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Three Inseparable Doctrines

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed



  • December 1, 2006
    7:00 PM
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you see such a large group of God 's people out this evening on Friday evening I northside not easy to Galvan Friday evening because the week has been long and we have lots of things to do in preparation for the Sabbath but of all of the meetings that I attended when I was a student and was when I was a teacher in our college in Colombia in South America Friday evening was my favorite because sought the weekend ended and now I had a chance to I'm why and you know this is a nice place to unwind it's amazing how tranquil Loma Linda natives on Friday in spite of the fact that the city has surrounded Loma Linda on young as I was sitting in my car I got here little bit early I was amazed to see two raccoons walk across the lawn right out here in on this busy thoroughfare I don't love you seen but they do they seem to be husband-and-wife because they were walking just in step together and I said well you know even the raccoons come out on Friday night because the people are all hiding but anyway it's nice to be here with this group what to do this weekend he has a study some very important subjects all relating to final events in the preparation for the coming of Jesus I know that probably some of you have seen some of the presentations perhaps all of the presentations on not three ABN on cracking the Genesis code and because I knew that probably there were some people here who had watched cracking the Genesis code I chosen for subjects that are not in that series so we don't have a duplication of material before we get into our site this evening which is titled three inseparable doctrines we last the Lord 's guidance and so I invited up on your hands with me as we pray father in heaven we thank you for the wonderful hours of your holy set how great it is to just finish all of our endeavors all of our work and just bask in your presence we asked father that as we open your holy Word this evening that your Holy Spirit will come to be with us and explained that word to us and plant a seed of truth in our hearts but that seed might germinate in a Mike Groll and it might bear fruit in our lives we thank you father for hearing our prayerful we ask it in Jesus name amen by the way the titles of the presentations tonight of course three inseparable documents tomorrow morning during the worship service the title is hidden Sabbath truths were going to discuss some issues relating to the Sabbath which I have found a notebook other than regards in profits and yet I'd read pagers and profits for four thirty years and I've never seen the things that I want to share with you tomorrow morning until March of this year when I was on my way to Panama to just give you little inkling about what women discuss it I've always wondered why God didn't give Adam and Eve a direct command to keep the Sabbath Genesis two outline how we can prove that the Sabbath is a creation ordinance but it would've been nice forgot to I think any we forgot to put there in Genesis two Adam and they keep the Sabbath and all of your descendents keep the Sabbath but there's not directly commanded Genesis to where God says that I may keep the Sabbath and another interesting thing of the creation story is that on the seventh day according to the record does not have an evening and morning investment both of these arguments have been taken by Dale Retzlaff and others to prove that the Sabbath is not creation ordinance and that because it had no evening and morning God 's rest is open every day of the week but I believe that will share with you tomorrow is is going to be in the good sense revolutionary it's that I give us very biblical solid arguments as to why God in fact God could not have ordered Adam and Eve to keep that percent with the couldn't of done it and when explained to the reason why actually don't get nervous I believe that the services creation ordinance but actually God did not command out of the need to keep the first Sabbath but to keep the second one and also you why and I'll also give you the reason why the evening and morning his invention very very simple Genesis and write their patriarchs and prophets and for years and years I read the Bible bread patrons and profits and I've never seen it and I've written dozens of books on the Sabbath and you know the only book were worth ever found it is in the writings of Ellen White then in the afternoon first session at three o'clock I want to present subject which is titled reflections on Daniel eleven and I want to share with you a different approach to study Daniel eleven the study Daniel eleven forty two Daniel twelve in verse two organa do in reverse order restaurant Daniel twelve verse twenty one work backwards and is a very special reason for that is the Elimite doesn't quote any of the verses from Daniel eleven forty to forty five she doesn't even use the language of those nurses some people assume that she had nothing to say about Daniel eleven forty to forty five however she does have many quotations of Daniel twelve in verse one and Daniel commenters to install if you know where quotations are for Daniel twelve one and two you cannot know where she's commenting on versus forty forty five if anything it's that deductive approach to Daniel eleven rather than inductive approach to Daniel eleven and I think you can update your marvel at how the Bible Mister Prosser so much in harmony you know the more I study the more I admire the spirit of prophecy because it's so much in harmony with Scripture and all our final study tomorrow is titled the holy and the common and basically on the study with you two stories from the Old Testament and how there fulfilled in the book of Revelation the first is a story of native and a bike you in the second story of the story about Chancellor and when he took the holy vessels and put wine and drank wine from them both of these stories present two different sides of one coin in the present to two heresies which are going to exist in the world in the Christian world at the end of time and so will be discussing the holy and the common in our last study tomorrow afternoon Lord willing there are three documents that the Seventh-day Adventist church holds which are inseparably linked or these three doctrines are the state of the dad that Josh meant the second coming of Jesus if you get one of these wrong you're going to get the others wrong if you get all three of them right you can be on the right track to know how Jesus will come and the preparation that we need in order to be ready for his coming as I would like to discuss this evening how these three doctrines are linked or interconnected how they relate to one another and to begin I'd like to invite you to turn in your Bibles with me to Genesis chapter two and verse seven Genesis chapter two and verse seven this is adversely usually used to discuss the state of the dance and by the way when he is the Bible a lot so I hope you'll bring your Bible because were going to study from Scripture and I'll have some quotations as well from the spirit of prophecy courses versus the creation of man notice what it says in a reading from the new King James version and the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground what what aspect of man was composed of dust 's physical nature right physical body composed of dust now in the head of that body was the brain the brain is a physical organ also right it controls and regulates and directs all of the activities of the body correct it's the command center of the body if you please so God created this body of deaths this physical organism he placed in the head of that organ is my brain to coordinate all activities relating to the body but even after God created the body anyplace the brain and had about body the body was lifeless mostly didn't say the body was bent the body was lifeless it was perfect it had all the order organs complete it had everything the brain by was functioning and so the last part of the verse continues saying and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life novel word breath here is the Hebrew word mesh on my is another word in Hebrew for spirit is the word who what by the way they are interchangeable to a great degree in the Old Testament and the reason we know that is because I hear it says that national mother is in the nostrils but there are other texts that say that everyone is in the nostrils as well and we use our nostrils to what we as a nationalist brief in is what it was that he energized that body he gave the body vital force the function he gave the electrical current if you please and then were told and man became a living soul or became a living person so reviewing God made a physical organism composed of dust actually it was wet wet dust it was Clay according to Isaiah sixty four verse eight was the potter we are the clay he placed in the hands of the body a brain and of course the brain was to gather all of the input from outside is energize the body and when the energize the body man became a living soul or person now I'd like to ask a question that probably you already know the answer to because of we find a text that's normally use my happiness when we discussed the issue of death what happens with the body when man dies like his yesterday 's twelve in verse seven says they are Batman returns to what the body returns to the guests dressed as dust and what happens with the spirit with everyone it says that it returns to God and as a result what happens with that with the individual with the person bases to what they ceased to exist partially true that they ceased to exist I have a question no one asked the state have with him I'm a different person in many ways the day he died than the David he was created very different why because Gary nine hundred and thirty years list five sunsets he gathered a lot of input these computer language but we ask you to have a much more complex personality and self-identity the day he died than the date it was created absolutely he had a history and memories feelings emotions since words he spoke five the most five hundred and thirty years all of that was important nothing is my question what happened we know that his body when Adam went to when he died his body went and what is integrated what happened was very his brain this intervention also what happened with the vital force let's energized his body he was unblocked but here is my question what happened with the nine hundred and thirty years of self identity that Adam formed while he was alive when and if anybody ever ask you that question probably not I can see by your reaction that nobody's ever asked me that question okay the body disintegrated if he quit breathing but what happened to the nine hundred and thirty years of self identity that he formed while he was alive the fact is folks that in heaven God all during the life of Adam was keeping an exact copy of Adam in written for every detail of how his life was recorded in heaven as he lived and when he died but close the book in other words Adam basically died but through his records he lived I get a statement saying it others were actually to Adams there was there was not the personal and will I and there was a copy of Adam in the books so when Adam died God kept the record the exact transcript of everything that Adam did inside and out every word every thought every feeling every emotion every action everything is written out there and you know it's interesting Jesus is personally today in heaven biographies and sixty six books on our way I personally here but in heaven were written in books so in other words we are written where we are not personally so when Adam died but simply roll the end he closed the book we call close the books so to speak I understanding them that are actually two hours now talking about at Adam and Jesus Christ we know that there are two atoms and that's it but there are two atoms in the sense that some limit is nine hundred thirty years and all during that time gone was making a record of every aspect of his life when he died the book was closed even though Adam personally died there was a perfect transcript of Adam in the heavenly God preserve now let's noticed several Bible verses that speak about the books when the Bible speaks about that though the record of the life of the individual it uses the word books in plural second Corinthians chapter five in verse ten second Corinthians chapter five verse ten will come back to this resolutely later on it says here for we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ what must we do we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ nonetheless this then each one may receive the things done in the body according to what he has done whether good or bad does not keep a record of the good things and the bad things that we've done according to this verse just because he says that someday would have to stand before his tribunal and women have to render him an account right so you must keep a record notice Matthew twelve thirty six and thirty seven Matthew twelve thirty six and thirty seven this is to give all our words and resources are well known it says there in Matthew twelve verse thirty six Jesus is speaking but I say to you that for every idle word that men may speak they will give account of the in the day of judgment does not keep a record of our words what you think yes absolutely for by your words you will be justified and by your words you will be condemned so not only does not keep a record of what we've done in the body whether it's good or bad but he keeps a record of our words designate a record of our secret things our thoughts within sections in the top in heaven not only has everything that happen outside that has everything that happened inside God must have an incredible way of storing this information for any person on planet Earth noise Ecclesiastes twelve thirteen and fourteen Ecclesiastes twelve verses thirteen and fourteen Solomon says fear God and keep his commandments for this is man's all for God will bring every work into judgment including every everyone every see Chris Van whether good or evil you know right now I could be Agassi Norman Sindelar he's a great guy you know we corresponded by e-mail me and I could be sent all kinds of nice things about him and I could be thinking the opposite good night I'm not but I could discover a car all in a nice beautiful things I said about Norman now she required in his mouse the science and he also records the inside it says here every secret thing noticed Daniel seven verses nine and ten by the way there in the first half of my presentation you can feel a lot of anxiety but there but at the end of the sermon you can feel very really beginning to get a good nights sleep so don't get nervous on me because he said guards keeping a record of all this is my wireless my hat 's nice great thing thoughts feelings emotions and you have things written there that you would rather not have their razor hand some of you can raise your hand you just have one now because you're lying Daniel seven verses nine and ten I was still photos were put in place at the edge of is less than was white as snow and the hair of his hand was like pure wool this thought was a fiery flame its wheels of burning fire a fiery stream issued and came forth from before him a thousand thousands ministered to him ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him the court said and done books were opened these are the workbooks when the Bible uses the word blocks in the context of the judgment it refers to the record of our life it refers to the copy of us that God hasn't happened the other Steve for this to Steve Morris there's a learning one here and is the written one out there and what show you why this is so important and how it's related to the second coming of the state of the dead let us Revelation twenty versus twelve and thirteen as well even though this is speaking about after the millennium in principle it applies to the pre- Advent judgment as well Revelation twenty versus twelve and thirteen 's really music to my ears to hear those pages of the Bible you know creatures like two noises in church not drums no relenting in the pages of the Bible turning in a man once in a while I only can say hallelujah to the Angels say hallelujah in heaven followed him upon the consuls and have a monopoly on hallelujah not revelation twenty twelve and thirteen I saw the dead small and great standing before God and the Lotus and books were opened and was this and another was opened using a Facebook handbook plural and singular and will come to the booking a moment and another book was opened which is the book of life and homeowners and the dead were judged according to their works by the things which are written in the books so what is it that's in the books the works which means much what you did what you said what you thought what you felt was what Illinois has to say by the way I ought to love white uses the example of photography so that she could do it gospel it really called a prophet today that profit would talk about computers seeing in biblical terms of his books but God has a much more sophisticated way of keeping records and then writing it by hand and books those little white sands this isn't in heavenly places page three sixty she says ask the artist takes on the polished glass a true picture of the human face so the Angels of God Daisy place upon the books of heaven on exact representation of the character of every human being powerful in another one which we find in the testimonies on sexual behavior adultery and divorce page sixty two Bill of Rights is this remember your character is being done Ariel typed as an old word for photograph remember your character is being done Ariel typed by the great master artist in the record books of heaven as my notably as the face is reproduced upon the possible this polish plate of the artist what the books of heaven saying your case are you conforming your character to the pattern Jesus Christ I think it à la what were writing today she would probably speak about video cameras and keeping records and computers MP3s etc. not because God speaks to human beings in the language of their day night was a good talk to John about keeping records on CDs or MP3 MP3s is clear what the box contained the books contain what the record of the life without missing anything in science and out every detail in other words there is another in heaven course my book my books are still being written but like Adam the whole nine hundred and thirty years the last breath that he breathed is written in the books by the way its books plural because God actually classifies the different aspects of our character and one he has our words will together actions another he has thoughts according to the book the great controversy and always he has several books in a categorized as the deeper different aspects of our lives but now we need to discuss the book you notice that they're not only books but there's also the book singular but if it is chapter four in verse three Philippians chapter four and verse three will talk now about the book it says I have a possible speaking about some of his fellow laborers and he says I heard you also a true companion help these women in the gospel with Clement also and the rest of my fellow workers now most this course aims are in the book of life both singular words of the book singular name 's name 's what's in the box the live record of the individual what is Revelation three VeriSign whenever the Bible speaks about book six names that are in the book Revelation three verse five says he will overcomes shall be clothed in white garments and I will not blot out notice this is name from the book of life once again name book from the book of life but I will confess his name before my father and before his angels Revelation thirteen per se spare many texts of the rigid two or three more Revelation thirteen verse eight speaking about those worship the beast access all who dwell on the earth will worship him whose names have not was names have not been written in the what in the book singular of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world your member Moses after Israel's sin and worship the golden calf going to destroy this people and will call another people and driven to be the father of that nation what did Moses say if you can save Israel blocked my name out of your singular and y'all know Daniel twelve in verse one work speaks about time of trouble such as never was in the history of the world at that time your people shall be delivered every one was found written in the book so what does the book contained names the phonetic order chronological order to show you that they are in chronological order another not in alphabetical order my names and last names doesn't be but actually showing that the names in the book are in chronological order now so far so good the MR with teachers and a preacher I repeat a lot my wife says you're being too much well a pitcher Garrett be enough of it was a filibuster they are the books that exact transcript of the life of almost a block may very well that's most of you other things about the judgment how many people have to appear before the judgment seat of Christ Marguerite diverse again because we already rented second Corinthians five percent it says we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ all of us now the question is where does that judgment a place where we must all appear where does that judgment take place in heaven going to Daniel seven versus nine and then Daniel seven nine and ten we already read this passages let's read it again it says here I want still photos were put in place and the ancient of days let's see that word is anxious days live Jesus taught us to pray our father which art in heaven right well so this is that you are a placement agent of days as I watch the photos were please have the ancient businesses in this garment was white as snow and the hair of his head was like pure wool is gone wasn't my reclaim its wheels of burning fire a fiery stream issued and came forth from before him a thousand thousands ministered to him ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him who are these angels when evangelism in in heaven will notice the court was seated and the books were opened what is a judgment take place in heaven who must appear everyone know what is this judgment they place at the second coming or before the second coming before the committee revelation fourteen verse six Revelation chapter fourteen verse six first Angels message Matthew of the first Angels message is being proclaimed Isadora probation open the people still be saved when the first Angel is getting his message of course why would he give his message and nobody could be saved now nice what verses six and seven same then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach so the door permission must be open to abuse preaching the gospel to those of the earth every nation tribe tongue and people saying with a loud voice fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment will come actually ingredients in a arrest pass the power of a judgment has come so when does a judgment begin this will be proclaimed sure because this Angel was proclaiming everlasting gospel and when he proclaims everlasting to process our judgment has come so the judgment takes place before the second coming of Jesus and before the polls of probation because it explains what the gospel is still be preached he was the one we notice we almost appear the judgment takes place in heaven and takes place before the second coming of Jesus but here comes the big question how can we all appear in the judgment takes place in heaven by the way whenever you receive our reward let's read a couple of verses Matthew sixteen verse twenty seven is sent out this is the judgment is related to the state of event at the second coming Matthew sixteen verse twenty seven but the most churches teach about when a person dies if they were glad where they go to heaven if they are bad they go to hell and if they were half man I go to purgatory right now in the light of what we studied this simply cannot be true thus Matthew sixteen verse twenty seven for the Son of Man will come in the glory of his father with his angels and what am I he will reward each according to his works can he get a reward before you determine the reward in the judgment brings of course so that judgment takes place before the second coming of Jesus Revelation chapter twenty June first twelve Revelation twenty two in verse twelve here Jesus is speaking and he says and behold I am coming quickly and my reward is me give you the reward must be determined before and what the reward is of course my reward is me to give to everyone according to his wife who has worked so does he keep a record of our work of our life of our words of our thoughts feelings or emotions or seasons so the big question is everybody must appear before the judgment seat of Christ they have to appear in before the second coming of Jesus so how do we appear in heaven before the judgment seat of Christ to render account for an account for what we have done it were still living on earth or as in the case of Adam were in the earth this integrated it must be that we appear before the judgment seat of Christ through the exact transcript of our life are you following me now let's use Adam is our example and by over five thousand years ago were Saturday for loans and who knows where the flood took it somewhere disintegrated right were else's antedating is in heaven these records following was the first person to be judged in eighteen forty four nice try it was Anna let me read you the statement great controversy to read page four eighty two listen to what Elmer has the same as the books of record are opened and the judgment what resulted in the judgment the books of record the lives of all who have believed on Jesus coming in review before God not the wicked will select when Christ you know why God why he deals with the righteous before the second coming because he has to review of the universe who had we has a right to take home there's no urgency was awakened because it will be left behind as opposed to record all been in the judgment the lives of all believed on Jesus come in review before not now as this began and also first layer upon leader was the first person to live on the court advocate presents the cases of each successive generation so in what order does he do it in chronological order beginning with the first Adam each successive generation that an clause is a living she also says that the righteous dead will not be raised until after the judgment in which they are counted worthy of the resurrected of life happens they will not be present in person at the tribunal whether their records hi there cases decided so how do we appear before the judgment seat of Christ the exact transcript of their life I will share something with you which probably is not a surprise some of you at least and that is as evident as we traditionally said that the spirit of man is the breath that's partially correct the spirit is more than the breath of the Spirit is actually the self identity of the person that God keeps a record of in the heavenly books and allow me to give you some biblical references and then I'm a regional couple of quotations amazing quotations from Ellen White the first lessons of chapter eight and versus fifty two to fifty six don't get nervous on me I still believe in the spirit involves the breast but it's much more than the rest it is the breath along with the self-identity of the person the life that they live if you please best thing about the death of this little girl says Bernd verse fifty two not all wet and mourned for her but he said do not believe she is not dead but sleepy and ridiculed him knowing that she was there but he put them all outside took her by the hand and called saying now little words are important if I read it wrongly you correct me okay he took her by the hand and called saying little overall science then the spirit returned that when it says thank you and say things spirit returns it's just far spirit return and she was immediately and he demanded that she be given something to eat and ask him when she resurrected given she recognized her parents think why do they give her food probably because when she died she was hungry do you think she recognized her friends so than asking what did Jesus returns of his little girl her breath with her self-identity are you with me into a self-identity and have lost any given to her he followed now not accented verses fifty seven to sixty I will corroborate this with the spirit of prophecy by Wayne L a white-hot busier she caught these things that theologians have missed that shows me that she had more than human wisdom acts seven fifty seven said about the stoning of Stephen then they cried out with a loud voice stopped their ears and run at him with one accord and they cast him out of the city and stoned him and the witnesses laid down their clothes at the freedom that young man named Saul and they stoned Stephen as he was calling him gone insane large Jesus is the spirit say receive the Spirit he says receive a spirit that answer is a spirit statement ever than the spirit of the Stephen yes in the final forest is the breath the same shot of the breathing power the same but what is different in his life versus my solid statement essay is Lord preserved myself like that GNU descends on the unit retrieved and I love the waves and see that it says having said this he fell asleep same guy this event is battlefield on the way to describe it is that now lowest final example from the Bible Lu twenty three verse forty six Luke twenty three verse forty six this is speaking about Jesus when he got across is as and when Jesus had cried out with a loud voice he said father into your hands I commend the spirit now he says into your hands I commend my spirit having said this he breathed his last what was Jesus saying to his father into your hands I commend my spirit he was a father you've you promise that if I was faithful on the third day you were violent misery so he says father in your hands I'm placing my spirit for you to safeguard my spirit myself I'd did Jesus recognize his disciples when he resurrected the remember all of the episodes that have taken place there his lack of the disciples selected God return to Jesus but the father returned to Jesus only the breathing our rate of power two because self-identity in other words your spirit becomes personalized if you believe will allow me to read you a statement no couple statements this is an amazing statement Bible commentary volume six page one thousand ninety three she says our personal identity our personal identity is preserved in the resurrection though not the same particles of matter or material substance as went into the great he preserves our self-identity but that doesn't mean he is assessing particles of matter that we had in this life is Ellen White says that God is going to give us a body that is composed of much finer material she did the same the wondrous works of God are a mystery to me here is a key portion of the quotation she says the spirit the director of man is returned to God they are to be preserved did you catch that one is preserved character that means he will preserve and a heavenly records there is another you will such excesses in the character of man has returned to God there to be preserved in the resurrection every man will have his own character how many of you would like to receive the same character that you have no will you I know sorry think it will know something of my character I would like to have well good news as we study along to getting his same God in his own time will call forth that there given again the breath of life and bidding the dry bones live the same form will come forth but it will be free from disease and everybody it lives again bearing the same individuality of features so that friend will recognize friend there is no law not in nature which shows that God gives back the same identical particles of matter which compose the body before their God shall give the righteous dead body that will please him by the way this helps us explain a passage which you know when I read way when I used to read I'd say Jones Joe gives the impression he's going to be the only one who's going to resurrect Golden age of nineteen twenty five to twenty seven A from the NIV because it's it's more forceful and it's correct John nineteen twenty five to twenty seven John sounds a little consult this year almost that he's going to be the only ones and resurrect but that's not really what he say he says I know that my Redeemer lives and then gently and he will stand upon the earth and my skin has been destroyed yet in my flesh I will see God I myself will see him with my own eyes I rather switch over the only ones of the worst Job releasing you soon when I resurrect you efficiently now allow me to review another statement this is about the wicked after the millennium this is wrong and great controversy page six sixty four great conversely six sixty four following a speaking about both outside the holy city she says this there are kings and generals who conquered nations valiant men who never lost a battle proud ambitious warriors whose approach make kingdoms business these experienced no change as they come up from the grave they resume the current of their thoughts just where it I sent a letter when you saying here she's famous somebody if there is general in a battle cooperatives mouth and you know he was saying a word and half the work came out and made a shopping and only have to work him out when he resurrected to complete the word assist you say why because when God resurrects the wicked he is going to give them the exact transcript of their lives to the very micro second in which they die amazing now allow me to illustrate running how many of you have ever seen that little clip of the assassination of John F. Kennedy disapproved of them using right now you see the limo is coming around the corner onto Elm Street towards the grassy Knoll and the young John Kennedy 's meeting everybody and Jacqueline Darren herby grants and she's you know waving everybody and everybody wants to get a glimpse of the president but Matthew when you saw that little clip of the was John F. Kennedy alive or dead see I asked this question purposely because I always get both answers he was alive and he was thin the fact is folks that what you are watching is a film of John F. Kennedy when he was online but you are watching the movie after he's been Melissa there is a certain sense in which those who have died will appear before the judgment seat of Christ alive are you understanding my point they will appear there alive because the movie of their life was taken while the room only is being watched economy so that you actually have air America in seven and a apparently by the judgment seat of Christ only as being wants to visit Beijing now allow me to explain how the process transpires its October twenty two eighteen forty four and Jesus on dramatizing for effect Jesus says is the first person to appear before the judgment an angel brings out the book with the order the naked eye present yourself before the judgment seat of this where you and decomposed so what do let's bring than as a favorite the rack cards and finish records by the way you'll think I will wait little bit more about technology the technology than just books have you read about the panoramic view about the holy city at the millennium that Cinerama folks she's ahead of her time because she's talking about an panoramic view will be seeing the halt history of the human race from the fund was created through history the Old Testament she says that the sufferings of Christ the period of the Middle Ages when the church was persecuted to the very end of time Jesus and panoramic view but I television that that's the movies before they existed it was to see the whole history of the human race repeated before our view so does not have a more sophisticated method of gathering information than what we've assume it wouldn't usually assume that that God just you know the Angels are writing and I know Ellen White says that the Angels are writing but Elimite is speaking in terms that the people per day could understand the fact is that God keeps exact transcript fee keeps records he gives a DVD of our lives by the way you could use this illustration not the other day I took out my video the videotape had been in there for twenty years since a mission trip that we took and there were and in our great campuses agreed big tomcat was doing some real silly things in the front yard and so I went out and I took some movies of him now when I look at that when I looked at that movie or the video how much of a time lapse was there between the Panama trip and the gray cat was on again there was no camp if you don't you can never know that there were two years in between you know that sex is what happens when a person dies God turns the video camera and when you raise your restoration features video camera on and he continues videotaping I as I am appears so his records before the judgment seat of Christ how many of you believe that Adam has some pretty nasty things on his records you think are your starting with this and listening to his wife don't feel so great guys at least even with AE was the scene at a Lockheed Martin of God that was the real synovectomy of the morning he was is I is anything that makes a place of God is terrible sin and so Adam had that and many other things I meant you watches on his record so so when his records are open in heaven and they see the DVD the DVD are what you got thanks again for all the bad things he did but there's something wonderful by and that is that in the record is revealed that whenever he send he repented of seeing he confessed that any presented to Jesus at his intercessor in the sanctuary and it was introduced into the sanctuary into this record I knew with me as I sent to come in as righteous are there but along with the Senate health wife says it is written for the blood of the Lamb together was reading it on it was confessed and you know what Jesus is still as a record at the present fires delete the delete that Sutherland got a slip of the cat and rat good for them and that's what he's been returned he might ask all the sins that the grace of Christ he made enough he confessed and he overcame in other people today than this church as a whole UN is you can never have the assurance of salvation because you believe that Jesus is putting our sins in the psychiatric indicators something our greatest assurance says sanctuary because if they're not there I just make sure that they go after the blood of Jesus that when your record comes up you in no matter what their button and forget and let one of the land they better be in there because if they're not in there they are here and I'll be looking at your records blue moon is there here for greatest assurance is to have questions covered by the blood in the sanctuary 's friends a blessing by the way in the daily service the center was glanced in the yearly service sanctuary was clear but the sanctuary was only clearance from the center had entered there through the black are you with me and I'll sometimes ask this question doesn't like clams or does not defile and always get to answers from say a defile some say it cleanses the fact as well I confess my sins the blood cleanses me but defiled sanctuary even and that's the reason why in the judgment what Jesus would give a season he's going to urge my records in heaven of the scenes that have entered there for the blood of Jesus he's a expensive sanctuary from the sins of his people that's good news I went to get illustration so that we understand everything that we study tonight I'm sure that all of you being university students most of you are teachers are very well-versed in computers what is the computer as an illustration I imagine that the computer is like a Leica body okay the computers of physical serial thing isn't it computer doesn't have a brain so to speak doesn't also has a processor doesn't the controls all of the aspects that they don't know and you can put into the computer right DNA power source like computer for the computer to function is so a computer is similar to a human being but when you know that an automobile is simply a counterfeit human being is an automobile breed yes it does it doesn't move does ago yes it does the Zen exhaust had done its the rabbis see at night and headlines that emulates socially nice wheels but don't you look at the principle it on which I'm injured workers not needing a carburetor and needing a breathing mechanism and needing fuel it simply ate a very poor counterfeit of the human body but anyway the computer like our body the brain of the computer is like our brain you can import stuff the plug-in it looked computer is like God giving the breath of life to the body of the individual not to go to Best Buy and you buy the identical same computer today the masculine year from now is of the same computer course outline because he's one of the computers has a self-identity so to speak depending on what you have imported his actual also human beings everybody's different depending on what they can put into their five senses absolutely no doubt whatsoever about it now what would happen if when you're gone the roof of your house caves in and your computers smashed to smithereens why must everything right not necessarily see smart people have a backup disk where they save the identity of the computer right thing all of the information from the computer and ask you if your computer facilities could you got to the store and buy an even better computer and give that computer the same self-identity of the first computer had of course all you have to do is input in the new computer parts of the business he knows that unless Jesus comes excluding those were alive in Jesus comes they are going to disintegrate but he sent a backup disk because suddenly he's been a give us a new computer to start again at the breath of life is a plug-in and is going to get a more powerful brain buddies I is that you want the same information that was in the first computer I guess all of the things that he has deleted as my name has gone to heaven the records do not utterly fantastic to think that that God me know when when my name comes up in the judgment all of the universe is watching everything up there the devil is you accusing me get this and get them to did the other thing in my name is appearing in God says Neil and God got has this DVD and is huge master computer and as my sins appear as covered by the blood is as a delete key and the computer right site also excepting and delete delete delete that twenty shows with my heart and perfect hair because all of the evil things and then delete delete because I have repented and confess my sin and Jesus has become my surety in my substitute now that is an good nose I don't know what good note I see I can call that I can sleep well knowing that if I should die tonight I've repented of sin confessed sin is covered by the blood of Jesus I don't have to have any fear about appeared before the judgment seat of Christ through my records because in the judgment is he was just having my place that's good news so these three doctrines are very closely linked why can't the churches today that non- Adventist churches accept the idea of the judge because I believe that people go to heaven or hell when they die so why not examine the records on someone who's already in heaven why would even bother to examine the records of somebody sent to hell when you die see how they reacted in his new correct really the same event the judgment and the second coming of Jesus the lesson of all the people went to have an account when they die what is Jesus coming back for why would even bother to judgment if people have already gone I have an account their destinies already decided not just for ejectment Reagan doctrine and we have one wrong the we have a message to get to the world folks you know people need to know that that their needs are going to appear before the judgment seat of Christ no most Christians this at all he passed from death into life once saved always saved the perseverance of the Saints so-called many are believing that there got to be rapture now this earth before the tribulation and when they're caught in the midst of the tribulation they won't have the faith to go through it because they didn't think they were going through source evidence which we need to share these things with the Christian world so they see the importance of claiming Jesus as our Savior and as our Lord the importance of repentance the importance of confession imports of forgiveness importance of victory over sin as it relates to the judgment as it relates to the second coming of Jesus because folks the time is coming very soon when those words are currently pronounced when Jesus finishes the judgment of all those who claim the name of Jesus is a safety that is filthy to be filthy still too has to do with cleansing century doesn't cleansing the sanctuary and honey was to cleanse the temple of our soul because he claims anything out there that he has when found here in Cyprus to God as we started this that is not only academically understand better the idea of the judgment of the state of the dead and second coming but that each one of us personally come closer to Jesus Wilson seems to the sanctuary carpaccio another was once a psychiatrist who said if people were simply able to accept the idea of forgiveness half of them could lead the nut house tomorrow is one of the one of the things that causes the greatest psychiatric problems have an on-call finish with this I have an uncle who lives in in Pasadena is my father 's brother my father was a pastor of the administration forty one years and my uncle claims to be an atheist not always was he an atheist he was a teacher at the College of medical evangelists here in Loma Linda Vernon for fact have a church member who was a student of his Doctor Altamirano and he form for a quite a while he was a good activist then I won't tell you the whole story and step by step he started going astray he studied at UCLA under under and took some philosophy classes he got all caught up and in Martin Heidegger all these existentialist philosophers he lost his way and one day I went to his house and he thought he has this great big Buddha standing in the corner all five of his living room the Buddha has a couple of wine in one hand and has a plate full of food on the other recessed that's the bottom of this house since the going and makes fun of religion is just kind of difficulty to go to his house one day he was talking to my mom and he says you know besides being it will be taught physiology here but then he said he psychiatry at UCLA and now he really needs one I said to my mom you know in the thirty plus years of psychiatry I never healed anyone I mumbled that innocent why the practice and then accidentally one hundred feet healed anyone is because people that come they don't want to be used what they want someone to do is to come their conscience so that they can continue living the way they live isn't that pretty much true in the religious world today I think it's not only in the general religious world but also among many of the Southern Baptist Church generally we want to have archived our conscience some rather than a week I pray to God that that we will come to the cross and that we will claim Jesus as our Savior is our intercessor is our Lord as a substitute and then go home have a good night 's sleep let's pray father in heaven we thank you for the privilege of studying this awesome subject tonight I asked father that if there's anyone here who is not sent his or her sins to the sanctuary through the blood of Jesus I estimate this very moment that person might do so the secret recesses of their minds and hearts father we come boldly to the throne of grace we bring our sins are weaknesses all of the things that we do which are contrary to your law which are contrary to the character of Jesus we bring those things to the sanctuary last father that you will forgive us that you will accept us in the beloved thank you father for having been with us and for the assurance that we can have eternal life even now through Jesus Christ bless us now as we return to places where we live give us a good nights rest we thank you father for having been with us we pray these things in the precious name of your beloved son Jesus amen


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