a man and winter may find it okay and so and so I thought to myself worry in addition related to me this is terrible and we come to a room learned to stay as just it's just like like concrete ground we understand matchless like aching over my body is on way back to you a lot because the house was not finished in the using this and then it seemed to attract these little red and as we always answer the road and my wife and I are laying there on this concrete floor with this and mattress aching bodies and utilities as they just decided to make a slightly right across our body as it during the night they would like behind us I was terrible evidence and there was no window in that room it was just some bars and person next door which had obviously no money but just enough money to buy a TV set turned his house into a local cinema and during the night would play oldies movies I thought we would be kept awake all night with these movies and TV ads running across our body biting us and paid in our bodies and in one night just before Rubin a move from that place to another place early in the morning hours three men with machete swords break into her house move through all the rooms and raw bus and he came into my room and by God 's grace I slept in I did wake up and I don't know what I would do if I woke up that God made a deep sleep on all my wife and myself in it and it took all our belongings the rest of it we are sitting together but together as a team sitting together what are we going to do this one thought going through my mind let's get on the first plane back home this was my foreign experiment you have this dream about foreign missions like John Mark listening to Paul wow that looks like ill people being baptized easily people going into the water notable brush their teeth with Colgate beautiful smile like I want to sign up for that and you actually go out and get a very different kind of experience you were young Ron Ronald of our belongings but nothing left that were sitting together discussing what we get a date in iron of a one-person art seems that something I will never forget is that you know what I think now just a little way in a little bit we are able to understand little better when Jesus went we can to Mister he gave up have been for the beauties and riches and glory of heaven he deemed not worthy to see us suffer until he comes down and becomes one of us we say he was not indifferent to us after we be indifferent to those around us and after the encouragement of others around at me and my team you know when we decided to continue I can tell you it is a different story but I can tell you that what came after that was one of the most precious experience that I cherish in my work as an evangelist nothing moved to Nairobi after that I traveled to Nairobi houseplant to speak they're not listen to my Bible was taken from me my computer was taken from me my notes were taken from me I could I did not have my PowerPoint anymore I do not have my notes I do have my Bible my precious Bible and which had written all these experiences and date sent and it was gone so I borrowed a little pocket Bible and I get up and I have no notes no PowerPoint and does not just imbued me with his spirit to his glory people responded to that message and this is some of the most precious experience in ministry that have happened because when we become dependent on God he pours out everything is a wonderful healer for me to be a patented by the gospel must exercise faith and you must rejoice in the salvation that God has wrought for you and finally but not least the third point back to Revelation chapter three the sour last point here with what it says first eighteen I counsel you to buy from me gold refined in the fire that you may be rich and white garments that you may be clothed that the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed and anoint your eyes anoint your eyes with eye salve that you may see we need the anointment of Christ in order to perfectly see and discern what is right and what is wrong and Romans chapter twelve verse two it says do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God by friends we need spiritual discernment and the eyes self allows us to have the spiritual discernment and we have a spiritual discernment we will also normally discern things around us we will decide our own condition we will discern that on many occasions we have become immune and indifferent to the gospel we have received that flu shots we will become aware of that and in doing so we will return to God humble ourselves and he will impart to ask these gifts as he has promised when you say and he will bring you to our spiritual experience not only will you renew it but he will bring value to retain you what Jesus says in John fifteen he says are buying in many of you and me so this morning I want to appeal to you if you think about your life right now your spiritual experience right now are there areas in your spiritual experience when you have become in difference and neutral to the gospel of Jesus Christ are there areas in your life when you consider that you are in danger of becoming immune to the gospel if you feel that danger can erase your hand right now I raise my hand I feel that danger I think I'm not exceed all things happening around it we live in a world in which we have been hardened with all kind of invitations to be part of this in part about to watch this and to listen to listen to go there to do that and do that my friends these things can and can cause us to become immune to what matters most is the gospel of Jesus Christ and so if you have if you have that feeling that you know I'm in danger to become a musical for some of you frankly you just say I have a meeting at this point I want no more and maybe there's something that's set in the course of this message that it that will that you just desire that that first love that first impact to return in your life is on to make more specific appeal here if there is something that you know all something in your life that you know is causing your difference because remember in the days of Elijah it didn't happen overnight but what of the spirit of prophecy happens remember the word gradually and you recognize that happened to you gradually what you want to take a stand now do you want this conference to be a turning point how beautiful that we are about to go into new year two thousand thirteen and you know your resolutions mean so much more the resolutions of people around you don't know if I'm not been a smoke anymore then a watch that anyone and if I won we does finally do it again resolutions of my friends are resolution is powerful when it's made in a covenant with Jesus and year because when Jesus had gone two thousand years ago on the cross does your power is not just a promise from your side it's a covenant with which he says I will do it in you and you realize you're indifferent you realize you have become immune to the gospel we want to say I know what it is identified in the Holy Spirit is speaking to you you want to do something with it will you stand if that describes you you know what it is you want to do something with it you want more than anything else the goal tried in the fire you want more than anything else the white raiment to you want more than anything else the ice self that will cause you to see I went by those for special prayer to say I need special prayer to overcome this because I'm a big able to do it alone I invite you to come forward as we have a special prayer right here for you I need special prayer for this when I'm dealing with some fortis with enclosed with a word of prayer together it on your own Jesus is with you and he has promised to empower you that you'll together as we pray father in heaven we went thank you this morning for your goodness towards us that you died for us while we were yet sinners that you take that enormous stop that is comprehensible for us that you left have been in all its riches in glory and that you came down was born in a manger lives the life of a human being and became obedient even unto death didn't ignominious death of the cross but at this point we want to thank you and praise you for what you've done Lord as we hear about the cross may we not become immune to this message what heard but may have an impact upon us also emotional high but in abiding trust in you help us to abide in you to rest and be assured that what you are starting you will also complete so Lord I pray for every person listed to the fee that every person is come for the melt in prayer Lord there are things that you've reminded us all the Holy Spirit is impressed us with that have caused us to gradually move away from you that have caused us to no longer be on on offense but on defense to not respond to you to become indifferent and neutral but Lord we won this conference this moment to be a turning point not because of some commitment that we make in our own strength but because of a covenant that you have promised so what you have begun please complete in-house works through us I play and pray that what ever it is in the and in each of us what we you we don't need to tell each other but we tell you right now going you know what events you know what it is the Lord please remove this in our and may we become yours and yours alone thank you so much Lord for this guest gift of salvation we rejoice in you this morning we praise you thank you Lord thank you you know it's there we know her rail links in one of the rule to this media was not as hot as a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to me seven how do you you want to know more about how universe you like this more so than please visit www. done on universal .org


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