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Using Your Business Platform for Evangelism

Radim Passer
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Whatever your business or profession, it’s possible to harness the platform you already have to begin sharing Christ in the marketplace. Learn how in this informative, inspiring seminar by someone who has been doing it for decades in the largely secular Czech Republic. 


Radim Passer is chairman of the board of PASSERINVEST GROUP, which has ranked among the most recognized development companies on the Czech market ever since Radim accepted Jesus into his life in 1998. He founded Maranatha o.s. in 2002. Radim is married and has two sons, Radim and Samuel. 



  • August 9, 2013
    10:45 AM
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him us move from our God and Lord Jesus Christ the mining village in the to be hereunto and insight is always a I am going to be challenging my spiritual authority of the year have of course you will you will you will hear next seven to five minutes my know we were both poor English but I believe it will we were able to understand and midsize you are and I was otherwise I would have to switch on check and even more so I accepted Lord Jesus Christ fifteen years ago and ninety nine and bygones and move through accepting Jesus in my life is the best decision in my life a little easy conversion because I was my firstborn son month ago changed this tragedy into the blessing unto Holy Spirit is leading me through putting the Bible during the studies of professing and ready but it soon became a Seventh-day Adventist and that pleaded me to desire the show Jesus with others because the end of the this is the only one job which resolved the density in the heaven iPhone I consider my joke that illustrative over the bottom of my ministry path of my mission because of the Christianity no for the sample to have belongs to Jesus they are very specific because working Justin Brown Czech Republic I hope only in Iraq but even only in some specific place and brought me the working as a website the city will think Smoltz and enlisted and the name of the project has been the central baby syndrome so far been lost in the essence of the lodges business Park in Czech Republic and soon just few number of so fifteen years ago the we finished the first building today they are about fifteen buildings with the two million square feet and the working environment for approximately more than ten thousand people I would maybe I will to mention one on the affliction of the business pockets of Philadelphia there are several solos small story behind the name of the project that goes than just whether the Philadelphia end of chapter city from revelation is my favorite and most growth because it was so description of the women's movement in nineteenth century and even the people can lend from the history of this building something about of the study of the best shots and dying sometimes two thousand one thousand two hundred exhibitors I was still one vision and the get some idea of how to finish the by the one-off items becoming more and more from my mind and it was blue build the church is the most important part of the business park me we had the had to wait some time for funny planning process approval from the defendant of the building and then years ago I came to my first cycle mentioned in Albuquerque two thousand three hundred and three years later two thousand six I had my first interview and then beyond and the time I mentioned also something about our vision and our business in practically public the we mentioned how Riedel will move some of the Adventist church on the kindergarten and listens the Adventist elementary school and the rigid in Venice Florida and I'm grateful to God that the moon several years later only so the site so this half Seventh-day Adventist church is probably the smallest building in the home business bar of the most important also as a Christian business businessman I I understand the most important thing is still wrong I reach out to people for Christ and to the tools that I know all our activities and in the month is in the end of the central to share with people the Adventist message to the people for Christ not multiple with the wind them up to serve others have also oh oh five as many others some of the element is that many emotional more and consider as a the best and most efficient bridge program on people to come to Jesus so that his father by the following activities in the and the church building and of course food also we believe it is very important than Belgrade lovely kindly Christian environment with movement of people of the church building course finished four years ago in summer two thousand nine the author 's obligation or a place along the event is not an imposter of the charts for more articles like traditional union president all well and good one of the first decided almost the morning devotional every working days of the process that even if for the first one oh two years sometimes long sometimes two people come on in the morning but today it's everything at least then people thanks Devils from the beginning code that a regular some worship service even if he's not that individuals a few people because if something families started this congregation and two thousand nine I think that is an important collection on the dream my attendance is assigned North America and this this business Park in Czech Republic most of the project goals new beginnings both my great desire to translate his physician to check on select language untreated and ten thousand eight ten two thousand nine among the tribes building close finish in some of the both online and to stop the deliberate murder for some public evangelism and in two thousand nine I also commented to my to my personal on the game play and evangelist so I did this public meetings myself foster ostomy fluid and he decided to first floor in the end the small room on the church and feet have embraced the gospel send us fifty people and for the first meeting how many people who think King exactly fifties and we needed all of these public meetings five times a week and all our experiences through the public meeting tools the attendance of overthrowing some of our first first meeting prefinished with more than forty people maybe just one set of them were not on the mother that the blessing for us I'm feeling somebody I consider myself I'm the defendant had nothing to get the picture but my experience is that if a few mellow jobs two zero zero two and see people in the decision to be but does as a result of doing on this first public meeting in two thousand and hide it either tomorrow who will small chicks and also end on Sunday afternoon while and my number four public meetings also next open house and then again in the recent film that shows building located in the main hall and needed some advertisement and go clothes send her the first meeting approximately sixty people and to finish with a one hundred windows approximately thirteen decision to move from the people to be but does and I have to say that the two became Lady lay evangelist for the really I that I consider on doing this and doing this me think I was always probably the closest relationship with God because God shoulder house in front of our eyes all we can change the life of the people ghostwritten public insulin signaling on fluid hospitals and then do in the meantime needed a little follow-up or send someone off and some other activities that will speak about and two thousand twelve treated and other public meetings to independently be sentimental so audited since so serious of the new beginnings program and will will despise God always been completed by bring new people who are prepared to hear his Gospel and to again the attendant said undoing the public meetings is going under a rituals eighty five to ninety people had even one hundred thirty people for the for the lot off meeting limit fifteen decisions for this kind in Hong Kong for this nice number him hello this is not only important than just a big game has found that an event is not also the desire to serve others through the game 's member and members in the church the congregation started with just so that six to ten people to formally send Buster and his life and a beginning thousand and fifteen to twenty five people over the coming through abutting or some portion of their and other public meetings and follow-up world signals before the two fifty people and often the last public methinks theater fifty to seventy people were coming for the regular sum up some of worship and the disagreeing it was not badly over one hundred people so they are ungrateful to God to plant a church in the middle of the home of the sick or business because they are doing the regular surveys over three or four years over ninety percent consider themselves as a non-Christian office within the same line in the whole Czech Republic we had the according boss golfing the people velocity search nine this figure some of the people counting themselves as a non-Christian mother that doesn't mean that people will want to use the golf people just don't trust churches and our company and to I think it should issue issue interludes them right and proper way to audio and to correct the drop people many people I can dedicate their lives to Jesus with our experience this is this is the picture from the methinks and then all those that appeal who would like to be baptized and on the same picture from two thousand twelve PR and then they go to healing our different activities the church building tends for people and to I think also what important enough for the public methinks the hands spreading through the with others that the gospel development this message is the follow-up for us and I would like her Oscar and that the girl who is personally animals in this philosophy works do you know something more about it in a society ministry and that is a follower is essential and will is your favorite contacts of single people and Bible studies personal plan is and is not what is exciting is that people love to study by any group and it is not always and everywhere the truth bus in the business part it is true that people like them together so it is not rare and unusual when twenty five people but as really given Bible studies two thousand three third time we provided will be revealed revelation and Danielson S and we also provide time for those maybe retired people will less enough and evenings and mornings of Tuesday morning we have also like as we we feel the building what I allow myself for times a week below is an praise the Lord that people are coming that will study not only does it before because it is important that our church members and people who will baptize then and study the Bible over and over because this is very important for the renewed view Lauren every commitments will does always what encouragement is the personal stories and I would like to serving you just so some of them because every single person is precious in God 's eyes and I think who is he a Christian it should be the same for us the first guy that he was a businessman completely unbelievable his famous Jaroslav check name and that he came in a multiple thousand nine for the public meetings in the game for the set of anything from the end and the name of the meeting a lot seven blanks so the ideal date for somebody who is completely new in the Christian steam but that makes me think he can again with his girlfriend and they started to attendance powerful model for abortion and in two thousand and four the next public meeting Sunday attendance and have his girlfriend of twenty six methinks there's always twenty five Florence is also the beginnings plus personal story of the preacher and it was the same ten days I have to home to be baptized him so they may make they getting baptized and it also had a nice expense because they already active in the in the church life and for the next serious thousand twelve they became part of the organization the organization team they would like to be with us here the congregation prayed for for the baby and even the false if it was easy for them a few weeks ago that her baby was born so that's fine they are not here with us now I is yellow slough number two is needed is a cool his group is a group now in our legitimate interest around and her he was a gambler and he came for the significant public meetings and development than that his life and his life will seriously sick and often and then they decided to be baptized they didn't baptize God and to his life another year of life but the sheep also have a one year ago and Jaroslav had again and reminded addiction of the gambling boats of Jesus Christ and prayers of others help him so now things got a result of this addiction he married a second new life she is she is the former chief she's come from second and videophone Prime Minister of Czech Republic she accepted the message coming the chair of the judge and the visa him for many many this man so and so the town and I started to go see his own also what enthusiastic sharing the gospel it with others on the next story is also a nice legal sediment movement came from the United States through all all countries and one guy his famous E game the Czech Republic is from United States from completely drowned and that he is here with us and view zero zero Sharon his studies in humans with us I will in will is that all is in a American citizen and as I will military is for you is just as real and working as when I was four so you hear as it is yes he does a return war in Iraq I was now in a is a is a a is a will is will will and will will and I will will him so unless I was as an everywhere is only as you he is and is thankfully I got to the real Susan is what they motivated me to send revival is in hospital is really as is the also have a library is used unity is one day and you will talk to him and as long as it has is in a families there is yet you are yesterday 's big house and so nothing is as you is waiting was lazily is building over here as it is in is as long as I is is is is is is is is is is is is I left there is a and will will will will and him now is your hallway is is is is that is and as I never had any idea as a soon as I clean and I are in a world is fast losing is and will a will I will also have an American living is probably the last one is in and is secularism is very soft communism is not a really nice of you and will will live as life really is so I am very a will is a resident pastor maybe this is just six the movie is as is and is now I is a and is and is everything you need to know how it is something that is possibly in him will him will have heard of the CVS is an one thing is anyways over a eye is a that is the main reason I stated a belief as if I is is is so and cabbage is you is that jurors and my son is in a similar baptism is as you so is is is a lot of a and is a is is also as missionaries there is so here they are being missionaries in America is America losing and they explained all the things that I've read in a I is is and I really love is as you add in I couldn't find these in my church and are starting to come to these morning is good morning Bible study is an is the us and one of those missionaries and that is his him maybe you are really losing my heart is the fray way to the same way as I'm here this is a play on the side of the a lot of is a you a you are him as I know those long as there's a lot of that is time that my friend and I had to specify his basketball player raises his program both children as before as will an you think the program is marked as with the help of the people that my church I've been able to talk to my son 's class a Thanksgiving and is a also a junior divisions are eventually seventy five percent of his mailing is is is a and it really was getting over myself is the last four for personal story home for the summer presentation there's some some is also the businessman who accepted on Jesus Christ on Thursday he him assuming this is the will will will is is is is is more likely after his sure this was one of the five is removing them as I have a prior over the defendant as well as I really don't look as though the whole is in my life as we were looking for I blaze the love you will you will is you are interested in the healthy lifestyle is the also limited for over a long way Theophilus Wilson and Charlie were part of the review is as bad as little as you as I did not think this is a you is is is is is is is certainly is him a music this is no know this is no online play Jesus is my way this is revised heavily influenced the movie is available as a the thirty is regional will a you is no as this is a must and will be as was the first is is is is is why Jesus came one is you is is about fifty percent of the six two heavy on his own film made even on thousands of the movie is thousands as fast as you as you upon membership is a is an is a is I was on a suspicious of the season I was in a is in him will him us have since the phone is five thousand will be some person holding is the eleventh is time is only a select of it as then as a is the will is is a business is as a medical small online is all right you know you and we are making and selling jewelry on a thing as is is is is is is is I didn't have the desire is for you is to a no I think that is but because during the two thousand and eleven the last of the meaning is you is a and so the you are close by one of the month is almost begun as soon as his Joomla! CMS as you will be headed it is beautiful summer because the whole summer is the Bible every day you will be a minimum of message with a seventy two seventy is also visible in the is a is a also one of my friends brother is a you a will is will you as you is is is is is is is is is is is and we promise you will you as a will is a you a is a tissue and yes the is a him a him a holism is is is really upsetting I will be presenting on will is in a is a you and all the items is to miss as you he is not to be thought a thing as a moment a Bible in my manual life is a is a a a you and her principles in business and public environment he is a is a business is in his name is about as a way to reach out her colleagues and people is as is as him a will is he a you will see some of you only fulfills a loss as is as bad as if I may ask you please pray for us and you probably raised as something to thank you for doing personal stories and experiences and the armed revolt about the ghost and the congregation may be sent from the film and friendly kind environment and people are bringing bringing their friends will visit the church exhibit this and also medical from the mom some sum up or should either I had a thermal loss of all things isometric another five first-time coming people the charges of this misery is uncertain on our prayers what is also important is the program for children's hospital soon be mentioned that in the godsend and elementary school and the antisocial to do something for the children during the week one individual who want to use it as an animated Bible studies the translated into chicken select language of seventy six stories from open to this comment and the start that do something for the gold of mindless enamels and every week and they are playing from the roof with a mid-September film is visually living the school year for the children will sorry I noticed the only city in the lump sum given on some assignments no children like that and also live of course he mentioned to me mentioned that the house and social programs which is to be considered is a really really moved beach activities and and and and and the church building can be present whom every day notice that is something for the people have a baby do some hospital programs or some some bridge which activities nurses genome is a veteran is the type modify on Zionism as health programs and I O N I undergo this personal info on to speak in a few sentences about that you are so in exercise and a free database event in the center of the church is very important that we have everything going on something that is the how will you see a bit of explaining the different authors on how the healthy lifestyle is really making elected we also know you're in a school year is a great and there is nothing like having an bringing it and had people tasted and when eleven tasted that they are willing to say while I might be willing to give up the lead so is progressively less and more another I mentioned that also the moments of interest from monopoly celebration of over sixty years in a moment of even over the nine years to get on their operation the health food store of course it's also necessary to the covenant nation the ghosts of the houses would start to a dear school began at an black number in the budget that interest around more than five years but things got ugly survive and begin how we can operate the business and I call it something like health innovation for the people because even though Minnesota for the different international corporations coming in using the vegetarian metadata store maybe I didn't mention well for you and the whole business about God for some newest corporation like Microsoft the confluence and allowed today that is so United Technologies so oldest son and the lump sum on this we are very happy about the elementary schools in the name is Eliza you recognize that this is a disputed smoking the new building in Philly school building one hundred year old mother bid if he had possibly to divide the building reverberation using is a is a school and I would say often fight his operation we still are not able completely ever how amazing to mission who can be this is such an environment like this like his bra the ones that the children coming from the Adventist family approximately one third of children coming from on other Christian denominations family and approximately one thousand children from non-Christians and others on the my son is also at the him will him telling me the children from non-Christian feminist and a very easy way I wasn't all date from there the relationship that Jesus and praying for their parents who accepted Jesus in their life and so they're coming for the first the results I will tell you about this they are inflating it on she came from also lucky off from coupling the ground and I wish she'd often this author had a meeting with guided tour of the school publishes Seventh-day Adventist lady she does inside it and there will have known that the school and then came the public meetings ultimately both twelve and the children from the school singing in the middle in the middle of the serious some songs and have built their wealth among the children the lady came as well and for the lecture and that he and she was drying off the after the hearing the message and after the hitting the Christian songs they should continue to go for the Bible studies often after the meeting can systematize we have another nice story from this list finally this will be in the picture above this is one of song from the things great and his mother and father when they came from all completely nonbelievers environment and some long days and all his friends to come before the public meetings in the they came for each of they were among the people who decided to be loved I send everything kind of momentum than leftism the whole family so on God is doing amazing amazing things since they are just doing tools in his hands and maybe something part time is limited important than the United before United for among the home unannounced authenticity of the video via the judge supporting organization among the church among the end of the school and do because it's really is it can be a really powerful tools on I I have many that I have really many meetings that included people from among unlimited environment speaking about our hope our message and even the cell phone guys and the organization 's Vodafone are open to the leader with the ability I had to experiences through because even in our house store we are providing for the peoples of our utterances moves of the Bible of online in in the business barring that as there is also the one of the longitude of the en banc deregulated and they are on some of them sitting in a nested think in this building Philadelphia and I have a relationship with a whole management of the bank and under general manager of the day for me to hold on to the resident and I've got you under my responses from her life that's the ensuing blessing for them so I I believe that everything all who are can do something come up to maybe today they are not able to analytic thought one day run at a relation chapter eighteen though I believe many people will take their decision for Jesus sorry for small introduction antenna now we are close to the flow most of the finish of our presentation this is the all Idaho finish the business bar and in the end of school buildings which is here we would like to build also the high school and potential in the medical missionary school also in the spot of the defense only like the established and other new bar and bar of the city would like to build Mono Old Testament sanctuary in the end and based on that to explain the people on some on the stove away the best and feed me believe that so they believe that this place can be visited for many people so prove there are also the following prayer meetings every Monday Wednesday every month with framing the greater Boston from Brock because the practice is in place for for the evangelism and of those who initially prepare any any campaign and possible for the future those that assume also meeting only Boston is not also the church elders and people who like to be involved from a abuse the Gospels and in this evangelistic meetings I would like to finish with Jesus for the harvest truly is very bonded laborers are few therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest I mentioned in Czech Republic is heavily secular state and of about my experience is people are not again for the gospel the bond obligations the Bible the daughter of against the God people just don't drop the churches and it's very similar in many the European continent so that's why I nearly have to pray for Israel for new gusto by specializing up with the most important is so via Seventh-day Adventist have to be commented that he requested them to assess developed because them the opinions and views us this is the greatest commission to come from all wrong for a medium with my audio only and are having maintenance if you would like to learn more and I find a shot a word as a online newsroom reason is www. nonbelievers


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