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Lecture on Beast vs. Covenant

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)



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besides for prayer our father in heaven as we consider the holy Bible particularly the prophecies of Daniel I asked that she would give us wisdom and teach us to understand why ask for this in the name of Jesus and Cara Manor Bibles to Daniel chapter seven will be speaking today about certain parts of Daniel eleven but our real topic is the mark of the beast and Daniel eleven becomes a real aid to understanding the mark of the beast Daniel chapters seven and looking at verse seven Daniel seven four seven do you say there that the bees stamped the residue with this with its feet now let down the verse nineteen you see in verse nineteen and that it made war with the with the saints and prevailed against them now look at me verse nineteen is also run of its minutes the first twenty one is made more with the saints and prevailed against them look at verse twenty five where he speaks with great words against the most high and wears out the saints of the most high at the end of the verse and they were given into his hand I can just establish the first point I'm making today is that the beast is against the saints that well-established by the precipitous looked at Fort Daniel seven stamps the residue takes warm at the same stamps the residue speaks great words against the most high and wears out the same argument as hand now look at verse twenty six seconds when I want to establish is that the judgment in Daniel chapter sat then fixes or alleviates the Saints but as this is the situation of the site eliminates them from the oppression of the beast the beast is punished for its trouble it has given to the saints verse twenty six but the judgment shall set and shall take away his dominion what it what has he been doing with his dominion up to this point the chapter he's been against the saints he is stamped on them he's worn them out he's gone against them the Jessica Simpson takes away his dominion to consume and to destroy it unto the and and the kingdom and dominion and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven shall be given to the people of the website of the saints of the most high this kingdom is an everlasting kingdom and all dominions shall serve and obey him hitherto is the end of the matter in other words this is the and of the several thousand years saga over world dominion who ends up having the Dominion in the end the Saints what is the beast knew before that this would be a press as the Saints if I could turn this into a simple regression it's the beast oppresses the beast oppresses the Saints the judgment says and takes away the bees authority and in the kingdom is given to the Saints in lands of the beast the beast is burned with fire turn to chapter eight chapter eight and verse ten the sea there the little hornet says little horn waxed great even to the host of heaven and it cast down some of the host end of the stars to the ground and stand up on them who are these stars who are these hosting the Catholic Church did not cast down in the actual Angels a cast on God 's people we are the host of heaven we are the saints of the most high look down at verse thirteen what is the question being asked how long will the wrong power be permitted to a press was saying the hosts and was a trampled the truth or I can read on the overseer gap prosper trample down the truth and that overcome the host the question in Daniel eight thirteen is how long is the biggest going to be allowed to trouble God 's hosts and that the answer is unto twenty three hundred days then shall the Sanford be cleansed is our connection in the century clans in the judgment of Daniel seven in fact the same vent slowly happened Daniel seven Daniel a consistent progression the beast oppresses the Saints for certain on a time and then what happens the judgment sits in Daniel seven the judgment takes away the beast authority and burns the beast and in the kingdom is given to the Saints in Daniel eight another specify but still it's very clear that the judgment is the end of the beast of Russian that is how long will the be suppressed and the answer is so long and then the safer it will be cleansed the judgment is the solution to the oppression of the beast without a verse twenty four Daniel eight verse twenty four and says his power shall be mighty but not by his own power he shall destroy wonderfully and shall prosper and practice and who does he destroy the mighty and the only people this is the interpretation of what we read in verse ten how we note that host in verse ten are befriended a host in heaven is referring to God 's people on earth he destroys the mighty and the holy people and connected with that verse twenty six it says that vision of the evening morning is true Daniel eight patents by referring to the invasion of the twenty three hundred days as being the solution that will solve the persecution of the saints and that it is truly can look forward to it despite that problem turned Chapter 11 Daniel Chapter 11 expands on this idea that's in Daniel seven Daniel eight Daniel chapter eleven and are looking at verse thirty three Daniel eleven verse thirty three says and they that understand among the people shall instruct ninety the start therefore beginning Daniel eleven giving more information than Daniel seven Daniel eight specifies in which holy people are the object of the wrath of the beast which wholly people the ones that and the one to understand yes the ones understand are the object of the wrath of the beast may strike many and it says it yet they shall fall by the sword and by flame and by captivity and by spoil ninety days now we know from chapter twelve the really gotten to yet from Revelation Army days they suffer like that twelve hundred sixty days God 's people in the special object of the beast wrath but which people in particular those that understand now when they shall fall let's only hope and with a little help but many felt clear to them with flatteries and some of them of understanding shall fall to try them at the person to make them white even to the time of the end for it because it is yet for a time appointed by the just summarize by the finished and eleven twelve and this respect so how does the persecution the Saints and in this vision in Daniel eleven twelve it's with a time of trouble you just heard their music teacher refer to it what is Michael due in Daniel twelve he stands for the people there spared during the centerleft lives in the kingdom is given to them exactly in our worst when Daniel seven and eight at eleven twelve have in common is this pattern who is the beast against God 's people which was in particular those that understand what is he due he persecutes them what is God 's way of resolving this unfairness it's the judgment it is thy cleansing the sanctuary which culminates with Will that's where the sentence is given where's the sentence executed in a time of trouble if the punishment of their persecutors which is very clear when you read about it in Revelation sixteen just obvious that kind of trouble as a punishment for those persecuted God 's people during Turner turn your bottles revelation fourteen could tell you something to find in chapter twelve and thirteen you should think of revelation twelve through fourteen as a unit that is Revelation twelve through fourteen yes that same period of history described in Daniel seven and Daniel laid in Daniel eleven twelve in Daniel twelve through fourteen you have the beast persecuting the Saints why that's the theme of Daniel twelve indents in Revelation twelve Revelation thirteen FISA Daniel twelve to fourteen I hope you understand I was referring to talk as Revelation twelve through fourteen in relation twelve that saints are persecuted and the Saints are persecuted and they get a little help but their issue is resolved in Chapter thirteen which is a chapter twelve euros at Pacific twelve and and it ends with the Dragon making war the issue is resolved in chapter twelve in chapter thirteen the Saints also are assigned to death they can't buy or sell but the issue is not resolved in chapter thirteen where is the resolution it's in chapter fourteen verse seven when everlasting gospel says that out more of his judgment is come when trying to establish for you is that the announcement of the judgment is the resolution of the persecution of the saints in chapter twelve in chapter thirteen of the Saints in Daniel seven Daniel eight in summary I'm saying is that it's consistent these four lines of prophecy at all points of the judgment that both the investigative part and execution of it the judgment is the God 's way of resolving the persecution of the sites also when you understand this wonders the connection between the first Angels message and the second Angels message in the third Angels message is that you simply the first Angels message announces the judgment the second Angels message announces the verdict and the third Angels message announces the sentence that I sent you I just said to the personal message says the hour of his judgment is come the second one says that Babylon is fallen and here's what she's done in the third one says that she is going to be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the Lamb is going to have no rest day nor night what are the three messages there the three phases of the judgment or you could say the announcement of the judgments that very date of the judgment and the sentence of the judgment so where are the saints neutrinos messages there in the third work says here is the patience of the Saints North the Saints are those who have endured the persecution adheres to their looking forward to hear they that keep commands of God and have the testimony of Jesus what is the execution of the beast is the resolve of the resolution of problems for God 's I guess I said that lots of times now I'm ready to go on turn your Bible to Daniel chapter seven negative chapter seven when asked the question who are these Saints who are these Saints Daniel chapter seven and looking at verse twenty eight speaking of when the kingdom was established was a say that all nations will house a characterize those seven seven twenty eight million of the verse that doesn't end seven twenty eight ahead I'm looking for is the passage in Daniel seven the says that all kingdoms shall serve and obey him twenty seven all right title Daniel seven verse twenty seven all kingdom shall serve and obey him and anyway we notice they were called the mighty and the holy people look at spin in Chapter 11 we know it's over they are the river to Chapter 11 they were those that understand among the people those that are teaching among the people in Daniel twelve one of the ones were found written in the book how they characterize in Revelation twelve they that keep the commands of God and have the customer of Jesus how about Revelation fourteen those acute commands of God and how the faith of Jesus I just put these thoughts together go there all the same idea who are the saints these sayings are faithful commandment keepers that's it they are who who are these people who are depressed by the beast their faithful commandment keepers never can just stop and ask this history bear that out have many keepers than the ones of been persecuted by the beasts of the answer is certainly yes it's the cemetery and bodies all through the Middle Ages that word systematically destroyed but we can get it from the Bible we didn't have history who is the beast but after faithful commandment keepers in the this afternoon the time faithful commandment keepers and what is the resolution of this problem is the judgment ongoing in our days with a verdict against the beast and that the sentence was executed during the seven last flags in your Bibles to Daniel nine four were switching topics only slightly to come back to this one Daniel nine four Daniel is trained to God and how to describe God the one who keeps was a say that covenant and mercy to them that love him and to them that keep his commandments here in Daniel 's prayer the covenant is connected with those who love him and keep his commandments God keeps covenant with them look at verse twenty seven here describes the work of the Messiah was he due during the last of the seventy weeks it confirms the covenant with many music and the covenant with those who love me keep his commandments and during his week on earth is a time-honored what's he doing his ministry is confirming the covenant is leading people typically be faithful keepers of the Commandments and to love God now turned into chapter eleven chapter eleven verse twenty two is speaking about the middle of that week it speaks about the crucifixion of Jesus and how does it style him what is the name of Jesus in Daniel eleven is the Prince of the covenant of us is working that week it was confirming the continent what is gotten the covenant with those that love God and keep his commandments to this point were talking about God and about Jesus no scope for their 9/11 we didn't introduce the beast looked down at verse twenty eight there the Roman power is has a heart you see that a heart against what a hard against the holy covenant and then when you look in verse thirty he becomes indignant against what the saver 's thirty against the holy covenant and then there's a conspiracy in verse thirty two with down that forsake the menace in verse thirty also within the first sake the holy company covenant and the new verse thirty two was he do wickedly against the will improve up to this point before we started the section is what is the beast against is against God 's people particularly he's against those understanding and who are they commandment keepers now I find out what is he against more generally not against people but against is against the holy covenant was a holy covenant kept with was the work of Jesus is to confirm the covenant in fact is called the Prince of the covenant was describing his crucifixion if I can say this I simply as it became clear to me today is the end Daniel eleven Daniel nine and an eleven the war is over the covenants the beast is against the covenant that Jesus has worked to establish and the Sandra this cognitive the ten Commandments this Daniel Levin explained why the beast is after the people is because the biggest heart is against the covenant what I'd like for you to see if the connection in Daniel seven twenty five between it that and in Daniel eight thirteen between Daniel Sabin that changing the law and oppressing the people and Daniel age between casting down truth and casting down the people and in Daniel eleven cats and other people that know the truth what do the people and the truth have in common is the common what is the beast against the beast is against the covenant of God they got establish that thought simply not turn in your Bibles revelation chapter eighteen in verse four to five Revelation eighteen reverse forty five but one established so far are it suggest that you should study the seven last flags are what phase of the judgment the execution of the verdict but not the verdict on individuals really but the verdict on the beast but individuals suffering the verdict on the beast no individuals do and this passage explains which individual software the verdict that is given to the beast verse one verse five and I heard another voice from heaven saying come out of her lose her that is this woman on the base is babbling and out of her my people that you be not partakers of her sins and that you receive not of her labs for her sins have reached under have been and God has remembered her iniquities did you ever noticed before that her sense of reached under heaven is not relevant what we read about Daniel seven and annually in Daniel seven that her sands are trusting God 's people and where is it resolved adjustment needs in having so in relation fourteen adjustment sets in my hands and the second Angels message there is a verdict the White House and the particles message there isn't yet there is a execution the sentences given and so what is this called relation eighteen is a call for people to separate from it this body that's about to receive the execution of a sentence do you see it's very merciful to give people a chance to separate after the verdict has already been given very kind of God to call people separate from this body the judgment has already sat already noticed your sins already promised rewarder is it true that in the pledge that she suffers for the persecution the Middle Ages just for the flags it's as clear as day it says so in fact when that those who die in the Middle Ages ask for justice what are they told wage a little longer until your brother shall be persecuted as you are so the implication is what can happen the seven last plagues justices can be meted out for the persecution happened during the Middle Ages secular enough to review this poisoner Taliban what is the theme of Daniel and of revelation here is one of the themes it takes up more room than hard liquor almost any other it's the theme of the beast against Christ what is the work of Christ he's confirming the covenants he is the Prince of the covenant he's keeping the covenant with those who love God and keep the Commandments what is the work of the beast the beast is against the people which people those understand which people those that keep the Commandments these would be the ones who are partaking of the covenant the visas after those people what is God do about that in Daniel seven he sets up the judgment and Daniel Agee cleanses the sanctuary and Daniel Levin he brings to eleven twelve he brings the time of trouble in Revelation fourteen he announces the judgment and then proceeds to the execution of it which is the same thing that we found in the book of Daniel so what is this covenant this covenant as the theme of Daniel Revelation the war going on her Cubist Hebrews chapter eight think you know it Hebrews chapter eights is a ten I don't have a reference as was I can look it up because the stir little lonely his Bible we read of horses Rea so the new covenant which is the everlasting covenant health officials the everlasting covenant just for a minute turn to chapter twelve chapter twelve and runs at Sebring and find the passage events is the covenant chapter twelve government help me find it to be just a moment us verse twenty four it says Entergy is that the mediator of the new covenant and to the blood of sprinkling the speaketh better things than that of able now down to chapter thirteen and two bursts so much and everlasting covenant verse twenty now the God of peace that brought again from the dad our Lord Jesus the great shepherd of the sheep through the blood of the everlasting covenant overlooking chapter twelve this was also the same blood is called the blood of the new covenant so the new covenant has another name the Bible that is the everlasting covenant in fact of an everlasting covenant mentioned all through the Old Testament I can establish this fact the everlasting covenant is the same as the new covenant is the writing of the law in the heart and the mind now what is it that the papacy is against the papacy is against the company the papacy 's art is against the covenant the papacy has had an intelligence with them for sacred covenant and maybe we didn't notice it like we should have in Daniel eleven mystery about ten elevenths I skipped an important point I want you to notice Daniel Chapter 11 probably his first thirty five thirty two eleven verse thirty two and such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by to say flattery 's cell is that these the only religious power that's doing against the covenant there are other bodies are doing against the covenant and what is the relation between the beast in his other bodies in eleven thirty two how does the body relates out at the beach related other bodies since then she does she speaks well of them are she flatters them and that she corrupts them her heart is against the covenant the covenant is the longer note this in mind turned to Daniel chips Matthew chapter seven Matthew chapter seven and looking at verse twenty one not every one that says unto me Lord Lord shall enter into the kingdom of heaven was clear from Daniel seven who was addressing the kingdom of heaven is that all nations shall obey him without Jesus says here but he that do it the will of my father which is in heaven son Daniel seven how does God solve the problem he has a judgment the judgment takes away the kingdom from the beast and who is the kingdom given to the kingdom is given to the sites by limiting him to just any old Saints of a given altar essays were the true saints are apparently it's those who do the Commandments of God verse twenty two many will stand in that day Lord Lord have we not prophesied in thy name and in thy name have cast out devils and in thy name done many wonderful works so the people were disappointed and when Christ comes back are they professedly Christian 's they are and what you should know is that the papacy is condemned in Daniel eleven not only for fighting against the covenant for encouraging other people who are violating the covenants she corrupts those other entities in Daniel eleven and how does she relate to them by flatteries she speaks well of them in fact it's what she's been doing for some time now the Catholic Church is begun to say that there is saving faith in other religions were called set not mean that they are called separate brother fighting to summarize this as clearly as is my line Daniel eleven that makes reference to the same as relation thirteen as to those outside of the bees were under the beast influence and these are characterized together as those who are against the covenant Matthew seven and verse twenty three and then I will I profess unto them I never knew you depart from me ye that work new King James says lawlessness the lawlessness of the last generation I guess the new thought for me today I don't know if it's new for you is the connection of the work of the covenant with the beasts and of the truth messages with the judgment and with the judgment with the patient participant is open together sonorous prophetic author few again and then I'm done with my thoughts for today and I want to finish it by developing the mark of the beast at a later time when we established beyond a reasonable doubt that the beasts is against the people against God 's holy people against the mighty open holy people against the holy people to keep the commitments of God the Lego defensive got another test where Jesus against those that love God against those who are keeping the covenant against those who have the faith of Jesus the beast is against this class how does God resolve this problem you can answer it with the judgment that sets what does the judgment do it takes away the kingdom of the beast and gives it to the Saints it burns up the beast where the where's the beast burned up in Revelation and that's in the seven last plagues the seven last flags are the filling up of the wrath of God against the beast but who else is burned it with the beast and the seven last play X is not only the beasts but it's those that have been corrupted by the beast and how are those people characterize were corrected by the beast in Revelation they have the mark of the beast but in Daniel eleven they do wickedly against the covenant the Mark of the beast is on those who do wickedly against the continent the same class who have been flattered and corrupted by the beast authority what was the work of Jesus when he was on earth establish a covenant who is the covenant kept with keep the parents of God as because the common is written in the heart the laws written in the heart but if we don't keep a journal heart then we violate the covenants written there becomes as written in the heart in the mind like in the four head and isn't it easy to know what the seal of God is in this context it's the writing of the law in the heart in the new covenant by the Holy Spirit as easy as easy can be and what is the mark of the beast is the excepting of the change law that violates the covenant but does wickedly against the covenant acknowledged the authority of the beast and therefore partaken of her sands that give or take a first end then you must also partake of her plagues this is what we exist for the people to warn the world that it's time to separate rubies that has already been as far as for closing prayer our father our father in heaven I ask a gift that you would allow us to be among those are found written in the book that we could be delivered at the very same time of the beast is destroyed that we can be among those nineteen holy people to keep the commands of God and have the faith of Jesus and honor the testimonies of the given by him I ask for these gifts in the name of Jesus and


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