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Good News

Subodh Pandit


Subodh Pandit

Physician in North Carolina




  • June 21, 2013
    7:45 PM
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a mighty Manchester music on the throne of his high-end and about waterproofing is to come before you thank you but as I was come up to you you would hear such a promise fills our hearts with so much of assurance dear father we want you to be here treeless we want to guide our minds so that we can look into your word find what it says that it wend its way deep in thought possible into our lives we give ourselves to you for this time please teach us we pray in Jesus name on how many of you know what the meaning of you angry on his it's a Greek word of the Greek word means good news it was a Greek word that was used by the people of Greece Greece long before the time of Christ centuries before he was born it was not very commonly used inside was used in very specific and special circumstances this was the word that the right tires used when they wanted to describe the life and the teachings of Jesus we used the would you like me are good news but the good news after the good news there was something else I patched the good news and that is why it was used very rarely one of the reasons why was bigger than me Randy happened somebody would just jump up and say you are angry on because he undergone is not used when you are expecting a be in your test and you got a B+ or less bananas but that's not you Wendy Hall Leon is whether for instance who was sold I added the night before and when you went to write the test it was just talk you did not even understand the questions and the new rules what a way you could gain the paper ran in the South back in your room and wondered what is going to happen and as you talk about that you realized most probably figure at doing that at wooden goal your scholarship and were not as also probably your professor would say these step out on the course the spoon no green and then two days later you and each other comes and happens to your brains and their boldly is your grade B cloths that you say they are I would name that was how they use the word in those days the unit of a Robert Ali was the end of times and the times of the Greeks if you are little kingdom and I'm a small army is equipped not really trained by the others and then you have any needs him to attack an enemy was superior number wise equipment wise training liars much bigger than yours and Beatty Army instructor hands and pulling out this is going to be horrible the only realistic X expectation of that time would be polled to defeat plunder rape torture Dick would then be watchmen on the walls he looks over and sees a runner from the battlefield bringing some good news and from a distance he is pointing out that drain Blaine could it be that hot little army defeated by big superior army can't be that Phyllis Whitney Company because of releasing how his hands moved any candidate was actually the train still can't believe it that it would come here when I am tell me that they really want and it comes best practices as we want all you'll like they are and that name and that word is spent said throughout the length and breadth of the country transforming this pad and impending doom to the heights of triumphant celebration that is UN Camille why did the right is used to swear why are we not you shout out to Langley on because I think we missed out the fact that Eli Leon has two parts then his aunt is good news there is good news in the face of despair that is what makes it you are and you not just good news in other words in that news did not come it was company total devastation drooling and in the midst of that Linda came this news would change the whole picture the joy and celebration that is what is gone VI and sometimes I believe we have missed out on you I'm Leon and just talked about good news because we have not understood pot number one one is that a new shell condition because only the initial condition will give you a picture of what the news is on vessel far apart that that is what gives an exquisite touch Leon so tonight we are used to good news we like to talk about possible abuse tonight big talk about that first what is it that actually makes it not just good news you and it is a description of the initial condition what is that initial condition interesting parts to make the initial condition itself about one and is you neighbors saw turn with me to Romans of the shaft and if you keep your finger on the Roman mingling around that there's little while but of course that will go other places as well but here is Romans of that chapter Romans that the chapter Romans three young daughters Panama eleven and twelve as it is written there is how many will understand not there is none who seeks up to God to have all gone out of the way they have together become unprofitable there is none who does good old knocked one no not one from there build their not that's what it says to it is not only universal it is utterly whole connects because this thing called the fall produced a change in the human race that penetrates right to the heart of ourselves that the jeremiad the seventeenth chapter Jeremiah seventeen and verse nine the heart event yes the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked and no it so which thought is desperately wicked the heart it out of the source of the fountain is money dirty so what will the fountain be like if the source is thirty the heart has been twisted and for the heart has been corrupt and everything that comes out of Graham that's exactly what Isaiah sixty four six says Isaiah sixty four and verse six it on this evening Glenda Bible studies will be going to move from one text of the other so come along with me Isaiah sixty four Lewis six we are all likened on being single never all and how much of our righteousness all our righteousness are like filthy rags that's the best we can do is not all identity things I like to be bags all our righteousness is like filthy because not everything has penetrated the heart of a not only as it soaked through and so not only is our best so filthy how much can we do about it Jeremiah thirteen and estimates me Jeremiah thirteen and verse twenty three Jeremiah thirteen and list three says can the Ethiopian change his skin or the neck on its spots then may you also do good who are accustomed to do what people so we could wear some good embroidered coats and FEB soaked them all neatly dressed in a corrupt through and through that's what the book says not only do we not know what to do we think we do it so well it's called deception current Romans seven chapter eleven verse seven and worse even than that and it says here for same taking occasion by the commandment do you want to see me Hebrews three Hebrews CM verse thirteen but exhort one another D eighty one to do next any of you be hardened through the BC fullness of sin so not only haven't gotten the inside not on the bus stop us from doing what is correct not only are we unable to do anything we are deceived we think we have guarded all want to be what is supposed to be described as unacceptable we describe and welcome to us out there unfairly deceive we do not know what to do we don't know how to do it unwittingly doing all correctly and then let us put aside and say hey why don't we just try to get back to paradise again but getting back to paradise requires kind of some criteria criteria number one the careful agenda and then you can comment about this so what's a payment what you've done so far Romans six list twenty three you can say that you have time to read for the watch off what wages of sin is that so let's try to get back to paradise firstly they amended back Haberman you may run him back to the payment is life once selected we made them you got back there or at least trying to get back there what we now need to do is really all arrears conform to the law can't be blamed for this paradise so how can we do about the now hot hot creating around all anything that we do is like to be rags to all Lincoln man you really do is add that tool didn't and to that debt we do another thing and another that in each debt isn't it so one day and up to another deck to another had been a need on now think about it we can't do anything about it once again through the heart and weaving knitting fine we can't get to the paradise because they got paid for the debate with guns blazing committed with a NEC that this is actually a whole unless it's why don't we all agreed that it is hope yes we still walk around like that something and somebody told me yes especially if you are as the a MIA speaking to assess the A's yes we don't know other about this we think you know we've got it but remember you cannot get to the second part of your daily on which is the good news unless you know the mission God wants to teach us and as a first step so how is he going to be just funeral was always me trying to be just for a long long time like from way back in Sinai what happened at Sinai became the Honduran lightning assault of a trumpet he gave us his all also called his covenant also called his commandment and me in shock on Decalogue while nice name and give you the feeling of Decalogue and the other ones who are guardians of medical event Decalogue why wasn't given below most people when they see the Decalogue or hear about the Decalogue that two responses response one number one is off who cares about it then apply to me I don't get whose blog I don't know I want to go talk to me about that at all the other responses any God has given us the Decalogue why don't we just got to keep up to it and then we can does God captivate you know little bit some credit and had some credit so we relate to it as if we can keep that so that they meet cheap and then we can get approval of God that is the way we want to do it but look God gave them Decalogue that Kaman covenant that law for four reasons they going to look at one James one twenty three says on this cry am that law has want their resumes at it yes you can Glenn that doing says is a member one limit our new client shows you will you are and here are two normal or usual responses to this mirror you blend that can deliver a boy business on Monday the problem is there so get some and think in the mirror now I'm okay another spot on back somewhat think okay fine and I'm good old boy is a big chunk here that think will do it so this about that on the mid- and not find some people do you know that yes some people know that in fact most of the people that the problem is that there are so painted up breaking up toss some people side some pieces here and there understand of what was that line but there's another group small minority who says no way don't touch them that is gone it's never scrub some water some sold both many marks on it Scout and when you come to that date eight is a deficiency here was a bezoar now that they not be so simply backpack for abuses but that don't make any marks on its cows from younger people recognize the people are we having Perez on the beach we clean up the bargains so we ask something a lady in them it's all finished we picked that note I'm sure David Linnaeus the Yuletide is not on your life job items being attacked shall be one of intellect why should I look into it I mortgage increased with goods need on nothing I am the repair of the beach I will clean it up and I was stand as guardian to it and I will show it to you I don't even think are you with me when it is time to find out why God gave it to you yes think stands Angelina good for those pieces back good call yourself a repairer of the breach good but don't miss out on the fun domain you want to you at a guilt self don't stand there and say am I not doing a good job that's what they don't want everybody else to stimulus with them good job man this is Jell-O must login on that no they must be uptime aniline between reading with me the way in which we will understand me what you buying me on creating a because when you look into it God did not give the law primarily so that they could punish it he did not give it to us so that we could fix it up he did not get it so that we could get deficiencies of the other people mad and thickset he gave it for one reason before like I said but he is one we think we're going to do well if we do what we have what I've just described but God wants us to look at it and recognize one simple idea that paying you on motor need bankrupt that's it and no matter what you do you can't do anything except be bankrupt but that's all you can live independently like dress up and come here but unless you recognize that the job of the ethanol has not begun in you Romans the fifth chapter Romans five enlistment he said moreover the law and said that the offense might whole I find them all games to make the bread that I can keep an I can tell everybody how nice I am those the law and said that the offense might abound Romans seven chapter thirty letters with a great big pain of his law yes it is because most of the staff as bad as what is good become death to me talk about the loss of the not belong on this but the same is what is that but look at what it says on the back but it might appear see was producing deaf inmates what is good so all that send rule in the coming miles in length my become exceedingly strange to come on man was not made to make you look good the commandment was given so that you will know how to be morally bankrupt and sinful you are more but really it's a relief because God knows me but not exactly is dust and if you acknowledged what I said and what I have given you well done the next spot can really work with you but my question tonight is is there some leave me what God wants us to have is this what he has shown in the lives of the people in the Bible is look at two examples of Job in the Old Testament and Paul in the New Testament the original previously got this verse here Job twenty three one can attend the Old Testament and one typed in the New Testament Job chapter twenty three ten eleven and twelve but he knows the way that I take when he has tested me I shall come forth how a school and home and listen while a special of their supposed to do right you must test test and upon his gold my foot has held fast to his that I have kept his way and not turned aside I have not devoted to the commandment of his lives I have treasured the words of his mouth more than my necessary food and hand now Job twenty seven just across the page five and six far be it from me that I should say you are right easy Job 's friends are saying don't live in a semi- wrong with you for jobs reply far be it from me that I should say you are right daylight died I will not let away my integrity from me my righteousness I hold fast and will not let it go my hot sun not to approach may have nominated that I'm on the outside you know as the a Philip that is not talked to him didn't take the Austin some questions of any finished asking those questions Job forty was four and five behold I am by what I like and set I will name my hand over my mouth once I have spoken by the Levinson yes twice but I will proceed no further but God was not finished some more questions and then finally in chapter forty two verse five and six words of Job I have a hug of you by the hearing of the but now my eye sees you therefore I am the Lord myself and repent in dust and ashes went on his righteousness they do not believe at all that he was not going to let go we require this because often the fifth and sixth unless some joule forty two comments number twelve force now the Lord bless the latter days of Job more than his beginning we had fourteen thousand sheep six thousand while value of up to one thousand female donkey you want to the beginning of jovial find a visit double what he had a double double of the one who recognizes his connect condition I would have us praise him pushing the least maybe yet I would press them fine but even this one was so strong in his faith in God was actually the patient that he wanted to show him you know it's in December and do a little digression this is in a little bit about one of the question that Joe got asked Job that is not in the lesson just as strongly one of the questions got asked Job what can you guide off Judas on the bad one of his questions as found and that he invests twenty two a something genial guide on giraffes you know the the star oculus it's a part of our galaxy and derelicts of these celestial bodies when they move they can affect the movement of all the celestial bodies how by their mass and by their speed so as I do driving in a bit even though you know to Cedar car going at twenty miles an hour and just decide who comes in eighteen where the hundred and fifty miles an hour will will spin you around that's what happens out there space to so a big body that is moving moves the arm that is the beauty video body nonliving bodies the big ones move the biggie once and the faster you go the more effective on the other the next effect on the tablet you are right about the water lasting can yield that Judas the mass of students is more than twenty seven times that of our sun I describing at a hundred and fifty miles per second our sons and our solar system is driving at twenty eight lives per second seventy million idea the argument is being I miss driving and it was seven times the speed of our son so one which is going to move which is one but it really gets more interesting because all the stars in our galaxy move along the same vein around the center of the galaxy this is the direction for instance no star moves any other way all the two hundred billion stars in our Milky Way galaxy move this way the innocuous is the only star that moving this way it is the only star that could possibly leave our galaxy at some point every other start is coming this way this being rapidly boiling one is going this way and that's the one God says can you guide that fennel yet and thus Finch both spent the whole hill for a I spoke much before you I'm not example number two from the New Testament that in front been warrior for Christ who was he bought the Galatians one relations one and verse one eleven relations is just about enough for us book that was written of the New Testament is not been it's not the Gospels Galatians was the first book that is written on Paul writes this in the first of us over he's establishing himself all and hope also not from that is not cool man but to Jesus Christ and God the father is listen i.e. I'm also an apostle but not the ordinary apostle not laying on of ordinary human hands I have been chosen by God and by Jesus while food isn't this evening that's what he would say I'm one of you but that's his father 's letter few years later he writes another letter first Corinthians fifteen and was nine for I am the yeast of the apostles and I'm not would mean to be called an also I wasn't given the church of God so Paul begins like sitting here you know like me here listen to me and then using some judges have people sitting in front and a next database has no I I got a good look I've sit on the federal not appear on the least of the few years and by Ephesians Galatians Ephesians three and worse the two meet who earn less than the least of all saints was this grace given IV of all people should be able to preach among the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ all what's happening from the pulpit he stepped down in the front row enough he got up from them into the back are you following yes this is his real life is stopping gone down from the pulpit walked down the front row and then from there said no not even front-row buckle with the end of his life festivities chapter one and was fifteen this is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptance that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners say letters not apostles not a lot of the leadership he came to save sinners of whom I am chief grade the apostle who must take the public baby steps down goes the front-row no longer the book then goes to the back seat and finally when he realizes who he is God is he assembles outside is not where the tubing segmenting the is the way God works with us nobody standing before God will ever be anything but humble no matter what you do the meta- way you call it this is not our experience you are headed the wrong way done by popular chest my friends ever we do not have the truth of God we know where the children's science we don't have it our job is not sick imagine you goes about the truth dog job is safe come here obviously where it is the other way marks we are not the destination you know when you realize this is really big single golf you and I'm the one who was scrutinized Linda and scrutinize him against that scrutiny none of us can know when I realized this I still remember I used to think it is very romantic the set was a scenario and up and say oil I'm a great sinner of a solely bad things and some pendant and proud of the things but many readings come before God shut your mouth Romans three nineteen this is the ways some people reject Romans three nineteen the coming almost to the end and I see you can identify yourself in the way I'm going to read it for almost three and verse nineteen now we know that whatever the law says it says to those who are under the law that much every mouth may be stopped and all the world except his gaze may become guilty before God really rearranging way everybody has a duty not only when we are the guardians of the law and repairs of the breach of those four guys out there they need to be taught something we go to want to them if we don't northeast them who were so soon die look friends if you don't rule it is not that they will die you might not but do you know when you get to that point when you're down and when you think some of the McAuliffe commitment within Francisco solar Romans the seventh chapter an attempt was says something very different from how we use you know that the law is a while we are people of the law we got a hold on I'm a philosophy should do that unless you can eliminate you can see what's in the mirror at the neck but this thing which we parked would give us life is and actually reading the wire going to die think about it so you know what good use one might it was a Pharisee was a name Nicodemus he went to Jesus at night I'm asking ourselves you and me can we go to Jesus tonight in the night and ask him Rabbi what want me and you know what he would send you the same thing he told Nicodemus you must be can you be born again without I so before the new book that must be a ad God has given us only one way in which you will die at that ten Commandments and see if you can follow it note that I've never you would die you have just no other signs that nothing as you can do except simply shrivel up before it and die with us on the end because Jesus said Diane then you come out Romans the six chapter in this last one for tonight Romans six and verse five four therefore we have been united together in the likeness of his death we should be suddenly we shall also mean the likeness all bears resurrection we will never understand that truth of the resurrection without a deck we would never understand you widely on unless we understand the circumstances in which the newest game tonight we saw the first part I'm not calling for any commitment and one asking you to think Golden Jesus tonight and I think of Nicodemus when I think of what he will tell you you must be born again find out whether that being born must be preceded by a good look tomorrow we're going to look at the next block if we understood the stock tonight and honestly went through it tonight and let my friends tonight you'll get it and find out where you stand then when we speak tomorrow will be the second so the good news will become not just good news but you'll languidly on and then I will call for upcoming of interconnected this alone commit to this in a way that you will be honest about what God says about us about me as an individual and about us as a people and then we will be ready for another news more money shall be another how to be humble let's pray go on you know what's through and through there's no use trying to put on a false front we do not want to do that in front of you you just what you really know about us and as we put these words that didn't sink in maybe not go to the right of the left on that one basement leak and find old gymnasts because you told us that the matter what all conditioners we just can't do was for the forgiveness is full and free thank you for this chapter 's but the just tonight to be on our knees and understand what you really mean when you talk to us about the small and no matter how beautiful and strong and great it is I noticed something so humbled when I was on Genesis God 's name I will immediately want audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is more certain than it is www. done on universal .org


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