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"We the People" and Christ's Counter-Revolution

Greg Hamilton
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Based on Mark 15 and Revelation 13, this seminar examines current events in light of Bible prophecy. The fickle crowd dynamics at Christ’s trial parallels today’s political and religious crowd. As our nation’s founders predicted, this foment is leading to the dissolution of our Constitution. But Christ is preparing those who will listen and learn—as He did with His disciples—for a greater revolutionary calling in these last days.


Greg Hamilton is president of the Northwest Religious Liberty Association (NRLA), a non-partisan government relations and workplace mediation services program that champions religious freedom and human rights for all people and institutions of faith in the states of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. In 2010, Greg and his team successfully spearheaded the effort to pass the Oregon Workplace Religious Freedom Act. Greg did his graduate work at the J.M. Dawson Institute of Church-State Studies at Baylor University and wrote the seminal work “Sandra Day O’Connor’s Judicial Philosophy on the Role of Religion in Public Life.” Greg writes articles and presents lectures all over the world. Greg lives in Vancouver, Washington, with his wife, Laura.



  • August 9, 2013
    3:30 PM
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good afternoon my name is Greg Hamilton I serve as president of the Northwest religious liberty Association which is a team of government relations representatives and attorneys that come in the courts and the state legislatures in Alaska Idaho Oregon Washington Montana so were very active we passed a number of significant bills including Idaho's free exercise of religion act of two thousand and also the organ workplace religious freedom act in two thousand nine so are active on that level were very active in the lecture circuit and law schools in universities ICANN meetings overseas meeting lectures in Romania to parliaments and parliamentarian senators town halls are religious leaders law schools on were very active both internationally and locally and so today's presentation is not necessarily out of my field but I come to you not as a theologian but someone who is very much immersed in God 's word and in the spirit of prophecy and with a deep understanding of constitutional law specifically church state constitutional law church the constitutional history foreign-policy especially as it relates to international religious freedom policy history and so on so my purpose today is to demonstrate to you for life of Christ and also current events the shifting church state paradigms meaning the shift towards church is coming together in ecumenical unity to force the government to do its will as a response or backlash to the growing sense of a secular humanism of the slide towards immorality the degeneration of America and so on and so forth we don't see it yet per se but it's coming and it seems to be starting to reveal itself very distinctly in certain quarters of this country and we will go over that and so you're ready for the ride because this is something that sounded very passionate about my passion is paralleling the closing scenes of Christ's life specifically his trial his crucifixion and resurrection as it relates to current events in my reading of bizarre pages in the four Gospels together I see every step in the life of Christ having a direct parallel to current events and Bible prophecy it's an amazing journey I urge you to go back and read the desire of ages and effusive when you go to the beginning of each chapter you'll see now the bottom it says based on such and such gospel passages okay read them together and then read it over and over and over again I encourage you I challenge you to read desire of ages ten times and it will not only change your life it will create such a substantive deep understanding of the great controversy more than any other book even I challenge you the lingering controversy also challenge with this I believe the four Gospels on the life of Christ do more to unfold the book of Revelation that even Daniel itself and so I encourage you to make the life of Christ the center of your life because if you do so you will be the most blessed person on the face of the earth and he will help others to be blessed as well you will find a new sense of passion a new sense of understanding a new love and devotion to Jesus Christ I guarantee it father thank you so much for this opportunity to serve you I pray that you give me eloquence wisdom power knowledge I pray that you bless each here here I put prayer to bless the minds and hearts give them understanding may we be blended may we both be inspired together I pray in Jesus name and for your glory amen turn with me if you have your Bibles if you brought your Bibles turn with me to Mark chapter fifteen and before we go there Gordon and discover the science of crowd dynamics I was a senior in high school in Bakersfield California and I was trying out the Cincinnati Reds this that it was the probably one of the biggest days of my life outside of my wedding and my marriage to my wife because I was so passionate in the sports and my brother was a was a switch hitter in Helmer is right-handed and left-handed he was a regular Mickey Mantle was my favorite all-time player along with Willie Mays and that was the air I drop in and I played centerfield and I love centerfield I was so devoted to my sport that I would even chew bubblegum I chewed grass on centerfield which is really dangerous but I didn't know that then so anyway the big red machine was there Sparky Anderson was there Johnny bench Joe Morgan Tony Perez P Rose they were all there at the Bakersfield Sam Lynn ballpark where the Bakersfield Dodgers was the farm club for the LA Dodgers and always seem to come through Bakersfield but I was especially remember this is a resident time in nineteen seventy six and the tryout went fairly well I had a double against the left-field fence I had a long bulbous airfield that was caught trying to base hits in the right-field side I was having a good day but then my last that before that I struck out I think anything of it my best friend tonight I grew up in Irish Catholic neighborhood in big Southern California right near St. Joseph's Catholic Church and the Phil Adams my good friend he got up and he knocked the ball ballpark twice and able to scouts really look at him and it was really funny we go we all my buddies and friends came home and we watched channel twenty three the NBC news affiliate per pixel California and they said that the reporters sports reporter in the sports section for that evening news said these are the cutting guys will make it in the show still knocking out the ballpark and then they show me striking out needs as these a try guys along making cars all my friends had arrived me and seasoning it was lot of fun and we will all have good Latino sort of it only to come because the next evening was the awards banquet at Bakersfield 's Adventist Academy where with a high school band it was to give out awards on two different areas including sports and I went with my girlfriend and getting guys brought their girlfriends in us jocks and some speed were sitting at the same table we sat towards the back is really cool is that the Mac and the status of the front seat you are really weird Inc. where he sat in front of your language but that that was an interesting evening because they were all in our slapping me on back I you're getting at the trade here you know that the they are vastly mere war trophies and so I was in I was really upbeat really excited because illnesses can be my night right and my friend Tony Mexican friend my neighbor and we were the closest of friends we are both weightlifters and really and doing athletic things together need everything we did everything together we palled around the absolute everything together and then there was David yours Rod and rot resistant meaning Leigh Sardis Keeney very uncoordinated guy I drink during flag foot-wide always mentioned signal Rodney Sydow near you just you follow yourself in overnight you're not really performing now we can use right now we need somebody to score touchdowns really catch the ball so anyway but he was really a close friend but there's one good thing he did he climbed rocks and he was a great rock climber you talk about a spider that guy could go everywhere and so were only that but he had this long hair he was really bought that he was handsome and everything I was just how your average guy right and a redhead to boot and so anyway this is the first time the girls were allowed to vote ever in the history of excellent County at least as long as there would have been get naming giving out awards and so in that night Coach Bruce got and he's named the year for the girls and us guys are stepping up the girls and it was my girlfriend who got yesterday near where I fully expected the Donnelly unit she did and I was really pleased with her and then it came time for the guys and they read the name that the they read the runner-up sinned and done I was the final runner-up in the main announced broad and yet this being trophy about this high yes what he was my roommate in college any brightest trophy with himself through therapy if I wrote a poem I did bring with me called second-place so is my own personal therapy and it was interesting the crowd dynamics is everybody in that audience probably I don't know five hundred six other people were fully expecting meeting and I was expecting it immediately since it was fully understood that I was going but I did get it banned and so when I from that point on I became very interested in human nature the whole idea crowd dynamics and everything under the paper and Portland State University years ago on Hitler's ability to control crowds with his speeches and his style of music in the background everything he did to basically command the attention course the people were really meeting because economy was so bad they were looking for a savior and a few share with you the title of a book about how the Christian right of their day basically laid the groundwork and basically ushered in an set the foundation for Hitler to walk right hand and become their national savior and it's it's it's amazing when you look at the history of that we the people in crisis counterrevolution this painting is a famous painting you see it in the places you've probably seen it before but it's a painting that's in the PT palace in Florence Italy and it's about the size may be a little bit larger than the screen and a little bit taller and its humongous and it's my antennae Antonio 's history painted in eighteen ninety one it's a famous scene of Rice trial before Pilate is when you see all the the powers of church and state arrayed right there in the same UC pilot himself of course and you see Christ is seen the guard with a along a reader Whitman 's hand and son spear you see the guy standing behind pilots little makeshift throne there are a representative from Caesar himself keeping an eye on pilot because I was in trouble with Caesar K and you see the soldiers back there to protect pilot and then you see the advisers to pilot and then you see Claudia his wife who is telling her maiden and then later pilot himself nothing to do with this man because the dream iPad this man is innocent leave them alone and so you see this picture but the most important aspect of this pitcher gets lost in the painter really understood the need to include the masses of people in the courtyard it up on the rooftops you can barely see them at their people up on the rooftops of everywhere and air any as many people as could squeeze into that praetorian that courtyard was there to see the trial of Christ before highlight this man whom others called the King of the Jews this man who had healed thousands that healed whole villages this man who was this almost amazing purpose I mean person that anybody had ever witnessed for seeing it was literally God walking on the earth and many were convicted and convinced of that and yet of course many doubted and many were jealous and especially the church leaders and who by the way were also the state but they weren't a state that was in power the Sanhedrin which is sort of the Jewish Congress is on they were not in power they were occupied by Rome and so essentially we see the powers of church and state in a raid here with the physical people who want to let me my technical and bizarre pages is very interesting this is called the mama and even though they were many of them were hired by the chief priest to come and to follow their every word and leave to take their advice and to shout out whatever they wanted them to shout out nevertheless Ellen White Czar Bailey says this was a representation of the whole nation of Israel and the whole and a representation of the world in the last days and indeed I discovered that in my studies that clearly is so let's look at that let's see let's see how the people come in our time to demand a Sunday law based upon the parallel from life in Christ how's that possible since I was a child I've heard about Sunday laws told in blue in the face and I am one who is just absolutely dismiss it outright as sheer poppycock okay I have just not been very convinced of that I hit I and and it's only been until recently as I have been involved in the state legislative seeing how I see how this could come about it has to start at the local grassroots level with we the people it's not a top-down federal thing that comes up that the federal government imposes on you the people it's something that the people led by the religious leaders demand of the government or else it's the threat of revolution is a threat of civil war it's the threat of all kinds of things under the sun that people become so just disgusted I mean what's Chris is a approval rating now is between eight and twelve percent bouncing around as hopefully turn to the people turn to the religious leaders not only nationally but internationally and were starting to see that more and more even politicians turning to religious leaders for answers and using them to gain popularity so let's read this passage in Mark fifteen the earlier early in the morning the chief priest with the elders and teachers of the law on the whole Sanhedrin made their plans here's the whole church some speak of Israel arrayed to crucify Jesus the teachers of the laws well the entire establishment survey found Jesus went away and handed them over to Pilate are you the King of the Jews asked Pilate even said so Jesus replied of course I was really mocking I mean the people had claimed a song that he was a king of the Jews of Pharisees and mocked him things he sees the Jews King of the Jews in Jesus that you have said so he can confirm it but he just acted when he said bursary the chief priests accused him of many things and what were these things that they were Sikhism of wealth a proclaimed that he was going to rise from the dead after three days that he call himself God which they did sort of inadvertently but not on directly and so they accused them of these things so get pilot asked him aren't you going to answer the only things they are accusing Jesus still made no reply and pilot was amazed Jesus let the truth speak for itself and didn't try to be an attorney to defend himself a musician we felt was a custom of the festival to release a prisoner whom the people requested a necessary important because the people were crying out and saying what he done for us lately which is the usual common thinking that we have today when it comes to politicians we like them you know when you done for us lately we throw them out okay her we should okay my many times we know but nevertheless that's basically the attitude here this is not about election mind you but nevertheless it was a bargain something that they did on a regular basis at the Passover festival is to release a prisoner whom the people requested and this prisoner was Barabbas thank you understanding of rabbits he represented himself as a national savior someone who could deliver the Jews from the hands of Rome someone who could drive out the occupying forces the occupying power and deliver Israel not only that but to even establish Zion on earth for a thousand years of peace and safety they being the chief priests and the rabbis and the teachers had taught the disciples and then all their students that if this was the Messiah he would drive out wrong from their meds establish his God 's kingdom on earth for thousand years but Jesus was not the political side Messiah that they were looking for a minute as disciples were with Jesus for three and appears as thought he was this political Messiah that was one of their chief motives for following him and Judas ever kept that before the disciples it was his constant struggle for the hearts and minds of the cycles between Christ and Judas Judas was his adversary at every step of the way you can also read that chapter called to this title do this in the desire pages he was constantly planting this whole idea of a political supremacy and he was planting the idea in the minds of the disciples that they would be the chief men in Christ administration the Chief of Staff Secretary treasury secretary stayed on and on you can just imagine what amazing dreams they had themselves to prop this man in a political manner so this Barabbas is also known as bar Jesus Sister White says that he was representative of a counterfeit a counterfeit of the true Savior so you have a great controversy Christ Rall you have this this counterfeit being represented okay and you have Jesus the true Messiah numbers as a counterfeit Messiah we know who that representative is in the future Satan attempting to impersonate even Jesus Christ himself at the at at any second coming were told that in the book the great controversy book is amazing and so eager and you have this representation right here at Christ's trial verse seventy man called Barabbas was imprisonment insurrection as to the committed murder in the uprising notice the words the crowd all the way throughout reading from the new international version verse eight the crowd came up and asked Pilate to do for them what usually did notice they started with a question okay we went this bargain we want you to release Barabbas and to crucify Christ instead this was the question or demand verse nine you want me to release to you the King of the Jews asked Pilate knowing without a self-interest knowing it was out of self-interest that the chief priests have handed Jesus over to him but Jesus but the chief priests stirred up the crowd to have Pilate released rather set a hearing on the religious leaders manipulating the minds and hearts of the fickle people in the crowd the masses okay the religious leaders I like to think today is talkshow hosts whether on TV radio wherever stoking all kinds of propaganda are right getting you to believe a lie about something or someone if it's happening every day all you have to do is turn on the radio it's one political warfare out there is not it really is in United States of America gridlock I mean it is all I I I daresay that our country for not careful delivered to Civil War I read a lot about the Civil War and the events it led up to it in the parallels are very similar nearly similar with the with the notion of states rights to the extreme rising up even coming up with the idea of nullification of certain laws they disagree with or don't like in this country that spirit these regardless of which side of the political divide your on that spirit is raising up its head and dare I say as I will mention towards the end the South is rising up again now that may offend some people here don't mean it to but unfortunately as I will demonstrate to you that's actually happening the chief priests are not the crowd to help highlight release Barabbas instead what shall I do then with the one you call the King of the Jews pilot asked in the verse twelve crucify him they shouted so they're not just ask a question anymore they are making a demand he be crucified why would crime is a committed asked Pilate a shot at all the ladder find him and Matthew were told crucify him crucify and we have no king but Caesar which is a clear statement of blasphemy if you understand Jewish law to recognize this Caesar as a deity or a savior a Messiah was absolute blasphemy punishable by stoning and here is the chief priests were leading the people to make this cry wanting to satisfy the crowd Pilate released Barabbas to them yet Jesus flogged and handed them over to be crucified on the crowd were you in that crowd that's a good question to ask where are we today in the crown are we part of the fickle masses are we often a distance trying to figure it all out in a state of confusion like the disciples it's very important to notice where the disciples were at this time the idea rest yourself where were they at this time desire exactly tells us says the disciples followed the vast throng from a distance from the judgment hall to Calvary this is key to understand the desire of ages page seven forty one because they were in a state of confusion they were trying to figure it all out they were devastated here and there political Messiah was allowing himself to be crucified what what foolishness they thought at the same time they just felt that they just felt so horrible that Jesus would allow himself to be crucified to be funny so badly I mean when they looked upon his face and recognize Jesus 's message was so marred were told in Isaiah fifty three nobody recognizing beyond recognition it was like someone who was a bird corpse were told look at Isaiah fifty two the last few mercy for you in Isaiah fifty three his cell has amazing but this he was so wet unmercifully if you have known him since moving the passion did anything if you did that to make that point clear regardless of all the Catholic theology in the movie so looking from and on from a distance trying to figure it all out they were hiding from the authorities in dealing with their enormous grief and disappointment let's go back and let's go back and noticed something here let's look at the crowd dynamics that Christ's trial here notice what was happening and this is from desire of ages like the bellowing of wild beasts came to allow Christ to the model crucify him crucify him we have no king but Caesar in fact sister wife says it was like a ten fold frenzy now I don't know exactly what you mean by tenfold frenzied but I think of the hall were in now on how it goes I imagine that scene you see in the painting by Antonio says Arenas I imagine the praetorian the cries were like being in the Coliseum or like Seattle Seahawks Stadium up in Seattle close to where I live I mean that is allowed to stop football stadium in the United States and anytime anything comes to visit you can hear anything Coronet can hear a thing nobody can hear anything it is so loud and so vicious becoming I would imagine you probably lose your hearing there is why I haven't gone through again yet subtle is my hearing on not that I should go anyway but anyway the point is is this was loud the demands were real and notice what it says about Highland 's compromises mom insisted typical politician here finally yielded to the demands of the mob pilot thread in the field with all of the people noticed we the people factor here came he would sacrifice justice in principle in order to compromise with the mob another statement there he found himself almost helpless in the hands of the chief priests and rulers the religious leaders K while pilot had been delaying to act the chief priests and rulers were still inflaming inflaming to get that inflaming as propaganda inflaming the minds of the people with a lot of untruths slander vicious attacks are right and the people would walk away believing a lie as you see today in the blog world like the bellowing of wild beasts came the answer for the mob louder and louder swell the cry crucify him crucify him we have no king but Caesar Prince this is not just a matter of information this is a matter of something we need to take to heart and and understand very clearly and take seriously were told and desire me to pay seven thirty Earth three seventy nine but the disciples long tears helps based on a popular delusion political and theological were disappointed in a most humiliating manner it was painful to diseases that their conceptions of his kingdom were limited to worldly honor for them the burden was heavy upon his heart an important supplication supplications with bitter agony and tears when Jesus was praying in the garden of disseminating he was thinking very much not just about all the people who would send throughout history in which he was Bob being our Redeemer right then there is sweating great drops of blood now he was if you read John seventeen his heart and mind was was for the seed of the gospel to be planted by the disciples disheartened mine was with the disciples those twelve manner eleven at that point is useless without betraying him behind the scenes with the chief priests degraded capture him there and disseminate the amount of always and sell here was they were in a state of confusion today how many people believe that Jesus is going to establish his kingdom on the earth a thousand years I believe that Jesus Christ has called us for such a time as a Seventh-day Adventist for such a time as it is widely believed that never read Revelation twenty and read about the millennium a thousand years most of the religious world if not all the religious world interprets the last days or their eschatology as being a thousand years of peace and safety in this earth to do it either by force or through some other means came with your post millennialist or pre- millennial millennialist finally get into all that right now but if you just go and Google it will look those words that premillennialists and post millennialist you will discover that they come to the same conclusion that that thousand years is here and the earth whether they believe the tribulation is before Christ coming or after or whether the millennium is before or after Christ coming it doesn't matter they both come to the same conclusion that the thousand years of peace and safety is here near Harry admitted to crisis in a duet with his so-called secret rapture once coming back or it's the post- millennial is like Pat Robertson and believe that they have to establish God 's kingdom by force on the earth and that Christ can take his time coming back that they got things under control or whether you see a millennial view of the Catholic Church that believes that there is no such thing as a millennium of thousand years it's a world without end there is is called a millennialism the whole idea that they are land on earth if you read Saint Augustine 's city of God that look very clearly points out their philosophy on establishing God 's kingdom on earth that's without end okay who needs God to come back when the Ari had the biker of Christ here on earth the Cedar point it sits theologically forget about the doctrines and coming Christ to them they don't need Christ requires a page five ninety four tells us about the scene she says no I said before his crucifixion the Savior explained to his disciples that he was to be put to death and rise again from the tomb and Angels were present impresses words on minds and hearts but the disciples were looking for temporal deliverance from the room and yelled and they could not tolerate the thought that he in whom all their hopes centered should suffer such an ignominious or ugly death the words which they needed to remember were banished from their minds when the time of trial came but found them unprepared the death of Jesus as fully destroyed their houses if he had not forewarned them so and the prophecies of the future is open before us as plainly as it was open to the disciples by the words of Christ the events connected with a close information in the work of preparation for the time and trouble are clearly presented but multitudes the masses difficult people have no more understanding of these important truth is that if they had never been revealed Satan wanted to catch away every impression it would make the wise and the salvation and the time and trouble finds will find them unready the second part of this very next paragraph is even more powerful lesson this is when God says to me warning so important they are represented as proclaimed my holy angels flying in the midst of heaven and he requires every person endowed with reasoning powers the need to message the fearful judgments denounced against the worship of the beast and his image to lead all villages studying the prophecies to learn what the mark of the beast is and how they are to avoid receiving it but the masses of the people she says turn away their ears from hearing the truth and are turned into fables the apostle Paul declared looking down the last days the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine that time is fully calm she said that was way back when the multitudes the masses do not want Bible truth because it interferes with the desires of the sinful world letting Martin Satan supplies the steps of doing things which they love always say we're in love with her message that we love the three Angels messages but why are they routinely shell Sabbath after Sabbath after sermon after sermon after every Sabbath why I don't know I'm sick and tired was on the plane coming here last night flying from Portland Oregon and on the front cover there was an article that really intrigued me it was how the digital revolution is turning learning upside down about students in high schools are so distracted their texting and teachers can teach anymore and Anna doesn't matter what it is a matter what method they seem to come up with it doesn't seem to get the kids interested in learning anything and define professors teachers classrooms their total mass and this articles all about that is most gracious spirit of Southwest Airlines magazine and it it brings out to high school professors who come up with some unique ideas and how it's starting to work to get the kids involved with simple smart phones and texting and other things in and how they're making learning interesting which a fascinating article to if you want to read it but at least seems not to my next low point here and that is I believe were living in what's called the Twitter revolution the Facebook revolution and I believe that it leans towards world disorder not world order how many of you know what the term for the second law of thermodynamics is okay how many of you know interviews are a you are right it's it's it's fascinating when you when you look at all this because the being the definition by many are scientists of course is not the one we would choose under several definitions but there is is the tendency for all matter and energy in the universe evolved forty state of inert uniformity in other words they believe that that that disorder leads to more order that the disorder eventually leads to the to order game which is related in any sense but that's that's where they go with it my wife learned this in her chemistry course at Texas Tech University years ago and she challenge that even before he became a Symbian is Christian she was a Catholic at the time and me in the other definition which is more in sync with what I believe is the inevitable and steady deterioration of a system or society which don't match is what I believe and I believe that we are heading towards world disorder not world order so for those of you are hung up on the world while like conspiracies about one world order I encourage you to give that up okay I tell you why is because it is a sense Daniel to that rock cut out without hands comes and destroys the image yes they may attend world leaders may attempt to establish world order but I don't believe that's where they're going I think they're struggling just to even come to the idea of peace in the world suffers from lean thinking about how can we world order ever be achieved I don't think they are disillusioned with the whole grand idea and are heavy grand illusions of of of a one world order humbly that I don't read that anywhere now if you're into the illuminati conspiracies and trilateral commission stock when I'm not here to defend anybody but I'm telling a double down the road I had some a comment to me and say well you know you shouldn't read anything because it's all a conspiracy anything you really doesn't matter who makes it nice and slow so if the publication from three p.m. North and review and Herald how okay maybe not but you know who knows we don't know about any of their bill so what's left if you don't read anything that you become the God of your own opinion you become you know you can come up with all kinds of underground material to support your earpieces and and it becomes very elusive and nobody can ever try working from on it I run into this all the time and I went to work and it's it's it's really not too bright I we say now would you be able to give a lecture law school or portal science course and be able to present the information that you think is relevant to think they would take it seriously don't sell to me that's important to understand for there was an article in foreign policy magazine I don't know how many of you get this I read foreign affairs journal foreign policy magazine and also that the review of of faith in international affairs and academic journal and when it comes to international religious freedom policy and there was an article in here a year ago for two years ago maybe three years ago was saying I think this is well should tell me Monday two thousand eleven but anyway it's called it's an article called freedom .gov the unintended consequences department why Washington support for online democracy is the worst thing ever to happen to the Internet it talks about how Mister Zuckerman and the Google brothers and that time Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and all the big CEOs of the Internet powers got together in Silicon Valley with President Obama and Secretary of State at that time Heller Clinton and how they were to devise the so-called Arab spring inventory every serum spring occurred that's what they called they were already devising and planning ahead no this is no conspiracy this is based upon sound evidence of what their attempt was a thought that instead of sending in troops like President Bush did in Iraq and Afghanistan will destabilize governments and create the spirit for democracy among the people they are world well in all its donors backfired in and strengthen Al Qaeda and Islamic fundamentalists on creating more chaos who knows it may lead to democracy in the end but I don't think so not at all and so this article talks about predicts the unintended consequences of such a move and indeed this author on this American Russian ally in Jenin Morozov was right on very accurate and so I thought it was interesting because he goes on to talk about the three word rubble three word revolution the Twitter revolution which enrages people will never forget writing a letter when I first became a pastor to someone that I thought I needed to gently rebuke and I want to backfire it was my learning curve you know for pastor that was young thinking only this is most eloquent letter ever written and I sent it in and it was fully justified everything is good you know the rent to my wife on your house show her in as well her grandchildren never came back to church I will still put people can read into anything words if you face a face to face is the kindly to them you can win hearts and minds when you talk to them over the phone you have more of an advantage than if you write a letter K now it's better in person but on the second best and I learned that lesson the hard way take between revolution and we have gone to the young people even you and I have gotten the wormhole of communication it's like how we have a thousand friends on Facebook but you know most of them we have a member methods that are not really our friends but Facebook tries to prevent that anyone plunges you if you contact to me people who are your friends okay right okay so the three word revolution he can create all kinds of overreactions and combustible passions and everything it leaves the revolution it leads to disorder not order were going backwards my friends we think we've improved communications okay but the speed at which it knows and the reaction that it engenders is so where is that I believe I believe now even more because it's where the face of the Lord Jesus Christ is coming back sooner than we think they meant well let's go to a prophetic history and civics lesson because I think we need to understand this Revelation thirteen and see the parallel now release and thirteen from the new international version says because of the signs he that is the lamb white Protestant America we the people was given power to do on behalf of the first means that his papal Rome remember Revelation thirteen is divided into categories the first ten verses the history of the Holy Roman Empire was the papacy the Catholic Church house one of my sword is okay mortally wounded and it was mortally wounded because it's and fasteners from other nations emissaries were withdrawn the Pope was captured it was no longer viewed as a sovereign nationstate or recognized as such it was reduced just to a church member Roman Catholic Church is both a church and a sovereign nationstate the only church of its kind that has that recognition K so understand that it has that much power both the United Nations and when it comes to Vassar ships it has more master ships in countries and nations around the world and United States imports it's a hundred and eighty six Nations it's in I think the United States is only like ninety two or some like that on guide since it's amazing I mean the power of Rome is much more significant than most people realize and especially with the current hope of reviving that sensitive ecumenical flair that Pope John Paul II had an aside this approach towards this ecumenical unity reaching out to all faith groups is first I think it's very similar we need to watch but notice it says he deceived the inhabitants of the earth there is this a unity and occurred in verse twelve of Revelation thirteen in which there was collusion this alliance of which Rome the second power United States the first power in the threefold power will come later in verse thirteen described as his fire coming down out of heaven this light Davis this spirit this ecumenical movements in which the religions of the world come together to solve world problems the politicians of the world can do it the people look to the religious leaders of this fire this is this is this is amazing worldwide revival as if this is the outpouring of the Holy Spirit a worldwide revival it's actually a counterfeits false in a sled by Rome and Satan himself who pretends to be Christ that's first thirteen that prior to fourteen C got the context here we read again because he because of the signs he went my Protestant America we the people was given power to do in the version behalf the first piece that is papal Rome he deceived the inhabitants of the earth is he that is we the people ordered them through Congress to set up an image in honor of the beast that is in honor of Rome who was wounded by the sword and yet when K verse fifteen was given power to give breath to the image Morgan and discover what the images here in a minute and prophecy in the likeness of that is on the first of these people wrong so they could speak and cause through its legislative authority Paul refused to worship the image to be killed not raining I just repeated to you within parentheses there is a traditional Adventist message that's where part of my whole life so there's nothing aberrant there are unusual there's nothing I'm not going beyond the any of anything are scholars that said I checked this out with the biblical resources students solid but my question is how do we the people ever get to that point in Revelation if you ever wondered about yourself and your water how in the world we ever get to that point I have all the answers but what I'm about to share with you makes complete sense and yes you might say this merges on speculation but I don't think so as someone who has immersed himself with Jersey constitutional history here United States I believe that I can get a glimpse of what's being talked about here in Revelation thirteen is been a lifelong study for me I'm sure it has probably for you to James Madison who is considered the father Constitution who's the one that basically was the grand mastermind behind the new checks and balances in the separation of powers we know is the executive congressional and judicial branches with all of its internal checks and balances even the internal checks and balances in the very wording of the Constitution Bill of Rights and especially the First Amendment said that his biggest fear was we the people in fact he wrote in his Federalist papers this most famous one fifty one and seventy eight he wrote in their that basically the Constitution was written normally think of the people freedoms but also to safeguard and even put a check on out of control we the people through the representative government thank Ronald Reagan to the entire clinical science of that business quite deep but here's what tea stall oh and it was recorded in the Congressional records in the very first U.S. Congress in seventeen eighty nine here's what he said and you can find this in the Bill of Rights writings that with writing informed its foundation in this Washington DC and every bookstore are available the prescriptions in favor of liberty ought to be leveled against that quarter were the greatest danger lies namely that possesses the highest prerogative power but this is not found in either the executive or legislative departments of government but in the body of the people operating by the majority against them and minority why is he saying this PC using this is his argument for the need for Bill of Rights that the will of the majority will sometimes intrude on the necessary rights they should be guaranteed on the minority okay and they must not be abused he also recognized and this may be new to you but with one of the only areas I believe agree with Justice Antonin Scully on the following is terrible on free exercise and establishment clause ruling rulings is essentially says that we have to balance the will of the people represented by the Constitution that is will a majority with the rights of minorities guaranteed in the Bill of Rights okay sometimes he would he writes he's written several his opinion sometimes we have to side with the majority against the abuse he will of the minority which is an interesting perspective and you have to balance those two out law and I think he's correct how he how he ends up getting there in his opinions I mostly disagree with but nevertheless I think his reasoning is sound so what's interesting is in writing some letters of Thomas Jefferson a few years prior arguing against the need for Bill of Rights and these are letters of Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson Jefferson could say no we need a Bill of Rights the Bill of Rights and Madison was going along with it his argument was the following which still makes sense but he was saying I really Bill of Rights because religious freedom arises naturally from that multiplicity of sects and religions which pervades America which is the best and only security for religious liberty in a society for where there is such a variety of sex or religion there cannot be a majority in the masses of anyone sacked to oppress and persecute the rest well it's a nice statement but he finally concluded that we needed a Bill of Rights and thank goodness he also wrote in Memorial remnants France number eight one influence in fact an ecclesiastical 's ecclesiastical establishments had on civil society in some instances they have been seen to erect a spiritual tyranny in the ring the civil authority in many instances they have been seen upholding the thrones of political tyranny and in no instance have they been seen and seen the guardians of the liberties of the people that's true he also wrote just a couple years before he died the Reverend Adams was trying to establish Christianity as a religion of land and to get Congress to do so it also to fund all churches that were Christian equally that is a nondiscriminatory mode and Madison was outraged and he wrote to him after examining his sermons he was getting older South Carolina North Carolina he said no this is you don't get it you're losing perspective of history here he said history and experience will be in admitted umpire in the papal system government and religion or in a manner consolidated and that is found to be the worse of governments James Madison wrote that some my wall of my office the North Pacific Union conference not an amazing statement for founding father to make my friends were told in the great controversy page four forty three no lights as the papacy a church that control the power of the state and when you see the words at church today especially in our democratic system with no one church dominating another we would look at it more of his ecumenical union religions coming together the papacy or religious powers in least in our time but then the papacy a church that controlled the power the state employed to further romance especially for the punishment of heresy that's the definition of the papacy and indeed history demonstrates that and I don't know of any any historian that really are completely disagrees of that great controversy for forty three this is a statement you must write down any to start writing it down now if you're going to this is one of the most powerful statements and all the spirit of prophecy and it must not be ignored because it provides the paradigm or model for understanding church and state especially the last days in order for the United States our beloved country to form an image of the beast ever wanted to know what the image of the beast is there it is you want to hear the description of the image the beast it's a church and state description it's really simple the religious power or powers plural power here is plural muscle control the civil government Michigan that doesn't say their secular humanist atheists gays Communists Socialists must so control the civil government doesn't say that I challenge you doesn't say that for your head in the wrong place are you starting to believe a lie when the cells radio talkshow host or TV cable TV networks my friends it says the religious power powers must so control the civil government that the authority of the state will also be employed by the church or religious powers ecumenical force of religious powers to accomplish her own ends one of those ends what's the agenda to establish price kingdom on the earth or thousand years for moral legislation moral legislation that you and I would be and I believe should be subordinate in many instances but we need to be careful and understand the bigger picture we must understand the big picture my friends we don't understand the big picture were going to be deceived Ellen White walked that fine balance promoting national moral reform walk the same time urging Aji Jones to oppose national Sunday law legislation in U.S. Congress in nineteen eighty eight my friends at the fine line to walk his we need to capture that in in these last days we need to stand for what is right because it is right payment okay but the same time and I'm looking to define what's right for you at this point to ask questions find later but I wanted to find out for you I'm not than to try to make you believe certain things are in regard to legislation that's not my role I want you to see the big prophetic picture here remember this paradigm is to come back to it were told lingering four forty two founders of the nation wisely sought regarding his employment sector power the part of the church with its inevitable result intolerance and persecution indeed the lessons are clear were told in the fifth on a testimonies something very interesting proving that it's not a top-down thing that happens in the last days were the federal governments trying to conspire to control you and I realizable surveillance issue which apparently President Obama was just on TV just a few minutes ago about an hour ago explaining to the nation that he was planning to put more regulations more stipulations more to make the surveillance program the visa program a more transparent to the American public and and the promise of that so we'll see where that goes I have no idea especially after the Snowdon incidents and his immigrating temporarily to Russia which of course this caused a snafu between the Russian Premier and President Obama but notice what sister White says to secure popularity and patronage on yeah tickling the funnybone of the legislators politicians pilot to secure popularity and patronage legislators will yield it says not shall yield may be healed it says is really kneeled to the demand or a Sunday law now we first have to ask for legislators was only two branches of the federal government to legislate a third Congress that legislates they make laws but the president has to be the sign were vetoed and so the president can even put for eating laws to Senate or the House located in order to make sure his agenda rebuild this through we see that often times case so the president in a way with his bully pulpit is a legislator correct is correct really seen it from day one I'm guessing my whole life from Nixon on and especially with Ronald Reagan and Clinton and Bush and Obama clearly we seen that so they would meet this definition of legislators all right they would yield to the demand was making the demand to leave the people make the demand the thick call will all be the people we the people is the beginning of what document the Constitution it's the preamble the very opening words of the preamble to the U.S. Constitution mean the people we the people while note it's not a top-down hierarchical movement with the US government creates a conspiracy scenes can see the schemes to control us it's a bottom-up grassroots movement of religious powers inspiring me to be able to make the lesion unconstitutional demands of our government my friends were there were were were there people are fed up they turned the tea party and then they turn to whatever variational metamorphose out of that or any other abstraction because a week we long to be independence of two parties a scene can seem to figure things out but where does that lead us to leave this to maybe the longing for Confederacy states rights the extreme all the same arguments that were performed prior to the civil war it's like we're really missing the Civil War today it blows my mind away it really does and it's very dangerous I mean I think I'm going to abortion I think of the gay marriage movement I think of the whole idea of the heritage foundation and also the Christian right 's foundation the family heritage program that's Tony Perkins heads up in Washington DC already saying the governors in states and legislatures recessed recess the law that you don't agree with and even nullify them and even come to the point of declaring that we will secede okay if you don't believe that I think I have it here here is Atlantic Journal pointed out just last year the twenty eight states call for annulment or no location of federal law if it didn't meet what they viewed to be the founder 's original attempt on the issues of abortion gay marriage government sponsorship and mandated prayer comments schools is not student led prayer which is constitutionally want to go beyond that and so on and so forth who knows what's next but they had a fifteen point criteria are specifically state of Missouri but there were twenty of seven other states that put forward similar proposals and they were all undefeated and many of them passed out our houses they didn't make it through the Senate they were all average single one of them resolution put forward by the tea party which is mainly a way the Spirit a nullification in the spirit of secession and revolution even constitutional revolution is alive and well my friends notice what a sister wife says mollify the testimonies by the decree enforcing the institution of the papacy in violation of law our nation will disconnect herself fully from righteousness now some might say well see that's the gay movement well it's not remember there is there is in him political science there is it is simple you can understand this there is there is point and counterpoint there is a proposal and reactions the proposal there's always reaction I call it we have yet to see the real blowback and forgive that statement but I believe that were linked to seem low back on militant uprising in this country like we had never seen before people so upset and morally and righteously so but I wonder how revolutionary take place this country is about to be a revolution in which gay marriage advocates and secular humanists and atheists communists and socialists overthink this country like you here propaganda site Noel awaits it is to be just the opposite just the opposite in fact there was a John Meacham who was editor of Newsweek magazine and in two thousand five is a special issue on a special survey on religion in America I was put forward by the pew forum on religion and Public life and Baylor University my mama monarch in Texas they put us serving together on the state of Christianity America and gone down from eighty two percent professed Christians in America to seventy seven and they say depending on the highest rate of level of profession to the lowest which it could even be secular humanism mainstream Protestant within your Methodists and Episcopalians the more intellectual class down there odd maybe with seventy two percent of what he said one thing is clear throughout American history that this poll demonstrates and that he is not only journalist and historian notes he said that that America is always comes back bounces back to being a center right nation center right not center in centerleft or liberal or extreme conservatives right always bounces back to the center right and he noted in an article is the cover issue before Newsweek vanished is no longer published he says it's indicative that extreme right-wing propaganda is becoming now mainstream legally recognizing it become acceptable now I don't care which side of the aisle you're on a much more conservative than you may think I am but I'm just letting you know I'm trying to do the present this to you from an unbiased perspective from what I'm seeing prophetically our nation will disconnect herself fully from righteousness when Protestantism shall stretch her hand across the Gulf the recipe and run power with regard scene has happened on for several presidencies when she should reach over the abyss of Costanza spiritualism which I view as the New Age movement when under the influence of this threefold union our country shall repudiate me at every principle of its constitution she says in another place that we will abolish our Constitution as a Protestant republican government and shall make provision for the propagation of people called citizen delusions that we may note that the time has come for the marvelous working of Satan at the end is near not all I don't know what to view on the contraception mandate or other things that I see a Catholic redefinition of religious freedom taking place in this country that people are buying into and I don't want to get in depth about that but hello I says and great conversation for forty five win when the leading churches come together and demand that the government sustain their institutions funded and in the man that that their doctrines become the law of land using those government funds to affect the laws of the land to follow its mission and its principles to bending over to where the religious powers manipulate and control the state when you come to that point that becomes a watershed moment he says in man the image of the Roman hierarchy will be seen an image of the beast will be formed by friends were marching down the road very very imperceptibly in the minds of most people they just don't see it but we need to see it again I come back to statement in order for United States to form an image of the beast the religious power powers must control the civil government the sale we don't see that happening out given time and by the way as I will point out and I get a hold on her lecture on this but not today the religious left the interface alas is just as harmful it written two articles in liberty magazine I is just as harmful to religious freedom as a Christian writers Christian right wants to abolish or deny the separation of church state the Christian laugh not a problem the interfaith left I should say they have a problem their problem is it's called collective censorship together all the religions in one room I know because I sit on the board of the interfaith Council greater Portland and in and I see it worldwide it seemed overseas 's idea you get all religions one room and you have to ask permission to share your faith and if you give it if one religion in Jackson you cannot share your faith and using it does happen and if you go outside that room and share your faith especially in Islamic countries or anywhere else that's considered blasphemy and worthy of death and that proposition has been put forward as a means of meaning in my president Obama and his trips to Turkey Egypt his speech is both places and also Indonesian two thousand ten to put forward this interfaith left proposal as a first step towards democracy now he was applying that to the Western United States but he was giving into this interfaith approach for definition of religious freedom which as I pointed out into articles in liberty magazine published in the last three years these two issues are is very dangerous and interfaith Latin America is growing stronger and stronger I was reading an article in your Times Magazine last week saying the claim made a lot of they've been done some studies and that they've noticed that the rise of the interfaith left is growing stronger and stronger in this country it brings me back to the trial Price the chief priests and the Sanhedrin was made up of who was made up of Sadducees and Pharisees who were chief priest but they were the elders pay and it mentioned the elders their marketing across trial the chief priests and elders when you look at you look at that you see the Pharisees representing the Christian and the Jewish right of Christ day part and the Sadducees but we like runs paychecks and want to keep the status quo they like big government to keep the captain power they represented that the left the religious and clinical left of Christ's day and they came together to unite to get rid of Christ struck the lesson isn't it what power is Ellen White talking about all the religious powers not communist socialism not second dream is a humanism or atheism or three times a social is not there and and technically there are about ten but I don't want to get into all those three major ones are communist forms of socialism which we saw with Araiza Soviet Union and China and then there is Democratic which is a modern European model as we see today and we see evidence is that the United States with the emergence of Obama care and other issues we clearly see a move toward democratic forms of socialism that's not to condemn Obama care system let you know that that socialism has been part of our fabric from Nixon actually includes her back to Teddy Roosevelt pyramid elements and arisen that are clearly socialistic but then there's fascist form of socialism which by the way is most often times in history has been pushed forward and planted an advanced and championed by the Christian right okay Hitler in the book by Professor Robert P Erickson of Pacific Lutheran University entitled complicity in the Holocaust churches and universities in Nazi Germany and this book is half the press has came out last year and it sees the foremost on the history of the Holocaust and he talks about how basically are German scholars and the Christian right the Lutheran Church and the Catholic Church very reluctantly became along with it they are the ones that popped up Hitler and created a monster and points this out and it's very detailed it's very well-written box print about University press and astounding but I'm amazed because it makes total sense to me it's another form of socialism government planning is socialism him the planning of any kind this socialism okay social engineering you heard those terms include the science well whether it's Mussolini Hitler whoever clearly that is a form of socialism that we often don't think about it Socialism coming to us from another angle maybe perhaps we need to instruct went back on that point my wife and I took our twenty fifth wedding anniversary couple years all walking tour the French Revolution Paris very fasces led by a University Pennsylvania professor woman whose father had died in Lipitor for thirty five years and she took over very nicely passing on his legacy and we want parents and at the four seasons did you notice anything that was missing and I said yeah there's no monument the French Revolution she says that's right there is no monument of the French Revolution and she said why do you think that is life that I have nightmares that letter letter the people answered nobody would answer so she went unanswered and this is what got me started in the sermon is because of her labeling her she says Safeco will of the people in ten years are less than ten years just like the English revolution under Cromwell the people they couldn't govern you know how to govern those who promise that they can that lead the revolution Robespierre and others I could never we could restore the economy being gotten rid of of of King Louis the sixteenth and Antoinette can remember summers palace quite nice but only and instantly got rid of the monarchy including the Roman Catholic Church the dual monarchy of Roman Catholicism and secular more the Louise by the way were quite popular with the people but because you know the economy was so bad and so on they started to turn and so on in the end who waltzes in Napoleon launches a cannonball that the parliament French Parliament takes over the country and the people plot him you notice when you go to Paris all the monuments are to move the Sun King Louis the fourteenth and Napoleon knows that I know Napoleon 's ego is everywhere but the people up there it was a benevolent dictator the people absolutely love him as he restored lawn order gave them their food gave them jobs restoring economy people loved him on ethical will the people do anything for bread-and-butter BS that's the essence of all politics is bread-and-butter my friends well to wrapup only give you some more parallels just to finish off David Brooks told my lap forgot to mention one thing in the New York review of books former Supreme Court justice who just retired years ago John Paul Stevens did some book reviews of several on Constitution scholars including Sanford Levinson who want to rewrite the Constitution there is a new call both my left wing scholars and right-wing scholars to abolish the constitution and rewind rewind it okay the right wing wants to make it a Christian nation as if they don't understand that they condemn sharia law under freighter sharia law in their freedom Muslims but yet they would make this meal plan that a Christian nation and an go by on the ten Commandments difference I mean get a brain I just not as really I know you know what they're thinking it's ridiculous but a he writes and here are should we have a new constitutional convention to rewrite the Constitution my friends there such talk right now it's real Mario Serio I wasn't sure with you the there's an article it was a opinion piece by Thomas Edsall all in your times as the GOP not the deep end and you know that's a shame on on the Lincoln Lincoln men and to see how the GOP is gone the direction and gone just this breaks me up he he writes in here the Republican Party is becoming less and less like a traditional clinical party in a representative democracy becoming more like an apocalyptic cult are one of the intensely ideological authoritarian parties in the twentieth and twenty century Europe in many points out that a good thirty five percent of Congress is represented by the South or Southern states original eleven Confederate states and they are the tea party members that block all legislation that's why nothing 's been done and how Republicans in the mainstream the moderates are really there is a civil war within the Republican party right now if you haven't noticed it's it's incredible Bobby Jindal calling his party the stupid party which you know I is a shame I don't think it's a stupid party panel on I don't think the Democratic party is stupid party there just I disagree with labor unions and I is things I disagree with him on the Republican side with the Christian right 's influence as well but there seems to be more of a wedding between the tea party and the Christian right the one thing that this author didn't understand is any sort of Monson saying INT parties dying and it's a wacko party is not going anywhere but David Brooks a conservative columnist for the only concerted column well I guess Ross do that is also concerned call us earlier times all rest or liberal is quite liberal newspaper but David Brooks is very thoughtful conservative on a wrote a column of years ago called the tea party teens in the last paragraph the right says he says in the near-term the tea party tenancy will dominate the Republican Party it could even be the ruling of the party rights pulling it in an angry direction the suburban voters will tolerate but don't underestimate the deep reservoirs of public


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