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Blessed Beyond Basketball

Grace Daley
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Be blessed by Grace Daley’s personal testimony about why she left professional basketball and how she has developed a winning strategy for spiritual and physical fitness.


Grace Daley was a leading scorer at Tulane University in basketball (male or female) and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2005. She played in the WNBA and on various professional teams in Spain, France, Italy, and the Czech Republic. She led the Italian professional league in scoring, was named the French league’s Most Valuable Player, and was a Euroleague All-Star selection. In 2007, she walked away from professional basketball to observe the Sabbath.



  • August 8, 2013
    9:00 AM
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good morning and I are right now is a beautiful selection time frame this morning it will be Jesus is speaking through me you won't I really appreciate him being the case and to speak at a nearsighted seer I'm really grateful for the opportunity because every time I share my testimony I'm encouraged I am demotivated I am energized so I'm hoping that today all of us will leave here encouraged me motivated and energized to be about our father 's business help as yours in the introduction I had the most people would consider to be a dream job so that means I got to live all over the world in all over the United States and actually all of my senses were paid and I got to I have very short on call them work hours and use that term very loosely because I was out there playing okay so I very short work hours I was working for two or three hours and eight and I played on four different WNBA teams Minnesota New York Houston Phoenix I also played for seven seasons overseas three years and France two years in Italy one year in Czech Republic a season in Spain and a few days in Russia and I'll explain that story and that well here's where that goes every time I traditionally chose a team I chose a team based on how I can help you write what I could contribute to them now one time in my life and this was my Russian experience I decided to choose a team based on purely selfish reasons how much money I can make eyes at the time played in Russia for women's basketball that was the place where most Wi-Fi freight God please I just want to make as much money as possible send me exactly and mom home and out in Russia and have you guys ever heard the market for its real okay I had I was called into an office to get you paid upon arrival and they wanted to pay me any duffel bag so I saw them putting cash in a duffel bag and I had him drivers items the person I had drivers that were watching me get paid and duffel bag with a lot of who are supposed to take me to my apartment and nobody I knew where I was going okay so it wasn't a very safe environment in my estimation so that they last a long less than seven days of my life Wise it is never a good idea to ask God for what you want because you know what you might get it it's a great idea to ask God for what he wants for you because then you get what you really need so unfortunately for the Russian mafia taking a lesson so anyway my story is very simple and white it started when selecting among hostile work for your dear Lord thank you again for bringing me here for this opportunity I asked if everything I see today will be holy and fully representative of you obviously my story really is simple I decided to stop think professional basketball psyche faithfully observe the Sabbath and when I told people that I got a multitude of adverse reactions and the most popular the summer along these lines you know your Christian you know you're playing for the glory of God why would you stop doing that God gave you a gift and he expects you to use it to glorify him and I kept hearing that God gave me a gift he expects needed to glorify him but the conclusion I came to was that did you mean there but that gift was not basketball to guess that God gave me was his word and in his word is contained that Commandments and in his commandments is the Sabbath so people often interpret why it is giving up my career but I'm very careful never to use that term because I did not give anything off for Christ what I did was I gave into Christ by I gave into Christ and willingly surrender and just become completely obedient because he is the one that gave everything up for me he's the one that made the ultimate sacrifice my job was simple just give in and accept this free gift and as much as people were telling me Kate you're playing for the glory of God by realizing life if I was slowly playing for God going about his business then I would be playing by his roles in bloom along with his schedule Caroline at the schedule was simple on my heavenly coaches team 's ten Commandments not making this up at the twenty first of April left and right remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy six they somehow labor and do all the work and on the seventh day your rest so that when I got to work for six days Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday during the day and on Friday evening my heavily cold calls a what is this timeout right that is a universal symbol everywhere in the world I go to symbol everybody knows this means China right so I will describe a timeout and if you can imagine this is exactly what the status should look like and feel like for us during a timeout players on the sideline predictably and begin their codes their undivided complete attention they listened intently to what they're called you say in Barnicle just talking it's a great time to catch your breath regain your focus from lax regain your strength is your preparing to go out and perfectly execute the plays at the coast to open the clipboard for the Sabbath is God 's weekly timeout for us so along with the cold calling timeouts on a team difficult also it is possible for making the schedule now here's a typical WNBA schedule and hold us up and it's actually okay if you're not able to read the teams on the schedule what's important is that you know that everybody lines represents a gain okay so this is a typical WNBA schedule now on this next page here I've taken the liberty of highlighting all of the games that entail practicing or playing on the seventh okay so as you can see the schedule drastically changes right now it's not just the WNBA the same can be said for the NBA and also for college sports this was I just printed out a current college schedule of my old University Tulane University and this represents the typical schedule now on the next day Josie after delivery the blackout all the gains that practically jail practicing or playing on the Sabbath day the schedule drastically changes again now here's one of my favorites the NFL object the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are close to home care about the typical NFL schedule these games are likely lines represent the game during the season okay now here is what's left after I black out all the gains that entail practicing or playing on the Sabbath and enormous professional sports in the same I have the unique update a summary of testimony in Trinidad a few weeks ago and when I was there I held up a cricket schedule because everywhere you go on the world it's the same thing if immediate part of these teams then Internet have to practice plans that the length of the Minnesota Lynx and I was on your schedule was I thought my father 's business was out about their business their business when I was playing for New York liberty was not about my father 's business was about their business their business I was playing for the Italian league was about my father 's business was I about their business their business when I was playing for the rationally without about my father 's business or their business you guys need a better listeners I was about the monotheist business last highlight some when I decided to become fully obedient to Christ and started playing by his schedule that is the point when I decided that I was in the about my father 's business into me being about my father 's business is a simple lesson being be the most you are probably am born and raised in the Baptist Church so you may be wondering how come it took me so long to come to this realization so I would take the time to take the story the answer is simple I didn't grow up in the Baptist Church my parents actually made the transition when I was in high school so I attended church on the seventh ten and the way I saw it we just change the day we went to church right everything stayed the same it was a big deal to just change the big news to go on Sunday now go to church on Saturday everything continue to only one including my basketball career and I attend Sunday churches and if any of you ever out there that can if any charges for the most part drawn in by noon right so that was what I was accustomed to when my parents joined this church I was in for a big surprise on Saturday when twelve o'clock rollaround they hadn't even collectively offering them I was look at them like Jean this time it was so far down the list and you have to think I was a teenager at the time okay we were getting out of church until two or three o'clock in the afternoon so my memory of the Adventist church is being very tired and very hungry and I'm sure many of you can relate I also remember I made all the way through high school on the front page of the sports paper all the time I made all the way through college on television and in the papers I made it all the way to the professional ranks and no inventive snow church member no health and temperance leaders know Pathfinder leader no stewardship leader no pastor nobody ever asked me how it was possible that I could stand so far in my career and keep the Sabbath the topic of the Sabbath actually never came up now may have come up behind the pulpit some point but I just explain the guys I was teenager and I was tired and I was hungry I never heard but I know for sure it never came up in casual conversation ventures people now everyone would just ask me about my games and they would tell me they read about in the paper when he saw me on TV and in the encouragement so naturally I thought these people ensuring the online I must be doing a very good thing right now I'm not blaming anyone for my ignorance because that's exactly what it was I just didn't understand the concept of the service on getting this information just to say that church people we need to figure out when it's time to be a cheerleader and what astounded your prayer warrior thing about our father 's business means being open be it means encouraging obedience I pray fervently when people are being disobedient anyway no one ever asked me how was possible to have my entire career while keeping the Sabbath until four years ago and that's simple question sparked an amazing transformation in my life appears away the story goes before he tell his story it's very important that introduced to people and these two people are main characters in the story song ask on Doctor Donald L and his wife and Burnett stand for moment and you get a good look at them okay Doctor Donald Bell is not your typical envy okay and we go MPs managers of diseases so she's archetypical M.D. is currently trying to put himself out of their something out he's introducing his patients to God 's healthcare plan of preventing and reversing lifestyle diseases is a practicing emergency medicine for over twenty four years he's an amazing physician and is also an outstanding preacher results of the sun every Sabbath winter now his wife and Burnett now I know they don't look much older than twenty years old but they've been married for twenty years yes I called her princess and because he truly exemplifies what it means to be a child of the King she is amazing she's a medical mission coordinator licensed contractor in outstanding volunteer in the community she is an outstanding volunteer in the public school system and see the full-time PE coach volunteer animal with high school she's also an awesome truck and I appreciate all those needles I could go on forever but anyway here is my story goes I came home from playing basketball overseas I was sick I wasn't getting enough rest I wasn't eating right I wasn't being smart now go over that of the later so when I get home my parents would say all no one you can go see Doctor Koval and his wife they will announce review and if I set an appointment to call them for something I don't know them I'm not feeling well so I called them and more levels you are just like appearance at they were nice and they were loving and as the first time I called he allowed me to go to his office and work me into the patient flow and feel at the VIP okay now this thing happened again the following year I did not talk to them in between this interaction I said thank you very much for your help to message your home again I was sick stamp late night my speeding and a mom and dad they said a grade school to Doctor Malone 's lifeboats for you and thinking I just did that last year and I haven't talked to them in between I thought we should do that yet but you know what I wasn't feeling well so I said okay I'll listen children obey your parents in the Lord again to give that simple act of obedience is what sparked this amazing just amazing my life so I said okay I called up his wife answers the phone she's all bubbly and happy in our moment visits I don't know itself later I figured out it was a craziness of zest and the joy of the Lord okay so the two can sometimes be confused but this lady was joyful I so it was an attractive quality second time this happened they call me over to their house since sure does come over his popular work treated like a VIP face I heard the missionaries say that the health methods can lead people to Christ this is exactly what happened in my case right so this thing happen three times right and at this point I'm thinking isn't getting outrageous I keep not calling these people in between and I keep only calling writing help so this is like using them yet in a public mount okay so I said I have to do something to save face his wife to talk about wanting gemstone I will extend an invitation to join her at the gym now one more time for dissent please do not currently stuffed with money out I put on the spot I present to you Barbie okay now here is what was in my mind I spent time with Barbie image in its be a total waste because I'm used to hard-core workouts and sweat and place significant you know just down in the trenches and she looks like she's straight off the rack right so I'm thinking I may go to waste my time but at least it will look like and use immediately more so we went to the gym and she invited me to her strength and conditioning class I see just gotten out of her dance class I figured those of you walk in the park and you know what I preach of the class and I thought that that was okay okay here's the next scene I wake up in the morning right that of Earth uncle Don's delayed onset muscle soreness right side wake up the next morning and I can't even walk right and I drive a stick shifts I literally had to lift my plate on the plots and I started to get the myself I can not be outdone by Barney I was going back to the gym together to keep doing this until I can prove myself again when the competitor is where we start once again and after a while she says hey you know what do you want to start studying status lesson together right and now throughout because remember in church I was very hungry and very tired and established part of the service wasn't hearing the reason for that that many church earlier cell I think you know what I will study this lesson with this lady because I'm enjoying her company right I'm enjoying the relationship a lot of times we get caught up in religion we forget about the importance of relationships that's how you bring people to Christ so the particular we were doing at the time was called the Christian life I love you guys remember this one is from two thousand nine and this is how the journey begins we start going through this book and in and in the meantime were always going to the gym at some regular activity right multiple possibly the first lesson in Sabbath lesson was entitled love I thought to myself I know you guys love and this is old news this is exactly why I wasn't doing this before because there's nothing in it for me God is love I know that in the next lesson was entitled to I thought to myself again Faith without works is dead I know that too my guess and tell me not that my mom treated that term life in scope and personal self I'm going to the motions with his lesson and the necklace was entitled home I really be honest with you I was hoping it would soon be over okay but at the same time I haven't had a great time and again and very truly yours and was even be outdone outlasted by Barbie okay the next lesson was entitled like right in I know that the Bible says I've come if you may have life and have it more abundantly so once again I'm just going to the most none of this is really for me but I'm enjoying the relationship with my new friend so I let it continue the next lesson was entitled revelations and it became one of you know where I'm hoping that God reveals to me when the end of this lesson book is going to happen because this is taken up a lot of my time in the roaring sound came so the next lesson was entitled sin I should probably put this on the biggest size poster board available percent in the problem we have in earthlike the Santa Fe big problem and I know that the wages of sin is death and get the garden throw myself once again there was no new news to me now at this point things changed the next lesson is when my eyes started to become hoping the money was great and I feel like my mom and dad gave me the name drinks for such a time as this because whenever I see my name you might write a document that has my name I like to research the meeting I like to read about it I like to hear about it the next lesson was entitled grace okay and just a little side note whenever you see the word grace in your Bible from now on I know a lot of times we've been in no condition to think the graces simply an undeserved gift from God interpret the word grace as God 's power okay Hayes 's relationship with God and the way you read the Bible so great is God 's power supplies power led me to open my eyes at this point and simultaneously as the lesson was called Grace and I decided this is now about being that when Francis and asked me any know you're about to go overseas how are you to do all that and keep the Sabbath and I got to thinking the contract already written the dollar fell was already decided I just had to show up at this point I sold the country I wanted to go to okay she asked me this question is if you know what a case from limited by my father 's business I can go back over there and played in prime so the next lesson was entitled to rest should not have a direct message from the Lord Grace rest and when I got that message she said there was only one thing led to do I picked up the phone immediately I called my agent and I said game over ice time for me to play for a new coach Frank and he said well are you sure about this and I said absolutely the call me anymore if you have a job given someone else because now I'm about to go about my father 's business right that was an open shot there was nothing left to decide it was not agonizing over to Susan God distinct great rest it was a simple choice to make now what followed is very interesting while Christ was here on earth resting I started thinking used to be a basketball player while in her honor I used to do certain things a certain way and the necklace was entitled heavy as God is telling me drapes rest centers heaven okay stop thinking about redoing down here on earth so I thought to myself okay that's fine all the rest also said that having but I knew basketball player you want me to be now God since discipleship okay before you call he will answer them blogger gets speaking people here so now I got this mandate from God Libya full-time disciple of pumped up I'm excited about this but then reality set in as if you know what when I was a basketball starting to get a check I believe my Bible and I hadn't heard anything about are you selling him tell him see that is if I get a ride and the next lesson was entitled video makes me left right stewardship now is simply God telling me you know I'm you think about your bills you think about your house and car remember that here's anyway that is all mine all you have to do is put your life in my hands and I will handle your business if you're going about my business right then I thought to myself my get you there discipleship that this is my course work for life now and the answer came in the next lesson community is just amazingly got speak when you're listening right communities I decided I'm staying right here at home I bought a house in my hometown worked out great dynamic blinders on and I told it is available for full force 's alarm of line is wrong about being home in the community the next session was entitled missing that was God telling me yes you are doing all the same time remember the great commission is going to all the world and preach the gospel since I got back to mission from God I've been traveling every year on a mission trip with the Google United Nations itself axes rope that was started in part by Doctor Modell his wife who traveled to a different dumb country in the world every year just to spread the gospel through the health message we provide free medical dental and often cheer for communities in need at the end of every visit they come to me they come to the counseling station later we let them know that we want to be in good health and we give them tools in order to stay healthy to prevent or reverse whatever this is a half and most importantly God love to meet their needs and then we tell about Jesus follow his example so why realizes the more I got connected to Christ the more connections I had his life mice are looking for a job I can find I have three okay I turned down many other authors and here's why when I learned that the kingdom has to be our ultimate objective and as I traveled over the years I have witnessed that we are losing sight of that is your story with you happen just a few months ago so you know that is not just a world that's losing sight of our objective okay I will talk about the administration never disclosed the home and there's still reason illustrate why it is time to be about her father 's business noted the smart team Doctor Koval his wife and myself we traveled to judge another state just like today I was asked to share my testimony you know I want to wrestle basketball closer and stopped it's a simple consistent story but there was a catch on this particular invitation the pastor of that search told me not to make the Sabbath a central issue or a focal point while sharing my testimony of an attribute is less clear you'll gain I was told not to focus on the Sabbath trying not to mention the status at a Seventh-day Adventist church in the words of the pastor the status is a very sensitive issue and the church is divided by now I didn't completely understand at the time while getting this message by it was revealed to me later that some of the leaders in the church and deep-pocketed people have their kids playing all kinds of sports on the Sabbath day so I was reminded a number of times before arrival and upon our arrival to stay away from the topic of the saddle by Seventh-day Adventist pastor and also by the Associated Press I never thought Orlando I never thought I would live to see the day when I would fear that the Seventh-day Adventist church is the Firefox status and life is free and clear in acts four twenty nine I said no more holder threatening grandfather by servants that with all boldness we may speak that word and went about my father 's business now this particular church had two services I thought to myself well I'll definitely make out the first one was interesting that these Martinez and it will have abortion back in the hotel right well that is good okay I did not miraculously made it to both services and needless to say those that were offended by the Nazis were those that were clearly in violation of the message not just a safety restraint like only know how to speak plainly there are a lot of Seventh-day Adventists that are not keeping the Sabbath it may sound hard strength I speak as directly as I can to make this clear were not going about our father 's business were going about their business there are no two ways about it and we can be in our father 's business ever not being obedient to our father we can work for him and for not working with you and were not being obedient wrestling working against and youngest thing is actually cheaper than the Sabbath and to ourselves how many Christian principles are we not shearing because we ourselves are not living them I think about the two main points of emphasis in the Seventh-day Adventist church access apart from other religions are the Sabbath and health message delivery absolutely and already told you are very real story let you know that the Sabbath is in danger now if we didn't turn to look at various congregations were also got a letter back to health message is endangered to weekend the same health methods for health intemperance in this twice a year maybe at the mall so this is a message that is clearly not being consistently reinforced from behind the pulpit and in order to make real progress at the church in order to truly be about her father 's business this has to change we have heard so many be traveled all over the United States okay we've heard so many Adventist pastors use this line and maybe you've heard also they say things like eating right will get you into heaven and yes there reverted and although everyone will agree with that statement yesterday that it's actually very disrespectful to the health message and it's actually something that we hear far too often the lint trap put into perspective yes you don't hear preachers getting a blindfolded and seeing things like which are in fact what did you have any better than ever heard that it is a loan that would be disrespectful to the timing message and value to type a message to start tithing because they put in the practice and they seen the miracles it can render a talk about timing every time the offering plate after their convention the timing is not a means of salvation but it is a powerful testimony of obedience to God nothing else in your past is behind both insane community service will get to heaven any answer that it simply because that would be disrespectful to community service and they put that into practice they've seen the miracles they can render the talk about community service all the time to talk about visiting the sick and the siding distributing literature visiting prisons that she could do more of an something there convinced us and they know it's not a message of salvation but it is a powerful in testimony and effective toward leaving people to Christ now what you write the following health message may not get to having but it will ensure that your time on earth as a disciple is more productive and enjoyable is a clear indicator to the world that you understand that true stewardship involves not just in time talent and treasure not to season those things to glorify God but also your template is a method is not a message of salvation but is a powerful testimony of obedience to God and very effective tool lead people to Christ now many pastors many leaders have not put the health message and practice so we haven't seen the miracles it can render him that's why they may not respect the value life the last time you guys know the principle of rest life one last time you heard a preacher tell the congregation Bible and early it's probably because most preachers are staying up late I am normally simple if you are not practicing this lifestyle they probably will not eject okay so those two principles established in the health message they are two gifts that God gave us that make it so easy to spread his message of love and salvation it is time and maybe pastime at this point was actually time to be about a father 's business and to be obedient and start using those messages we need to connect a one hundred percent deviance in all aspects of our lives and understand that there are no lessons I'll be either about your father 's business or you're not people turned out you know what I see are not about their father 's business they tend to make excuses to try to justify their behavior people letter about their father 's business simply trust and open me Garth of the consequences I like enough to me after I shared my testimony once and he told me that his son with a collegiate baseball player and that would be harder for him to make the decision to keep the Sabbath that was for me because his son is a twenty -year-old guy and you know it's different for him I just don't understand I'm here to saying a psychopath there are no levels of obedience we are all ultimately faced with the same decision are we done in the about her father 's business or not now besides following Christ is never a matter of getting things up it's simply a matter of getting a once you've given the Christ what's can happen is if I willingly surrender all the things in your life to him and how life of complete surrender and obedience isn't the most powerful testimony now I used to think that playing basketball with my vehicle Mister Christ but then I realized I was the one driving the vehicle when I finally learned that obedience is the most powerful vehicle because Jesus is the one behind the wheel and I've actually had more opportunities to share Christ in the last four years since I stopped playing on the seventh then in my entire fifteen year career for today I look forward to the Sabbath I love the seven most awesome day of the week but I was a lump in right arm of the gospel I love the health message you heard me talk about who was nominal the father-in-law of the health message I just love to talk about it I love living and I love the benefits I also you should now be smart see myself kimono and his wife the repacked the health laws in a very tree and wait what we've done is we've been practicing in a way where we made each health law on mission a mission is accomplished by the end of the day when he prophesied mission to try and check off the list right was feeling accountability list because March is no see how it works the first common goal the principles briefly to be the smartest from believing God your missions if you just accept start your day with prayer spend quality time with God has morning devotion spent time in the word and anger daily prayer something we teach children to do something the often neglected to get older the ENB smarts for eating fruits and vegetables and drinking water your mission cities to success is to go for at least seven servings of fruits and vegetables every single day and easily remember that if gophers seventy hooray for having tried it out it was in the beginning so it will be the end remains will start getting ready for having right now eating the foods that God created you for eating fruits and vegetables and drinking water water and no soda I and we also are encouraging people the Jews of France instead of juice right he destroyed the whole fruit and nothing but the fruit so help you God the SUV smartest for sunshine here your mission should you choose to accept it at least fifteen minutes of sunshine and fresh year every single day now if you're darker skin you need more time in the sunlight eighty percent of African-Americans are vitamin D deficient seventy percent of Hispanic Americans are vitamin D deficient sixty percent of white Americans are vitamin D deficient the best source for vitamin D is the sun sign and everything to us for free when you get out get into the sunshine every single thing the entity 's martial moderation we teach the Christian definition of moderates in the state self-control in all things at all for eating the right things right and abstaining from all evil so I'm not relevant is that this tobacco alcohol I meant to say we need to abstain from for their very center like donuts and cookies and cake and ice cream to only teach moderation we don't teach children all is okay have a little device connect here I better with each children replace that ice cream with some roads or something that God created an example we want to put things in our body very good for us we know things are not good for us because the studies of building a sugar causes diabetes contribute to heart disease cancer cause you gain weight depresses your immune system things like that we don't even want to talk to write he wanted to eat the foods that God made for us to heal our bodies and restore us the agent be smartest for action I is fraction for adults thirty minutes a day okay for children were talking about actually sixty minutes and a minimum now I want you to hesitate one minute with me okay every stand up I even sit long enough and that's not healthy Sid one and is ready for sixty seconds I wanted us to do this activity is very simple RICO singing cheers all you do is such a bottomed object you get back in touch about Nokia jeer and get back to China these are enthusiasts ready set go going sixty seconds of your home and watching the data from your jobs and just barely get off like now looking great it looks like a popcorn machine insult last so far so good as your only twelve seconds into a high ranking on everything that ninety nine the document working in double times he's on a mission with twenty three seconds and is right now keep going to get the sixty second that's our goal right now which are needed for shrinking the narrative thirdly but also physically all right you're halfway there you have twenty five more secondary house the popcorn machine is slowing down this seems like it's almost time even Hawthorne are twenty fifteen more seconds ago you going from you guys again feels like there your heart rate is not revealing to ten nine eight seven six five four three zero eighty five so that I believe a simple blank exercise makes you happy I is to let his room and then as long as I demonstrated in the beginning exercise actually increases your body 's level of serotonin in the body 's natural happy woman so God gave us these things a week and be happy again with these healthwise so exercise thirty minutes a day and exercise actually lower your blood pressure more effectively than medication but just like medication you got it do it every day okay and obviously navigate resting Monday on the Sabbath are at rest rest it means being one ten o'clock every single night okay and that's something we have to do if you want to be effective witnesses the next day that are awake alert and happy going to bed on time and was removed the key in the smartest for tell others it's a very powerful principle that is a reflex if you're living this way tell others fear Jesus every day everywhere you go all around the the world is in your home outside your home share Jesus and he's also a TV time limiting your TV time one hour less Ali television you watching this right now this is quality television you will easily be smart we tell people to go for the gold to start work on one thing more everything working on our entire being okay to work on everything over the goal and what we've actually got it made this means but agreed away the taxes program represents a public school system now the DMV smart exactly for believing God but in order to get this program at the public schools the B&B 's marketing team brush your teeth and days and you know what we have parents making us every day about this because the only these are things you don't like things are the missions are to brush your teeth in the morning brush your teeth before bedtime and then before bedtime so we device smart shot okay proposed that a simple chart and actually we can't get it looks like this it's in the form of a paper that they allow every day at school this simple paper we have seen this paper revolutionize life don't it hold them accountable for their deal reaction we host free exercise classes for a local community for times a week okay and it also involves him again night for the young people we incorporate a spiritual lesson at halftime and we've been teaching these principles and we've had people filling out the smart charts again we seen people lose thirty pounds forty five pounds more sometimes we seem people reduce their medications get off of their medications we've seen people experiencing the unfunded life Jesus talks about based on simply following his health principle that he's given us for free if we could get this in March in the more schools we'll see how powerful is it can revolutionize the health of America if it's something as simple as holding people accountable for their actions and letting them know that it is important to us that they do these things right we all need encouragement we all need reinforcement so we won't want to encourage each other to be smart be smart it's time to start is good for your brain who for your heart right and if you want more information on our program more website www. .de smart three sixty five .com www. D smart three sixty five .com and you can learn more about our program and how to try to get this in the public schools and health principles that we promote our acid enough from us there from God now I'm a close with a story that can bring this whole thing into perspective and let us know that she only is it time to be about our father 's business because it weren't doing anything here on earth that's selfishly motivated is about us we are working in vain not years away the story goes for the last four years I've been a physical education teacher at the limit is left now in the upcoming year albeit in our teacher I'm excited about that I love kids and five -year-olds are the best thing that happened later maintenance used for raising right is when they start acting crazy Oscars she tries to soften your heart so anyway I'm afraid for me on a venture loan every year in my palm PE classes basically to basketball unit I so wanted to see me young between my legs and crossing over and they don't start while the goals only be called right when they see me naked on the Sox might ask them at the end of this unit are you guys know dreams basketball prayer ever play the game was the five -year-olds they tell me that my reason is not clear however and you know it's flattering by I like the consumers of debris on his first film after drinking his tomb Michael you know I've appreciate you saying that but it's not me guess again Anne season raises and I know I know I know I know okay whose greatest ballplayer Michael Jackson so I got myself in Michael Jackson cited was halfway there you got my group are right my goal during any implement community said are keeping this in mind a few years from now if what you're not doing is about your father 's business no one will remember who you are no one will remember what you've got five euros going okay they'll know what Jordan is and he won six championships nearly there any honest if I had not been invited to the theater today you might know why was I okay so I'm sitting in a psychology at story simply illustrates best time to be about our father 's business because if we choose to be obedient to him and I'm waiting being of our father 's business being obedience okay and if we choose to Bielby into God he will be remembered by the one that matters amongst my Bible tells me Hebrews six ten God is not unjust people not forget your work and the love you so we can and he was at here as yet healthiest people and continue to help them so everybody is in two things be smart to be smart it's time to start Friday second thing in it is time to be about our fathers business Philip thank you for the opportunity once again given the semi- testimony and just thank you for them the motivation I know that you have already given us in IRC please does allow us to continue to encourage each other on this journey this journey to spread your message please help us to all remember and continue to utilize the tools if you estimate are so easy for you and you were helpless to her just as a young with my audio if you would like to learn more and I find a and I is him and more as a online sermon is www. maneuver is not a


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