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End-Time Events: What Do We Know and When Did We Know It?

Lewis Walton
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Repeatedly in Adventist history, there has been a fascinating parallel between world events and moments of unique opportunity for the church. At times when providence opened the door for quick advances by the Advent message, secular world events followed a repeated pattern, recognizable in the world today, that blocked those opportunities unless God’s people moved very quickly. With that historical pattern, and with the advice given by the Spirit of Prophecy, what should our priorities be?


Lewis Walton is a tax attorney in Los Angeles. A magna cum laude graduate of the University of San Diego, where he earned nearly a dozen academic awards, he is the author of thirteen books and has lectured around the world. Prior to becoming an attorney, he was a news broadcaster, reporting major stories including the Cuban Missile Crisis and, a year later, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Walton practices tax law with his son, Richard, an honors graduate of Georgetown who has served as an attorney advisor to the United States Tax Court.



  • August 9, 2013
    10:45 AM
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him well warning him to sign thingy and by all others in person I I was a newscaster before he became a lawyer in Alma was looking for the light on the camera so it's time to begin our topic this morning is end time events and prophecy rendering talking about three major developments in world advancement we are going to discover this morning that you can go very far any waiting world of instant prophecy without finding that you are drawn into events within the church that you almost seem to come together like railroad tracks in the distance the further you go the closer they get together sort in the startup world of ends we will end up with events within the church that said let's begin and the merchants of the earth will be no more Formula One by their merchandise anymore gold and silver precious stones every kind of object all the things which are rich and splendid have gone and the merchants stand at a distance saying alas Florian our great riches came to nothing Revelation eighteen 's prediction of an end time economic meltdown obviously in the ball world training as it goes right on the same every shipmaster in any and as many as trade by sea still at a distance wailing away our sheaves made desolate the Bible will pay a pretty economic picture at the end of time nor as a matter of fact does another prophetic source that I still have to consider reliable and that's an old-fashioned source called the spirit of rock Elimite when it is him money will assume we appreciate in value fairies suddenly when the reality of internal scenes opens the senses of man obviously a prediction made when the world is on the brink of eternity games can begin to see through the fog of future vacancy something out there that's endless and money depreciates very suddenly and I have had the Laffer curve changes it goes vertical those exponential economic and monetary system collapse and money depreciated in value very suddenly the technical term for which is why high number in inflation is another broad hint of hyperinflation echoed in their that is one superb book yachting Katerina Tanya where it out and buy a new one marathon chapter one seventy three the Lord has shown that some of these children weren't here when they see the price of food rising and they would buy food in lady and I for the time of trouble now let's get a real clear focus on the word picture Ellen White is painting here she's painting a picture of the world and is beginning to go bad it isn't all the way there yet we are not yet in the time and trouble how do we know is God 's people still like to Revelation thirteen has not yet come into reality whether there is enough now they are God 's people can begin to see through the father of future shapes are emerging they draw between the dot and finally one day they say this is not good this can't end well let's get rid of this worthless paper and get something we can actually use and get out his knife and cuts open the mattress they take the money out and made by the but you're still far enough from the end of time for I will try to that who has time for rock the is a very nice statement she makes is then in time of trouble when they went to use their food in Britain warns was full of living creatures and was not fit for use in the function of the time and trouble is not presently demonstrate and they haven't how well we can take care of ourselves functional time and trouble I think irresistible our clause out of a world were very very reluctant to turn loose of solo wrong handheld hyper inflation you see the common theme financial collapse a collapse of the monetary system and with that prophetic background in mind now let's turn to the world we live in a much talk about the economy today America always seventeen trillion dollars that's trillion with the NA probably would mean a little more to us if we start with a level that we can understand so here in my hand I have a thousand dollars that can relatively new hundred dollar bill doesn't look like much in today's economy as much but there is a thousand marks all thousand handles like this would produce a million dollars now if you wanted to one million hundred dollar bills into one of those file boxes that you get from a stationery store bankers blocking put records in those things are about also be a good and even JMS and full of hundred dollar bill you compare and two and a half million dollars really feel that I saw how Mike is a billion dollars by the way were going into two and a half million dollars every single day in America how much is a million dollars will a billion dollars in as a brainless size rock jam all of those bankers boxes each one awakens back to the very real with hundred dollar bills so how much is a trillion dollars will easy answer is more Nikon I like that picture a trillion dollars in sure bankers boxes which are about ten inches high Jan with hundred dollar bills and you start loading them into a football stadium you will completely level playing field and dribble out onto the sidelines completely fill a football field you could fill a role or the act will ten inches deep with hundred dollar bills and that's a trillion dollars that he wanted to express that in all our meals you wouldn't have that ball stadium as high as an eight story building we have seventeen football fields now field with borrowed one hundred dollars bills and that is more than half the stadiums in the entire National Football League were talking babies really be dollar reels in MetLife Stadium Cowboys Stadium mile high sunlight candlestick Park Georgia Dome Heinz Belial Coliseum soldier field and wall Stadium in San Diego we still have seven more fields to go real he even borrowed dollars bills and and a lot of those are old to whom peoples Republic of China now that he is a game that can and well so what are we going to do well aside from simply beautiful thing on RDF which is global economic meltdown there's revelation eighteen aside from the choice we have three choices we might employ all the first one is simply raised deal with the deficit by raising taxes that's one that a lot of politicians go for first that will write to the point where you discover that you can follow a high income taxpayers in America and at the rate of one hundred percent you could run the government only a relatively few short to get that working anywhere near impossibility of success you got attacked everybody now the forty seven percent who don't pay taxes suddenly discover what that life is about as much honestly than on a cast the other problem you encounter is my diverting that much money from the private into the public sector now business doesn't have the extra cash you need to buy new equipment try new ideas only new franchises and hire new people and there goes your economic recovery while the any four wheel locks reaching rubber smoking home so raising taxes may not solve the problem with leaders on them to option number two we just take our national visa card to the teller 's window at the Bank of China or the Persian Gulf that will work until until one we discover that we reached a point where our surplus income can't even pay the interest on the national debt and more all day we go to the teller 's window at the Bank of China and the teller politely says me home I only say well not so good Uncle Sam needs a little more sugar and the teller with a very very for smile says it all please sorry your credit card seems to have been declined now that happen him borrowing my work until we find ourselves in the fight over Asians Elaine 's or Southeast Asia and all ILM that could happen and did you notice not long ago the People's Republic of China and the Russian Republic they engaged in a joint military exercise those old old war allies have rediscover each other and their recognizing it all may not be witnessed in light in the future so far only money may not always work well that leads us to option number three in life is the one I have here is the real reign of the real uncut dollar bills I bought from the Bureau of engraving and printing in Washington we can start creating money governments have the power to do that by the way and how we are now finding a relatively stable economic recovery we are creating money the Federal Reserve is creating money for said not long ago in an economic summit conference and two thousand thirteen that he is creating money it will be the shot heard round the world so again there were now walking a tight rope over a fiscal Niagara Falls we went creating money we could endanger a fragile global economic recovery but the thing we written one dollar to much what happens then the dollar starts chasing a fixed number of goods and there are too many dollars for the goods that are for sale in the marketplace and you encounter something Germany encountered after World War I Reichstag was looking at these war reparations of the victorious Western Allies imposed on the Terminator shattered economy simply could not produce the wealth needed to find the kind of debts Germany had to pay in the Reichstag said well the only hope we have is simply printing money baby is now here is what happened in nineteen nineteen one dollar by twelve German marks relatively decent rate of exchange two years later the curve is starting to go upward it is frightening yet but it does attract your attention two years later a dollar buys two hundred and sixty three marks now somewhere between Van and two years after that one dollar buys four six million marks the crew is getting so state and that there is a mom I don't like what I'm seeing them again my nightgown open the mattress let's trained as worthless paper interview that will want overseas in the end of time but Germany wasn't done yet just a year later in nineteen twenty four one dollar one four two trillion German marks they got to the point where they only bring the money on one side of the paper for years I finally found one of these things in the market German note printed back and on the front it has everything on the back there's nothing it wasn't for a portable side of the paper and he is so Germany encountered hyperinflation cannot happen today well let me give you exhibit a brother McNeil is not to provide these for me in my hand I hold a handful of one hundred trillion dollar notes from the African nation on him the way I have one trillion dollars in Zion Zimbabwe and money and brotherly meals only what he wanted he got these for about fifteen cents why Zimbabwe is a nation rich in resources both natural resources and human talent when they got their independence in nineteen eighty the Zimbabwean dollar was worth more than a US dollar what went wrong well the international monetary fund and World Bank came in with some just brilliant water suggestions that they will structural adjustment program was redistribution of wealth in Zimbabwe led very shortly to a catastrophic decline in their agricultural production people began to starve and inflation went to several million percent got to the point where we have something happening like this now what happened with the Zimbabwean money system is worth are talking about her mom Zimbabwe and money failed for three reasons number one there was absolutely nothing to back it up it's just paper but wait a second let's unpleasantly familiar about that in nineteen twenty two this is what AUS ten dollar bill look like you notice is printed in gold there's a reason it is United States of America will pay to the bearer on demand ten dollars in gold coin there was something to back it up for all the gold standard then we went to were called silver certificates this one says the United States will page of their on-demand five dollars in silver steel something to back it up today's money says what I hope will you him to follow him I have nothing to back it up that's reason number one and failed it's not pleasantly reminiscent of what we face here point number two Zimbabwe ruin their economy by printing money to finance a disastrous war in the Congo but wait a second that's unpleasantly familiar also isn't it worth earning money to finance war point number three is that people in Zimbabwe lost confidence in their money no we aren't there yet these things still work in God they do don't look are the day when this stuff comes tumbling down because it'll be all tough time finishing the work of God with worthless money maybe there's a reason why Allen's and white sand work plan you can think is is a time when it's going to be really tough to get the job done so hyperinflation is a frightening prospect and when that happens if you can still afford to buy a meal in a restaurant to pay for your meal when you order you don't wait until you've eaten because the price will not three lovely choices raise taxes borrow money or print money none of them lead to a new endgame but noticed something were using all three right now and how's that working out for us first issue enzyme events and processes the economy and the apostle James doesn't get as much reassurance and were expecting to have endless wealth in this world is now you rich weep and howl in your riches are corrupted your garments are mopping your gold and silver are corroded and when I find fascinating about that business doesn't corrode gold especially is chemically a oh her cell heroic James is describing is a time when the most established economic theories just don't work anymore something really goes wrong that Revelation eighteen Jesus say what was his economic advice put your money where model rust and thought you and that's what I love about ASI is the members here on that program they got there are people who still do is you number one economy leads us to one I've never spoken to my recollection in public before learning is about time somebody the Internet is the secular drift and moral collapse of our society out everywhere you look from court decisions to legislative changes to the behavior of man running for public office in an and amazes me their long-suffering wives come along to see the seventh commandment in that big a deal and even the presentation of the evening news and broadcast the past for news reporting but are really missing and I know I'm talking about I was a newscaster meeting up before it became a lawyer is taken from a when you watch the news you don't always get the news so everywhere you look at the value you always believe Ian seemed to be going into the meat grinder in the language you hear on the street I work in LA I shot I say that the language hearing from ladies all in all offices many times were a little different from what I used to hear from sailors on the quarter deck of a warship I'm reminded of the old gentleman got on the elevator and he was of the old school he was wearing a hat and a couple of young women got on to his the release present the elevator just on the floor after floor after floor finally one of the young my members blankety-blank blank blank blank elevator film and insanity just quietly put his hat back on this is him and we see in our society doesn't reflect our values I'm talking a nontraditional family hard work honesty these language in common more and more often this unwelcome thoughts steals forces its way into the conscious mind via is is in the America I thought I knew something 's going wrong at all brings to mind a prediction made by Jesus as it was in the days of Lot eight a.m. they drank a bottle they sold a plan they built Luke seventeen new King James now we might add or something else radios because where Lynn in a place called Sodom and San Jose the guys they are had up session and it was a little honesty decency hardware or the traditional family there is session was something else it was so intense that even when they were supernaturally struck why they still had only one thing on their minds and it wasn't lots daughters there came a day when heaven just had enough to remind being disguises common traveler stop at memorable afternoon of the tent door romantic fate called Abraham they said we just had all intake were going down there and what was for diarrhea and a word picture of the view Abraham Manhattan the next morning from the Judean Heights looking out over the veil of Salomon multiple towering pillorying clouds I will like the column and when it finally reaches a point where there is temperature equilibrium and Boyles Avenue mushrooms happen Abraham saw something going on down there in the cities were gone the question is we hear echoes of Sodom today what about the traditional family or kids wants her truth read each morning and evening by a mom and dad from the word of God and went to church each as a and learn to work entry elders with respect to say yes sir and no I am an count on exchange at the cash register my weary majority finally one day say yes we do remember those days enough is enough it's time they get America back now I suggest we think very seriously about this the secular drift of our society suggests that when when hard times and they will pay frightened and had a majority will suddenly remember that I like good old days when families were together and people were in church on Sunday and you can get on an elevator without hearing young women things were better when a frightened majority finally rediscovers the need for old-fashioned morale in the only hope of survival maybe seems to be a return to the good old days can you imagine how angry people would be in the little minority preview is enjoying the majority back to a legislatively enforced tomorrow on merit the Ballmer something as arbitrary as a day of worship Wright controversy lives in this way those who honor the Bible Sabbath will be denounced as an amazing of law and order as breaking down the moral restraints of society causing causing what causing anarchy I hate to say it I don't look forward to this anarchy lies out there in our future Daniel is powered over the centuries that it is not unlike in the whole history of the world Daniel twelve one start there will be a time and trouble such as there never was since there was a nation is almost groping for words to describe in a time where that rule is the ruling on the rule of an angry majority ruled the strong over the we and God 's people have only one hope of escape and then get not this world weren't in the trial of secularism today and when the storm comes and it will not fail liberalism could provoke a backlash planning is probably never seen in our history all of which now leads me to topic number three world event topic number three that lost liberty is pretty clearly and demonstrated historical truth is that frightened people surrender liberty latest role in the last right Frank Germans after the collapse of the German monetary system but all their fears and their dreams into one called called Adolf Hitler yet good and scared and liberty goes of over more like John on Friday people knew that and frighten governments do that and sometimes ambitious governments do that with that in mind think about something every e-mail every week every telephone call you may use on a party line and I'm not talking just about the radio signaling your cell phone would now learn it apparently is truly sad sad but true that the fiber-optic cable to go under the ocean saw our secure reader you might think they would be users miles of sea water on top of them apparently those are being monitored to as a CM TV infomercials wait there's more you might think the secure way to communicate is by snail mail but now it appears to be the case that every piece of mail that is sent back cover of the envelope is photographed to determine who sending him to whom those photographs restore so everything we do or say is observed and probably retained by equipment we barely understand people we don't even know soloing grandma all little Johnny is a little Johnny we are so love this video early in Florida next summer when you come to visit us you'll have a good time with us because we live in a big white house stop right there those last two words guaranteed and voice recognition software library that statement or re-examination why grandma used to words that sometimes are associated with national governmental administration and now the latest thing I've heard in its it's hard to feature but it appears to be coming is the this is wrong I'm not talking just about the government and there is now talk about private industry buying and using domestic drones to study the behavior of people in the privacy of their backyard to see what might economically be more profitable so you can't even find primacy in your backyard frightened governments and frightened people discard liberty first time I resettled here in Orlando was thirty one years ago may last week of May as I recall nineteen eighty two thousand two and evening meetings the Florida Camp meeting in the conference president and was Elder Caruba just a great guy great Italian-American in a real bind church leader while I was here I thought this patient died I can still remember how you say I have used a refrigerator and Italian algorithms on his ice a lot all one night we were on the stage and I was conflicted I had a couple of topics like the present one of which was the with issues and I asked Elder about himself Matthew the issues are people are always interested in willing nineteen eighty two our major problem was the Soviet Union was forty thousand new Senate 's fifty thousand main battle tanks massed just beyond central Germany's folding gap and between the people of God and they finished work was this huge iron obstacle called the Soviet Union born Darwinism and the Marxist notion that a continually evolving human species law logically to be able to create heaven on earth through humanistic socialism now let's be really careful with Darwinist I was so refreshed and so blessed by El Dorado Doctor brain in addition last night when he tells that Loma Linda they are offering graduate curriculum things like geology in a way whereby young attitudes instilled that there is a thank the Lord for that sometimes we we make an endorsement or to put down on places like Loma Linda all I been there recently I'm telling the Holy Spirit still there so anyway there was this notion of creating a heaven on earth through Doron Marxism be careful with Darwinism is a steep slope that they wouldn't you want it believes you places you don't even realize you're going to your immersed in an and one of his presupposition that the capstone of the evolutionary triangle being the human race ought to be able to create AES a paradise on earth if only we could get rid of religion with its history of persecution and fratricidal war noticeably the first drafts of all the Communist manifesto and origin of species will close the first draft worked hand in yes what year the team for a four now whatever doubts we may indulge in these days in postmodern and peasant has to be relevance of eighteen forty four there was no doubt whatever and Lucifer 's mind he knew exactly what was going on in heaven he knew what was going to happen on her any back any back far and both of those world changing volumes were panned as a first draft in eighteen forty four so that by nineteen eighty two when communism is a revolutionary MAI and evolutionary dream extended over half the below will wonder how you finish the work of God will we didn't have long to wait did we just seven years later we were reminded rather graphically there is still a king on the throne and when Helen decides to offer God 's people in a major opportunity to finish the work and go home and mountains disappear and the Soviet Union just disappeared is gone hardly into your shed I member one or two Politburo members on on the news were shedding a few tears but that was it Soviet Union just disappeared and suddenly the world stood open was his usual level is first defensive line if ever in my opinion there was a signal for a soon coming and I was in it was almost as if there was appeal of cosmic trumpet sounding the bugle call for charge now and more when the enemy line breaks you don't stroll through that opening you run through one thing you don't do anymore is in combat is set around admiring opportunity because on the other side there is a frantic energized enemy try to plug that hole and a great controversy were not facing a human general capable of human mistakes there is no longer for General Lucifer he knows exactly what's going on and when he and counter attacks and when he does so with with incredible fury what was about to happen in the decade of the nineteen nineties is astonishingly similar to an event at the start of the twentieth century nearly a hundred years before nonmonetary a few moments of your time to talk about you'll soon understand why there is a parallel isn't here the same issues are in play both times turn of the twentieth century here the twentieth century in nineteen hundred as in nineteen ninety the world is suddenly stood mysteriously open able to be entered for the rapid finishing of God 's work then add in the nineteen nineties there was a sudden mysterious prosperity do you remember what happened on Wall Street in the nineteen nineties took off like a rocket but the current industry was a lot for a while that the law schools were turning out lawyers who were sent out under the .com industry the price of entering new lawyers and lay in the legal market went up catastrophically high for a lot of firms simply because it was just a much demand the findings of law written and the same thing happened at the turn of the twentieth century I believe in nineteen hundred Jesus was trying to return I believe he intended to us not just supposition on my part in a general conference March three should say March thirtieth nineteen oh three Allen Weinstein if the people of God had preserved a living connection with immensely and only his word that he would today be in the heavenly Canaan ninety one number of similar statements the Lord may have been delayed don't blame heaven authority wanted to come along time ago I believe in nineteen hundred and was a engineering an opportunity whereby that had happened evident already given the Baptist Church the magnificent nineteen eighty eight message has a lot been spilled on eighteen eighty eight I think it's a real simple concept in my opinion was being given the church in eighteen eighty eight was the idea of what Jesus back into the center of everything we him how wonderful aggradation of truth Utah the second coming sanctuary investigative judgment Sabbath spirit rots in the meantime morning were commissioning of the world ultimately catastrophic mistake don't do it don't throw away liberty that all the market and because all these things we have their powerful truth and human priest and when you convince people along with the unit do so without emphasizing how Jesus is the very center of every one of those truth along the new is creating biblically literate prophetically aware probably much more healthy centers human cases in the center of every one of those on my show you just a few minutes how it fits into one of these for them in their emphasized the centrality of Jesus then had to bring the power of the Holy Spirit out of the morning we creation and you have a message and stop human history just that simple so have an independent I think the turn of the twentieth century for the work to be finished quickly now in nineteen eighty one I wrote a little book called Omega opened on New Year's Day nineteen hundred were everywhere you looked there was peace in almost anywhere on earth and everywhere you looked there was a wave of prosperity one of the art editor put it this way you couldn't make money last year you just can't make money and give up that was the case not only out in the world but in the church the brilliant Kellogg brothers John Harvey Kellogg Doctor and his brother we'll see never heard of WK Kellogg the two-man following insight human in the spirit of prophecy were taking both the help message and the dietary message to a single where the so what well all available that is the work of God easily harboring sanitarium the Battle Creek captains of industry president European royalty and our help message was trumpeting ideas and concepts that epidemiologists would still be studying in wonder of a century later and for a fleeting moment nothing seem to stand in the way the work of God could be finished now that would last long just two years later in nineteen oh two the Russell Japanese war would propel Japan into a Great Pacific money Pacific power twelve years after that catastrophe a world filled Alan White's prediction that so millions would die in entire navies would be lost in the ocean what she said made no sense when she said it it made perfect sense in nineteen fourteen but just now is New Year's Day in nineteen hundred there was still a little time for God 's work to be finished now in one shot of an appeal to the church 's work if you've never worked before so the way will be hinged on the right hand and on the left you won't be able to safely travel in nineteen to share one more warranties and watch out human beings are using their inventive power to produce machinery can feel so powerful and without special protection there is no safe place on earth and in nineteen to that prevention makes sense to only two people on earth one of which was that little lady with three years of education the other of which was a German Jew by the name of Albert Einstein at the University of Zürich who was within two years to offer the world the special theory of relativity moments of opportunity for God 's word are moments of peril because Lucifer will counter attack him seeing hungry tonight into exactly what he needed the counter attack from a direction know what is expected not from outside the church but rather from inside and how many do that well he cleverly hacked the unique truth of our message the sanctuary the investigative judgment and the spirit of prophecy and his soldiers were not warriors remount their favorite people from way and I'm talking the leader of our medical work some brilliant academic people the intelligentsia we lost Battle Creek College and now wants to see and the attack went something like this the is she wearing real no one in all whole Christian theological community agrees with us I agree with this idea of an investigative judgment they see it for what it is a face-saving device to my disappointment nineteen forty four toilet problem with that was that Alan Whitehead enthusiastically endorse both concepts so if you're going to attack those you have to move on attack the spirit of prophecy and the attacks went something like this on her Alan why bless her heart she's a good woman she means well she writes nice devotional literature but a no way you know why she's a late dangerous stuff was dressed up in nineteen oh five I can write my other aunt by the way what is the definition of plagiarism is writing up something similar wrote a long time ago in the so those who resurrect those their it was the voice level of the line him why was made in all you have to remember that Alan why he is no theologian so I guess not I guess neither was the apostle John he was only a fisherman some states language can write to the argument of the next logical step is that separates us from our Christian brethren there's no reason for us to be separated we need to rejoin the mainstream it is time to modernize our believes it's time to progress that was Lucifer 's counterattack in the opportunity this church saw a nineteen hundred hours and successful well in the collegium was over we have lost a great medical institution in Battle Creek community burned around and when it was revealed contrary to the advice of Alan wine what happened we lost into the entire denomination the day that magnificent building Doctor Kellogg stands ghostlike over Battle Creek a reminder of what might have been of better days now it's only not by the Adventist church but by whom the federal government General services administration the last I knew storing records and eighty four pictures of your last envelope restored we lost our great publishing house once it was the newest and best training establishment in Michigan and we lost that publishing houses burned to the ground as well as against Alan Weiss and Weiss it had agreed to publish material by Doctor Kellogg undermines foundational administering we lost a whole galaxy of antennas thought leader we lost on breakfast cereal industry into apostasy so that by nineteen fourteen him and shot a World War I slam the door on any chance of a quick finishing up God 's work Battle Creek Michigan was a ghost town with little to reminded once even held the headquarters of the now while I spent a few minutes talking about a hundred year old is working why I'll explain there's a lesson here in the midst of apostasy Alan White and a warning she said as apostasy were in here in nineteen to nineteen for is e-mail of deadly heresies like you said something else is coming something else would following downstream in time and to symbolize that you went down twenty four letters to the end of the Greek alphabet grab me a letter Omega and she said Omega is coming and I trembled more people in other words we would make the same mistake again now let's go back to the nineteen nineties glory days of talks Americana Soviet Union collapsed when challenged by an adventuresome dictator in Iraq we took out the fourth-largest army on earth in just a hundred hours and everywhere people look to America suddenly there was is almost unexplainable surge of wealth remember the nineteen nineties there was so much money coming out Wall Street that there was money and not even among God 's people to finish the work of God and places where we once had hardly dared to distribute white or suddenly why don't I will remember that contrast him for a while and I visited the Soviet Union and non- Sabbath we went to the church there in central Moscow and most of the saying in the church there and afford him no so everybody brings their own nice lady behind us offered her hymnal while I can read Russian so I did what I asked for singing it was much in now I try all the music was going on thinking to myself just maybe the Lord has provided answers to a question I've been wondering about CI brought into the Soviet Union a Russian language version ministry of healing season is not going and I'm thinking how to like to give this to a Russian person huddling into the right person and more importantly how I get anybody to the congregation there were agents from KGB and they were watching and as were singing and came to me here is the answer one night the lady got her book ministry of healing goes underneath and I just handed back to know what even in the balcony has been a be the wiser while that one hour except the lady in a moment of just awesome naivety Lucinda will still encounter I get big as saucers and she blows me a kiss so now the secret is out I would have to learn what Moscow and Leningrad by the KGB in that little incident we got out okay I'll never forget how good it felt to look down for most from a Russian airliner and see Holland beneath us anyway I was curious at this point there's nothing left to lose so I don't know if this lady is that the Lord is enabling invisible to them I finally turn I thought to myself could she be a doctor so I turned around and whispered to her people watch your doctor and she said I match you see what I will will anyway ten years later I was thinking in the Moscow central church this time in the Russian Republic and down from the pool and then my my little talk I use an illustration that I probably overuse bridges so clear to me that I can give up on and that's comparing the instrument panel on an airplane to the law I and I told the story LA international onion drop-down and that Marine layer you lose your horizon you don't know which way is up there is no way your body can tell you which way is up it'll tell you all kinds of things that you believe in your numbing and then so your eyes and your mind will want to sell onto an external absolute and better than your feelings that's the instrument panel that am I wasting it is a long time in the agent of salvation and put you in the area Saturday July eleven so when I got done with that I was reading the people at the door the Moscow church and out came a major in the Russian Air Force and he and I were a problem rank and are in our corresponding military systems and silent and he immediately grasp what I'm trying to say what I'm thinking of and I'm thinking to myself as I shake his hand on floor this message in another time and another lifetime in an alternative universe the item and looking at each other over gun sites instead here we are brothers in the Lord and we exchanged a wonderful old-fashioned Russian bear on and adore the Moscow church how things and changed you can do things now and to the renderings credit they saw the opportunity and rushed into it now and have been has and we haven't endorsed for some time the and enjoy all the second-guessing the brother but this time the brethren had it right and clean you remember those those massive evangelistic efforts to win on the church rushed into that vacuum and so I got in ASI ASI members took advantage of that and went in there in the gospel was preached in a place where he just ten years before you could safely get away ministry of healing and we have to ask ourselves the question that's going to be closed tomorrow afternoon when some of us on the panel trying to address in a man he is why are we still here we should be home now opening was so huge we should have rushed through we should have gotten home and we didn't miss the opportunity of going in the places we could never enter before something else must've gone wrong we should be home today I mean beyond even the welcoming specter of the sea of glass that should be behind us that great welcome home supper should not be memories we should on this particular birthday in the hardware and the cosmos and you realize that ASI work done and the second coming that's just the beginning so get ready for it now get in shape is the real work begins when he comes and I am convinced that God 's plan is to scatter us across the limitless universe telling and retelling toss to be what it's like to be in regard to and what it's like to be redeemed and yet oddly enough here we still are beautiful place Orlando is nice but it still got traffic lights in the theaters we ought to be home by now here we are beset with a crushing national debt that foretells hyperinflation and threatened by terrorists being overly more dangerous than our Soviet neighbors and never word because our current enemies don't care if they live or die our Russian neighbors and in there is a difference eighty two thousand thirteen thirteen years into a century that never needed to happen that shouldn't happen that I don't think was in heaven plan for happening in the question is what went wrong I'll say more about that tomorrow if I get a chance but let me give you some thoughts this morning let's go back to the nineteen nineties and the lingering ankle of nineteen hundred and one at the parallels in the nineteen nineties and at the nineteen hundred there was a suddenly wide-open world a catastrophically brief period of peace a clear commission of the church work while you can because the night stunning when you won't be able to there was a set out of the blue prosperity and some things go wrong the opportunity is missed and echoing down the corridor of decades as Allen Wyatt 's warning quote we have now before us the hell out of this danger the only gun will be a mode startling nature which leads us back I know we have a reasonable curiosity left and that is what will the Omega challenge look-alike what would unfortunately have an answer to a lot of speculation on that a lot of attempts to explain it away and put comfortably in the past but Alan Whiteley was an answer because with her own money honor thy she printed a little pamphlet called special testimony series and be number seven and in volume she described a future challenge to God church and goes as follows and I'm using her words the enemy of souls has sought to bring in the supposition that are creative Reformation was to take place among Seventh-day Adventist and this would consist in one DNA not the doctrines which stand as the pillars of our day Doctor McNulty handled it beautifully yesterday in his seminar showing where these pillar doctrines release van wider so central minor essential to point number one is would be tempted to give among give up the doctrines which stand as the pillars of our faith point number two fascinates me she said engaging in a process called re- organization now what on earth does she mean by the reorganized something well you can have a meeting of whatever governing body the organization exists and you can vote to change it that's one way of reorganizing that explicit even have explicit reorganization or you can have a implicit reorganization and just China happens below the surface you have over reorganization are all over reorganization in other words it can happen simply because various portions of all an organization shoeless Joe back at the organization really wasn't there a had no authority are you following me now let me give you my my conviction this morning this church is administered is not a congregational collection of all autonomous conferences and union free to follow the territory Nora at will we are a world church and we ought to act like the world church and and when the General conference meetings the informal session and take action we want to speak with one voice and no matter what social agendas we may feel are meritorious no matter how meritorious they made the we are a world church and Alan White Sands watch out one of the elements of this future problem is reorganization I'm pointing out that can happen in obvious ways or subtle ways point number three the principles of truth given to the remnant church would be to start point number four the fundamental principles that have sustained the work would be accounted as an error notice three times in three different ways he hammers on this page you are the fundamental pillar truth of this church is coming under attack and any overt or covert we can either attack and openly or we can will those principles the matter and she says at the end of time the spirit of prophecy would buy some being held as a little account we can do that by simply reading it and ignoring in our lives so point number four is the fundamental principles of sustained the work would be accounting this error now we come the number five will a new order would be written I find that interesting cushy floor alliances books now in Kellogg's arrow one book I've got a copy of his original living Temple in my personal research library that one book most of which was just stunningly beautiful truth and which had just of a few dozen pages of air in that stop church like that she is getting a nice in the latter apostasy Elimite says it's going to be pluralized to be a blizzard of these things on a new order twenty four six the Sabbath would be likely regarding he stopped there if you lightly regarding the Sabbath what will you logically and also lightly regard home once the Sabbath a memorial of his creation you can take an assignment is that important near Venice soon follow logically on the idea of the creation may not be that important after all a lot of very well educated people say it didn't happen away little by little so I hope the house with creepy and even to the importance of the Sabbath and I'm suggesting axiomatically to the biblical account of how we came to be here him what happened from with in just as it happened in the era of Doctor Kellogg insight guys churches let me say it again this is a world church we should speak with one voice we should act like the world church that includes every structure every organizational structure Willis including for example our institutions of higher learning that God will encourage of Elder Wilson at the last General conference session went on the issue of creation he said this is what we believe this is the truth we believe this is where we stand some major changes would occur in our structure our literature our thinking and now a regular point number seven she said and I hope nothing would be allowed to stand in the way of the new movement in other words something that is intentional engineer design plan that it has power behind it nothing was allowed to stand in the way in the new movement a powerful well-designed plan on using the work of God into something he never intended and then Allen why add another warning shots before the clothes of probation she said something will try to happen within the church it'll be a false latter rain may fall Holy Spirit manifested by a lot of excitement a lot of emotionalism a lot of movement a lot of activity and the glue that holds them together will be music just before the close of probation but notice something this future challenge can only happen if we collectively allow we are privileged to stay and so the church and God 's truth and the welfare of his church is in our hands which leads me to my clothes were folded of the question of the day of Pentecost men and brethren what shall we do mail for suggestions number one let's remember that as anything we ever believed he is free share believes infringed is true that employers is true and then we are living in a great day of atonement as this is what the sanctuary in the desert pointed to we are living on you for the last great act of heaven before the return of Jesus is going on now has been in four hundred and sixty nine years a.m. ladies and gentlemen that is not rhetoric that is reality or we have no reason for being here we are living on the day of atonement so how should we live with meeting suggestion number two on Israel on Yom Kippur they haven't only God 's people not clean they claim their dwellings cleaner garments clean their persons and they clean their arts they stood outside the door little tent homes of all the high priest went into their squishy human did his work in the holy of holy and they search their hearts in a certain way there and lie outside the will of God the Hebrew word for that is not within merciless self introspection you ransack your heart looking for areas in which wrong still may somewhere be lurking and David learned very clearly in his lord search my heart certainly and see if any secretly be there I am convinced the function of the day of atonement is brings him out of the recess is all I will just level something that is discouraging and humbling as you do with interstate things that make you wonder if you really has our allies are not Christian pathways you like to work your line the Holy Spirit is bringing to your conscious attention things you need to deal with you and see how the conscious level I just can't rather have Jesus in San simple just deal with it so Israel search their hearts clean their hearts and then number five they waited waited at the doorway to those Oklahomans who bears in the desert that symbolizes how temporary there Thursday was there and had a better destination their life was not the desert they were headed home and that's where we ought to be looking today everything we do how we live how we spend our money how we spend our time and our attention should declare this is temporary we are headed home his related at the portals in their homes may I suggest we wait at the portals of eternity that brings me to suggestion number three which is way way while the high priest does his mysterious work and Heidi Heidi on in the holy of always while we wait we have a precious truth known alone enact his and nobody else in the whole Christian world preaches this line will understand that it is unique new advances in a manner is this this is the day of atonement judgment is going on right now and we don't have to fear is why first of all diseases as our guide the father judges no man committed all judgment under whom all we hear only he known their time for all of the temptation no one else in the universe understands and that he only is is fit to judge us bother to try but the news is better not only is he our judges what else my little children these things I write to electricity and not that the apostle John version Riata was sin no matter what the old classic and is ideal the mess was in all it's going to do is argue my little children these things I write that you sin not the same when we seems as if we sin we have we have an advocate once in Africa that his defense counsel not think about that your job is your defense attorney was to offices refused same person does both European judge by your defense lawyer how you will lose a case like so as we waited we just think about what Jesus is doing for us and now I want to move on to suggestion number four and then I think we need to share the ASI hearing I mean what the entire head Venice community had the experience in conventional result last night up on the platform Tori after story of people who are turning their livelihood into a platform for vision outreach what if the entire church that spirit why we traded our young people with the kind of respect things that have a ESI CYC instead of treating them as a temporary aberration that has to be entertaining because the gospel isn't powerful enough for we sometimes hear people say are what we need to do is really a rephrase and his summary Freeman to meet a young mind think about and I wonder what were you industry class if you ever studied in this history who started the church there were some older guys like Kathy Bates there was an old man by the name of Hiram Edson who was thirty eight years of age by the way one of the participants last night was a he is a descendent of Hiram Edson Christina Monteiro who was on the platform last night but the majority of the pioneers of this message were young people I'm talking James one twenty two years of age Ellen Harmon sixteen turning seventeen Annie Smith the Darius Smith twelve and Jason Andrews fifteen or sixteen years of age and there are more on this church was started by young people don't tell me again recently on my network came from so as we include with my poor suggestion I just suggest we share the spirit of ASI there is a mission field not only out there and inside the church as well until you get your suggestions in one hand with the fifth one and that is it's time to defend God 's truth in the online was as correct about her partner you will see that he was about to call the link between tobacco and cancer as a challenge out there in the future and maybe a whole lot nearer than we realize when that happens it is our privilege to defend the truth and I want to close with words that were framed far better than I can again the new by Alan light back in an earlier crisis looking forward to one of the end of time she put it this way to stand in defense of truth and righteousness when the majority for saving us to fight the battles of the Lord when champions are you this will be Arkansas if you use mine on every word in your mind learn more and I find a landline is a more online newsroom and www. nonbelievers


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