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Insane or Infidel: When Hellfire Doesn't Go Out

Anil Kanda


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference




  • June 20, 2013
    3:30 PM
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good afternoon doesn't come back around to read that they get okay we should probably get started because I know that with a stick with a time schedule so we start with the water prayer and just before we don't have just one written recommending your Bible if you need a biologist in the bowels in the back because I was sure some powerful verses with you when it comes to this teaching of how understanding the justice of God because there's actually a lot of Adventist were missing he means about the justice of God and about hellfire so I'll start with the water prayer slips that power had limits ask God to bless us with the Holy Spirit father had really just thank you so much for this time Lord we want to come to humbly avoid asking for wisdom and the power of the Holy Spirit we pray that you would equip our hearts and our minds at the information we learn would be useful in reaching other people God we need the bottom right now in this world so we pray that you would show us how best to heal hurting lines this is a prayer in Jesus name amen all right well if you missed last on last summer 's presentation just a quick recap what we did as we cover the sound of atheism and we learn find different places where analyte faith the sound is connected to atheism have the Senate been kept as it should there would never have been atheists and we discovered it was during the early church they removed the Sabbath on top of all the quotation and it led to science and being repressed the study of the organism the study of nature the study of creationism and even in the Catholic theological schools we learned that there was a focus on the mind and no longer on the body we also talked about on many of those quotations that were showing through the repression of medical science during that time eventually culminating with the black plague close to two hundred million people died without one it would bring simple rudimentary procedures that would've saved millions from dying we also discovered them shortly after that's when the French Revolution took place whereas you had in the dark ages a religion that was focused on not having any scientific pendulum swung you now have a science that one to nothing with religion like a wife is great controversy where potpourri began to work atheism was completing it and so that's where we get our modern atheistic movement of the name of this seminar is called insane infidels when hellfire doesn't go out one for me it's very interesting when I wasn't she going over these presentations and drink one night before and then there's two more I found a second scene coming emerging and it was about health anything up yet we might even expect that but I wasn't planning on just focusing on help I just found a kind of emerging the last presentation I talked about the importance of the help message this presentation would be talking about just the healing of the mind and the next presentations also than beginning with help as well in the midst of all the doctrines and teachings of this presentation called insane infidel when hellfire doesn't go out when you see a mother and her child walking he seemed very beautiful relationship you know the Bible talks about it a relationship but about a mother and a child being so strong that God says that he said he said if the mother is that it is possible even for mothers like so unlikely to even forsake her child but I will never forsake you but you see God stressing the idea of just important from a mother child relationship every one of us is bonded to a mother of some kind but your something very interesting there was a story that broke earlier this year and is a story about that lady by the name of Andrea P case some units may know who she is I believe this took place in February she had a nervous breakdown of a mental breakdown where because of the things that were just swirling around in her mind she ended up drowning five of her children that is that lady right there and she has reportedly was in February and that is fine her children were killed by her because of the something because some things that were taken place in her mind what if one of the report that was released by Chronicle news and repudiates told the jail psychiatrist the day after her arrest that she drowned her five children to save them from eternal hell the doctor testified Friday my children were not right just I let them stumble they were dealing to Paris in the fires of hell digital Doctor Melissa Ferguson the medical director of psychiatric services at the Harris County Jail Ferguson was the first witness to testify for the defense in the eighth capital murder trial and she painted a picture of a delusional woman obsessed with the images of Satan Ferguson said Gates told her during the first jail evaluation on June twenty first business when she last year that she was a bad mother he cried and moaned loudly towards the end of Ferguson 's assessment is what the seven deadly sins my children what righteous because I was evil person according to the faith the way I was raising them they can never be made better for someone else that I am no store around the neck and cast them in a river then stumble you can see just the gross misinterpretation they were going to Paris and all the patients I pay for major depression with psychotic features she is one of the sickest I've ever seen said Ferguson noting that you treated six thousand patients which it stopped counting several years ago in fact I would look at the reports of this lady she began to be so obsessed with this teaching about eternal hellfire she was so scared about what was popular going to happen in the future she said in order to save my children from reaping up to once again they are whole life even dissing the mental sickness at this moment is dealing with what's really interesting when you think of the look out while today the majority of Christianity has accepted his teachings and the reality is that you can begin to really truly understand what this false teaching about it will lead to only one of two conclusions only fair one of two conclusions in fact I like talking about this false teaching of how God supposedly bribed for all eternity for trillions and trillions and trillions and trillions eventually they are shields is very strong language against that false teaching which he says right here how repugnant to every emotion of love and mercy even to our sense of just being in the doctrine that the Whitney debt are tormented with fire and brimstone in eternally burning burning hell that for the sins of a preview currently like they are to suffer torture of one God shall live fully in the pages of God 's word is such a teaching to be found will the redeemed in heaven will will the redeemed in heaven be lost upon emotions of pity and compassion even to feelings of common humanity no well such is not the teaching of the book of God when we consider what off-color figure painting the character of God and what he says writers very powerful can we wonder about merciful God merciful Creator is feeling feared even hated customers have brought Adventists I brought Seventh-day Adventists in fact when I was coming into the Christian faith one of the problems I had was this idea that God would internally by cells who did not love him who did not know him let's will not just know the beautiful teaching of annihilation and that when God deals with sin and sinners and he plans to destroy all together so we become very comfortable but here's the thing if you Rowand when the print without other kind of walking it is so sickening to you and the thought of it made it can make you tremble consulting feelings about the character of God the chief is right here in his sole apartment and you think when you see the off-color set thinking that painted about cool body of Jesus no wonder people in the world are either skeptical of him when a haven for the fear him him back what is so remarkable when you take a good look at what she is saying there is one of two responses she says when people actually look at a week except is teaching a God destroys sinners for all of eternity she said a Pentagon either insane or being they become infidels or unbelievers or skeptics in fact with which he says right here in great controversy how utterly revolting in the belief that as soon as the book leaves the body the soul of the impenitent is consigned to the flames of hell to what that something which must must those be plied Cucina friends passage of the great unprepared to enter upon any charity of while and then I look at you says right here or just the color and the lettering many have been driven to what insanity by this harrowing thought this idea that when God deals with the wink at the end of time he plans supported them for all eternity that's trillions and trillions and trillions and trillions year online with unceasing torture and pain and it never stopped and you never get used to it this is the teaching that has been prescribed by much of Christianity as a motivation for following Jesus and she said right when people begin to really accept it no wonder that many are driven to insanity in fact when I did I went online and found several testimonies of people who actually had nervous mental breakdowns because of this teacher what I wanted to fit in from Toronto California Toronto Canada feeling when I will send in my stepmother live firing a bigger incentive if you open your hearts to Jesus and what he meant I is going to put you in a fire much bigger and hotter then after you die you will never ever let you get out of it so in my heart I pray the way she said that I had to a while later she said it's obvious that you are still not say because you are still such a bad boy at that point in time I felt totally hopeless and I was sure that God had given up on me my dad is the beanie with a bamboo cane repeatedly shouting in Jesus name in Jesus name until the welcome my legs wouldn't believe you told me that it was easy to tell an early age that I was going to go down and you may think well interesting on paper people believe this stuff sometimes admitted for salt soda can find to get all the Adventists we do not realize that the majority of Christianity actually accepts this false teaching and have to deal with those type of box containing the invented both that it which will foster home because they could no longer cope with my bad behavior my real mother had been cut died giving birth to make my Second Life I got a chilled childbirth but to kill but the child did not live either the ages then I became convinced that everyone had given up on me including later at the age of twenty eight on sixty seven now I began a twelve euro nervous breakdown over my inability to successfully emotionally cope with the idea that gauntlet any creature suffer forever this one actually had a mental nervous breakdown because she could not understand how God was a God of love could burn sinners for all of eternity impracticability of this testimony right here this is from Cindy's in Ohio I lost a nonfood father just like you're actually die to defend in August I had been important ever since John can't get any peace long story I Christopher twenty four years but my dad was always a stubborn man who just never opened up to the Knoxville he was a nice mandala but stuck in an long-term music I have to be hottest blonde hospital brand-new in my ability to speak hospitalized in April could ever since my dad died I felt like I was going to hell even though I have been searching out this universalism past fourteen years I finally went back to my Armenian something ways when dad got taken by anyone was up to me I prayed and prayed etc. nothing happened my dad died but what I could not ask that to believe in God in his last weekend I was so afraid he might say yet I say yes more than I felt it was all up to me anyways I know on and on please respond if you can this is a letter to send to somebody thank you I have had a nervous breakdown to actually two of them the first one age twenty one not hospital hospitalized and the second at thirty one years Jack Thomas propyl butyl constant threat that my loved ones were going to spend eternity in hell because they were not worn again here you can see again and again this is idea what was always saying that those who accept his teachings many of them are driven to insanity businesses in California that would like to think of teaching an eternal hell why do you have a happy childhood my father was not a believer in I was continually worried that he was going to die and go to hell forever I went to a period of depression as a kid because of this another interesting is that I made a number leader in the convoy believe that my husband was going to help because he died in unbelief it was like I was trying to find God in the way by showing him that I could fall in love with the hellion so why can God do the same receivers the psychology of this woman in DC what she's trying to mentally cope with I thought W love these outcasts and risk then to top it off I wanted a child even though I believe there was a good chance my child could grow up to become an unbeliever this cost me so much grief and event you Anita searching for answers all the questions I have I'll go to find why usability church when she is much older than me and she found out a couple years ago that our son is a homosexual she went into a deep depression to be hospitalized many times I found out that most of her depression was rooted in the fact that she believed her son was doing for internal help in the next life amazing domino 's testimony after testimony after testimony after testimony of people who had mental breakdown who went to even psychotic spells because they have a hard time doing elite on big happiness believe that God would bargain for all of eternity about what felt like that she herself by the way was almost driven to insanity when she was younger because as you begin to learn about it God 's character of love she could not rectify how God would bargain for all eternity the Bee Gees as I hear the fate of the condensate I would be lying to adore the planes of hell forever even a small dog instead long as God himself existed this impression deepened under my mind until I feared that I would lose my reason I look up all the zombies look ending because they had no thought to be punished after death many times in which a relative that I had that I had never been born in fact he says right here something very interesting I've since thought that many inmates of the lunatic of violence were brought there by experiences similar to my own their tender consciences haven't been stricken with the sense of sin and their troubling thing they are not cleaned up on this part of deb listened to the descriptions of the Orthodox hell until it's been intelligent that seems to court on the very blood in their veins and burnt an impression upon the tablets of their memory waking or sleeping the frightful picture has ever been before them until reality has become lost in imagination and the seed only waving flames of a fabulous health here the shrinking on the damn reason that becoming involved in the brain is still about why wild fantasy of a terrible dream those who did you adopt an internal health would do well to look more closely after their authorities for such folk fool leaf here you can say and people over and over again she is stressing this point that those who accept us believe and teach it they are driving many people to be insane to a mental breakdown nervous disorders but then she said there is another effect on those who accept his teaching that God once and for all of eternity which is in a controversy is beyond the power of a human mind to estimate the evil which has been locked by the heresy of eternal torment the religion of the Bible full of love and goodness and abounding capacities darkened by superstition and called with their when we consider what false color Satan has painted the character got Kelly wonder that our merciful Creator is feared later or even hated the appalling views of God which had spread over the world from the teachings of the pulpit the beaches that have made thousands and millions of skeptics and infidels and what I think you're little bit earlier false Christian teaching leads to skepticism and by the way false Christian living leads to paganism but the story for another day but this is extremely important for us to understand the last seminar we begin to understand how the French Revolution and militant atheism our roles because of the false pictures that were painted during the dark ages and into the Middle Ages in fact Sam Harris he's one of the four Horsemen of of atheism are popular in when the four horsemen of atheism he says that he wrote this book called the end of faith he says this many of these people of the discipline known atheist will be going to hell because they're praying to the wrong thought just think about that okay now one two billion people in India this moment will set my hand is nothing therefore polytheists no matter how good these people are they are doomed if you are if you are praying to the monkey god Hanuman you'll be doing okay you'll be tortured in Hell for eternity so you can see just how these many JVC skeptics are simply wheezing when a minute how can God be in the Autoblog is a beast this point people all eternity just because they don't know him but will with little businessman now the Bible teaches a different picture that await you in Revelation chapter twenty two and you find out those who outside the Gates you will find that those were outside the gates are more because they violated the last six of the Commandments in the first four to the vanishing point delivered to Dawkins says Google this book all the selfish gene and study the most vociferous atheists is existing on planet Earth right now the extreme horribleness of hell as portrayed by priest and not even inflated to compensate for implausibility Intel where possible it would only have to be moderately unpleasant in order to deter given that it is still unlikely to be too has to be advertised as very very scary indeed about this implausibility and retain some deterrence value debacle with the fact that Christopher Hitchens yet she died I believe last year it was internal portrait eternal punishing for you and all your family for the small transgression I have no hesitation in saying this is a wicked belief and what I like that she said this false teaching led thousands to millions to be skeptics infidels atheists and showing up what we are looking at is what she is saying Daniel Denning he will do another book but he said that the Christian God is the God of judgment and punishment eternal punishment for unrepentant sinners and disbelievers give you read the Bible literally got the perpetrator of infinite pain in fact as one can be mind blowing right here Charles Dahlen I could hardly see how anyone on which Christianity be true for insult the plain language of the tech fiends to show that men who do not believe and this would include my father brother and almost all my best friends will be everlastingly punished and this is a damnable doctrine here you can see where many of this atheistic movement is the sort of focus on the role of science without religion really begin to be propelled because it was this false teaching that was really being pushed during the dark ages and into the middle ages in fact what is very interesting is that I was actually doing a seminar and is like talking really start on the subject it was two years ago and I got really sick one day of speech is about to become the state of the dead and help on the same weekend I got really really sick I mean I just was like containing low house in the middle of this evangelistic series select them even combined is an cool hydrotherapy and like I like to stop really good and we had a good prayer time and blind just and slowly blew away the semifinal of powerful sermon at argument on the state event and hellfire to three days later one of the people of the content other worth attending my presentations can communicate and went to my Sunday church was a big mega- church in the city and they said my pastor and she talked about how to understand Lincoln as it really legitimately she says that then we can you were talking about health GE on this really preaches somebody woke up one morning before assignment and he said that he had this incredible nightmare vision where I talked him into the fiery pits of hell and she said that it was during a sermon she said that during his sermon he begin to describe what was happening while he was in the so-called journey of going to help a family can always teaching the truth about what the Bible says about hell and she says that he was preaching about how he was going to hell and you all people being torture and they were sweet day and he was coming out of any of the sweating and he just began to understand that there is Al and Don and Barney Google all of eternity right now and we pulled his congregation I realize when I went to that weekend that we are in the middle of the great controversy battle you only present the truth 's sake in an adult like to make sure that others don't know these truths and that's why it's very important for us who had this beautiful picture of God share it with many people can you say amen to that in fact they are of a documentary that can be about how it came out two years ago year built the action did a survey on health and they found out for I believe it was interviewing about almost five thousand people they found out what there really is about hellfire one-person cell one group said and this was the highest ranking that thirty eight percent believe in eternal torment that God is going to bring people for all eternity twenty one percent said it just doesn't exist eighteen percent that Universalism which means that everyone can get to having regard to what you do and the next one thirteen percent that we just don't know and where we are Seventh-day Adventist which is something called annihilation is an only ten percent only ten percent actually have these same teachers out in the Protestant world so that tells me of a mission to carry out a man that's why it's super important for us to be able to share this then I know this individualist everybody just made a movie called hell and mystified please ask your friend of mine I called them up and yelling he told me he said thumping very interesting when he was just covering this teaching about how difficult about a story he was actually somebody who was a minister is also a lawyer he was actually hired to study out this issue of hell and the he was actually start you were paid by a former Seventh-day Adventist who actually did the particulars of Adventism but will still be questioning the war help paint and so we hired somebody what happened to it and this guy in the November fight really that's really last name he studied in outright anything to be exact same conclusions as Seventh-day Adventist faith amen to that but what is interesting as we were talking and talking some remarkable things he said that when she did a debate compile a university bylaws well-known evangelical college down in Southern California he said that when he did this debate about how fire season thirty minutes prior to this debate he says the auditorium with complete platform deceits complete back is that when we actually have to start we had to turn away hundreds of people because you want to know what this communicates to me and said what he said that many people want to know the truth about the subjects and of why we have to share this do you know when you present this right teaching about the character of God 's justice people begin to a better understanding about the gospel and they want Jesus and what's keeping them away from Jesus is this false teaching and we'll talk about those women driven to insanity as well raising gentlemen when we present this teaching is like a bomb to them by I never got as I was becoming a Christian I still had a difficult time understanding many of these things it was very difficult for me to grasp how millions of my ancestors never even heard of Christ would be burning in hell quality turnkey I never got one Sabbath morning without having up I will study with the sound schoolteacher my friend I walked out of there at about room and in fact that the sky was a little bit blue were the birds were chirping a ladder I just turned my friend I said the brutal death liberty for safety eternal punishing it is just a punishment but there's nothing eternal about how God deals with the weekend and I was just so blown away with this idea but even if burnt involving trying to put things out once and for all and I walked out there with this recognition that God really is good and just begin to really change so many things in our heart and mind will continue to unwinnable a great scholar at the theologian to pass away he came to the same conclusions not having to do a difficult leaving out that in nineteen fifty six the present I feel that the time has come when I must declare my mind honestly I believe that an endless torment in the immediate and unscriptural doctrine which is a terrible burden on the mind of the church for many centuries and a terrible blot on her presentation of the gospel I should indeed be happy to ship before I got liberties that could help in sweeping away most of all I should rejoice to see a number of theologians joining in researching this great topic and lays him down in his dream is not dead amen that we share this with many people people want to and really accepted and will even closer and closer to Jesus as we begin to understand some things I love with the exclusive right here the question of being apologetic is not so much whether you use an apologetic enhancing someone's question about whether the apologetic you already use is a good one Yahweh is whether you want to believe in when you choose to share your bring up a good witness when choosing not to share is still being a witness of a kind so the question is what kind went as a human being and so it's very important that were working with people how to deal with them the objections and the assumptions that are there to help clear up so much about the character of God with talk about function number one assumption number one you may want to write anything down then I came in the punishment of eternal burning hell I is very pleasing and Justin and the redeemed did you know that there are many Christians who actually try to promote this teaching that the thinners of those who die and are given the punishment of eternal burning house that they somehow satisfies the justice of God and is believing to the redeemed impact that would meet with him the early church fathers wrote they were actually writing can try to defend this group is teaching a God Burns involving thinking that this book is safe when they are the new policy of glass and of any praising God during the time that the wicked are shrieking for millions and millions and millions of years and everything that the praises of God will somehow rise above their internal shrinking even some knowledge about teaching really now how do we understand what the best way to go about this resume problem verse right here in legal thirty three March eleventh Satan has eyelids that the Lord God I have know what pleasure in the death of the wicked ladies and gentlemen if the we can upgrade for all of eternity and God has no debt no pleasure in the death of the wicked could ever be happy God can never be happy and God can never be happy for all of eternity could mean never be happy CC why can't a window on how to destroy the wicked it really is his strange act he has no pleasure in it as of course it has to be distorted for eternity ladies and gentlemen or eternally this will get no pleasure to God for all of eternity I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked in fact walk for this individual says right here for this reason Christianity in one breadth of styles the God of infinite mercy and pity and another describes the fires of hell which millions upon millions ride even non- horrible and unending pain has for many people become them search out what Devito tormented by God 's character what kind of justice does it represent that you have to I really see on running and how even Hitler webpage for loan soon critical things that want with this individual says right here think for a moment about the implications of adopting that we can find any lots sold to immediate never ending health at the time debt simple demand five thousand years with one chair signify this folder instantly into the fire to be tormented for eternity advantage of another death that of Adolf Hitler who supervised the death of millions of people according to the popular doctrine this will immediately enter hell to suffer eternity but the man who was lost because of only one single born five thousand years longer than Hitler will confident be just children's assumption number two God is angry with the wicked therefore he keeps them having the reason why God does not want people inhabit is because he is angry with them now how do we answer that I level no one said is right here she said something so powerful right here this is extremely important you guys this is why Don has to deal within why you have to keep singers out right here but when she said that the Christ it is no arbitrary decree on the part of God that excludes the wicked fun heaven they are shut out by their all unfitness for its companionship the glory of God would be to have a consuming fire they would welcome destruction had they been that they might be hidden from the face of him who died to reading them leaving them if God brought every single center in to have been every single one of the wicked and made amendment with them for all eternity that would be eternal torment actually destroy the wicked to save them thought you talk about eternal torment and you begin to realize that the implications of this the reason why God has been destroyed sin is because it has no place in heaven I watch as a measure something remarkable in the Bible that your Bible and go until Revelation chapter twelve Revelation chapter twelve this blew my mind away when I began to understand this revelation chapter twelve you really do like this revelation chapter twelve I have never ever heard a preacher talk about this later revelation chapter twelve right here seven what the Bible says I yelled the good analysis and war broke out where in heaven Michael vigil spot with the Dragon the Dragon evangel spot but they did not prevail no less a what place found for them in heaven anyone in this extreme point don't get that nor was there a place found for them can wear have been any longer the reason why Satan could no longer going to happen at the cross was that no one wanted in other words she was unfit for the companionship of heaven defining the heaven do not have a heart for this purpose if that list for finally reach a state where he had no more heart for having nice thing okay what's up big deal about this go all the way to Revelation chapter twenty and I want you to see the exact same language when God is doing with the wicked Revelation chapter twenty relation chapter twenty verse eleven this talk about the destruction of the wicked are we all their but with the mouth is right here then I saw a great what white throne and him who sat on it from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away and I want to and there was found what no place for them here we begin to understand why the wicked are destroyed as well because I is no longer a place for the wicked have now become unfit for the what were they become unfit for her so here we begin to understand something remarkable that the wicked have actually reached the same condition that was perhaps the thinking that with filing another powerful non- Adventist theologian he actually died he said this eternal conscious appointment is incompatible with the reveal character of God legitimately there are many verses that talk about everlasting punishment some he says wait a minute what about all those verses that talk about everlasting eternity eternity that sound like converting quality turkey here's what Basil Atkinson said and he is a great theologian he talked about this when we sensitive audio meaning everlasting is used in great with the nouns of action it has reference to the result of the act not the process the Braves everlasting punishment is comparable to everlasting redemption and everlasting salvation both scriptural phrases no one supposes that we are being redeemed or saved for ever we want redeemed and saved once for all my clients with eternal results in the same way the loss will not be passing through the process of punishment forever but will be punished once and for all the internal results on the other hand the now life is not a noun of action but none of expressing a space for life itself is eternal and human begin to understand something very powerful when it comes to these phrases that we find in Scripture in fact what is very interesting when you study the new Old Testament I am not found one verse that talks about helping a place where there is eternal appointment taking that happening not in the old sense whatsoever what I do find in the Old Testament Jesus simply saying is that there is going to be some type accountability in at the second coming or at the own when the wicked are going to start such a number for since the how God was offended therefore his punishment is internal progressive brand to be satisfied from those people a little bit more sophisticated when they say don't know whether any bias but the wicked and the need for all eternity and then they think the reason why that went to be punished for all eternity is because that they offended to know God therefore the punishment must be internal medicine very interesting and you begin to see some very major fallacies here because I think that we can pinpoint which is imperative if geological traditionalists will often painted twining around the bolthole by connecting two independent things unnecessary duration of judgment for justice and God immortality someone rather contrived a bottle connection that simply admit that they don't understand how infinite punishing could ever be into gods in a immortality has no spiritual or logical bearing on any supported necessity to punish people without end God is not bound all forced to punish anyone infinitely simply because he is a moral but traditionalists produce a connection to eternal torture to sound less questionable is relating it is it's related to the clustering illusion which is a natural human tendency to see patterns where none actually exists that God is the moral does not necessitate infinite punishment for sin to achieve justice such theological manipulation is just an attempt to extract the fence from the senseless of an unconscionable five mechanism is that the New Testament gives examples about smoke rising from the eternal pits of hell in fact we take a look at the person that he is in Revelation chapter fourteen verse eleven with analysis and the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever and they have no rest or day or night who worship the beast and his image and Weber receives the mark of his name something when admitted that looks like August twenty Bobby tried to what interesting if many of the persons that are used to describe help find out accountability all on from the Old Testament and window reference to the Old Testament not only is the similarity of the language there you begin to understand why I get the reformist figure ten is actually talking about weight id. at Zion that your rectum recompense for the call design exchange of eternity that you stuff into prints out its financial become burning pitch it shall not be quenched night or day it smokes LSN for ever what you want or even lets one flat rate endowment the smoke is not there anymore the fire is not there anymore what is it simply think that the result adjustment will be void eternity that there is no more eat him they will not attack Israel anymore and so this is what God was saying so when God is when easy references describe what sounds like twenty it's a generally applicable to Old Testament stories and Garcia were gone as showing the complete destruction but using strong language to indicate that those who mess with gossipy bargaining big trouble offender number six God judges the wicked and confidence them to be punished it is extremely pointed forward it's really really interesting that this elegy to pay attention to God judges the wicked and coffin to be punished according to this assumption who alternately makes the final word on the wicked will God will do for their function will gone is the one who is choosing the wicked to be lost he ultimately is the judge of why their loss advantage Obama want to go to Revelation chapter twenty one fifty thumping their remarkable women Revelation chapter twenty Revelation chapter twenty I want you to see verse one that another angel coming down from the mapping the key to the black bottomless pit but when that phrase Obama spent that one Greek word appears another place when Jesus is about to cast up a demon and he says have you come to send us to the abyss it's the exact same work even the demons note that their destruction is coming which also tells us what that is a motivation is on survivalism they want to make sure you never take their place of your thinking having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain in hand he labeled the Dragon the serpent of old was called the Devil and Satan and bound him for a thousand years he cast them into the boundless they shut him up and set a seal on it so that he should deceive the nations don't want about the ever finished but after these things he must be released for a little on my latest is that caveat right next to share this with you I actually was always questioning my thinking the one thousand and one Suzy just need this time action gives the answer she says because he has been in the spirit of activity the thousand year section given to him to stop and contemplate what he's because he's been so determined to carry out all these things that she never stopped and thought about the ramifications of what Jesus produced and during the thousands you actually have that time so the change of heart but this is what's so remarkable right here after the thousand years we hold the rest the story she is released in fact this is very interesting when I went to the garbage is why Satan was not destroyed immediately and for the sake of who for the sake of man Satan exists Vince must be one the reason why God has not destroyed Satan right now is because this is extreme at this point and it was so much about the Fulbright controversy the reason why think you have not been destroyed as forsake in other words there are issues in the great controversy that have not been answered and have those questions not been answered the universe will never ever kept safe eternally so God allows the great controversy to culminate so he can be very little universe can be very convincing humanity can be very convinced about all the issues of the great controversy in fact with what the Bible says right here to go all the way there were seven unthinkable to diversity I want you to see something very interesting talk about Lucifer so that he should deceive the nations no more till the thousand years were finished I wanted but after these things knows the keyword he was not be released that grandpa is almost as if God is saying something very important he's like look after the thousand years she's got a be released there are questions that are still not answered about the great controversy that that's why the Bible says he must be released as a UA after that obvious he merely begins to stir up all the wicked entities is all right what I do want something to blow your mind away DOC fit angry controversy when the wicked are coaching and isolate you think about this on nothing tight and strongest that shift she says that when the wicked are poaching the city dance indicates hello the new Jerusalem saying well what's your point if there closed when the wicked are approaching the city why do you think the open part and I know what you think about that constitute on but all I can say is this the wicked tribes take by force but God has always offered to them freely in fact during a thousand years but with the Bible says all the way verse four I saw thrones and they that sat on and judgment was what committed to them into the Bible says in Revelation chapter one will be priests and kings the Bible says during the thousand years we are specifically called to be preaching or called the kinks right after that you reject to the language and Christopher several horses and book revelation with the difference between a presaging a priest world and spiritual matter can world think matters of the land and so what happens is during a thousand years action gives us the wall of a priest when you go to the Old Testament is a key verse that talks about how when there's a judgment the priest will examine the books they will look at that the controversy and they themselves will judge in the matter so alternately it is not God who makes a startling thought and she said to look to the righteous and in the drainage of music I'm actually going to give you the judgment the same way that fits judgment with commencement is the same one where Jesus is in the Gospels and he says the father committed technically and in what you think in its judgment of the righteous event on applicant in the hands of the white just like the kitchen alternately it is not God who judges the wicked is humanity that judges humanity boarding is it a step further even a step further but we first went to Chapter six about that that we will be part of this judgment when the reason why God is teaching us mercy now is very important at some point become sent to the revelation says it's a great controversy when all the wicked are about to be destroyed with all the facts and the great controversy until now there is no question about the controversy all your numbers both loyal and rebellious with one accord declared just and true are you what the highways agency so now you begin to understand even the wicked will be able to see why judgment is necessary so alternately not half as the judgment to the right just hanging out the right to the pathogen which is awakened and ultimately it will be the weekend judge themselves even in the destruction of the wicked God doesn't violate the freedom of choice they themselves will say Lord we deserve this we deserve this the wicked are made to see why and how they had made themselves unfit for heaven and when you begin to understand the judgment and justice of God you begin to recognize the way God wants his government can't actually get the consensus of those who are involved in the context before he carries out a reward or penalty of reward or penalty is continue until June seven this is extremely important point well what can we keep the righteous rebellion yet if not for the site out that way the righteous and Ambien had neglected to keep them safe from Amherst sending again they will be when they see the wood burning on the I think that is going to be the anger is going to prevent them I just have a rebellion against the bot again in heaven not what you think about that you may give the women could be the targets going back to you I just save for all we try to keep going up we use the side of the weekend burning for all of eternity to be intended trying to save them from ever about again in heaven I love when I went that night it felt Apple liberty to see that there is a gap of Klein 's help on the clock make sure the destruction of him who hath the power gap who was the originator of things that will not be there will be no danger of another rebellion why that that which alone can effectually restrain sin in this world of darkness will prevent finish habitable what that the significance of the death of Christ will be seen by saints and angels falling then could I have had a home in the paradise of God without the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world showing up and exalt the cost of trying the Angels ascribe honor and glory to Christ for even they are not what secure except by looking to the sufferings of the son of God is through the efficacy of the clock that the angels of heaven are guarded from apostasy without the clock there would be no more secure against evil then when the Angels before the policy to all which were security interest in heaven must look to the roundabout and human thinking the universe than ever CNN across the counter things they meant that Matt is going to be the safety for all of eternity is not going to be the wicked better than a burn for eternity that with Timothy keep the righteous front of applying and said it will constantly constantly be looking to the cross of Calvary amazing Joan and even the Angels are kept safe from Tamara Bennington why because they're looking across there looking and I would be first Peter chapter one verse twelve the Bible says that angels desire to look into the mystery of the gospel Angels are kept safe by looking across and for each aikido organization that he will be starting for all eternity what if God is infinite to the Bible says God is love therefore in love is infinite and you know everything is fine things at least I think a lot of gone on to be trying to intentionally think we reach the boundaries results applied at a distance knowing more and more and more and more raisins or do you think you understand the level you have no clue if you have no clue not going to feel so much more to every person here and when you begin to understand the beautiful justice of God you begin to understand some powerful things about the cost accounting and why that point two years ago that will be the same car on a recharging that's Gillian and Jillian Angeles and then eventually until eventually than Jonathan Jones enjoys enjoys enjoying the joints usually in the joint of the will be kept safe by looking back at the cross can you say amen to that isn't the cross of Calvary powerful we need to start looking at it now and if it can safeguard Angels of the safeguards to humanity volume twenty will safeguard us now behold the Lamb of God which takes away the sins of the world the quick coming out and then there's some questions you can ask some people have gone retreat the new heaven and earth where it will help me locate it if God pronounces no more pain no more sour no more death and partly due to pronunciations explicitly place after the thousand half if there is a child dying of lost souls immortality is based on the tree of life how do the unrighteous crimefighting Tracy McGrady mentally against the jump of a number they were to shop at my silica what the primary father but we got ready for all eternity and authenticating the foods they are not thousand years know that doesn't happen immortality was contingent upon gene groups it was real life is mentioned in both leading English Bible translations on tell Matthew if I was really always commissioned by the gospel to preach the gospel to the nation why did Paul not mentioned out except wants to declare victory over it because you begin to understand Paul's motivation of leading people to the cross of Calvary and what the clock it was God 's love I lately come you don't argument got to like mom used on L Michael finally convinced her about the student about she said that dogs love cannot save sinners and what chance does internal burning hellfire at his gauntlet can do it how could fear of Helen and this led to Ellen White being convinced of these beautiful truths so powerful that God takes no pleasure in the dental wicket how does Joe eventually gives appointment but we could ever satisfy him is another question how does one make one rectify an eternal punishing because of temporal deeds is another question what purpose of destroying sinners nonstop all in eternal existence ever accomplish it the way to go straight to hell after death what the purpose of affecting coming in future judgment is not a question of evildoers according for all eternity then I thought actually destroy evil or simply locked in a what circumstances could see his misfortune and less progression of which can be justified if we had a simple wall could not tolerate such evil counterpart of a loving husband could ever be lobbed at ladies and gentlemen there is only one crime probably know someone could that would justify somebody being tortured quality turnkey only one crime one when trailing tortures people get my point that would be the only one justifiable crime for someone people someone to be burned probably return to if they burn people for all of eternity point you see why we need to spread this beautiful trip and when people see that I'm blown away when they begin to recognize this beautiful truth that God doesn't break upon eternity I descended the evangelistic series and now we'll talk about that series tonight the reason why is because when we do study about my neighbors will think the species them when it run the right with the CBP of YouTube YouTube your knee they live on the other side was present at the Internet company called syntactic or that company walked across the network Bob was working on your pinochle card back to the house print the document by the city 's Vice President Wells Fargo Corporation I don't go to the banquet in the corner the entire Wells Fargo Corporation and its evangelists is God really blessed I never got as I was preaching in you to see the marked difference when I got to this topic and I pray to the Holy Spirit fully blessed every object from this disorder this tension was existing but after that it was just a change in the rest of the series by people justice joy and they're just so happy I got up there they're just there just so excited about learning about the Bible and Bible policy wine because they begin to understand the character of God and the reality of perceived was there a life he wants notice to you we shall destroy call Helen Mister budget and we did it I love doing different things for evangelism and what we do the question answer session at the time to study the Pentecostals came to town that day him and also they want to want in that we want people about her life I decided out there and it was right I got there have been questions and I told my people I might need and the Mike think what you don't ask what do you think I might go to the next presence of the night with him and so there went from person-to-person and begin to recognize something very interesting those who are trying to defend this teaching that God brings good-quality twenty themselves did not understand what they were saying because the simple question would reveal how incompatible this is with the God of love incompatible this is with the God of love is the more questions and help I think I'll buy why if I'm not burning today after it was just a potential fire out the confidential burning up consistently gone Brookfield Justin and what are you feel justice with the Old Testament New Testament you will never find something that is compatible with the Don Barnes involving eternity in hell forever life death and Hades finally slow in the lake of fire if they can assist light and shall never be more company he burn eternally inviolable than being aware that I will come that will destroy Lucifer 's own heart music at seven twenty eight do you want to know why the fire starts right here the origin of sin in order to get the lookout will today you dig the look there are a lot of people who need to understand this when they begin to understand this beautiful today will fall more and more in love with this guy and you will see many people who were trying to have a lot more of understand this understanding of who God really is you don't ask people who come from it I come from back when she was born raising well with the background when I'm avoiding these great with it blew my mind when because all I thought about Christianity was if you have not been converted and I said the name of Jesus and baptized you have Bernie for eternity and as I was without thought and that people pass a localized image and it would show just a little picture of a man who was on this cloth and he was caught because there expires underneath and there was on the other calculus of eternal life or eternal pain and this is what was presented to me and for the longest time I could not really understand how a God of love would just really wanted to be part of his kingdom dimethyl with it has only when the white picture God was being introduced to me that I wanted more this their people around you with your neighbor someone on your phone now members who if they heard this truth would fall in love with and they are just waiting for somebody to share with you and with just two more things and we are done I love what this individual sets by thoroughly evaluated because God is not going to tolerate before millions and millions of years the smell of burning flesh upon the fifth hell I believe it is haunted out you will even mention what you mean how the Bible teaches about getting how the Bible teaches about gets the job done in private centers and then consumed to ashes and diamonds in the world and how you believe it is not enough because the disappointment department of years and he knows that the market and he said that we would find this conversation some people when God does this job if they get the job done it's going to complete without sin and sinners one hundred percent and God doesn't want us to be part into the devil has sold twisted the fly about those who will actually burn for all eternity that he makes some very courageous presentation but many Seventh-day Adventists are unaware if they want to point when you think when you pick and a look at Isaiah thirty three verse fourteen fifteen the Bible sainthood this is so powerful that this is our freight that we can get people into the image are afraid that if you see the hypocrites don't watch the question we ask cool along so well with the devouring fire school among the job with everlasting fire they think will be able to tell the internal database showing fire will be able to Justin with the fire and watch the immediate answer he who walks what righteously and speaks up rightly taken what what you begin to understand it is not the wicked were going to burn for eternity it's the righteous in one oh one because building the presence of God 's fire for all of eternity in fact we read the story of Moses and when Moses foresaw encounter economy that was a burning bush I got to take up issues for your holy ground you'll read in the thirty fourth chapter of advanced safety is now going into the fire the Bible says that all this within the fire about forty days and forty nights what happened as he drew closer and closer to God 's people withstand fire to the point where now he wasn't added to dance he was now dwelling in the fire of God leads enjoyment as we go closer and closer and closer God makes us more and more ready for his press anything into the mouth of the damage up to twelve voltage what wise shall shine like the brightness of the fragment and those who turn many to righteousness like that what stars for ever and were thought to burning spots universe therefore God says we will do on the fire of God for eternity to the wicked God 's presence is going to be fired to put them out to the righteous God 's presence were being eternal light and the invite each one of us to be part of this weekend the great controversy is no more financiers are no more the entire universe is clean one path among and gladness beats to the vast creation from him who created all life like a gladness and around the building space on my notice about them to the greatest love of all things animate and inanimate in an shadowed beauty and perfectly declare that God is love leave them on and his presentation with a word of prayer my prayer is that one day you will burn for all eternity in his breath amen I've never heard a pastor prepare the first night father Natalie just thank you so much because your presence is a consuming fire got we know that people who have been really hurts and fearful of you God called us to go out to reach them to them to bring them back into the full to show them we really are Jesus we just pray that our firm and see our desire to present this right through Google while my lord I noticed people in this with her we were calling to be in our holiness in the spring they will win in a this media was my hobby of yours the website dedicated to spreading God 's word two three seven audio and much more we would like to know more about our universe is more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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