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Ministry and the Internet

John Bradshaw
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For many years, It Is Written has used the Internet as an integral part of its global evangelism outreach. John Bradshaw, speaker/director for It Is Written, shares proven insights as to how the Internet can be used effectively in various kinds of ministry. He also addresses the pitfalls you’ll want to avoid.


John Bradshaw

President of It Is Written



  • August 8, 2013
    3:30 PM
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other while you talk about ministry and the Internet and that that's a vital thing for us to be talking about because this is even two thousand and fifteen and everything happens online everything so let's pray and Nvidia father in heaven thank you that we can be here today we thank you for Jesus and we thank you for the wonderful message of how an blessing and salvation we had we thank you that the three Angels are currently flying in the midst of heaven and I pray that we will be part of that loud voice that is proclaiming in these last days your lasting message so bless us as we meet together blessed this time we pray I pray that each of us would derive something from these few minutes that would in Hartstown ministry and help us to be more effective instruments in your hands bless us Lord we pray in Jesus name amen well thank you to be here in case you're not my name is John Bradshaw I represent in the circle it is written thank you very much and we go to be talking about ministry and the Internet I titled this once upon a time sharing Jesus in the online marketplace and really that's that's that's what I could talk the talk listen I ship this presentation is often very much like an excellent union ISI and somebody evidently was blessed by enough that it was suggested that we do something similar here and at that ISI gathering I began by defining out topic you know I was on the debating team in high school then and what our opening speaker was it would be to define the topic take each would the following breakdown and she wanted me as so as we dismantled that intimate the Internet ministry would talk about hearing Jesus in the online marketplace sharing Jesus evangelism covenants witnessing so as we talk about intimate and ministry we want to talk about how the Internet can be used to share diseases to assist in the work of evangelist the Internet I'm digressing already could be the most useless thing ever invented in fact if you're looking for a quantity of uselessness you would probably find more useless stuff on the Internet than in any one place in the universe the Internet is full of garbage on the other hand there is now no more defendant 's tool for sharing diseases notes single more effective tool that we have has been the Internet now you know someone who believes in the printed page and this is leans in that direction probably has a point because you know books on everything in my power outages but begins it gives us the opportunity to shoot one book with seven almost seven billion people at once some novelist who so when we're looking at sharing Jesus the Internet must be a tool that we use by would be sad to think that there was any ministry or any person doing ministry who chose intentionally not utilize the Internet because finding Internet you can be more of the world in a single moment it is a marvelous thing we recently held an evangelistic series in Lisbon Portugal one hundred and twenty judges in Portugal joined with us in this intimate and his evangelistic series five Internet no pretty basic technologies what was required I was in Lisbon we were speaking to the single judge of the nothings a single judge and in other churches and other sites around Portugal join us when we deliver on this line Paris France last year and we had people from eighty different countries joining us no satellite dish was needed and in fact we had people join us from Saudi Arabia Syria and Yemen knowing he amended not too many people put up satellite dishes until innate is that watching Christian broadcasting so the Internet gave us an parallel opportunity to share Jesus with with the world of sharing sharing evangelizing to witnessing proclaiming sharing Jesus I think is important to keep in mind because the agent did anything anything technological for some people can become an end in itself that is you not the church is a lot of money to spend on PA equipment on the sound system you don't look out for the sound system guys cannot even modify thing is one of about the size truth the sound guy and your children might be a sound woman in your judge where you want to spend six thousand one within ninety six thousand because he or she will tell you we got at the latest list in the greatest dad in the business in the best that they may even be right they may even be right but when it comes to technology the technology can be obtained in itself you know and say and is admittedly it is no and to the spending and creating in the making of the offloading of the design there's no wind so keep this in mind when it comes to the Internet in the as we are interested in sharing Jesus in the online marketplace we don't expect this when looking at sharing your creativity will and the will to think up when we the Internet in order to use my people to shoot Jesus as effectively as possible and then when we think about the online marketplace that's where as happens that's what many people sure it happens Bible study happens in a fascinating conversation with my son and daughter we we went that we went to Indiana at an Indian restaurant not far from where I live and I remarked to my wife and I said Melissa Dearden and when we came to see me Valley that's where we know where we live and work number wheezing of the Simi Valley sold annually for the West Point of evangelism conferences and some you know until we were done with point and it would say what we need to go and eat but where will we not seen the Valley 's account of a hundred and twenty thousand people to probably five hundred restaurants on and we never knew when it only if it was a list inside the little folder in the hotel room and they somebody at the door when can we need and that was that I sit and listen to you a minute when we came to see me and we could hardly find a place to eat and I said and now you have to do if you want to find a place to eat is no online weary nonaudit even know what possible way no one would listen to say where it will land on and if you want to find an Ethiopian restaurant in Orlando you go online and you you googled Ethiopian restaurant Orlando on me in the back becomes my children seeing what did you do before Google him we had done off the listen at the front desk look at the hotel room will look in the Yellow Pages they were us they couldn't imagine living in a society so backwards we on backwoods anymore I do know that you can many of us here now are old enough that we went backwards once and we need to force ourselves calls ourselves trying ourselves to think solely I was speaking with a very much entity within this advantage as well as the unity between the baby leader of that entity and he said that his son is our best critics when it comes online because his sons go to the website of that entity and say that there's nothing on your website that removes guy like me I wouldn't even think about move on using able to website that's cool but anyone twenty five years old or younger getaways I think that is really adult website so we need to be thinking that life happens online and it's good not be thinking alike our online audience thinks I'll talk about target demographics in just a moment because your Internet ministry might be interested in the other twenty five crowd that would be okay eventually obtain this so so these are just things to keep in mind sharing witnessing Jesus lifting up the son of God and his name time message in the online marketplace online requested minds it requires a special anything that we we we are not living in the olden days now I know Yellow Pages not even know what I lost hope in the telephone book in fact I probably haven't looked in the last two telephone books that was sent to me him him the Internet is unlawful Barnaby years ago in the late nineties time magazine talking about how the Internet was going to change your life and I feel so far from you on our next a feeling a sense of my friends dog had whenever taught from people the dog went crazy I feel like I'm a good crazy is what will do his will just look to see if you cannot see by reading my notes from the Lebanese are projected on high I didn't read the article through because honestly computers and journey on when I was in high school our raw power out what about locker rooms was gotten to put in the computer room and I said to the guy putting the computer room and computers down in the last one I know and as I looked at this article about the online marketplace and that he circled the superhighway of the electronic highway something I thought to myself I don't understand it and maybe under the will but that's when we are now life is progressively gone in that direction so it's inherited that we consider what we do in the online marketplace was what I wanted that every worker in Hamas 's piñata study plan and devise methods to reach the people when I we must do something out of the common course of things we must direct the attention we must be deadly and others we are on the very voodoo times are troubling complexities that I scarcely dreamed on arrest the attention something out of the common holder things she's not talking sensationalism but you say that attract people 's attention grabber with the intent we had a chance to do that listen to this that was a little revenge of the page one twenty two this is page one hundred and thirty we must take every justifiable means of bringing the light of all the people who would first be utilized in neighboring advertising agency be employed at will call attention to will him soon love your God is not essential on every street corner you may seek out the notices calling attention to various things that are going on some event of the most objectionable character and Shell bows in the light of truth be satisfied with a single if this cold intention of the masses to the truth Ellen White was a fall would think you and she wouldn't be contained with feeble efforts now please consider with me how being held by the online marketplace has become I really do feel very frustrated by this but no one moved to the ground that the levitate outfield that all I see what you going to do right people thank you please do that listen to this this is from a website called Internet world stats .com you are fine fellows thanks I have the presence of mind to think like you think about it next that drivers who gives you know the result to the statistics legumes and helps us understand how the Internet marketplace is enviable how to use your opportunities and if you have an online presence now you cannot be thinking lots of Anderson Georgia's of this would be bananas enjoyed you can't be thinking that slowly yes maybe you are primarily targeting people in Anderson Georgia for all old White Plains New York or Florida but because you are not alone when you're on the Internet you think about the already popular audience listener this in B&W two thousand eleven three hundred and sixty million Internet users in the world by Jonathan years later had increased by five hundred and sixty six this him twelve years ago North America was in a virtual tie with an agent of the most Internet users in North America is not behind Asia and Europe held a population of North America is small and Asia and it's much less than half of that era but this statistic suggests that the opportunities in the marketplace are significant even if you're in small-town America old big city America your audience is global and it is massive in fact Latin America and the Caribbean has just about as many Internet users as the United States so if you looking to be the evangelistic and shoot diseases this gives you a remarkable opportunity in two thousand and twelve months are having here now forty four percent forty five percent of Internet users were in Asia with the sign of units that's not right and even some surprising twenty one a half within your fellow and a half percent North America is an opposite and it uses are outside the United States you must keep that in mind the Middle East three seven million Africa seven percent that's going to grow the United States has the second-highest number of Internet users by country almost twice that of India but well under half of that of China huge amount of opportunity being think about how people are accessing the Internet online figuring much but even my phone while you have the architecture people are just accessing the Internet on things like this anymore but lots and lots of people are doing what some of you are doing right now and accessing the Internet on mobile phones will run the tablets goal or whatever it is to reduce conical to be boring anymore was a very outcome the mobile phone I guess that's that's a challenge to preachers a smart phones and tablet sandals and the number of mobile users is increasing rapidly so instead of just being online you want to be mobile online right now there are a hundred and seventy four million Americans going online on the telephones by two years on three years now that number will increase to two hundred and sixty five million people so we need to understand not only who we are reaching people but how we region and then Witt we reaching and I can share a little bit with you about what we have learned that it is written we had been online since day one what they wanted that is written about a one virtually since the Internet and we've used media online a lot we've had some great successes we had learned a few lessons we are still learning I will share with you what might be a warning or it might simply be prospective initiate within our system tools with you today and ownership some ideas with you today about how you can use the Internet effectively the Internet can be several things that could be engaging it can be exciting it can be time-consuming and it can be expensive and it can be a colossal waste of time Jesus talked about the need for counting the cost before you go to war before you go online you need to count the cost can be done inexpensively and it can cost you a huge amount of money what we been called to do is to shoot Jesus so if you have an online presence you need to know why you have an online presence the reason is that ultimately through your Internet portal one-of-a-kind it is you want to connect people with Christ what you are doing is to connect people with Jesus now do you have a hero and what you doing easy about Joe's plumbing website in all the money to think creatively him out on Joe's plumbing website have to get a beginning of Jesus as you can link to all kinds of places on you website the question is who's going to come to Joseph Joe the plumber 's website of Joe the plumber Sudanese and as an example but all the plumber the Internet and he is sharing Jesus Barrasso seven Adventists via the Internet can be possibly the ultimate exile public clash between style and substance now these people speak the Internet is visible on tool you ministry problems to some people speak Facebook is your ticket to engaging the world that Jesus I don't subscribe to either point of view I simply don't thought it was a media seminar will end somebody decided to show us how he's fit in the intimate can be by showing us very popular YouTube clips now until recently that still might be the most popular clip on YouTube is that little child wanting Johnny Trent Lott thing I hear using only job a job in the development of all it is funny as all get out it's cute and has been watched half a billion times but I would like you to compare shopping with my finger with the third Angels message Lady Gaga Katy Perry had songs that are being viewed on YouTube will be know what it is about three hundred million times with just truly scary it was a guy who stole a double rainbow and just when not free to go say how wonderful the double rainbow was thirty five and a half million people what's that you can click a be honest with you what I have felt on Facebook and we are limiting on Facebook for the most part people respond to for the most if we post on Facebook we just had evangelistic series of a hundred people baptized will get some response reasonable if we put on Facebook God knows the troubles you going through and is the lead you which is not meaningless we'll be inundated with responses inundated for shaping a better example of something rather trivial and meaningless so the Facebook crowd tends to like life which isn't very reassuring actually how will I believe that if you can engage the Facebook crowd for why would one ever takes to engage in at least you got the arrivals when you put on your Facebook page and hateful excellent Bible studies go to this website at least you know those posts on our Facebook page we get a lot of responsible people seemed but the more general general inspirational stuff that really isn't a negative into a life that is seen and shared anecdotes like crazy so we need to understand that what we are doing on the Internet and one of Charlie bit my finger is doing on the Internet are two very different things if you think for a moment on that you want to do something that's going to twenty five million hits on the Internet I'm here to tell you that you're probably not think that if you do it probably will be for good reason if you look around the Internet you will see that people love cute babies cute animals rock styles and people who make fools of themselves at that same conference I attended another speaker said if you get half a million hits on your website all truth is that you will half a million hits on your website that said I recall an activist website having a cute little thing that was very popular I believe it was on its website or it may be to the technical turnaround and it was popular was cool it was just a little animated things companies and the organize Asian and get it today is virtually extinct at a cool little moment in the sun Andy Warhol 's fifteen minutes of fame you see we allocated on the Internet it just as he noticed for the Johnson get lots of hits we want to use the intrinsic praising Jesus I would rather have seen people click on Jesus that a million people come by our website and click on the little and as you start to get involved in Internet ministry keeping perspective is going to help a lot we had been given a message we as a people have a mission we been given a mandate from God and continue to be used to sort of if we go to use the Internet at all so now here's a question can I ask yourself if you're thinking of international ministry number one on what your objective number two who is your audience number three how big a hole in your digging for yourself and will get back to Silverlight that it is written our objective is to engage people in during the claims of Jesus on the line we did a variety of ways we got a hot television program and we got out one minute daily devotional alternate that more the moment we have online Bible study Mike Tyson teases it would suck the juice and got out archives of evangelistic series of radio programs and social we want people to engage not to engage forth my goals for the Sega Bible 's don't mean too much now you can engage people for Christ you want to open up a Bible quality in the Bible studies to study and come to know Jesus in an important way you can do that I hear from people time and time and time again to a new website number three was how deep the hole you digging for yourself will come back to that later on we hear from people like Dean and again and again I baptized and he is one of why I can-do website what happened I started studying the Bible cool I started watching the programs and that led me to Bible study so what you want to do is get people who engage making a splash for the sake of making a splash doesn't help does it profit a ministry if it attracts the whole was a bad middle wins a so so don't you look on YouTube you find something done in association with Florida Hospital at parity about a bad thing is that last time I checked in at eighty five thousand users pretty good thinking Southern Adventist University twenty five thousand he's pretty good neither of them are Charlie bit my finger and not a piece is going to cytosol so in terms of evangelism it's a useless but maybe it's fun and maybe it's okay output to a conducive and that it is too late it has been viewed about hundred and ten thousand times and yet there's been a net negative on Franklin she is in why he says I sat at the meaningful these times and executive economy pictures that significant but I'd like to know if you are a dentist or a more small business owners congregation you're fooling yourself if you think you got to get a million people to you to some done paying four million people pay for somebody and let God do something with that the numbers I mean obviously the law in America the bigger the better in terms of meaningful content I would encourage you not to knock yourself out trying to be the next big Internet sensation there's no need for that what's your chip in here object exists is issued Jesus and give people the opportunity to respond to that so what we knows that people are studying the Bible online and looking for on system Bible questions online people are looking for encouragement on the Internet so while I don't want you to prescribe your particular objective what around a while I do not want to prescribe for you your objective if you can give people the opportunity to receive the truth to come to Jesus to learn the message then only good things can happen and not enough about this later on my notes and about here now please be very careful of what you what you post online because once it's out there you can't get it back again you've got to be very very careful I don't know the dog will not but I imagine that young man began a seven-day Adventist probably regrets letting somebody stick on the Internet how he says don't want my toes it's filled existence that I don't know I have asked one another but I can somebody must have some regret over that it was me I thought about the decay but regretted terribly you want to be careful about the claims you make you know seven they had been assigned good at making claims about what other people believe all then we are right when always right way not always right sometimes we misrepresent what Catholics believe sometimes we don't get it quite right when we explain what other Protestants believe so I would encourage you play it safe when you publish something on the Internet and make a shooter you have your facts straight you don't need to knock someone out with a knockout punch just looked up teases and share the truth you don't have to make claims about the Pope and unnecessary and by the way like you I was being recorded the next time someone tells you the poster of his inventiveness don't fall within somebody else and segregated as for don't even ask anyone if it's true because I'm here to tell you today it wasn't true it is in truth and it will never betray the public the pups favorite alt. one gallon white isn't yellow and white one of the young one so while the Internet is a great way for you to offend people it's also a great way to make yourself look like a fool so please begin you can't always get right but a little caution mixing it with a modicum of common sense and you save yourself a lifetime of headaches these young drunken fool parties and stick it on Facebook I just sorry for them so now what we do it it is written is a little different from most other places in as much as I can think of to the other ministries to produce original television program programming that focuses on teaching Bible truth which we continue to create new thirty minute children programs every month of the year and and put that on the Internet we've increase the amount assuming that we do on location now because it's relatively inexpensive to do so we been filming TV programs in Paris and London and in the Czech Republic and up the road at Florida Hospital in Gettysburg and Germany and outside the paddock in the know comes up they appear on TV that's good but they reside online and we know that we know people can don't want to be intimate and watch him forever we know that they watch television programs into those are on our website watching TV programs they can click where it is Bible studies and study being at a recent lesson here down at one of the autocracy of events in Gettysburg and the lighting and Mary Isaac Mary had come to be and she said you sent me a letter inviting me of course I remembered sending the letter hasn't happened she told me that she had come to a website while doing Bible study she searched and is certainly less of it is written the illiterate it is written .com she was so taken what she was learning the Bible studies and watching on the TV programs and watching the one minute daily devotional that you sign up to get in that she search Yahoo local seven that assertion and stopped attending she was now a hotbed and it is Reagan's ministry because she was engaged with the website online so she was offered something on the Internet that could potentially change your life truth Jesus but different peace bond so what's your kid if your objective is to get people to renew my controversy things allow you to build your website around offering the great controversy if your objective is to get people to study the Bible Daniel follows neatly leading people to study the Bible I say this oddity I don't need to try pretending to be an expert in all things online all I know is that we do a lot of stuff on the Internet I know what works to a degree in the know what has failed to a degree but something that's important something that is called search engine optimized station you see people go to Google and type in Bible studies so this website you can go to use it yourself a lot of weight on Auburn Bible studies but there are other websites the website more popular website that the Internet has ahead happy habit of going to those who goes the search engines Google and Yahoo and everything else pick up on certain clues and keys and keywords I don't need to tell you all about search engine optimization other than to tell you find out about search engine optimizers and figure out how you can use that tool to give your website a bit sharp to be hieroglyphs when Google pulls in those seventeen thousand websites in fact there is a fellow here at ASI administering cold by seven and he's somebody you find around the booths wizard remembers nine degrees ninety a new design alright a gun and was his name and there it was not mentored this morning that wasn't exactly I remember now Wagner is an excellent search engine optimization guy Jesse Johnson my good friend and it is written Boardman was sitting in the back corner he's got all day and all like to talk to search engine optimization has nothing else to sub you want to talk to Jesse even before you leave for you looks like he really works using this is a tool that you can use and utilized to give your website a greater opportunity of being discovered and not just the just being out it was right when there were three websites but now there are so many websites just being out there is enough do what you can to optimize people 's opportunity to come to your website and doing the hard work that you put in is more likely to pay off no something else I want to question the Nexus who is your audience that significant now that you know that there are as many Spanish speakers on the Internet as there are English speakers wanted to do something in Spanish seal thinking what I must link to English language websites while you are linking to some Spanish-language websites to add it is written we had it is written in wheels what is Google a stock which as it is written Spanish and so people who want to studying Spanish and can flip of history was stopping at Israel starting annuities or not you want to think about your audience you know lately but just because a store disk into my mind with Jason that kills me years ago if you wanted to study about Ellen White on the Internet seven hundred and two young white websites before you got to the white estate website I don't know why hello if you want to tell me this is happened outdistancing May the road rise up to meet you but I don't know why that shows for some judgment is never figured out that what we needed to do was build two hundred very positive analog websites and drop on the Internet and into what it waited and intended to direct traffic these people are more likely to find out that rather than the lie being that gives us the opportunity to do that maybe that's happening I noticed now it's easier find something bad stuff there isn't any point in producing your sermons at church on tests it anymore except for a few elderly people who are given WCB 's whole life thoughts that's what's important to know who your audience is studied to know technology seeking how to reach the end on the incidence of war on the devices when we advertise an evangelistic series I've had people say to me one evening advertiser reach the youth now call me here to give you onto my answer is nothing I wouldn't have a advertisement top forty radio station never if you gave me twenty thousand dollars in sick on donating this evening to advertise on the top forty radio station I would say he can we put it on the Rush Limbaugh program with Doctor Morin said that if you threaten to keep you twenty thousand dollars I would probably let you goes it would be a waste to advertise nice wooden radio industries understand it would just be a waste if you don't want to strike while the iron is whole you don't want to reach an audience that is unreachable or isn't interested what you try to communicate how to connect your message with those that you hope to reach to finally different in and in an evangelistic Center goes outside audiences always sinners lost people but yes your target audience people from the Middle East maybe some light emitting important websites out there and farseeing and then other languages and of the Arabic and so on if you have a Jewish ministry then you cannot think of another good talking to you targeting Hindus by going after atheists all postmodern people know it is written we do not intentionally target atheists we don't intentionally target Buddhist suite unintentionally target hinges why is that not coming to us what an atheist doing coming that is written .com a Christian website has been upcoming so we target the people who are likely to come to us that just makes a note we can pick up some of the others along the way we happy about it but that's not talking audience you cannot be all things to all people considering our audience helped us as we developed out one minute daily devotional every word I hope before you go you'll pick up some of these Avery would you can share them with others it's a terrific tool a one minute daily devotional that takes up Bible Lewis and applies and shows how that was needlessly today we decided that we would we would make it one minute long like the two minutes and be there but I was I was convinced otherwise one minute has been good people think everybody's got a minute and in a minute you are able to deliver appointed spiritual thought that can be a blessing to somebody it clearly isn't an evangelistic series but it isn't designed to be a difficult stop it's a door open to discussions stock that you understand sometimes we need two minutes ninety one and tenets two minutes long some people say it's the right length some people say I wish it was longer but either way people watching it we made it how we made it in response to the marketplace online let's all the people a minute this way to one minute long excusable on television networks and said they were to run it as well it's considering the online marketplace now out primary distribution is a daily e-mail and website you can find it on YouTube and here and there as well but those are the primary distribution instruments and we get really good feedback what we didn't do this we realize that people would be likely to take this and post it on Facebook to share with others and people to it has been instrumental I think a key component in the raising our own Facebook profile in the last year and a half we had increase self Facebook following by about a thousand distinct which is good it also is indicative that a Facebook phone what really that great before but now we have almost sixty five thousand Facebook follows which isn't the most in other football players who got things on the one that but it's not bad and we had lots and lots and lots of non- Adventists and you know how we did a couple of ways we would giggle with the content that we used we realized that certain things get shared a lot in certain things done so if you look at a Facebook page a hubby will one iPod levity does follow us on Facebook movies will be doing because it has worked we heavily discounted and you not look at the downbeat enjoyment we discovered that people didn't necessarily want ice-skating dive hall this evangelistic series here for Bible study here will pass right was filming on location in Geneva Switzerland for he is a photo in front of the statue and villains Jiminy on it I think the lessons a great magazine my motor running but the average Facebook person you know how you know when someone's not available what they see because of that I will share it and that's with you on Facebook Facebook isn't it in the business of addition of the business of multiplication so we started sharing inspiration I was feeling and I shouldn't feel embarrassed talking about this but we have we had one of our stopping the who is very good at finding inspirational thoughts to share there be a beautiful picture maybe a Bible verse maybe it for maybe a quote maybe I'm a story with a great listener touches the hot inspirational and people start sharing so when we see that eighty thousand people have seen one about Facebook posts even though at the time and forty thousand Facebook followers forty thousand followers eighty thousand people seen the post we know that there are people sharing in my crazy and you can read you how Facebook works you can read how many people sharing and so forth so I would encourage you if you're thinking of using Facebook to be on Facebook doing something meaningful if you would you want to get people to buy and don't be posting junk -year-old single Facebook that Sweden had pizza today that they say go take the dog days you say don't take many days I don't have my personal Facebook page but in ministry to the wife that I noticed once I commented on something in the news it was something really Monday on Twitter a summary shot back and said since when did it is written in the entertainment business something like that they said that if I want to get my entertainment needs what it is written only do not something like that I thought okay I just learned something with this seemed in a certain way and now that that may or may not be a good thing but with the CVS spiritual state spiritual all right all right person didn't sign up to follow us on twitter to unilateral about things of no particular importance all right I got so what you want with Facebook and twitter is to find out what what scratches people 's needs and what motivates them to share that with obvious and easy and if we are five thousand Facebook followers and we say seventy five dollars you can give someone their eyesight click on ice for India link and help us get to get insight but not five thousand people following like getting on and I would say five people are interested but if you grow that sizable audience that intelligently and you know sixty five thousand followers how many more people will likely be interested in your eyes for a new project how many more people are likely to share that with their faithful followers so that's what we see Facebook enabling us to them I spoke with a young pastor who is an evangelist in the washing pastor evangelist in Washington DC area he talked to me about how they use Facebook to really boost their evangelistic series the young people got involved you on Facebook about the profile picture that all young people that you change your profile picture to be evangelistic meeting logo and so when I posted people take what's that they got the syllable is as follows so they use Facebook venue him Facebook being used event illicitly like that very often wrong but it can be immensely churches need to stop thinking you got health seminar get your judgment was talking about a place to change the profile picture and get them on your e-mail with little tagline should have the health program you can completely intimate by the way had a ton of the other question just just let me know distribute Crusade is a youth about with things you use I on the way thanks for it wasn't right and so using the webpage of the other youth about the church is to advise the evangelistic series is paid off you know it depends on how people drive people to their website some of her other administrators that they could sit in website on fire and well probably a good thing because in not using the website much drinking social media please don't be fool by social media there is not a lot of soul winning done in social media social media isn't a strategy but it can be thought of this strategy you ought to change the world through Facebook or twitter you are not my post on Twitter frequently drew it is written I don't have lunch with Twitter account we post on Facebook free when we do something on interest now letting a guy what was the third question at the records want at that point was how deep a hole like you digging for yourself Facebook Twitter interest what else someone sick dog involved in Google circles I probably shouldn't on the run around in circles as it is keeping up with all the other social media sites so the only other thought I had to throw line home Google plus was a Google plus I decided not licensing with a solution to Google Buzz and Google blessed on the plane got anyway it is much better like so anyhow you got to consider how much you are willing to do it I would say this is your didn't do something if you have a disease use it if you have a Facebook page updated regularly now you can knock yourself out with this is one single-handed the holy unity I would say and if you want into jihad a social media component we need to designate someone to be the quarterback of that social media can run social media times why I take a little too much about it will run you ragged you need to get people to assemble a team twitter following has more than doubled in the past year Facebook is blown up use it wisely it's good for bonds it's good because you want your name to be there but often that Peter gives no doubt that a success story we had without online marketplace we knew that product type and oriented it is written was children and so we visited for my time we do ministry originated my place with Jesus again a runaway success a website for children between directive it has a little video clips and Bible studies and devotionals in games and fun dating dating is safe you see kids around here at ISI with Mike Tyson Jesus T-shirts on that wall is a good thing we sit in the online marketplace I want to go to let me ask you what the expensive or inexpensive wasn't inexpensive that would take a lot of time yesterday to the consume a lot of the ministries focus yesterday and it doesn't continue to consume resources not knowledge C and not by any stretch of imagination but yes we've got to keep going if I consider the cost and consider wanted to take this thing effective the thing is this if you got my placement teases you say a change website and it's easy to follow you want your online presence to be the same easy-to-follow easy to figure out how I would encourage you to be simple you want people to come to your place and get it straight away and out I'll come back to this community and I'm sure by the time to come come back to it again if you presence in the online line marketplace is easy around you proving the point of being clever for showing off new lighting up of the nicest site on the street you might have a bit happen town when you have asked yourself what the portable is activity doesn't equal effectiveness a man told me ten ASI years ago handed out thousands of CDs didn't get one response it was a great project but he used the wrong method for promoting it if what he was looking for was feedback you can do the same thing in the online arena it does not mention anything about again I would say this I don't know would probably help me no hits on what your interest in online ministry is that he is what I would encourage you to do I would encourage you to link to stuff online depending on depending on what you are role about if you a if you are operating and also needs in Thailand then you probably don't want to put twenty links to all the ministries operating voltage is not about the will was negative the donations enough to however I would encourage you to link to Bible studies here in the dark if your orphanage ministry you want to link to Bible studies yes you do not enter what kind of minister you a link to a Bible study that's what we do for you under the money you're opening your thinking the engagement was studying the Bible your awareness all as well as feed hungry children and help them as well namely the Bible studies link to content the people the opportunity he said I just do you stop linking is easy and eight three you can do it many day the week and then take any trouble and what that does is use of your self what we would like this on the Internet but is not cost us a million dollars what a weakling to someone else is the million dollars and we need to utilize the user lies the product without spending a million dollars posted on you like this somebody is using studies editor .com they'll study the Bible on our website I've been visiting home and that they came to the Bible studies by you your update new content is somewhat so that phrase so that it looks like things are changing a little bit if you are linking to Simmons from the insurer is not an easy to find the mother Church webpage and the sermons easy to find my wife was singing at church recently and I knew what she wants I need a website I went to the judge website and I couldn't find how to watch the judge says even though that was streaming live in real-time side of the local television station on you that will broadcast the sound of the night things easy to define and use assuming that you want to you want to use a lens and radio programs and devotionals everything you can everything you can on who we weekend and missed the boat of it in the online marketplace that the devil does not so use the online marketplace tell people if you want to watch an evangelistic series don't use those words is one coming on October the eleventh revelation today with it is written in shop is a link you can watch it right here what we do not what we can open links in with you on a watch Christian television what's three eighty and right here link to it that these supposed I listen a lot sorry for not telling us permission link link to stuff the Bible studies put them on your website you can get devotional materials and articles the sort of thing that you engage people not just engaging but lean and further is a mistake on the fourteenth it is written somebody is a technical type of a person sadness for what was lost the question the question was when we ask people to come to our website to download stuff for your free download of John Regula 's latest mobile outed or not just downloaded and you can like that what we didn't do with awesome people to give us an e-mail address before they download the thinking laws we just want people to have no various that was the thinking went in a change that if they don't want that it have to download if they wanted they can give us an e-mail address why him follow-up for follow-up hydrogen literature to any of the great controversy in your town without an offer Bible studies without some mechanism of leading back to the judge to stop and fix the problem ending Reese you your work you want to try over the people of voting to do the Bible study and to connect with the church eventually and you want that online to win the change that online soon if you want to download anything free to give us an e-mail address using why don't you have an e-mail address in Ottawa Jennifer is because we want to be on the gallant you and I you a Bible study author you will you offer you the chance to donate by the way that three years ago I said to my family family I said we got I'll bring money left at the end of the year that we need to the phone with us so let's make some decisions to get why should we donate a go to get well much until you and my son came up with a good idea and easy debt based on XYZ said sorry we should do somebody that particular ministry I think that's a good idea to his mug didn't like to write a check but I don't know the address to all go online today website and I'll donate on the website I couldn't find out how to donate I said no problem I'll look around the website for mailing address I couldn't find a mailing address so we can do what I do will be limited to occur mailing address stupid and they didn't get the money and having a hard time financially today and I send myself as if anyone so if you have some continent apprised way you want people to donate and make it easy for them to donate .net is donated he prominently featured that's it that's just the reality nonhuman argument on the unit in an online ministry we don't even donate but if you make it easy for them to do so it's important that you do I haven't discussed at that through important piece of the online marketplace puzzle there in point it is written as an app it's pretty good most ministries do they not see that I'll talk more about it because I don't know how relevant is to what we doing here the online marketplace puts incredible tools in the hands doing online ministry doesn't have to be expensive they are out there are free websites of full free website templates that you can use that not expensive but you want to be current you want to be up-to-date and you want to be with it don't let your website will anguish I get fresh content on the top fresh studies fresh publications that's important that the reality we got a few minutes thinking about don't ask suitable later I will run out of time does it have any questions at this stage the blue would note was okay I'll be finished and will be done on time and maybe move the movie trivia questions let me know we had a number of things that have worked the one minute daily devotional it winds people leaves and people respond to it no one is trying to its user-friendly television programs that even Safeco watch over a period of time that wins as well because people get in there and take it that I like that they cannot click on something else the radio you want interesting he is a go to a friend and I filled a series of fifteen minute radio programs in Ottawa how many we did we did a hundred or two hundred odd anatomy we did that they will broadcast on like talk radio and other places and they were made available online just the other downs in Charlotte North Carolina and somebody cannot meaningfully you did the program Bible to Gary Gibbs didn't you yes I did that was some years ago he said it was because of that program that I was baptized really tell me more he found an online and listen to it again and again and again lots of programs these wooden doctrinal programs that gave people the opportunity to get big questions we talked about speaking in tongues in the state of Indiana to hellfire and clean and unclean foods and the seventh day Sabbath and the change of the Sabbath in the second coming in the match and the millennium and the antichrist the whole nine yards on the Internet you get the opportunity to tell the whole story I would urge you to be faithful to ministry in the message and the mission of the savanna should put it out there lay people study their way through the twentieth fundamental beliefs if I can put it that way I think that the greatest tool we have is an online Bible studies that's what I think I it is written we have just completed a new series on Bible studies twenty five Bible studies would note on the production phase and I don't know exactly when they'll be available to three months from now something like that they'll be available online I don't know that in the basic Bible studies of a written message in the list that's not the point they knew their relevant there up to date now clear that you can slice through linking to Bible studies like to find what do you think you can have those holdings reside on your website and give people the chance to study the word of God you know LSU with you a couple of you individually when he was to regenerate conference President Jan Poulsen Doctor Poulsen sued never underestimate the unknown fruitfulness that results from your evangelism efforts yelled in evangelistic series and nobody is baptized but you don't know that one family moved away to another part of the country and I would talk to begin missionaries in another thousands of baptisms the goal is of a failed evangelistic series what about the Internet surely surely in today's will be effectiveness is even greater proposals is that this is there is no doubt in my mind that Internet evangelism is going to give us the possibility that far exceeds what we do not leave through the other media I think that our opportunities and Internet evangelism I really virtually unlimited your opportunity to impact the world is unlimited online you can utilize social media you can use a traditional websites you can you can present all kinds of content by the way let me say this a set ministry that I want name it's a ministry that I work for but I'm not a ministry gone itself in this instructor a few years ago we discovered that somebody was using Outlook but they got from us only website we had to say please stop using the the person didn't respond graciously by saying OSU sorry I said and why should I welcome because of copyright issues the person said you mean that I can't do this for the glory of God was wrong with selfish people who copyrighted work out and I will desist so we said yes you will you really have to be careful what you put on your website that isn't yours what happens is this some years ago there was a series of evangelistic images that were created that do succeed only use in evangelistic presentation up on the screen in church that's all people to read that stuff but I do that I can send those images have been used everywhere on websites in United but he is the issue and I just has to create the image and the artist creates images for living for a living that's how the artist who cedes his of the family still in the creates an image and enough people use it all over the world on the Internet while the office could be selected hey image that's being used on the website in China pay for the office and say let's say that stolen my stuff I want money so that you tell us an excellent ability now if you want if you want to steal one of my Simmons and only in the light in Washington that just don't tell me I won't consider it stealing I'll say even if you think we understand that's all I don't care because I don't get paid by the sooner I get paid for the sub don't think it's okay to use copyrighted and put it on the website which is a local church is only doing this for Jesus to say on this a local office buildings the survival so it's important that you don't just think you can use anything is lots of free keeping the a lot of the stuff that the US government produces is copyright free you can reasonably inexpensively subscribe to follow a single kind of stuff but I just need to tell you and you know it's okay I think the link to somebody else's ministry but please don't beautify your website with somebody else's copyrighted work that copyright infringement and is a good likelihood that a Christian artist is going to give you a surprise by saying he would vote me money pay up or else if you those things on Google images probably somebody else's property you mix boosted the and I think that's the case no big boys yet but usually that's right you don't know you shouldn't assume same with music music is copyrighted and and don't be thinking about it and I sit in the end of this musician they want yes I will yes sir training creative common 's creative Commons you this is plenty of stuff that is free Dove don't be sent out to be exempted but don't succumb to the temptation news was not running policy assessment saving creative Commons is good stuff you can use the dummy say that he is I want ninety eightieths this great Seventh-day Adventist office is so beautiful I'll put on my website for the love of Jesus and he'll understand I understand it right but he probably also when you pay because an and him and I don't fault office today it's what they do for a living so you might help him but it's the law and it's how they survived time 's up I hope you can take away something from the setting posted by one of summarize by saying this to get involved in online ministry to use your opportunities online with a point the point being to connect people to the truth of the Bible to be creative John's doing so deep a hole that you created a monster that you can't afford that you don't have time for dull sloth that your message with that which is unimportant stick to what important than one of the most used websites in those will no exaggeration is also one of the simplest and most basic website to see what is Google now what they figured out is that they want to do what they do is simply and effectively as possible help anyone once impressive as another one will position is those little doodad to heaven the name Google that they want a little way getting creative ability that makes the news so as not to Google geeks simply show how effective simple can be if you wouldn't use the Internet in a way that lets of Jesus that presents good content if you ever want to talk to us that it was written about using the one minute daily devotional you're welcome to it that in every day something new every day you can put on a website that is spiritual and engages people in the Bible you can do that so you want to do on your skin my good friend another has to come forward because no one ever does see the article on the front right because I feel that I don't but if you would like to take some of these debris would cost just and just a handout to see what was ahead check this out you have a look everyone is not right to fix example of what you can do on the Internet another door what does you want to thank her notch trading in a stepfather and him and him greatly to give us the tool of the incident it's a wonderful tool in the hands of the devil normal wonderful tool in the hands of the Holy Spirit the Lord as your people in these last days help us to be affected out the and we know there is a proliferation of good truth filled websites direct people to the Lord and let people engage with you and the message heading beyond the website that people engage with your written church that soon that we standing on the sea of glass seal place us down the rest is unconvinced as I asked the name of Jesus amen a medium with my autograph or payment services in industry you would like to learn more and I find things that are coming out and I is the word this is a free online service please visit www. nonbelievers


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