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The Blessing of Uncertainty

Mark Finley


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • April 6, 2013
    11:00 AM
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you guys were in the father we thank you so much for the privilege for the opportunity of coming to worship today and made his experience truly draws closer to you may truly be a worship experience we pray in Christ's name amen Daniel Gilbert is a psychology professor at Harvard University and recently Professor Gilbert took a look at a Gallup poll that said this Americans are less happier they are more sad than they were twelve months ago saying in facts according to this Gallup poll they're getting less sleep depression is on the rise in the sale of antidepressant drugs is off the charts in United States antidepressants are the number one selling drugs in America today so Professor Gilbert pointed out that the video problem is not our finish in it I was not the financial situation Americans really uncertain he said never before in American history have people been so uncertain that they don't know what's going to happen in the future and they're wondering will I have a job next week how can I pay my mortgage with my health failed me once say the future and so people are concerned but the big thing that is driving their anxiety the big thing is driving their depression the big thing that is driving this angst this unhappiness is this incredible uncertainty will stocks rise or fall will my retirement be secure some people are very uncertain and Professor Gilbert looked at a Dutch study and the Dutch study is incredibly fascinating study there were two groups of twenty people each each of these groups of people twenty agreed to this Shelby Shaw and then measure of their site how psychological anxiety would be determined based on their shocks each group of people would receive twenty shops the first report told your twenty shots are going to be very very intense when we shock you it's ready in case the next group of people twenty people were you're going to get twenty shocks seventeen of them are going to be very very model your heart you'll bus three will be very intense so here's my question to you they didn't tell the second group when the three in ten shots would go which will select more which group had greater anxiety which drew worried more which drew almost had a heart attack much more rapidly than attributing the second rewrite why the first group do that they were going to get twenty shots the second group had no clue when those three shocks were going to tell the grandkids so they were constantly shaking constantly anxiety filled with anxiety in the last hours of Earth 's history you and I are going to have to learn to thrive in on certain times there is some people in life they want everything predictable you know people like that and they want everything predictable they like the same to do the same thing over and over and over again change is really troublesome we are approaching a time where there will be rapid financial changes in our world the economy is uncertain were approached hi where there will be when the weather changes in our world have you noticed the global warming effects in the weather changes it's amazing when you take a look at radical perspective were facing the climactic hours versus three were change of the rapid how can you be certain in uncertain times is there a blessing in uncertainty how can you be stable in unstable times when everything around you we shaking when everything around you is insecure when everything around you is unpredictable when you look to the future and I'm certain that aren't certain what's going to happen how do you develop certainty and security in uncertain times but I could take your Bibles and turn to Isaiah the sixth chapter because Isaiah lived at a time of uncertainty now while you're according to Isaiah chapter six in locating it I want to share with your reference in the nighttime of the testimonies page eleven the days in which we live are solemn and important the spirit of God is being gradually withdrawn from the earth legs and judgments are already falling on the despisers of God 's grace the calamities by land and sea we see some calamities by Lindsay could you see a few of those the calamities violin singing the unsettled state of society is that what Doctor Gabriel this is that what Doctor Daniel Gilbert was talking about the unsettled state of society uncertainty it's almost as if this reference work written yesterday the unsettled state of society the alarms of war are portentous North Korean him clear what this you are on the Iraq Syria the portentous of war the war alarms and more pretentious they forecast approaching easy answer the greatest magnitude the agencies of evil are combining their forces do you notice the agencies any of you can hardly turn on the television today and the CIA had when seeing some school shooting some public officials sitting in their home murdered when you look out over our society is a great deal of uncertainty today the agencies of people are consolidating their forces they are slain thinning from Alaska now notice the sentence great shiny shoes are soon to take place in our world great what a great website that toys and exchanges in the final movements will be rapid once so if we newly is the coming of Jesus we will need to live to learn we would need to learn to live in the greatest time of uncertainty in the history of this world a time when change of the rapid now how can we live in that time of uncertainty were turning back to Isaiah chapter six I invite you to take your Bible and turn to Isaiah six and were looking at Isaiah six and verse one notice in the year seen outside and I I saw the Lord Isaiah says sitting on the road high and lifted up in the train of his Road to the Temple that were trained another way we could translate out of the glory 's glory filled the temple now notice Isaiah begins in the year seating assignment I guess I became king when he was sixteen years old he ruled for fifty two years CSI was a teasing game he was probably Israel's greatest king author then maybe David certainly David and Solomon but also I have moved the fifty two years under Isaiah 's rule Israel entered into prosperity injured into preeminence entered into new prominence under Isaiah 's rule commerce revised reaches flow into Israel cities were revealed previously been a destroyed the cities were fortified Israel is prosperous but Israel began to lose its spiritual power the worship services became cold and formal people were spiritually apathetic and death they were complacent and the priests were greediest confined in them they were guilty and they were combined it with that green was combined with his desire to make more money and so when you look at the spiritual situation of Israel in the days Messiah and the spiritual situation was one of the curated spiritual condition when you look at what was taking place in the nation the nation was flourishing the nation was prospering by spirituality was the heart of that spirituality was being eaten away when açai came to the end of his life he entered recently into the Temple to offer sacrifice the priests attempted to stop him because no seeing was to offer sacrifice in that Temple simply brings a desire reasonably and boldly pushed his way in and as he came in the currents and judgments of God came upon another person after sixty two years of writing him ever saying anything surely God one of the lessons that speaks to us in the life of his eye is this no matter how long somebody has been faithful to God that does not guarantee their faithfulness in the future no matter how long somebody has been loyal to God that does not guarantee their loyalty in the future no matter how they love somebody is inconvenient to God simply look back and say I been a Christian for four years that's an automatic pass to have irrespective of what the choices I make today as if those forty years can accrue some kind of spiritual merit of Zionism speaks to us as I dies when he's sixty eight years old after a brazen act of rebellion walking into the Temple now one is that this passage is so significant inverse one in the here team does not have died I saw the Lord sitting on the throne what is so old significant about that particular passage why does Isaiah say in the evening Uzziah died while the political conditions in Isaiah 's day and then how does this prophecy in Isaiah six compared to the book of Revelation were going to look at Isaiah six in the light of revelation and you will see some amazing paragraphs below we get a little background and Assyrian king when the most powerful by the name of tingle alas for the third began to move slowly against Israel and the surrounding nations PC seven forty five single glass of the third taxes Babylon and it falls seven forty four BC he's attacking a serial him for a friend seven forty two he is losing on June the eighty Israel is so the people of God Solon single glass of the third approaching face the nation after nation city after city fallen but for three years there was one man stood against the Alaska community assign sell assign a fourth ICC aside book supplies is armed forces as I flipped his resources into these our fourth something class is being held back on the northern border but there is a sign of God 's will Israel is easier will is really shaky quality is realized for invalid because there is uncertain the future is uncertain with single elastic and coming down with the attack Israel really affect you to completely destroy the cities and so here it is oozing writable crisis that prosperity was in the hands of desire their military might was enhanced design but in so now you have used from this anxiety so Isaiah at this time of national crisis we cleaned our an enemy forces on their borders Isaiah enters into the temple of God Isaiah comes before God 's throne in the eyes of Isaiah are listed from earth to heaven the earthly throne maybe in the heavenly throne is not seen as I may have time that the CMC steel ratings they seem to of God on earth is in good hands because the whole world is him there are signs of certainty we can be certain of this one day God is still in control when uncertainty grips our lives when instead they would say is all around us when the economy is about ready to go bus when the weather patterns are bizarre when political situations are tenuous there is one thing that started is still upon his throne neither five pointers Isaiah chapters six to the revelation I want to see Isaac after six notice in verse one in the year that King is iodine I saw the Lord sitting upon a throne first point there is the concept of the throne in the New Testament unable to digest and are there probably aren't twenty seven books in the essence in twenty six of those books the throne of God is mentioned seventeen seventeen times in twenty six books in the book of Revelation the throne of God is mentioned in one book thirty seven so when you study the book of Revelation you're constantly directed to the throne room of the universe so when you read about the throne that's a pointer to the book of Revelation that discusses that this world more than any other time in the New Testament nonvoters and in the year the thing is I thought I saw the Lord sitting on his throne high and lifted up in the train his glory field is simple the book of Revelation is all about the Temple shone in the book of Revelation has a feature of a happily ever John sees events taking place under the beast rises up out of the earth and of the beast rises out of the city and is a union of church and state but John's eyes are focused not on the dramatic times on earth did you know that in the book of Revelation the front him far more than this and because God is more interested in what is happening up there many is what is happening down here because what's happening down here can only take place if God up there allows it is not ready for dad so you know this is similar to get a pointer to the revelation did you notice first do about it sincerity of each one having six wings to cover his face and he covered and he covered his feet in width to include none of the six links are heavenly beings pointed revelation Austrian I shortly verse three pointer one cry with her instead holy holy holy again appointed revelation that holy holy holy release revelation and notice also there is a woe is me I'm on John Van John in Revelation says I'm unclean and then of course you have this great appeal who shall I send shelled over us send me this commissioning to send it God is in the book of Revelation ascending so the Isaiah was of the parallels in Isaiah there is a national crisis the King dies the enemy forces are approaching to destroy in the book of Revelation there is a crisis the area is no political solution honor God directs John to the Temple so he can see the activity of God notice the relationship before Revelation chapter four is a striking parallel to Isaiah chapter six Revelation chapter four is a striking parallel to Isaiah chapter six we looking at revelation chapter four verse one and these things I looked and behold a door standing open in heaven and the first voice I heard was like a trumpet speaking with me saying about it here and I'll show you things that must take place after this in Isaiah to get a door standing open and wish your day in Isaiah it was Isaiah directed to the sanctuary of the while this verse to it immediately I was in the sphere and evil from Satan had did Isaiah see if you have the Chelsea is running at certainly there now notice as you let your eyes go down in the passage first six seven and eight before the throne was a sea of glass like Crystal needs to the throne and around the throne were four living creatures Levine the front that the first living creature is like a lion alliance only authority Jesus is the lion of the tribe of Judah second living creature like a cat Jesus the cat is a bird and beast of burden so Jesus bears are over the third living creature in the face of the man the divine Christ the lion of tribe of Judah would Derek Burns became a human being the fourth butterfly needle Christ leaving thy divine humanity the thing is that unlike the ego the four living creatures each of the six lanes were full of eyes round with you they did not rest day or night the ability of four living creatures with six lanes in Ezekiel 's vision of living creatures only for CNS just a thought that was a and so here you have the again the Saracens and in Isaiah what do they say holy holy holy in revelation what do they say holy holy holy Lord God Almighty now notice what God is doing Isaiah is pointing us to the revelation of why because when you look at Revelation conflict honor when you look at Revelation UN economic uncertainty when you look at revelation of political uncertainty when you look at Revelation you have instability and all-around and God is saying Shaw 's life I was with Isaiah just like I was on my throne then just like the holiness of God guided the destinies of the players from the nations of this world so God is still on his throne we get on him because God is on his throne in the use of the uncertainty of Ishihara God is ever caught by surprise when you say you sever but I surprised in the uncertainty of your life are you going through economic uncertainty are you going through uncertainty with your health are you going through uncertainty in some relationship i.e. going through uncertainty on some job in spite of the uncertainty of our lives Jesus Steele reigns upon his throne in spite of the uncertainty of our lives Jesus is still certain we may be out of control at times and there may be things that happen in our lives are totally out of control Isaiah dies the earthly scenes Jim is without a ruler tingle up the last certain foods is uncertain of his are Israel's control but not still in control when things are out of control in your life God is still in control you know that I spent much of my life working in Eastern Europe in fact I see my friend don't negotiate here I think one of the first fix our ladies for your computer was with you in about nineteen eighty two we were together your memory East Germany UNI and the bill should add that after also lead that we have a wonderful time together we were doing a seminar on the book of Daniel and it was the largest Bible conference at that time in the Eastern Bloc countries there were pastors from Romania in East Germany and Bulgaria in the former Soviet Union the Soviet Union at the time him or three days at just this last week I was doing a TV special and chatted on hour-long session and I get my gun when idea friends over the years or twenty years is then asked to meet him Google who used I now have the privilege of preaching his funeral sermon by sense of time with his granddaughter this last week we were rehearsing some of the experiences that her grandfather went through during the days of communism one of those experiences is quite remarkable half circle across the was also a set there is an heat was imprisoned for his faith for five years past the cool later was imprisoned for his faith the reason ethical father was imprisoned as they is about midnight and morning he baptized seven young people one of these young people was the size of the communist government seventeen -year-old spy once past the Koolhaas secretly baptizing young people and not the outside Moscow the sly wink to the government instead he who worse me and testify against him in court that that will proselytize the end and eventually ethical costs far was sent to Siberian prison testicle called eventually was arrested as well select one time ethical costs father was in prison he was in prison his brother was in prison and his father would try to provide the stuff 's fourth PepsiCo wanted a vital he told me he wanted desperately and his mother tried to smuggle a Bible into the prison at that time the D use of the prisoners could give them food and machines second they had little cooking that will place the principal fire to cook on the flour eggs they may a few things so she took some software validation on the top of this parcel and the GF flour in this passage I found out after flour is a smaller I was getting the plastic bag was older by when the sensor got it they were going through these parcels and when the is the sensor told the parcel out so I was a Bible and he took it in his hands and he through the Bible that it was so angry that they are outside the Bible UNICEF and its line of the Bible crafts there was an old Bible and the wind was blowing a everywhere and so the censored out of darkness in this communist mind review running after thinking about while he was taking them up pastor cool plus got one page in stock it is not anything anymore I read that page reviews dead to you now what would your question and if he tells you what it is what pays for our review and it was even completed page was a scrapbook page figure five hundred Romans eight and faster flow sensors sustained me this sustained in this this sustained me through the entire time I was in prison is reenrollment is a verse thirteen one thirty seven older and older and over and over again Romans eight thirty one thirty seven him shall we say to these things if God is for us to be against us and ethical as I have read that if God is for us who can be against us I is far to the person but not as far a he sits on his throne is sovereign he can sustain the in my darkest night verse thirty two you did not spare his own son but delivered him up for us all how shall he not with him freely give us all things who shall bring a charge against God 's elect I am charged by Manson in this present is God justifies was even then is Christ in God furthermore this reason was even at the right hand of God makes intercession for us Festival of Boston I might be in a dark dungeon ID separated from family and friends but Jesus is on his throne he is an example he is making intercession for me these strengthening and he's fighting the pain is there for me that he read these of these next verses brought tears to his eyes in that prison shall separate a symbol of Christ shall tribulation or distress or persecution or famine or nakedness or peril or sword as it is written for your sake were killed on able workout regime for the slaughter yet in all things in the uncertain times of life in the unstable times of life the economy video certain our help maybe I serve the political future of America maybe uncertain in all these things will be uncertainty we are more than a conqueror service him that loved us because Jesus 's layer on his throne him us me the revelation that will let you know more as I read that passage in Romans I just kept saying to myself even Christ we are more than doctors in Christ we are for their conquerors the book of Revelation presents a people in the last phase of verse 's church and state will you not they'll be an economic boycott they'll eventually be a death the great God 's people will be off the rest they will be persecuted but they will not be on their road God is there anything strengthening giving them hope getting an security in fact the book of Revelation Revelation chapters seventeen and I'm reminded of that amazing story told by Pastor Vernon grounds details about the time that he was a seminary student at the survey students in a particular senator in your drink Revelation seventeen Center students didn't have a gymnasium so they go public school to play basketball is sit around and talk about theology debate theology after they shot baskets one day pastor very round and saw today noted that there was an old old old janitor sitting on the Chicago local and associated with sitting it is reasonable and so these young theologians all over talk of little busy and there is little regulation make a book of Revelation when you try to understand all those symbols do you grow up what you mean about your method I understand well on grass everything is and will you the revelation illness I know one thing Jesus is not a win Nassau Uganda Jesus is the way is figured by revelations that I think Jack we go revelation chapter seventeen verse fourteen the Islamic war with the lamb and the Lamb will overcome them for he is Lord of lords and one he seems and those that are with him are called chosen and faithful to Christ who sits upon his throne that Jesus is ultimately going to win the Lamb will overcome you and I are on the winning side if you look at about ready to approach a lamb who doesn't appear will win the Dragon land the track but in this was the way Jesus the Lamb now go back to Isaiah keep your finger revelation is where they are readily taking the back Isaiah chapter six Isaiah sees Jesus on his throne Isaiah knows he's on the winning side he sees beings around the probe singing holy holy old first three and Isaiah says that these things the same holy holy holy the whole earth is full of his glory in the final analysis Revelation Chapter eighteen verse one Revelation eighteen verse one church and state we unite the God who is on his throne will pour out his Spirit might solely upon busier the message of Jesus will go forth to the ends of the earth and look at Revelation eighteen one exact parallel of Isaiah chapters six and firstly him these things I saw an angel coming down from heaven having great authority or power in the earth was illuminated with Islam are in is uncertainty at lesson because in times of uncertainty we look to God 's throne we receive the anointing of the Holy Spirit from the throne of God please send us that God was on his throne will pour out his Spirit on unwary human beings and how are also to share his last they message with the ends of the earth and once again the earth will be filled with the glory of God we are on the winning side cause word is going to go forth powerfully at a time to be in every nation kindred and people we'll have an opportunity of reasonable opportunity to know God 's love to understand God 's will and respond to his message in the life of God is on his throne in the light of the Lord was filling the tempo back Isaiah chapter six Isaiah chapter six verse live Isaiah sees the glory of God I see you see a secure your God Isaiah sees the righteousness of God what Isaiah say verse five then I said what was the rhyme undone because I'm a man of unclean lips and I dwell in the measly people of unclean lips for my eyes have seen the King the Lord of hosts when we entered into the very presence of God and deal before him and sends that God is on his throne we sense the holiness of God we say God I'm unworthy I'm unworthy I'm unrighteous seeing his righteousness we recognize our market seeing his purity we recognize our own holiness our impurity seeing his holiness we are unable to see his goodness we recognize our fill this is called repentance we see his greatest thing in the life of the glory of God and sanctuary the more we see our own needs the more we see our own humanness the more we see our own I only see around reading our own loss are wrong and patients in our own selfishness and kneeling before God in the light of heaven sanctuary something amazing happens in reverse six then one of the seraphim flew to me having in his hand a live coal which he had taken from the talk to him and he touched my mouth with it and said behold this has touched your lips of two things happen uniquely is taken away in your sin purged now notice a live coal from the Walter how many altars were there in the sanctuary on the two there was the altar in the court upon which the sanctions that the sacrifice was offered was this the altar in the court not to be the ultimate core because has sanctuary has a temple with two apartments only place in the most holy geez us with sacrifice on the cross of this world in the court of this world on battle so this must be the altar of incense drying a live coal was taking from the altar of incense what you know about the altar of incense the sacrifices that were sacrificed in the court blood was brought into the altar of incense and placed on the horns of that altar in Springville before the veil between the holy place emotionally so this is one of when you think of the coal you think of two symbols you think of providing anything I him five when I say this touch he is forgiven by the redemptive power of Jesus Christ who God is wrong the blood runs but the year from the altar represents the Holy Spirit purifying power the Holy Spirit transforms his life the remember that old song that goes like this lot of ages what plan for me let me do what I myself in the left of water and the blood begin to see and do what you want your will to host your why don't you save me from his wrath and make meteor the wrath of God 's judgment upon sin how we save from God 's wrath come into the cross the righteousness of Christ covers us it covers our sinfulness there is no condemnation for those the rewriting but Jesus wants to do more than cover our sin doesn't we come to Christ just as we are but through his Holy Spirit our lives are transformed so the whole coming from the altar is a bloody cool design five it represents the job will claim using the price wants to do with your life and mind to follow me closely Isaiah a time of uncertainty God is upon us through Isaiah looks to the throne of God he sees a prophecy of God 's glory filling the earth he is led to his knees on his knees he repairs and in the light of God 's holiness he repents of his pride he repents of his earthly miss the repentance of his desire for materialism he repents of his human yes this is the sinfulness of his nature it is before God and you can only see yourself if you see God is as he is repenting of who he is as he's asking God to cleanse his heart inclines his life an angel calls and reveals to him the double work on what to do in his life the angel says Isaiah you are forgiven for the grace of Christ but I wanted to a much stronger work in your life and your forgiveness I want to transform your life I want to purify your heart I wanted you over again in that context Isaiah is a changed man and stand in the light of that changed on tasks Isaiah a question and here is the question that God asks Isaiah because when we see God in the Temple of the Indo he is on the throne when the glory of God feels our life and we see our uncleanness when the righteousness of Christ forgives us and when the blood of Christ pardons us when the power of Christ changes us Christ harms us any changes Oscar 's notice Isaiah chapter six I believe that they are in Isaiah six and no disbursing also I heard the voice of the Lord say Lucia I said it will go for us says Isaiah Celia Isaiah seen my glory I say you have been Clinton's my high blood I say you'd been changed by my power I say this is too good to give yourself time to show Isaiah Isaiah who will go for us is as is feared St. Jean him I send Darren and I let the church doing I is here and I stated what the story everyone who sees Jesus on the throne for every one who sees the glory of God in the Temple for every one that is redeemed by the Grace of Christ for every one cohesive changed by the power of Christ there is a nation there is a mission you may say God what is my mission got finished doing this that your joy be doing for the community will praise God hallelujah who's the church you may tell you started your choice father got Alzheimer's disease she was right I did everything she could for his part continue to solicit after a while I can remember his grandchildren 's names and he couldn't remember his own children's names she could no longer care for him he requires twenty four hour and a air constantly he was totally ridiculous he never knew he was interviewing she knew a very calm father by the ravages of Alzheimer's caused them to be very angry and his brain was functioning properly satiated and 24-hour day care and she was really devastated about it didn't want to do it but finally putting the facility and when she went to visit him things didn't go well although he adjusted the selling well things in the he is very angry and very bitter and not because of the facility but because he is losing his mind and he said he would argue with Erin I was she personally it was a very great emotional toll upon her in one day should come to church and seven morning and as she was talking to his friend she said you know I so angry I really really angry when my father he is in this facility is run out I just lost his mind totally is angry at God about that and talking as they talked for a while she expressed her frustration and her friend says were no it would be great if the church has such as what room for people families are going through what you're going through it happy Alzheimer's and just look at what is really easy to everyone to recognize it will join one of you say you should hone in she said you want there are other people in Jerusalem through something like this let me maybe God is putting a finger on my life she services for retrieval it was over five years now and it is an amazing support why because one woman said God your life is in the Philippines while the platform one night of the Philippine international conditions that LA couple 76ers the successful market that is the first tomorrow we don't baptize we got forty eight baptized twenty four death row at the prison with the net asset how long you were imprisoned in the spring as we started we reference we were prisoners before you use this evening we started receiving church one day Fraser talk about secure licensing we battle was a lot whipped cream is pretty complacent adolescent health insurance hey I try to be faithful to God and try to live principles of Helms without not doing anything when I'm doing even when no ministry no involvement we just come and go that's all add down as well that's got to show me as amended I said okay working out for us as a human they are going after we present you with fifteen to twenty minute with sixty in the first two years they baptized about twenty people in prison then they went to the prison warden they built and finished church inside the prison the pictures were four hundred members in prison in a period of about one euros they started in forty years with one thousand prisoners after I got here was a late fee and no special talents no specialties no structure will they were sitting in the pew but I heard the call of God here and I send you and me is God speaking it was a middle-aged man who is he will motorcycle in one day the Holy Spirit resting what are you doing for other people in Iran with he began a small prayer group and Bible study group with his motorcycle to those adopted in Orlando Florida love and some would say these are running in a exercise ministry every Sunday morning as forty or fifty people bringing their friends where they get her run bicycle walk the him us on Sunday morning loss because of the call of God is our here and I say their people sitting in you yes God wants us wear this shirt in the powerful difference in four things about Isaiah six in times of uncertainty God is on his knees and what my surprise section one Hughes Lori is going to feel the earth when I run the winning side thirdly in the light of God 's glory God gives us to go over until the first of repentance precincts the outpouring was I justified by his grace inside a newsletter covers and his spirit transformed God wants to do something new you have been and was gotten saying you to revise what is God saying to you you say who shall go who shall your response your enjoyment my friend very dangerous for visiting prayer warriors if you are leading me into some sort in a press upon my heart what that ministry is as more are you reading me some you sir are no sin they also have immunoassay and prayer ministry it may well not as making quilts for the proliferative forefather relatedness to get out of the hospitals are to get out when children see his flashy spectacular ministry so there is some advice of service some have a ministry that God is limited to what is the church the church is the body of Christ we need everywhere Jesus went and never involve doing something that you and need within your heart when you say more in times of uncertainty help me to see Jesus obviously in times of uncertainty and instability of the confidence and you save your heart more how do you know the inside sometimes luxuriant scenes along the road seems Roth you know what we saw more I was seeing myself as I he claims inside so that you can use the power and closing and more deep within my heart I wanted a message of Christ who shot Sandler autoresponder Watson 's desires are you want to ask God to impress upon you some ministry you can do this community or in your local church abuse router enables the island is a folder that was hard to get out I read through letter writing ministry has telephone ministry on you I love computers gather around the computer viruses is so much once we get our minds to God and asked him what he wants us to do he will impress us as we cannot actually micromanage old father we says that in a time of uncertainty you ran on in a time of uncertainty working at King 's work will we sense as well that you have a special call for us deep within our hearts we want to say here soon oh five impress upon a solution wants to do it help us fill from this place listening to your skills on so far as apparatus is a a this media with broad audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain that the www. audio .org


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