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Look a Little Higher

Frank Fournier
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In Ellen White’s first vision, she rose higher and higher toward heaven. When she tried to locate God’s people, she couldn’t find them anywhere. God said, “Look again, and look a little higher.” It was natural for her to look down, but God’s followers had risen high above the world. That is our destiny—to rise physically, mentally, and spiritually higher than any human thoughts can reach.


Frank Fournier

Executive VP of OCI



  • August 7, 2013
    6:45 PM
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thank you for that music thank you for coming to ASI thank you for preparing your hearts to receive a spiritual blessing I like the invited turn with me to the Colossians the book of Colossians were going to turn to chapter three several weeks ago the program chair called me up at home and said that it was urgent that they needed to have the title for the keynote addresses what I'm doing this evening and a description of it in my heart I thought it was fairly hard to describe something that didn't exist much less give it a title but I had to because they were under pressure they need to be ready the program needs to be ready and I should have been ready by by then I was being influenced at the time by what I was reading in the spirit of prophecy and I was reading a vision in a dream in the little book early writings and solve because I have these thoughts in my head because these things were running around in their I gave them a title right off the spot at right off hand and it was look a little higher now that's a good title and actually it's even good counsel we need to look higher we need to look up I had to turn with me to Colossians chapter three Colossians chapter three were one of the right foot verse one if you then being be risen with Christ now in the book of the Romans it talks about baptism it talks about being buried with Christ five in Galatians chapter two verse twenty thoughts about being crucified with Christ and dying in him nevertheless we are alive because he is alive through us tremendous blessing and when he died we guided him and when he was buried in him we were there and when he was resurrected we also resurrected with him to newness of life this is what this is talking about here if you then being risen with Christ to newness of life if you have a change of heart if you've been born again if you have new desires in new directions and you hope if you want to be like Jesus I know how you can get there this is what this is saying here by beholding we become changed it although there is not many other ways to become like Jesus by beholding we become changed and I'd like to suggest to you tonight that we need to do a lot more beholding and then we do and sometimes we behold a lot of other things that corrupt what happens in our hearts were still there in verse one if ye be it if ye then be risen with Christ seek those things which are above where Christ sits on the right hand of God set your affections on things above not on the things of this earth what a wonderful counsel that he is thinking of that little vision that I was seeing that I was reading about at the time a few months ago a young lady by the name of Ellen Harmon at her very first vision and in her very first daily vision he says he was lifted up far above the earth this is what it says so united that in your mind in the emphasis in my mind is that she was far above the earth she went up but when she was up there she decided to look for the admin people that's what you call them either not true people in New York so he's scanning the earth and she can't find God 's people and she's wondering why in the world is that they said that the angel said to her within you want to look up look a little higher that's what he said when she looked higher seesaw path the way to salvation she saw passed from the city of destruction to the celestial city and at the beginning of the path there was a bright light called the midnight cry that shone all the way up the path all the way to the celestial city and the people were not to deny that bright light behind them and you know I don't have time to seeing to it deceiving to explain what that bright light was all about except to say that the midnight cry Sean it's like if you magnified it emphasized the moving of Jesus from the holy place of the sanctuary into the most holy place of the sanctuary and God said we must never lose sight of that fact because if we do will follow the path to the dark world below and she was also instructed for the people say that they needed to keep their eyes on Jesus now the people were high above her so here she is far above this world and God 's people are higher upscale and so there is that there is good there is symbolism here and I think the symbolism is fairly clear God 's people are meant to be different God 's people are meant to be part peculiar God 's people have been met I do have a higher standard of God 's people have a higher calling if you remember Pilgrims progress in the light on them I can tell you exactly where it is but this kilogram Christian he's making his way through all these adventures through all these experiences becomes the somebody south of forgot the name of the person whose house it was and this house at many rooms and when he looked into one room he saw a man with a muck rake and the man was occupied with his moderate drawing to himself Justin sticks and strong and all the while there is hovering above the man and angel profiling to him the gift of eternal life but he is so focused on the dustbin on the sticks and on the straws of this world that he is missing what God is offering him from above he is not looking up he is looking down and that's the symbolism of that when I continue to read this vision the vision went on to show that all this was about the hundred and forty four thousand you can read all about the hundred and forty four thousand in Revelation chapter fourteen they have the father 's name written in therefore heads to have the character of God in their frontal lobe they are people that are pure they're not defiled with women and the symbolism of women and that in the Scriptures especially when it is a symbol represents a charge and being that they're not defiled with these women than obviously these women are corrupt somehow or these charges are corrupt and these people are not corrupted by these things besides that they sing a new song a song that was never signed by anyone in this world but will be sung by these people in the last days the hundred and forty four thousand I'd like to learn that song wouldn't you all yes yes they follow the Lamb whithersoever he go at not only will they follow the Lambert they follow him now and Jesus would lead us to the bedside of the sick Jesus will lead us to the prison houses Jesus will lead us to where people have a real need so that through us he can begin to meet the needs of those who have those needs you know the desire of ages says from the soul that feels his need nothing is withheld and there must be people out there who feel very need more appealing to God and we are God 's hands aren't we yes we are and this is one hundred and forty four thousand and going to be like they're going to be in God 's hands are going to be used by heaven go forward and going to be through God meeting the needs of the people around them get a ready do it now there a lot of people who have needs in point number five of course talking about the hundred and forty four thousand it says they have no guile in their mouth no deception out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks and when their mount their open everything that comes out of these your is coming from the throne of heaven these folks are simple to have an eye single to the glory of God their heart burst with gratitude for what Jesus has done for them their hearts are on fire for the truth of God and for Jesus Christ and for helping other people for doing evangelism and what comes out of their mouths is all your wow friends if this is so we better make sure what goes into our hearts don't don't you think how yes oh yes because if we allow corruption in there what you think is going to come out now it's an amazing calling really isn't it it's an amazing thought that God would have us to focus so purely on fewer things so much on Jesus alone that we receive that none of the nonsense of this world would like to feel our hearts with the enemy would like to fill our hearts with when when all this is all over then the last verse in Revelation chapter fourteen the last verse describing nine hundred and forty four thousand it says that they stand faultless before the throne of God that's amazing that's what I want friends I hope that you and I can as as the sphere prophecy says strive with all the power that God has given to a the to be among the hundred forty four thousand and I think the emphasis there is on all the power that God has given unto us I think there's a lot of people have been wanting to be part of the hundred and forty four thousand who focus on all the love and focus on all the standards and focus on all that all that do 's and don'ts that we have to do and friends I wouldn't knock that down for anything no I want to be like Jesus in my whole life audit reflect what he was like and what he would do but listen we're not going to do it in our own strength and this has been our problem we are to strive with all the power that God has given to us to be among nine hundred and forty four thousand and try to remember verse Jesus spoke he says he had dwells within me he do it the words he was talking about his father what it should be the same thing for us he that dwells in us he will do the work he's promised to do it for us and so my thought for today is a lookup set your affections on things above and not on the things of this world and look a little higher we have a right to because we had a need to the field turn with me to Luke chapter twenty one you'll recognize that Luke chapter twenty one is a prophetic chapter it's the same as Mark gives me Matthew twenty four this great chapter where Jesus outlines for us the signs of the times this is the very same chapters just happens to be in look anything Luke twenty one and were going to look together at verse twenty six this is talking about the day in which we live in I assume you have a sense of the day in which we live I don't know anyone and the Seventh-day Adventist church that doesn't know that were living in the last time were living in the last time I we can see it and there are so many things happening out there I didn't write any of his down I mean we don't have to when we look at vehicle many we know that it is held up artificially if somebody would let this thing fall apart all whole world would collapse can you imagine what the world would be like if the whole world the whole financial world would collapse it would be terrible if the whole moral world which lasted the whole religious world would become a master Babylon as it says in the Scriptures there's going to be terrible scenes before us now it's amazing to me what it says here in verse twenty six but we are not the only ones that are recognizing what is happening in the world today men's hearts are failing them for fear my for for looking after those things which are coming on the earth for the powers of heaven shall be shaken and so people are seeing something are you yes you are there's no doubt in my mind that you are seeing what's coming okay and there's got to be a solution this is your heartburn with fear for seeing those things that are coming well if you love to versus down it says there that yours and my heart may well recognize what is happening in the world can see how dangerous it is but our hearts are not fearful look at verse twenty twenty eight and when these things begin to come to class look up lift up your heads for your redemption draws nine we may recognize all that is happening and it's a funny thing I don't know about you but I get a lot of e-mail messages a lot of conspiracy theories coming my way as anybody am I the only one that's getting all this stuff is coming from a lot of places and it's constant that is constant that is constant conspiracy theories will listen all of it is not a lie much of it I suppose much of it will be the truth but I'd like to ask you a question here as yet I've never heard a conspiracy theory that was positive have you ever heard a conspiracy theory that will end up that will end up blessing somebody now all the conspiracy theories are negative and he seemed to be geared to make people afraid is not right now is this the kind of people that God wants a fearful people and if you spend all your time reading conspiracy theories and passing conspiracy theories and an studying conspiracy theories water you suppose will happen in your heart is this what we've been looking at is this what we would call looking up I don't think so I don't think so and what's amazing to me thinking in terms of God 's unfolding of the future God 's prophetic word it always ends up positive when it's talking about his own people now does that tell us anything of forensic success it tells me something now just what we're speaking about this evening but this conspiracy theories aside they are mostly speculation half of it won't happen even if it does so what don't you know that we have a God in heaven don't you know that he is more powerful than all that men can think to do how long as the illuminati bid in this world so we know where they want to go with their objectives we know what they are charged to do we know what they're up to anything haven't been able to look calmly sat in five hundred and six hundred years soul why are we afraid of it today you know that there is a God who measures all that and he allows nothing to get past him and when you look at his province prophecies all of these things end up on the positive side for God 's people now don't get me wrong I know that there is a time of trouble coming and you might think that that's that's a terrible time is going to be more terrible than anything we understand there is no doubt about that I know that morally the world is thinking financially the world is thinking politically and religiously but friends will God 's people being swept away with that now no not if we keep our eyes on Jesus not before we abide in him in Psalms ninety one it's talking about the seven last plagues it says no evil shall come nigh thy dwelling no evil line because we inhabit the Lord Jesus Christ that's all in so who cares what this conspiracy 's tell us who can look up set your affections on things above rehearsed God 's promises and and friends you believe God 's promises how much do you believe God 's promises can test whether you really believe God 's promises are not young but starting together to Matthew chapter five Matthew chapter five list of common story this is the century and Matthew to me I think it's Matthew chapter eight wrong Matthew chapter eight is verse five when Jesus was entered into Capernaum there came unto him a century and beseeching him but what's a century and was a soldier in that day was a Roman soldier and a Roman soldier in that day had I taken background this man was not anything like a pagan but this is was his background so it comes a man whose background is pagan he says since Jerry and the soldier over what one hundred men is he a pussycat no way he's not a pussycat this is a hard man a strong man and he comes to Jesus and he had he makes a request of Jesus and friends listen if this man is heard watch verse six saying Lord my servant lies at home sick of the baldly grievously tormented and Jesus said unto him I will come and heal him how much time elapses between the time that another soldier makes a request and Jesus responds to the request there is no time it's immediate and of Jesus would respond to his century and that way if Jesus would be immediate as soon as he senses the need as soon as he finds a man who feels his need on the solid feel the need nothing is withheld God is right there come to me tell me your need I will meet your needs that's what this guy did he came to Jesus a Roman soldier and Jesus is uncommon right now right now I'm coming don't you suppose he would do the same for you whatever is happening in this world are friends God is so gracious I would just hope that we would have faith more faith than we've ever experienced before as much faith as this event demonstrates he says in verse eight after Jesus as I'm coming he says Lord I'm not worthy that you should come under my roof but speak the word only and my servant shall be healed now what's interesting here in Luke chapter seven we have the same story and the Pharisees were there in Luke chapter seven there they are used to but it does not mention and the Pharisees hearing what this intention of this man was runs ahead of the century and comes to Jesus and they say to Jesus this man is worthy because he has built us a synagogue now the man turns around he gets the Jesus and Jesus says I'm coming the man says I am not worthy now there is a dichotomy here is the worthy or is he not worthy of friends listen nobody is where the all have sinned and come short of the glory of God what blows my mind is that the Pharisees were seminarians to send the Pharisees had been the rabbinical schools the Pharisees had been to the schools of the profits they were students of the Bible they were theologians in their day and the vagueness the most basic facts in theology that humanity are sinners by nature unworthy of anything where near in this world because of the cross of Calvary Jesus paid the price we have life today because he paid that price now the theologians of the day don't understand it it's amazing isn't it and a pagan Roman soldier comes along and says no I understand this I understand this I've been close enough to Jesus closer you come to Jesus the more quality will appear in your own eyes that's what it says so somehow this man has been coming closer and closer and closer to God and he begins to see the contrast between himself and his God and he healed unworthy but is something more beautiful to look at here in spite of the fact that he feels unworthy that it stop him from coming novel because he understood grace also what is grace unmerited favor that's what it is to the utterly undeserving in spite of the fact that this man felt utterly undeserving it didn't stop him from coming because for whatever reason he knew who Jesus was and the proof of the fact that he knew that Jesus was God which is another amazing fact coming from a Roman soldier is that he said to Jesus all you have to do is speak and the thing will happen now that he illustrates it inverse line ran a man under authority having soldiers under me I think it is Magdalene he goes to another common income and to my servant do this and he does it he had power in his word and as a captain in the Army all he had to do with a jump in the men jump it something like all of you mothers in here when you speak to your children and you say do this they do it right while they ought to do it now to be power in your word well I understand we're not as powerful in our word as we think we are all to be not as powerful as a captain in the army because they have methods that make men move down but the illustration is true the man understood who Jesus was and you know that Jesus was surprised Jesus was surprised now you can't catechesis by surprise can you look at verse ten when Jesus heard it he marveled he marveled at and he said to them that followed verily I say to you I have not found so great faith no not in Israel who is Israel sure in that day it was God 's chosen people it was God 's own church it was the true church of the day so Jesus comes down from heaven he's gone he comes down to this world he comes to his own people do this church and he looks our faith and you can find it he finds it in a Roman soldier with nightmare and Jesus is scratching his head and he marbles how does this happen really how does this happen and if Jesus should come down today and come to your church would he find the kind of faith that he found in this Roman soldier you think I'm looking at a couple of new Adventist and they're saying yes I'm looking at the old Adventists and they're going on I'll know I love the face of new converts yeah I really as positive and it ought to be positive and if everyone was positive the thing we were positive about would turn out to be positive because God blessed listening God bless us in yeah well when I'm going to pick in our churches what about this auditorium today how much faith is represented here you believe like this man believed that every word that God has spoken we'll come to pass if you believe it by the way that is a condition here we can see that in verse eleven I say unto you that many shall come from the East and West and shall sit down with Abraham and Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven but the children of the kingdom that church members shall be cast out into audit darkness there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth is in that said then Jesus said to the century and go your way and as you have believed proportionate to the faith invested in the word of God and in the promises of God so be it done unto the end obviously his servant was healed from the selfsame hour because he really because he trusted Jesus because he knew who Jesus was and when Jesus made a promise the thing was cash ride there he knew he could count on it he knew he could bank on it now friends I would wish I would desire I would like to see that in our individual heart we had that kind of faith so that every promise this book it's been lately and been bugging me I've been going through the Scripture Lego through the Scriptures a lot in my own personal devotion or because I'm having to prepare sermons all the time I go through the Scriptures and sometime sometimes I like upon a promise that makes no sense that is bigger then we are used to in this world and we don't correct it I don't credit the idea should say it that way very simple verses God so loved the world that he gave his son now is this the Adventist world that he loved is that the Christian world that he will it's everyone in the world that he loved and what he do to everyone in the world he gave to everyone in the world he did he did it before we were born he did it week before we were born again he did it while we were yet enemies while we were yet without strength while we were yet ungodly he did the he gave his son to everyone in the world and you know that in Romans chapter eight verse thirty two it says and we have his son he has freely given us a lot all things do you have all things tonight you have all things that I do you believe it that's it that's it I was telling someone yesterday telling a group of someone's yesterday that there was a time when I wish that I could be wealthy like some people are wealthy until I woke up to the fact that I am wealthy just because God has put money in people 's pockets and put money in trust of these people doesn't mean I don't have it because my God will supply what all my needs if I believe that my God would supply all my needs what would I ever ever worry about I could not worried because my God will supply all my knees he said so it's a promise can't you hear the promise you ever worry is there anyone in year that never worries don't raise your hand you probably won't there's no reason to can you see it can you see that you have all these can you see what it means to be a Christian can you see what Jesus did at the cross of Calvary he paid the price turns around gives us his righteousness and in his righteousness is righteousness is invested with all the and you can call upon all things and it is true from that to the soul that fuses need nothing is we know that's for sure well if we believe that promise we would have all things in the chapter six verse thirty eight I'm not going to turn there I don't have a lot of time if I don't have a lot of time but I'm going to finish before I'm over look chapter six verse thirty eight it says give and it shall be given to you shaken together pressed down with you up with what measure you make it shall be measured to you again that's pretty well paraphrased but you read the verse before and that's what it says proportionate to your faith proportionate to your giving it shall be given to you if you really believe this promise if you really believe that you cannot out give God if you really believe that you gain more by giving more I just preach the sermon that the title of which was the gains most who gives most now if we really believe this promise given it shall be given to you more than you have given that how much would you give if you really believe all that's right and you begin to see but perhaps our faith is not as strong as we think it is all we would like to say that we are Christians we would like to say that we believe in word proceed out of the mouth of God but we act not exactly like the promises promises give us the promise to understand and Philippians four thirteen I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me yeah yeah Jesus said the father that dwells in me he shut the door you do is the works that he says verily verily I sent to you he that believes on me he said exercises faith in the greater works than these shall he do because I go to my father is a true so if you really believe that what would you do would you say no when the call comes how many people have been called of God to serve you know that Mark thirteen thirty four says that to every man and every woman every Christian is given his work and it would be interesting to know how many excuses have been made as to why we can't do that work I'm too old I'm too young I'm too fat to call into skinning unto I'm not educated educated I have many children I don't have any children you know we can come up with all the excuses that are in the book and the real reason is first of all maybe first of all we are afraid that we can't do while the promises I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me is it true Matthew seventeen verse twenty says nothing shall be impossible unto you are amazing promises that is if you knew you couldn't fail what would you attempt Loughran I wouldn't want to attempting just anything that wouldn't be right but God has a purpose for human life God can determine what he wants from you gone last something that is bigger of you than you think you are and he does that because he wants to reveal himself it is through weakness that he shows strength when I am weak then I my strong and if I didn't believe that one I wouldn't be standing here tonight and there's a lot of people in this room who wouldn't be standing here at all ever because it be scared to death of sending you but if God will call you to it don't back off because you can do all things nothing shall be impossible unto you and all that it means is believing every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God all things for we know it says for we know that all things work together for good to them that love the Lord everybody knows that promise everyone is almost everyone has this promise memorize the problem with this promise of course as we don't believe it I had a friend came to us in Zambia he was an ophthalmologist he came to do some cataract surgery he was eighty two years old he hadn't done cataract surgery in quite some time he was quite nervous about doing cataract surgery surgery but what he didn't do it he did a fantastic job this was wonderful but one day he heard the preaching on Romans eight verse twenty eight all things work together for good to them that love the Lord and he was angry we had lunch together and he was doing and finally he just exploded because he said there is one verse in the Bible that is untrue and I can prove it now many of you would like to be it would be able to say I know one person the Bible that isn't true and I can prove it only when stretch ourselves that that far but he what are they really do think he had been in a concentration camp in Japan for four years and he said nothing good ever came of this well friends he didn't realize that if you don't believe a promise you that you promise that you don't believe it's just that simple obviously nothing good came of it because he couldn't trust God to draw out that which was good in that situation not very long ago and I don't know my daughter watching I'm until the story honor she called me some three four years ago I was at a gas pump in the Loveland Colorado and my phone rings and it's my daughter and she is crying she is crying God doesn't love me anymore he doesn't hear my prayers anymore I mean I don't know what to believe anymore and on and on she been trying to buy a house this was house number three are far whatever it was in every deal had fallen through and she was so discouraged because you just just couldn't get to buy a house you wanted one passionately so I said to her well Julie don't you know that all things work together for good to them that love the Lord yes I know that's what it says but it's not true for me I said well that's true it's not true for you because you don't believe it so I went home being a dad and doing what a dad should do I went home and wrote an e-mail actually was a sermon in an e-mail on Romans eight verse twenty eight and I sent it to her she call me back to three days later and I answered the phone and she said that I said yeah she said I repent while after that the Lord gave her the house that she wanted and she's going to live happily ever a maybe now hard to believe that promises right in the nineteen burst then it says nothing shall by any means hurt you nothing doesn't make any sense at all of friends it doesn't make any sense at all unless you believe you know that God can override anything you know that God means exactly what he says in Luke chapter ten verse nineteen Jesus is speaking directly to his disciples and when he's speaking directly to his disciples he is speaking directly to you he's speaking directly to me if you claim to be a disciple of Jesus Christ and his word to you and I is nothing shall by any means hurt you nothing you know what nothing means now I suppose you stub your toe I suppose you hammered your nail I suppose you that your lip for your time and it hurts right this isn't what Jesus is talking about Jesus looking at the big picture and he says I don't care what the devil throws at you by the time it's over big picture nothing shall by any means hurt you because I will take what the devil throws at you I will turn it to your advantage can you believe it friends it's true it's true been through in my life in a lot of people I guess would like to say yeah yeah it's true for a little while but wait someday something 's going to happen the question whether this is true or not well I don't know I've been the Seventh-day Adventists are thirty nine years and it's been true for thirty nine years yeah yeah but you're getting older and you wait until you hit seventy seventy five eighty eighty five I don't forget that far but if I should hit that you know after that nothing works together for good nothing works at all wow that made this for some a I don't know really know it's still true that as a good thing going he really does you know that he rings us into this world young and vibrant and healthy and strong and you'll very goal of the work the more we weekend the temptation when we are strong is to trust trust in our strength that makes sense of course and he's given us tells it much worse when we're younger good-looking and when our young were powerful and when you were younger that were on top of the world and everything is wonderful and it's hard to be the boards hard to be dependent on someone outside of yourself when you have everything inside of yourself you see but God says I've got a plan about a plan you don't want to happen given a grow old and year by year this drank in this view D and his intelligence and everything else that you are banking on today we'll declined it will decline in the older we get the more dependent we are on people around us and the more we begin to feel our weakness and the Bible says when I am weak then am I strong you see how God has organized that Sony can save us what is justification by faith the question that Ellen White asked and she answers she says it is the work of God two things I'm a value the second thing is to do for men women men cannot do for himself I would like forgot to do everything for me that I cannot do for myself but he can't do it unless he does the first thing and you know what it is to lay the glory of man in the dust he has to do that for every soul in the world it's a comment if the prom and he will do it in heavenly places page two hundred and sixty five it says he is the order of all our experiences how many all does that make any sense ministry of yielding four seventeen and he only orders that which is Providence sees that nothing happens to you by chance not a blessing seventy one I don't have an here I'm having to depend on my poor brain but in I'm going to I'm going to paraphrase it is not a blessing seventy one unlike pictures God 's people abiding in Jesus and when we're abiding in him were surrounded by him and everything that comes to us has come to us through OEM and nothing gets to us abide by but by his permission and what he permits will work together for good to them that love him and then applied in him what amazing promises and how positive how optimistic how full of faith how full of confidence how full of joy should God 's people be generally yes because we have a God who has made promises that are out of this world that blown me away they don't blow you away they blow me away in desire of ages two hundred twenty four it says if we could see the end from the beginning we would choose no other way to be led in the way in which we have been led back to bring a balance that is for sure not everything works together for good did you know that now it says everything but it's everything outside of you that comes at you that works together for good you what comes from inside of you can destroy yourself you can make decisions you can tell God to go jump in the lake you can tell you and you don't want him in your life you can turn your back on God you can devote your life to thin the you can and if you do you will suffer the consequences this will not work together for good I say that but I have seen in my life when I have made mistakes that God has taken them to my advantage self are some things we do some decisions we make that do work together for good but you can kill yourself again destroyers in it we could see the end from the beginning we would choose no other way to do it when we have to have it and we decide were going to look back at our lives the bank at any time they were going to point at some place in our experience where God made a mistake you think now we many other point to many places where where you and I have made mistakes and we have made plenty of mistakes we'll have our time finding where God has made a mistake in your case there is no doubt about that can you point you expect anything negative in your future now we need to and were done just three minutes Jeremiah twenty nine you know the verse very well Jeremiah twenty nine I wish I had a different translation this is the King James Jeremiah twenty nine were looking at verse eleven God speaking he says I know the thoughts I know the plans that I have toward you saith the Lord thoughts of peace and not of evil to give you an expected in to give you a wonderful future this is God 's plan for your life is a true even today is a true when we watched a world where we see what's happening in the world is it still drove really be true in the time of trouble what you need to bring the battle of Armageddon of friends listen God 's promises are true the truth of God 's people all the time I'm not saying there were not going to have a hard time during the time of trouble it'll be the worst time it will be the worst time that we've ever experienced ever but if you have focused on Jesus during your lifetime before the time of trouble if you have made him your God if you have believed his promises if he means everything to you and you do mean everything to him by the way that whether we go through a time of trouble or the battle of Armageddon or a little time of trouble or to nationals Sunday law or we get thrown in jail or we get exiled on an island it won't matter a hoot because God will be there lift up your heads is what the Bible says look up look a little higher and keep your gaze of their LB groveling in the things on here below secular affections on things above and not on the things of this world and friends the Lord will carry us through how many people are negative and pessimistic and discouraged and depressed and I understand there's chemical depression has nothing to do with faith or lack of faith I understand there's a lot of variables still and all still and all is God not there in his word is it not true what you think you I'd like to invite you to just with me and want to talk to the Lord about this heavenly father Lord is a blessing to look at your promises to see that how big they are to see what they mean the see what they would do for us if we actually believe them if we actually made decisions in harmony with the will of God the promises would all be fulfilled to us and we thank you and thank you and we thank you we know that you are God we know that you love us we know that you've gone to the cross we know that you paid the penalty we know that you offer us your own righteousness all Lord my assurances and what you have done and in nothing that I have done I depend on your merits you are God thank you for being my God and our God and bless us this weekend heavily heavenly father bless with thy Holy Spirit everyone that is going to speak here in this pulpit in the seminars and may we go home with our and we think is not blessed through a lesson here is my hot anthrax poorly in this maintenance if you would like to learn more and I find a is a whore as our online zero please visit www. nonbelievers


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