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The Weak Confound the Wise

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)



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let's feel for prayer and our father in heaven I asked but as we study today if you would bring to this class the very last menu and ten to use the history of the Ottoman movement toward inspire us I asked for that gift in the name of Jesus amen today were talking about six men not about the whole further life but about a particular contribution they made to what has become the Seventh-day Adventist church I have thought about if time permits I might add several more but these six optically interesting all are out for Rozier was the man who first wrote about the sanctuary message that you understand the day he first wrote out the message that Jesus would come into the most holy place on October twenty two eighteen forty four he was the one that helps address understand why they had been disappointed and he began writing that just about on October twenty three that is when he began discussing it Lynch Josiah Lynch was a man we mentioned yesterday he was that minister who joined William Miller while William Mellor was not the first man to use the day for your principal in fact that principle is traced by some way back to joke in the Florence who was a false prophet of the twelfth century yet just silence was the first man to make a prediction based upon the day for your principal that came to be true that is where people can look and say it happens it's one thing to use the day for your principle and say it was fulfilled in the past you could almost cut and paste and put on the past years and I mean by that like I can say here six hundred year prophecy and it started in the state noted in that base it was fulfilled but it's an entirely different thing to predict a future events at a certain time and have a happen vestiges silage did we talked about yesterday the phone on Empire August eleven eighteen forty TM travel was a cemetery and originally across the Sunday keeper but when he came across the truth about the seventh day Sabbath he published it in a little tract that tracks was read by Joseph Bates Joseph Bates accepted and shared it with some of his friends Ellen and James White and the rest is history of how the little blurb about the nest came to know about the seventh day Sabbath Elimite for example was a prophet before she was a sanitary Mister probably learned about the Sabbath Samuel Snow Sheffield 's nose initials were S S S Samuelson though was the first expositor of the prophecies to correlate the day of atonement with that cleansing of the sanctuary of Daniel eight fourteen he wasn't the first time really allude to ask and William Miller and even made a passing allusions there factor might be a connection blacks she was the first one to really develop the idea and he presented a Atacand meeting in August of eighteen forty four yes the idea that guidance when it's idea that in the parable of the ten virgins where there was the crime the midnight cry go ye out to meet him that that was fulfilled in I need to back up this terror this is endemic I sensed you that the main idea is presenting was that the day of atonement is connected to the cleansing of the sanctuary Daniel eight fourteen and says twenty figure days and so the site should be cleansed that that was referring to the day of atonement and following a reckoning through as he developed that use of the day of atonement would fall that year and October twenty two so he was the first once promote the idea that Christ would come back on October twenty two eighteen forty four and he presented the idea in August of eighteen forty four at a camp meeting and what came to be known as the midnight cry how did he calculates midnights why do you have such power under me an example of this kind of prophetic interpretation he showed that in the parable of the ten virgins that that it was a representation of the Millerite movement then we showed that the cry goes forth at midnight which versions were sleeping the wise and the foolish they both were sleeping exactly that they both were sleeping and he showed that sense the disappointment in the spring of eighteen forty four that the Millerite had been asleep and observe energy and preaching about the second Advent that had the relation down of their energy for your survivors and other energy fix for the price come back in April he didn't do it John know that then the license for the price from back in April of eighteen forty four they didn't have a very specific dates some did we may set a number of dates single snow showed that if a day in Bible prophecy is a year then how long the night the coming of the twenty four his year would be six months then know how long would the middle night be the beginning of the night three months and he showed that from the beginning of the disappointment and tell the time early in August for his preaching there had been about three months and that this was that the midnight cry when the midnight cry do in the parable it woke up the sleeping virgins and they went forth to meet the bridegroom anyway the power of that movement they will talk about later you'll read about if we don't some compared it to a tornado some compared it to electricity it just sat to life an entire movement that had become lethargic and that a single snow the midnight cry Samuel I'm sure stores in the year of eighteen forty four kind of late in his preaching on the on the movement he discovered that the salt sleeps unconsciously in the grave when it dies and that immortality is promised only to the righteous after the resurrection and that God only has immortality naturally that the debt that the dead will be destroyed in the lake of fire and bullets ceased to exist and will not burn forever and ever all which things Adventists take almost for granted and those things were not understood prior to George Storrs by many people at all George Storrs produced a sermon six lectures we printed one of those in the mags and produced last year he's the one who taught us about death in Jacobs was the first man that had the courage and confidence to print the right genes of the Jan Allen Harmon Ellen Hart the lady who later became Ellen White's visit before she was married in a way you can trace the history of the adoption of the address doctrines of the sanctuary the day for your principal the Sabbath the midnight Friday October twenty two movement death as sleep in the spread across you can trace it to the six men all RL Crozier repudiated the century message he written about became an enemy of the Seventh-day Adventist church wrote prolifically against that and it was his letters you can find them in the bill most bitter enemies of Adventism and their works yes adjustment after class Crozier printed this in the day start extra of February eighteen forty six the material that she had put together with Hiram Edson was the physician Joseph I Lynch after the great disappointments concluded that his adamant experience had been faults he gave up not only Adventism in general but specifically the day for your principal and went back to a literal understanding of a day for day and time prophecies after TM trouble after writing that lets all publication hopes Sabbath referring to Sunday gave up the Sabbath died as a Sunday keeper Samuel Snow entirely abandoned Adventism George Storrs name a false prophet in the period immediately following eighteen forty four had visions shared them they didn't come to pass decades later he joined the movement that eventually developed into the Jehovah's Witnesses in Jacobs joined thy shakers and then eventually the spiritualistic movement that began growing in eighteen forty four and died a spiritualist you have viable turned like you turn your Bibles to first Corinthians chapter one he left Adventism he left the Advent movement first Corinthians chapter one we were looking at verse twenty six for you to see your calling brother and how that not many wise men after the flash not many mighty not many noble are called this is the thought I want to present to you that God does not choose men to teach his truth because these men are the most spiritual for the most noble of men please is God to use weak things to confound the wise and the truth is what sanctifies and saves the soul nothing is as calculated to deepen your experience with truth than in teaching it then nothing is more likely to to work towards your salvation then for you to give your life to teaching the truth as a result are in harmony with this truth when there is a man who is particularly weak the very best thing God can do to increase the chance of him going to heaven is to commission him to teach the truth so that by hearing it and sharing it and giving it will have the greatest opportunity to mold him when God it looked forward from the beginning creation and saw which Angela was that would turn against him and lead on apostasy what did he do with that Angel he put him in the very highest position gave him the highest place among Angels where you would be closest to the light that comes from the father of the most opportunity to see God 's glory and behold his character have the least excuse for falling God has followed through with that kind of plan ever since the beginning of time and has commissioned the truth to the weakest of men never something practical for you to learn from it if you are given the truth to teach your mind should never come the idea that you are such a great one not because you are a great want but because you have a great need God has entrusted you with responsibility to share to teach history if the question is ever crossed your mind why do I know the truth when that less than one percent of the population in North America knows the truth why might one of those few one in three hundred the nose it the answer is not because you're so special it's not because you were seeking God more earnestly than your fellows it's not because you are the one who has inherited it special genes God has given you the truth to save you with it and perhaps give it to you before others because you were weaker because you were a greater need I want to balance out this presentation by sharing another side of the history Crozier is not the one who originated the sanctions the sanctuary doctrine alone it wasn't him it was Doctor Hans and Crozier FP Hans Crozier and Hiram Edson in FB Honda and Hiram Edson were faithful until death truth that they found to have problems to find the Sabbath just by reading the Bible he learned from a sanitarian who learned of the seventh a Baptist the one that he taught was faithful to the Sabbath the one that taught the one that taught him was faithful to the Sabbath I hit the weak link and told you about it Jacobs of course was not Allen Harmon he simply printed her writings but even he wasn't sure that she was the one that had the truth is just willing to risk it I speculative in nature the first person to really come down strong the visions stayed faithful to the log with a first person was the person who published that way namely James White was faithful to them and he married her yes no the first to come out strong and favorite defense of them in print that in a Jacobs when he printed down there in his magazine did not did not say these are certainly true but here's some interesting that happened you might be interested like that the summer and I'm sure in the stage is that there are plenty of Adventist pioneers to help bring our doctors to us that were faithful to those doctrines it's incurred however her faithful that's a fair warning you know there are quite a few the work if I were to add to that list sources that perplexed so many who did God choose to give the health message to our church now Allen presented a little snippet of it but it was Kellogg to really develop a thing in who did God choose to create the sense diet message of righteousness by faith that was Jones that was Wagner did God choose this three men because they were had such holy characters know the defects in her character show up before their chosen in the messages to the world and the defects to show up before their chosen for the defects overthrow them after their choosing God shows weak men to give the truth to the world in the case of Johnson Wagner in particular their weaknesses were the very kind that could have been remedied by the thoughts that they were teaching the very kind so that there's nothing I could have done that more likely save them and to give them the job to teach those to the world and gradually didn't give them the message to read Wagner 's testimony he was nearly daydreaming during a sermon no idea what the speaker was talking about or even who was speaking or what the topic was when he was given the message about God 's love for men Internet who is this helpful for I would be surprised if some of you in here are called to take a leading role in teaching the truth to the Adventist church or to the world if it does happen you want to keep the sad part of this history in mind not to discourage you but keep you down you're still in first Corinthian 's one assist read more of it here verse twenty seven bursary six as you see your calling but as you should it should be visible to you that when God called you didn't call you as the most noble person if you can't see that you particularly need to think about this verse twenty seven but God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise and God has chosen that was a say the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty and base things of the world and things which are despised hath God chosen J and things which are not to bring to not things that are that know flash should glory in his presence want to tell you one more story of Adventism and then I think of a time to tell you once toward the sixteenth century will close the class are very first day of introduction this class we alluded to that man Josh what Dean Hines remember that he was a man of conviction a man who follow the William Miller 's line of reasoning put his energy and attention it he was the one who received if possible more prominence than William Miller in the press more promise because William Miller was attacked for having funny ideas but Joshua Hines was scandalized as a manipulator getting rich off the Millerite movement why was he scandalized is getting rich because he was printing multiple millions of tracks hundreds of thousands of books started nearly a dozen magazines and was pretty all kinds of other materials and everyone concluded that it must be that he was profiting immensely from all this business it was scandalous the record showed that all the money that he received he turned right back in who is just a breakeven business for him and if there's anything that proves the scandal of the whole thing it's what happened in the week prior to October twenty two what happened during that week is that very many wealthy Adventist who had held onto their means suddenly came under conviction of the world was about to and in that they did not want to meet Jesus with that money in your bank account and though they had ignored the calls for means for two and a half years they came for the last few days and try to get out to go box to Joshua Hines to use in forwarding the truth and Joshua Hines told them to keep it he already had all that could be put to use in the Pro this and that amount of time you see how that confounds the reports that he was trying to get rich off this thing Joshua Hong Heintz was extremely disappointed on October twenty two as much as a man who is enthusiastic about something can be more disappointed in the man was ho-hum about it so the man who was most enthusiastic most enthusiastic was most disappointed that you didn't just give up he tried to hold things together and immediately after the disappointment didn't movement began to fall to pieces nurse NY everyone has coupled unanswered of the main guys don't have an answer then the other program to come up with answers whether they're right or wrong people craving France's of them go after something that's happened he'll begin to go after all kinds of strange things special Heinz tried to resist his fanatical things to pull things together to coalesce the movement it he tried to stick right to what was taught before eighteen forty four he knew that he didn't know why Christ had come back it was a mystery to him but you know that they been teaching the truth so he put together a small body of believers that really stood out as a shield against other movements that were growing most of those other movements you can say ninety percent of them were fanatical movements some of the most fanatical and raised some of our troops for example one of the most outrageous ones embrace the truth about death Joshua Hines is suddenly being besieged by all strange ideas and he repelled them with repelling the strange ideas he and William Miller and that bless also repelled some of the truths you can hardly blame them if you are taught the truth about death by a man who went kooky ideas what would you do with it to understand can you follow where he is coming from anyway he rejected it his movement of original Adventism dwindled and just as it was beginning to dwindle this is in the eighteen fifties the various denominations of Protestantism switch their doctrine about the second coming to favor the view that he had been promoting conference all of them nearly the crisis before the millennium and bring an end to Earth 's history you'll note the various major denominations weren't teaching what they teach now in the eighteen forties they were teaching entirely different doctrine and now they come to teach what Adventism teaches basically about becoming this part of the price comes back and at the end of the world they were teaching that their teaching of that there'd be a thousand years of improvements and a human the developmental reforms that would lead to a paradise on earth at the end of that development of humanity crisis come back to be crowned king and would live happily ever after you exactly they change from post- millennial pre- millennial that and when that happens suddenly Joshua Hines his movement didn't have much difference from the mainline denominations to follow what's going on with they had come his way he hadn't gone their way when they came his way his movement didn't see any reason to continue existing and ceased to exist but in the eighteen sixties he saw the light on death and join one of the fragment movements not secretary nepotism or the fragment movements that was existing that saw the light on death and they formed up bitch the charts called Advent Christian Church which still exist today in some parts of New England and Chicago you have one and there's a few scattered around the world there's one evening in Kansas in Advent Christian to Sunday keeping Christian church my point is that Joshua Hines twenty years after the disappointment was still searching after and moving forward with truth by a slower pace than when he got old he is came down with cancer he went to be treated at the world 's most foremost medical institution Battle Creek there he became reacquainted with Ellen White's who he had met briefly when she was very young they began corresponding and you talk to a few others and he began to see things clearly they did never seen he wrote that if he was young again at this point he was dying in his late eighties that if he was young again he would unite his energy with the second and third Angels messages with as much vigor as it puts into the first is correspondence between the Ellen White and sell find out what biographies sweet and kind and I expect to see Joshua Hines and have it make sense to me after I discovered that why God didn't lay him to rest like a late William Miller William Miller would add too much too much prejudice against the truth acceptance Joshua Hunter too much prejudice against the truth accepted quickly that he accepted eventually except that eventually moving backwards some three hundred years this is a address history it's just another story that illustrates the truth than bringing out and what's one of our goals in this class provide you with stores are useful in your ministry here comes one there was a very zealous reformer in Switzerland his name was William Farrell William Farrell had the kind of attributes you think God in a fiery man including a full head of red hair to give you an idea of William Farrell 's character when he was once walking across in the land of Switzerland they have many of these bridges across thousands walking across one he met a a oncoming group of Catholics that were honoring an icon image he knew that the balance of the image of the idolatry he knew that the target Iran would be cowardly he knew that to meet them without doing one of the two would be deadly and probably with more zeal than that good sense he walked briskly to them around the icon threw it over the edge to the swirling waters below and turned and ran to show that he was not cowardly but to get a witnessing a night recommending that this turned out to understand perfectible on recommending them kind of activity Farrell was gifted he had a mind that could grasp Farrell was charismatic he could hold up audiences Darrell had power in his presentations and while he was rising to two notability in the land of Switzerland he had begun his work in France and have been moved to Switzerland the persecution when he is rising there in Switzerland on a young man united himself to him or tried that wanted to be a reformer like there his name is format at Arco and ENT for romance was not good-looking from thence was not above average intelligence from thence was not socially gifted and Pharaoh was afraid to encourage him in his ambitions to do a great work for God fury teacher or a pastor you'll know what it's like to be afraid to encourage someone in their ambitions you have to be average intelligent to understand the summons given you a cold shoulder from that relies the Pharaoh was not giving him more attention and encouragement that had to hurt him Farrell became ambitious of winning a certain city for the gospel Switzerland was different than other countries and Switzerland the cities were independent and free and could make their own decisions and one city that had been riding the fence or siding with the Catholics was the city of Geneva Ferrell in characteristic boldness march to Geneva preached his message there an effort to sermons he was expelled from the city from thence observed the work of Pharaoh he tried to copy you see Farrell had you the method of going in small villages and mountains where people didn't really know how to read and teaching the children how to read but you teach them from the Bible and teach the children Protestant doctrines and the parents who didn't know how to read would come to the lessons of his parents love to learn how to read and it's hard to have your children on things you don't know so parents were learning how to read from a man who they didn't realize was was inadvertently brought inverted to them was purposely secretly teaching them the truth of the gospel and when you receive opposition a key word that disappear why did they recognize that because he used a pseudonym false name he introduced himself as will wreck which is very common in its return from thence had heard the stories perhaps even absorbed it I don't know if he was within one of those situations and he wanted to win Geneva two but he didn't have the courage to go inside so he thought that he would do when he collided he would go to the little villages around outside Geneva and he would teach the children he had noticed the children didn't seem to care how he looked and even seem to notice his lack of charisma and he could communicate under level intellectually enough to begin teaching the children as he might've hoped the parents came to hear him except for that he had no self-confidence in his ability to teach adults was afraid he would do it wrongly so he carried with Hamlet literature from the great teachers swing away and fairer all lands at Glen KDS and Luther the reformers and when the adults came to hear from Matthew would pass out the literature because I had good answers to good answers I get the man in this families that their business inside the city so that literature made its way inside the city with the families of Burgoyne and do their business in the big city and began to be read by some of the notable people in the town they began to talk about amongst themselves as they read and studied the writings by the greater formers the city Geneva without a teacher declared in favor of the Reformation opened its doors and invited the reformers to send them teachers so that God accomplished through a weak man from thence what he had failed to accomplish to one of the mightiest of the reformers Pharaoh it's the way God operates he delights to use weak people to accomplish great things the chancel use us was to prepare our father in heaven I ask that by the power that you used to accomplish your work and you would find person sufficiently weak and humbled to be used by you to do mighty things I depend on you for this gift I ask for it in the name of Jesus and


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