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Ellen White Outside Adventism

Anil Kanda


This seminar covers apologetics, cutting edge material, and the most advanced research available on Ellen White. Learn powerful and thrilling ways to share her messages from the Lord with others. Find out why Ellen White was really right, and how her messages have had a tremendous influence on the non-Adventist world.


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference



  • August 9, 2013
    10:45 AM
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is now around series California is way faster in the name of this presentation is entitled outside Adventism why not explode is that you want to hear you talk yourself is if it had been to presentation out a scenario it is stopping people come in and they look at that PowerPoint presentation I think that he walked out shortly after and maybe thought that this was some other kind of presentation but I will answer you very much and had been since presentation father in heaven thank you so much this time God no knowledge the love advice we just want to pray that this will be more the knowledge that God is with you just how to reach out to others and share the beautiful things you given to us father we pray and ask that you would you look great and mighty things which we do not know I think in Jeremiah thirty three verse three and Lord we pray by the end of this meeting we will know you are truly been with us and that this time has been productive we ask that you would maximize this time with the Holy Spirit but as we printed name of Jesus amen and all right and everything is okay and okay got a rag in his element echo one for the just my voice okay and out of nowhere the EV people are so okay and okay very good into the melon like expose your name to the different title outgoing online do some research I really loved it because we need to anti- Elimite website is what you'll find right here in something like this is you look at anything series of what in the world is all about well what does this seminar didn't even be in apologetics seminar presentation on the defense is not one Y C will really really considered by the world amen even a relative presentation is to be a unique angles and presenting challenging why is it when it comes right down to it there are many leaders in Manhattan and Susan that I really admire you one liter beside telling why will you have high regard for what it had been disseminated in human visitor started while is an e-mail in public you will will will will e-mail you as well and we might call tilting if one of my favorite class he is seen in church history will erase a Hindu from the Mac when I became adding to thirteen years ago when I started to go to school and went to school in two thousand three two thousand four I fell in love with church history all great stories and Diablo CDs regular things in the pioneer stories and their Marriott suspenseful I'm a pretty dramatic you feel like you're right there with them but when it comes to many of the leader is the one I definitely respect above all he and his readers with LNG why is the reason why I'm very fond of her right just what the writings are communicating is what I got I was actually born and raised in you as I said in one of the very worst thing that I read in the lingering controversy so he was also getting testimonies volume nine the reason why testimonies volume I three okay we got talent what you actually feeling pantheism pantheism is pantheism instituting on anything everything in life and personal godliness table and groundwater seniors you want users to consult with procedure and threaten to impair the pantheon him he came down to Army Kellogg John Harvey Kellogg will remain coming out of Hinduism I really was still formulating my picture of who God was when I was reading volume I was so blown away and begin to understand more and more the relation of God and make sure those are two distinct categories amen and I think you forgot the answer is upon nature is canceled differently to understand more and more the character of God and as I began to read her writing I was blown away and feel like people ask themselves the question wait a minute and you can be another popping Matthew now is in Vienna Austria before the second coming yes I know I is unethical at the moment I is going to be another day before the second coming of Jesus is a wow I'm absolutely want to do so in the spirit and I will reportedly be long-lasting and what will take place as you think there is nothing like now when it comes down to this agreement could understand why is a major problem radically I do not believe in one day and generally raising up on this tropical data menu for selecting messages like that it is a long line of thinking into our people in the one who have a lilac with my writings will constantly while there are long time so that means all the way to the time of the second coming these writings of any rain forename and my writings are kept on file in the office that even though I cannot leave these words and had been given to me by the Lord will still have life and will still be due to the people blazoned on the what are we not reading what's been given to us already sent payment and work full berries in a specific way these wines are available all the way to the time becoming ever been trying to understand these lighting states now he's a mentor that is very interesting in numbers chapter twelve is a very interesting story you already will is his sister what was her name is Mary and she was actually making fun help Melissa 's wines to the public will want and it was because he was one with dark skin Maryellen Secrest with leprosy when stronger Winehouse and it was a lesson on racism it really was a lesson on racism and got made it very clear who that genuine floppy in all of Israel is in fact with an outstanding Deuteronomy chapter thirty four percent since then there hath not life originating in Israel I will like to know that the Lord knew what they see where you have not risen in Israel I populate most of whom the Lord knew face of AA is the Chapter 11 verse seven through ninth it is about John the Baptist is logically I think you among those born of women there was not within one greater than John the Baptist but lately a few questions what was another name for John the Baptist and the like and what was he all the wilderness and he was on bail the lesser light without he wouldn't call the messenger of God 's deal so I think I'm being about her actual contingencies are different here is ultimately assume that they are in these days and if they are often reports to the cause of Christ I include much more than anything I regard myself as a one I think I will I will definitely send on John the Baptist instructed by the law with messages for people like me to embrace of the want of a plop it what you does not mean there is much more than the minds of those who had been sowing seeds of unblinking comprehension killing a few what does know John the Baptist and Ellen might have in common is that many glass what does know this is John the Baptist to know what you yes or a mother and grandmother Walt was much more than a prophet when he got to give as they got a very special encounter with God please is an easily readable you will have to call people at immediate news on this with people about Jesus I can't tell you why it was part of the movement helped come out about what you want us what it was very interesting and on the border upon the granting of going to the point of France John is the leverage law went to the time of Jesus and when executed will talk about the second coming of Jesus but she cannot live until the time of the second coming we want to leave readers like Google people right down to the board upon the land name themselves on Paris and very interesting when you see the similarities that exist to help us to understand more and more compelling like full line rate this woman is a leader not be primarily a household leader of the Seventh-day Adventist movement is not about getting very virgin Mary he's a mentor that she is a powerful leader who can't raise the website is much like John the Baptist into a powerful work there are some very interesting points on alike a lot of people do not know these are your ministry only do I want more than one hundred thousand pages of more than twenty five million word to him refer to know what writing is Matthew chapter five verses fourteen to sixteen she mentioned that two hundred and sixty four times that reversed a Christian no one likes all the world you are the light of the world will want to know wife's favorite hymns with APs like a river by the way what prevented him in his will with Michael Lehman and shielding out for when attending the opera called Colorado like a radicular big corn soufflé tomatoes and natural role as Friday he must agree when people tell them I think you would find there on the Thanksgiving menu to the right chocolate is there any hope of quantitative University is a development deal twenty one writing is a letter entitled the victorious life see what this letter on June fourteen nineteen fourteen and you may route weaving in public testimonies to ministers by fixing this letter is a method of appointment call and assurance for presenting as a mentor that will elaborate animals like the one she knew how to lead in free animals in Lexington she wore to the practice of pain or discomfort animal and human toward disapproval for anyone who Matthew is abusive and how you wait to element animal with a man raising why I don't like feeling this is what was the point person for networking we feel under a strain or stress present payment being a woman she seemed bluegray eyes that were kind alert as she looked at us with a man everything is amazing to me God has given a beautiful red book the minister said the unread books as I can be made different all over the world all I want a very interesting when you have to think of one will alter salt all are offering that is an interesting point with a dildo for example Joseph and not only impacted Mormonism but that sexy on you the reason I bring that up because when you look at major prophets in the Old Testament into the New Testament they not only impacted Israel and the impact in the whole world you can look at the Ministry of Moses I will not only impact in Israel but he impacted Egypt and the nation is understood more about the ministries of Moses and including Jeff don't remember that you can look at John the Baptist even Harry McCain wanted to know more about John the Baptist you can look at major popping may not only Israel and all kind of Israel pays him into that and when you look at the ministry of Ellen G White Jesus is something so powerful and efficient and why there brings you shall know that I think that's a very powerful when you consider the ministry of Ellen G White and she not only impacted Lindsay is on the button much outside into the tools you are sealed the file today and give major health movements find that would've been the writings of Ellen G White when Jesus is a very interesting apologetically to find out someone's a genuine popular overall quality fiber thirteen to seventeen beware of what all who come to you in sheep 's clothing looked inwardly they are ravenous wolves they what's the difference between the false drop in and of all stripes under the difference okay anybody else what's the difference between a bottle I want my place endowment for the candidacy of a den and for the most profit it's a good one claims to be God or the Messiah and one crazy as he is about God and the Messiah is a very interesting point tendency was really vaccine error when Jesus you will find that one will do men gather grapes and going about to make some difficult even to read between there was really bad tree bears while I wait what did Jesus want before he was crucified is easily my and the pinky representative in Israel and Jews it was within the screen I was fought between the entire will also need to look at LNG White's ministry you'll actually find cheap passes this criteria is not only to keep adding to them but see in the entire world we didn't look at all the so-called lot and it will generally held within the religious denomination about what can be learning how all things are not only do I write here is what you think of the Lord in this popping out the reasons are why e.g. why do you have three outing in a businesswoman has been addressed by many names and titles that a new language can be one of the thing we know you are writing through her many books can certainly was not even enter the fruits of her labor is not a question of how they and how does the outside world perceive arriving what happens when sincere honest non- Adventist folks come into contact with telling my one hundred two is for many reasons but what about someone who wasn't more than just a pop I know the world is seeing someone like that does anybody know William ball well all right it is if you are interested in archaeology this amount is one that will premier archaeologist of all time and you're the reason why he went from eighteen ninety one to nineteen seventy one see what America and the world a formal archaeologist in the twentieth century his PhD from Johns Hopkins University the age of twenty five hundred minutes of years he was a twenty five honorary doctorates in college and universities seminaries and enjoys me see what one hundred publications on archaeology and the Bible Eastern subject and a right not evangelical Christian will delete one hundred percent seal rest this material will be said in the event you want to know candidate John Hopkins filling out where I introduced out to LMI fighting the curiosity we made his archaeologist on physical and reasonable like working claims about what he will go into Christianity all I remember is what I want to want to help individuals whom he considered to be a bit during the past two hundred years completely other for a soap opera by the way but here's somebody who was not having to swing wildly happens if you think we see that when I think you look at the moment so he has to be up on things does anyone on the handheld on the white website things he will find convincing over and over again is that they tend to be former Adventists in Albany and the deep-seated problem there Theophilus I be in Abingdon I am not going to spend my life resources and communication abilities to attack absenteeism unless I have some emotional issue him John only need to understand something when you are looking outside world they have great respect for this woman is born we stress Meyer was one of the premier people education and she is a small core group of Seventh-day Adventist teachers students and research interests liens and she actually did a good look at the book education was a staff writer while it is limited down to is weekly the book is telling you what happened to my attention at the turn-of-the-century this volume is more than fifty years I have opened nine two thousand five the learn that it was written by a woman with three years of schooling of its philosophy amazing I inquired about the educational money of the mouse and thinking that the principle of our fans and educational content to objective the objective of restoring matching mounting image of God teaching a parental responsibility and the emphasis on self control and child children I feel that the world desperately needs is a mentor but I think that right here and you can definitely use current terms and vaccine infuse the curriculum providing education and second parts resulting in curriculum principles she was concerned with the whole learner money is the development of mental physical and spiritual powers today many are struggling the development of the intellect feelings and emotional development particularly important in our changing society the ability to an intrinsic principle is essential is that harmonious development that is so greatly needed generally neglected today and I am not either members of the FDA church will the writing submits liking great worth and maintenance essential in developing the educational program in their schools could that be said is true today ladies and gentlemen you have people who are not consistently I coming across the writings of Ellen G White an oblong all way by understanding this woman SC had concrete and supernatural nothing is perfect to me to be Mozilla Japan University in Tokyo Museum of life and directors authentication for the Japanese Ministry of education education to parents teachers and students is the call will be understanding all new education education working with veterans and eligible for fifty years on years of being a well-known will render the greatest possible service and joints of students teachers and parents the world over will be at the University of Illinois do with my privilege the reason it's not reasonable in its original language we knew that I can't believe I design ever since the recommended educators in Japan it is my sincere joy to hear that the book has finally been translated into the Japanese language is a payment that attendance will be promoted to promote a move in the school districts in Japan because of how this man was moved by the writings of Ellen G White payment this is my business download links are called to popping out whom it is the minister of education without an European country since an unnamed infighting at teachers College Columbia University the Emperor DeLillo for the best in educational policy and program of the newborn state is honestly trying to the other near relatives that country and on it is not a book on religious and moral education he was great in the Serbian language with a university and acclaimed institution have bookmarked it on religious education language and district leaders in Serbia read the what will they recognize it immediately he was a translation of Allen Weinstein education religion to document by the Serbian Minister of education and eighty percent of the new book paint directly from will him and now with the plagiarists and there is the book education change in government what is only drawn in half the may be no unbiased and unprinted Pentecostals writing and it was a long wait until I got into the hands of anatomy is pleasing to him and we don't use these wines properly someone else will amen you know what that meant for me I do think the American broadcasting Company is contemplating a major thing to get a college diploma from the Seventh-day Adventists never did anyone attending the amateur to the end of his life the United features syndicate called at sixteen paragraph article featuring Ellen White it began in one hundred years ago there lived a young lady and home life she was a child completed all the grammar school season is certainly no technical training and regulatory sort of articles enables on the subject of healthful living he is remembered this was in the days when Doctor was the bloodletting performance arteries with unwashed hands and wiping the tear on medical annoyance bordering on rude some filing but hovering here another presentation I did recently called sound and Judaism know what it's like to think what she said it sounded with the way that it should open there would be no atheists in the world today now I believe that when I'm presenting but I never made the connection with the removal of Sabbath meets easier from Cisco that he was a presentation on heroes one hundred and they were quickly in the early church when they ruled the sound simply to write about this when they were movements out of the body and I did the immortality of soul in the eyes study of the organism of nature and creationism what is this looking into the place into the beginning of the dark ages the Middle Ages is financing medical science was announcing repressed reactions now long surgery and in the thirteenth century when the black plague happened which definitely did all of you are millions of people I will constrain medical procedures would've saved in millions and millions but because the repression of medical science millions lost their life shortly after you have the French Revolution which will because of the things that were happening during the dark ages in front of the French Revolution you have individuals that begin to show up quite also I went intermingled like marks the beginning is a lease and that sort of business steamroller atheism militant atheism batting fifth and when you do it all the way back instantly think of the early church this may sound nature and creationism in the study in the human organism was no longer seen as relevant and why militant atheism to AL whenever they want democracy is not corporate to the dark dangerous that's why the health message is extremely important one one because it shows you care about medicine and people can examine that the thinking there is any sort of anthology what you'll find these liking different beings in the plagiarism will I do not believe in justification by Faith Tomei the mother while I went reason for the result of global epilepsy will be failed over and over again you are the exact same argument about I just wanted to these arguments have been destroyed over and over and over and over again the reason I bring this right now because we need to understand something the first section of great controversy does anybody know what I can thought about all we decided Colonel that a a lot of things in the Bible for chapter one when you actually begin to swell of great controversy will talk about the inspirational Bible was interesting about that Saturday and is beginning to have it into the theology that was developing on understanding the Bible and Christianity looks at the Bible as being verbally inspired in order that we were even inspired Seventh-day Adventist look at the Bible as being a song inspired the reason I bring it is because many Seventh-day Adventist college is actually falling into it no one because we are defending sought inspiration through the category of verbal inspiration doesn't make sense to go out in overtime we do not defend verbal inspiration of the Bible we defend the inspiration of the Bible we believe you want inspiring apostates and then they rolled out the Bible that make sense and maybe another reason after the debate controversy makes it very clear because we had an understanding of inspiration we should all understand the same for the writings of Ellen G White house for one thing world when you went about telling you why they are looking for will inspire friends and many had been different to fall into this means that when we feel were sent into the land context and if called with Wanda Winfield examining now please talk to me afterwards waiting to be in place as you know nineteen eighty we all know the at the lawyer 's employer is very interesting like a lawyer that we lazily but what we don't know exactly how the Catholic lawyer what else did as Lindsay was going to the writings of the syrup off and it helps me keep on a respective copyrighted turning once the disease noticed this hour as you can see anyone in the midst of the newly reborn plagiarism charges my way home I was offering within the nineteenth century sort of rules of English language and you know that if we were to take these rules do you know how many people would be guilty of plagiarism most things writers as Shakespeare all the weight and Edgar Allen Poe they would be disqualified that's an interesting point which yielded this is an reborn plagiarism to the Centennial conference wiggle out this awesome title company is privately donated money to get Raymond to research the case law and literary evidence of the weather Mrs. White was guilty of plagiarism literacy piracy or copyright infringement when it were only Catholics that some some three hundred hours reviewing taken and reading the literary evidence is in addition to examining the great Satan by the way countdown is on this whining when you would see how your he was reading he and Tammy will on telling my being all went to the hunting season is biased towards Elimite when you begin the study of what happens anything in addition to examining the current example of what he called a great cross-section of her book is really great controversy all the way through a Roman Catholic all the way to what you happen to continue on legal matters he included if I have to be involved in the legal case regarding the talk to the plagiarism piracy and copyright infringement against cellulite I would watch it I would much rather appear as defense counsel for Holloway and for the prosecution him okay anything that doesn't happen right here this is all I hear what he says I hear the bottom line is what really counts is a message with his wife not really the mechanical writings of work life sentences why theologian these are his words as I told distinguishing between verbal inspiration and plenary inspiration to many recorded with the ball altogether too bad to me what you can move illegally move my goals writing and changing id. at romantic because of that I would hypocritically discover that a payment that is what we do people are questioning the spirit like you have wanted to meet it for your self when you see things like a new lady only to Pennsylvania Indians are always awkward when they discover that your pastor is an awkward things on the Internet together a questionable and it's what you do for living as a way of changing what you're so I will question comes up and I think what I'm a pastor is theirs oftentimes this awkwardness that very moment what will stop talking there is also a Lithuanian and daily of five energies after what you doing she said that entities is what you doing inevitable question I am on the path to instruct the awkwardness came and she stared at me and we began a wonderful conversation we delightful directed to read the Bible seasons now than I said how will you know that the Bible is true with you will never really and then I did the illustrations in a few weeks and the curbing is Jesus Eusebius and collectively these very rights as humans undergird him how I will tell you is don't try to know since I really wanted challenging to pick up the Bible and she agreed and wonderful conversation got really wet saying that when it comes to the very popular with the people they check it out for yourself like that when people don't come across an old UI writings on downtown my website things up like that and if it is remarkable to be able to do I think that because I'm indecisive I want to read just a few chapters abuses and I want to tell me whether or not she's inspired and on one day one brother were setting up the story of redemption I did not attend any come back to me and his like again until no one was a prophet we sat down and he liked them to you let's hope that this will be inspired as they wait to hear a new Bible study is an amazing sounding word speaks for itself anything that we think to ourselves well wait a minute I just need to know defend everything that they know me don't you think that challenge people and raising job in Windows Baltimore Orioles or written work prevails anything and I see this sort of a sound wiring I guess for a something he is me know if there is because the DVD and the unique needs of the community for my good friend Santa Cruz and plotted to international quickly American right now is something I love you maybe now penalty why when I come across people who are married in the intellectual is moderately likely I think it is I want to think if I want to do what you want to come back to me I did indifferent philosophy class if you never know when the outfield before the teacher people that really crappy that this is even able to solve all humankind problems on eleven so I raise my hand knife that him well I agree with that he said why off and the men attending human philosopher years and it hasn't solved any problem which is why you want talk to you after class is that we talk to the class wonderful discussion turns out his best friend with the Seventh-day Adventists recognize that I realized I was writing this man is reasonably likely got something for you I want you to watch this and it's in the Danube to presentations wonderful if you haven't seen these things in Deming you are missing a powerful tool in reaching intellectuals because when you look at this is all a PhD vintage these are talking anything exciting winter storm tropical documentaries you will be blown away all over again people are asking a bunch of questions and when you talk like that and literature new out you will find is a powerful witness but containing a bit of what one man that seen with dramatic things he will wind died when she died after phenyl that the difficulty with the formation of the church without they had been fishing immediately developing influences and actively maintains an outward appearance of years and besides unusual talent of the printers you have organizational and administrative powers are these long and torturous and awkward and grew until it would feel and universities are founded medical schools hospitals and schools for teachers and missionaries to go with a remarkable one landing area upper we are Christianity and that they get in the piracy would've ultimately been canonized she was on the flesh of which Saints are made of the Leman who I am not a Seventh-day Adventist secondary and college you want to see us all in our ministry finally DOD and how much will one the greatest enemies and outlined during a time when you are feeling and what he did you are and where it was recorded by his mother said this woman was gone he will even enemies could not deny the fact the Spirit of God was moving her life and this passes under the Angels for me to see if I could mention books on prayer talk about what books are influencing pastor the purpose of life and just one fix is likely to place the purpose driven Church and the top-ranked volume into what one will pass as well according to at least one everyone just fourteen percent until underreporting itself the nine zero forty massive population after the champions step on the earth were not ranked highly by older church leaders at all authors included business consulting to installing from a professor taught me a nineteenth century Seventh-day Adventist I can't tell him why is a mentor and is forty and younger throughout all the United States in which they are likely to renew my different keywords for nondenominational churches when do you think your method is hoping that when you know it wasn't in the picture but asses live in there was a severe possibly a reason gently there there is the right time their hearts open those scenes will take going to good soil can be cemented nineteen fifty five is all just by finding outlets for doctoral dissertation if you are you with Seventh-day Adventist Ellen White season in part she was without fear of an courageous and convincing inviolate and seemed digging different class with a local college oftentimes I will think he's a class that was one about women's liberation it is an awkward class I took the class in order to my final paper on on somebody who was in support of women's rights is what about him Ellen G White pride and again at the rosary for what I write this while maintaining many different people like different avenues and angles is a mentor that from the activist to a sociologist could use is right here and finally able to quit scientific explanation for all my patients and mom wants me to see how you want to have a little underwhelming topic and set up and down as you might well very well be the knife into court we heard that before but I love what he says next insight worth on the static union with God he rarely lost ground of reality on the contrary he tackled many questions undoubtedly it wasn't exactly what it sounds over mythic vision of God which would account for radiant on her fellow believers will knew a dealer and it will start to be their leader when holding an official office in the church she was seen as a messenger between God and the churches through the members at the divine being this explains the congregations needing one among Adventists in spite of my position you do I've never felt the temptation of various movement on where they claim to be elevated themselves upon the weaknesses of human flesh was observing and did not claim the honor that belongs to God I love how she and Seventh-day Adventists live on the stupid analogy wife and hold result of this hair 's width on the mapping to the future those words are inspired a man and those words are inspired such a powerful Klonopin she makes right here partly when my baby things about going to why she was a prophet she was very much human payment is not the only way language is not going to healing him she was very human face was able to arrange this one payment however the byline found several different things in the book of poverty to pay attention to this event as the Bible says that while the former sixteenth of October thinking probably thirteen or seventy five or sixteen verse twenty four adjustment like that one shining sun that shines ever brighter unto the perfect day to win the wicked like what they do not know what makes them stumble my funding attention to my working your ear to my hearing to a flippant department arrived to them in the midst of your life for they are likely to find and what to all that was so when we understand what the brain behind the Anglican highlighted word that means I'm emphasizing right and what does God 's word rain all over thinking in their Elizabethan peers in the thought that the wise promotes what you want to be wise with you to be promoting these endowment according to the Bible if I don't speak with now be doing with the piercing of the people that they were thinking over again and evolved into trouble and after a brief if I want to be a big one bathroom and bring ways and him and will not help thinking the twenty fourth of February on like a ringtone sweetest of all and one hell of a lot that the only thing when you're older and over and over again if you want to be forgot and that is what you want to communicate your beautiful things of God I wanted it will be hell ceiling and when Jesus came to therapy when he will tell all and viewing payment page if you look at how will that you will see that there is a what the hell of a lot of people interested in healthy people are just excited about the jam into youth and religion I salute him when I go to the gym and early in January twenty one James their full but not new and happening two thousand thirteen since two thousand twelve a president who execute in place as Jim's still staying for you on the line because many people are interested in health like never before like the Bloglines users a lot of people are interested in blenders and negative impact I got my horny tonight that I think I'm a Seventh-day Adventist and even definitely taken a look at what's happening you find in the world today there is a core eighties when evening comes to the documentary is the ugly duckling to buy we want to include documentaries were more convinced that help in meeting the Council and I think the late endowment but here is the most remarkable thing right now in the world there is an opportunity special opportunity for God 's people and that is to bring him nothing of what help you with interesting people in the corners where I live we see how to pharmacies right next to each other Walgreens and CVS is that when you will start their fairly empty like daily candy bars for the location or thanking them in business where do you find that most business people about what you find someone to be maligned pharmacies the reason I bring that up is because CVS and Walgreens in writing to some extent of the end of the competition why because as many product the product itself raising gentlemen there a lot of people right now who are sick and dying the will to the bathroom people are interesting I will write my fantasy is not doing its job anymore all and you have become a big business times a lot of people are looking for natural alternatives people are looking for ways of finding out right now Seventh-day Adventist special opportunity when it comes down to help people are discovering many principles that were originally found in the spirit posse individuals who were inspired by the spirit Flossie Paul I really thought about harming these different things and then when that is the greatest journalists of all time we can really what you will at the end all it is far preferable to the turmoil of that today we'll likely want to find out if I can introduce figurative nutrients and elements to be found in bread made from what we see will not likely at all now we know we can keep the sodium intake low we can't do that with it and I so completely incapable to recognize how realized how evolutionary theories will eventually know you you have not admitted losing to look at them how do I think she was well advanced on the culture of that time this is very interesting and awkward encyclopedia of food and drink in America originally published in September two thousand four significant events in banking consultant will need to have stayed in the way Americans who you are and consuming food enduring injuries range of colossal struggle thank you I've been funding strategy please than the Gilded Age it's in the diet that the nineties is normally updated new edition found sufficiently American perspective on food and ensure that I will authoritative reference work on Americans the American cuisine and you'll find that volume is no single individual influence American eating habits during the early twentieth century what on Mahogany Kellogg you look at it here you have a secular book is talking about the old now all turned it into a thriving and John Harvey Kellogg was a great contributed to the advancement when the biggest troublemakers I like that he would like Colonel Sanders of Johnny kilowatt and John Kellogg deserves more than any thing to be called the father of natural health even when you look at money in these natural diet is more natural healthy lifestyle websites he will find many kinds it was John Harvey Kellogg as a powerful contributor now we know little about John Harvey Kellogg on what many people don't know about you your interview he had in nineteen thirteen where you see revealed something they will give up United thirteen reported a conversation with Doctor John Harvey Kellogg one hundred meters earlier introductory Diwali statement issued imagine that in the late nineteenth century John Harvey Carbon Kellogg and he was recognized as a world leader in several areas of medical practice will be in New York City twenty one new twenty two years ago if I knew was that in the Battle Creek sanitarium is able to live years I had been a professor I do not know that he fully did that when things want out in the medical will continue with knowledge of the spirit wafting the writings of online weather belong in our system for not giving an update and advertise it while the rest of the doctors were slowly feeling that way is and when it finally adopted in five easy here's the start on on the other hand when the medical professionals that we might knew that if I did not win the life we had received he simply did not touch it when find their missing a wonder how it came that Doctor Kellogg did not get caught the woman selling like what you pay for his medical college and this individual really shade in fact throughout the nineteenth century ladies and gentlemen it's all on you did a good look at the woman who inspired this man in the world doesn't know you know this individual is clad with a PhD in American theaters as you will get some animal Cornell University nineteen twenty seven to nineteen sixty three and a short-lived but very influential when it came to nutrition what oxymoron many times that he was discovering powerful thing when it came to food and I will point out about renting talk about timing nutrition inbred to think about nutrition in bread and resounding sound some people claim they also note on his history of nutrition research this individual will need to write out with a long-awaited weekend in the Parkway for basic concept about the relation between diet and health have been verified in an unusual degree by scientific advances of the past decade in the complaint anyone who attempts to teach nutrition can hardly believe our leadership in this myth is why I was able to induce a substantial number of people to improve their diet in place one can only speculate about a large number of persons during the past century will be able to help you in the teachings of his life finally one can wonder how to make her teachings more widely known in light of the fact that the work submitted or written long label the advent of modern scientific nutrition is different emphatically no matter how old all I is available today on you maybe helping you say that I really don't know I don't know in cellulite is not that impressive raisins and give glass bottle student was seen Colin Campbell that was a blast doctoral student who will try to study and what the primary presenter and forks over nice you got a look at the history we keep on Campbell with a laugh tools students will simultaneously want to go into a different direction finally take working in the winter choosing going to need to think going to nutrition and selecting on Campbell began and he began a lifetime studying the love of nutrition in speaking truth about chemistry microbiology nineteen sixty one was the primary doctor is if a presenter informed silver knives was also quite a great construction that was nice much of a guy today in America theme of this book all the time to say many people accepted to study at a very powerful authority when it comes to research on nutrition the Internet is basically like all the help we can do difficult time defending American biochemist declined wrote in measures of America health is failing we will work on healthcare than any other society the wealthiest Americans all the way over fifteen million American diabetes and had been rising rapidly for interesting and it was offensive that is why married inclusion of China citing the findings the people who ate the multinational base fluids and most will quantity diseases you know we heard this before people who ate the most for the help you intended to avoid quantity of these fees will not be ignored off to Guantánamo and other individuals upon individuals like Bill Clinton him him and do as well as I think I like what you thought into my typing and you'd like now you thought I got an assignment in your e-mail and so it's very interesting how even the most unusual people were transformed into Google look at other individuals who were taught by her writings this is a very interesting interview that he can't handle hat on being irradiated out the coordinating media in two thousand six Amanda will quickly prove that this is not mentioned at all the conversation go to going out and went on with it in the theater at Cornell University that would see us in Chicago is doing very well when you are making much money getting to work with me on delivering the communication mind so what became back to work with me on the book on the defendant exists only for the time to working together with all information is now just starting medical school Hebrews that will define Campbell and he's really not converting to practice a very different and within that one may traditionally practice seeing another college life style medicine is the outlet will be moving out into Stearns and Rodriguez was a lifestyle it relies sound meditation the whole corner evening or hopefully breaking out into it what you will system like that when the world is now discovering terminology a leader that have been using long-term the ones are crying out amen and amen and what is here and I will point out infinitely better than religious the latest project is increasingly political standing is really taken very seriously I'm very impressed what they do is go to hospitals in the country the medical school frankly I'm going will will in the California and I've spoken to a number of these groups is that their message and they get more opportunity to tell what impact they know what they want to build life film editing and I really like it a lot I didn't describe that getting doctors think more about it when applications work with and a little bit more time with them happily help local and let's are talking them first and one for the conversations I could hear interesting most about the will to live on solving up on the thinking and talking to me taking that at the first port is the worst approach to resolving on and so on do not think it is either the payment but I let you that I'm really impressed with that community dog with respect to help he is going to go to the school year ago he is a note on voting there's no know medical schools that really offered to program the Loma Linda school of medicine or school of Public health to Melinda company if you believe that promoting the idea that some other medical schools in general even the school of Public health weather beginning to think a little more along these lines may be the individual level I know what certainly interested in this example it is true also as a medical facility within the medical school year long resentment on the new department is going to get more empathy for what was the perspective is truly well the seeds have been planted hopefully the consciousness will begin to change its ways endowment the Revolution health has begun fingerprinting to the Internet with well-known in the natural health wellness well the revolution when it came to help all with vacuum on many of his associates and colleagues it was a big telethon vaccine additive magazine with everything ideas and vision although quite similarly respected elders understanding this on you where the advent of life in which are more than a federal have you made the writings of Ellen do I one things and disabling this is what we call our health message is largely based on her counsel likely that I have read all the books dealing with health topics argument overlooks the liberal topic root beer will do not would you want the cheaper in which we make it on pork we had not observed closely we shut a field at new Athens is at fault in the book that he would be a much healthier group I think that the Adventist dietary plant is very close to our nutritional recommendations as to what model is that this will enable all the data without any scientific background likely that the questioners at Hogwarts we believe she was as I see that Vince inspired I do not know what you got the information itself she certainly did tremendously awkward time happened into the question is if we believe God is the great rabbis may want to be what he witnessed to him through twenty fifth we believe that God traitor my body that will not disable all antibodies are pointless and workable mechanisms not only the migrant and all the intricate workings of it is likely that the body is a wonderful machine that no one understands completely is that he'll been associate closely with the advent is on your staff you know that I definitely plan is based on the original diet given to man is recorded in Genesis is now the worker to see how some misunderstanding the Bible according to Genesis Mangini animal protein this will not be resolved by meeting was permitted only for the blood with Albans station was destroyed as a result I didn't want anything to do now with the piece that you have been agitating for the RNC victory in the development of a tree yielding seed these are the grain foods are not really interested in the thing that made my list of what we find additional meets entire season in a glycolytic diluting worldly plants and animals in order to shorten that we can I will now refer to generate enough offense it also sought outdoors a little difficult like I can floating I didn't like the recorded agent now with more than nine hundred years I want with it interesting nobody can certainly cause degenerative diseases major things the amount was nearly empty he was being supposed to write everything you see he was shaping is there anything fingerprinting of the printing nineteen twenty nine I think that if you want to get back to the monthly fit the originator of that you have to go back to Alan light shielding the Dilantin forty are not being hereto strictly they should be this individual one student was mentoring really know this individual is John McDougall the man will die identity and by linking with an emphasis on the G.I. tract and digestive systems will we talking about dailies no my family right now and why must you be counseling guides them to see stress is the digestive system over and over and over and over and over again this individual I think he got into his argument is well known in the world around them the solution you will die other books as well but very interesting defendant on his website the only two people in my lifetime of working with him I eagerly awaited with Nathan Pritikin and clear of internal medicine residency at the University Y nineteenth at night I was given a second audiotape lectures at the relief capitalization really come to similar conclusions to the average during my time at the sugar plantation on the big Island whites between nineteen seventy three and nineteen seventy six I deeply regret his break into Britain you can signify with a sixty nine the will of been a better place if they are idiots of mind another decade or two is the one that happens Revolution will never become as big as they did in the two thousand and what would I've never heard of the most popular guy in the local area and I will demonstrate what you think there's a lot than people ever got started we will not be supporting the current US financial behalf o'clock on the way healthcare is the terminal people in the United States will not be known they are today for being healthy anymore chronic disease and disability and dying at a younger age than people living in all the wealthy nations it is the root of this is the moment you wanted didn't you hear about you see you need some motivation I highly recommend you want to delete some motivation for three more days to write an image is statement is a significant present time I actually was using about three or four years ago and I wasn't using very much about user identity research and other privileges for three more days I remember I was being mocked by many people one individual mock me so much that she now chooses about once a month phase indefinitely extend the time they met in the call you the lockers ridiculous for them daily we went on to diet for many days I'm not recommending that you consult a doctor to write a payment we all think the result that a double and I think it would and if a lot of people interested in choosing C two why are we people who were inspiring and Doctor Gorman talked until our men and women in the whole bubble matters him always being on Doctor Hartman more from that and to study groups and any other study groups do not reject plaintiffs what happens if he was the son of man consists in I know that my senior pastor at Mulligan 's mom went to church and should always be there Sabbath morning and sometimes ducklings a lot of sleazy when exactly was younger his mom was really happens is dealing his family and she deftly stress help a rigid and Lindsay joked about that he went to a seminar Albright Albright on it had been since the foundation of good Hope Illini was already waiting to him that propelled them on this journey and this is what's so interesting when you take a good look at the people who were inspired when asked to make these great help I be helpful if they were inspired legal law roots leaves and ominously gone it was the writings of Ellen G White that focus on health of the planet as seen in this world see that would eventually lead to revolution that will lead people to be more healthy and people are dying so young people start feeling better at Lee's and Jeremy God planted the seeds in eighteen sixty three things a mentor and find out exactly how to know what that is like that what is that every Sabbath Wednesday Friday and different I learned right to be the one who came up with a program called he is the originator on the barnburner in the police to the dentist I know it's very interesting he is not now minted but if you want to website to find his biography following are really had any help on since I was seventeen when I was about sixteen or seventeen I start reading books on helping the patient to fall back to vehicle traffic likely to be white there we get to the name on something I want to sell how is this about me as you know Ellen B Y and the link is very likely that I start realizing that there was a real connection between what you put in your mouth and what you've been putting about between your help and how you sell immediately change a thing about my going to talk with Palmer I even don't want anything to let any of you will look at the natural people are interested in helping the own natural healing will start heating up inspired as well as a mentor that is undoubtedly sexy about two years ago I told you I was honored in Brazil and document for this sort of opening on this University is an branch of the University failed model was also interesting about that chief is regularly little regrouping okay the director during the ceremony the director national Center memory in Brazil and has not been filtered aspects of the biography and work at home I think that much of what I think that helped principle of the medical help off of admissibility when this is quality of São Paulo Jorge Eduardo identified were published by the AlterNet promoted sustainable sustainable development and culture peace and health preservation his audience members at the ceremony each receive a copy of the book the science of leaving what would be dignified viewing it as an engineering I found a little more scientific rights protected by the Brazil publishing house this one is being honored all over the worldly endowments and we him that God has given us these writing anything that operated like that doesn't really like Cody is okay just a few new managers raises ranging from start with the book will this guy was on Amazon.com is also keeping up with the government doesn't want to know about painting is appointed to be a book like that out this interesting that this book was about what I included the recently declassified government documents in this book will leave away she was sitting on my counter sixty three documents the government doesn't want to know about two months later I think the book when they opened up and said that this amendment and I close the book and also you imagine if you go yielding to month and you will and if it happened as soon as we do know is how will my goodness who is what Amy turns out that what the recently declassified government document that was describing things that took place during the wars in the past there was a particular operation that the government was behind it was a legal operation whitecoat and what they did during World War II and when it was being tested on Seventh-day Adventists and what they did on them was diseases biological warfare if you are the older Adventist know about this but the new generations of Noah but this and hundreds of Adventists were actually testing it now supposedly the government says that the hierarchy was behind this are okay with it but then other reports said that the hierarchy was manipulated many of the soldiers that were being tested at the soldiers did not always place him in what they do not help many of them came out changed many of them were never the same people just in my church alone I had to come up to a nonstop operation my cups and they said my uncle was a file operation Michael will never return the same others by anyone with why these things and never came back the same interesting of a lot of Adventists do not know about the contribution facilities a writer for the site to find people willing to be elected by applicant clearly embracing them in the Plaza Seventh-day Adventist faith and willing to serve the country when drafting the Adventists refuse to bear arms the result many of them became that it is penniless includes an opportunity to help in a very different manner demonstrably biological death as a way to find a military obligation in England in nineteen fifty four the advent of heart he readily agreed to the three D think I is for a model population since most of them were in excellent live help on this he found that means it is time to rethink their patriotic and they were very healthy and that might be tested on them will actually help to need a drink smoke or use caffeine many of these diseases were tested on them and many of them are not around today and because of the contributions that Seventh-day Adventist soldiers made during that time there's much more than this ladies and gentlemen many things that feasible during the program resulting control disease and decreased mortality that were testing biological warfare on them they were testing vaccines they were testing disease is one hundred and seventy had been specifically targeted because of their patriotism and their health all that said before many of them don't even like to talk about it because of the things that took place things in the manipulations on him recommends using a long white coat will remain on the Michael cera but additional white coat given your highest respect because many people in the world do not know the contribution that Seventh-day Adventists made in the course in fact like one Doctor said only twenty three hundred seventy hundred Army veteran who served as white Michael volunteers the weight that is the program had been held on the remote jungles of Latin America to the desert sands of the Middle East to the reaches of outer space the doctors and the forgotten country operates in my coat sleeve and only look over and over again in the contribution affinity Internet may does well because of the help message is due in part to the right analogy why in the world over and over again and right now media is jumping on this Saturday at vintage Nancy Barry is special opportunity deal with a lot of people on earth are now within Seventh-day Adventist drive both his mother printing competition but you are the one when you think you might have gotten somebody on the public monopoly I would help actively deal with a lot of many people on earth are and the like to listen and be enthusiastic about something for me people are so interesting I work out right now when you get everything down with you and I never got with my church is passed onto which ideologies and the dumb design as is his wedlock and how they want to find out about the longest living people and how they are leaving the long goal of this health fair is it really is now people are interested in health just than ten years ago if you didn't imagine with a series of weight to help with it people go we don't believe in the law anymore now nobody disagrees with it I immaculately cc last five years I know what it was I was like I knew about the objection now people are talking everything is like a man that's promptly brought you out of the time you think about how it might be confined to the music and have fully mitigated in the help message and final limits he argues against it this is the time that God is calling us to see here these people method to deal at the last president of the ones I've been really is a cricket I'm hearing is that you let me take you with me wherever I go and what are the last hundred chapter one number in the book of Daniel is these it will visit a lot of the president and everyone will benefit what will they with the gist of it but after that actually it's right after that that's exactly what the lasting damage one talks about Daniel 's long committee by linking him to somebody else who was solved one way is by the help message Farrell even when we open costing you are thinking that take a week and will you will all take up what anyone filling and we can find early as twenty degrees of like how old are you as you will arrive at the longevity of his life and people I saw supplied lately on regional and to bring basketball right now people are asking questions and him or not people rise up and share these available messages and leave them to the cost of how we prepare them for the second coming of Jesus as a mentor that will see that many of these articles are talking about the life expectancy is Seventh-day Adventist and wait until the time for us to really rise up and take advantage of the early twentieth and that the difference and ten years on the board they don't think pastors in your capacity was four years of your life all you readers on this meet up at him again as a ticket on my prayer is that you may discharge point during the nineteenth century helped popularize and organize vegetarianism and breakfast cereals always preach and practice him and send them out as we forbid smoking alcohol consumption he will recently cleaned the difference was they think insinuating condiment crazy bootlegger and that's what I did I tell the reader what I can hardly figure what significant is the amount allocated and admitted my tenth Seventh-day Adventist is fast becoming a medical term it used to be associated in denominational name public scrutiny but now it is being associated with optimal health and healing ravens and people here down to see what they think an argument of the people were lately Lonnie went to the people and the return what we can share the messages that we have is a mentor that will make you what had and not a lot to using the above only to married with them and not be beneath you you receive the commands of the Lord your God which I command you today and are careful to observe them as a writer mountain bike when you are going to write again within cellular film that will be no work on a ministerial and medical visionary him or alcohol it was really dawning on me that he was taken to look at Elijah any license you feel like you're being a public rebuke is like you came on this thing seems like this he was a prophet appeasing and appealing fantasy what's more personal contact with people when you can and will delight you and the Holy Spirit one of the Holy Spirit as you look at John the fifth he was a popular thing to do any miracles cannot guarantee that in humans is Nancy was focused on personal experiences and what feeling when you look at the Adventist church right now what I was very public but now we are fast moving towards personalized ceiling and help our people the Holy Spirit brings them in the ministry of the church is to change and we need to understand this that our greatest impact being not so much in the public arena but as we connect with people one-on-one and share the beautiful messages of health and healing and lead them to the Savior and there's more to doing just physical healing amen there's emotional healing and if the whole coming down that God is calling us to examine and use as a way to reach people in this world these are the times that we are living in an August clients to get ready these are the times when God is telling us that we need to use its methods to reach the people we talk to the world and lower the Holy Spirit like Elisha we should not be surprised that God is hoping to open more doors for us to send the messages of help that is the pattern of Scripture lays endowment the pattern of Scripture and I want to be surprised by the latter rain and I want to help me up opportunities for us to win if and when at all the beautiful message of ceiling and help in the gospel came maybe everyone is otherwise known do I want to say them out and just praise God for the beautiful things that we nap amen let's pray the father and we do thank you so much think you got the gift given to us forgive us Lord for being so selfish and hoarding beautiful things and are meant to be shared we want to pray for more the Holy Spirit like Elisha a double portion of the Spirit and we pray God that you would open up doors for us to minister whether they be public or personal Lord help us just remember it's about leading them to Jesus and everything on and it will relieve some of them seem to me Damon and in communion with my moderate and not having been to learn more and I find that he will not and I is the word the online newsroom please visit www. maneuver is not a


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