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Civil War

Sebastien Braxton


Just under 200 years ago, Abraham Lincoln foresaw a great crisis coming upon this union - a crisis of division. As a republican candidate, he made a speech centered around the comment of Jesus, "A house divided against itself cannot stand." We are living in a time where it seems that our church is divided against itself. Will it go through? Surely it will, but not divided. Yet we find that corporate division tends to stem from internal division within our hearts.


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.


  • May 19, 2013
    6:00 PM
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the spray we are immensely grateful for the privilege of the how the studio word when we are so humble that you were willing to invite us into the thoughts of God gave the deep things of God that revealed unto us by the Holy Spirit we know father that there is nothing in this man that makes him worthy to be able to speak on your behalf but the Bible says that God likes to use the foolish things of the world to confound the wise so Lord we pray that through the foolishness of preaching and the ugly of Christ in a challenge us that you encourage us and will eventually speak to our hearts in such a marked way that father we cannot leave this place the same this is our prayer and we trust that you hope is to be our experience for we ask in Jesus name amen this morning my Scripture comes from the book of Mark in the third chapter and in Mark chapter three and beginning in verse twenty two the Bible says and describes which came down from Jerusalem said he hath Beelzebub and by the prince of the devils cast sticky out devils and he called them unto him and said unto them in parables how can Satan cast out Satan and if the kingdom be divided against itself that kingdom cannot stand and if a house be divided against itself that house cannot stand and it seemed to rise up against himself and being divided he cannot stand but half an end no man can enter into a strong man's house and spoil his goods except he will first bind the strong man and that he will spoil the this house fairly I say unto you all sins shall be forgiven unto the sons of men and blasphemies wherewith soever they shall blaspheme but he that shall blaspheme against the Holy Ghost hath never forgiveness but is in danger of eternal damnation because they said he had an unclean spirit the title of my message this morning is the civil Civil War Civil War omelette begin with this very fact that Abraham Lincoln one of the most famous American presidents borrowed this phrase from Jesus at a time when our nation was in turmoil when they were bitter differences and divisions over the value of people of color whether they were human beings fully equally to their white brethren or not but prior to when this conflict erupted into what was then known as the Civil War Abraham Lincoln out of various several popular speeches that you given this was a speech that Lincoln gave in Springfield and he was intending to create an image of the danger of slavery -based disunion and as a result of this he was able to rally different Republicans in the north etc. etc. but this speech was actually before he became the United States president and it was given on June seventeenth eighteen fifty eight and at that time it was an Illinois State Capitol in Springfield and this is when he accepted the nomination of the Republican Party to be the State Senator now this speech on is very profound and in all of its different nuances by just one opinion on the very particular passage essence what we are dealing with today and this is how he quoted he says a house divided against itself cannot stand I believe this government cannot endure permanently half slave and half free I do not expect the Union to be dissolved and do not expect the house to fall but I do expect it will cease to be divided it will become all one thing or all the other either the opponents of slavery will arrest the further spread of it and place it where the public mind shall rest in the belief that it is in the course of ultimate extinction or its advocates will push it forward till it shall become lawful in all the states old as well as new North as well as South I don't want you to miss what Abraham Lincoln is drawn to him this is what eventually precipitated the Emancipation Proclamation and thus the Civil War is the fact that Lincoln quoting Jesus and a time for a nation was divided on a very critical moral issue he says a house divided against itself cannot stand and he says he's talking about the United States government and he says listen we cannot endure half slave and half free and he says I don't expect that you'll need to be dissolved I will expect America to fall but he says I do expect that it will cease to be divided and it will become all one thing or all the other thing in either the opponents of slavery fully develop this thing to the fact that it is completely extinct or it is accepted in all states North as well as South now the context here of Matthew chapter three more Chapter three is the fact that Jesus has cast out the demon after you cast out the demon 's boy was done as well as on as well as mute on pumps are dumb and deaf and the scribes and the Pharisees claimed that it was because this unclean spirit that it was because he was the prince of devils himself he was speaking off on the ability of God before the aborting of an unclean spirit as well as a result Jesus gives different parables to illustrate the silliness of this idea and this is very very very interesting because you know when when when Christ is going to misuse and look this he shows the foolishness of this very idea and so he begins by asking a question in verse twenty three he says how can Satan cast out Satan knows not saying that it's not possible to say how in terms of what would be the methodology but he's asking how would Satan was a king who is simply trying to oppose the kingdom of God why would you care himself down hence the next statement is if a kingdom be divided against itself that kingdom cannot stand and if a house be divided against itself that house cannot stand and it seemed to rise up against himself and be divided he cannot stand but happened not want you to notice what Christ is given with in principle he sang it doesn't matter whether it is a kingdom whether it is a house whether it is an individual whether it is a family whether it is an organization whether it is a church locally union conference worldwide organization he says the principle is this division is the key to finish to destruction and unity is the key to longevity we must not miss these things because in the text as he goes down he says here is the basic elements of a crisis given the first of all it doesn't matter what kind of house that it is if it is divided it won't last and I want you to notice that when crisis if a house be divided against itself or kingdom is not talking about geography he's not talking about edifices he's not talking about buildings on and from the well-meaning screenplays when talking about it because our house is talking about the people you seem to separate the fact that there is a diversion through the house at all and are people that have a house but they don't have a home you may come home late apartment but because you can get along with the roommate because you guys cannot work out your issues you have a house but you have a home you may call me back to a physical location where your parents and your brothers and sisters reside what your blood siblings are meaning they are adopted or maybe there are foster children or maybe they were our people brought in from the aunts and uncles were able to take care the children and they may all physically be in that place and you may have a house but you don't have a home and so Christ is dealing with the fact of the actual individuals that make up these institutions they are systems they are organizations groups of people welcome together under some United purpose and decide to reside in a similar location hence he says look whether it be a kingdom it could be divided against itself it won't last whether it be a city if it is divided against itself it won't last whether it be a neighborhood if they be divided against itself it won't last whether it be a church it could be divided against itself it won't last it won't go on it cannot stand then he says it could be a family it could be divided against itself cannot stand it will not last it could be a marriage if they be an individual who is self-destructed because the Bible says noting that you are the temple of the Holy Ghost and that the Holy Ghost dwells in you and in me and therefore even Christ in this parable in Matthew chapter seven compares the individual soul to a house whether it's built on rock whether it's built on sand and souls sometimes people are self-destructive when people are taking drugs when people are addicted to pornography which is sex ward to power or to find words are being center stage or whatever the case may be when there is self-destructive behavior even within the individual soul with the Bible appropriately uses the metaphor of a house if you are I are divided against ourselves we cannot stand we won't last you see whether it be a school of fish whether it be applied of Lyons Weatherby a gaggle of geese or colony of ants it doesn't matter is shown as division shows up and pops its head Jesus says division is the key to destruction again we come back if it be divided against itself that house cannot number two the second and we go to Sears Jesus says it doesn't matter the qualities with in-house it can be a big house it can be a small house or kingdom it can be a spiritual one want to be a not very spiritual one it can be a wealthy one Oregon is a very poor one it could be an old origin be a young it could be smart or it could be done it doesn't matter what are the qualities of this particular system of organization if it is divided against itself cannot stand it will not last so we said point number one it doesn't matter what kind of system organization it is number two it doesn't matter the qualities and number three it doesn't matter who reason for division following very closely you see it doesn't matter if the reason why there's division in your local church is jealousy as long as there is division it cannot stand number two is it doesn't matter if it was somebody's hairstyle you or doesn't matter if the issue was about money when doctrines with the way you put up the toothpaste in the cabinet in your I you and your wife are divided against yourselves it won't stand it cannot last and so as a result it doesn't matter what kind of house it doesn't matter what the qualities of the house it doesn't matter the reason for the division if it is divided against itself cannot stand now you must be very clear here that we are now living in a time in our church where there is extreme division when you have institutions web agreed to certain policies into certain decisions on particular issues and yet those divisions or unions or institutions with in the organization become divided against itself Jesus says this is a recipe for destruction it is a sign that what insights a civil war is a civil war is a war that is pointed out with another nation but with in the borders of itself and so as a result when we look at the fact that yes you may have Civil War in America yes you may have Civil War in Syria e-mail Civil War and in Libya or other countries around but here is the point what happens when it comes into a spiritual organization as the center point number two it doesn't matter if it is a spiritual organization or not it doesn't matter the wisdom it doesn't matter the theologians it doesn't matter how long you been in existence it doesn't matter how young our churches compared to other churches in there is division among us divided against itself cannot stand and right now we are in a time of civil war when an individual can sit in vote contrary to the own their own policies contrary to the agreement to say you as a local entity whether it be a union or conference we will not vote anything that is not upon learning with what the general conference has defined it and you do that anyway despite the pleadings of other leaders and fellow members on the same charge you have no insight into civil not the kind of war where we recognize that theirs swords and swashbuckling and there's Canada's being brought out that's not the kind of war that were dealing with dealing with the Civil War because it is a issue of division within itself and we have to come to a head right now as a church and the reason why we have to come to add is exactly the point that Lincoln was making we cannot continue divided against its ourselves but we know based on the spirit of promising based on the word of God the church is going to go through it may seem like it might fall it may seem that inning that I make it through all the issues that is facing but the Bible promises it will make it through there will not just be a church militant there will be a church triumphant and because we know this then we must conclude as Lincoln reasons this house is not a fall the ship is going to sell through and please believe don't get off the boat I remember I was somewhere and some young people came to me after I was given a Bible study and examine Roger to come speak at our churches said sure where is your church so while we normally meet when in an conference churches with economy to the building I said okay that's fine on he said yeah you know people are really preaching the truth in our church right now and so therefore you would try to grade our own church and were splitting off from the seven acid will will will will him and his copyright ever the it is very clear that LMI says the church will never be Babylon there was a difference between the ODC and Babylonian condition and he looked at me little bit surprises as well Brother you know what you do when you know ministers are preaching error or people are questioning whether the Catholic Church is properly identified as the beast of Revelation Dean Philip brother there have always been tears in the church that's nothing new there's always been false teachers Paul warned us about them Peter warned us about them but the Council not one time was ever you need to create your own organization as a result all you need to disappoint and remove the members and this could very well be the result of the fact that because the church is been afraid on church discipline we allow certain people to persist we will be quickened his fellowship you if you fall into adultery we will be quick to this fellowship you if you fall into some sexual mess we found some monetary mess but if someone gets into doctrinal things now what we need to labor with the brother we need to get some things trying and what a person has come out boldly professionally against the doctrines of the church they are now inciting civil war you are now divided against the organization you are not working to helping you working to hinder great so going back to my story I look at my said brother let me just to get back to the days of Noah Chris Jesus says that as in the days of Noah so seven days of the coming of the Son of Man be he agreed I said so that we are in the days of Noah yes yes it is an absolutely I agree with that so therefore said now in the days of Noah how many parks were created he said one person absolutely now can you imagine that all of a sudden some people started questioning on twenty days in my forty days rain day or night the floods are covering the mountains etc. etc. water shooting up from the earth on and on and on a decision on opening the ship is good at making and unified Zuniga Robo and the long arc do you think of the work you look to me on a surprising brother I don't know you're going to let me just say very clearly for you this is the arc is going to go through as a result of that if you think you can make another rowboat on the side the goal out there in all of this is the list of my women to be the real remnant were to be the real etc. etc. etc. I got news for you brother there's only one arc and eight no allowable donation so I come back again to this point either we become all one way or all the other but we cannot continue divided now I recognize there are the essentials there are things that we do need to be unified on there are things that we do need to make sure that we maintain in our things that there is a rolling for girls there is room for study there is room for four four four other other on explorations of the various teachings but when it comes down to let's say for example right now we know women's ordination is a hot issue right now so when it comes down to these things and you think about the fact that it's not so much the issue of ordination that essentially that we know we cannot be divided on these things I think people are more than welcome to have their own perspectives and opinions as long as it's biblically supported and justifiable which we already know many people will readily admit it is a hermeneutical issue is not an issue of biblical evidence is an issue of how to interpret the biblical evidence so it's not so much an issue of what the Bible says but how that is interpreted what does that mean these were really good debate rages on what the issue is the spirit in which these things are pursuant demonstrate the fact that people sing in the face of leadership in the face of the rest of the charge which is born of this issue down several times before and granted more than likely looking stunning let's get going for but disabling for without you were to move forward with our new now creating division now moving in a direction to say okay on the work reading the women will do our own thing regardless of what you do were regarded with this other person does the Bible since the house church divided against itself cannot and because we know this church will stand we have to go one way or the other either will become all this or all that we cannot continue to bite and there are many people right now who recognize we are in the midst of civil that as Jesus talked about in the parable in Matthew twenty four he says there came a time when instead of giving meat in due season one of the service started beating his fellow servants his focus became internal towards the servants themselves so when you when you tell me set up together all right all right I think were okay so when you turn over to Matthew chapter twenty four Matthew in the twenty fourth chapter and I want you to notice this people don't recognize it we oftentimes miss these things yes there's two types of sermons and all these were parables but notices and after seven twenty four and beginning and in a verse forty five Jesus says that is a faithful and wise servant in his Lord maybe moreover his household to give them meat in due season Blessed is that servant whom his lord when he it shall find so doing verily I say unto you that he shall make him ruler over all his goods but what and if notice is what it is that evil servant shall say in his heart my lord the latest is coming and shall begin to smite his level servants and to eat and drink with the drunken the lord of that servant shall come in the day when he looking not for him and in an hour that he is not aware of any shall cut him asunder and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth please notice this very carefully first of all the servant he says but if that evil servant suffers a lot he is a servant of Christ he is on the inside and because he is on the inside the Bible says that he was given a responsibility to give meat in due season that means present truth we know based on evil shock to find that meat is also a single of the word of God and he says do season which means meat or the word of God appropriate about trying hence we get the turn prison truth so now after this case he says what is the source of the evil servants issue the issue he says is that he says in his heart he doesn't put on his e-mail he doesn't put on his Facebook status he doesn't write a book about it he says in his heart he's thinking these thoughts in his heart my lord the lease is coming it is the lack of the sense of the urgency of the return of Christ that insights this man to become inward towards his fellow servants and as he turns his focus is fellow servant is not to encourage and it is not to build him up it is not to strengthen his hand it is not to work alongside of him and make sure the gospel goes forward the Bible says he turns was not observed and what does he do it says he shall begin to smite his fellow servants of plural and to eat and drink with the drunken he didn't the worldliness and create division and discord inside in other words it is because of the fact that he lost sight of his message and his mission and what he was called to do that all of a sudden he gets into attacking the people inside he begins this month his verbal servant he makes their work doubly difficult as it is not hard enough to give needed season as it is and yet despite of the fact because of the sensibility of his own heart when we sit down to think about the urgency of Jesus Christ is the most urgent matter to discuss this particular these particular issues that are on the table is women's ordination the highest priority right now that archer should be grappling with at a time where let's be honest with ourselves we know that there are other issues going on when I think about the fact that again it comes up every single time we talk about blocking my conferences and people are saying as I traveled abroad other countries I can't believe an American you still have black and white conferences why is that being not dissolved and granted we understand you know the president cannot just come down and is late on a hatchet but actually a root but it is down to us has been the individuals of these particular churches who say look we are tired of the division were tired of the division were tired of using the excuse of we worship differently were tired of hearing the fact that well you know will you be this and was going to be the leader was to be the president I remember when I went to Munich and I was in Germany and I was talking to some of the leadership there and they were explaining to me how these the northern Bavarian southern Bavarian conferences at March and the East Avenue North and South whatever but they said look what's the point of having his division to have that many members we should come together and I was the president of one of them became the secretary of it I begin the president and also for shocked by this person really I never even heard of anything like this again I got this and what we did and I had a whole new profound respect for the fact that an individual who was the president he had the position in the present of the conference he slowed down he says is this really a efficient for the work of God is this really efficient for the mission of the church and besides I'm sure not everybody was probably agrees with the merger or whatever the case or how everything went down but that's world another conversation but the reality is I do applaud the willingness to take a lower position with the hopes of better efficiency and better movement of the church for and get this seems to be one of the things that is going on well the president was going to be the secretary question is irrelevant it's not about us individuals in these matters are very very delicate issues to deal with people have families people have kids and grandchildren people at pensions you can go on and on down the line this isn't just the twenty four hours we digitize this thing out but we need to begin somewhere that is an issue that is for sure holding back our church from fulfilling its mission to go to an area and amending even know the church around the corner from his house was administered which is suspending for the man didn't even realize there is a closer judge what is a black black quotable black church in size a result people look to these particular issues and it is a terrible witness and reproach that comes upon the church us figuring out how to maintain and keep our young people when they are eighteen to twenty five is a big issue on the table right now to me that's what scholars should be coming together in evangelistic pastors praying and studying the Bible to figure out how do you know I'm losing the people Hernandez was imposing your symposium there were talking about they should be a world effort and if there are fields where the young people are staying and are coming in a hard-driving it are growing we need to study what those divisions are doing in order to know how to implement that your North America is only six percent of the church and losing young people state of civil war divided against ourselves Christ says a house divided against itself cannot stand we are in some very dangerous times and Jesus foretold in Matthew twenty four he knew that it would come he knew that it would come in which is why he gave this parable in Matthew twenty four the individual kinds of servants Jesus says leaving up to my company and their attitude towards my coming in the sense of urgency will affect them and what they focus on with your intention is whether energy lines that's what Jesus and he says the sermon who says my Lord the lease is coming for some reason he thinks he has time for some reason and because of that sense he make different choices in one of its voices is the smartest most of the focus becomes packing all this character attacking on people you know one of the biggest you can say you know warfare in our church is mutual gossip cannot tell you the petty reasons this sometimes leads the church is to be divided across talking to someone who's doing arbitration for church and he said to me recently know I went to a church one time screaming divided political parties the whole nine it was so interesting they said that when he came and he said look you know we really need to on we really need to to sit on just pray in the guy one of the God they gone the one side looked up and on the other side and he said I will never agree with him till he gets his usual images winning on the guy and he said love love always it lets you start by praying together and I said no corporate so what can you do you can even print with the person wouldn't even begin divided against itself civil and unfortunately a lot of the media stuff I mean the avenues in our church and he forces people to choose sides start classifying people are you conservative are you liberal are you you know pre- fall you post fall on and on and on when the question is are you biblical are you biblical is the question can you support the things that you suggest that you teach that you believe based on the word of God because we are told in the bluegray controversy that God will have a people who will hold the Bible and the Bible only as a standard of all doctrines and the basis of every profane he will have it it's a promise she's not suggesting she's not recommending she's nothing a little worked with she says God will have a people on the earth who will hold the Bible in the Bible I believe he does have a people Utah's other people so this is not just something that is reflective of the global church but we can think of even in our individual lives because a house is not just the house of God church but we also think of our personal lives some of us are in a state of civil inside our hearts we have to be honest we are divided against ourselves we are indulging in things that are self-destructive to us and because of that indulgence we won't stand who won't last will eventually collapse under the weight of our own destructive behaviors and habits and so therefore what then is the remedy when you think about throughout the rest of the Bible when you look at the fact that you know the Tower of Babel and you go back through the fact that unity was so powerful that the Bible says the Lord came down himself and he said I need to confound their language because the people are one and there's nothing that they imagine to do that will be withheld from them this becomes the major issue actually is to simply look at the fact the singularity is so powerful was outlawed these people are opposed to his will and he says in that state of unity communication unity of location unity of purpose God says I have to come down my self-pity says there's nothing I will be withheld from them which they in because we are unified so Christ had and the unity himself because when Jesus want something not the last and how many times in the Old Testament when the Israelite dwelling and Ward God cause the individuals that front upon themselves on the other side this methodology is something as tried-and-true it goes as far back as the ancient times in Scripture when you want to destroy something make it divided against itself it will not last it will destroy itself you think about the human family is no different not many began to blame placed the responsibility you think about the Corinthian church that was divided I am of Paul I am up upon us none of these people died for you pulses and gifted church was struggling with division which pulses was a sign of spiritual immaturity but even go back as far as heaven itself that church discipline goes all the way back to the beginning of the great controversy and you recognize and Iraq can expect in heaven itself when all the sudden heaven became divided against itself bosses have to cast Satan is gone in and a third of the angels who sympathize with you when you think about that then why is it that he has to remove Lucifer because he says listed we cannot continue if we are divided against ourselves we won't make it and if you really look at Senate is trying to describe the very fact that not only was it in Lucifer in it he begins this right the Burnaby Angels and then gives humanity to follow this in a big a lot of people in Washington are in self-destructive behaviors that's ultimately what selfishness leads to selfishness is self-destructive by nature is so also grappling with soon the art is suitable for that in our lines we know what is right in our hearts we desire to do what is right and through the grace of God into the power that comes to Jesus we have the power to do what is right we get the end of not doing it because we do not choose I love that Stephen otherwise says that many will be lost hoping and desiring to be Christians but not lost because they didn't hope to be a Christian but not lost because he didn't desire to be a Christian their loss she says because they did not choose to be an act of the will and you and I must recognize this morning that we are involved in self-destructive behaviors in our lives Civil War we are divided against ourselves and as a result of that God is calling us to say listen you need to be unified in the heart because divided people need to divide organizations all of the possible reasons for division out of internal division in the human heart that is the basis that is the source that would lead a person on a global organizational scale to move independent of the organ is organize church is because there's internal divisions within the soul and so we says divided against itself and you know the first Gospel promise when man fell into sin was to put an on recognizing when Adam and Eve sinned all the sudden there was a switch we became unified with that which we were initially defined and became divided from that which we are initially unified our hatred has switched as the first gospel promise is to restore hatred to put enmity between us and Satan because right now naturally it is not admitted we are naturally drawn to the things of Satan the Bible says the heart is desperately wicked cannot deceitful above all things so be initial drive of Christ was the calm down and to put division that's why Jesus as I came not to bring peace but a sword to put a man at Saunders against his old a mother and login start against her daughter-in-law print about this I came to bring the sword God is not about everything being in unity team divides light and darkness he divides a mother and her mother a mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law not because he wants them to be divided but because truth divides my nature and when one person accepts another rejects there is division and he cannot stay if it is the point and so Christ recognizing he wants to destroy Satan 's kingdom from within so what is he doing he calms down and takes upon human nature and as the board comes down and lives among men every choice keening that led to victory every righteous decision every active kinds every sense of all true wisdom every word of forgiveness and mercy and compassion and love was tearing down the devil 's kingdom it was creating division from within that I will not act in a selfish way I'm not in the judge 's brother under the gun to youngest brother finished on the sister not to believe these people on the side of the road within this man is born blind why because you send with parents and Jesus says he came to put division in order that this came to my crumble and to reconcile us to go and because their use neuroimaging between Christ and seek there will always be division and so Christ came to incite a civil on this earth to make men and women make a choice either you go all one way or all the other we cannot continue so this morning I don't know what Civil War you're fighting your own life out of what civil wars going on in your own home your family your marriage but divided against itself Jesus 's division is the key to the unit is the key his life so maybe this morning using Lord I need this warts and because you know the war that took the most American lives history of the world is the Civil War because every person that dies is in please believe me get into fights within our own church it will be the bloodiest battles ever fought within the average church because every casualty was that if we fight against men every life that parachutes in those civil wars that we find is a soul that Jesus Christ is including your home in my noticing we can then the Civil War need to stop being divided against ourselves and the Bible says Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons of they shall be called the sons of God by your heads with nearly it is found in every eyes closed and if there is someone here this is Lord I'm in a civil war and I need you I need you to stop this war I need you to help me Lord do what I cannot do for myself that gospel promise that you will put enmity where it belongs not against my neighbor not against a fellow church member the word belongs against Seton error a trait and see I just want you to come up front so we can have special prayer amen if there's someone else that says you know Lord I have partaken and an instrument of division instrument of civil and right now writing to no longer be divided ready to go all the way it's a board great to just follow the word of God not people not leaders not family members ready to follow the word of Christ to Jesus leads them to base my decisions my teachings on his word his word on the board is calling us voice calling someone to come up front quickly so I can pray with you God wants and the Civil War and Jesus is a house divided against itself cannot stand even Satan is smart enough not to fight himself but here we are screwing ourselves destroying ourselves for what reasons doesn't matter there something that ought to be unified and we leave the grace of God in his wisdom shrine to bring about an spray of a father we just want to thank you Lord for your word when I thank you for the simplicity of Jesus 's teachings want to thank you Lord for the insight in the penetrating truths that Christ is the Lord we know that there is dividing conquer a time where we break up into various responsibilities and we divide ourselves that we may achieve our aim better but there's a division that attacks ourselves we divided ourselves what that's what we are here to give up with some of us are struggling with Civil War in our personal lives in our hearts in our minds and were losing so our prayer nor does not you would do for us we cannot do for ourselves that while the flesh wars against the spirit that we may walk after the Spirit and not after the flesh the people trust that there is grace there is power and lead us one we also think about also think of those of us within agents of diffusion in the home and the church at work wherever learning were coming to surrender that you ask your forgiveness praying that you would lift the sword from the mark that we are in and help us not to be troublemakers but to be peacemakers peacemakers because Jesus as they are the sons of God things that ought to be unified with you pray that the Civil War with an pray for our church Lord globally and locally asking for your grace and freedom ministry he would teach us he would walk us through this crisis we know that the church will spend me know that you will guide us through all the way to the end of the church militant will become the church triumphant and so Lord we pray in a very special way that you would salvage as many souls as possible within our church that we would pray that all seventeen million would make it an even more thank you so much Lord for which were done to redeem us I were less a is true or a media was brought audio is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word two three seven audio and much more and he would like to know more about the universe as more so than is www. audio tours or


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