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Conservative but not Converted

Steve Toscano


Steve Toscano

Ph.D. student at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary



  • January 13, 2007
    10:00 AM
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this morning we have a very interesting message we will take a look at what the Bible says concerning the time in which you and I live issue with many of us do not realize is that there are many things taking place many movements all rising and taking shape that will play a significant role in the closing scenes of this verse history today by the grace of God we will take a look at some of the philosophical movement that are beginning to take form right before our era 's and how this plays in the fulfillment of Daniel the eleventh chapter I see please pray for Matthew please pray for one another and prayed I got the message to his people in this place will be shirtless for them gracious God of heaven father we are now resting upon the hour that your son gathered together as a community of believers as sons and daughters of God and father we ask for a special lesson this morning but we us as we begin to dive into the deeper things of your word that you were it was with some understanding from above please speak to your children and help meet your master not in any way shape or form insert here with your message to your people please we humbly beg for your spare we humbly beg that all the earthly traffic that has filled online throughout the course of the week to be put away and at this allows to study your way in Jesus name we pray according in the arena brief statement to founding testimonies to the church volume nine would find anything volume nine and he happened onto this one I encourage you to please read is very very powerful testimonies to the church nine and beginning with page eleven its title subtitle the last crisis civil rights we are living in the time of the last stealing signs of the times declared that the coming of Christ is near at hand the days in which we live are solvent and it portends the days in which we live our life solemn and what in order interesting this guy is gradually but surely being withdrawn from the inner lanes and judgments are already filling up on the despisers of the grace of God the calamities by land and sea the unsettled state of society the alarms of war are hardships they forecast approaching out there on the rates is ninety two all these things are forecast she writes approaching of that of the great things magnitude is already in court yesterday Tony and forgot about events that forecast of the greatest magnitude you tell me is this important SNL should we study these things suddenly my God Tracy to understand the deeper things of God Regina she was on the right the agencies of evil are combining their forces and consolidating consolidate an interesting word for college students consolidate with any then together joining of forces they are strengthening for the last rate crisis rate changes are soon to take place in our world and the final movements will be rapid last two sentences the condition of things in the world shows that shrub was times out right upon us and the daily papers are full of indications of a terrible conflict in the near future testament to the church volume nine page one is a very serious pastor to several Lord Helen says that the things that we are seeing the calamity is my land or by sea thou Lord of war the unsettled status of society all these things are forecasting are pointing to something even greater than itself not slow-moving a great tsunami in Southeast Asia that tsunami killed how many people two hundred thousand and even more recent wet or little hurricane Katrina right that's it there were no clue about as bad and as serious as these rings are these are just little and little indication of something even more series of something evening racer medicine literature and our Bibles to the book of Daniel chapter eleven and we get to the same and Daniel Chapter 11 is putting the numbers for where to focus on this verse today Daniel chapter eleven in verse forty the word of God says and the time of the end what time I live in harmony and bodily healing economy and are prophetically begin seventeen ninety eight and at the end twelve sixty prophecies at the time of the end the Bible says shall they came up dusts out foolish at him and King of the North shall come against him while it's very interesting ricin with chariots and horsemen and with many ships and he shall enter into the countries and shall overflow and pass are powerful words beloved do you really then disperse speaks of our present condition and what has to taking place beginning in seventeen ninety all the way to the floor present research shows figures here there is number one the King of the cell and secondly there is making on the no okay were quickly with identify the stoop same chapter Jennifer delivers begin with verse one also in the first year of Darius the Mead even our students and firm and to strengthen and now I was selling me the truth we also shall stand up three genes in Persia and the force of a far richer than they all and by his strength to his riches he shall stir up all all around hungry ship okay so here we find an account in the book of Daniel Sunderland in which Daniel is living there and what kind there's one the time of Darius the Mead and we know students of Bible prophecy that he then instructed to remember that the image after the head of gold is represented in Babylon followed what power the power of the needs and the Persians into the Bible talks about doing this time there will come up through reaching incursion and that there will be a fourth one they'll be far richer than they are notices in the verse and by strength the researchers he shouts to all against the realm of Grecian figure on my back and interpret you the head of gold presents that will follow the arms just sort of the picking of the needs in the version and after that however was what Reese answers these teams might exist for our dining to hold back the forces of Greece but we all history knickers and a mighty king one from Greece shall stand up that shall rule with great dominion and you are according to his becoming who was then great ruler that's the end exactly who rates things according to his will was out then in the so-called not greater than about reassignment this gene Alexander ruled with a great communicative analyst shall stand up his kingdom shall be what broken so and it of great prosperity and conquest when initial stand up the Bible says that his kingdom will the broken the battle for the state 's and shall be divided and scored notices though what floor on his four winds of heaven and to his posterity nor according to his dominion which he ruled for his kingdom shall be plucked up even for others science hopes we know that Sean Alexander was reaching heights of his rule he got in and by his single the Bible says would not be left to his posterity and I was going to be left to his own flesh and blood descendents but when he bought been divided into honeypots and Daniel to where the image of gold silver brass and Daniel seven we have the same representation but in a very different way right to set up an image we now have these which in the Bible were present kingdoms or nations and we know that our putting it into all this I'm assuming well the first being in Daniel seven his localities Alliant the first reason working in this corresponds to the Hannibal Woods revisited looking at and after the lion was what these the bear in the Bible describes that there has been raised up on one side symbolizing the joint powers of the needs in the Persians with one side being stronger than the other after that there was one leper without life will will follow the sequence of Babylon New York Persia then Greeks according to Scripture the Bible says that the making will stand at all his success the kingdom will be broken and inviting to the fore when it was divided into four parts that is why the leopard of Daniel seven has warheads if only so far as his review in the Bible tells us Daniel and Ann keen on this chubby strong and one of his princes and he shall be strong about their heirs have the meaning and his dominion shall be great now we have the mention of the canvas connection with what power willpower with Alaska we read about Greeks one of Alexander's for general 's wind that hypothetically assume no rule on the scene of the sound now we know we are coming into all of this is getting down on his receipt of time what is King 's other words represent three hundred seventy but out of the branch of firm roots show one standout in his estate which are common with an army shall enter into the force of the king of the north Osaka a battle between the king and the South and eighteen of the North special deal against them and shall prevail as shall also carry captives into what led Egypt so the boss talking about a struggle between the King of the South and the seeing of the no violating the north the Julie was a king of Syria with one out in the sport and the scene on the south here with ruling in the southern part and use taking people notices weren't relearning clues as to what identity of the skin 's office had this into verse eight was a site Egypt so the king of the South and there's much more we can get to strangle really quick this important identify the Bible speaks of the King of the style as being connected with each of the following we see the struggle between the king of inoculating yourself out of SeaTac is being taken into Egypt now is very significant because I Daniel eleven Empress forty though I will talk about the time of the end and again when the timely and begin sentencing is turned in fact begin with the end Daniel Chris boarding house at the time of the end notice when shopping scene of the sow push at him again another stroke drinking needs a push FAQ the notices and a cute little shop against the world okay the spokesman for the prime of the something on it what significant events were taking place in seventeen ninety eight becoming will suddenly think that it appointed them hope yes his eighth seventeen ninety eight students about proxy recognizes that in this year the piece that assisted the papal power see individual and his daddy role was getting when France had separated the powers of abstraction and the powers of the state and at the time of the end the Bible says that the seam on the south now arisen in the power of friends that will get into that moment why France Hawaii Egypt will close at the scene of the North and is identified in Canada North is that once you've just proven Jamia twenty five the Bible says in Jeremiah twenty five in verse nine B holds I will send anything at all of the families of the no Sycamore and Nebuchadnezzar that seeing of what Babylon my server will bring them against this land and against the inhabitants thereof any and all these nations roundabout and were utterly destroyed them and make them in astonishment and I is an actual the solutions you see in the Bible so on the north the enemies of God know when a guy sitting in are referred to as the power from the bloody Chapter 11 we learn about a struggle I thought the scene on the south and mixing of the North and the question we must ask is is is literally referring to that one agency and this is literally referring to easier and later on the powers of what we know that the books the prophetic books of Scripture primarily Daniel and Revelation are apocalyptic image that means that they use symbols which point to greater realities and what we find the king of the South first as being connected with Egypt and later as being connected with friends we must wonder why is the Bible making this connection what does this such tests about the kingdom of the southwestern rupee Revelation chapter eleven in verse three the Bible says it I will give power unto my two witnesses bothering about what is what is written in it a lot all the New Testament the Bible and they shall prophesy that is to say speak God 's word it is God 's word eight thousand two hundred and three square days in other words twelve hundred and sixty days close in what cycle received we know that from five thirty two seventeen ninety was the reign of the papal power the papacy the church of endless church and state when we know that they are all losers of the things of God the Bible describes how great antichrist power as the sun of perdition and raising all this bitterness on second this one that's great and all of Scripture is only used twice the son of British and reference to this great anti- Howard L just before the timely and for the second request is in reference to one of the characters in BC Julius was part of the flow he was not part of the Pharisees and the sassy was not overwhelming he was not in Haiti outwardly benign and rejecting Christ like he was part of the whole cheese holes price not from the outside but from the inside as it were ever prejudice great antichrist power the Bible says that he is the son of perdition making the connection between Julius and his great price our newsletter suggesting that the site 's not at all reject their own but rather isn't you from the chair and we have long identified this power is none other than the Roman Catholic Church state the papacy and it is this our network while at sixty years this is best to hide the word of God they make sure that the weapon that was made was not I will and common language on the people that you hentai fans around the even more bandwidth on the people to study the Bible and that is why the Bible says while and consistory in years but eventually this is the word of God would prophesy a inexperienced officer would still speak you in a disguise but the Bible who is on the same day in Revelation eleven continuing skipping down the person and when they shall finish the testimony the beast that ascended out of the bottomless pit shall make war against the citizen apartment SLR over content and children and their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city notices which is spiritually called Sodom and what each the review were also are low was crucified endorses any day of the people and changes in tongues and nations shall see their dead bodies with dead bodies the article the two witnesses three days and a half and shuts not suffer their dead bodies to be put in grave variance that's what it was for us to the papal domination in Europe from five thirty eight dissenting I need a new hour I'll rose to the scene a power that is required to as Sodom and Egypt spiritually sovereign because licentious lack of moral control and restraint become obvious sexual immorality Egypt's because of the music speak Caroline Moses went up the barrel and Paul Farrell that the Lord God of the Hebrews is it then that means that he let his people about what was the response of the program is the Lord basketball representing the spirit of agencies and spiritually speaking this new power out how worked up and embody these two spirits a licentious spirit with no more official and the spirit of atheism why because it was responding to the table domination while at sixteen years and as a result this results in during the French Revolution and the Bible to take an ordinary people were not allowed now to read and study the Bible why because religion was so fiercely contested during this time because of all that transpired there is a lot of hypocrisy finals weren't even rolling into the flames and that is why the Bible says this residual it is an birthday and identify sunlight in the streets of the great city and verse nine in the last parts are not limited to advise people in red Albany and outwardly in the streets Bible were bribed by the house of a recent the place that God but the papacy as if you have a strong and this is really where we getting a set all of this is the really didn't you buy nothing the next humans they struggle between a licentious atheist power and allow me to use a word loosely eight conservative Christian development in the event history there has been at always choose that is so unlike in the size of the button in this case the gamble is playing both sides as one that you will not have has been the one expiring this liberal spirit that does whatever you wanted to finish whatever you want to think so everyone does not really believe in God the Spirit of God is nothing not seriously the underhand the devil also inspires the spirit of the papacy than I was thirteen that it is the Dragon this is in the double agency and its power is to ensuing Daniel Chapter 11 the policies at the time of the end the team of the cell in the form of representing the spirit of atheism and licentiousness will push at him what was the key of the North representing me that his interest wow that took place around the years since any different from we have something else transpiring the listener to as something very different transpiring you are is less than eleven this morning in a timely and judging yourself was it any king of the normal notices and this is what reading shall come against him like a one one that reads like bikini on the north chocoholic against him like a world that is what we are seen by the program 's human to see the license that foot upon the pedestal the so-called God of reason that had vacated the liberal spirit is on its way out from the one you see in place in Scripture and in our day is the fulfillment of the King of the North responding to the Kings liking more and it is very interesting I have two books here that scholars recognize were second-place Iowa is a book by Doctor Peter Berger and the title is called in the secularization of the world some resurgent religion and world politics I was wondering you this little snippet from the back notice what this scholar as he takes a look at this society takes a look at the date in which you are the notice which he writes always written about this book it makes which are centuries theorist of secularization as anybody King of the South had been saying that religion was inevitably decline in the modern world one notices when much of the world today is as religious as ever this volume challenges this book the belief that the modern world is increasingly secular showing that while modernization does affect what effect it also twelve this is interesting a reading action and what that more often strengthens religion interesting seven expert social observers examine several geopolitical relief regions in several religions and Protestant Christianity Judaism Buddhism Islam and explore the resurgence of religion and world affairs BC the last couple centuries the spirit of liberalism and secularism has SPSS even affected our churches and in way not what is happening in response to the secularization of the world there is a restraint any of the religious right in some ways this is good in some ways this is really really that understand why we had things I haven't told Angie Y C coming up and respond to the secularization and buy anything of the cell there is also a strengthening of groups like the Christian Coalition a strengthening of country that the website all the major world religions according the scholarly power return back to what this is Christianity not liable talk about a resurgence of Orthodox reformed theology is about how Jonathan Edwards and some of the great theologians of reform thinking are now coming back immediately alert on most young people magazine Shuford article talk about how young people no longer want entertainment is working it for this article yes and take what is taking place on the young people in Christianity today what has taken place as there is a resurgence of the religious we should expect this from the beginning in response to the great secularization that has happened and has affected the whole world that will come a new release strengthening every sergeants of the religious and again at the simple good and very there the book is begin to wrap up this is printed by the University of Cambridge is a book called biblical interpretation and other different approaches to the Bible the sources and postmodernism allows different things the thing that is interesting is that this scholar like so many noted and response to the secular secular postmodern that prevailed in recent times business is business there is a was the neo- fundamentalist presenting the latest census it is a revival of four within a Christian practice going back to their roots going back to the Orthodox the parable of the ten virgins twenty five speaking with you the Bible describes all ten Y and was moving this and that is not the bottom describes all had as being versions what is emerging but it was a virgin we know that was the one who molested a few things as it is primarily and this is that people will mix up liberals and conservatives all the versions our own merchant they all have their life they all study the word of God they all come to Bible studies that will help to Sabbath school the remaining eight crazy eight music licenses life spirit of prophecy is that they are not and that these Americans have long advocated the truth and love those who preach the truth in the sense that the kingdom shall come up against the humans like you will want to respect business days as we draw to the final scenes of verses the battle of Armageddon will not be between Christianity and Islam for not being between Christianity and paganism will be between conservative Christianity I guess liberal Christian policy is that all people the Bible says will wander after the conservative beast in many weeks what we see taking place is a total paradigm shift in thinking the way people think is being changed right before our very eyes in the letter to me this one person simply being conservative opportunity means nothing if our hearts are not transformed inwardly blessing this was going on page fourteen Hugh Rees the warnings given by the fast food signs of the times what impression is made upon world what changes seen in the attitude no more than was seen in the attitude of the inhabitants of anointing world absorbed in worldly business and placed it absolutely is until the flood came into the Mullally May the twenty fourth of May had headed and warnings but refuse to listen and to gain the world utterly regardless of the warning voice of God is heard on to each one will world history with the spirit of war from the sea on the eleventh chapter of Daniel has nearly reached its complete Orpheum soon the sand of trouble spoken up and the prophecies will take place not on the world have taken five and me against not all have become disloyal there are a faithful few fatal theory that a majority or minority there are a faithful few were true to God for John Rice here are the next keep the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus brothers and sisters with CBC taking place in the world and in the church is a horrible shift in thinking Little by little we can expect the spirit of the canvas out the spirit of atheism and secularism and licentious will slowly but surely we've seen and in its place will come in your power strength by the resurgence of the religious right and the challenge that I hold us to use sitting here under the sorry my voice today is in the mist of the struggle of Daniel eleven conversely will we be part of the faithful fugues not part of the spirit of secularism and licentiousness in a given him hard other researchers on the religious right has seen in the papacy increasing pollution but part of a peculiar set of written people who are faithful to Jesus Bunuel 's atheism was when consumption and who are willing to surrender everything because we love our hope and pray that this will be our experience that is registered out of heaven but we are now over time the father is hope and pray that your message that the nearness of your assets will be impressed upon your children have followed Adventists encourage us to always get out of our spiritual slumber this encourages just hated the things of God more serious enough to spend more time in the world got more time in prayer and more time serving the faith of his time house help us as we see the rise of these two powers in the street struggle taking place before our very eyes father may we be part of the faithful minority may we want to be willing to be different they we be willing to be separate entrance to hear as we are faithful to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ help a solo but we have to take Jesus


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