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Revelation's End-Time Beatitudes

Mark Finley


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • May 18, 2013
    11:00 AM
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him are you so they will continue and it shows in this order is a diesel engine is a place you chose churches all around you but for shows us an client and put us seem to be going the way of the Church of England blessing on the verge of something to something greater something where he placed us here competition and forty one as a rule everyone is a car every one of us something special for the young and old middle-aged to now Lord I visited help us to step out of our comfort zones and see the heavenly vision for the surrounding communities and for your honest people here now father as we open your word we put your glasses in Christ's name of issues Saturday the hellish as sad as this one is the same as the key attitude and attitude of being his attitude living in the attitudes we typically think of Matthew the fifth chapter in which a given time you desire the book of Revelation has seven and the time of the attitudes attitudes of the living for people on the verge of coming of Jesus that we can get back in nineteen twenty eight hundred and twenty the world 's most successful manner as for Beach Hotel in Chicago at that time they were the wealthiest man in the world the president of the largest utility company in America was among that group the greatest speculation was a molecular the president of the New York Stock Exchange neck that day a member of the president 's cabinet was there one of the so you should wish him well astonishing as well is that on Wall Street welfare the president of the Bank of international settlements which is really one of our regular time was there the head of the world 's largest monopoly was there and I don't mean the game of Monopoly you are in the country companies together collectively these tycoons he sat there for my immunoassays for something that they were talented in this paper is to send magazines as models for the use of America these extremely wealthy extremely influential men of twenty five years later nineteen forty three they met in nineteen twenty so that we did in nineteen fifty three what happened twenty five years later the seven man the president of the largest independent steel company Charles Schwab lived on borrowed money the last five years of his life he died he is cooperating I broke the greatest speculator Arthur cotton died overseas bank refuse to let America precedented stock exchange which may serve a life term in Sing Sing prison he lost his money bosses reputation but never the president 's cabinet Albert fall apart from prison because he was so sick and die at home the greatest stock program Wall Street Jesse Livermore committed suicide the president of the Bank of international settlements the appraiser is not side the head of the greatest monopoly I've been burned into suicide all these there were any money they never learn with you they never learn how to live the Bible 's him Revelation is written in the last generation of men and women who live in Boulder ASAP and the activities in relation God himself reveals how to lead a time the lessons rule but there do there in the first century BC the twenty first century they were in the ACL they will reveal John I thought this but they reveal to us in a place of warmth if you are going to take it in turn to Revelation the first chapter is looking to set the ashes of the revelation seven attitudes of the leading forum in time they seem to our hearts with a terror aside the façade of religiosity in the city what's important they seem to attitudes as being in Earth 's last hour we begin our study of these is in revelations and their Revelation chapter one level relationship one were looking there I personally will assist you with her glasses what first comes to your mind in the Greek language the word blessed is the word cardio 's and word teams deal with happiness D Lee case deal with satisfaction having a piece of your life so when your reading glasses we might really sexy it is the is less fully and is the person who is really deeply and is the person who we might we overwhelmingly satisfied is the first of June to this for a him with happiness sure you all will miss this satisfaction and gain so fully as he views and those tear for this prophecy is the things that are written therein you source the Adelphia and what is not safe to remain you say in a world of Roche and our world are we a rushed devotion to a life of unrest is okay in life for the rest of her devotion Chrysler is your your my life he is happiness is as follows assignments when you honestly see I will bless blessed is he who reads now in John's day but very few copies of the Bible so the Bible is read out loud in the church for the synagogue so the average person could hear it and so what is I say Blessed is the one that reads the person in the and reason out loud I will easily last blessed his person here is that the glass is person means any here is the intent of putting it into practice in their life was not safely given to me he said he should be that will bless you in this is stop rushing through life Saudi Sandy I'm getting in the jet age but we are not just your store about the Europeans for us came to the United States and was in the late eighteen hundreds and the linking around her listings below to harassing one of those only him herself and when you say may not in methane producing is dancing surrounding your wife says yes but it was and authorities being a lazy not presented as long as they were sitting I will send you that idea is a law and one of Europeans visited there in that your site is one stood out most of those of their and he said there craziest people if you see a NBC only always believed in what is hellish firstly says the less easy defense in those here and those in this prophecy in other words stop rushing your live long enough to be the word of God allowed this is what God is saying to you through his word and that were transforming your life take time to listen to God 's voice life is more to see into your soul and transform your life any new less serious satisfaction and joy happiness is not yet I love the way is in the heavenly places the one thirty four and one waxes this night is God Holy See was just as surely as we do here with our ears by Islam God 's voice speaking to us just as surely as your law years when I will die I say God is often the guy is being a little over only he's the promissory Yahoo last thing is that lasting peace in their usual life is happiness bliss the Bible is God 's voice him what are you is the one I think the guys obviously you still receive a minus zero if we recognize the importance of his narrative voice is thirty four what will the opening with what earnestness would be searches process the heating and contemplating the Scriptures would be regarded as an audience with the most high when you open the Bible in harming on rush way insulin is he who means more one is a blessing where is the blessing not only for those that we usually read the article so hastily you can leave the Bible so we could and will benefit button Selassie was back in Revelation chapter one and two is the man who is the woman that is the content is the man who is the woman I seal this to your house this piece enjoy revelation one with the essay blesses you still feel the joy is one please is one reason why you could result in order to be an attitude presented us wrong we routinely half-asleep blessed is he who leaves in the those in those so when he was visiting you guys seem to us as the voices are thought to us are these guys are reading a bio lab lab were listening to assess lesson or who are in his work and what was the purpose of all this is the team meeting Gosport we listen the Nazis to us through his Word so he saw the him change his or her data to us as you want to leave a life of joy and happiness in a life of unhurried dilution that Jesus is the attitude revelation and would looking there at the second beatitude Revelation chapter fourteen Revelation chapter fourteen seventy is the revelation set great principles of bleeding from revelation that transform our lives the first he calls us to live on her English the second the attitude will seem to live a life on the shackles service on the shackles service machines of selfishness for law finishing is of little use and follow the shade useful all the Château must remain one flow around ourselves revelation fourteen verse thirteen then I heard a voice from heaven saying the right glasses what a slut in white February you will feel it happening as well as last you are completely satisfied some were reading glasses with happiness for thirteen content satisfied on those die in the Lord from now on yes says the steer the breasts from their labors their works and what will follow and when we leave our life and eternal purpose the legacy of the works that we leave behind utilizing focus so when you live a life of service and I hope you are breast-feeding works such in the lives of other people what is thought to do Iraq's of kindness compassion mercy grace is will this have on the lives of others as a witness for Jesus and a lot of Jesus loves Thomas is in trouble impressions video happier while Anna Beach C he's crashed on the beach and he walked down a few low back what do you see in the sand and are you leaving footprints in the sand of the others after you will see those acts of kindness and love look at Jesus as a one day that you Jesus does not come one day the world webcast into the church one day he'll say your eulogy the question is what humans immediately behind blessed are those who relates Blessed are those whose works file they do not die and it works the way to win their but they leave behind the kind accessible to the local characters Daniel has died but his legacy as a courtesy and I discern God as he is the text of the purposes are served God Daniel left leg is the Joseph and David Oliver Parker 's wife because is how is wickedness and will soon as Joseph left is the best she has the more we became in Jesus five you are perish Daniel and Joseph and Esther left a legacy for Christ to the legacy that if you are in this famous story previous story arrived this past arise this holds Lori another great philosopher saw coming to see ferocious know what time is because I world you live in the sixth century BC and everything is so rich with the science of happiness is our design and organizations the Bruins of Zara Zara really quite well preserved today is not as a soreness at the international despair they discovered old activities this is out of the league and he deserted he in the classroom my little and stop this idea let's do something the money and humor that's about something will so he is some silver coins the more than so the fundamental and atheist sacristan C Eagle and the leading community the well studied process was well beyond the beyond the again he will roll into her as he is guilty stays in Paris is an so is the easing in and started eating they actually go there and it is beautiful frescoes on the floor and tile floor there are twenty six hundred years before Christ shots they had a hell fitness center that we do not want to I did this and is centered as they had the woman that Sarah V one hundred to six hundred years before Christ after these about man that they had a magnificent hot water glass of cold water vastly louvered him easier access I will weather as I is lavishly on latch they had a hospital system and they blame the physical that will spirit you will be there how was that you offer me a use case in his life so he sent his favorite airline that had hot water and cold water from his music therapy in the stadium and processes incredibly well so he will solve the philosopher and he says who is that you are anything some great life is all you are you I is for the renewal of the class so no need guy beating is likely to increase everybody is so computed as the dog about two people whose mother is worried and is and phrases crunch is really upset I have but will his will and is will be so says is my view groceries when I visit you wonder did that in your dining and you have none of this stuff I will then tell what you're happen have you left a legacy in the lives of others when you read Revelation chapter fourteen in verse thirteen it says will assist our dinner who died in the heart they didn't want us because they are in Christ and there is a life is worth the life 's greatest July so no you're not necessarily members him a will show you know your cellular life 's greatest joy comes from living a life of unselfish service because those works are in more lines where I mislead who you talk to Jesus loves me are you leaving footprints in the sand times it can be written at new glasses you guys will for their work simple are you working for Saturday attitudes in the book of Revelation the first you said is living on this stir emotion of the English the second the energy says who live a life of service and commitment thirty and if you take your reasons are the attitudes of the revelation for anytime people Kari God causes the quietness Eagles devotion to the selfish egotism were met with our universe in materialism God calls us to service because care because his views he calls us to share the philosophy of our lives way for beatitude revelation chapter sixteen verse fourteen the resulting enzyme is reportedly furious on the last days of her sister that says those people losing Revelation sixteen in verse fifteen says this University Flats behold I am coming as a thief blessed is what is desirous last season while naked in the CJ photos of the Bible says bless happy and satisfied his watch is a thesis are with you will date it is him or will finish is brownish one person one is that it is little is Jesus Christ now when you look at only sixteen proceedings is remind you of what is coming as the people blessed is he happy can't fully isolate what can you a chapter in the field of science the coming of Jesus what is that is coming of Jesus what is twenty four dollars and twenty four because six times in the in Matthew chapter twenty four Jesus is giving his entire search instructions in fact if you look through the Gospels six times that you see signs of the book of Mark and twice in the new Jesus tells his people to watch the alert not to fall asleep here is a call to see if you shall hear his call to spiritual alertness here is a call on his third human 's nephew Jack twenty four you're looking there who are going to Matthew twenty four personally to watch therefore you don't know what hour your Lord is coming he says he wants there and you were there another time it is also viewing the later this is what there is voice if you got this in Matthew twenty six months the incident Jesus is in the normative Senate the disciples are just as rare no notice O'Hara Jesus is an essay you can receive the car is in his greatest trial his disciples will forsake him Judas to betray him Peter will deny you him will will crucify Jesus is the easiest time of trial time and any honest rival before the resurrection Jesus prays and receives story that you draw the disciples are rows this article are not the disciples are fully asleep in their stupor this is what Jesus said that he is first born one watch and pray lest later the temptation is there is less easily Jesus is want to read the various comment on this passage by one where she talks about the church and in time though this is his second testimony three oh five by his sleeping disciples he is represented a sleeve shirts when the day of God 's visitation is Peter 's time clouds and darkness limiting obviously this will cover us so here Jesus says in Revelation chapter sixteen these explicitly say that watches another as visual he was being the son of their shirts today specifically in a Christian church in general phases and running two thousand years ago Jesus is not your heart be troubled believe me I will do a coming day Jesus is a howl of the ones that two thousand years as the generations that have sent men and women will follow as adhesive the desktop is finished church specifically the five hundred fifties as the years and Regina Jesus him as far as old as the five hundred people from her daughter is is is is how can you do that before Leslie 's Adderall before will SRS review for diseases says the lesson is worth less as happy is the first contestant is first losing traveling vision focusing on the reality of Jesus and is not yet shy when will you never was God 's creation coming of Jesus and Miller say in his understanding of Jesus rallying point for these they celebrate October twenty two Jesus and Tom Miller was starting as a laid-back and they are so they scattered around that so they sent your what you have to say today is decent for me Italy today today today Jesus says being watchful being vigilant lest nothing wrong both radical left nothing this is both your at home Jesus says the wash seven greater Beatitudes attitudes of the losing for anytime people lose a lot of of unhurried approach to the life of unselfish service life of a distracted vigilance what was your first watch those you will reassess all your soul watch for those little meetings that take you away from the diffusion is in Christ not a drug addicts in New York City and a lot were in New York City now working regularly that there is we is interesting how all the drawbacks in New York at based on the story of Teixeira apparently those wells upon as a young man seventeen years old walking through the central part is walking their solo on this little monkey and his house is lovely and you will and you will get another is as long as you get the monkey is not a banana is another banana and presumably was going to start the monthly was growing growing or is the most enjoyment my shoulders in this monthly guerrilla in the guerrilla question programs rooms in the guerrilla I morning and the monkeys are worried as there is little in your life that you indulge in the Holy Spirit vision is is is is was your Islamic and Jesus says he has little monkeys become a grimace is really certain what Jesus is an edge of the children to watch some traditionalists think about please enter the I thought process all I is warning in the light of the second coming of Christ is really fascinating when I will be watchful it is used repeatedly to describe people just before the second coming of Christ versus lifetime five percent serious person talking about the second coming of Christ versus person do for yourself over there towards the causes of these in the night for when they say is same as destruction not worth your same reasons they designer enables like this is normal first floor but you brethren are not in darkness so that they should not really humans of the first since their OS obsolete as authors S watch what is needed he wants to watch it means to be human it means to be armed are it needs to be spiritually alert it seems like nothing is our ally the reality is one day Jesus will come if Christ has hung over the last hundred and sixty years is not reflect the number of remote coming of Christ in New York wasn't doing what you say is the essence of the last two thousand years we are not further from his coming although secular blasphemy is that I have blessed is the woman happy is the man is a woman to focus is on the reality of the second coming of Jesus and his humans in their life for great beatitude Revelation nineteen verse nine Revelation nineteen verse nine four to move in a life on this third focus on the fixation that God is revelation him first design here is what I see that he said to me my blessed are those who are all married so I have read and those will the marriage supper of the Lamb why I have been fired as well as I is in litigation and see what you had a fine invitation invitation the Mavericks are alas what is this the attitude happy is the person is the person actually is a person who never loses sight of Athanasius blasted our will and will and will do what the marriage supper of America suffer of the lien and immunization and you and you and I and his invitation to do anything you go to that invitation will tell my wife and I invitation to a royal banquet with the thing is brought I don't want to think everything is loses on a uneducated negative jungles and Harvard University yes seven palaces in her US forty one forty one million songs below Israel five hundred tribal Chiefs he is an incredible band shifts around the world goes to Saudi Arabia with the Kingsley as the princes here's how we got the invitation I was seeking in South Africa in this University emphasizing that around the are all desire is lighting and everyone vaguely recall an acquaintance that I was so disappointed because it is him him him Monday as I was on you knees that night now how is this the one saying this television here as ten years before the Queen 's Drive was the process is the choirs would come in and sing in the past and where is the past and will say a little piece of candy must the healthy Indiana fan is on the process is the way these and if I don't know they were very kindly very loving somewhere years later she grew up anything is whose ashes were married the princes of the listing in the social interviews was an error as highbrow on making some real health challenges and you shall does lose five hundred varieties the Penguins I remember the little girl the issues become a name so I always pray and we as a outfit is you don't know what kind is your reason is plan SC 's hat is really a wonderful place is in relation so became call the best pastor he began writing in the past pray for a week and things began to change he was living in us thinking that we now pretend that her and became someone who saves the environment is so they did they say to me is that you see there are a number of weeks whether the environment is even less was who was sitting there on side is sitting there thinking my humor design things that will maximizes our desire is dated anyone injured how would you feel if you pay a wellness goals of an endless president Obama and Michelle Obama and representatives of hunger and eating into this little church and said no we can study we want to hear more than any of his tribe can fulfill at the church is not a prophecy of Isaiah is your I can dissect some amazing things in the future so the king and queen came in that little church cheating so he and her sons as he rose she kept coming up and shows you that 's office so that is as it was his sister and is but one of the sons express what you waiting for a baptismal gift and you get vertical channel dish that's what you pass in then they invited us to call the decision of hassle we came to the palace press of course is there radio television you have all of the the tables were set up and use love to attend we firstly the Palestinian protocol what do you do when you need to be the area of the flowers of the peoples and sustainability goals that is not prepared about so I trust us to do is be to her current gas in the joys of life is so like the disappointments of life is in his eye him patient to die in Asian America the land this life is not worth getting it useful for Jesus that is in Revelation chapter ninety blessed are those happy are those for call you are call my invitation to the marriage supper of the land the act see Revelation twenty six revelation fourteen verse six is the attitude blessed are those blessed and holy happy and contented if you knows L is the first resurrection such the second death has no power they shall be priests of God and of Christ and Ray Whitney of a thousand years in a life of all income over the selling that resurrection is coming beyond what is somewhat guilty that I say he's a little time today and tomorrow on the sorrows and joys the trials to the victory beyond the life will be on the graves of the resurrection don't get bogged down with what's around you to talk down to all of these utterances of this life but in a life where your focus on one thing that matters in the coming of Jesus being in Arizona why have you thought this first resurrection means who cling to the hope of Jesus Christ time in every aspect of your life for example does the story of the German prisons have your sister Betsy was certainly in my car he is not around you are enjoying your forms him as he is black sock over German artillery is totally crap this is an ammonia as he is maybe liberated winners and actually SEI just seeing what is going on Betsy Corrie 's sister had this old brain Bessie took and she said I slept with that's what readers I held it to my breasts the snow but that's was honestly and cortisone I just wouldn't let my sister 's letter to the slider was the reminder of the sister that I will that sweater was something I just clung to what this description essay blessed is he was hard in the first resurrection including the resurrection hope by courier London as such let resurrection I hope for you to remind your homework Christ is going to become an sick beatitude but Revelation twenty two tickets for a fanaticism of the French the first yes it says little light on origin devotion he is the Lord God the second VIP says live a life of on selfish service your work will follow you the third Beatitudes is little I undersigned PC-cillin still and anything short around for the added as a life on this focus refinancing scenario supper the Lamb to see if the user is little life on convert say clean the glory of Christ is like I began attitudes of leaving any given time six the attitude Revelation chapter twenty two the book is written for God in time people they flew for us lastly people revelations are going to be low their relationship is going to three percent Revelation twenty two percent you will come in quickly blesses that is happy to satisfy his needs the words across the additional what is the sanctity to do happiness comes from knowing God 's will is doing us with there is no greater happiness no greater joy your young person here today will use your life doing honestly think you will find happiness in your life will eventually lead is somebody here today while his guests or visitors you are struggling you are strongly interesting how many see her book is on the consequences of your decision to focus on the rightness of your busy ratifying their beautiful as consequences of your decision what happens and see if I make this decision went last Sunday while there was my job I is a you focus on the consequences is the most likely in a wrong in every decision as for her years the central question is not one of the consequences is the central question is what is the decision is the decision to win and this is what Revelation twenty two percent is not him you will have to joy to his personal beliefs over the life of prophecy all this will will is using guile he was seventy one hundred and eighty nine hundred solves three taxes on one ninety here is a blessing this is a lesson that is that designers did you guys do someone I am seeing verse thirty two Psalm one nineteen verse thirty two passages sure as we go to Stein where God and what God words seemed to our hearts and our souls on one nineteen verse thirty two looking there instead I will usually manage the initial RFI are as bad as I is the time you pressed me to do something to me about that I will insulate your fanaticism you are whether he was a disaster or failure there are one of our Seo I want large piece to our satisfaction and happiness blasts as is the one that does you use the dry season this will place it is a man who dwells in man will do what I run it that way conversely said you're Israel's Lisa and I will delight myself in your fantasies I love here is the decision that you made in your life is all thousand here is the one problem that he saw his all every Christian life your problem is I will totally committed to God then I don't have to argue is one thousand tested companies I have indicated all you will want to know him on what to say how are you doing this will delight myself you know what bad thing at all so I will these organizations will note that the present is what exterior is one forty seven Psalm one nineteen one twenty seven and someone he is there for your banners ornamental against Feingold is he you you you churches you know that it is virus and challenges and you see some question the consequences of my afternoon it was the guy so he has to and will ensure of as later as I is a set test now of following the arrival of who I you are hot in ways that you understand the attitude here is the book of Revelation comes to land Revelation twenty verse fourteen Revelation twenty two verse fourteen Blessed are those happy are those that do his commandments that there is life and entered the gates of the city our faith is revealed by our works we can be saved by works but we lost like that you just threw all the works of the world so you don't think that works to be lost in the cash for the art show a genuine faith is revealed by our works how the okay as one person said my face is so good it works him personally it will be sure five hour works our bid is in Christ is worth in our works so I am in my home with her works there is no genuine and is in and see us and spontaneously reporting for England where revelations one you're looking there Revelation twenty at first thirteen verses are you reserving relations one person the sea gave up in January and easily ridden awkward that they were judged each one according to their will what works is possible for you windy today is called is this guy is calling whom God is calling me any falling yesterday this is going this is a war is part of synopsis blessed happy are those who do not engage as I say blessed are those like they are infested with those little indications of their life some day than say what you will wish they could make changes in their life is blessed and happy are those who enjoy some good where does this one of those attitudes of the love of his book speaking to the business births less than happy to does the man or woman who stops washing around the lives of the gospel and speak with her there is no greater happiness there is an is less him at the man or woman who is a life of unselfish service not focus on his face is blessed and happy is the man or woman who lives a life of understood regions there why the city is little but has destroyed all of your spiritual life and losers blessed happy content is the man to woman who never will guess that everyone is a little life on the Stern focus blessed or happy is the man or woman is I encumbered by things of the earth is faith grasping reality Christ will come in with a less happy man or woman who takes on dividing surrender of their heart to Jesus and wants to please and all of us is happy as he does not beautifully wish you were a whole tumor desire to but she loses the different products to serve Christ will return I want to be an antigen majority that woman is one young person dishwasher Jesus let me have the attitudes of the book of Revelation since then my adolescent either I suppose I is there to criticize that consecrated us as we make a decision to live a life can follow those attitudes were missing a song will Saul was a great moment in Jesus six hundred and a media with God audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about hothouse the more so than please visit www. audio person or


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