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God has a plan to finish the work, and we’re part of that plan. Be inspired and uplifted by one of the Adventist church’s most beloved and legendary speakers. His greatest desire in life is to be prepared to meet Jesus when He comes. He’s coming soon!


C.D. Brooks is a well-known evangelist and founder of the Breath of Life television ministry. He held his first evangelistic campaign in the early 1950s. In the summer of 1964, he led a major tent campaign in Philadelphia during the “long, hot summer” of urban rioting, defying a plea from the mayor to shut down, and baptizing nearly 300 people. While serving as associate secretary for the General Conference Ministerial Association, he fearlessly preached the Adventist message around the globe. Since retiring in 1996, Elder Brooks has been serving as a part-time chaplain for the North American Division. He has been married for 60 years to his wife, Walterene. They have two children and three grandchildren.



  • August 10, 2013
    10:45 AM
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what is very good morning everyone and God bless you she has allegedly already I have very honored to be here on this particular event because of my sincere admiration for a what it has done what it does when it contributes to understanding for I consider this a high privilege today God was gracious she called me from this restraint the ministry and I am so thankful that you did and so overwhelming was I with the whole idea I thought I was calling me to impossibility and I needed and I thought I needed something to undergird my faith and I found it soon in my personal study Christ's object lesson all of these meetings are enabling all God greetings all and debris there was a time when this world with malls from the sins of our fathers have been drilled into consideration the plan of redemption which involved also the cost of rigid rod who owns the cattle of what I thought was an issue he doesn't count it was at all my data but by Gail in my silvers by it doesn't really need I but if I read an salty mess and although such immorality wrong as well that we have on file in his work including international law as he seeks to salvage from humanity and the population of his entire universe love decided on a mission to those love was committed to the mission there will thought all Avalon and gone I decided I had to I will put enmity between thee and the woman thy seed and her a Messiah is coming along those your okay not Satan is listening to this many caught the problems I'm going to send someone born of a woman not want you to imagine he gets pregnant first time and the devil is watching everything the child is more he fastens his eyes on me could this be the Messiah Road he was wrong when he saw obtained that include his desire to do as you please despite of what God said even the other side if she does not belong within game Ebro who wanted always to follow the word of God to do it is God 's not according to his own opinion but I think the love of God and the will reply soon on on and on Shannon all and the double word in the Marquis and gain killed his own brother still Satan wondered what you the promised one hundreds of years back Satan remained confused about something yet is tantamount to murder the kingdom of God by scores of salvation they seem to have had a lot of in his forces burned on it in the boundless centers on Phil Lowenstein Satan drove a world man with pleasures of sin and sex and every other debasing element St. John was doing as I am always wondering where is this Messiah then he heard God speaking to Noah Noah's old vegetable building off for the salvation of man and beast bill that great salvation that there was a man willing to do what God says four hundred and twenty as the price is eschatological message is the sport of the unbelievers the hot made of stone and finally it was British so now which means when he dies he shall come Methuselah was lamenting silent is there a occur because not scholarly post now one day while they were in press interviews on mocking and laughing underwriting an unusual site animals of every description I have spoken about this business before and it seems to me that if I will then saw a lie on walking down the street will attack it is instantly if Falwell was leaving she would be a breath Senator and they gave them the people good fit it is not repetitive of Zelda all the shots that will lead at Oakland now I have predicted in writing and no one has ever seen that but now the government the user will sum up brushing off they get a lot all over I noticed I see the harm another blundering is held up the old they knocked on the door on the side and beyond nor reap we believe you now will come in the group if you let us but it was out of the hands of no and the ratings and the battery shattering warblers of the value the plates of the era were jostled about the stoles the skeleton structure of the was shady and movement in the one service or Satan himself beyond or his own life at that I have one thing is sure the patriarchal age was over normal one nine hundred plus you out old GIFs in the lion one member of a calculator and they do everything those whose things anymore that man figured it out he said that was an eighty one declension eighty one percent hydrogen in the lifespan eighty one percent declension in the lifespan and it seriously affected the growth the high and the weight of man God trying to say man inexplicably obstinate are unwilling to listen unwilling to do and then there was repopulated that came a man on the scene of action name was a bride and God called him one day and said that the out from my father 's house from its individual land that I will afterward shall we no one please call the father of the faithful it modular door they knew exactly where they will and saw a land flowing with milk and coffee but it takes faith to go when you don't know when you will when God sent how shall you than Abraham bad goodbye to his people and struck out with his possessions is a strange in a strain life the plan of redemption had been brought to his attention through a covenant God made within a blood covenant he also understood the more hundred year bondage of his people age of glass Joseph had been the hero of agent unknown will forget what I would figure for the first time the smiles are hurled across my hosts as I called Egypt the granary of the will but then the Bible says that came on Cairo that knew not Joseph they had been driven down into Lake sun in fact it is a strange country your goal down more than books that was found they are manned with hatred seafaring is hot of Pharaoh but do not give you began is my down more and he drove the pixels on the power and all the land Angela Fertile Crescent of Pharaoh that knew not to somehow Satan inspired him with the and and all about treating baldness Idaho will admit I say sure people start him up so much that he ordered the slaughter Bob newborn baby and everybody in the Jewish race who had one of those was trying to preserve them that was born to a couple of RAM in your Chevelle a son mother had prepared at all which it was thought set it afloat on the Nile trying to keep him alive so Marty Newman especially the memo that this one would be dangerous Ms. Swan babe in a mission while growing up overseas bylaw and Satan knew what the power of God could do God had made his covenant with Abraham and Moses was a part of the consideration of that covenant the covenant flow downstream and it did not change Isaac and Jacob were involved in each one importantly don't realize that even though this beautiful boy was born and his name when they called Moses and he didn't understand his role I understand it the promise move down the strings of dive not to be changed at all but to be accepted and believed by his all in all it will not fade into oblivion don't and it did not pertain Franklin to Israel alone to the exclusion of other people everywhere Israel sat sorry would become gone witness said Israel said they would become examples of the rest of the world both patrons which they would Israel would say something to them that they are not identical that there is a God who is the author salvation through the blood of his own son nobody else could teach that lesson like Israel Moses was chosen to confront Pharaoh instead of their own bus save the low let my people go pharaoh was incredulous fiascoes such question is raw that I should let the people go the last FDIC why he thought to himself all I will I worship this one and I love this is what he is not going to order a meal will lead the prayer room and not Burnett did you know there are many who feel so badly toward fatal you know Israel answers a question when Moses went to them they want to go with Moses had to get the answer from God I am that I am saying I will be your job and if you're honestly I will like but more than that if your soul is what I download through you would like an old woman they never quite seem to go in but they at least were willing to listen and so God said can play ten and I think the first three attitudes Israel is the last set of where experienced by the Egyptians alone finances were needed for the strip I think God over his plans and said I need VS I on this they had to have goal for the searcher will they all will attend the long run they have to have old Anselmo and blacks as slaves what were they going to get little-known episodes perhaps we haven't always caught but when the time came the people of Egypt have been so terrorized that out that they came out with loads of relevant cells and is told the Israelites and make it as easy or God will and he made them rich instantly Rick the Egyptians got soul beyond God for the sanctuary be developed he saw the implement this could not be shoddy this would represent God so they brought in the role even GM's for the high priests found God providing I read somewhere that the trip should've taken eleven days eleven days from Asia Decatur but because of unbelief and monetary numbers during the draw for the night there there were times when God seemed to bid on the imagine not seeing the malicious software just leave me alone why in the world what God speak to a man like that is the Leman controls the look leave me alone that I might know what to do with these people Moses hung in there reading for the SC leave me alone and he even offered himself to die they are now let's job Moses couldn't do that but he could be gone but type book that I need to become I thought that the wrath of God subsided the dilemmas will roll the low rumble of thunder on the horizon and God Sharon I will looking a long and tedious as hard as necessary during a shut in the eleven days instead it will quite a bit long it took quite a bit long ladies and gentlemen God has already always that is God has always needed finances and financiers people who will be to carry his work for for God had to get the selfishness and greed in the hearts of his own people even when Israel was allowed to go back after the second captivity and ramus will there is allowed the names of the versions handle the finances God always needed someone who could do that and then along to engage as a baby born in a manger for heritage varies Jesus then came an urgent message Joseph arrived to take the mother and child at play in page about who could just do that in the middle of the night maybe just five you can find that father-in-law so I will good will and you will you money but to be told to leave him without consideration away we get the five events such as red Oak I know that all without finances I have wondered how to do it well I discover the dementia three wise men came to visit the child and I can imagine broader brush them don't know if they had been but take with you goal and that an frankincense and they brought these gifts and made them at the feet of the base now you've got the money to finance your trip and agent my wife and I have been to the area call Monterey off as they say that's the place where the holy family stayed until broadband them return their old life and safety on the right savior of the world escaping to a remote village with his parents but for this additional supply by broad crimes was not made the preeminent one in it at the Lord Jesus Christ through the reputation would develop around him and soon men the everyman everywhere were good to know the plan of salvation for before the foundations of the earth were laid gone and crimes were committed to look raw Christ was seen as a triumph of one after years of tall holographic raffle ministration at home Joseph Fiala healing the sick opening the eyes of the blind doing exactly what he should have done he knew that his time on earth for now was growing why are you sure in the world have to tell his disciples about they are assigned now who in the world the words back to a despised small group go in the world good and imagine growth and prosperity and progress such as Christ invasion go into all the world teach all nations baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son and I will and will so slow that you and some money but script I would be branded credit cards of today by America God the Lord how we going to do it all we're going to handle this you know it's almost inevitable that if you follow a line of hybrid bridges and by the time you get they are they will have fouled the earth well last night I listened to powerful beautiful children about a character who shows today a man who was fabulously rich a man who had the top education in all the land of Israel a man who had the last word in this undated man who had more money than he could ever use that man's name was Nicodemus about whom we heard so delightfully last night 's libido by night and I heard that Doctor Kim talking about the fact that users and Nicodemus must inevitably meet but Nicodemus might have been a colony might of been afraid I read all those barriers and various and differing ideas about him he would come slipping over after dark now was he a moral coward I don't picture image that altogether but he certainly didn't have to wait on the specific way in the fall of his fellow study drug maybe so I don't know it whatever's visit in May she had the last word in Jerusalem maybe after Rubin the best time for him would you be yet some protracted discussions that he couldn't just receive them as Christ passed by they needed to study the angle so we went by nine to see the young age the young teacher he called a month to get sick from God the Web advisor CM Nicodemus who last saw the Israel Dave John an account of them meeting together in their view of the time his name mentioned in the various texts broad so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that most famous and all quoted text John three sixteen was delivered to Nicodemus but want to be was a Morland and he was busy with temple and temple sacrifices and their meanings as he talked to others and now the young future search and you must be born again oh and I could wake them up you talking to me him that is what you have to say to me I but I have this assignment I usually do not run their I will call old man all men Israel the producers country have become a narrow prejudice little is split up nation with confusing traditions getting hogging anything well what am Nicodemus was aware of and wondered what to do about it but Ellen White Sands at the desktop Nicodemus can of the past time for him and put your Nicodemus came to cry the end another rich man Joseph of our monthly Joseph had been at home for himself and for his family you know when the venerable age of mass Richard Senia and I were having a conversation one day he began to describe this gravesite of a humanist Richard Senior went as he talked to me is that Brooks don't you go there don't they you go there we not only didn't fail the first time but we came back to that spot the film breath of life Richards went in that God which still has its winepress and which does not fit the descriptions on the descriptions of the two inside Jerusalem does not get this one at you told me to look for three crosses on the back wall byzantine Cross he told me the you really did what an experience but then Jesus became poor Jesus became for and yet the Bible and predicted he would be barren amongst the rank heard that last nine Richard said Brooks when you look in the tool itself you will see that one in the event has been extended that's because Jesus was an old man and have to work on it in a hot presented if you find the Catholic all low ask him to do for you what he did for me I was anxious to see what it will ask the caretaker the new HMS Richards well and he went to the front of the children looked out you didn't see anyone else coming in the unlocked the bars and I went in and laid down in the two where we believe the set of broad spent a little time Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea bank body of Jesus in those days but if like those in the two figures that well I always did that offender was interested they can buy the block by the lot of wind is used to influence you all rich man showed up pilot who had made a mess of everything signed the death warrant Nicodemus and Joseph took the body of Christ Washington closed at partial life at you washroom that's all I command here to be seen no I don't think so the hostility of the Joe says he is outrageous who held him in such high esteem but they were courageous man Joseph surrendered his own tool the Sanhedrin found out about it and they did so more he will bring calamities upon Israel and on for you to call Jesus missile arrive five forty one and he didn't indicate which she thought was above the other but he called him Lord later on you then found it hard to associate Christ and is in the Messiah by referring to a snake on a bold the Bible says ours is the mayor would hang the luxury he had to deal with that is dealt with and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit below on the Messiah and he expected him with ranch house had just shows that while the people they expect to become more already surrounded him he expected off in celebration parties wanted those set out in the wilderness wrapped around local version of man who dives that way Nicodemus and other whiteners and lobby became his firm as a rock he was a rich man but he was as firm as a rock no worry about financing the ministry and I read through some of the disciples got your back said the rich man and he spent his money he spent his money and became more bizarre pictures as he became full on the floor curtain on all of this began was on my conference in Oregon when Jesus said to him you must be born again I am bound by the tyranny of the clock I did want to say this however I believe that before you have your first meeting I believe that before you stepped on my faith to accomplish for God has allowed you to accomplish ASI I believe you were conceived in the mind of God not believe that he chose you and he chose these attitudes and that's why you idea that's what I believe that boy aside plans me to a large measure I'm going to skip over some things I would've said I will judge you about a law commanded us to campaign it will Google islands of the Caribbean we should put people into teams and my brother five years older whom I had the privilege of baptizing he and his partner have a lady on their lands I went to see our one day she always seems Solomon why and on this particular day husband was chopping down the grass with a machete and when they approach she wanted to know what you want they told him they had come to see her she is been coming to our meeting is that I said I thought a woman if she were times that discharge is going to go that's his own way as she spoke a model for digital word for a while at issues that in the woman said but I must what follows and where they are because all these people normally go to the beach saw what was happening and gotten around we had a rather large baptism to that woman was in the group to be baptized for the robot can man in the sea ten associate software wisdom and ten victims bringing the candidate said leaving the mall we have a system and it was working when suddenly my brother will here comes that man apparently and arrange and I CK software they moved up closer aside and he said to his wife did I give you that you join this thing is working and she said the same two words but I much only to tell me I will get it up and yet you want to join I much reached out and grabbed her shoulders but men moved in closer but then they couldn't understand what he was doing he was sliding his hands found her on as he knelt on the ground he said on my leg I've been looking for religion worth dying hey this one is worth I thought that I will say I was taught will show you when you should sell your house and you and I send work around the world that old man told me in Cleveland Ohio the people are going to have to come down and leave those expensive technological inventions leave those large television screens leave all that they may cherish their come out the front door at a lot available on loan and will be blocking the knock on the idea literally not all Mormons are a you might want every morning and saw this maintenance services and industry if you would like to learn more and I find them in Anaheim is a more is a free online service please visit www. maneuver is not


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