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The Power of the Personal Gospel

Sean Nebblett


Sean Nebblett

Seeker of God, Speaker/Secretary at Pathway of Promise, Blogger, Biblical Counselor




  • June 20, 2013
    7:00 AM
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holy holy holy father IA I moved by the thought reality of just how huge you are this morning I moved in my mind I buy Isaiah descriptions of the Temple that you call your home where when you open your mouth and speak the very air turns to smoke because the air itself must brace you and Angel 's staff and limited the chairman of the burning ones they cover their faces they covered their feet at the sound of the funds are of your work and hear miracle of miracles those words we hold them between two black leather covers of a book the same words but I I asking to implant in costs such and all such such AAA respect for you and your word this morning that we will cover our faces cover our feet even if the Angels Steve and I fit in our ears your word would be the funder of high heaven to us this morning and I had with me but by hearing and buying and racing it by making it our own will be transformed that I think your spirit to displace this is our prayer are we and more than that is our claim because you told us the claimant told us two or three come together ask who will never never be denied so let the Word of God speak this morning and set aside this is my prayer Jesus all right I don't know if the original title for this message is anywhere on your documentation but the original title was a simple to Q word of the title the gospel but this morning on upgrading the title to fix works the point by point blank gospel and I'm doing it for a couple reasons one because I think that it more certainly represents the essence of what were talking about this morning and also because that's the format the rest of titles will follow for the next week so the title this morning is the power of the personal gospel the power of the personal gospel I'm going to go as you title me to go a step further and I'm going to give you a thesis statement if you will write off the bat because the gospel is a theme of such beauty and complexity that there is awakening right we are in a delineated are describing thirty minutes eight hundred and thirty days but we only have thirty minutes this morning so I'm the before I beat around the bush and establish a bunch of supportive material in and try to prove my point before afternoon appointment is contained in a day and that is this until the gospel becomes the reason why you are alive you have a taste of life until the gospel becomes the reason why you are alive you have not tasted life and I believe it is the intention of God we should all taste life to me this morning as I have I go back in my own mind into my office where I'm pasting lion like over a little passage in Romans which we will address shortly forth with in the dawn is is just just coming to life outside the windows on the east wall and I am wrestling on my knees on my face on my face and I finally and on my knees before God saying Lord we have got to understand this this this gospel this grace is truly cool you are do we not need to understand who you are and at the flash is like the pieces flew together in my mind pieces from Scripture that we're about to open and in others and I I understand I saw I saw that when the people of God understand who he is really a great controversy will be over that's what I like to hear my question is what's our problem what's the problem that's probably what all the angels in glory would like to know for after all the gospel is the story of God with us yes and if God be for us who can be all right so this team arrives to a stable fresh from a farewell party in heaven where all eleven was wondering we worship pain the one who still was commanded and steadfast I was always for us and now he's gone with us and before he leaves he promises that he will be God dwelling in us thirty spirits of the gospel is really the promising the fulfillment of this God with us my question is this why did we ever find ourselves alone and the word was made flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld his glory the glory as of the only begotten of the father is the father the shares glory with the father the stars running the course of the planet spinning synchrony and low the plan goes on sustained by the heartbeat of the life of God himself and so the frailty of humanity influence with the inestimable power of the deity of divinity in the chapter catches God with us as we just human moment he finds that his sophistries are still insufficient because the word is come down in the world is no match for it but really if the gospel is the only diluted power of the omnipotent God then why do I keep falling I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord of all things work together for good to those who love God 's glory is this shoulder is the story does not love claims of victory in the advantage over and over the centuries and an image snatches the prey from the mining out of weakness makes man a strong wax is valued to fight terrorism flight armies of aliens made reference to that chapter last night and asked at all or highly highly deserving race and why because that's a lot but again I have to believe that if the gospel is really the secret weapon of a benevolent empire it is really here it was about as fast as the giving of life it is really boat and enemies which means which I fully espouse an agreement then then why do I sometimes in secret or not so secret cooperate with the conspiracies of the docs why do I ever fall for the stupidity of Sandy and student to be selfish or rude or lustful or proud or hateful why indeed I'm going to answer that question with two more questions the first one the first question you what is this gospel really the second how do I make it mine my reason for living financial reversal what is the gospel really don't want to turn to the Romans the Romans is a feared book why I noticed away a lot of reasons but I was when I went to Bible study once where he will send there was discussion of what so we need a study next December this is some suggested all its skills and Romans in immediately the consensus Leslie by the Romans we need to agree on our commentaries because you can understand the program is not in a common case is simply is a Bible study or commentary study the mechanism of their I think that God hides some of the clearest and simplest statement about himself in places like the book of Romans when people look at knowing I is a reason for that I think even the carnal and careless shouldn't know but I think those of us who understand the love of God when we put the lot when we put these typical Bible passages I guess the concept of the construct of the love of God suddenly they become terribly simple and easy to the thing that got us to the Romans Romans chapter one for sixteen bits this forces reference FAQ from September sixteen seventeen and read this way for I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone to believe as to the Jew first and also two degrees for the area is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith as it is written by Chris words of all-time the just shall live by faith are now being by means of explanation by means of digging into the personal that I want to just define a few terms you help me believe what that means belief to that district I like that fact that for the dictionary says that if I if I get my way of by way of illustration when I go through it line anywhere anytime to eat I always grab gymnastics one I usually need to napkins but if I don't mean this in a napkin of somebody else neither are they overthrew the cover something you know so his father I two hence now I say this morning I forget both of my napkins and on and on the mountains you also forgot your napkin you're going to get one I really know you at all but I say you can continue rapid nothing you say sure no problem I believe you will I believe you will let you have any evidence that you will know really what counts as truth yes Wiley County district he said so that's what I would do choose to believe the choice believe is a choice another term say this was discussed yesterday I love the definition yesterday there's nothing fake Associates God also gave them a hundred thousand definitions that phrase how his faith and belief different I think of other words there has to be some kind of evidence faith is cultivated is my working definition for this passage and eventually Jimmy Dantonio is a camera believes a choice I make counted as true in my head face is the confidence we find a confidence in the case of us and God born out of love if I hated me some great favor in your total stranger and I know that when it was the cost to some kind of sacrifice it's a stretch to think that you should do it but if you are my best friends if you are my flesh and blood and I am confident absolutely secure enough in your love for me I have a reason for believing will do what I know what I see the same confidence we find based upon building on top of a belief that we choose for the gospel when the gospel are not so easy okay so will turn to Scripture itself to explain itself or this one from September sixteen for I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God and salvation to everyone but believe it substitute I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ the power of God to salvation for everyone who counts as true old but good in Oregon the vessel does not exactly tell us what is this how how is the power of God was keeping for there is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith as it is written the just shall live by faith this is why the gospel is the power of God fourteen is because in it the righteousness of God is revealed in another word for righteousness of God righteousness rendering holiness and what I'm looking for the justice and righteousness to the character of God is revealed in the gospel story now the whole problem with the great controversy is built off of one premise God is not love but the theology of the dark side God is not love our theology is God is love the gospel is power because it is the truth about the character of God revealed to me in other words the goblin the truth about God which is our as it is written the just shall live by faith or they just will find I through confidence in the truth about God life is adding confidence in the truth no wonder the gospel is said to be so simple the moment we really believe that God is love sin loses its luster and who love God back automatically after we were wired to your heart is that the truth shall make you free but I digress the gospel is power and so I refer I've returned to my former question what is our problem the problem is my friends the gospel is not mine or maybe more appropriately said I do not belong soul and body to the gospel there is only one way to live fully alive Scripture states that life comes to an unshakable confidence in the truth about God easy enough you so we think which it is sometimes hard to find and we seem to think why not why there are implications to my confidence in God they reach beyond what most are ready to get the gospel in these limits do you regularly gospel is a glorious epidemic everyone who is I think the carrier gobbles utterly free but it is highly demanding in the possession is my possession by getting but when it becomes a possession case see all that I possess it demands my hall and no compromise is acceptable and it cost me dearly because the principle of the gospel in the words of one agrees career missionaries of our times I wonder if business the principle of the gospel as is the Gospel always brings life to the receiver and definitely different the building is the gospel itself works this transformation is some muscle pull enough for my set up by the bootstraps thing because when I went to the bottom of the dress anyways and beliefs of others just does not gain you any elevation what it is is utterly is utter abandon myself why the servant is not greater than his Lord and the Lord alternately abandons himself and everything that was familiar everything was beautiful everything that was precious to him until we do the same until the gospel has cost us everything ending with we are the gospel is none of hours until the gospel is ours life is not ours I live in a world surrounded by beautiful people and this is why this stirs me as it does and this is why this causes me to pace back and forth limelight in my office in the morning and I'm contemplating the Gospel why I don't have this power I live in a world surrounded by beautiful people who have been lied to and the lies what is told by my bio teacher by handling of user by name it's bye-bye society at large those lies are taking a daily whole and on watches of life sticker daily toll and he looks down from heaven Jim I says and he wonders that there is no intercessor and of course that my heart rate because I'm softhearted guy anyway so I get on my knees and design okay the next hour or two I will pray for so and so and hope against hope that that constitutes intercession well I was in the minors I simply God needs people to pray passionate and tearful prayers over and over again but it doesn't mean that nearly so much as he needs a man or woman who will stand in the breach between the week and the devourer stand no tears and words but with a life on life 's souls sold out to God God can use it to publish to the world the truth unlike the shots the entire empire of evil earthly and supernatural God is love thereby making ministry the problem my friends his boss we are not changing enough to keep up with the competition and the word is power so it's not the words fault enough words God and life I am sometimes interrupted midstream through a ranch of fetal pleadings Russell by a little voice that says that now pray for yourself for a great submission that I might have someone for whom to work this miracle question is would you have limited cognitive mind literally it is as simple as belief in the truth and install to receive out it will certainly believe yet you believe in what you believe in a fit right in only that Micky believing is not enough because you believe the truth believing something doesn't make it true it's the truth that makes history the truth about who God is an agenda and his guys love that we saw we must believe the truth to do that we must first know the truth and to know the truth we must be found seeking the truth of necessity shall seek me and finally it is also start forming with lots of promise street isn't actually out of our reach and sell sell everything including most notably you're right to yourself pray for a Braveheart but not so you can charge into battle and happy and we pray that you will be brazen when God asks for you from you what you hold dear is to be brave enough to give it to him until the gospel becomes the reason why your life you have begun to live this is also ugly with you this morning a challenge and a charge the challenges this remember three words anything for you will call the time maybe it's just because I'm accommodating person by my nature and maybe you know it's partially habit of mind when and my dear mother a reminder since there are whoever asks the company some favor my standard answer is sure anything for you dear levels it is little more than enough we laughed so when we have evil time but one that was our response to God and that was our response to God before we heard his question when is Sean I need to sort anything for you to know that God never asks you anything to do anything though hardly so why don't we automatically answered yes anything for you why do we sit in the corner is is not confident enough in your sites such but this is so hard why is it so hard why stopped to ask yourself why forget a gondola we really believe that God is not soon loses its luster and its hold truth let the truth green in our hearts today but might mean there the religiosity of anything for you give God a free when you awaken in the morning but the first thing we need to be to get bottom preconditions yes yes I do not know what you are asking me today but whatever you ask of me the answer is the inheritance and dazzling and that the charges we go through this this weekend of of hearing the word of God open and spoken let me just another in the gospel the beautiful story Christ come down this was condescension in all the following is the language that we know that's become a part of 's fish and become a part of what's around us I wanted to see the gospel I wanted to my gospel you are gospel so we can spread holy father your word is power when we find ourselves powerless when we find ourselves rebellious when we find ourselves we unwilling broken is because someone somewhere we lost the link to life life was your idea in the beginning love is who you are I pray that you would reconnect the link between your children and the life from which we and I pray that you would in so doing create in us a great submission to use that when you say there is a problem in my kingdom and I need someone to fill the gap that we won't be doing that because of our our our hearts are full of sure thoughts of journalism and how great it would be to be a strong management team and we just go there because he whispered in her ear and because we do anything my prayers make the gospel hours this weekend and my prayers also for the rest of our lives let us give you yes yes yes only yes not different yes not conditional yes yes I through a program is a a a this media was brought by hottie is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through free seminar audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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