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Releasing the Four Winds and the Sealing of the 144,000

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN


  • April 12, 2013
    9:15 AM
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a the first presentation is entitled to the whole thing of a four wins and the ceiling of a hundred and forty four thousand one on going to start with a familiar passage probably a couple of familiar passages from the Novell online the first one is from testimonies volume nine page eleven we are living in the time of the Belfast fulfilling signs of the times the claret of the coming of Christ is near a hand the days in which we lever Solomon important this spirit of God is gradually but surely then when you drawn from the years plagues and judgments are already falling upon the spiders of the grace of God the calamities by land and sea the unsettled state of society the alarms of work for contentious they forecast approaching events in the greatest magazine e-zine out there today you better believe it continuing the agencies of the evil are combining their forces and consolidating they are strengthening for the last great crisis great changes are soon to take place in our world and the final news months will be rapid one now sometimes we have this mentality that all you know I've heard my whole life that Jesus is coming and what's on a theme about for such a time as this and we say it when our lips that we believe that Jesus is coming soon but if you're honest with yourself in your heart do you really think that the final movements which will be rapine are just around the corner and the reason I ask you that question is because sometimes you can tell if you're living your life that would hurt if you're thinking that way in your my on based on how you live your life based on the choices that you're making where do you invest your resources where do you invest your time what is the most important thing for you in your life are you are you running your life with that thought in mind that great changes are soon to take place in our world and the final movements will be rapid ones another familiar statement from testimonies volume eight page twenty eight transgression has almost reached its one confusion fills the world and a great sharer is soon to come upon human bands the end is very near we do know that Shri should be preparing for what is soon to break upon the world as an overwhelming surprise to hear that true it should be preparing for one of the break upon the world we do know that charade now I dare say that if the final movements were ecstatic and sometimes sin it might just come as an overwhelming surprise for many Seventh-day Adventists and you now that should not be the case but here's the thing if we ascend that Mister not prepare you for not studying if we don't understand what the roadmap looks like were going to be shot out of our minds will not find on a wife cared in Bible class when I was growing up but I never really thought it would happen in my lifetime was and we know the truth should be preparing for what is seen to break upon the world as an overwhelming surprise and Ellen Weiss is basically the same thing in profits and things page six twenty six Christian should be preparing for what is seen to break upon the world as an overwhelming surprise and this preparation they should may by diligently studying the word of God and striving to conform their life to the precepts of how we prepare for this overwhelming surprise by diligently studying the word of God the thumb I can get idea of the year wasn't its delay in Earth 's history to be wasting our time worrying about what Hollywood is doing or what's happening in the entertainment world or anything else we should know what the word of God says for this time we should be prepared now with those introductory comments from Elim why I want to point out what the Bible says about the time that we are living and as I said what we are going to need in this first presentation as we are going to look at where we are in Earth 's history based on what the seals say in Revelation chapter six and a little bit of chapter seven now I must seem that those of you who are sitting here in the audience today are seasoned students of prophecy has longtime Seventh-day Adventists so I'm not going to take a significant amount of time together through each of the seals I'm assuming that you already know this on the points you give you a brief rundown now I will say this if you've never studied the seals and if you don't know what they're talking about yet another one of gotten study that a man or a now what when you come to the seals you start off with four horses you have a white horse the red horse the Black horse and the pale horse those are synonymous with the first four seals and we understand that historically the Whitehorse represents the pure Church of the apostolic church which was from the time of the Ascension of Christ from thirty one eighty to one hundred eighty then we shift to the radical course by verse four of Chapter six in this red horse describes the persecuted Christian church from about the time one hundred eighty to three thirteen eighty and that culminated with a final ten years of persecution under the Roman Emperor Diocletian after the red horse you have a black horse this is one corruption enters into the church and historically we placed between three thirteen five thirty eight eighty this correlates with the third church in Revelation Greece in the document a woman entering into the church you see the doctrine of the Nicolaides commented in the church you see that sees Satan siege well there and then finally fourth horse of a pale horse sickly or blighted intolerance what pale means is that apostate Christian church from five thirty eight to about thirteen seventy four and the reason why I place until about thirteen seventy four in the around thirteen seventy four that is when John White let the great reform in the MorningStar the Reformation comes along and brings light to a darkened world and then you come to the fifth seal in Revelation chapter six verse ten and here you see the souls trying to the altar figuratively speaking thing how long Lord so you judge and avenge our blood in white robes are given to them until they should rest for a little season but in a brief rundown but should be pretty simple review this is where things become much more interesting for the time that we are letting once we get to the beginning of the six seal because when you study the seals you find that we are living at the end of the six seal and I'm going to point you to some clear historical romance that have happened during the time of the six deal just to remind us that we really are living at the end of the world this is just business as usual or not women five hundred years ago were in the fifteen hundreds or the sixteen hundreds you can say he Jesus probably isn't coming for a few hundred more years now let's like starting in verse twelve of Revelation chapter six and here we read on and I beheld once he had opened the sixth seal and low there was a great earthquake one was that great earthquake this was the great Lisbon earthquake of November one seventeen fifty five that was felt throughout all of Europe it destroyed the city of Lisbon with a tidal wave them with fire and was solace far away as North America November one seventeen fifty five so the six seal begins in history in seventeen fifty five which is about two hundred and fifty years ago continuing so there was a great earthquake and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair and the man became house when did this happen on earth history this is the dark day of May nineteen seventeen eighty now this becomes interesting because there were people who were alive in seventeen eighty who lived to see the falling of the stars which is the portal in eighteen thirty three and so those you live between the time period of seventeen eighty two the time period of eighteen thirty three realize these of us lines that were further told that showed that Jesus would be coming very soon in fact you see the fallen stars in verse thirteen which happened on November thirteen eighteen thirty three now how important are these of events the Lisbon earthquake the dark day in the falling of the stars are mentioned here in Revelation chapter six how relevant are they for signs of the times describing the coming of Jesus on the clouds of time and older so important that they are mentioned three times in the Gospels spoken by Jesus himself and then a fourth time they show up here in the book of Revelation and they are identified in Revelation as the opening of the six seal which proceeds or perceive the second coming of Jesus Christ he seems to Matthew twenty four twenty nine March thirteen twenty four and twenty five and when Chapter twenty one verse twenty five Jesus mentioned these signs seventeen hundred years before they even happen seventeen eighteen hundred years before they happen and so they happen at the beginning of the six seal and then you to the end of verse thirteen and then when you come to verse fourteen of the fallen of the stars is mentioned notice what is mentioned in that skin verse fourteen and the heaven the part of the scroll when it is rolled together and every mountain and island were made about other places and the kings of the earth and the great men in the Richmond and the chief captains and the mighty meant and every bondman and every free man hid themselves in the Janzen in the rocks of the mountains and said the mountains and rocks to fall on myself mine is from the faith in the Senate on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb for the great day of his wrath is come and who shall be able to stand so the question is one of the very next assignments during the time of the deal which after the fall and the stars in eighteen thirty three this is the coming of Jesus in the clouds of heaven now want me ask you something once just look at these amends briefly November one seventeen fifty five May nineteen seventeen eighty November thirteen eighteen thirty three so between the Brisbane earthquake and the dark day you have twenty five years from the dark date of the falling of the stars you have fifty three years and then after eighteen thirty three then the second coming is mentioned how long has it been since nineteen thirty three one hundred and eighty years one hundred and eighty years and begs a question it's taken so long have you ever wonder that seventeen fifty five seventeen eighty eighteen thirty three second we're still here a hundred and eighty years later what's going on those first three events just happen on right after the other so to speak prophetically speaking less than thirty and fifty years prophetically has a very short period of time when you're looking at our properties of twelve hundred and sixty years twenty three hundred years yet you would expect based on the Rick Kennedy at how those first three events check ways you would expect that around the same time with them a similar time frame Jesus would then come in the clouds of heaven and yet here we are one hundred and eighty years since the last events are placed in about two hundred and fifty years since the first one or one hundred and sixty what's going on here the Bible give us any ways as to the timing of the second coming after the falling of the stars now if we understand that there was one other key prophecy that will fulfill after eighteen thirty three right Daniel and Revelation are closely connected what happened after eating thirty three twenty three hundred a prophecy reaches its fulfillment in eighteen forty four in eighteen forty four ushers in the judgment power and the judgment on the cleansing of the sanctuary is the time in which God is preparing the people to be ready when he comes in the clouds of heaven that is implied when you study prophecy when you see the gap between eighteen thirty three in the second coming to you now from your study of the rest of prophecy that they the prophecy of a twenty three hundred days in eighteen forty four is right after the falling of the stars however when you go to the very next chapter Revelation chapter seven you see just exactly why we are still here you want to see that you want to see why we're still here before the revelation chapter seven and again theme of this conference is for such a time as this revelation chapter seven starting in verse one and after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth holding the four winds of the earth that the wind should not blow on the year it nor on the season or on any tree and I saw another angel ascending from the East having the seal of the living God and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels to him I was given under the earth and the sea saying hurt not be here neither the sea nor the trees till we have sealed the servants of our God in their warheads and I I heard the number of them which were still no hundred and forty four thousand so you see the Lisbon earthquake a devastating earthquake in the scope of human history you see the dark AMA nineteen seventeen eighty you see the falling of the stars in eighteen thirty three then you see the coming of Jesus on the clouds of heaven then you see that before Jesus comes the four angels who hold the formats from the four corners of the earth are going to release those plans which will bring this direction she would this earth but they are commanded to not release the land and sell the one hundred and forty four thousand are sealed one is not so what that tells us is that we want not see the final unleashing on the land which precede the second coming of Jesus and so gone how the people who are ready to be sealed and listen what is the name to have the seal of God placed in your forehand shoes being sealed here's the hundred and forty four thousand when you go to Revelation chapter fourteen what does it say about one hundred and forty four thousand have and therefore had their so they have father 's name and therefore net what we know about the father 's name Isaiah fifty seven verse fifteen says that his name is holy so God is working to prepare a people who are holy to have his inane and therefore have them by the way of the neurologists I like that you get the four head is where the frontal lobe in the frontal lobe is the moral center of our brain that's where we make every choice that we make related to morality so it would make sense that God would fit the stamp is holy character in the place where his people have made choices to be like now online house a statement that goes along with the holding of the form when this is from early writings page thirty eight I saw four angels who had a work to be on the earth and were on their way to accomplish it Jesus was clothed with priestly garments he gave in Teddy on the remnant of them raised his hands and with a voice of deep that he cried might want father might live my live my life are you thankful that we have a merciful Savior he wants us to be in the kingdom listen don't get the idea from anybody that Jesus is trying to keep us out Jesus risked all of each turn of the fix under this earth to die for so that we can be with he's not even come down here to make some subtle part of the very few could yet end his goal is to have as many get on as possible okay continue thy son exceeding bright light come from God he sat up on the great white throne and was shut all about Jesus then I saw an angel with a commission from Jesus swiftly flying to the four angels who had a work to do on the earth and waving something up and down this happened crying with a loud voice slow soul soul soul until the servants of God are sealed and therefore his and then she goes on to say that Angels were allowed to about to let the winds go but while their hands were written in the whirlwind were about the bloat the merciful IMGs is gazed on the remnant that were not ill and he raised his hands to the father and pleaded with him but he had spilled his blood for them you realize that before one can unreleased a long time ago and Jesus told the father not yet hold off I will my writing too much I want them to be ready I want them to be prepared because when the four weapons are released Satan is going to use all of his satanic power to do whatever he can to bring distraction to whoever and God knows that in order for his people to go through that time they need his name and therefore that they need a character and therefore they need that sealing process now have you ever thought what it's going to be like one before one's a release money to 3-D one statement this is review and Herald July twenty five nineteen oh six Ellen White speaking her now comes aware that I have declared that New York is to be swept away by a tidal wave wave this I've never said I have set up I worked at the great buildings going up there story after story what terrible scenes will take place when the Lord shall arise to shake terribly the years and by the way that's from Isaiah chapter T versus nineteen and twenty one when the Lord arises the shake terribly the earth animal and some of the test mice page one forty one she identified that on his one Sunday legislation is passed one alignments not because some people are using the quote that I'm reading now about the destruction of New York the same a lot of rest the shake terribly the earth eleven and they don't take in context the Lord Araiza to shake terribly the earth one Sunday legislation was passed that she has done something terrible is going to happen to the city of New York and many other studies when that time takes place at authorities is what terrible things will take place when the Lord shall arise the shake terribly the years than the words of revelation eighteen one three three will be fulfilled the whole of the eighteenth chapter of Revelation is a warning of what is coming on the earth but I have now why in particular underwriter regarding what is coming on New York City's only that I now that one day the great buildings there will be thrown down by the churning and overturning of God 's power from the light given me I know that destruction is in the world one word from the Lord one such of his mighty power in these massive structures will fall scenes will take place the fearfulness of which we cannot imagine scenes will take place of fearfulness of which we cannot imagine wasn't we need to wake up this isn't just business as usual God is preparing the people for such a time as this someone the world that's why it is and I exist to hang professionals and supporting ministries together to develop the ideas that will prepare the world for the coming of Jesus because we see that cities like New York their buildings are to come crashing down that he thought 9/11 was that I was rebuilding three buildings just weights although the Lord arises the shaker weightier coquette I read one more statement from Elimite right now in the Morgan to do an interesting look into the book of Ezekiel because what we've seen so far as this when you look at the scope of history based on the seal the first four seals attack us up to about thirteen seventy four the fifth deal and takes us up to about seventeen fifty five the six seal is inaugurated when the Lisbon earthquake we have seventeen fifty five seventeen eighty darkened eighteen thirty three fallen in the start adjustment the company of a century began in eighteen forty four then we see that Jesus will come in the clouds of heaven but before he does stuff for when the destruction will be released upon the earth of for most form when the released God needs to have a people who are sealed must be honest with ourselves not if not you have got is looking for a people for such a time as this Google law while God 's ways the sealed the spam of his character and therefore had he's got a little bit of a problem I'm so wet straighter he looks around our church and he finds young people that know the Harlem Shake better than they know the Bible he finds people who know their favorite entertainment shows ends or schemes and you name it more than they know Jesus and the word of God and he's looking around trying to find a group of people who you can place a seal upon him and he's waiting he's waiting that you know what eventually some people are going to wake up but he can place the spambots and if you're still sleeping you better watch out time to wake up and what were going to look at right now is a warning message J Johnson last date people who have the mentality that Jesus will probably come some time when the future but it's certainly not now be in my lifetime were elected with the Bible says about such a mentality were going to go to testimonies volume five page two seven which is a chat it's from the chapter entitled the seal of God if you haven't read that chapter recently is from page two of seventy two sixty I would highly encourage you to read that chapter is well on White says here page zero seven assessment five he tried also in my ears with a loud voice and caused them to have shards of the city to draw near even every man with his destroying weapon in his hand and he called to the man clothed with women which have the writers ink on biocide and the Lord said under him go through the midst of the city limits the Jerusalem and set a mark upon the four heads of the men that sigh and that cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst thereof nowhere is a long whiteboarding from her she's according from the Bible this is a Ezekiel chapter nine Mallory say that the Shepherd 's Rod have hijacked Ezekiel eighteen chapter nine and they say that they are going to be the angel with a strong weapon the more common in the church and cleanser limits would supplement amounts the lesson just because the Shepherd 's Rod have hijacked these two chapters doesn't mean that we can go back and study and come to a correct biblical understanding what of what got us anxious right and why would I go to this chapter because Ellen why uses see Ezekiel eight and nine to identify issues in God last day church that are preventing his people from receiving the seal of God so I find that study of Ezekiel chapter eighty in Ezekiel chapter nine would be highly relevant for Sandman we should know what Ezekiel chapter eighty in Ezekiel chapter nine are talking about because Janet contains a message of warning to prepare a people to be ready to receive the seal of God Ellen why Pacific league wolves from this chapter she goes on to say that she's courting here into the others he said in one hearing area after him through the city and smart let not your eye spare neither heavy petting stay utterly old and young both made the little children and women but come not near any man upon whom the mark with the seal of God and begin at my sanctuary then they began at the age of men which were before the house in the dolomite says Jesus is about to leave the mercy seat of the heavenly sanctuary to put on garments of vengeance and for out his wrath and judgment upon those who have not responded to the Y God has given you she says because God has born long with man he has been executed judgment instead of none having their hearts softened by his forbearance their hearts become hard numbers that God never get to judge me I can just keep doing this as long as I want so what's looking at his introductory Ezekiel chapter eight now is usually as an captivity in Babylon when he receives this vision and he's taken off in vision back to the sample and Jerusalem which had to initially thrilled us are these in captivity and Babylon and then God revealed to him envision that sample the sanctuary in Jerusalem which was the pride and joy of every gene in starting anniversary notice what Ezekiel says that he put forth a form of inheritance acne by a lot of mine had the Spirit lifted me up between the earth and the heaven and brought me in the visions of God to Jerusalem to the door of the inner gate that looked toward the north where was the seat of the image of jealousy which provoked the jealousy and the whole the glory of the God of Israel with their according to the vision that I saw on the client then said he and Denise Son of Man with that line eyes now the way toward the north so I lifted up mine eyes the way toward the North and the hold northward at the gate of the altered this image of jealousy in the the entry now known as job specifically points out this image so easy you would take note of what this image is where is this amateur it's by the north gate leading into the house of God now we are not told exactly what this image is but we are told that it provoked God to jealousy you realize that God can get jealous listen to anyone in the entire universe has the right to be jealous it is the God of the peace sent Jesus to the earth to die or are sent to provide a way of salvation for us and he has a godly jealousy over us so that we will have salvation and once he sees anything that comes in the way of bringing salvation to us it prevents us from walking in the way of salvation this provokes the jealousy of God in fact in the ten Commandments in Exodus chapter twenty four versus four and five in the ten Commandments doctors don't make any graven images that don't bow down to them you not servants for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God and you know what we should be glad that God is jealous over us was some wives or husbands if your spouse was not jealous over you wouldn't something be wrong with them if your spouse was just like you know what you can have whoever you want just come by the house every once in a while among the is not the kind of spouse you're looking for one I have a spouse like that would you want to have a job like that just do whatever you want to come by every once in a while now to get enough for me Jesus gave everything for us and he loves us so much that he has a godly jealousy of risk to this is to keep us from evil and once he sees evil coming and you are met and do our hearts and into our life in provokes jealousy in his heart because he was zealous this is a vision that Ezekiel had the condition of the Jewish people who remained behind in Jerusalem during the time of the captivity about but here's the thing Ellen why uses this division from Ezekiel eight nine to describe the condition of God 's church in the last days at the time of the sealing of God 's people that you think this is relevant you better believe it she goes to describe point by point by point but she was several points from these chapters that are relevant to God 's people today and here's the first point as Ezekiel comes towards the house of God the place where God 's people worship God he points out to him something that is provoking him to jealousy it is something that is in the house of God related to the worship of God 's people listen if you put something in the house of God that is provoking God the jealousy and attend his house at half to be related to how they are worshiping bulimia is here we are living in the judgment however its history Jesus is trying to become he's trying to place a seal upon his people he gets possible that in our churches today not all of them but perhaps some of them off when not many do you think there are things that have been placed into the worship service that could provoke the jealousy of God listen we need to stop playing games and beating around the bush here we can keep one right after another hundred years but God is looking for a group of people who are just in a comment organization this is what the Bible says Jesus is trying to prepare a group of people to be sealed and therefore had and we can do things and our worship service that will provoke jealousy of God that will prevent us from receiving the seal of God when I read my Bible and Irene what the writings of Ellen White's of Ellen White does for example that just before the close of probation the second selected Methodist page thirty six just before the close appropriation there will be dancing and shrines and all kinds of music which drives off the Holy Spirit don't you think of that stuff is in our churches it would promote the jealousy of God there were there were images by the Northgate the Temple of Jerusalem that provoked the jealousy of at or just getting started here keep reading Ezekiel chapter a meeting on numbers six he said furthermore in any Son of Man see is that what they needed even the great abominations of the house of Israel committed here that I should go far off from my sanctuary but turn the yet again and now shalt see greater abominations and he brought me to the door the court and when I left the whole the whole and the walls and now he's looking through a hole in the wall of God 's sanctuary mercy than sixty enemy Son of Man date now on the wall and when I had taken the wall holder door and he said and any Joe went on the whole the wicked abominations that they do here in person so I went in and saw the hole every form of creeping things and abominable beasts and all the idols of the house of for the charade upon the wall round about and there stood before them seventy men of the agencies of the leaders of the church of the house of Israel and the momentous events that you can sign up than some of Shea found with every man his sensor and the salmon that clout and since when not a worship service is taking place here went by the leaders of the Temple J is the Nile and shake them and they are offering incense before God this would be apparently in the holy place by the altar of nonsense and in the context of this worship service got a sad look at all the idols that are on the wall in the sanctuary he thought it was bad that there was an image in the outer court that provoked me to jealousy there is not just in the outer court it's in the inner sanctuary and they're dealing at in the context of trying to have a worship service wasn't just because we can get up and sing praises to the name of God if it's done in the context of the idols of this world being next with God considers that an abomination and listen we can't just sugarcoat over and say well it's just poetry in rhythm with the big deal God has a right way for us to follow him continue verse twelve then said he and the Son of Man has been seen with the engines of the house of Israel do in the dark every man in the chambers of his imagery for they say the Lord 's deal is not the Lord hath forsaken fears here's what happens you see in the outer core image that promotes godly jealousy you see in the inner sanctuary every type of Idol and creeping abominable beasts abominations and idols in the context of worship and got a thing here is why this is happening God 's people have allowed these idols these images these abominations and into the worship of God because I am showing you into the secret why is that they are living and he points out specifically leaders in the church needs is one thing to you in the dark when no one is looking they think that not only is not human noticing what they are do they think that Jonathan even paying attention anymore they say God has per second the earth and sadly we have seen and perhaps recent times that there are people that we have looked up to we have been blessed by their ministry and then we realized that in the dark they weren't really following God and mother warned each one of us we can come to ASI we can come to church we can put on a nice clothes and take happy Sabbath good to see a guy blasts but what's going on our because you may send your heart I've been addicted to this Stanford 's twenty five years thirty years fifty years and I haven't had any trouble I have a good business I make a good salary nothing that ever happened to me God apparently not vengeance at any attention to the center my life I can just keep on doing this for as long as I want God is for second year and he's not coming in my lifetime and maybe I'll have a deathbed conversion wasn't that is no attitude during the time of Earth 's history that God is trying to seal his people but that's not a continuing research and he said in a meeting charity yet again a national seed greater abominations that they need then he brought me to the door the gate of the Lord 's house which was sure the north end will hold there sat women weeping for campaigns campaigns artists audiences from near Eastern Babylonian mythology that there was a goddess Ishtar who miraculously had a virgin birth and her son was Tammy 's and he was the savior of the world this is a false Messiah a false Christ and here you have God 's people were waiting for the realness sciatic but they've grown tired of waiting for the real Messiah to come so they start worshiping a false Messiah by God from Babylon now there is a clear application here you know we don't see women of the church then around weeping for a false the way the ancient Jews were worshiping but let it be possible that just as the Jews of old were waiting for the Messiah to come and they sure aren't you a false Messiah Tammy is that we as God 's last people living on the last day waiting for the real Messiah to come the second time should be churned a way to false Babylonian gods that take our attention away from who Jesus says they'll let me tell you how that could happen when you study the Bible carefully you find that not only is Jesus Savior who died on the cross he's also high priest not only is he high priest but he's coming back to ten cans a mortarboard and sometimes in the Christian world and perhaps even in the administered some people have a tendency to say I'm going to hit the type of Jesus that I want don't tell me about the kind of Jesus but the rest of Scripture talks about I only wanted Jesus that will forgive my sin but it won't take the time to cleanse me of the semi why forgive me but don't change me I just want to worship that kind of Jesus we need to be careful that we don't fall under the same trap as the Jews of old who were weeping for a false Messiah is Jesus loving and merciful athlete lately PCs also a God of justice is also our high priest he is working to place a seal upon our organism week as his people are supposed to be that people for such a time as this but he could place a seal in her forehand how can the other hand there verse fifteen then set the enemy hast thou seen that the Son of Man trendy yet again how shall see greater abominations than these and he brought me into the inner court of the Lord 's house in the hole at the door of the sample of the war between the ports on the altar were about five and twenty men with their backs toward the sample of the Lord and their faces toward the east and they worshiped the sun toward the east now I'm hoping that you can see the clear in time application here because the clear enzyme application at the at the end of time unfortunately there are going to be God 's professed people who have worshiped in his house and when the testing time comes they will choose to worship the day in the sun rather than the way of God this is a warning to us and God says in verse seventeen ninety seven and he has been seen that the Son of Man is a light under the house of Judah that they commit the abominations which they commit here for their fillable land with violence and have returned to provoke me to anger and loathing at the branch to the nose therefore will I also deal in fury mine eye shall not spare neither wife Penny and though they cry in my years with a loud voice yet when I hear that now we see after this warning message that there are some who will not receive the punishment of God in the last days and that is found in verse four and the Lord synonym goes through the most of the city through the method Jerusalem's and set a mark upon the four heads of the men that saw I cannot cry for all the abominations that be done thereof wasn't there are people in God 's church today who are rising up and thank we are not okay with evolution been taught in our schools is not okay and I know for a fact from having lived and lived in different parts of the country that there are young people my age who have lost their faith in God based on things they were taught about evolution summer school but should not be happening God is going to set a mark upon those you signed prior for all the abominations that are done in the land now you may wonder what it means to sign Frye for the abominations that are done in the land and clearly God needs to have people it will stand up Google calls them by its right name and you will say this is not okay this is going against the word of God we need some more ally just in the church who do you realize that Elijah prayed that it would stop raining in Israel because Israel was saying this rain that is making our lambda be so beautiful is coming from Vail they were denying the God of heaven and when you look at the book of James of the depraved that it would not rain and then after the three and half years he prayed that it would rain again but there's more to sign crying for the abominations than just pointing out to what is wrong in the church there is also something very proactive and positive that we need to be doing I spent the majority of my time thus far pointing out challenges in our church things that are preventing the ceiling from taking place but there's also some very positive proactive things that we can see if to prepare for the ceiling of God 's people we want meanwhile moved her seal might want to take you to Isaiah chapter fifty eight Isaiah chapter fifty eight I would daresay that you ran out of steam Simon Krohn for the abominations in the land quite like this before but I find it to be very helpful Isaiah chapter fifty eight starting in verse one here we read cry aloud spare and I lift up thy voice like a trap and show my people their transgression in the house of Jacob their sense of Ghana sank when Weise the job about the sins and God 's church we should lift up our voice like a trumpet it should be just some little whisper it in some little complaint we should lift up our voice like a trumpet but notice what God identifies that needs to be done with assignment crime emergency yet they seek me daily and the like to know my ways as a nation that did righteousness in pursuit not the ordinance of their God they ask of me the ordinances of justice they take delight in approaching the God like he's speaking about a group of people who have a profession following God they seek me daily they don't lie in the ordinances they like to come to church anniversaries is wherefore have we fasted state AMSC is not wherefore have we afflicted ourselves and not take us no knowledge I wasn't this is a message to God what a church because you fast and afflict your soul on the day of a town we are living in the anti- typical day of its room and then notice what God says Mahomet Dave you're fast you find pleasure in exact all your labors and this is what God says to his church to hold me fast for strife and invasion the smite with assistive wickedness you shall not set that he do this data make your voice to be heard on high it is such a fact that I have chosen a day for Amanda what do Sullivan to bow down at for more running in the Sprint slack cloth and ashes under him what will will now call this a fast and unacceptable data the Lord Adonis thank you Mister was in you gotten the idea that Enron is not a day to sit down and combat clothes under us and stand for meeting him okay Jesus is coming soon on this night I have many fond now was just talk this out until Jesus comes in while were talking about what's right with other people over the things we disagree with them about nothing though that I ask you to engage in on the last day yet sometimes people think they are doing service for God by just abstaining from plans okay at least I'm not eating that's at least I'm not heating that about forward in time were not going out and doing the business of the Lord hears what God wants us to be there verse six is not this the fast that I have chosen to loose the bands of wickedness to undo the heavy burdens and to let the oppressed go free and that you break every year is it not to deal my bread to the hungry and that thou bring the four letter cast out to buy a house when thou see is the naked without cover him and that thou hide not thyself from my own flash what is God 's sensuous church he sank series of fast that I have chosen for you I want you to be going out and helping people that are downtrodden than that of the cast down on the year that the better the poor Mister the needy of the earth those who have little or no knowledge of me I'm not unicellular how and try to stay away from eating bad food and drink and drank some not Washington you should be watching sure when you love the Lord your computer healthy diet or do you hope to land a spot you're not enough filling her mind with trash from TV sure that's good that's great that's one of when your enemy doing all the right things out of love for God but you have in your mind that if you're just stand away from the bad things in your again and just but that's not what I'm asking from you at Princess that's good that your stand away from bad things but this is what I meant in front you happen to just stay away from the bad things with your life with such a mind that this is the damage that this is the judgment our princes Street but there's just a lost and dying world out there that needs help and you have what it takes to help them listen I happen to be a physician that you do not need a medical degree to go out and help people that's a nice number that is there are churches like okay while the doctors can help that the sick people and the pastors can share the word of God and never that you show me you know how long White says about the separation of the gospel ministry from the from the health ministry this is meant medical ministry page two forty one she says my brother in the Lord calls for unity for oneness we are to be one in the faith I want to tell you that when the gospel ministers in the medical missionary workers are not united there is placed on our churches the worst evil that can be placed there are medical missionaries are to be interested in the work of our conferences at our conference workers ought to be as much interested in the work of our medical missionaries wasn't it supposed to be a blended ministry between physicians and pastors are not disposition some pastors that the Lansing icon behind word of medical missionary work and I'm really excited to see the initiative of the General conference is taking under the leadership of Ted Wilson he certainly has an eye he has a vision for those he understands the Council on this there is a reason but that came out by today's standards entitled the so there you should like him again tonight and talk to me about that but afterwards the lesson more not simply supposed to be sitting around standing away from that and we should be going out and helping people why should we be going out and helping people will number one there is one here for people in this world who are sick who are hungry you are not close properly and we can help them as an entering wedge I can tell you as a physician but you don't have to prescribe prescription of medication to to gain an entering wedge into the hearts and minds of people who are downtrodden and downcast sure I felt client people through treatment and opened the door for them to sit here when I have the same with regard to my thing but you don't have to just reach them in a doctor 's office you can see them your neighbor people down the street people who are downcast you can see those people as someone and you need and want me to sell units humanly speaking apart from the Spirit of Christ nobody wants to take the time from your busy schedule from your personal time am so busy I want a little bit of time to just relax you feel like taking my time to go out and help those in need to amount a button for myself that's a fast to engage in something that ordinarily you would not leave because in it because you wouldn't necessarily humanly speaking and enjoyment from however when the spirit of God your why you will find joy in helping others in a way that you have never known and it's not just getting both of those remaining giving food to those who are hungry there's more to it than there is a spiritual element to their art people in this world who are starving for the word of God and we all churches have on message for this time that points people to shoot you but shrewd righteousness of Christ in the judgment tower of Earth 's history that will prepare them to stand in the day of God now more than ever is not the time for us to say how can we better be careful how we speak our message because we might offend other people wasn't there are people in other faith that if you would share the message through the power of the spirit that it will become the best at nothing you can imagine and sometimes we miss out on gaining them into our football so that they can be workers in the three handles method because were too afraid to say the message of the and got a think this is the fact that I have chosen or you go out and feed the hungry help the homeless clone those you are naked and give them the word of God which point to the true righteousness of Jesus Christ that is the message that God has given to us and yet what often happens because we lose sight of our mission what happened will get into the cycle of every year we have our nominating committee nominating committee 's fight over which people may want in positions of power and yet what is the church doing are they going out and feeding the hungry clothe the naked helping the sick giving them the word of God not really what is focused on keeping our power structure it so that we can keep the church the way we wanted that were comparable when we show up at the moment were here for were here to go out there to prepare people for the coming of Jesus speaking of doing this type of work of medical missionary work elements of the price object lessons page three eighty four the high calling oneself is merged in Christ love springs forth spontaneously the completeness of Christian character is at hand when the M 's holes to help and bless others springs constantly from weather and middleware help me now we talk about character perfection bang like Jesus is what it means the completeness of Christian character is attained when the end help them bless others springs constantly from within not according to my time schedule not when it's most convenient for me to go out and do some work when it fits my schedule all healthy but not when I'm busy now we have the attitude of Jesus of helping others constantly and it's not sure if the joy it's an ample that springs forth constantly from within and she convinced I think when the sunshine of heaven fills the heart and it's revealed in the count of the sunshine of the book fill your heart is a revealed in your countenance is a revealed in my countenance how I want that sunshine how I want that countenance to have that meant Halloween was others and I have been ample for help and was noted to have an import constantly from with in my heart now notice what about Isaiah chapter fifty eight what happens after God 's people realize that you know what we are living in the judgment hour of Earth 's history God is working the place to seal his character in my forehead and those only who are signing and crying for the abominations that are done in the most the land only they will receive the seal of God and when we sign cry for the abominations in the land when you study Isaiah chapter fifty eight I believe we will be setting and since Holcomb were not doing the work that God has given us the day were supposed to be focusing on helping the downcast the downtrodden those who are poor hungry naked sick and not only in a physical sense but in a spiritual sense and so God is looking for messengers for laypeople for pastors for physicians for people of all walks of life to think hey let's wake up what's get on board let's do the work that God has given us to do and this is what happens when we do the work that God has given us the deed starting in verse eight notice what happens then shelled by my break forth as the morning and nine health shall spring forth speedily and my righteousness shall go before thee the glory of the Lord shall be thy rearguard then shalt thou call on the Lord shall answer thou shalt cry and he shall say here I am here's what happens when God 's people get on board with the work that God has given them to do it says that our law I will break forth as the morning that our righteousness will go before the open glory of the Lord will be our rearguard you know what this is talking about prophetically prophetically speaking this is talking about the loud cry of Revelation eighteen one angel come down from heaven having great power and the earth is lightened with his glory and you know why the Earth is whitening is born you probably heard the night before this is a time when the character of Christ why shouldn't the year is through his last state people in Isaiah chapter fifty eight identifies how to get back character Gil wow and the like Jesus had the spirit of Jesus letting his spirit when he was here on this Earth of constantly seeking to help and bless others into your heart and into your life that's what God is looking for we can have all the doctrines figured out and we should we can have all the prophecies figured out and we should but if were not doing the work of helping and blessing others we have yet to receive a stamp of Christ care God is looking for a group of people who will do such work and that's why the thankful for ASI through the years because and not ASI has done things that many other people have not done as I goes into some places of the world to Africa and South America Asia you name it one day churches doing Wells bringing water to people that the very type of thing that Isaiah chapter fifty inside now after God says if you do these things this is what will happen the then you can then better understand the clothing must Jim Isaiah chapter fifty eight which is often the only talk about portion of the book of Isaiah pictures of Isaiah chapter fifty eight gigabytes is their chapter fifty eight identified that there'll be a group of people at the end of time to keep the Sabbath but before we get to teaching people about the Sabbath we got a show that we care about we got a show that we love them and sometimes what happens Isaiah chapter fifty eight verse twelve and they that shall be unleashed on the wheel weights places and also raised at the foundations of many generations national be called the repairer of the breach the restorer of the dwelling so there is a breach that needs to be put back together with that reach verse thirteen if not sure in a way like that from the Sabbath from doing my pleasure on my holy day and call the sabbath a delight the holy of the Lord Honorable and shall honor him not doing line on waste more finding mine own pleasure nor speaking mine own words then shall thy delight thyself in the Lord and I will cause me to write upon the high places of the earth and CD with the heritage or inheritance of Jacob my father for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken here's what happens after God 's people wake up and do the work in the damage the medical missionary work that God has given for us to be a repair in the breach will come and it comes through a proper understanding of the Sabbath out of God 's people understand the Sabbath we don't view our own pleasure we don't speaker on words we don't do things which please ourselves we actually go out and help other people you know people talk about Walmarts that he shouldn't do this or that or whatever on the Sabbath and here's the context of what she said Sabbath is supposed to be a day especially that we would view the Lords work of going out and helping them blessing others and because we have not done that were then we questioned the white one how far can I weighed and before its TV and you get under these silly questions of what will if I weighed is not breaking the Sabbath or if I just set my foot in an elaborate Masonic and we could make and become like the Pharisees inside of these and all sorts of things because were not doing the work God has given at the data we have better things to be worried about our own personal pleasure on the Sabbath they will never try to compare people for the coming of the Lord and when we understand the Sabbath properly we can share the Sabbath message when those who are out there note that we have given Brett you know that we have given both to those that we share the word of God with them we can point to point them to the true Sabbath and take this gears God 's holy day this is the identifying mark of God last day people and now you can see then how medical missionary work and the Sabbath message are connected to the seal of God and revelation chapter seven because the Sabbath is no more than the liabilities to eighty three in order for me to keep the Sabbath holy they must themselves be holy so the Sabbath is a day that identifies what our walk with God is like all weeklong and when don't have a group of people who experienced the sap the way he designed for it to be experienced then an angel was sent from the heat having the seal of the living God and he will voice the staff the seal of God 's character in the for heads of his people because he has found a group of people who not only do they sigh and cry for the abomination of Moab their not okay with them coming into the church but there also proactively going out there and doing the work that God has given us to do and that is home missionary work they have reimbursed the worst evil that could come upon maturity and that is the separate the work of healing and helping those who are downtrodden with the work of the gospel mastery they are brought together on a close the section arena try some questions page sixty one the fruit is brought forth immediately he put it in the circle because the harvest is found Christ is waiting with longing desire for the manifestation of himself and his church when the character of Christ shall be perfectly reproduced in its people then he will come to claim the masses on it is the realm of privilege of every Christian not only to look for but to hasten the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ were all who professes name bearing fruit in his glory how quickly the whole world would be sound of the seed of the gospel quickly the last great harvest would be ripened in Christ went on to grad gather the precious brainless and were all who profess his name bearing fruit is glory or in other words if all who trust to be Christians were doing the work of Isaiah chapter fifty eight of loosening the band of weapons of feeding the hungry of clothing the naked of helping those who are sick how would we the whole world would be sound of the seed of the gospel and I know for myself by the grace of God I want to follow him that I wanted to the work that he is given needed better I want to share his love with everyone that I can in a better way in a way that properly reflects who Jesus is Jesus wants a group of people who will be doing the work that he has given us to be and he has set warning that one of these day he will have a group of people who will do this work and he is sending warning to all of us thank wake up wake up wake take those images of jealousy out of my sanctuary get all of those abominable things an idol out of my worship service stopped worshiping false rice get the dark and deep secrets of sin out of your heart and out of your life surrender your life to Jesus as your Savior your high priest the King of kings and Lord of lords and when you do you will wake you will sign cry from what is happening in the church you will do the work of medical missionary work that God has given us to do you will share the Sabbath message with a lost and dying world and then Jesus can place his hand his seal his character in your four head and I by the grace of God want to be among that number is I will will will will is a to a speedy and not as hot as a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to research and audio and much more I would like to know more about a person is like this is more so than in this www. nonanswers .org


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